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                                                              About the Survey

Broadband users are defined as those who have access to the Internet via ADSL, cable modem,
leased line/ATM link, ISDN or LAN.
A national, representative sample of n = 3,000 Singapore residents , aged 10 years and over,
was interviewed in the survey . The sampling error corresponding to a random sample survey of
n = 3,000 respondents is
E = + 1.8%.

At the time of the survey, about 1 in 3 (34%) Singapore residents aged 10 and above were
classified as broadband users. The projected figure is therefore 950,000 users of age 10 years
and above.

The survey was conducted by Precision Research Services, and involved face-to-face interviews
selected respondents at their homes between the period of 1 October 2001 and 1 December

                                     Table 1. Distribution of Survey Sample (n = 3,000)
                     Male………………                            51%            Public Housing …………..                             89%
                     Female…………..                          49%            Private Housing…………                               11%

                     10-19 years………                        14%            Working…………………...                                 59%
                     20-29 years………                        20%            Non-working ……………..                               36%
                     30-55 years………                        57%            Unemployed ……………..                                 5%
                     Over 55 years……                        9%

                     Chinese………….                          79%
                     Malays……………                           13%
                     Indians/Others……                       8%

                                      Source: Survey on Broadband Usage in Singapore, 2001

    Singapore residents refer to citizens and permanent residents of local residence.
     Multi-staged Probability Sampling Technique consisting of (1) Selection of Primary Sampling Unit (PSU) by zone, (2)
Selection of Households from PSU (3) Quota Sampling of People from Household by gender, age, race, house type and economic status was adopted .
                                      Executive Summary

       About 1 in 3 (34% or 950,000) Singapore residents aged 10 years and above were
        broadband users.

       „Home‟ (39.2% user incidences) and „Office/Workplaces‟ (39.4%) were the most popular
        broadband access locations.

       ADSL (40% share) was the most popular broadband access mode.

       „E-mail‟ (96% user) and „information retrieval & search‟ (86%) were the most popular
        types of broadband applications / services. Gaining in popularity are „chat/ICQ‟ (51%),
        „downloading music‟ (45%), „web applications‟ (43%), „playing online games‟ (36%) and
        „watching movies / videos‟ (15%).

       57% of the broadband users used broadband applications/services for 5 days or more in
        an average week while 71% of these users used them for a total of 10 hours or less per

       At least 85% of the broadband users were generally satisfied with their overall
        experience. Majority of these respondents was satisfied with the access speed, reliability
        of connection, range of applications/services, broadband service providers‟ help desk and
        subscription costs.

Amongst the Internet users, the slight majority (71%) deemed that a price of “not exceeding $30”
to be most reasonable for an unlimited usage of broadband applications/ services.
                                       AWARD RECIPIENTS

Singapore ONE CEO Forum Members
1    Mr Mock Pak Lum       Chief Executive Officer        1-Net Singapore
2    Mr Sim Wong Hoo       Chief Executive Officer        Creative Technology Ltd
3    Dr Richard Yen        Managing Director              Ednovation Pte Ltd
4    Mr Anthony Chia       Chief Executive Officer        MediaCorp Technologies Pte Ltd
5    Dr Christopher Chia   Chief Executive Officer        National Library Board
6    Mr Ong Teck Guan      Managing Director              Pacific Internet Ltd
7    Mr Yong Lum Sung      President                      Singapore Cable Vision Ltd
8    Mr Low Huan Ping      Exec VP, IT Division           Singapore Press Holdings
9    Mr Andrew Buay        VP (Consumer Marketing)        Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
10   Mr Kyong Yu           General Manager                StarHub Pte Ltd
11   Dr David Chew         Chairman & Chief Executive     Stratech Systems Ltd
12   Mr Michael Yap        Venture Partner                Venture TDF Pte Ltd

Pioneer Singapore ONE Partners

1     Cyber Business Network (S) Pte Ltd
2     Daiichi Media Pte Ltd
3     Doubleclick (Singapore) Pte Ltd (TownforKids)
4     Ednovation Pte Ltd
5     Horizon Education & Technologies Ltd
6     MediaCorp Technologies Pte Ltd
7     National Library Board (ONE Learning Place)
8     Net Megastore Pte Ltd
9     Pacific Internet Pte Ltd (PAGN)
10    Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd (Asia Cuisine)
11    Phillip‟s Securities Pte Ltd (POEMS)
12    Multiscience System Pte Ltd (Prop I-Nets)
13    Singapore Polytechnic (Virtual College)
14    Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel Magix)
15    Ufinity Pte Ltd (Cool Connect)