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									Human Resource Management in Bangladesh
A Study on EXIM Bank Limited

May, 2010
Human Resource Management in Bangladesh
A Study on EXIM Bank Limited

                      SUPERVISED BY

               Professor Sheikh Ashraf Ali, Ph.D
              Department of Business Administration
                 Northern University Bangladesh

                       PREPARED BY

                      Kanis Akter Shimu
                        BBA 050301540
              Department of Business Administration
                 Northern University Bangladesh

                                        May, 2010


I do hereby declare that this report titled Human Resource Management in Bangladesh: A
Study on Exim Bank Limited submitted by me to Northern University Bangladesh, for the
Degree of Business Administration is an original work. It has not been submitted earlier
party or wholly to any other University or Institute for any Degree, Diploma, Associate-
ship, Studentship, Fellowship, or Prize.


(kanis akter shimu)

ID: BBA 050301540
Major: HRM
Minor: Marketing
Department of Business Administration
Northern University Bangladesh

                                 Certificate of Supervisor

With regard to this report Human Resource Management in Bangladesh: A Study on
Exim Bank Limited submitted by Kanis Akter Shimu, for the Degree of Bachelor of
Business Administration, I certify that:

        (1) She has carried out internship under my direct supervision and guidance (for
            three months) and that the manuscript of the report has been scrutinized by me and

        (2) The final composed copy of this, which is being submitted to the Northern
            University Bangladesh, has been carefully read by me for its material and

..............................                           ................................

(Professor Dr. Abdul Awal Khan )                    (Professor Sheikh Ashraf Ali Ph.D)

Head, Department of Business Administration             Professor of Management

Northern University Bangladesh                          Northern University Bangladesh

                              Letter of Transmittal


Professor Sheikh Ashraf Ali, Ph.D
Northern University Bangladesh
Dhanmondhi, Dhaka
Subject: Letter of transmittal
I am submitting my internship report on Human Resource Management in Bangladesh: A
Study on Exim Bank limited. I have collected as much information as possible from
banking activities of the Exim Bank Limited. Three month‟s work on this organization was a
worthwhile experience for me as it was in such a reputed organization. It is a great pleasure
for me to present you with the report as a requirement of the Bachelor Degree.

I believe that this internship program has enriched both my knowledge and experience.

Obediently Yours,


(kanis akter shimu)
ID: BBA 050301540
Major: HRM
Minor: Marketing
Department of Business Administration
 Northern University Bangladesh

At the beginning, I am very grateful to almighty Allah for giving me the strength to finish the
internship report as a part of my BBA Program.

I am obliged to Northern University Bangladesh for giving me such on opportunity to
express my real life working experience to them. I am also thankful to my supervisor.

Professor Sheikh Ashraf Ali Ph.D for his kind guidelines and evaluations.

This paper is the out came of my practical work at Exim Bank Ltd. Mirpur Branch after
90 days of working & collection.

I have got sufficient help & co-operation from Exim Bank officials to prepare their
report. I thank all the officers and staffs.

I am very much thankful to honorable HR Vice-President & Head of the HRE of Exim
Bank Shah Mohammad Abdul Bari, Branch Manager Mr. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed, Ezaz
Ahmed Khan (Executive officer, Account‟s Department), Abdullah Al Mohammed
(Principle officer & in Charge Foreign Exchange), Khandakar Reza Mahmod Ahsan
(Principal Officer, General Bank) for their cordial cooperation.

It will be ungrateful it I don‟t mention the name of Farjana Mustary (Officer), Md.
 Badrul Alam(Executive officer), Mohammad Shahajalal Mazumder (Senior officer,
HRD) and Delower Hossain (Executive officer, HRD). They helped me a lot while
working Exim Bank Limited for giving me their valuable time.


(Kanis Akter Shimu)

BBA 050301540
Major in HRM
Minor in Marketing.
Department of BBA.

                 Abbreviation Used

Abbreviation    Full name

ALM             Asset Liability Management
ALCO            Asset Liability Committee
EXIM            Export Import
EXIM BANK LTD   Export Import Bank Limited
FDBP            Foreign Documentary Bill Purchase
HRM             Human Resources Management
HRD             Human Resources Division
IBA             Institute of Business Administration
ICCA            Internal Control and Compliance Division
LDBP            Local Documentary Bill Purchase
MANCOM          Management Committee
MTO             Management Trainee Officer
NPI             Net Profit Income
PA              Performance Appraisal
PAS             Performance Appraisal System
ROA             Return On Assets
SME             Short & Medium Enterprise
SWIFT           Society for         Wide     Interbrain    financial
TAO             Trainee Assistant Officer

                            EXECUTIVE SUMMERY

Modern Banking is an outcome development driven by changing financial activities & life
style. It offers the widest range of financial services specially credit, saving & payment
services perform the widest range of financial function of any business firm in the economy.
Exim Bank Limited was established on 3rd August, 1999 under the Leadership of Late Mr.
Shhajahan Kabir, founder chairman who had a wing dream of floating a commercial bank
which would contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. Exim Bank Ltd.
sets success in very short time; the main reason of success is their skilled employees & highly
trained up employees. However, Exim Bank‟s all are recruitment examination taken by IBA
(Institute if Business Administration) and they select the highest skilled worker among the all
candidates. I have worked there for three months as a requirement of the internship phase of
BBA program under the Department of Business Administration, NUB. Human resource
management can be defined as a process of procuring, developing & maintaining competent
human resources in the organization. So that goals of an achieved in an effective & efficient

Human resource management can be defined as a process of procuring, developing &
maintaining competent human resource in the organization so, that goal of an organization
are achieved in an effective and efficient manner. Human Resource Management „The
policies and practices involved in carrying out the “people” or human resource aspects of a
management position, including recruiting, training, rewarding, and appraising. Division of
Exim Bank is one of the most valuable departments with the responsibilities of staffing,
training and development, organization development, performance appraisals, rewarding,
control and maintenance etc. The Human Resource of Exim Bank is exactly well thought
and perfectly managed. Exim Bank is committed to focus all its energy on its customer as
well as its employees.This is sure a strong Human Resource practices will help Exim Bank
to pave the way leading outmost destination.

Human Resource Division in Exim Bank is under massive reconstruction program ensure the
future benefits and high corporate culture and the secured place of contribution and
dedication the experience and the exposure of high professionalism.

Table of contents

Chapter    Description                                Page no.
           Latter of Transmittal
           Abbreviation Used
           Executive Summary
One        Introduction & Background                  1-4
1.1        Introduction                               2
1.2        Objectives of the Study                    2
1.3        Methodology                                3
1.4        Limitation of the Study                    3
Two        Profile of the Organization                5-24
2.1        Background of the Organization             6
2.2        Exim Bank at a glance                      7
2.3        Mission of the study                       8
2.4        Vision of the study                        8
2.5        What the bank offers                       8
2.6        Corporate information of Exim Bank Ltd     9
2.7        Objectives of the study                    10
2.8        Board of directors                         10
2.9        Management Team                            12
2.10       Automation in EXIM Bank                    14
2.11       Branch Expansion                           16
2.12       Asset and Liability Management             17
2.13       Depart and Division of Exim Bank Ltd       18
2.14       The correspondent and merchant banking     21
2.15       Product & Service of the Bank              22
2.16       Operation Area of the Exim Bank Ltd.       23
2.17       Social Commitment of the Exim Bank Ltd     24
Three      Activities of HR Department                25-45
3.1        Human Resource and Management              26
3.2        Duties of HRD                              26
3.3        Function of HRM                            27
3.4        Recruitment                                27
3.5        Recruitment Policy of the Exim Bank Ltd.   28
3.6        Selection                                  30
3.7        Selection Procedure of Exim Bank Ltd.      30
3.8        Training & Development:                    35
3.9        Management Development of Exim Bank        36

3.10    Motivation Function of HRD of Exim Bank Ltd.   37
3.11    Compensation & Benefit                         38
3.12    Performance Appraisal System (PAS              41
3.13    Method of PA                                   42
Four    My position                                    46
Five    SOWT Analysis                                  48-51
5.1     Strength                                       49
5.2     Weaknesses                                     50
5.3     Opportunities                                  50
5.4     Threats                                        51
Six     Findings of the Study                          52
Seven   Conclusion & Recommendation                    54-56
        Conclusion                                     55
        Recommendation                                 56
        References                                     58
        Appendix                                       59

Chapter – One


1.1 Introduction

Human Resource Management plays a very much important role for every business
organization. It helps the organization to run perfectly & to achieve the organizational goals.
Naturally employees develop themselves day by day. They make any work broken down &
divide it into small & small job, which helps to do the work more effectively; When we hear
this word of Human Resources Management” naturally we think that it is related to human

As part of the internship program of Bachelors of Business Administration course
requirement, I was assigned for doing my internship in Exim Bank Limited for the period of
90 days starting from 25 January, 2010 to 24 April, 2010. During my Internship period in
Exim Bank Ltd, at Mirpur Branch. I learn many things of Human Resource Management.

1.2 Objectives of the Study
   Main objective:

   The main objective was to find the out overall condition of Human Resources

   Management in Bangladesh analyzing the performance of Exim Bank Limited
   Special Objectives:

              To acquire indepth knowledge over Exim Bank Human Resource

              To develop work flow & their inter divisional dependencies.

              To learn about recruitment & selection procedure of the Bank.

              To know about appointment, placement, compensation, transfer procedure.

              To identify training & development methods applied in the Bank.

1.3 Methodology

This report has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of

internship from January, 25 to April 24, 2010. For preparing this report, I have

undertaken group discussion, collected data and sent some questionnaire to the selected

officers and other employees. During I have collected my information & data from the

following sources, which helped me to make the report. The source has been divided by

two parts. Such as:

   Primary Sources:

      Oral interview of the responsible officers.

      Personal experience gained by visiting different desks during internship period.

      Official records of Exim Bank Limited.

   Secondary Sources:

      Annual Reports of Exim Bank.

      Relevant Papers & different books.

      Manual of different departments.

1.4 Limitations of the Study

Therefore, the views expressed in this report are likely to be restricted by limitations.

So, lack of experience in preparing the report it also a limitation.

    The officials had been unable to provide me with information due to their huge
     routine work.

    Many officials of the branch are not well informed about different systems of Exim

    The Officers are very co-operative but they are too much busy to give time to get
     knowledge about practical activities.

Chapter –Two

Profile of the Organization

2.1 Background of the Organization

Exim Bank Limited was established in 1999 under the leadership of Late. Mr. Shahjahan
Kabir founder Chairman who had a long dream of following a commercial Bank, which
would contribute to the Socio-Economic development of our country. The Bank started
functioning from 3rd August, 1999 with Mr. Alamgir Kabir, FCA as the advisor & Mr.
Mohammad Lakiotullah as the Managing Director. Both of them have long experience in the
financial sector of our country. Initially the Bank was known as the BEXIM Bank Limited,
which strings for “Bangladesh Export Import Bank Limited”. But for some legal
constraints the bank has to change the name and according to the proposed name of Governor
of Central Bank at that time it was named as the Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited
on in short Exim Bank Limited. With the pragmatic decision and management directions in
the operational activities the bank has earned a secured and distinctive position the banking
industry in terns of performance growth of the bank is excellent management. The
Authorized capital & Paid up capital of the bank are 3500.00 and 2677.75 (Tk. in Million).
The bank has migrated all of its conventional banking operations into Shariah Banking since
July 01, 2004.

2.2 Exim Bank At: a Glance

            Name                 : Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited.
            Essence              : Local Bank Global Network.
            Legal Form           : A Shariah bases Islamic Bank.
            Nature of Business : Shariah based commercial banking with different
             investment and deposit schemes.
            Registered officer : Printers Building(5th Floor)
                                   5 Rajuk Avenue,Dhaka.
                                   Phone # 95566764, 9566417.
                                   Telex :64527 EXIMHO.BJ
                                   Fax : 880-2-9556988.
                                   E-mail :

              Date of incorporate : June 02, 1999.
              Inauguration of first Branch: August 03, 1999.
              Chairman              : Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder.
              Secretary             : Mr. Md. Golam Mahbub.
              Managing Director : Mohammad Lakiotullah.
              Authorized Capital : 5763,886,880 Tk (2008)
              Paid up Capital       :267,774,6000 Tk (2008)
              Converted to Islamic Bank : July 01,2004.
              Slogan                       : Together Towards Tomorrow.
              Target Customers             : Individual & Corporate customer.
              Deposit                      : 57,586,991,798 (2008)

              General Investment            : 53,637,677,103 (2008)
              Foreign Exchange Business     : 156434.57 Tk (2008)
              Number of Branch              : 44 (2009).
              Total Manpower                : 1440 (2009).

2.3 Mission of the Bank
The mission is started the following bullets:

        To be the finest bank in the banking area of Bangladesh under the Shariah

        To become a trusted responsibility of customer money & their financial advisor.

        To make them stock superior & rewording to the customers / share holders.

        To display team sprit & professionalism.

        To have a sound capital base.

        To provide high quality financial services in export and import trade.

        To provide excellent quality customer service.

2.4 Vision of the Bank

The gist of the vision is “Together Towards Tomorrow” Export Import Bank of

Bangladesh Limited believes in togetherness with its customer, in its march on the road

to growth and progress with services. To achieve the desired goal, there will be pursuit of

excellent all stages with a climate of continuous improvement, because in Exim Bank,

they believe, the line of excellent is never ending. Bank‟s strategic plans and networking

will strengthen competitive edge over others in rapidly changing competitive

environments. Its personalized quality services to the customer with the trend of constant

improvement will be corners tone to achieve their operational success.

2.5 What the Bank Offers
As a commercial Bank, Exim Bank provide all traditional banking services including a

wide range of saving and investment Scheme products. Foreign Exchange and Ancillary

services with the support of modern technology and professional management. But the

main stress of the bank is as the name implies: put on export and import trade handling

and financing and the bank has became the pioneer in promoting Readymade Garment

industries and one of the largest financer in this sector, since inception, the bank

foresighted the bright prospects of garment sector and extended finance to the deserving

and promises entrepreneurs.

2.6 Corporation Information of Exim Bank Ltd.

      Date of incorporation        : June 02, 1999.
      Inauguration of First Branch : August 03, 1999.
      Authorized Capital           : 350.00 Crore.
      Paid Up Capital                      : 267.774 Crore.
      No of Branches (2008)                : 44.
      Proposed Branch                      : 10.

Credit Rating:

      Long Term                       : A (Adequate safety)
      Short Term                      : ST-2 ( High Grade)
      Notification of reporting               : May 26, 2009.

Registered Office:

    Plot No-SE (F)-9, Road No-142.
    Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.
    PABX No. 880-2-9889363, Fax : 880-2-9889358.


    Hoda vasi Chowdhury & Co.
    Chartered Accountant
    BTMC Bhaban (8th level),
    7-8 Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.

2.7 Objectives of the Bank
The word „Exim‟ implies the meaning of its „operation‟ To Achieve the desired goal, it

has the intention to pursuit of excellence at all stages with a climate of continuous

improvement. Eventually the bank emphasizes on the following activities:

      Providing high quality service.

      Providing efficient service.

      Maintaining corporate & business ethics.

      Being trusted repository of customer‟s money and their financial adviser.

      Making its products superior and rewarding to the customers.

      Display team sprite & professionalism.

      Enhancement of Shareholder wealth.

2.8 Broad of Directors


Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder


Mr. Mohammad Abdullah

Mrs. Nasreen Islam

Mrs. Nasima Akhter

Mr. A. K. M. Nurul Fazal Bulbul

Alhaj Md. Nurul Amin

Mr. Zubayer Kabir

Mr. Md. Habibullah

Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan

Mr. Abdullah Al-Zahid Shapan

Mr. Mohammad Shahidullah

Managing Directors

Mr. Kazi Masihur Rahman

Company Secretary

Mr. Md. Golam Mahbub

Board of Directors
The board of Exim Bank consists of 13 Directors including and independent Director. Board
Members includes person of high caliber with academic and professional qualifications. In
line with the directives of the regulatory authority. The Board looks after the corporate
philosophy, policy issue making rules and procedures, approving business targets, strategy
etc. The Board formed two key committees one of which is Executive Committee and
another is the Board Audit Committee.

Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee companies of 12 Members. The Committee takes decision the
routine and operational matters, ensure implementation of policies, approves investments and
other business proposal beyond delegated power of management.

Audit Committee:
The Board Audit Committee consists of members including an Independent Director. The
Committee carries out business according to guidelines of the Bangladesh Bank. The
inspection reports on the affairs of the branches as well as Head office are presented before
the committee for perusal. The summery of inspection reports of Bangladesh Bank audit team
are also placed before the committee. The Director keeps regular vigilance on the banking
activities through the audit committee in order to ensure better internal control system. A
report regarding compliance of the corporate governance guidelines of Securities and
Exchange Commission is attached at Annexure I, II, and III & IV.

2.9 Management Team

Managing Director

Mr. Kazi Masihur Rahman

Additional Managing Director

Mr. Ekramul Hoque

Deputy Managing Directors

Mr. Md. Sirajul Islam Bhuiyan

Dr. Mohammad Haider Ali Miah

Executive Vice-Presidents

Shah Md. Abdul Bari

Mr. Md. Karimuzzaman

Mr. Sirajul Haque Miah

Mr. Md. Fazlur Rahman

Mr. Khondoker Rumy Ehsanul Huq

Mr. Mohd Alamgir

Mr. Khondoker Nayeemul Kabir

Mr. Sheikh Moyeen Uddin

Management Hierarchy of Exim Bank Limited

                    Board of Director

                    Managing Director

                    Additional Managing
                    Deputy Managing
                    Executive Vice President

                    Executive Vice President

                    Senior Vice President

                    Vice President

                    Senior Asst. Vice

                    Principal Officer

                    Asst. Vice President

                    Executive Officer

                    Senior Principal Officer

                    Mgt Trainee Officers

                    Junior Officer


                    Trainee Office


2.10 Automation in EXIM Bank

In today‟s global business scenario, particularly in banking sector, technology plays a
vital role. IT helps the Financial Institutions in executing all sorts of customer friendly

banking operations with cost efficient services. Technology has become an aide of

necessity rather than option in financial institution(s). Keeping this in view, the bank has

already computerized all of its Branches from day one of its opening. However, under a

comprehensive strategy of 3-phase state-of-the-art automation program, the Bank, in its

first phase, has connected all the branches through Wide Area Network using VSAT,

optical fiber, radio link and Digital Data Network (DDN) connections for providing any-

branch-banking services to its valued customers and our customers are currently enjoying

any-branch-banking facility through our network of 44 branches.

The second phase started from the middle of last year. In this phase, Bank has procured a

centralized Shariah based Core Banking Software - Temenos T24. Temenos is a

Switzerland based software company devoted for developing software for the banking

and financial institutions. Its software is reportedly running in more than 445 banks and

financial institutions around the globe. The bank has already completed the construction

of a centralized Data Center with all modern equipments and devices at Dhanmondi

Tower, Dhanmondi. Procurement of hardware and other related software has been

completed. A team of 20 members of executives and officers have been trained on the

implementation of the Core Banking Software from Chennai, India. This team is now

working on the implementation process of the banking software. After having

successfully completed the necessary customization and UAT, the new centralized Core

Banking System (CBS) will be initially implemented in three branches and Head office

of the bank by October 2008. Then the CBS will be gradually rolled out all other branches.

In the 3rd phase of Bank‟s IT strategic plan, incorporation of different electronic delivery

Channels like ATM, POS, Internet banking, mobile banking etc. will be done in the year

2009. After completion of the 3rd phase, the bank is expected to become a

technologically advanced financial service provider - centralizing its information

collection, processing, storage and dissemination with a prime objective to ensure cost

effective banking services for maximizing the customer‟s satisfaction through state of the

art technology. This will enable the Bank to deliver a leap in efficiency towards cost


2.11 Branch Expansion
During 2008 Bank has opened 09 (Nine) new branches at different commercially

important location of the country and, thus, the total number of branches raised to 42

(Forty Two). Out of total 44 branches, 44 are located at the prime business centre of

urban areas and remaining 09 branches are at rural areas of the country.

The following branches were opened during the calendar year 2008.

              Sl. No.    Name of the Branch                      Opening Date
              01.        Corporate Branch, Gulshan-1             03.11.2008
              02.        Pahartali                               29.01.2008
              03.        Rajshahi                                19.08.2008
              04.        Khulna                                  05.01.2008
              05.        Kushtia                                 18.08.2008
              06         Golapgonj                               05.11.2008
              07         Muddaffargonj                           28.07.2008
              08         Chhagalnaiya                            17.12.2008
              09         Naria                                   21.12.2008

2.12 Asset and Liability Management
Effective and efficient management of Assets and Liabilities is one of the major

constraints of progressive banking. Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited has a well

organized Asset Liability Management Desk under direct supervision of a well formed

ALCO. ALM desk prepares different sorts of reports and interprets the results/outcomes

of different financial and technical analysis. ALCO goes through these reports and takes

all necessary actions to cope up with the situations at hand so that the Bank‟s profit is

maximized. Balance sheet risk is the risk most intently connected with the Bank‟s

profitability. The Balance Sheet risk is defined as potential change in earnings due to

change in the rate of profit, foreign exchange rates which are not of trading nature. On the

other hand, liquidity risk can be defined as the risk or chance of failure to meet up any

withdrawal/disbursement request by a counter party/customer. The ALCO of EXIM Bank

reviews liquidity requirement of the Bank, the maturity of assets and liabilities, deposit

and lending pricing strategy and the liquidity contingency plan. The primary objective of

the ALCO is to monitor and avert significant volatility in Net Profit Income (NPI),

investment value and exchange earnings. Owing to the excellent management of assets

and liabilities the Bank is growing smoothly and steadily.


The following are the main divisions the structure and functions of each of these

divisions are described below:

   Internal Control & Compliance:
    Internal control and compliance is considered as an eye of an organization the

   primary objective of internal control system in a bank is to keep the bank to perform

   better through the use of its resources through internal control system. Bank

   identifiers its weakness and takes appropriate measures to overcome the same.

   Internal control and compliance of the bank strictly follows the Bangladesh Bank‟s

guidelines. There is a well designed guideline of internal control and compliance

division (ICCD) to run their operational smoothly. As per care, risk management

policy of Bangladesh Bank. ICCD performs their duties with 03 departments named,

Audit & Inspection, Compliance and Monitoring department.In 2008 ICCD was able

to complete its audit & inspection on each branch as per schedule as well as to report

in time to management and the Board Audit committee.

As per guideline of care, risks management, MANCOM (Management Committee)

conducts meeting regularly. The Committee reviews and supervise control system

and inspection mechanism with policy and suggestion there of Internal Control and

Compliance division of our Bank deserves the competency to introduce any effective

control and compliance system and culture within the bank ins case of any changed


   Financial Institute:
   The bank achieved significant progress through continuous growth in all the areas

    of banking operations in the year under review. It has successfully mobilized TK.

   57,586.99 million deposits from depositors and increased its investment (General)

    to Tk. 53,637.68 million as on 31st December 2008 through its 44 branches. The

    total income and expenditure of the bank were TK 8356.82 million and TK

   5838.43 million respectively during period under review. It earns and operating

   profit of TK.2518.39 million with an annual growth rate 31.98% over that of the

   previous year. The return on Assets (ROA) after tax was 1.38%.

   Shariah Council of the Bank:

   A learned Shariah council consisting 12 members who are prominent Ulema,

       reputed banks and eminent economists of country has been formed to guide,

       monitor and supervise the banking activities complying shariah principle since

       inspection of its Islami banking branches and thereafter transformation of its

       operation from traditional to gully Shariah based Islami Banking System

       Professor Mawlana Mohammad Salahuddin in the Chairman of the Council.

       The credit risk management department is assisted by the credit division which is

       mainly concern with the post approval function of the division. Duties and

       responsibilities of credit division are too focused on documentation, sitting the

       limit of system, monitoring and credit products. Credit Division ensures that no

       transaction is booked under expired limits online of credit accounts where

       security documentation or collateral have not been perfected.

     Human Resources Division:

Amongst all the factors that combine to contribute towards the success of an organization,
none counts as much as people, EXIM Bank believe it in letter and spirit. As such in order to
select right type of people the bank is maintaining a very transparent & neutral modus
operandi as regards recruitments. Recruitments are usually done through open invitation of
applications by advertisement in the national dailies. As on 31 December, 2009. The
manpower position of this bank was as follows:

           Sl.No.     Designation Catagory             No. of Employees (2009)
           01.        Executive                        86
           02.        Officer                          1045
           03.        Sub Staff (Casual)               309
           Total                                       1,440

Exim Human Resources Division is in constant pursuit of providing for the optimum benefits
and career support to its personnel through scores of mechanisms it has fashioned Exim Bank
recreation a welfare center, Exim Bank foundation, and the library at the Training Institute,
best performance Awards and so on

2.14 The Correspondent and Merchant Banking

 Correspondent banks are the trade partners of international trade. Exim Bank has already
achieved tremendous success in foreign exchange business. The Bank has established
correspondent relationship with 246 banks covering 117 countries across the world. Having
been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the bank is going ahead to
expand its product horizon by offering Merchant Banking service to the customer. The Bank
has come out with a diverse range of portfolio investment products, suiting customer
investment need and providing prompt advice and solution to capital market business
problems. The whole process is meant for the customer benefit mostly simultaneously this
will accelerate the business growth in the country‟s capital market and boost up the
profitability of the bank.

2.15 Product & Service of the Bank

   Finance / Investment

          Corporate Finance.
          Industrial Finance.
          Lease Finance.
          Hire Purchase Finance.
          Commercial Investment.
          Real Estate Finance.
          Mode of Investment:

                     o   Murabaha.
                     o   Bai Muazzal.
                     o   Izara Bill Baia.
                     o   Wazirat Bil Wakale
                     o   Local Documentary Bill purchased(LDBP)
                     o    Foreign Documentary Bill purchased(FDBP)

    Saving Scheme:
                     o Monthly Saving Scheme (Money Grower)
                     o Monthly Saving Scheme (Money Grower)
                     o Monthly The Deposit in years (SSS)

     E- Cash/ ATM Service: The Bank is currently providing Credit Card Service
     (master card) to the Privileged Mars of the bank in collaboration with Prime Bank,
     Floating VISA Card it & credit card Service is under Process.

  SME Banking: SME Sector Can Play a vital role in National Economy and Social
  Development Through Creation of New Entry Prize and poverty alleviation , Exim Bank
  Started its operation by opening two SME Service Centre at Board Bazar, Gazipur and
  Sitakunda Chittagong.

      o EXIM Uddyog
      o EXIM Abalamban
      o Agricultural Banking

       In line with Mandatory Provision of Bangladesh Bank for Agricultural Investment,
       Exim Bank has already introduced an agriculture product named as Exim Buniyad,
       It is short term Rural investment program under agriculture investment scheme.

2.16 Operation Area of the Exim Bank Ltd.

  Export and Import Trade handling & Financing, as a commercial Bank, bank‟s do all
  traditional Banking business including the wide of saving and credit scheme products,
  retail banking and ancillary services mobile the support of modern technology and
  professional Excellency. But our main focus is for obvious reason, on export and import
  trade handling and development patronization of private sectors.

2.17 Social Commitment of the Exim Bank Ltd.

  The bank has established a foundation named Exim Bank foundation. This is a charitable
  organization, solely dedicated to the welfare of the helpless and down trodden people of
  the society. A certain position of the operating profit of the bank is usually provided in
  the foundation. The bank has actively participated in social, humanitarian activities well
  being of distress people at home and abroad through their foundation. The welfare
  activities of Exim Bank foundation are as follows:

                    Income Generating Programs.
                    Education.
                    Health & Medicare Programs.
                    Humanitarian Help Programs.
                    Assistance for Natural Calamities Affected People and
                    Zakat.

Chapter – Three

Activities of HR Department

3.1 Human Resources and Management

   Management and human resources management are one and the same. They should never
   be separated, Management is personnel administration. Management has the three jobs,
   two of which are directly related to personnel managing workers and work management
   is the process of efficiently getting things done with and through other people. HRD deals
   with the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient
   use of human talents to accomplish organizational goals. There are many definitions
   about human resource management (HRM). One of the well known definitions offered by
   Michael Jucious (1984). He defined human resources management “Personnel
   management as the field of management which involves elements organizing, directing
   and controlling the function of processing, developing, maintaining and motivating a
   labor force”. It is process of acquiring, retaining, terminating, developing and properly
   using the human resource in an organization.

   Human resource management can be defined as a process of procuring, developing and
   maintaining competent human resource in the organization so that goals of an
   organization are achieved in an effective and efficient manner.

   Human resource management is “ The policies and practices involved in carrying out the
   “People” or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting,
   screening, training, rewarding and appraising”.

3.2 Duties of HRD
          o   Acquisition functions of HRD.
          o   Developing functions of HRD.
          o   Motivating functions of HRD.
          o   Maintainng function of HRD.

3.3 Functions of HRM
   HR managers are performing a variety of functions. The functional areas of HR
   Management are changing as the time goes on. The main HRM functions include:

3.4 Recruitment
   Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting qualified or suitable applicants to fill
   vacancies. Recruitment is a linking process in that it tries to bring together job seekers
   and employees with jobs. It is a joining process in that it tries to bring together job
   seekers and employer with a view to encouraging the former to apply for a job to the
   letter. The objective of recruitment is to develop a group of potentially qualified people.
   To this end, the organization must project the position in such a way that job seekers
   respond. Exim bank Ltd. believes in the -

          o Process of attracting qualified job applicants.

          o Strategic recruitment involves the appropriate use of internal and external

          o The process of finding and attempting to attract job candidates who are
            capable of effectively filling job vacancies.

                 Internal Recruitment

       Internal recruitment is the process of finding internal candidates and encouraging
       them to apply for and be willing to accept organizational jobs opening. It includes the
       of following things-

                    Promotion
                    Demotion.
                    Transfer
                    Separation.

                 External Recruitment:
       External recruitment is the process of finding potential external candidates and
       encouraging them to apply for and be willing to accept the organizational job
       openings. It includes the following things-

                    Employee Referral.
                    Advertisement.
                    Employment agencies.
                    Temporary help services.
                    Walk – INS.
                    Professional organization.

3.5 Recruitment policy of Exim Bank Ltd.
Fresh universities post-graduates will be requested in two entry levels.

      MTO and TAO they will be probation for period of one year Diving Probation period.
      They Will be paid a consolidated remuneration fixed the board.

      Recruitment for all employees

       Recruitment for all employee :
       A) Age: A candidate will not be more than 30 years of age in case of client‟s
          Recruitments as an officer in case difference maximum age limits 35 years with
          suitable experience and physical fitness.

    B) Physical Fitness: No person will be appointed in the service of Bank unless
       he/she is declared physically fit by a competent medical authority of the bank, on

 Minimum recruitment for MTO:

      Candidates have no past experience must not be over 30 years of age as on the date
      of application. MTO and TAO should have the qualification.

    1. MBA with minimum CGPA 3.00 with second class in other exam or master
       degree in any discipline with minimum two 1st division and second division and
       not having 3rd division for any recognized Govt. / Private university.

    2. Candidates securing the 1st class in masters degree / MBA / MBM with CGPA
       3.00 or above in any of the subjects appointed by the competent authority for
       recruitment of MTO may be appointed after VIVA / VOCE / Interview with out
       written test if they are sound and suitable.

 Minimum recruitment for TAO:

          a) Candidates not over 30 years of age and master degree obtaining minimum
             10 points based on educational qualification shall be eligible for

          b) BASIS to be followed for educational              points in respect of education

Name                        1st division        2nd division          3rd division
SSC                         3                   2                     1
HSC                         3                   2                     1
Hon‟s / Graduate            3                   2                     1
Masters                     3                   2                     1

     Computers literacy: All new recruit should have minimum computer
      knowledge of following:

           Operational system: Dos and windows
           Word processing: MS word
           Spread Sheet: Lotus/MS Excel

         Grading/Marking: The selection committee will follow a grading system as

           a) For education maximum marks is 12 out of which qualifying marks for 10
              and others( no probation)

           b) Written test will be for 50/100 marks and 50% marks will be qualities marks

           c) VIVA will be for 25 marks and qualifying marks will be 15 in viva General
              knowledge about his / her subject will be selected.

   3.6 Selection

    Selection is a process hiring suitable people for job. Right man for right job is the main
   goal of selection. Hiring good people is particularly challenging in technology-based
   organization because they require a unique brand of technical and professional people.
   They have to be smart and able to survive in the demanding cultures of today‟s dynamic
   organizations. In addition, many of these “qualified” individuals are in short supply and
   are able to go, wherever they like once applicants have been identified, HRM must
   carefully screen final candidates to ensure they fit well into the organization‟s culture.
   They realities of organizational life today may focus an on informal, team – spirited work
   place one in which intense pressure to complete project quickly and on time is critical and
   24/7(24 hours a day a week) work mentality dominated, selection tools used by HRM
   need to elect out people that aren‟t team players and can‟t handle ambiguity and stress.

   3.7 Selection Procedures of EXIM Bank
   The selection process in Exim is not different from what is practiced in most organization
   starts with initial screening of CV‟s goes on to written test and then a final interview
   before selecting the person. Selection decision can result in one of the four possible out
   comes. Two of these outcomes are right decision and two are wrong decision.

                                               Accept               Reject
         Letter of job Successful              Correct decision     Reject error
         performance   Unsuccessful            Accept error         Correct decision

The current selection process in EXIM bank is described below:

         Initial Screening:
     The process starts with initial screening choosing from the CV‟s that fulfill the specific
     requirements. After a vacancy is announced and CV‟s are already collected from
     different source, the Bank starts the initial screening process .then called for written

     Written Employment test :

The written test is taken mostly to check the candidates knowledge in the subject
matter for which he is to be taken and also to check his written/communication skill for
MTO position the bank seeks professional service of institute of Business
administration, university of Dhaka IBA conducts the written test which includes
preparing question paper arranging the logistic support needed for the test scrutinizing
the answer papers etc. After preparation of the result sheet IBA sends the passing
candidates list to the bank.

     Work Sample test:
 For the post of trainee assistant officer IT the Bank Uses these test to assure actual
performance of the job candidate‟s work sample tests require the applicant to perform
tasks that are actually a part of work required on the job. The test is carefully
constructed by the IT division to include the major job function.

     Interview:
For entry level positions the next stepes of the process is the comprehensive interview
that is usually conducted by a panel comprising of the Managing Director, Deputy
Managing Director, Additional Managing Director and the Head of Human resource
division. The interviews are always unstructured for any appointment letter up to
Additional Managing Director, non management and all contractual employees, if not
any other person is authorized for special reason.

Background investigation is mostly done for the experienced candidate is another
important check the employer undertakes. It includes talking to colleagues, the
references former employer to make sure whether the information given by the
candidate is true.

 Pre-Joining Documentation:

    The following documentation are obtained from the candidate prior to his joining
    officials from HRD are responsible for collecting the following documents.

          o Five Year Bond on part of the MTO.

          o Medical report from Designated Hospital.

          o Verification of all Certificates.

          o Copy of last educational and where applicable professional certificates.

              o Filled up setup papers (Service Records, Declaration of fidelity employees

       Probation Period:

       Those employees who do not here a previous banking experience have to serve a
       probation period for at least one year before getting confirmation as a full time
       employee. Those who have previous experience and not necessarily need to be trained
       do not go through the probation period. Sometimes the selected employee has not
       submitted a bond that, she/he will not leave the organization.

       Appointment:

After finishing all the selection procedures duly approved by the Managing Director or
Board the Appointment offer consists of joining open period, particulars of salary, position
etc. with the employment offer the required documents and pre-medical tests report are
asked by the HR to bring in the day of joining.

       Confirmation:

On satisfactory completion of probationary period and recommendation by the functional
head the incumbent will be confirmed as the permanent employees of Exim Bank.

       Termination:

   If any employee are out of the job in some cases is called termination. There are certain
   circumstances where-even through complaint is within jurisdiction the bank can dismiss
   him without considering its merits. This is some time called early termination.

       Termination Process of EXIM Bank Ltd.:

   The bank any terminate the service of permanent employee by giving him/her notice in
   writing or salary in lieu therefore the period on under.

   120 Days notice in case of subordinate staff or salary in lieu thereof.

   90 Days notice for all other grades or salaries in lieu thereof. have during probation the
   Management may terminate the employee at any time without notice.

  The authority to terminate an employee of the grades from junior officer to Executive
  Vice President Lies with the Managing Director while that of Senior Executive Vice
  President and above can only be exercised by the Board of Directors.

     Dismissal:

  An employee will be dismissed from the bank service if he or she is guilty of misconduct
  or whatsoever according to the report of the enquiry committee the concerned dismissed
  employee will get only the own contribution of his/her provident fund.

     Discharge on medical Ground:

  If an employee is incapable to continue his/her service for continues ill health mental
  abnormality and disorder, then the management discharge him/her from service on
  medical ground. He/She may be paid a ex-gratuity with other benefit with the approval of
  the Managing Director.

3.8 Training & Development

  Training involves the change of skills, knowledge, attitude or behavior of employee.
  Although training is similar to development in the methods used to affect learning they
  differ in the time frames. Training is more present day oriented, its focus is on
  individual‟s current jobs, and enhancing those specific skills and abilities to in the details
  perform their jobs. Training is job specific and is designed to make employees more
  effective in their current job.

  Training and Development Policy of Exim Bank Ltd. are given in below:

     1. Training Development.

     2. Management Development.

     3. Carrier Development.

              Off the job Training:

                       Classroom Lecture: Exim Bank Ltd. arranges the lecture of
                        conference approach for conveying specific information, roles,
                        procedure or method.

                       Films: Exim Bank Ltd. arranged motion pictures as for
                        useful training techniques.

                       Simulation Exercise: This bank believes any training activity
                        that explicitly places the trainee in an artificial environment that
                        closely mirror actual working conditions can be considered a

                       Experimental Exercise: Exim Bank Ltd. Says, experimental
                        exercise are usually short structure learning experience where
                        individuals learn by doing.

                       Vestibule Training: Exim Bank Ltd. Arranges vestibule training
                        by that employees learn their job on the equipment they will be
                        using but the training is conducted away from the actual work

                On the job Training:

             There are two types of training uses Exim Bank Ltd.

                       Individual Career Development

                       Identifying and Organization.

                       Conversion into General Fields and Specific Goal.

                       Testing Against the Realities

3.9 Management Development of Exim Bank

    a. On the Job Development:

              Coaching.

              Under Study.

              Committee Assignment.

              Job Rotation.

       b. Off the Job Development:

                 Sensitivity Training.

                 Transactional Analysis.

                 Training within the company.

                 Training outside the company.

                 Lecture Courses.

                 Simulation Exercise.

       c. Workers Development:

                 Coaching.

                 Under Study.

                 Committee Assignment.

                 Group Assignment

3.10 Motivation Function of HRD of Exim Bank Ltd.
Motivation is the willingness to do something and is conditioned by their actions ability to
satisfy same need for the individual Exim Bank Ltd.

Motivation process of Exim Bank Ltd.

                 Unsatisfied Need

                 Tension

                 Dives

                 Search Behavior

                 Goat Achievement

                 Need Satisfaction

                 Of Tension

                  Job Design.

                  Performance Evaluation

                  Rewards

                  Job Evaluation

                  Compensation / Benefit

                  Discipline

3.11 Compensation & Benefit

An organization exists to accomplish specific goals and objectives. The individuals hired by
the organization have their own needs. One is for money, which enables them to purchase a
wide variety of goods and services available in the marketplace. Hence, there is a basis for an
exchange. The employee offers specific behaviors desired by the organization to meet its
goals and objectives in return offer money, goods and service.

Taken together, the money, goods, or services the employer provides employees constitute
the employers compensation system.

 One goal of a compensation system is to motivate employees, yet there is tremendous
variation in the value different individuals attach to a specific reward or package of rewards.
Further, an individual‟s values also may change over time.

Compensation system consists of many elements in addition to pay for time worked these
components must be coordinated to work together.

Employee compensation is a major cost of doing business up - to 80 percent for service firms
and can determine the competitiveness of a firm‟s product as service.

The cost of living various tremendous in different geographic areas, an important
consideration for firms with multiple locations.


                  Indirec                                                   Direct
                     t                                                      compe
                  compe                                                     nsatio
                   nsatio                                                     n

 Protection      Pay to time          Services      Base Pay        Merit Pay      Incentive     Defered pay
   Program        no worked     •   Recruitment                                       pay         *Savings
                  •Vacations        on facilities                                   *Bonus         *Stock
  Insurance       •* Holidays           •* Car                                                    Purchase
     •* Life
                •* Sick Leave       •* Financial                                        n         *Annuity.
                 •* Jury Duty         Planning                                    •Place rate
•* Disability
    income                          •* Low cost                                      •Profit

 •* Pension                            of free                                      sharing
   •* Social                           meals.                                   •Stock option
   Security                                                                           •Sift


  Right payment for right works, monthly payment, rewards these are the compensation
  principle of the organization compensation. Administrative relative to the following things:

Reward & Remuneration Policy:

  As per their service rule there are designation wise monthly salary package that
  include basic pay, house allowances, medical allowances, leave fare assistance and so
  on. Festivals Eid-Ul-Fitar & Eid-Ul-Azha.

Annual Increment policy:

  As per service rule an annual increment is given to a confirmed and regular employee
  provided she/he does not have any adverse report during the previous year.

Special Reward Policy:

  Includes accelerated promotion, special skill promotion training, gold medal award
  etc. the best performer of a year are awarded gold medals and accorded certification
  of congratulation at the end of the year.

Employee welfare and benefit policy:

     Gratuity: All regular employees who have banking experience of at least 7 Years
      are entitled to gratuity. As per service rules,an eligible employee gets a gratuity
      an amount equal to his/her two month‟s basic pay for each year service in our

     Provident fund: Each member contributes to the provident fund a sum equal to
      10% of the basic salary payable to him / her per month and such percentage is
      deducted by the bank from the salary of employee at the time of payment there
      of. The bank contributes to the fund a monthly sum equal to 10% of the basic
      pay of each employee.

     Group Insurance Policy: Exim Bank Ltd. Have a fund named Employees
      Social Security Superannuation Fund that provides insurance to the employee on
      his/her family in case of death, disability or disease. Besides, there is another
      group insurance type arrangement her to take care of the employees house
      building investment. There is another fund called Employees House Building
      Investment Safety Scheme.

     Other Benefits: As per the service rules an employee after fulfilling same criteria
      can enjoy car facilities from the bank under the transport policy, Midlevel

        Executive can purchase Car taking investment facilities from the bank whereas
        top-level Executives are provided cars free from the bank.

 3.12 Performance Appraisal System (PAS)

     Performance appraisal system is the tool by which we measure the performance of
     and individuals and identity the gaps and plan future development in order to enable
     a better feet between the jobs and the incumbent organizations require consistent
     levels of high performance from their employee in order to survive in a highly
     competitive environment, performance refers to an employees accomplishment of
     assigned tasks. Performance meaning do a job effectively and efficiently.

     PA is a process of evaluating an employee‟s performance of a job in terms of its
     requirements. It provides the basis for assessment of employee contribution, coaching
     for improved performance and distribution of economic rewards. It refers to the
     outcome of the behavior of employees. This performance appraisal means deciding
     the value of word done by an individual. It is a process by which organizations
     evaluate individual job performance.

3.13 Method of PA

                                               of PA

               Setting                    Communicati                   Measuring
             Performance                       ng
               standards.                 Performance                     actual
                                          expectations.                 performan
       Comparing actual              Discussing the appraisal      Initiating corrective
                                             result.                      actions.
       performance with
         the standards.

            Setting Performance Standard:
    The appraisal process begins with establishment of performance standards in
    accordance with the organization‟s strategic goals. Appraisal system required
    performance standards, which serve as benchmarks against which performance is
    measured. To be effective standards should relate to the desired result of each job. Job

       analysis uncovers specific performance standards by analyzing the performance of
       current employees. If performance standards are not job related, the evaluation can
       lead to inaccurate or biased results, harming the managers‟ relationship with them
       employees and violating equal environment opportunity rulings.

                Communicating Performance Expectation:
       Once performance standards are set, it is necessary to communicate these
       expectations, it should not be part of the employee‟s job to guess what is expected of
       them. Employees can be involved in setting standards. It is important to note the
       communication is a two way street: mere transference of information from the
       supervisor to the employees regarding expectation is not communication. To make
       communication effective, feedback is necessary from the subordinates to the manager.

                  Measuring Actual Performance:
       The next stapes in the appraisal performance is the measurement of performance. To
       determine, what actual performance is, it is necessary to acquire information about it.
       We should be concerned with how we measure and what we measure.
       Four common sources of performance:-

           -   Personal Observation.

           -   Statistical Reports.

           -   Oral Reports.

           -   Written Reports.

                  Comparing actual Performance with the Standards:
The fourth step is the comparison of actual performance with standards. The point of this step
is to note deviations between standard performances and actual performance so that we can
proceed to the fifth step in the process - the discussion of the appraisal with the employees.

                Discussing the Appraisal results:

A necessary requirement of the appraisal process is employee feedback through an evaluation
interview. Evaluation interview are performance review sessions that give employees
essential feedback about their past performance or future potential. Without feedback,
improvement in human behavior is not likely and HR department will not have accurate
records in its HR Information System on which to base decisions ranging have accurate
records in its HR information system on which to base decisions ranging from job design to
compensation. The evaluator may provide this feedback through several approaches: tell and

sell, tell and listen and problem solving. Managers must create a supportive environment to
put employee at case. Presenting an accurate assessment to the employee is challenging tasks.

                  Initiative Corrective Actions:

The final step in the appraisal is the identification of corrective action where necessary.
Corrective actions can be of two types: One is immediate and deals with symptoms, and the
other is basic, which deals with causes.

Here we mention the following bases of promotion are used in this organization Seniority,
loyalty, Seniority and Performance, Efficiency, Seniority and Efficiency. This organization
have career counseling program. This senior member of this organization play mentoring role
to guide juniors in building their career. Communication is the bridge it is the principle of the

There are some methods used in Communication. Which are mention here:-

                Notice Board

                Staff Briefing.

                The Suggestion program.

                Magazines and News Letter.

                Presentation.

Chapter – Four

My position

My Position & Duties

I was assigned for my doing Internship in Exim Bank limited for the period of 90 days
starting from 25 January, 2010 to 24 April, 2010, Mirpur Branch. In internship period I had
no specific place. So I had no fixed duties in the organization. I worked under a Manager of
Mirpur branch and I observed his different types of activities.

The working environment place of Exim Bank Limited is very much friendly. Every
personnel of the HR Division was very much busy but they always tried to help me from their

In this organization there are three HRD functions. Those are Acquisition function of HDR,
Motivation Function of HRD, Maintenance function of HRD. Human Resource Planning is
the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and kinds of people,
at right place, at right time capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that
will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.

Exim bank ltd. works for the development of its executives or potential executives in order
to enable them to be more effective in performing the various functions of management.

Chapter – Five

SOWT Analysis

SOWT Analysis of Human Resource Division of Exim Bank

5.1 Strengths

Open HR Manual: The Human Resource Manual of Exim Bank is open for its entire
employees giving total understanding of the terms and condition of the organization to its
entire employees to assists the benefits and growth they can ever achieve and the role of
Human Resource Department with all other divisions of the organization .This HR manual is
uploaded in the internal website of Exim Bank Limited.

Empowered Work Force: The Human Resource of Exim Bank is exactly well thought and
perfectly managed. As from the very first, top management believed in empowered
employees, where they refused to put their finger in every part of the pie. These employees
are not suffocated with authority but are able to grow as the organization matures.

Strong Bonding and Belongingness: Exim Bank employees are one of the major assets. The
employees of Exim Bank have a strong sense of commitment toward organization and also
feel proud and a sense of belonging towards Exim Bank Limited. This strong organizational
culture of Exim Bank is a main strength of the organization.

Information Technology: Online banking e-mail and personal computer for all employees
enabled the employees work easier and faster with full of professionalism. All kinds of
benefits, salaries monetary rewards are directly given to employees‟ bank account through
flex cube.

Different Staff Loans: There is a set of staff loans in Exim Bank which increase the
employees‟ satisfaction in terms of monetary which enabled them to work more stress free
and put dedication.

Employee Evaluation: Employee evaluation process by Human Resource Division became
strength for its fair judgment and put trust among the employees of other department on HR

Centralized Banking: Centralized Banking means the core function of business coordinated
by the head office which gives an immense effect for reducing the internal conflicts among
the branches and the head office.

5.2 Weaknesses

Job Description: Job Description is a necessary accomplishment should have for each
position for recruiting the most suitable candidate on the basis of skill and experience
required. Still hundred percent job description is not prepared by the HR Division.

HR Accounting: Human Resources Accounting is a strong tool for matching the benefits of
each new recruitment done in the organization, calculation, turnover etc. HR Division of
Exim Bank has not yet established this practice.

Compensation and Benefits: Compensation and Benefits of Exim Bank‟s employees are
provided by the HR Division through different software. That software is not flexible to use
and have lot of limitations.

6.3 Opportunities

Management Information System: In recent business practices the importance of MIS is
unavoidable. Human Resources Department is not out of it. HRD of Exim Bank has a every
potential capability to establish new MIS and use it in various manpower reporting

Human Resources Information System: Human Resources Information System is a must
for a corporate environment like Exim Bank. Exim Bank is going to establish a new HRIS
very soon.

Research and Development: Though Exim Bank has almost all due capabilities to command
extensive research and development activities, yet Exim Bank has done a little in this area.

Salary Survey: Exim Bank is going to start its salary survey with the most reputed
consultant of Bangladesh for its salary survey.

Training and Learning: Training and learning is the core function for making the
executives cope with the new scenario and make them update and knowledgeable. Exim
bank is going to utilize its fullest capacity and enthusiasm in this regard by publishing a
library, arranging extensive element etc. very soon.

5.4 Threats

Competitive Salary and Turnover: The salary package of Exim Bank is not as competitive
as the market demands, so the turnover of manpower is increasing day by day.

New/Multinational Companies/Bank Policy: New multinational company and bank policy
is a threat to Exim bank in respect of increasing the salary expectation of the employees and
new HR practices that turning the existing employees dissatisfied.

Chapter – Six

                Findings of the Study

Findings of the Study

     Exim Bank mainly concentrated on Export & Import business.

     This Bank helps that customer who is engaged in export & import business.

     General banking side provides different types of deposit & credit department
      extend loan facilities to the general customer.

     It follows the Islamic rules in every part of general banking.

     The HRD system of Exim Bank Ltd is not skilled enough and does not follow
      latest technology.

     In HR Division, there is the huge lack of development activity. The employee
      joining Exim Bank should be taken under a cordial orientation program which is

     Proper training is very important issue for the employees of Financials
      organization. In Exim Bank proper training need requirement is not justified rather
      done by the employee‟s personal interest.

     Employee‟s code of conduct or service manual is governed solely by the service
      quality unit. But there should be a coordination of HRD to measure the perfect
      evaluation of the employees‟ performance.

Chapter - Seven


8.1 Conclusion

Lot of new commercial bank have been established in last few years and these banks have
made this sector very competitive. So new banks have to organize their operations according
to the need of the market. Banking sectors no more depends on a traditional method of
banking. In this competitive world, this sector has trenched its wings wide enough to cover
any kind of financial service anywhere in this world. The major task for banks to survive in
this competitive environment is by managing its assets and liabilities in an efficient way.

This report has tried to present the HR practices in Exim Bank ltd. in comparison to its
closet competitor in the same industry. From the analysis we found the HRD system is a very
satisfactory one.

There is something problem with Human Resources Department. If the entire HRD system is
not fully computerized then they cannot easily complete their recruitment process by short
span of time.

Due to lack of established networking system with their branches, then it can not easily
transfer data within short time. So the HR department should be given the proper training to
the employees by regular basis. Performance evaluation of employees is not done properly.

Top management handles the recruitment process and they have the power to fire anybody in
ant time.

8.2 Recommendations

As I have gone through all the departments under Human Resources Management, I have
come up with some points, which can improve the efficiency as well as quality of the work.
Though the bank was found as a productive concern, the study reveals that the bank could do
much more if it was handled more efficiently. However, some steps may be taken to improve
the efficiency and to increase the performance of the bank in future which are given below-

      Setting proper planning for each and every work as well as for the whole

      Designing jobs on priority basis

      Assigning necessary manpower for every job

      The bank should develop their communication process between branches

      Proper managerial observation and cooperation is required

      Improve the knowledge of the system through training

      Avoiding duplication of work through better communication

   Developing motivational program

   And most all change of managerial attitude and view point

   For the selection of the industrial projects proper study should be conducted in
    time properly

   The bank should increase the total number of trained employee year by year.

   The bank should also introduce gain-sharing approaches to motivate its employees.
    Non-monetary incentives might be a great motivation for the officers and service

   The bank does not have any practice of “Human Resource Survey”, which is a
    negative point for the bank‟s Administrative Department. Therefore, this practice
    should be introduced to the bank‟s HRM policies.

   The bank may provide insurance benefits (especially health-related and life
    insurance) to the employees as an additional motivating factor.

   At present, the bank does not have any systematic practice of employee
    counseling. Such a practice might be beneficial to the employees.



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