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					It seems ironical sometimes that there are so many women, who keep
aborting unwanted pregnancies, and there are other women, who are so much
trying to get pregnant, but are unsuccessful. If you are someone from the
latter group, then you should not feel disheartened, as there are many
things that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If
you are feeling too much stressed, nevertheless, you might consider to go
for counselling for infertility problems.Through counselling you have an
opportunity to explore your feelings about hard and potentially stressful
circumstances, in an accepting environment. You should remember that
counsellors are non judgemental, and their prime objective is to help you
with the current pressing problem. You can look forward to some emotional
support being provided by the counsellors for the stress that you are
facing, from some unsuccessful treatment or treatments that you might
have gone through.If you have recently gone through a treatment for
infertility, which didn't work, then a counsellor will help you in making
you express your feelings; this would make it easier for you, to some
extent, to accept what has happened. This is extremely important, as
otherwise your feelings can result in damaging your relationships.The
counsellors are highly specialized people, and have very high level of
training and expertise in counselling. You would find that almost all of
them would be possessing double qualification in medicine, psychology or
nursing; they also would have very relevant experience with infertility
counselling.Who can benefit from Counselling?Infertility is a condition,
which is stressful for most of the women; yet, each woman will vary in
her response and ability to cope with this condition. Not all women with
infertility issues would require counselling. However, it is important to
note that some potential for damage, whether to a relationship or an
individual, is always there. Counselling assists the couples to be more
prepared emotionally, and can help in minimizing the stress, that they
are encountering.All the women who are undergoing infertility problem are
recommended to go for counselling by The Human Fertilisation and
Embryology Act. Counselling is meant to make you better equipped to deal
with, otherwise, very stressful situations; but it does not imply, in any
way, that an individual is not capable to cope with the current problem
at hand.What should you expect?If you think you would like to go for
counselling, you can expect to see an independent counsellor. A single
session usually lasts for one hour and you would be required to pay a fee
for it. How many total numbers of sessions would be required is variable,
and would depend on the needs of the client.You can rest assured that
counselling would be always strictly confidential, and no information,
whatsoever, would be disclosed without your permission. For any further
questions and queries that you might have about the purpose or nature of
counselling, you can ask them to your doctor or counsellor.

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