Subsections of Dermatology by anamaulida


									Dermatology refers to the practice of treating the skin and its problems.
A lot of people refer to dermatology by one term, but there are many
individual types of dermatology that are further subcultures within the
large "dermatology" umbrella. Each one does specific things as it refers
to the skin and dermatology area.

Cosmetic dermatology - Normally the standard by which dermatology is
recognized, "cosmetic dermatology" is basically solving the skins look to
the eye. Dermatology uses include, but are not limited to botox and laser
surgery. Cosmetic operations such as liposuction and face lifts are
standard as well.

Dermatophaology - Basically a pathologist who   standardizes in the
pathology of the skin. Pathology is the study   and recognition of disease.
So more than actually performing dermatology,   dermatophaology involves
the research that goes towards creating cures   and treatments.

Immunodermatology - Dermatologists who specialize in immune mediated skin
diseases such as pemphigus vulgaris, and lupus.

Pediatric Dermatology - This basically refers to the dermatology on kids
or young children. It normally involves the in depth studying and
difficultly of performing dermatology on the younger subsect of the

Teledermatology - A form of dermatology where telecommunication
technologies are used to pass medical information between one another and
all kinds of media. This is so dermatologists can do evaluations off site
so they won't be forced in the office. It also provides benefit for info
exchange that is extremely important in trying to advance and do
research. It can also be utilized to get second opinions, and also
follow-up with past patients.

Dermatology is a complex, important and hard field. However, thanks to
the super specialists and doctors out there, they are supporting the cure
of disease, inspire and engrain self confidence in all of their patients.
The several sub-specialties help root these out and bring clientele and
the planet closer to true happiness and content with themselves and their

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