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									Royal Caribbean & Celebrity
            Consumer Sites
          Upgrade Modules
New Royal Caribbean &
Celebrity Landing Page
 ADVAIA has engineered a new add-in module for Royal
  Caribbean & Celebrity Consumer information and
  booking sites!
  HOW IT WORKS: Royal Caribbean or Celebrity
  Consumer Sites are launched from the Cruise Line page
  on your existing site and opens to that cruise line
  information, cruise ship & destination page.
Cruise Line Landing Page
 When consumers select a cruise ship or
  a destination from the lines landing
  page a new page opens to the Cruise
  Line Welcome page which contains your
  agency information that is associated
  with your distinct ID # assigned by RCI
  & Celebrity!

 Your Agency
   Name and
information go
Destination Page
 The Cruise Line Destination page
 includes all information pertaining to
 that destination along with the ability to
 search and book online!       Full Cruise Line Menu,
                                details of destination
                                         and much more!


Cruise Ship Page
 Like the Destination page, consumers
 will be able to view all details associated
 with any cruise ship including Virtual
 Tours, stateroom details and images,
 deck plans, etc.               Virtual Tours
                            Complete ship details and
                                    and Deck Plans!

                                                       Search &
                                                      Much More!
Add ADVAIA’s Royal
Caribbean and Celebrity
Consumer Booking Site!
 Since this is not a Signature Travel
  Network related module and one
  specifically designed by ADVAIA to
  work on all ADVAIA sites, there is a one
  time licensing fee from ADVAIA to add
  Royal Caribbean and Celebrity’s
  consumer information and booking
  sites to your ADVAIA website.

  Provide your viewers with Royal
  Caribbean and Celebrity’s online
  consumer and booking sites and
  increase your cruise sales!
What is required?
 You will need to contact Royal
 Caribbean/Celebrity to sign up for their
 Consumer Booking site by going to their
 Cruising Power site and setting up and
 account or by contacting your DSM!
 Complete instructions can be found in
  the RCI/Celebrity How To guide
  attached to this announcement.
 If you are not already registered for
  Cruising Power, simply follow the
 Provide the Travel Agent ID # to
  ADVAIA and be live today!
ADVAIA Pricing
 ADVAIA has a one-time subscription fee
 to add Royal Caribbean and Celebrity’s
 booking tools to your site:

 Activation Fee:         $85.00!
 That is all it takes!
Additional ADVAIA Add-
Ins for Royal Caribbean
& Celebrity
 You can also add Royal Caribbean &
 Celebrity’s consumer booking tools to
 your home page along with their HOT

 The Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Button
 Ads open to the new ADVAIA module
 and links as previously described.
Royal Caribbean &
Celebrity “HOT DEALS”
 Royal Caribbean and Celebrity update
 their select offers and pricing regularly
 so that you can provide your viewers
 with up-to-date “HOT DEALS” and
 Special Promotions!

                                 Compare Offers

                                       More Details
                                        Button &
                                       BOOK NOW
ADVAIA Pricing for
home page Button Ads
and Hot Deals links
 To engineer these button ads and Hot
 Deals links to your home page may be
 different depending on the complexity
 of your web site. ADVAIA is discounting
 our hourly rate to $75.00 per hour for
 this service. In most cases this will only
 be a 15 minute charge and at the most, a
 1 hour charge.

 ADVAIA will estimate the total time it
 will take for us to update your home
 page before you place your order!
Place your Order Today!
 To place your order please complete and
 fax this form to (954) 495-8150.

 Agency Name:___________________________________________

 Contact Name:___________________________________________

 Agency Phone #:___________________

 Select Add-In Module Option:

     Please Add Royal Caribbean & Celebrity module without
 Home page Button Ads and Hot Deals

       Please Add Royal Caribbean & Celebrity module and Home
 page Button Ads and Hot Deals and supply me an estimate of
 engineering costs prior to my order approval

 A work order will be sent to you for your approval to place your
 final order.
Have Questions?
 If you have any questions please contact
 Steve Trebon at ADVAIA:

 (954) 317-2628 ext. 301
 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

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