Anatomy of a bulldozer

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        <p>Anatomy of a Bulldozer</p>
<p>Bulldozers are amazing machines. Their brute strength and agile
maneuverability make them perfect for almost any landscaping or
construction job. They range in many different sizes and can perform many
useful tasks. A single bulldozer can tear down or build up an entire
mountain, sometimes all in a day's work. From golf courses and resorts,
parking lots and high-rise buildings to even land-fill and snow removal,
these pushy "miracle workers" of land shaping are among the leaders in
the world of movers and shakers. What makes these machines so amazing? We
can answer this by looking at the individual parts that make up a
<p>First, there is the engine. Most bulldozers are powered by a low rpm
high torque diesel engine. While high rpm is good for speed, it is not
very efficient for power. A lower rpm will convert energy into higher
torque more efficiently for pushing heavy loads. This high torque will
provide a "slow but steady" source of power that effectively transmits
the energy from the engine to the drive line.</p>
<p>Unlike most machines, bulldozers operate on tracks for mobility
instead of wheels. The tracks give them wider ground contact than wheels,
providing better traction and making them extremely agile. All the
operator has to do is stop one track, and the bulldozer will turn at
right angles or even spin all the way around in the same spot.</p>
<p>Then there is the blade. This is the tool a bulldozer uses to get its
work done. It is usually made from a broad plate of steel. This
adjustable heavy plate of steel can be raised or lowered to the ground to
dig in and carve out paths or move mounds of debris.</p>
<p>What does all of this have to do with us? It is said that faith can
move mountains. But most of the time faith can't do it alone. If we want
to become real movers and shakers, we have to keep a "slow and steady"
pace. Keep our feet firmly on the ground, our minds on track, and put our
shoulders to the work.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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