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									The Cage

 School Store Training
 What  is The Cage?
 The Norms
 Policies and Procedures
 Customer Service
 Product Identification
 Security
 What is The Cage?
 The School Store is the Learning Lab for
  the Marketing Education Program.
 The objective of the SBE is to provide
  realistic “hands on” experience for student
 Working in the store will provide students
  with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes
  expected of entry and management level
               The Norms
   Clear and Positive Communication with
   Work together to complete tasks (stocking,
    picking up orders, cleaning, rearranging
    merchandise, etc.)
   Arrive to your shift 3-5 minutes early.
   Make sure to complete “Switch Shift” forms and
    have them signed by Mr. Bruechert.
   Only scheduled managers/ employees behind
    the register
               The Norms
   Employees may not ring up their own purchases,
    treat the situation as if you were a customer.
   During lunch hours you can eat your food on the
    back counter, please clean up after yourself.
   No sitting on counters while on the job.
   110% attention is focused on providing superior
    customer service.
   Use appropriate language in “The Cage”.
               The Norms
   Keep all information regarding “The Cage”
   Work your scheduled shifts-switching positions is
    OK-use common sense when asking to go get
    your lunch
   Know all of the prices by heart.
   Do not make music or your friends your focus of
   Treat new employees nicely and go out of your
    way to know them.
           The Norms
 Check your luggage at the door- get over
  it after you vent.
 Socialize with one another when
  opportunity arises, but focus your
  attention on the customer.
 Go above and beyond-LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
 If you adapt to the Norms, you will have
        CAGE Training
 Don’t put money on the counter and ring
  the sale up later.
 If you should ring up an item wrong, fill
  out a void slip, so we know about the
         CAGE Training
   The only person that can handle a return
    is a Manager or Mr Bruechert.
   Anyone can do an exchange. Example a
    pink small t-shirt for a pink large t-shirt.
                CAGE Training
    The cash drawer should be arranged like
     the illustration below:
        (50’s,100’s,     $20      $10       $5        $1
                         Bills    Bills    Bills     Bills

        Extra          Quarters   Dimes   Nickels   Pennies
        Rolls of


Keep the cash drawer neat at all times, all bills should
              be facing the same way.
         CAGE Training
   If you need change, ask a manager, or
    go to the office and ask Jodi. You will
    need to give her money to receive
    change. Example:
   $10 bill for 1 roll of quarters
    CAGE Training
                 We Don’t

                              Have an IOU
Make Change                     System

       Have enough room
        For your friends       SIT ON
          To hang out       THE COUNTER!
        CAGE Training
   Keep the cash register closed between
   DO NOT PLAY with the register! Nobody
    should be behind the counter besides
    those scheduled to work.
   Do not reach over the counter to ring up
    a sale.
         CAGE Training
   We do not accept coupons unless you
    are informed about them is your
    marketing class.
   Gift Certificates can be purchased from
    Mr. Bruechert.

                          Customers must
                         Spend 80% of their
                            Certificate in
                             THE CAGE
        CAGE Training

   Discounts are not allowed to any
    employees unless we are having a
    promotion for staff.
   Dress code is the same as the school
    policy…know it.
   You can eat your lunch in the school
     CAGE Training 1st
   Don’t leave your partner alone for too
   Personal belongings should be stored in
    the designated place within the school
         CAGE Training
   Absences: If you are going to be absent
    on a day you are scheduled to work you
    need to find a replacement. If you can’t
    find a replacement, ask someone for
   It is your responsibility to find a
        CAGE Training:6th
   SICK?
    –   Call me by 6:30 AM
    –   It must be YOU that calls
    –   967-1800 ext. 4562 (school)
    –   993-8135 (home)
    –   What about EMERGENCIES?
            CAGE Training
    As an employee you will have the
     following responsibilities:
    1.   Keeping all stock faced/fronted
    2.   Keep the stock neat
    3.   Make sure everything is priced
    4.   If we are running low, remind us
          CAGE Training
   Passes
    – If you need a pass to work in the school
      store during a certain hour…ask.
    – If you are going to be late for class, find Mr.
      Bruechert for a pass. I will clear you.
Customer Service?
         CAGE Training
   CLEANING- It is the responsibility of all
    store personnel to make sure that the
    store is neat and clean at all times.
   If you need supplies for cleaning that we
    don’t have, ask a manager.
          CAGE Training
    – Don’t let your friends hang around the store
    – Customers don’t like groups of people
      hanging around the check-out, it is
         CAGE Training
   You are a representative of the store at
    all times.
   When you are not working please follow
    the store regulations.
   Only employees who are working should
    be behind the counter.
                CHECK Accuracy?

                                                                January, 30, 2006

            The Cage                                                   10.00

Ten and 00/100-------------------------------------

                                                      Customer Signature
         CAGE Training
   Have fun listening to music, but keep the
    radio volume reasonable.
   Any music with unacceptable lyrics WILL
    not be played.
                   KEEP YOU EYES OPEN
                   WATCH WHAT’S GOING
                     ON AROUND YOU

                     Be sure you see
Don’t Hover over
•Retail theft is a very serious offense. We are not in business
to watch merchandise walk out of the door without being paid
•Approach only if you are sure
•If they try to attack you, walk away and tell someone in the
office or Mr. Bruechert
Food Cost Analysis
Orbit               Retail Price   Cost    Profit

Citrus Mint            $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Wintermint             $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Peppermint             $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Spearmint              $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Cinamint               $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Bubblemint             $1.00       $0.69   $0.31

Orbit Case Profit      $14.00      $8.34   $5.66
Handle The Equipment With Care
Be Careful How You Use
  The Cage Computer

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