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Dermatology Dermatology is the branch


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        <p>Dermatology is the branch of medical science that studies the
body's largest organ "skin", its components, functions and reactions of
the goods to various pathologies that arise daily.<br><br>Dermatologists
are the people responsible for development, research, advancement and
skin treatments. These are medical professionals specializing in the
design and complexity of human dermatological system
problems.<br><br>Dermatology is divided into several branches such as:
cosmetics and dermatology clinic. Each one in their field are responsible
for preventing, treating, relieve and restore the good condition of the
dermis with which we are born due to the constant damage that is suffered
daily, caused by factors such as pollution, UV rays, poor nutrition and
even hereditary factors that may cause damage in the course of our
lives.<br><br>Cosmetic Dermatology is based on the recovery treatment,
correction of marks left by diseases such as acne and chicken pox. This
specialty of dermatology has been developing since the mid-70s where the
study and implementation of cosmetic creams with cellularly recuperative
benefits began to bear fruit.<br><br>Today, cosmetic dermatology has
developed to such an extent that the implementation of lasers for cell
recovery and physical correction marks left by the diseases suffered, he
makes time to never have expected. Also appearing on the cosmetic market
of medicinal ointment for the treatment type of problems as common now as
the stains are left by the sun and cellulite problems, give the cosmetic
dermatology field increasing both the market cosmetics and in medical
practice.<br><br>The breakthrough in cosmetic dermatology was when he
began the study of the laser, being different reactions at the cellular
level. This resulted in the modification and amoldacion thereof to all
skin types, this development is probably the biggest step he could to
cosmetic dermatology, and that treatments are noninvasive, require no
recovery time and the results are given more short term.<br><br>The
dermatology clinic is in turn responsible for the treatments to a
pathological level, that is to say, handles serious diseases like skin
cancer, alopecia, dermatitis and viral warts, among others.<br><br>The
dermatology clinic is based study of severe illness usually caused by
hereditary factors, their major difference lies in cosmetic dermatology
treatments. Because the treatment of clinical dermatology at the majority
of cases are invasive and processed for routine medications, are not
aesthetic, only healthy character.<br><br>It should be noted that the
development of dermatology is increasing and the implementation of
cosmetic dermatology clinic is becoming more present, a great example of
this is the surgical removal of living tissue of any part of the body to
correct another where the tissue is affected.</p>
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