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									                     HIGHLIGHT’S OF INTERNSHIP
The theoretical knowledge becomes fulfilled when it is applied in practical fields. As, such
to apply the theoretical knowledge in practical field, faculty of business ASA University
has introduced an internship program as part of its BBA. Academic curriculums for its
concerned students. Under this program each student has to take particular training in a
specific organization of a few days so that they can know the theoretical knowledge can be
applied in practical field. After taking practical training he or she has to prepare a report
and also it should be submit to the honorable selected supervisor.

Definition of Internship Report
The word internship indicates practical training in any area. Stated other word internship is
practical training in any real field where theoretical concepts is practically applied. In
academic study, students become aware of common rules and principles that should be
followed in the real life situation in job sectors. But these typical principles should not be
followed in the practical situation due to the various reasons. The participants of the
practical training become acquainted with practical rules that are followed in practical
There fore internship is a process by which the acquired knowledge and experiences of the
participants become expanded by the application of academic knowledge in practical field.

Objectives of Internship Report
The internship program comprises a number of objectives. In brief these are given below
with highlights:
     To gather practical knowledge along with the academic knowledge.

     To identify the problems that an organization actually faced in its operation.

     To identify the strategic advantages of the Organization.

     To find out the environmental threats and opportunities.

    To explore measure of solving ship condition that is maintained in the

    To identify the growth of the company according to other close competitors.

    To identify the management and administrative techniques followed in the

    To find out the managerial and administrative strength and weakness also.

Emergence of Internship Report
Modern age is the era of global economy, heavy production and also industrialization. The
business in this era has been emerged as globalize business. Due to the rapid changes of
the technological, the academicals as well as globalize business condition is volatile in
nature. Under this volatile situation, only the theoretical knowledge can not be helpful
because it is quite traditional in nature that can not be able to adapt with the changing
situation, since each organization always try to maximize its profit earnings, to enhance
the concerned strategic advantages. Each academic institution should also introduce more
and more internship program as a part of its academic curriculum so that it can teach its
students perfectly. Practically the emergence of the internship and program can be outline
through the following points:
    To improve the quality of the academic knowledge.

    To identify the problems of the organization.

    To find out the techniques and methods for the problems faces by the organization.

    To implement the effective controlling systems in an organization.

    To use valuable time of both workers and executives effectively.

Thus it is organized that internship program is very essential for the students to combine
theoretical knowledge with the realistic knowledge.

Human Resource Management involves all management decision and practices that
directly affect or influence the people or human resources, who work for the organization.
Human Resource Management is a field of Management that involves planning, directing,
& controlling the functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and motivating the
human resources in an organization.

Human resource management is comprised of the staffing, development, motivation, and
maintenance functions. Human resource management is responsible for the people
dimension of the organization. it is responsible for getting competent people, training
them, getting them to perform at high effort levels, and providing mechanisms to ensure
that these employees maintain their productive affiliation with the organization.

More than half of all HR departments also offer some type of administrative service to the
organization. These might include operating the company s credit union, making
childcare arrangements, providing security, or operating in-house medical or food
services. This paper comprises of 6 chapters. The HRM chapter is introduction. In it I
have defined HRM, its importance, the role played by HRM in an organization. Brief
descriptions of the HR practices are presented in this chapter. Statement of the problem
and the objective of the study are also furnished in this chapter.

Chapter-I includes methodology of the study. This study has explored primary as well as
secondary sources of information.
Chapter-II Describes the profile of the organization.

Chapter-III Presents the Conceptual Framework of the study. In this chapter the theoretical
and conceptual description of HRM, Objectives of HRM and core functions of HRM etc. I
have analysis of HRM activities.

Chapter-IV Presents the Training & Development procedure of UABDL, Compensation &
Benefits of UABDL elaborately and this is actually the main objectives of internship. I
have tried to explain about Training & Development procedure of UABDL, Compensation
& Benefits of UABDL elaborately because this is actually main part of the report.

If the authority of United Airways (BD) Ltd. follows and implements some of the
recommendations, the organization will become more effective & efficient by adopting
appropriate HRM practices in improving employees‘ morale & productivity.


As a part of the Internship Report of Business Administration course requirement, I was
assigned to do my internship in a Airlines Company named ―United Airways (BD) Ltd.‖
which is popularly known as a leading airlines in Bangladesh from the period of its
operation in our country. My Internship started from March 01, 2011 up to submission
date as an Internship Report work of the course Human Resource Management
Department of Business Administration, ASA University Bangladesh. Here at United
Airways (BD) Ltd., I was involved to identify their Training and Development Procedures
and Compensation Model, Packages side by side operational areas, at Head Office,
Executive Officer & Manager‘ was the person belongs to whom I done my project. The
title of the report is ―Training and Development Procedures and Compensation Model of
United Airways (BD) Ltd.‖ which was I assigned with the help of my respective
supervisor Ferdous Ara Tuli, Supervisor, Course, Internship and Project report
instructor, Faculty of Business, ASA University Bangladesh. The main purpose of the
―Internship Report‖ is to expose the students to the real HR practice of UABDL by
generating information and analyzing, evaluating and understanding the data.

The objectives of the study are stated below:
Part A: Organization Part
     Exploring various features of United Airways (BD) Ltd.

     Analyzing the performance of United Airways (BD) Ltd.

     Understanding credit management system of United Airways (BD) Ltd.

Part B: Project Part

     Acquiring a practical knowledge and personal observation about the overall HR
        procedure, functions, principles and its nature.

     Find out the activities and implication of HR department to the organization.

     Analyzing the HR planning, training, performance appraisal, compensation and
        pay plan, benefits and service.

     Supervision whether the organization follows the HR procedures, functions or

     Gathering the experience about the total HR application, activities, and its
        importance through the visit the organization.


The study requires a systematic procedure from selection of the topic to final report
preparation. To perform the study data sources are to be identified and collected, they are
to be classified, analyzed, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner and key points
are to be found out. This overall process of methodology is given in the following page in
the form of flowchart that has been followed in the study.
    Selection of the Topic: The topic selected for the study was assigned by me with
       the help of my supervisor. Then I communicated with UABDL‘s officials about the
       topic and the way they can help me by providing the related information.

    Identifying Data Sources: Essential data sources both primary and secondary are
       identified which will be needed to complete and workout the study. To meet up the
       need of data, primary data are used and the study also requires interviewing the
       officials and staffs where necessary.

    Collection of data: Primary data are collected through 100% physical inspection
       as there is no provision and scope for using sampling technique. Interviewing is
       predominantly required to collect the primary data.

    Classification, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data: To classify,
       analyze, interpret and presentation of data I used some arithmetic and graphical
       tools to understand them clearly.

    Findings of the study: After scrutinizing the data problems of the study are
       pointed out and they are shown under concerned heads. Recommendations are
       suggested thereafter to overcome the problems.

    Final report preparation: On the basis of the suggestions of our honorable course
       instructor some deductions and additions are made and final report is prepared

The study would focus on the following areas:
    Almost every formal organization is now developing their HR department to
       support the total management system. So there is a scope for gather experience and
       work in HR field.
    In the age of globalization, the business communities are rapidly expanding. So the
       HRD have to be developed. There fore there is a scope to analysis the HR
       department to get knowledge and practical experience through visiting the
Each of the above areas would be critically analyzed in order to determine the efficiency

This study report is based upon secondary source of information from the documents and
databases of the company. Though I tried my level best to produce a comprehensive and
well-organized report on the ―Operation Evaluation of United Airways (BD) Ltd.‖, some
limitations were yet present there:
 A period of two months was not sufficient to collect and understand the actual scenario
   of the organization on Training and Development on the other hand Compensation
   packages and systems also.
 A period of two months was not sufficient to collect and understand the actual scenario
   of the organization.
 Company‘s policy did not permit to disclose various data and information.
 The one of the main limitations of the internship report was to conduct a small scale


1. Organization

1.1 Introduction

United Airways (BD) Ltd is a private sector airline designed to operate passengers/cargo
air service in domestic, regional and international routes. It is founded by an expatriate
airline pilot, Capt. Tasbirul Ahrned Choudhury along with a group of professionals, both
from home and abroad in order to provide better service to the air travelers.

1.2 About United Airways (BD) Ltd
United Airways (BD) Ltd, a public limited company by shares, is founded by an expatriate
airline pilot, Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury along with a group of professionals,
business people, entrepreneurs united together for a shared vision to develop a world
class airline in Bangladesh.
The company formed in early 2005 is issued with Air Transport Operating License (ATOL)
No. 35 from Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh to Operate Passenger and Cargo service
in the international and domestic sectors.
United Airways' started its operations on 10th July, 2007 and today has geared up the
concept of domestic and international air travel in Bangladesh by providing exceptional
service which is valued & cherished by all travelers. United Airways name is written in
golden letters in the aviation history of Bangladesh when it became the only private
airline of Bangladesh to generate 95% foreign investment from expatriate
Bangladeshis creating hundreds of employment opportunity and contributing directly to
the National Exchequer.
Since its inception, United Airways received positive market response and presently holds a
good market share of the domestic market. In a span of just 5 months since inception,
United Airways has established its brand reputation for its employment of latest
technologies that meet international safety standards, friendly customer service, and
disciplined flight schedule, reliable & safe aircraft.
On the 10 July 2007, United Airways first took to the skies with a slogan "Fly Your Own
Airline" and has been providing committed services ever since. The UNITED fleet is
equipped with 2 modern state of the art Dash 8 aircraft manufactured by Bombardier of
Canada to operate within the country and regional routs. The company plans to induct 2
more aircraft of the same type and 2 long haul aircraft by end of 2008 to start operating to

regional and international destinations like KOLKATA, KATHMANDU, BANGKOK, KUALA
United Airways is now offering Bangladeshis and Expatriates the opportunity to be proud
owners in this new venture. Providing professional and quality service is an integral part of
our vision and business.
We aim to raise TK 2,000 Crore over next five years to develop the airline in a way which
every Bangladeshi can feel proud of being associated with. Investors will not only be part
of a profitable business but will also be investing for the economic growth of Bangladesh
itself. The development of this new airline will help move Bangladesh further into 21st
Bangladesh provides a unique opportunity for a viable domestic and international airline
operation as it has a population over 140 million people. The opportunity is even greater at
this time when the industrialization as well as the economic expansion of the country is at all
time high.
United Airways comprises a team of dynamic talented Bangladeshis who are fully
committed to make the vision successful. Involvement in this airline is an opportunity
to be a part of a unique venture that will have a significant impact on national
economy. "Fly your own Airline" United Airways will truly be 'your airline'.

1.3. Mission Statement

United Airways (BD) Ltd intends to become the best private airlines in the region
through its quality service. The mission statement has been formulated as below:
      Believe that first responsibility is to fly passengers with their highest satisfaction
       and comfort.
      Believe in service with a slogan ―Meet and go beyond expectation‖. This concept
       will be followed from the point of ticket sales to the point of disembarkation.
      Dedicated for the total service satisfaction to the customer
      Guarantee our passengers a safe and comfortable and timely flight.
      Provide on time flights.
      Ensure the best serviceability state and flight safety.
      Target is to attain the No.-l position in the customers‘ satisfaction point of view.
      Intend to expand our service from domestic to regionally and the internationally.
      Believe in equal opportunity for all.

2. Organization Structure & Management
2. 1     United Airways (BD) Ltd shall maintain a complete and up to date Organogram
showing a distinct Grade Structure of staff. The staff of United Airways (BD) Ltd has
been classified as under-
Senior Management                                            Period for Next Promotion
Grade- 14               Managing Director
Grade- 13               Director
Grade- 12               General Manager                      Discretion of the Management
Mid Management
Grade- 11               Deputy General Manager               3 years
Grade- 10               Assistant General Manager            3 years
Grade- 09               Manager                              2 years
Grade- 08               Deputy Manager                       2 years
Grade- 07               Assistant Manager                    3 years
Junior Management
Grade- 06               Senior Executive                     3 years
Grade- 05               Executive                            2 years
Grade- 04               Junior Executive                     1 year
Grade- 03               Assistant Executive
Grade- 02               Office Assistant
Grade- 01               Peon/Office Boy/Security             Discretion of the Management



   1. Probation Period……………………….. 06 months
   2. Confirmation/Promotion shall be deferred as follows:

          Verbal warning…………………….. 03 months
          Written warning……………………. 03 months
          Severe warning/censure……………. 06 months

   3. Promotions are subject to satisfactory completion of specified period.

However, for extra ordinary performance, one may be awarded accelerated awarded.

2.2 The Company’s Management Guide Line

All the senior staff of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd is expected to be familiar with the
company‘s values, vision, mission, goals, program, and principles and with all its strategic
plans as far as admissible.
The senior staff that has the line management responsibilities is expected to be familiar
with the company‘s Human Resources management guidelines and they should strive to
put these into practice in their daily work
Human Resource management guidelines of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd consist of
the following principles: -
      A common framework is desirable to provide consistency throughout different unit
       and departments of United Airways (BD) Ltd
      Given the same values, mission and goal of United Airways (BD) Ltd the
       importance of common management framework is self-evident.
      United Airways (BD) Ltd believes the participatory approaches to management on
       a day-to day basis. The decisions are made by the Line Manager after consulting
       his/her team, where deemed appropriate.
      The managers of United Airways (BD) Ltd are required to be skilled in managing

Activities of HR Department

3. Employment Policy
The goal of the 1-lurnan Resource Policies of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd is to have
the best possible staff and to retain them through continuous development. The
organization recognizes the policy of equal employment opportunity for its employee who
has the potential to enhance and utilize their skills and knowledge. The company fully
supports the Philosophy and belief of non-discrimination in employment.

3.1 Principles of Employment Policy
Employment Policies of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd are as follows:
      The organization recognizes that each employee irrespective of gender is entitled
       to be treated with courtesy and dignity.
      Each employee is entitled to fair wages, job opportunities, in return for good job
       skills, co-operation, loyalty and best efforts.
      The organization will demonstrate its commitment to protect the employee‘s
       organizational rights so as to improve and increase employee‘s motivation.
      The organization is committed to develop its Human Resource to achieve the
       organization‘s mission and goals.
      The employees and Line Managers of the company shall abide by the policies,
       rules and regulations of the organization, which are currently in force and those
       that may come into force in future.

3.2 The Company’s Human Resource Principles

United Airways (BD) Ltd would like to manage its Human Resources to support the
achievement of its mission with integrity and with quality through the following guiding
      The company‘s recruitment, promotion, development and retention practices are
       based primarily on merit, potentiality and performance.
      The company‘s policies and practices foster a learning environment.
      The company‘s policies and practices foster a workplace where employees and
       stakeholders are treated with respect.
      The company‘s rules, regulations and practices shall be implemented so that the
       workforce perceives them to be applied fairly. To this end,
          o Policies and practices are stated clearly and in writing and make available
             to all employees

           o For each employee, is an accurate, confidential and up to date employee
             file is maintained which may be accessible to the employee if applied
             through proper channel.

3.3 Employment Status

Classification of Employees

     Regular:
A regular employee is defined as who had been employed against a permanent position in
the Company for open-ended period. All regular employees will be appointed with
probationary period of 6 months after which the employee may be confirmed in his/her

    Contract:
A contract person is defined as who has been granted a contract to render service against a
specific job assigned to him/her for a specific period. Unless otherwise stated in the
contract, the contractual payment shall be a consolidated amount per month.

    Casual Status:
Persons who are hired only daily basis for particular assignment and the daily wage
amount is fixed based on the person‘s skills and abilities to perform the duties and the
payment will be made as per his/her request on daily, weekly or monthly basis. i‘he terms
and conditions will be fixed which should be agreed earlier with the concerned person.
The casual persons will not be eligible for any standard benefits of the company.
Depending on the availability of the position a person of casual! short term contract may
be offered regular or contract employment, if his/her performance on the job was found
satisfactory, after following the recruitment procedures as per the company‘s HR policy

3.4 Appointing Authority

Appointing authority is defined as the Authority having the right and responsibility to
make decisions with respect to hiring, placement, salaries, evaluation, transfer, training,
promotion, discipline and separation of the staff according to the Human Resources policy
manual of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd. The Authority includes the responsibility to
issue and sign all relevant important correspondences with employees. For all these

actions respective Line Managers and / or HR in charge will put their recommendation but
Managing Director is the final authority. On his behalf Director Administration will issue
the appointment letters.
Hiring of close relatives of employees is not encouraged. However, in exceptional cases,
with prior approval of Managing Director, the company may appoint a relative of its
employee only if the person is better qualified and competent than other candidates and
can add extra value/ expertise to United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd.

A close relative is defined as any one of the parents, spouse, children, brother, sister and
in- laws.

3.5 Re-employment of Former Staff

Employees, who earlier left United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd voluntarily or was
retrenched, may be considered for re-employment provided her/his previous performance
had been satisfactory and his/her present qualifications and skills meet the current
requirements for the position he/she has applied. Such appointment will follow the policy
of recruitment procedures as stated in the employees dismissed, terminated, or separated
due to poor performance will not be rehired.

4. Recruitment and Hiring
4.1 General Policy

United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd is committed to selecting and employing the most
suitable person(s) for the available position(s) by the way of-
      Effective and appropriate screening and selection;
      Selection standards are relevant to skills, training, experience, education and
       knowledge necessary for successful job performance;
      The hiring procedures conform to the organization‘s requirements and
       organization‘s policies and procedures.
      Under no circumstances a person employed with any other organization is
       appointed as full time regular or on contract in the company.
      All regular appointments in the company shall conform to its existing positions and
      salary structures.
No one who is below 18 years of age can be hired as an employee for United Airways
(BD) Ltd. either on regular, contract, temporary or casual status.

4.2 Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the basis of recruitment placement, training, assignment, performance
management system, performance appraisal, salaries, promotion and other HR actions for
the employee of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd. A job description must state the
functions, duties, responsibilities of employees, reporting line and relationship with others
in the organization. It shall be prepared based on the job‘s key result area and include
specific tasks.
Job description including personal profile is a pie-condition for approval of a new
position, irrespective of regular or contract. The job description should be prepared in
collaboration with FIRD (or reviewed by HRD) and approved by Managing Director.

Job description will be provided to the employees when s/he is appointed, transferred,
promoted or newly assigned.
The Line Manager(s) shall ensure that their employees have the appropriate and updated
job description.

4.3 Short List of Applications

The concerned department and HR In-charge or a committee (as deemed appropriate) will
short list the CVs. Applications shall be short listed upon a careful review based on the

organizational need, applicants‘ qualifications, experience and their suitability for the
position. In the case of in house candidates, the employees‘ personal file, performance
record and Line Manager‘s comment / recommendation should be taken into

4.4 Test and Interview Process

Short listed applicant may be called for interviews and suitable testing. No candidate, in
house or external, is guaranteed an interview.

United Airways (BD) Ltd may undertake some or all of the following tests and adapt any
other appropriate devices in selection process.
      Written test
      Interview
      Practical operational technical test

The HR Department will contact the candidates by letter/telephone for appearing in the
test interview. All travel expanses or losses due to appearing in the test Interview is the
responsibility of the applicant. The Chairman of UNITED AIRWAYS (BANGLADESH)
LTD at his own discretion may make exception to this rule for the cases of extended
interview or second time travel by the external candidates.

The company‘s in house applicant, when applicable, will be entitled to normal food,
accommodation and travel expenses according to organizations travel policy.
The interview panel or selection committee will be comprised usually of three or four
members, which will include the Line Manager. For the selection of the senior positions
the Managing Director will also be in the panel in the final interview. If deemed necessary
an external person may be included in the panel.
During the final interview, panel members will make an assessment/rating for each

4.5 Selection

Upon completion of the test and interview the selection committee will discuss about
candidates among themselves and make recommendations about the selection with

4.6 Approval for Appointment

The selection and appointment of the Company‘s employees must be endorsed] approved
by the Managing Director.

4.7 Appointment Contract

Before issuing the appointment letter contract, HR Department, where necessary, will
check the candidate‘s references (two) of which, at least one is official (present) last
employer). Any employment will be contingent upon the reference check with personal
referee (s) and the present or last employer.

The selected candidate (s) for regular positions will be offered employment with United
Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd under the signature of Director Admin on probationary status.
The job description must be attached with the appointment letter contract.

When appointed, a new employee on regular status will usually be placed at the 1St step of
the respective Grade of the salary chart. In exceptional cases a person having higher
education, skills and experience, may be appointed at the higher step of that Grade at the
discretion of the Managing Director. The remuneration of a person on contract will be
determined based on the job, and the level of his/ her education, skills, knowledge and

The selected candidates, after employment, may be requested for clearance certificates
from his/ her former employer, if applicable.

4.8 Identify Card

United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd shall issue identity card to all its regular staff and
contractual persons. The 11) card will be issued (signed by Director Administration) and
controlled by FIR Department. The employees will provide a receipt for the same.
Identity card is the company‘s property, and is not transferable to others. Loss of ID card
must immediately be reported to nearby Police station in writing; a copy of which having
necessary signature and seal of the Police station must be provided to United Airways
(Bangladesh) Ltd for record and issuance of duplicate one.
ID card and D—pass issued by CAAB must be protected with utmost care. Loss of this
Govt. property shall be viewed very seriously. Making GD entry with Police Station and
intimation to HR Dept immediately in case of loss of any such documents is mandatory for
the concerned employee.

4.9 Probationary Period and Confirmation

All regular employees nuist satisfactorily complete 6 months‘ probationary period from
the date of hen his appointment. During this period, the Line Manager will coach and
observe performance of the employee and his/her suitability for the position. At the end of
the probationary period the Line Manager will prepare performance appraisal with regard
to the employee‘s performance and suitability for the position and send it to HR
Department for next course of action.

If the performance of the employee has been found satisfactory the HR Department will
issue a confirmation letter to the employee at the end of probationary period.
In the event an employee‘s performance level conduct is found not up to the expected!
required standard for the position or unsatisfactory, the probationary period may be
extended one time for further period of three months or the employment may be
terminated with 24 hours notice. For both cases the concerned Manager will be required to
send the recommendation at least one Week before end of probationary period to
Managing Director through HR department for approval. HR Department will inform the
employee on probation, in writing, so as to his/her confirmation, termination or extension
of probationary period before ending the probationary period.

An employee will not be eligible for any salary increases as a result of confirmation of his/
her employment unless otherwise specified at the time of appointment. Effective from the
date of confirmation, the employee will be entitled to all admissible benefits as per HR
policy manual of United Airways (BD) Ltd
       Probation Period                                     06 Months
       Confirmation/Promotion shall be deferred as follows:
            Verbal warning                                01 month
            Written warning                               03 months
            Severe warning                                06 months
       Promotions are subject to satisfactory completion of specified period.

However, for extra ordinary performance, one may be awarded accelerated promotion

5. Personal Files and Records

HR Department shall maintain an up-to-date personal file of all the employees starting
from the date of their appointment. The personnel file shall contain appropriate
information and documents with regard to the employee.

A personal file will contain photograph, job application, CV, copies of certificates and
licenses, interview and test related papers, reference letter, appointment letter, job
description, code of conduct, employee‘s personal information, nominee form, ID card
receipt, Police verification report, confirmation letter, medical records, performance
appraisal, employee‘s status change such as transfer, increment, promotion, salary status,
disciplinary actions and any communications with regard to him? her. It is the
responsibility of employee to inform the office in writing of any changes in personal status
such as marital status, number of dependants, nominee (s) etc.

The personal file is treated as a ―confidential‖ document. The designated staffs will
maintain/update the personal files of the employees.

Access to employee‘s personal file is restricted to all other staff except for the employee‘s
Line Manager(s) and designated manager. On request of an employee, the Managing
Director may allow an employee to see his? her personal documents (with the exception of
any document or communication which are confidential for him/her). Personal file of ex-
employees, provided that final payment is made, will be destroyed after two years from
the date employee left, keeping in HR Department one page note on employee‘s important
information, such as; last employment status, performance records, mode of separation,
final payment information and whether re-employment can be considered or not. File of an
employee cannot be destroyed if any dispute continues between the employee and the

6. Working Conditions

United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd has set policies on working place and working
conditions for its employees. Employees will encourage each other a positive attitude
towards work and to create an enabling working atmosphere in the organization.

6.1 Official Working Hours

United Airways (BD) Ltd employees (Except support staff) are required to work a
minimum 48 hours a week unless the employment conditions or job description states
(Office hours of United Airways (BD) Ltd)
Saturday to Thursday: 09:00 to 17:00 hrs
Office Timings of employees performing shift duties shall be in accordance with the Duty
Office hours during Ramadan will be reduced for all staff and notified accordingly.

6.2 Staff Attendance

It is the duty of all employees to report in time for work on every official working day
unless they are on leave, on tour or ill.
The Attendance Register must be signed by all the Staff. The attendance record is used to
keep records of employees, arrival, leave, absence and official travel.
Failing to sign the attendance sheet will be treated as absence from duty unless
appropriately informed, e.g. leaves, tour and illness. Employees when unable to report to
work due to unavoidable circumstances should inform their Line Managers as quickly as
possible on the same day.
Habitual absence and unauthorized absence will not be permitted and therefore,
appropriate disciplinary action for such practice shall be taken against those employees.

7. Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations

7.1 Health and Safety

All employees will abide by the established safety policies and immediately report any
unsafe conditions or injuries during working time to their Line Manager! FIRD so that
arrangement can be done immediately for necessary actions.
Line Managers shall motivate their employees to observe and obey organization safety
rules and common safety practices.
Staff making schedule to travel shall inform the HRD section with the details of travel
schedules and contact person and phone numbers in case of emergency to be contacted by
the office.

7.2 Vehicle Use

The Company vehicles shall be used for official purposes only unless otherwise authorized
by the Managing Director or its designated persons.
Only the authorized employees who are assigned, the vehicles and who have valid driving
licenses shall be allowed to drive the company vehicles. However, in exceptional cases
due to emergency and if situation compels, the company officials with valid driving
license may be authorized to drive vehicles.
All drivers shall drive in a responsible, defensive manner and at reasonable and safe
speeds. Drivers shall obey all traffic laws and rules. Any violation of traffic laws by a
driver is the responsibility of drivers. Driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or
drugs is considered as major infraction and will be subject to disciplinary actions.
All drivers and the motorcycle drivers shall strictly maintain Logbooks of the company

8. Accidents

Any accidents or traffic violation by official vehicles must be reported to the office
immediately by the driver and the passengers. If the driver is found guilty of violation of
traffic rules and company policy, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

9. Remuneration and Benefit Package

9.1 Salary and Allowances

All regular employees will be compensated monthly for their services rendered to United
Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd corresponding to the Grade! Step and/or position s/he holds as
per the following pay scale:
                                Proposed Pay scale

                              PG.l2        GM
      26250-1200*5-32250-1400*5-39250-1700*5-47750                    :GS42000

                              PG.11        DGM
      18750-750*5-22500-930*5-27115-I150*10-38650                     :GS30000

                               PG.10        AGM
      17187.50-680*5-20587.5-850*5-24837.5-1050*10-35337.5            :GS27500

                             PG.9          Manager
      14062.50-560*5- 16862.5-700*5-20362.5-870*10-29062.5            :GS22500

                         PG.8         Deputy Manager
      10937.50-460x5-13237.5-580*5-16137.5.890* 10-25037.5            :GS17500

                        PG.7         Assistant Manager
       8750-390*5-12655-500*5-15155-780*10- 22955                       :GSI4000

                           PG. 6       Sr. Executive
      6875-350x5-8625.470*5-10975-770*10-18675                         :GS11000

                            PG.5         Executive
      5625-300*5-7125-400*5-9125-680*10-15925                          :GS 9000

                       PG.4         Jr. Executive
      5OOO-27O*5635O-36O*5-8150-600* 10-14150                          :GS8000

                         PG.3         Jr. Executive II
      3438-190*54388.260*5.5688-440*10-10080                           :GS5500

               PG.2        Driver/Security in Charge/Tele operator
       3125-160*5-3925-220*5-5025-38O*15-1O725                     :GS5000

              PG.1         Peon/Mali/Office boy/Security Guards etc
       1875-125*5-2500-1750*53375-320*15-8175                      :GS3000

                        Other allowances: 60% of the basic pay

Contract persons are paid as per contract.

An employee shall be paid his/her salary for any fractional period of the month of joining
and ending employment of a month on pro-rata basis.
Deductions from employees‘ salary shall be made automatically for the following reasons:
      Employees‘ contribution to Provident Fund (applicable only for confirmed regular
      Income tax payable by employees.
      Unauthorized absence, leave without pay, as per HR policy.
      Damage to, or loss of, goods expressly entrusted to the employee for custody, or
       for loss of money for which s/he is accountable, when such damage or loss is
       directly attributable to his/ her negligence or default.
      Recovery of over payment of salary, allowance or benefit.

10. Income Tax
Income Tax of employees, whose salary falls within the taxation limit according to the
existing income tax rules by the Government, shall be borne by all individuals. United
Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd will submit full particulars in support of income tax payment to
GOB and copy of all relevant documents to the concerned employees.

11. Provident Fund

Provident fund is a separate entity under a separate body called Board of Trustees. The
board of trustees is the sole authority to maintain Provident Fund. They are liable to the
members for any matters related to Provident fund. Provident Fund Management Board of
Trustee will maintain a separate provident fund account to which payment will be made
every month.
The Trustee Board will be formed comprising 4 (four) members; among them 2 (two) will
be selected by Managing Directors from the members of the Board of Directors whereas
other two by the PF members. This Trustee board is responsible to manage the fund. The
company will be fully responsible and liable for the management and operation of PF.
Each confirmed regular employee applied for and accepted as member of the Provident
fund will have 10% of his / her monthly basic salary deducted before salary is paid. The
company makes an equal amount of contribution in the employee‘s name.
A regular employee will be eligible for the organization‘s PF contribution provided that
s/he has worked with United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd continuously for at least one year.
The employee, being a member of Provident Fund will become entitled to the United
Airways (BD) Ltd‘s contribution after a minimum of 3-year continuous service with the
organization. If an employee leaves the organization before completing his/her 3-year
service with the company or become not eligible for any reason, organization‘s
contribution will be refunded to forfeited contribution account and the amount will be
disposed off at the appropriate time for which the trustee board will have the absolute

12. Overtime and Compensatory Time-off

Overtime should be exceptional occurrence and shall be approved in advance by the
supervisors. Only support staff (Drivers, peon and workers) will be entitled to overtime
ifs! he works beyond his / her normal duty hour in a working day or at any time on the
weekly/public holidays. Provided that s/he work for more than one hour extra in a working
day or when s/he works on his flier holidays. Request and claims for overtime payment
shall be made through the existing form. All request and claims shall be authorized by the
officer for whom it was necessary and the claim shall be submitted to the Accounts
section, which shall make payment with the next salary payment.

13. Rules for Traveling Allowances and Daily Allowance
within Bangladesh
The T. A and D. A. Will be payable in case of journey for official work authorized by the
competent authority. The Rules related to traveling and daily allowance for the Members
of the Management, Executives are as follows: -

GRADE -12 to 14(both inclusive)

    They will travel by air or Bus/Train/Steamer (AC Class) subject to availability of
    They will stay in first class hotel in the City. They will get hotel rent, telephone
     bill and food charges, official entertainment, traveling on actual basis. However,
     Tk. 2000/day is payable to them as daily allowance if they manage at their own
    In addition to the above, Tk.500/- is payable per day to meet incidental expenses.

GRADE -11 to 7 (both inclusive)

    They will travel by Air or Bus/Train/Steamer (First Class).
    They will get other allowance as follows:
           Accommodation                   :             Tk. 1200/- per day
           Food                            :             Tk. 400/- per day
           Incidental                      :             Tk. 200/- per day
           Telephone & Transport           :             Actual

If one stays at his/her own arrangement, he/she will get a consolidated allowance of Tk.
1,700 per day.

GRADE -6 to 4

They will travel by United Airways, if air service is not available they will travel by
Bus/Train/Steamer (Second Class Standard). They will get consolidated D.A. Tk. 1000/-
day (including food, accommodation & local conveyance).

GRADE -3 to 1
They will travel by United Airways; if not available they will travel by Bus/Train/Steamer
(3rd class standard). They will be entitled to a daily allowance of Tk.700/- per day
(including food, and accommodation & local conveyance).
Note: Where company‘s routes are available, all are to travel by company‘s aircraft.

Journey on Transfer

On transfer the concerned official will get one way confirmed tickets (FOC) for one self,
spouse and up to 2 children. If air service is not available he will be entitled to get T.A. &
D.A. according to chapter 13 and he will get maximum of Tk. 2,500/- for carrying of
house keeping materials.

Submission of T.A. & D.A. Bill

    Within 10 days of the completion of the journey the officials concerned would
     submit their traveling allowance bill duly countersigned by the officers concerned
       as per the performance for reimbursement of expenses.
      Advance may be paid with the recommendation of the directorate concerned and
       approval or permission of the Management through Admin/Finance.
      T.A. / D.A. bills must be submitted along with proper vouchers/documentary
       evidence in support of expenses involved.
      Bill to be countersigned and recommended by tour sanctioning authority.
      A report on the tour must be submitted to the concerned authority.

13. T.A/D.A in Respect of Foreign Tour
Clarification of Area
For the purpose of D.A. abroad, countries of the World will be divided into Following
Groups on the basis of cost of living etc.

GROUP – 1     :      Saudi Arabia, Iran, U.A.E., Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar.

GROUP -2      :      North & South America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New

GROUP -3      :      Africa & other Middle East Countries.

GROUP -4      :      Asian Countries (Except India, Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan,
                     Bhutan & Pakistan).

GROUP-5       :      India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

D.A. FOR GRADE -Senior Management (PG.14 to 12)


Hotel accommodation, telephone & Transport                If HOTAC not availed $ 75
allowances per day US$ 60 and incidental                  (Consolidated) per day.
Expenses including food money US$ 40, total
US$ 100 per day.

Hotel & accommodation, telephone, Transport  If HOTAC not availed $ 100
allowances per day US$ 80 and incidental per (Consolidated) per     day
Expense including food money US$ 60 per day;
Total US $140 per day.


Hotel & accommodation, telephone,                         If HOTAC not availed $ 75
Transport allowances per day                              per day (Consolidated)
US$ 60 and incidentalExpenses per day including
food money US $ 40 per day: total US $100 per day.


Hotel & accommodation, telephone, Transport               If HOTAC not availed $ 110
allowances per day US$ 60 and incidental                  per day (Consolidated)
Expenses Including food money
 US $ 40 per day: total US $100 per day.

GROUP-5:      INDIA, PAKISTAN           SRI      LANKA,    NEPAL,        BHUTAN         and

Hold & accommodation, telephone,                          If HOTAC not availed $ 75
Transport allowances per day                              per day (Consolidated)
US$ 40 incidental Expenses Including
food money US $ 25 per day:
total US $65 per day.

D. A. FOR Mid Management (PG.11 to 7)

(Hotel entitlement including Cash Allowance at the following Rate

HOTEL ENCASHMENT                    CASH ALLOWANCE                  IF THEY STAY ON

Group-1       $55.00                          $30.00                   $60.00 per day
Group-2       $50.00                          $30.00                   $55.00 per day
Group-3       $45.00                          $25.00                   $50.00 per day
Group-4       $40.00                          $25.00                   $45.00 per day
Group-5       $50.00                          $20.00                   $80.00 per day

D. A. for junior management (PG. 6 TO 4)


Group-I       $50.00                $25.00                          $55.00 per day
Group-2       $45:00                $25.00                          $50.OOper day
Group-3       $ 40.00               $ 25.00                         $50.00 per day
Group-4       $40.00                $25.00                          $45.Ooperday
Group-5       $40.00                $ 20.00                         $40.00 per day

   After 28 days, the D.A. will be reduced by 10%.
   T.A. bill has to be adjusted within 15 days on completion of the journey. Along
    with the bill, actual vouchers (where necessary) also have to be submitted in
    support of the expenses.

15. Signification of Bonds for Training

     An employee who is given specialist training at the Company‘s expenses will be
      required to sign a bond undertaking to serve the company for a period of five years
      from the date of training or as may be decided by the management.

     An employee will undertake to reimburse the company all the money spent to his
      training should he desire to leave the service of the company before completion of
      the period of five years or as mentioned in the bond.

     The company shall determine the cost of training.

     An employee who has once signed a bond undertaking to serve the company for a
      period of five years or as decided in lieu of training given to him will not be
      required to sign a further bond within the first year from the date of completion of
      his training if he is nominated for a second training. Should an employee be
      detailed for second training in the second or any subsequent year of the bond
      period, he will be required to sign a fresh bond for a period of five years or as
      decided from the date of completion of his second training.

     An employee proceeding on training abroad at his own expenses if provided
      transportation facilities by the Company will be required to sign a similar bond.

16. Confidentially of Information

      No employee shall by writing to any person (including a co-employee not directly
       connected with the work) or by communication with public papers, journals,
       books, pamphlets or leaflets or by speech or discussion at any place, disclose or
       cause to be disclosed any documents, official or otherwise, relating to the
       Company except with the approval of the Competent Authority.
      No ‗Employee shall otherwise than in the normal course of his work engage in
       giving information or advice on any matter relating to the activities of the
      Except in the ordinary course of duties, no employee shall disclose, either during
       service or after leaving the service of the Company, any secrets, secret information
       or any other information or matter concerning the operations of the Company.
      Contravention of the provisions of regulation shall be treated as an act subversive
       of discipline and the employee concerned shall be liable to disciplinary action
       under these regulations.
      All Stenographers, Steno-Typist, Computer Operator, personal Assistants,
       Secretaries, Telephone Switch Board Operator, Tele printer Operators, Security
       staff of other departments who handle or are likely to handle secret or confidential
       matters shall sign the prescribed declaration form before entering the service of the
       Company, undertaking thereby to maintain secrecy of confidential and secret
       information and matters of all kinds and not to divulge any such information or to
       misuse it.

17. Assistance to any other Business
Every employee shall be bound, when required by the Company to work and assist in any
other business, Company or concern but the wages and other terms of employment shall
not be less favorable to the employee than those already allowed to him.

18. Certificate of Service
No service certificate will ordinarily be issued to any employee or his nominee by an
Officer of any Department of the Company other than the HR Dept.

19. Change of Address
Every employee shall notify immediately the Head of HR dept of all Changes of his
residence and permanent address.

20. Exclusive Service

      Every employee shall devote his whole-time and energy to the business and
       interest of the Company and shall not directly change in any other active
       profession and business or enter the service of, or be employed by, any other
       person or firm nor shall possess substantially big holding in a firm or company
       which has business relations with tl Company. Every employee shall hold himself
       in readiness to perform any duties required of him by his superiors to the best of
       his ability.
      Contravention of the provisions of this regulation shall be considered as an act
       subversive of discipline and shall be punishable under this regulation.

21. Employment Elsewhere

      An employee seeking employment elsewhere shall forward his application through
       the proper channel. The Management reserves the right to dispose of such
       application in a manner it thinks fit.
      Contravention of the provisions of this regulation shall be treated as an act-
       subversive of discipline and the employee concerned shall be liable to punishment
       in accordance with these regulations

22. Knowledge of languages
Personal are required to acquire knowledge of the language of the country/Zone where
they are posted in accordance with the rules on the subject issued from time to time.

23. Change of family Status
Any change in the family status of any employee shall be notified to the Head of personnel
section immediately.

24. Non-admissibility of Benefits to Temporary Employees
Unless otherwise specifically provided, employees engaged on temporary jobs or as leave
substitutes or as a casual worker shall not be entitled to any privilege extended to regular

25. Formation of Social Cultural and Welfare Bodies and
No body, society, union or association of the employees shall use the term, ‗Company‘ as
part of its name without the prior approval of the Company and no employee or group of
employees shall communicate in any manner to any person, authority or organization in a
manner, which may create an impersonal that the employee or the group of employee does
so on behalf of the Company.

26. Increment
Increment is awarded once a year for regular staff by moving him / her to the next step of
his I her grade, effective from 1 July of each year.
One-step increment is subject to satisfactory performance of the employee throughout the
year, and is not automatic.
Probationary employee (i.e. if the employee is still not confirmed before July) will not be
eligible for Annual Increment.

27. No Increment
An employee will not be eligible for annual increment if his / her performance is found
unsatisfactory in the appraisal. In such case the concerned manager must state the reason
for not approving the increment and the action is consented by the Managing Director.
The receipt of a warning letter usually results in the loss of annual increment depending on
the reason for the letter and level of improvement in the employee is observed after
issuance of the letter.

28. Merit Performance Increment
As a very special case United Airways (BD) Ltd may award a merit performance
increment to a staff by awarding more than one step increment for his / her outstanding
performance provided that the Line Manager recommends so through the performance
appraisal and the following criteria are met:
      Employee has demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the year;
      Appraisal reflects quality performance of the employee;
      Employee possesses strong personal attributes for successful performance.
      Employee     has   provided   exemplary inputs      and   contributes   to   achieve
        unit/department/program objective
Rationale for merit increment is submitted for approval of Managing Director.
Probationary staff will not be eligible for this increment. However if a staff is confirmed
within August of the given year and his! her performance is rated such outstanding the
management may consider the merit performance increment or him/her effective from the
date of confirmation.

29. Festival Bonus
All confirmed regular employees of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd are entitled to
Festival Bonus at the rate of 2 months basic salary per year. Persons who have year round
contract will have their bonus already included in the consolidated amount. A regular
employee, for a fractional period of his / her work, will be eligible for Festival bonus as
Festival Bonus for Regular staff on probationary status may be considered by the
management on pro rata basis up to the date of m& or festival. Calculation for such bonus
will be as under:
One month’s basic salary X No. of Days completed with the company (365)

(Calculation will be for the period from the employee‘s joining date through the date of
major festival)
The bonus is preferred to be paid to the regular staff 15 calendar days prior to their major
festival. The major festivals and time for payment are below:

For Muslim community : Prior to Eid-Ul-Fitre & Eid-ul Azha (one basic at each       festival)
For Hindu community      : Prior to Durga Puja
For Christian community : Prior to Christmas
For Buddhist community : Prior to Buddha Pumima

30. Gratuity
       All regular employees are entitled to gratuity benefit from the date of regular
       employment with United Airways (BD) Ltd. When s/he resigns or is released,
       retrenched, or on his/her retirement or death after a minimum of 5 year‘s
       continuous service (without any break) with the company.

Gratuity will be calculated at the rate of one month basic salary based on the employee‘s
last drawn salary for number of completed year of service, and pro-rata for any part
thereof. Calculation of gratuity for fractional period of the year:

No of Months employed X Last Monthly basic salary (12)

Gratuity will be calculated and remitted to the concerned persons after receipt of notice of
separation, clearance certificate and advice for final payment.

31. Remuneration for Unused Earned Leave
Remuneration for unused Earned Leave shall be paid to the outgoing employees after
his/her resignation, retrenchment, termination, dismissal, retirement or death. The leave
shall be accrued and calculated as of the employee‘s last days of work.. A maximum of 07
days earned leave can be carried forward and accumulated for claiming remuneration.
Formula for the calculation is:
Monthly Basic Salary X Days of unused Earned Leave (26)
The employees who receive uniform are themselves responsible for keeping the

32. Dress, Uniforms and Kits
United Airways (BD) Ltd will provide 02 (two) sets of uniform once a year to the
following staff:
      Aircrew
      Airport Maintenance staff
      Traffic, Sales & Catering personnel
      Drivers, Loaders/Cleaners its support staff (Drivers, peons, Guards, Cleaners) who
       are confirmed in their employment and also who are on contract working
       continuously more than 6 uniforms clean and pressed. They must wear the uniform
       at all times during their official duty.

33. Holidays and Leave
Leave is a privilege, not an entitlement and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

33.1 All full-time employees arc privileged to avail the gazetted public holidays with
full pay unless the conditions of work or field assignment are set otherwise.

All full-time employees are privileged to avail the gazetted public holidays with full pay
unless the conditions of work or field assignment are set otherwise.

Friday shall be treated as weekly holiday.

Gazetted public holidays will be observed by all officials of the company except those
whose duties are controlled by roster/shift.

Respective departments shall evolve some mechanism to compensate for the employees
performing duties on holidays.

33.2 Leave General Policy

All regular and contracted employees of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd may go on
casual/sick leave up to 03 days with full pay with the approval of his Departmental Head .
The leave shall be granted in the form of full or half days.
Earned leave, special leave, leave without pay, maternity leave and casual/sick leave more
than 03 days shall be approved by the Head Office. Application for Sick Leave for more
than 03 days shall be supported by proper medical documentations.
In case an employee requires extending the leave the employee shall request his / her
Departmental Head through his/her Line Manager at the earliest and in so far as is possible
the concerned Line Manager, after getting clearance from Departmental Head, will
communicate the employee either accepting or refusing the requested extension of leave.
The employee after joining from the leave shall apply in the prescribed form and get
his/her extended leave approved through proper channel for regularization.
If the employee remains absent without authorization he/ she shall be asked to explain in
writing to the company management the reasons for the unauthorized absence. Failure to
explain to the satisfaction of the management, the employee, followed by disciplinary
proceedings, may face suspension as a measure of punishment. The employee shall not be
entitled to any financial benefits for such period of unauthorized absence and suspension.
Absence from duties (leave without approval) is an offence; therefore, such case should be
taken into the notice of HR Department for necessary action at the earliest possible time.

33.3. Earned Leave

All permanent employees on completion of 1 year service with United Airways
(Bangladesh) Ltd shall be entitled to get earned leave with full pay at the rate of I (one)
day per 18 (eighteen) working days. In calculating the working days the weekly holidays
and other approved holidays will not be taken into account. On an average the earned
leave will be 18 days per year. The Line Managers are responsible to ensure that all
employees take their Earned Leave each year.

Earned Leave cannot be taken in excess of the days earned.

A maximum of 7 days unused Earned Leave may be carried forward to the succeeding
year and added to the leave earned in that year.

All confirmed regular employees would be credited for Earned Leave on January of each
calendar year in addition to that carried over from the previous year.

Employees shall apply for Earned Leave at least 7 days in advance.

Earned Leave may be deducted for excess sick leave or lieu of special leave at the
discretion of the management as the case may be.

33.4. Sick Leave

An employee may apply for Sick leave only when s/he is sick and unable to continue work
or even unable to report for work. The company has the provision of 14 days‘ Sick Leave
in a year. The employee shall inform his! her Line Manager as soon as possible on the 1 ‗
day of absence. The management shall not accept any abuse of sick leave by employee
and warning may be issued for such abuse, and copy of which shall be retained in the
employee‘s personal file.
Sick Leave more than 3 days should be supported by certificate issued by a Registered
Medical Practitioner.
For prolonged illness, an employee, after availing of due sick leave can avail Earned
Leave if due to him! her, and thereafter with the approval of the management , leave
without pay up to 30 days. In exceptional cases (depending on the nature of illness) if the
employee has already availed his! her due sick and Earned Leave, sick leave for extra days
up to a maximum of 3 months may be granted by the Managing Director.

33.5. Maternity Leave

A confirmed regular female employee is entitled to a total of 84-calendar day‘s maternity
leave (before birth 42 days after birth 42 days). This duration is subject to change to
conform to the country‘s laws and regulations, if applicable for the organization. A female
employee who is pregnant shall notify the office of her expected delivery date together
with medical certificate at least four months prior to the expected delivery date.
A female employee shall be eligible for two maternity leave during her employment in
United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd.

33.6. Casual Leave

A permanent employee of the company will be entitled 10 days casual leave in a year.
The employee may avail casual leave up to 03 days with the approval of his?
Departmental Head, when the reason of leave of absence is temporary in nature and for
personal emergency.
Casual leave shall not be accumulated and carried forward to the succeeding year. Casual
leave more than 03 days at a time is discouraged and it cannot be taken together with any
other type of leave.

33.7 Leave for Employees on Probation

Leave in respect of an employee on probation is generally discouraged. However, in case
of unavoidable situations, casual / sick leave may be granted to an employee. Limit of
such leave should not cross the quota calculated on the basis of number of days served by
the individual. In case, such limits are required to be crossed due to extreme situations, the
leave shall be treated as Leave without pay.

33.8. Leave without Pay/Special Leave

Leave without pay may be granted to an employee in special circumstances and when no
other leave is available or admissible as entitlement. Leave without pay may be granted if
the employee requests such leave or management grants so. All leave without pay must be
approved by the Managing Director.
Unauthorized absence from duty shall be treated as leave without pay for all employees
followed by other disciplinary actions.

34. Personal Loan

34.1 Introduction

The Company is planning to introduce Personal loan to comfort the employee who may
face sudden economic hardship and needs pecuniary help to fight of personal odds. The
following specific unforeseen reasons of a sudden and unexpected nature only shall be
considered for financial help:

      Medical treatment of self, wife, children and parents.
      Religious rites due to death of first dependant member of the family.
    Higher education of the children.
    Wedding ceremony of self, daughter and son.
Any other reason of emergent nature that necessitates financial assistance.

34.2 Eligibility

Any employee irrespective of rank or position may be eligible for ‗Personal Loan‘ if s/he
works, apart from being confirmed in his/her job, for at least two years to the satisfaction
of the management. A maximum of a sum equivalent to 2.5 times of his/ her monthly
gross salary may be approved as personal loan.

34.3 Re-Payment

Repayment of personal loan must be made in 12 monthly equal installments, the first
installment being deductible from salary one month after receipt of the loan.
However the repayments installments must not exceed 25% of his/her monthly

34.4 Other Conditions

      Personal loan cannot be re-availed within one year from the date of payment of the
       last monthly installment of the previous personal loan, if any.
      Request for any deferred payment of loan will not be entertained.
      Use of personal loan for any other purpose other than the stated reasons in
       application will not be allowed.
      The specific purpose for which the loan is sought must be mentioned clearly and
       with supporting papers as applicable.
      Employees may apply for loan from the Provident Fund account in case the
       purpose of the application of the loan is other than the reasons mentioned above.

16. Performance Appraisal Management System
The contents of this paragraph will take some time to be practiced & complied with.
However, the system is presented below in details:
The UNITED AIRWAYS (BD) LTD Performance Management System (PMS) is a
participatory system and used as a framework in which an employee‘s performance can be
broadly and objectively planned, monitored coached and evaluated.
PMS is designed to focus on supporting and developing the Human Resources in a more
effective way. The overall objective of PMS is communication, not filling out forms, more
specifically the objectives are:

      To establish clear expectations consistent with both the company‘s mission and
       with personal and professional objectives.
      To provide a tool for managing employee performance.
      To provide coaching and feedback necessary for high performance of all
       employees; and
      To have specific information necessary for strategic decisions.

35.1 Procedures and Time Frame of PMS

The system is a year-round process for one Fiscal Year having several interrelated and
integrated components in it. The three phases of the system are objective setting,
performance monitoring & coaching, and performance evaluation.

      The first phase (objective setting) is to achieve mutual agreement between
       employee and Line Manager about issues like job responsibilities and performance
       standards. This is completed in June for the next Fiscal Year starting from July for
       each regular employee by using the Annual Performance Planning & Evaluation
       (PP&E) Form through arranging a formal meeting.
      The second phase supports employees in achieving expectations defined in phase I,
       which is a year-round process. This is done through on-going monitoring, coaching
       (at least 2 formal), providing feedback and regular review discussions. One Mid-
       term performance review is done in December using the Mid-Term Review Form.
      The third phase is the year-end assessment phase, which is done in December to
       assess employee accomplishments in relation to defined objectives and to provide
       information necessary for developing a set of objectives for the next year.
       Performance summary for each section is determined both by the employee and the
       Line Manager and rating is provided on mutual understanding. Employee records
       comments or observations regarding the content, process of the entire system

       during the performance period. The Employee and the Line Manager sign the
       Form. In this meeting both of them mutually agree on the Action Plan for next
       fiscal year.

35.2. Supervisor’s Responsibilities on PMS

      Ensure the most recent Job Description available for each employee
      Inform employee(s) of the performance planning, review and final assessment
       meetings well ahead of time.
      Communicate expectations clearly.
      Permit latitude and freedom in PMS methods.
      Encourage employees to request for help.
      Encourage discussion of disagreements.
      Plan, supervise, coach, monitor and assess each individual employee‘s
      Follow the procedures and time frame of PMS properly.
      Ensure individual employees development needs are assessed and addressed
      All plans and assessment are made on mutual agreement with the employee.
      Complete the performance summary on PP & E Form and the Annual Performance
       appraisal Form.

35.3. Employee’s Responsibilities

      Always get well prepared for each meeting.
      Review expectations and ask questions if they are not clear in planning and Mid-
       Term review sessions.
      Raise questions and discuss problems.
      Review performance summary on PP & E Form and complete Employee
       Comments Section
      Follow through on decisions in the Performance Appraisal Form.

35A. PP &E Form Contents

Annual Performance Planning and Evaluation (PP & E) Form
Mid- Term Review Form
PP Form Contents:
The Annual PP & E Form consists of four (4) sections, which are Performance Planning
and Evaluation, Performance Rating, Employee Comments and Signature,

      The Performance Planning and Evaluation Section has four (4) parts, which are job
       Responsibilities and Performance Standards, Organization success factors, Special
       Objectives and Personal Development Objectives (Training Needs)
      The Job Description is the basis of defining Job Responsibilities and standards are
       set which describes end result, which is expected to achieve by an employee
       performing a major responsibility considering quantity, quality, time and process.
      The Organization Success Factors are values shared by all employees and personal
       competencies needed for one position
      The Special Objectives are usually high-priority, one time projects, completed by a
       specified date. Special objectives are above and beyond one‘s primary
      responsibilities. The target completion date and the performance standards are
      included in this section
The Personal Development objectives are developed on mutual agreement on an
employee‘s annual development plan or required skill, knowledge or experience
supportive to present or long-term needs.

35.5. Performance Rating Definition

Outstanding: The employee consistently exceeds job performance requirements.
Initiative and outputs are over and above the stated requirements. This rating should be
reserved for truly outstanding and exemplary performance, which results in exceptional
contribution to organizational growth and/or effectiveness.

Very Good: The employee consistently meets job performance requirements and times
exceed job requirements.

Satisfactory: The employee meets Job requirements. The employee has a well- balanced
performance to an expected level and able to handle all aspects for job satisfactorily.

Unsatisfactory: The‖ employee does not meet job requirements. Initiative, output, and
work quality do not always meet requirements. Employee needs improvement in one or
more aspects, which are critical to the position.

35.6. Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal system of UNITED AIRWAYS (BD) LTD is a participatory
process and used as a framework in which an employee‘s performance is broadly and
objectively assessed.
A performance appraisal of the company is an integral part of the performance
management process and serves to:

      Review of job description: whether it is helping in the process of meeting the
       organization‘s objectives.
      Help to clarify‘ mutual expectations
      Recognize accomplishments and encourage self development
      Identify weakness / deficiencies in employee and suggest / guide for improvement
      Identify employee development and training needs
      Provide a basis of determining individual increments, promotion or other actions.
      Provide input for management planning. Annual appraisals are formally being held
       once a year. The discussions at the performance appraisal meeting does not come a
       surprise to any of the parties given that the Line Managers are encouraged and
       expected to have had regular ―one - to - one‖ meetings with their staff over the

35.7. Unsatisfactory Performance

Unsatisfactory performance by any staff member of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd is
indicative of the following:
      Wrong person in job.
      Lack of interest in job (seen only as a regular source of income).
      Lack of motivational inspiration by the superiors.
      Lack of clarity of organization‘s aims and objectives.

Therefore staff appraisals should also reflect the following:
      How a person can improve performance in their present job?
      The potential of staff and possible post in future where his/ her skills could be put
       to more effective use
      How the recommendation expects to develop existing skills and potential of staffs
       towards the development of a healthy organization?

35.8. Procedures of Recommendation and Approval

The concerned Line Manager (s) makes recommendation in the Performance Appraisal
form consistent to the year-end assessment through PMS. The appraisal form is properly
filled in and completed.
The Mid Term Review form and any document on Formal Coaching sessions must be
attached with the Annual PP & E and Appraisal forms. Upon making recommendations
the performance appraisal is submitted to HR department for review and approval of the
management. HR department issues increment, promotion, or any other letter as the
outcome of the performance appraisal, to its employees. Based on the performance
appraisal, if recommended by the Line Manager, United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd makes
effect of the recommendations as deemed appropriate by the management. All exceptional
action or award e.g. merit increment, promotion etc is always within the provision of the
respective policies and subject to the approved of the management.

35.9 Performance Appraisal Form is attached to this Manual as Annex-A.

16. Promotion
United Airways (BD) Ltd may award a promotion to a deserving staff on the basis of
recommendation of Line Manager (s) through performance appraisal provided that the
following criteria are met:

      Employee is rated outstanding in all areas of assessment
      Employee has demonstrated capabilities to perform additional responsibilities
      Employee has provided/contributed substantially to achieve organizational
       objectives in the preceding years.
      Employee possesses academic qualification, knowledge and skills required for
       proposed position of promotion.
      Vacancy is available in the Company Organization Structure.
An interview or examination may also be arranged for a promotion, if deemed necessary.
Upon promotion, a new job description is provided to the employee if deemed necessary.

37. Under Observation
In the event an employee‘s performance level or behavioral skill has been found poor or
deteriorating, s/he is placed under observation for a period of three to six months.
During this observation period the Line Manager shall closely guide, coach, counsel the
employee, and observe whether the performance is improved or not. In the event the
management does not see any improvement in the performance at the end of observation
period, the employee subjects to appropriate action.

38. Transfer
The employees may be reassigned, transferred and / or relocated to anywhere within
United Airways (BD) Ltd offices in Bangladesh/overseas for any of the following reasons:

      To fill in a vacant position
      Need of qualified or experienced staff
      For career development
      To avoid redundancy
      For benefit of the organization
When a need arises, the initiating office proposes to HR department for transfer of an
employee to or from another office / unit / department with details of the reasons.
The HR department makes all transfers with prior coordination between the incoming and
outgoing offices and with approval of the management.
The copy of the transfer letter is given to both incoming and outgoing office, for personal
file of the employee, Accounts section and any other relevant sections. When an employee
is transferred to other location, he ! she is entitled to reimbursement of the following costs
upon submission of bills supported by vouchers as deemed necessary.
Travel expenses for the employee and immediate family members (spouse and children) if
they stay with him / her, transportation cost of shifting personal effects will be paid. The
employee is eligible for the most appropriate mode of transportation, taking into account
the time lost etc. for travel of the staff during transfer.
An employee transferred to a different location is allowed to receive an amount equivalent
to his /her 7-day‘s gross salary as relocation allowance. This allowance is not applicable
when the employee is transferred on his I her own request.

39. Disciplinary Procedures
By accepting an appointment with United Airways (BD) Ltd an employee agrees to work
in a responsible, disciplined, harmonious and productive manner, to be loyal to the
organizational objectives.
Any act of misconduct or violation of organizational Code of Conduct is dealt with the
disciplinary guidelines. Head of HR or Managing Director depending on their jurisdiction,
responsibility and authority decides course of disciplinary action depending upon the
gravity of offence.

40. Code of Conduct
All employees of the company are required to follow the code of Conduct. They sign the
code in the space provided to show that the code has been read and its contents are
understood. The signed document is kept in the personnel file of each employee. The
contents of the code of contact are stated bellow:

40.1 Laws and Regulations

Employees must at all time observe the laws, Rules and Regulations of the territorial
jurisdiction of the country to which they are assigned.

40.2. Minor Offence

For minor offence, a meeting is held between the concerned employee and her / his Line
Manager to resolve the problem as soon as possible after it occurs. In some cases proper
documentation is required and the Line Manager in consultation with his Divisional Head
and Head of HR issues a letter of caution to concerned employee for her / his minor

40.3. Misconduct

An employee may be dismissed if s/he is found guilty of misconduct; list of misconduct is
given below:
      Willful insubordination or disobedience to any lawful or reasonable order of a
      Theft, fraud or dishonesty with the employer‘s property.

      Taking or giving bribes or any illegal gratification in connection with her / his
       employment under the employer.
      Habitual absence without leave or absence without authorized leave for more that
       10 days.
      Habitual late attendance.
      Habitual breach of office rules & regulations
      Riotous or disorderly behavior or any act subversive of discipline
      Falsifying or tampering with, damaging or causing loss of employer‘s official

Order for Dismissal is issued unless:
      Allegation against the person is recorded in writing
      The person is given a copy thereof and not less than 10 days time for submitting
       her / his written explanation
      The person is given a personal hearing if such prayer is made
      The management approves of such order.

40.4. Minor Misconduct

After found guilty of minor misconduct but not deemed fit for dismissal, the employee is
subject to following actions:
      In first offence, a warning letter is issued describing the offence and / or that
       performance should improve over a specified period;
      On any further offence, or in the lack of improvement over specified period of
       time, employee is issued a final warning letter;
      Any occurrence of offence after final warning letter results in the dismissal of the
       employee after the disciplinary procedures is followed.
Usually the respective Manager issues the warning letter to their staff in consultation with
the HR Head. The word termination is not incorporated or written in the warning letter.

40.5. Investigation

Any allegation against an employee is informed in writing to the HR Department. The
Head of HR if deemed necessary designates a person to investigate into the matter and to
submit a written report on his / her findings When reports are logged, an internal
investigation will immediately be conducted with full confidentially. The management
will take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation. lii cases where the
lodged complaint is found to be correct, strong disciplinary action will be taken against
that employee.

40.6. Show Cause/Explanation

If an employee is convicted for an offence or is considered guilty of misconduct, the Head
of HR issues a show cause notice to the concerned employee mentioning the charge and
giving seven days time for submission of written explanation to the authority as to why
disciplinary action should not be taken against her / him for misconduct.

40.7. Suspension Pending Inquiry

An employee charged for misconduct shall be suspended pendirg inquiry into the charge
against her / him and unless the matter is pending before any court, the period of such
suspension is not more than 60 days. Employees who are suspended is paid subsistence
allowances equivalent to half of her / his basic salary.
The order of such suspension shall be issued in writing and comes into effect immediately
on delivery to the concerned employee.
Employee suspended shall not be allowed to leave her! his station of posting without
authorization of the Line Department as well as HR Department.

40.8. Hearing/Board of Inquiry

Upon receipt of written explanation from the concerned employee, if explanation is not
found satisfactory, the authority forms an enquiry committee to make formal enquiry into
the matter, the enquiry committee consists of at least 3 senior staff members of the
company. Any management staffs that issues / signs the charge sheet, show cause, notice
of enquiry, suspension order or dismissal letter or who makes the final decision of the
matter, cannot be a member of the enquiry committee.
HR Department issues the notice of enquiry to the employee to hold a hearing of the case
which specifically states the place, name of committee members, date and time for the
hearing / enquiry and the employee‘s right to ask and say anything related to the charges
and enquiry.
The enquiry committee calls on the accused employee, reads the charges against him/her
show cause/Explanation letter, and states the employee‘s explanation. The accused
employee replies to the questions and makes additional remarks, which are recorded in
writing, by the enquiry committee. The accused employee has the right to say and ask
anything else or to produce any witness. The witness either from the employee or from the
employer‘s side any, is examined or cross-examined by the enquiry committee and by the
employee. The statement of the witness(s) is recorded in writing and signed by the
witness(s) as well as the members of the Enquiry Committee the accused employee on the
paper on which the witness‘s statement evidence in support of the show cause letter and

employee and also from the accused employee. Upon completion of the hearing, the
unequal hearing in presence of the accused employs. Committee members‘ signs on every
page of committee submit their full report on inquiry within and of HR or his/her
designate along with their comments whether the accused is guilty or not guilty.

40.9. Action

Upon receipt of the report from the enquiry committee, the management in consultation
with the HR In-charge awards punishment to the employee or makes him/her release from
the charge depending on the gravity of the misconduct, previous records etc.
The nature of the punishment (any of the following):

      Verbal Warning.
      Written Warning.
      Suspension as a measure of lesser punishment, when though the employee was
       found guilty of misconduct, but not dismissed, and such suspension without wages
       do not exceed 7 days.
     Dismissal from service.
On establishing the fact that an employee has committed a gross misconduct s/he is issued
a notice of dismissal from the organization provided the Managing Director approves it.
If an employee, who has been on suspension pending enquiry, is found guilty of any
charges brought against him and punished to dismissal the employee is not entitled to any
wages except the subsistence allowance.
If the employee is found not guilty, s/he is allowed to resume his 1 her duties with full
honor and deemed to have been on duty during the period of suspension pending enquiry,
if any and entitled to his / her full wages for such period of suspension and the subsistence
allowance is adjusted accordingly.
No dismissal or suspension order shall be issued retroactively.

41. Grievance Procedure
―Grievance‖ is a state of dissatisfaction, expressed or unexpressed, written or unwritten,
justified or unjustified having connection with employment situation. United Airways
(BD) Ltd ensures that:
      Employees understand the company‘s grievance procedure
      Employees are aware that no reprisals are taken against them for using the
The employee, in the event s/he has any grievance, shall observe the following procedures:
All complaints are to be always in writing signed and dated by the concerned employee.
Employees will first bring any grievance(s) to the notice of their Line Manager in most of
the cases. The Line Manager shall exercises best efforts to reach a fair and reasonable
However, the aggrieved person may bring his/her grievance directly to the Head of his/her
Dept or to Head of HR directly, if s/he feels it appropriate & necessary. At the last stage if
the grievance is not settled, the employees may approach to the HR Head. The Managing
Director based on the recommendation of the HR Head is the final authority to make a
final decision, which becomes binding on all parties.

42. Staff Resignation/Separations

42.1. Resignation

An employee may resign from the services of United Airways (BD) Ltd as below:

      Confirmed regular staff may resign from services by giving three - month‘s notice
       or pay in lieu of notice thereof.
      Probationary staff resigns from service with one months notice or pay in lieu of
       notice thereof.
      Persons on year round contract resign from service with the notice period in
       accordance with the terms of his / her employment.

All resignation letters are to be forwarded to the Head of HRD. The Head of HR with the
approval of MD shall issue the acceptance of resignation at an appropriate time unless
there is any major problem with the employee.
A confirmed regular employee when resigns is entitled to following benefits:

      Basic salary, House rent allowance, Medical Allowance and Conveyance
       allowance up to the last day of work. (A pro rata deduction of basic salary is made
       if the employee does not give the required notice).
      Gratuity shall only be paid to an employee who will complete minimum three
       years of service with the company of Companies
      Remuneration of any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company‘s Leave policy.

42.2. Retrenchment! Redundancy

A confirmed regular employee of the company may be retrenched with one months notice
or payment of one month‘s salary (basic salary) in lieu of such notice, along with
compensations at the rate of thirty days salary (basic) for every completed year of service
or any part thereof in excess of six months or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher, when
his / her position no longer exists and there is no suitable alternative employment in the
All redundancy or retrenchment is subject to the approval of the Managing Director. In
case of retrenchment, procedures as laid down in the Employment of Labor (Standing
Orders) Act are followed.
The regular employee who is retrenched is entitled for:

      Basic salary, House rent allowance, Medical allowance and Conveyance allowance
       up to the last day of work.
      Having completed not less than one year of continuous service the employee is
       paid at the rate of 30 days salary (basic) for every completed year of service or for
       any part thereof in excess of six months, or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher.
      Earned Leave as per the company policy
      Remuneration of any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company policy.

42.3. Termination

Termination is used when removal of a staff member by other means is not deemed
appropriate. Termination is the prerogative of the employer and this action is taken
without assigning any reason.
A confirmed regular employee‘s service is terminated with 01 month‘s notice or 01
month‘s basic salary in lieu of notice.
A probationary employee is terminated without giving any notice or pay in lieu Thereof A
contractual service is terminated by serving notice or by making payment of any notice
pay as per the provision of the Contract.

A terminated employee, subject to his I her employment status is entitled to the following
Confirmed regular employee:

      Basic Salary, House rent allowance, Medical allowance and Conveyance
       allowanceup to the last day of work.
      Having completed not less than one year of continuous service the employee is
       paid at the rate of 30 days‘ salary (basic) for every completed year of service or for
       any part thereof in excess of six months, or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher.
      Remuneration for any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company policy
       Employee n Probation:
      Basic salary, House rent allowance, Medical allowance and Conveyance allowance
       up to the last day of work.
All terminations must be always authorized by Managing Director based on the
recommendation from HR Head with involvement of Line Manager.

42.4. Discharge

A regular employee may be discharged from service for reasons of physical or mental
incapacity or for continued ill health or such other reasons not amounting to misconduct.
A medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioners is required to make
recommendations for discharge decision of any employee.
Probationary employees are terminated, not discharged.
The Managing Director always authorizes all discharges
The regular employee who is discharged on Medical grounds is entitled for:

      Basic salary, House rent allowance, Medical allowance and Conveyance allowance
       up to the last day of work.
      Employee‘s own contribution to Provident Fund.
      Organization‘s contribution to Provident Fund if the employee worked at least one
      Having completed not less than one year of continuous service the employee is
       paid at the rate of 30 days salary (basic) for every completed year of service or for
       any part thereof in excess of six months, or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher?
      Remuneration for any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company policy
      Additional benefit of 3 month‘s basic salary as notice pay in lieu of notice.

42.5. Dismissal

An employee is dismissed without prior notice, after following the procedures of
disciplinary actions as stated in the company HR policy manual -

If s/he is convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude.

If s/he is found guilty of misconduct.

When an employee is dismissed s/he is entitled to the following benefits:
      Basic Salary, House allowance, Medical allowance and Conveyance allowance up
       to the last day of work.
      Employee‘s own contribution to Provident Fund
      Organization‘s contribution to Provident Fund if the employee worked at least one
      Remuneration for any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company. policy
      An employee who is dismissed, if his / her service continues for not less than one
       year gets compensation (basic salary) at the rate of fourteen days for every
       completed year of service, or for any part thereof in excess of six months.

42.6. Retirement

Retirement from service is mandatory upon an employee attaining his / her 66th birthday.
A letter of retirement is issued to a retiring regular confirmed employee with three
months‘ notice in advance or three months‘ basic salary is paid in lieu thereof. The HR
Department of United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd is responsible for taking action about the
retirement of any employee(s) at the appropriate time. Retirement of an employee is
always consented by the Managing Director. The retired regular employee is entitled to:

      Basic salary, House rent allowance, Medial allowance and Conveyance allowance
       up to the last day of work
      Having completed not less than one year of continuous service the employee is
       paid at the rate of 30 days‘ salary (basic) for every completed year of service or for
       any part thereof in excess of six months, or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher?
      Employee‘s own contribution to Provident Fund
      Organization‘s contribution to Provident Fund if the employee worked at least one
      Remuneration for any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company policy

42.7. Death

Upon the death of an employee the date of death is deemed the date of which the
employee‘s service with United Airways (Bangladesh) Ltd cases.
Information of such occurrence is sent to the Managing Director and copy to HR
department along with necessary documents.
All expenses relating to the burial of the person are borne by the company. The designated
nominee(s) of the deceased is entitled to the following benefits due to employee‘s regular

      Basic salary, House rent allowances, Medical allowance and Conveyance
       allowance up to the last day of work.
      Employee‘s own contribution to Provident Fund
      Organization‘s contribution to Provident Fund if the employee worked at least one
      Having completed not less than one year of continuous service the employee is
       paid at the rate of 30 days salary (basic) for every completed year of service or for
       any part thereof in excess of six months, or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher.
      Remuneration for any unavailed Earned Leave as per the company policy.
      Twelve months gross salary as an ex-gratia payment (if the employees are not
         covered under any group insurance policy).
If the deceased employee was on year round contract or on probationary period the
provident fund and gratuity payment are not applicable. Other benefits are as per his/her
The final payment is made after adjustments of any outstanding dues of the employee and
it is the responsibility of concerned department/supervisor to ensure that the adjustments
(if any) are made. All the relevant papers/documents with regard to the deceased
employee, designated nominee(s) and payment, are kept in Personal file of the deceased

43. Clearance Certificate and Final Settlement

43.1. Clearance Certificate and Final Settlement

An employee, prior to his / her release from the organization on resignation or separation
s/he hands over his / her responsibilities to his/her successor or to a staff nominated by the
An employee who resigns, or is terminated, discharged, retrenched, dismissed or retired
shall collect a clearance certificate from all the Sections of the company and produce the
copy of the same to HR Department before final payment of the employee. The payment
shall remain withheld until the clearance certificate is arranged.
When an employee leaves or is separated form United Airways (BD) Ltd s/he re1wi to
office his /her identity card, official property and assets issued to her I filing which, the
final payment of the employee is held up or adjusted with the final payment
The concerned department‘s supervisors are held responsible for advising or making final
payment without receiving the clearance certificates.
The clearance certificates along with separation letter and advice for payments are kept in
the office file.
The final payment for an employee (all the salaries and benefits) is calculated up to the
last workday of the employee.
The final settlement statement is always approved by Managing Director in advance and is
signed by the outgoing employee (nominees, in case of deceased employee) indicating that
s/he agrees with settlement and nothing is due to him / her from United Airways
(Bangladesh) Ltd and the final settlement statement is kept in the office file thereafter.

43.2. Service Certificate

United Airways (BD) Ltd employee who resigns or is terminated, discharged, retired,
dismissed or made redundant, are entitled to a service Certificate signed by the Managing
Director or his designated officers.

My Position and Duties

I was assigned for my doing Internship in United Airways (BD) Ltd. for the period of 60
days starting from March 01, 2011 to April 30, 2011, Head Office. In internship period I
had a specific place. But I had no fixed duties in the organization. I worked under an
Executive and I observed her different types of activities.

The working environment place of United Airways (BD) Ltd. is very much friendly.
Every personnel of the office were very much busy but they always tried to help me from
their experience.

In this organization there are three HRD functions. Those are Acquisition function of
HRD, Motivation Function of HRD, and Maintenance function of HRD. Human Resource
Planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and
kinds of people, at right place, at right time capable of effectively and efficiently
completing those tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.

United Airways (BD) Ltd. works for the development of its executives or potential
executives in order to enable them to be more effective in performing the various
functions of management.

SOWT Analysis

SOWT Analysis of Human Resource Division of UABDL

5.1 Strengths

Open HR Manual: The Human Resource Manual of UABDL is open for its entire
employees giving total understanding of the terms and condition of the organization to its
entire employees to assists the benefits and growth they can ever achieve and the role of
Human Resource Department with all other divisions of the organization.

Empowered Work Force: The Human Resource of UABDL is exactly well thought and
perfectly managed. As from the very first, top management believed in empowered
employees, where they refused to put their finger in every part of the pie. These employees
are not suffocated with authority but are able to grow as the organization matures.

Strong Bonding and Belongingness: UABDL employees are one of the major assets. The
employees of UABDL have a strong sense of commitment toward organization and also
feel proud and a sense of belonging towards UABDL. This strong organizational culture
of UABDL is a main strength of the organization.

Information Technology: Online work, e-mail and personal computer for all employees
enabled the employees work easier and faster with full of professionalism.

Employee Evaluation: Employee evaluation process by Human Resource Division
became strength for its fair judgment and put trust among the employees of other
department on HR Department.

5.2 Weaknesses

Job Description: Job Description is a necessary accomplishment should have for each
position for recruiting the most suitable candidate on the basis of skill and experience
required. Still hundred percent job descriptions are not prepared by the HR Division.

HR Accounting: Human Resources accounting is a strong tool for matching the benefits
of each new recruitment done in the organization, calculation, turnover etc. HR Division
of UABDL has not yet established this practice.

Compensation and Benefits: Compensation and Benefits of UABDL‘s employees are
provided by the HR Division through Accounts Division.

5.3 Opportunities

Management Information System: In recent business practices the importance of MIS is
unavoidable. Human Resources Department is not out of it. HRD of UABDL has a every
potential capability to establish new MIS and use it in various manpower reporting
Human Resources Information System: Human Resources Information System is a
must for a corporate environment like UABDL. UABDL is going to establish a new HRIS
very soon.

Research and Development: Though UABDL has almost all due capabilities to
command extensive research and development activities, yet UABDL has done a little in
this area.

Salary Survey: UABDL is going to start its salary survey with the most reputed
consultant of Bangladesh for its salary survey.

Training and Learning: Training and learning is the core function for making the
executives cope with the new scenario and make them update and knowledgeable.
UABDL is going to utilize its fullest capacity and enthusiasm in this regard by publishing
a library, arranging extensive element etc. very soon.

5.4 Threats

Competitive Salary and Turnover: The salary package of UABDL is not as competitive
as the market demands, so the turnover of manpower is increasing day by day.

New/Multinational Companies/Airlines Policy: New multinational company and
Airlines policy is a threat to UABDL in respect of increasing the salary expectation of the
employees and new HR practices that turning the existing employees dissatisfied.

Findings of The Study

     UABDL mainly concentrated on Airlines business.

     This Company helps that customer who wants to fly in air.

     It follows the Islamic rules in every part of general banking.

     The HRD system of UABDL is not skilled enough and does not follow latest

     In HR Division, there is the huge lack of development activity. The employee
      joining UABDL should be taken under a cordial orientation program that is

     Proper training is very important issue for the employees of organization. In
      UABDL proper training need requirement is not justified rather done by the
      employee‘s personal interest.

     Employee‘s code of conduct or service manual is governed solely by the service
      quality unit. However, there should be a coordination of HRD to measure the
      perfect evaluation of the employees‘ performance.



Lot of new airlines has been established in last few years and this company has made this
sector very competitive. So new company have to organize their operations according to
the need of the market. Airlines sectors no more depend on a traditional method of
business. In this competitive world, this sector has trenched its wings wide enough to
cover any kind of service anywhere in this world. The major task for company to survive
in this competitive environment is by managing its assets and liabilities in an efficient

This report has tried to present the HR practices in UABDL in comparison to its closet
competitor in the same industry. From the analysis we found the HRD system is a very
satisfactory one.

There is something problem with Human Resources Department. If the entire HRD system
is not fully computerized then they cannot easily complete their recruitment process by
short span of time.

Due to lack of established networking system with their branches, then it can not easily
transfer data within short time. So the HR department should be given the proper training
to the employees by regular basis. Performance evaluation of employees is not done

Top management handles the recruitment process and they have the power to fire anybody
in anytime.


As I have gone through all the departments under Human Resources Management, I have
come up with some points, which can improve the efficiency as well as quality of the
work. Though the company was found as a productive concern, the study reveals that the
company could do much more if it was handled more efficiently. However, some steps
may be taken to improve the efficiency and to increase the performance of the company in
future which are given below-

      Setting proper planning for each and every work as well as for the whole
      Designing jobs on priority basis.
      Assigning necessary manpower for every job.
      The company should develop their communication process between branches.
      Proper managerial observation and cooperation is required.
      Improve the knowledge of the system through training.
      Avoiding duplication of work through better communication.
      Developing motivational program.
      And most all change of managerial attitude and view point.
      The company should increase the total number of trained employee year by year.
      The company should also introduce gain-sharing approaches to motivate its
       employees. Non-monetary incentives might be a great motivation for the officers
       and service workers.
      The company does not have any practice of ―Human Resource Survey‖, which is a
       negative point for the company‘s Administrative Department. Therefore, this
       practice     should be introduced to the company‘s HRM policies.
      The company may provide insurance benefits (especially health-related and life
       insurance) to the employees as an additional motivating factor.
      At present, the company does not have any systematic practice of employee
       counseling. Such a practice might be beneficial to the employees.



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