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                                                                                                the professional florist | volume III 2011

With Gratitude
                                                                                           Esmeralda Farms
                                                                                           Esprit Miami

                                                                                           Fern Trust
       our hundred and fifty industry members and students participated in the 2011         *FloraCraft
       Great Lakes Floral Expo. The Expo wouldn’t be possible without the companies
       and volunteers who donate their products and time to ensure a successful event.
Please support these quality companies with your business whenever possible!
  If you are interested in helping in 2012, please visit www.michiganfloral.org or e-mail   Florisol-El Aleli
Rod Crittenden at rod@michiganf loral.org.                                                 Fitz Designs
                                                                                           Fresca Farms
Thank you                                     Teleflora
                                                                                           Golden Flowers
to the Expo Exhibitors!                                                                    Green Valley Floral
                                              The Queen’s Flower/Benchmark Growers
Accent Décor                                  www.queensflowers.com                        *Hyacinth House
www.accentdecor.com                                                                        *John Henry Company
                                              Van’s Floral Products
BloomNet                                      www.vansinc.com                              Knud Neilsen
                                              Womar Glass                                  *Lion Ribbon
DWF                                           www.womarglass.com                           Little Miami
                                                                                           MAC Technologies
Floracraft                                    Thank you
www.floracraft.com                                                                         *Mains Importing
                                              to the Corporate Sponsors!                   May Art Ribbon
Flower Shop Network                           *Designates MFA Member
www.flowershopnetwork.com                                                                  *Mayesh Wholesale Florist

FTD                                                                                        National Orchid
                                              Crockett - Myers
www.ftdi.com                                                                               *Nordlie, Inc.

                                              *David Chapman Agency
Gracie Marie’s Fine Jewelry                                                                Pacific Coast Exer
Hyacinth House                                                                             Penacaflor

www.hyacinthhouseflowers.com                  *John Henry Company
                                                                                           Quality Florida Greens
John Henry Company                            *Lion Ribbon
                                                                                           Reliant Ribbon
www.jhc.com                                   Michigan Floral Foundation
                                                                                           Resendiz Brothers
                                              *Midwest Transaction Group

Lakeshore Candle Company
                                                                                           *Rokay Floral
www.lakeshorecandlecompany.com                *MHI Fund
                                                                                           Rosa Flora
Lion Ribbon                                   Smithers-Oasis
                                                                                           Royal Farms
www.lionribbon.com                            Surepin

                                                                                           *Saginaw Valley Flower Exchange
Mayesh Wholesale                              *Teleflora
www.mayesh.com                                                                             San Diego Wholesale
                                              *Wesley Berry Flowers
                                                                                           Schubert Nurseries

Mains Importing
                                              Womar Glass
www.mainsimporting.com                                                                     Smithers-Oasis
Nordlie                                       Thank you                                    Surepin

www.nordlie.com                                                                            Syndicate Sales
                                              to the Product Donors!
Outfront Portable Solutions                                                                The Sun Valley Group
                                              These sponsors, wholesalers and

www.allcoversystems.com                                                                    Transflora
                                              growers donated 100 percent of
Regency Group                                 the product used for the Expo!               *Van’s Floral Products
www.mhifund.org                               *Designates MFA Member
                                                                                           Victor Powell Ferneries
Reliant Ribbon                                A&M

                                              Accent Décor
Rokay Floral
                                                                                           Thank you
                                              Acolyte Technologies
www.rokayfloral.com                                                                        to the Expo Volunteers!
                                              Amy’s Orchids
Schakolad of Birmingham                                                                    The MFA would like to give a very
                                              Benchmark Growers / Queens                   special ‘thank you’ to the many amazing
                                              CallaCo                                      volunteers who worked tirelessly all Expo
                                              Chrysal USA                                  weekend to make it a huge success. We
                                              Design Master Color Tool                     couldn’t do it without you and we honor
Sun Valley Group                                                                           your hard work and dedication. If you
www.tsvg.com                                  *DWF                                         would like to be a volunteer in 2012, visit
SurePin                                       Ecorose                                      www.michiganfloral.org or e-mail Rod
www.thesurepin.com                            Equiflor/Rio Roses                           Crittenden at rod@michiganfloral.com.
                     2011 GREAT LAKES FLORAL EXPO REVIEW
        the professional florist | volume III 2011

                                                                  Great Lakes
                                                                  Floral Expo


    1                                                            2




    9                                                  10                                   11
        1. The Expo registration desk. 2. Gary Wells, AIFD, preps roses for the banquet. 3. Rose centerpieces all set for the banquet.
        4. Janna McKinney, CF, pulling flowers for hands-on workshops 5. Brad Youngstrom, CF, in the Van’s Floral Products
        booth. 6. Lea Kuklinski, CF, making bouquets for the retail store in Grand Gallery. 7. L-R Colleen Carr, AIFD, CF, Kathy
        Petz, AAF, CF, PFCI, Janice Curran and Kathie Cottrel. 8. Kara Meyers modeling a bridal bouquet by Loann Burke,
        AIFD, PFCI. 9. J. Schwanke, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, NSA and Kim Carson, host of the nationally syndicated Faith
        Hope and Love Songs and radio personality on 100.5 The RIVER, which featured Derek Woodruff AIFD, CF, CFD and
        artist James Lutke. 10. Krista Haveman at the Lakeshore Candle Company exhibitor booth. 11. Ruth Cooley and Keith                12
        Crittenden enjoy catching up and seeing so many new faces. 12. Florists mingle at the Saturday President’s Reception.
                                                                                     the professional florist | volume III 2011





        20                                          21


      23                                                              24
     13. Jerome Raska, AAF, AIFD, CAFA, CF, PFCI, emcees while Derek Woodruff, AIFD, CF,
     Doug Bates, CF, Connie Robinson, Enika Karuslus and Betsy Cangiano compete for Designer
     of the Year. 14. Florists packed the floor to watch a main stage show. 15. An attendee making
     a bridal bouquet in a hands-on workshop. 16. The John Henry exhibitor booth with Nancy
     Bedenbender and Bob Shockey. 17. Student designers making bouquets for the retail store using
     a new variety of green carnation. 18. J. Keith White, AIFD, in his main stage show sponsored
     by FTD. 19. John Hosek, AIFD, CF, PFCI, at his main stage show sponsored by Teleflora.
     20. Loann Burke at her main stage show sponsored by Smithers-Oasis. 21. Dick Gleason, CF,
     with Donna Theimer, AIFD, and her floral design students, from Joliet IL. 22. Debbie Royal,
     AIFD, CF, making a special hand-tied bouquet. 23. Bill Taylor, AIFD, presenting a main stage
     show sponsored by BloomNet. 24. Jim Schmidt and Alice Waterous, AIFD, CF, CFD, PFCI,
22   emcee the banquet. 25. Jacob Dean from Hyacinth House working with Orv Borg from
     Flowers of the Lakes.
the professional florist | volume III 2011

2011 MFA Design Contest Winners                                                               S P O N S O R E D BY T E L E F LO R A A N D M FA

T                                                   Chuck Bannow Award
        he Michigan Floral Association’s                                                           ty to represent MFA in the National Alli-
        Design Contest is one of the most                                                          ance of Floral Associations (NAFA) annual
                                                      This is not a design contest category for
        prestigious contests in the nation.                                                        design contest in Denver to compete for
                                                    entry, but an award given to the entry
Winners receive certificates, cash awards                                                           the title of National Designer of the year.
                                                    judged as “Best Overall” from all three
and recognition in The Professional Florist         professional division categories in the        Theme: Exploring the Possibilities
magazine. In addition, the individual               contest. Because Charles “Chuck” Bannow        Event Design
named “MFA Designer of the Year” will be                            devoted so much of his life    1st Place
the featured “Designer Spotlight” design-                           to the teaching and            JEROME RASKA, AAF, AIFD, CAFA, CF, PFCI
er in six issues of the The Professional Florist.                   enrichment of the floral        Co-owner of Blumz… By JRDesigns
The contest serves as an exceptional op-                            industry, this award carries   Detroit and Ferndale, MI
portunity for designers to learn and ex-                            his name. All designs were
change new ideas while competing, re-                               evaluated based on the
                                                                                                   Professional Division
ceive professional recognition for their                            elements of design, the           Open to any floral professional gainfully
work, and is an excellent opportunity to                                                           employed full- or part-time in the floral
gain publicity for you and your shop.                                                              industry. Professionals may not enter the
                                                                                                   student division, and are not required to
MFA Designer of the Year                                                                           enter each of the three categories, unless
  In order to obtain “MFA Designer of the                                                          competing for MFA Designer of the Year.
Year” status, contestants had to enter all                                                         Fresh Design:
three Professional Division categories.                                                            Sympathy – Exploring Your Roots

                                                    professional execution of design mechanics
                                                    and creativity, with a particular emphasis
                                                    on originality and innovation.
                                                    2011 Chuck Bannow
                                                    “Best of Show” Award
                                                    DEREK WOODRUFF, AIFD, CF, CFD
                                                    Owner of The Floral Underground                1st Place: DEREK WOODRUFF,
                                                    Traverse City, MI                              AIFD, CF, CFD
                                                                                                   Owner of The Floral Underground,
                                                    Academy Division                               Traverse City, MI
                                                       This division is open to those who are      2nd Place: BETSY CANFIANO
                                                    recognized as Academy Designers only. It       Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL
                                                    honors and recognizes those individuals        3rd Place: LOMA FOWLER, CF
                                                    who have consistently achieved high rat-       Crystal Springs Florist
                                                    ings and placements during the MFA De-         Benton Harbor MI
                                                    sign Contest. Congratulations to all who
                                                                                                   Wedding Design:
                                                    have achieved this distinctive recogni-
                                                                                                   Permanently Yours
                                                    tion,   and
                                                    cont i nue d
The five individuals                                 encourage-
with the highest                                    ment to all
cumulative points                                   who strive
from all three de-                                  for it. The
sign categories were                                w i n n e r
selected as finalists                                also will be
to earn the chance                                  given the
to compete in a                                     opportuni-
Spontaneous Surprise Package competi-
tion. The winner received a $300 cash                                                              1st Place: BETSY CANFIANO
prize, recognition plaque and the coveted                                                          Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL
title of “MFA Designer of the Year.”                                                               2nd Place: DOUG BATES, CF
2011 Designer of the Year                                                                          Designs by Vogt’s, Sturgis, MI
DEREK WOODRUFF, AIFD, CF, CFD                                                                      3rd Place: LOMA FOWLER, CF
Owner of The Floral Underground                                                                    Crystal Springs Florist
Traverse City, MI                                                                                  Benton Harbor MI
                                                                                                                    the professional florist | volume III 2011

                Fresh Design:                  Student Division
                Explore Your Explorer             Open to any full- or part-time stu-
                1st Place:                     dent currently enrolled in a high school,
                DOUG BATES, CF                 enrichment, design school or university
                Designs by Vogt’s              floriculture program, and who has not
                Sturgis, MI                    worked “professionally” as a floral de-
                2nd Place:                     signer. Students may not compete in the
                DEANA GRESS, CF                Professional Division and must prove
                Wesley Berry Florist           current student status. Only one entry
                Commerce Township, MI          per student was allowed.
                3rd Place:                     Theme: Explore Pure Michigan
                TRACEY PARK                    1st Place: DIANE CHAMBERLIN
                Park Place Designs             Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL
                Battle Creek, MI
                                               2nd Place: KATHRYNN WAHL
                                               Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL
                                               3nd Place: KRISTINA LANPHAR
                                               Oakland Schools Tech South West,
                                               Wixom, MI

              MFA Professional Education is
                      On The Road!
   MFA partners with retail shops and wholesalers to bring education to you.
Michigan Floral Association brings you a new way to get education to your employees with less expense and hardship.
Here’s the idea: you can have a hands-on workshop right at your own store or wholesale house.

The workshops available are Wedding, Sympathy, and Flowers-to-Wear/Gluing.
Simply choose the class and instructor (visit www.michiganfloral.org for a complete 2011 class schedule and
instructor lists). The classes are 3 hours long and could be held in the evening or during the day. You can do this for
yourself or partner with a neighboring shop to maximize the opportunity and lower your expense.
MFA will send you a class confirmation letter and the class handouts in advance, as well as a list of the products needed
for each student. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for the products needed for the class. The cost for a
class of up to 10 MFA members is just $300 total, and for non-MFA members is $450 for up to 10 people. You also will be
responsible for providing all flowers/supplies for the class and all instructor travel fees. Our goal is to get education to
the retail flower shops in order to keep you at the forefront of floral design.

Visit www.michiganfloral.org for a Complete 2011 Class Schedule and Instructor Lists.

   Reserve a                 Session Reservation Form Class enrollment limited to 10.
 session at your             Shop Name: ____________________________________________________ Contact Name: _________________________________________________________
    shop or                  Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ___________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________________
   wholesale                 Session Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  house today!
                             Date you would like to hold a session: __________________________________________________ Time: _______________________________________________
  Simply fill out the class
   reservation form and      □ $300 covers up to 10 MFA members □ $450 covers up to 10 non-MFA members Charge to: □ MasterCard □ Visa □ American Express
 return to the MFA office.
                             Credit Card Number: _________________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________ Date: ___________ ZIP Code on CC Bill: _____________
    The MFA office will
   schedule your class/      Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

instructor and notify you.   Print Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                             IF PAYING BY CHECK: Check # ________________ Amount $ _______________ Date: ______________ Registration Fees are Non-Refundable

                             Please return this completed form to the MFA office.                                                                      9
                             MAIL:                                      FAX:                                               E-MAIL: cindy@michiganfloral.org
the professional florist | volume III 2011

2011 MFA Industry Award Winners

Best of Show                                                                                Young Person of the Year
                                                                                            Jason Goei, Eastern Floral Co.
Benchmark Growers, Miami
                                                                                            Grand Rapids, MI
MFA Executive Vice President Rod
Crittenden presents Susana Squetini of
Benchmark Growers with the 2011
Best of Show Exhibitor award.

                                             Wholesaler of the Year
Retailer of the Year                         Rokay Floral, Battle Creek and Plymouth, M
Crystal Springs Florist, Benton Harbor, MI   Carmen Miranda, aka MFA President
(LtoR) Loma Fowler, AIFD, CF; Shaya          Alice Waterous, AIFD, CF, CFD, PFCI,           Special Recognition
Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Russell               presents the award to Rob Stogdill,            Colleen Siembor, Cardwell Florist
and Lisa Siegert.                            owner of Rokay Floral.                         Livonia, MI

Retail Employee of the Year                  Wholesale Employee                             100 Years in Business
Ronald Thompson, Royal Expressions           of the Year                                    Florists’ Transworld Delivery, Inc.
Flowers & Gifts, Blissfield, MI               Jody Rice-Rogers, Rokay Floral, Plymouth, MI   Downers Grove, IL
                                                                                               the professional florist | volume III 2011

                                                                                         MFA Designer of the Year
                                                                                         Derek Woodruff, AIFD, CF, CFD
National Service Award                  Lifetime Achievement                             The Floral Underground, Traverse City, MI
Peter J. Moran                          Award                                            MFA/Chuck Bannow Award
Society of American Florists,           Ray Genter, Flowers by Ray & Sharon              Derek Woodruff, AIFD, CF, CFD
Alexandria, VA                          Muskegon, MI                                     The Floral Underground, Traverse City, MI

 Buy a disc of photographs from the Great Lakes Floral Expo 2011
 Great Pictures- Great Memories!
 1,887 photos on this disc. Unbelievable pictures!
 All these pictures for only $31.65 (includes tax & s/h)
 Order now while supplies last! (517) 575-0110

    MFA Scholarship!                                            Professional Education Center
                                                                Steps to Certification
    Important Reminder
                 The deadline to apply
       for MFA’s Scholarship Program is June 30!                June 1, 2011 and October 12, 2011
                                                                                                       AIFD,        Al
            Winners use the MFA Scholarship                     10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                      CF, CF ice Watero
                                                                                                                     D,            us,
          to attend the Great Lakes Floral Expo,                Member: $149                                   will b PFCI, MFA
                                                                                                            this c     e inst        pres
        for Professional Education Center classes               Non-Member: $199                                   lass o ructing ident,
                                                                                                           in Co           n
          and for the Certified Florist program.                 (Lunch included in class fee)                     lumbu Jul y 10
                                                                                                                           s, Oh
      Applicants must be employed and working                   Instructor: Cindy Ching, AIFD, CF, CFD                           io!
       in the floriculture industry or show proof                MFA Professional Education Center in Haslett, MI
           of enrollment in a course of study
   directly related to the retail floriculture industry.         Cindy guides those who plan on becoming a Certified Florist. You’ll
  Applicants must have clearly defined career goals,             get tips on how to prepare for both the written and design portions of
    which relate to the industry’s course of study.
                                                                the test. Students will spend part of the day reviewing the written test
       Download an application today                            and then work in the design room learning what is needed to pass
          at www.michiganfloral.org.                             the exam, with the all-new CF sections to the written and hands-on!
  Applications must be received by June 30.                     Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to
                                                                pass the prestigious national CF exam. Class will run from 10:00 a.m.
                                                                to 4:00 p.m. with a half hour break for lunch, which is included in
                                                                the registration fee. Please bring your own tools.
                                                                Call the MFA office at (517) 575-0110 for more info!


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