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									Does Limu help Diabetes?      Here is an eye opening statistic: 26
Million people have type 2 diabetes, Over 6 million of them are
undiagnosed - Source: national Diabetes Statistics of the National
Diabetes Clearing house

  So what is Diabetes?       Type 2 diabetes occurs when your body either
does not create enough insulin, or, it ignores the insulin that it is
producing. What is Insulin? Insulin is a hormone that takes sugar
(glucose) from the body and takes it to the body's cells, where usually
it would convert food into energy. If your body doesn't have the correct
manufacture of insulin, too much sugar remains in the blood stream,
leaving body famished of energy. If you have excessive sugar in the
bloodstream it can lead to harm to nerves, kidneys and even the heart can
be put at risk. In addition to increasing your risk of heart disease,
one of the most disquieting facts about diabetes is that it can produce
or worsen many life threatening conditions. Many of these diseases can
benefit from limu's nutrients and its multifaceted carbohydrate
polysaccharide, fucoidan.      How can Limu affect Diabetes?        Limu
contains the complex carbohydrate polysaccharide and anti-oxidant rich
Fucoidan. Fucoidan promotes curing of the harm caused by diabetes by
helping toward balancing blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, speeding
wound healing and preventing future damage. So Fucoidan helps frankly
with:      Balancing Blood Sugar Levels        Eliminating highs and lows
in blood glucose levels helps prevent damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves and
the heart. Limu's polysacharride from Fucoidan help stabilize blood
glucose levels by slowing the incorporation of glucose from the
intestines into the blood stream.       Prevents Insulin Over-Response
      Similarly, fucoidan also keeps insulin levels in equilibrium. When
too much insulin is released, hunger is enthused and can add to weight
gain.      Improves healing        Slow wound healing plagues a lot of
diabetics. Fucoidan stimulates hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which
boosts tissue healing.      High Cholesterol         Limu's fucoidan
alters the action of liver enzymes that control the way fatty acids are
metabolized, resulting in a lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
LDL cholesterol build up (plaque) on arterial walls is a principal cause
of heart attack and stroke. Scientists in 5 separate studies report that
fucoidan is influential in preventing hardening of the arteries - a major
supplier to heart disease.      High Blood Pressure        The result Limu
has on the above conditions also helps reduce the risk of stroke by
alleviating hypertension (high blood pressure). Limu is able to recover
blood pressure by lowering lipid levels.       Boosts the immune system
      Fucoidan's chemical composition contains identical antibodies and
nutrient as human breast milk, which help bolster the immune system.
Fucoidan stimulates production of fundamental immune cells, helping the
body better cope against viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and even
cancer cells.        Why use Limu?        For over 3000 years the natives
of the south pacific island of Tonga have known about the astounding
benefits of Limu Moui - a brown seaweed that grows beneath the clear
waters surrounding the islands. In these untainted, pristine waters, Limu
is able to absorb trace minerals and vital nutrients found there in a
readily-available form.       Studies prove Impact on Health More than
650 independent studies, unsolicited, 3rd party studies have identified
the compound that sets Limu apart from other natural sources is fucoidan.
These studies have come from all around the globe. Visit
to see how well researched fucoidan is.     Live better with Limu Plus!
Limu Plus is a Limu moui tonic which has helped many people with health
conditions and stress related illness. View some testimonials of real
people receiving real health benefits.

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