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Activities Update                             4   2010 - 2011 Board of Directors
Ambassador Committee                         33   PRESIDENT:        De Emory          772-6767                demory@surewest.net
Around Here - Senior Games                    6   VICE PRES:        John Pennington 771-5612                  pennington@surewest.net
Board of Directors                            3   SECRETARy:        Rodger Page       771-3775                rodgnjo@comcast.net
                                                  TREASuRER:        Jeanne Clark      771-0656                prftprl@comcast.net
Bulletin Board/Classifieds                   12   DIRECTOR:         Julie Laird       771-4390                jklaird@surewest.net
Citizens Patrol/NW                           10   DIRECTOR:         Sid Doherty       773-0879                siddoherty@surewest.net
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                                                  Kathy Desjardins, Director of Finance
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Editor: Dodie Robeck                              Golf Course Superintendent & Landscape Supervisor
FEaturE WritErs: Barbara Woolman,
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2 Village Courier • September 2010                                                               sun city roseville community association, inc.
No Time For Apathy
                                                                    • Completion of the Rose Garden Arbor as an additional

                                                                                                                                  By DeWolfe ‘De’ Emory, President
                                                                                                                                                        Board of Directors
Things have been going so well in Sun City during this
long hot summer, you might think how could it get                   F & B venue.
much better? Well, your Executive Director and Board of             • Remodeling of the Timbers Kitchen (January 2011).
Directors have another big year in store for 2010-2011.
On August 5th Earl Wiklund gave his annual “State of                • Develop new Website features to enhance advertising
the Association” message summarizing some of the                    revenues.
achievements that were completed last year, and also
touched on the goals and objectives planned for next                • Continue to update the Reserve Study.
                                                                    • Continue to improve communication with Residents.
The Mayor of Roseville, Gina Garbolino, swore in your
new Board of Directors and later they elected the new               • Host the National AAU Senior Championships in
slate of officers. I would like to welcome our newly                October 2010.
elected Directors: John Pennington, our new Vice                    • Continue to improve results for both Golf and F & B
President; Julie Laird (re- elected) and Rodger Page, the           operations.
new Secretary.
                                                                    Finally, September is the month when all of the
By the time you read this article your new Board has                Committees have appointed their new members and
had their full day Board Retreat on August 19th setting             the Board has approved their new Chairs. I would
the goals and objectives for next year and also having              like to welcome all the new Committee members
their first regular Board Meeting on August 27th. Here              and their Chairs. We have an exciting year ahead of
are just some of the things we hope to accomplish next              us and remember, we could not provide all of these
year:                                                               activities that Sun City is famous for if we did not have
• Reconstruction of the Water Feature at the main                   VOLUNTEERS. So don’t be dispassionate, help your
entrance.                                                           community out by serving as a volunteer.

    Required & Standing Committee Chairpersons                                                           Board Liaison
       Ambassador Committee:                         Jean Sandford                  782- 9237                 De Emory
       Architectural Review Committee:               Doris Phillips                 771-9840                  Jeanne Clark
       Chartered Clubs Committee                     Jorene Page                    771-3775                  pending
       Compliance Committee:                         Sue Zulauf                     773-7404                  Julie Laird
       Elections Committee                           Jim Dachauer                   773-2435                  Julie Laird
       Finance Committee:                            Cora Rose                      773-2146                  Jeanne Clark
       Golf Committee :                              Roger Tovey                    771-4560                  Marilyn Crownover
       Governmental Affairs Committee                Dick Conzelmann                771-5671                  pending
       Properties Committee:                         Mel Hamel                      783-8433                  Sid Doherty
       Sports Advisory Committee:                    R.T. Taylor                    773-2419                  Sid Doherty
       Website Committee                             Jack Ellison                   771-5590                  Marilyn Crownover

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                      2010 September • Village Courier                                     3
                                                                      all Work and no play; not a Good combination              construction of the Rose Garden arbor, than we
                                                                                                                                have embarked on taking the steps to begin several
                                                                      Last month I mentioned that I was off to investigate      other budgeted projects. The new fiscal year
                                                                      Pickle Ball competition, hoping for a spot in the         started on July 1st and includes several large reserve
                                                                      upcoming National AAU Senior Championship                 expenditure projects and new capital projects as
                                                                      Games in October. You will be dismayed to learn           well. The largest project currently under way is the
                                                                      that the pickle ball is not green and that the game       water feature refurbishment at the Pleasant Grove
                                                                      requires some aptitude to play. Foiled again. Well if     and Sun City entrance. Where there was once
     Executive Director
                       Earl Wiklund / wiklunde@scrca.org / 774-3862

                                                                      we can’t compete in the games, let’s have a party.        water flowing over the water falls you’ll now find
                                                                      Going on during the week of the senior games              just mounds of dirt and boulders. This project will
                                                                      will be a Fall Festival for residents that is filled      completely renovate both water features on either
                                                                      with events you might be interested in joining.           side of Sun City. Staff saved all the fish in the ponds,
                                                                      We start off with a Community Pasta Dinner with           nearly 500, and moved them to the lake across from
                                                                      entertainment on opening night, daily trips to            the Lodge. This project will be completed in mid
                                                                      Apple Hill, Old Sacramento, the Train Museum or a         October and will result in a more open landscaped
                                                                      trip to Reno. Friday night is the big concert with live   entrance with eye catching water features.
                                                                      music on the Lodge patio while Saturday night we
                                                                      will have a 50’s Dance with live music. We’ll round       Recently, staff began discussions at the Properties
                                                                      out the week with a community breakfast brunch            Committee to begin the construction of the croquet
                                                                      on Sunday morning to thank the community and              court at Sierra Pines. More and more residents are
                                                                      volunteers for helping to host the Senior Games           putting their golf clubs away and taking up playing
                                                                      event. See the Activities Department for more             croquet. The new court will be a professional size
                                                                      information. It is fun to take the time to enjoy          court, giving the residents and the Croquet Club
                                                                      ourselves with this event because many other              the opportunity to either play on a full size surface
                                                                      projects await our attention.                             or play with fewer wickets with two games going
                                                                                                                                at the same time. Adjacent to the new courts will
                                                                      No sooner have we finished several major projects,        be additional golf cart parking for the benefit of the
                                                                      such as the Sierra Pines building expansion and the
                                                                                                                                                                   ...continued on page 28

                                                                       S    till time to sign up for Reno on September 7th.
                                                                            Columbia State Park also has several spaces
                                                                       available. Celebrate California joining the union
                                                                                                                                 the 1950’s. The second exhibition from the Musee
                                                                                                                                 d’Orsay collection is scheduled for October 19th.
                                                                                                                                 Other casino trips scheduled are Feather Falls which
                                                                       with the townsfolk of Columbia……..lots to do and          includes a tour of the Feather River Fish Hatchery,
                                                                       see! Be sure to stop by the City Council Candidates       and Redhawk on October 26th. Onsite seminars
                                                                       Forum on Monday the 13th at 1:30 PM in the Partial        include the first in a series on Placer County History
                                                                       Ballroom. September is also a good time to go to          on the 19th and Peter Lorenzo’s presentation on
                                                                       the Race Track and watch those beautiful horses           Mexico on the 20th. October is also the month for
   Activities Update
                                      Dodie Robeck
                       robeckd@scrca.org / 774-3877

                                                                       run and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. Bring the         the first flu clinic on the 20th. Look in the back of
                                                                       grandkids out to enjoy a Saturday morning with            “The Courier” for all the details for the fun October
                                                                       Radio Disney on the 25th. Details on September            events we have lined up for you.
                                                                       activities may be found at the back of “The Courier”.
                                                                                                                                 We also have several overnight trips in the planning
                                                                       October activities kick off with the very popular         stages, including the Snow Train in February, 2011
                                                                       Lodi Street Fair…..who knew Lodi could be so              and a trip to Monterey next October, 2011 which
                                                                       much fun. Ten blocks of everything imaginable,            will include some golfing for those interested. 2011
                                                                       plus many of the shops and restaurants are open.          is the year for Ashland, so if you haven’t been, keep
                                                                       At the Cosmopolitan Cabaret on October 5th is             an eye open for flyers right after the first of the year.
                                                                       “Suds”, a bubbling good time. October 13 through          January 2011 will find us going to Laughlin and
                                                                       16 we have scheduled a few Fall Festival Specials         signups will begin in October. The DoBar team is
                                                                       for you…..Apple Hill (an annual favorite); Reno; and      working on an extended trip to Southern California
                                                                       the California Train Museum and Old Sacramento.           for June. And check out the flyer for the December
                                                                       Friday night brings “Whiskey Dawn” to the Lodge           8-10, 2010 “Spirit of Christmas” trip to Reno.
                                                                       Patio. This very hot country band recently opened
                                                                       for Faith Hill at Ironstone Winery and is sure to be      The Activities Department staff would like to thank
                                                                       a crowd pleaser. Saturday night we’ll have a dance        all of the residents who participate in our events.
                                                                       with Jan and the Studebakers, featuring music from        We hope to see more of you joining us!!

4 Village Courier • September 2010                                                                                                         sun city roseville community association, inc.
featured resident • by Barbara Woolman

                   Gopal Kapur:
              Stop Killing
  “D      o you want that super-sized?” Super-sizing has led to
          overweight people who are becoming a common sight
  in America. Although eating junk food is a personal choice, most
  Americans are killing themselves at an unprecedented rate with
  our high caloric and low nutritional diets. Even those who don’t
  eat empty calories have a propensity to overindulge.

  Sun City resident Gopal Kapur is vitally interested in changing
  these dangerous dietary habits. A trained structural engineer,         diet, which is something we already know we’re supposed to
  he segued into the field of project management where he now is         do, but often don’t. He has founded an organization called
  the president and CEO of a highly successful firm. His innovative      “Family Green Survival”, which is designed to deliver a program
  ideas and approaches have led many Fortune 500 companies to            of healthy nutritional practices to combat obesity. It also will
  use his strategies, and he is a much sought after lecturer.            develop knowledge and empathy for the world’s poor.

  One of Gopal’s passions is cooking. He has a deep interest in          Gopal’s program goes far beyond just following careful dietary
  nutritious and tasty foods and all its variations. About five          habits. It is a curriculum of personal practices designed to
  years ago he began writing a monthly food column for three             promote a deep commitment to green living. It asks that you
  Californian newspapers, which made him wonder how he could             pledge to eat one day a month only raw “green” foods. These are
  combine his professional experience with advancing the cause           foods that have been minimally processed after harvesting—
  of living a more green life that would be mindful of the needs         only “raw” vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, honey, and water from
  of others.                                                             the tap.

  Once while on a consulting assignment in Spain, the elevator in        Eating Green will save energy-- both electricity and gas-used to
  his hotel had a sign which read “Occupancy 5”. Someone had             commercially process and transport foods. It reduces the waste
  crossed out the “5” and jotted down, “or 3 Americans”. That            produced by processed food packaging - glass, plastic, paper,
  resulted in Gopal’s development of the Family Green Survival           and metal.
                                                                         The rules for Eating Green are:
  An estimated 300,000 deaths in the United States can be
  attributed to poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.        • All food is eaten raw, choose foods that have been minimally
  These habits lead to a high rate of diabetes, heart disease, stroke,   processed and shipped after harvesting; visit local farmers
  and cancer. Life expectancy in the United States is in 50th place      markets
  among the nations of the world, far below Jordan (38th), Bosnia/
                                                                         • No wood or charcoal fires, gas burners, or barbeques
  Herzegovina (43rd) and Cyrus (45th).
                                                                         • No electrical appliances - microwave ovens, blenders, juicers,
  In the last three decades, there has been a massive leap in
                                                                         coffee makers, stoves, or ovens. Use only mortar, pestle, and
  America’s daily caloric consumption—from 2,450 average daily
                                                                         manually operated devices.
  calories in the 70’s to 3,500 daily calories today. That’s a huge
  47% increase. If we keep growing at our present rate, pretty           • No disposable plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, or plastic
  soon there will be a great demand for jumbo coffins!                   utensils
  Most of the added calories come from processed foods, highly           • No bottled water, sodas, alcohol, coffee, or tea - just drink
  sweetened drinks, and enormous portions. 67% of the US                 water or hand squeezed juices
  population is overweight, and nearly 20% of 4 year olds are
  obese. Will America’s children be the first in our nation’s history    • Minimal TV, phone, or computer use. It’s a day to reflect, talk,
  to live shorter lives than their parents?                              walk, exercise, garden, sing, dance, relax, and frolic
  Gopal’s solution to these problems is based on eating a proper         This might seem to be a difficult change, but it’s only for one day
                                                                                                                       ...continued on page 19

       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                  2010 September • Village Courier       5
                                                                                                       around here • by Tom McClelland

                                    Sun City Roseville to Shine with the
         Inaugural National AAU Senior Championships
 With the first National AAU Senior Championships coming to             worked with Sun City clubs to select event sites. The Cycling
 Sun City for a five-day run Oct. 13-17, an opportunity to put          Club, for instance, worked with city officials to get permission
 Roseville more prominently on the map of exciting, happening           to use Roseville streets for the cycling competition.
 places is arriving. Hosted officially by the Pacific District of the
 Association of Amateur Athletic Union, the games are being             Sun City will be the main site for four events: billiards, golf,
 held in conjunction with Roseville’s Sun City.                         bocce and cycling. Bowling will feature singles, doubles and
                                                                        team competition at Strikes Family Entertainment Center in
 Nine events are being offered: golf, softball, bocce, pickleball,      Rocklin. Pickleball, the fastest growing senior sport in the west,
 billiards, bowling, cycling, tennis and table tennis. The              will be played in doubles at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club in
 steering committee is marketing the games to five western              Roseville. Table tennis, featuring competition in singles and
 states, concentrating on 25 senior communities. No one can             doubles in three age groups, will be staged at Chilton Middle
 predict how many will show up the first year, but organizers           School in Roseville. Tennis offers singled, doubles and mixed
 are optimistic this will become an annual event that will draw         doubles competition in three age brackets and will be played
 seniors from all over the U.S.                                         on the courts of Sun City and nearby Mahany Park. Softball
                                                                        teams will vie in four age groups on the nearby diamonds of
 Earl Wiklund, Executive Director of Sun City Roseville, along          Mahany.
 with the Activities Department, is tying the games together
 with a Community Festival—special entertainment, tours                 Mark Gouger, Sun City’s Golf Pro, is organizing the 36-hole,
 and banquets open to visitors and residents alike. Whiskey             stroke-play golf competition on Timber Creek’s Golf Course. A
 Dawn, a highly rated western band, will stage a concert on             practice day is scheduled for Thursday of the championships.
 the patio at Timber Creek Restaurant on Friday, Oct. 15. Out           Golfers will play 18 holes on each of the next two days. All
 of the area tours are being planned for Reno, Apple Hill, and          golfers must have an official handicap—a current USGA GHIN
 Old Sacramento and the Railroad Museum. Wiklund likes to               number. The golf entry fee includes green fees, cart, lunch
 remind competitors that this may be their golden opportunity           each day, tee prizes and awards. There are just two age groups
 to win a national championship.                                        for golfers: seniors aged 50 or more, and super seniors of 70
                                                                        years plus.
 Sun City residents can enjoy the championships as spectators.
 There are no admission charges. Many may also choose to be             The championships are open to anyone aged 50 or more
 a volunteer to help make scheduling run smoothly or to even            as of Dec. 31, 2009. Both men and women will compete.
 be an official. Would-be volunteers can e-mail Dodie Robeck            Hotel accommodations are listed on the Webpage for
 at robeckd@scrca.org for information.                                  Placer Valley Tourism: www.placertourism.com. Entry
                                                                        forms and more details are available online at www.
 The games were the original brainchild of Placer Valley Tourism        nationalaauseniorchampionships.com.
 and residents from Sun City Roseville. Placer Valley Tourism
 people worked with Wiklund and Matt Williams, Governor of              An opening dinner on the first day and an awards ceremony
 the AAU’s Pacific District, starting about 18 months ago, to           buffet for the last day of the event will be open to Sun City
 choose events and work out details. The steering committee             residents at a reasonable rate.

6 Village Courier • September 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                           Wine and dine night - Please come join us for our Wine and Dine
                                           Night on Wednesday, September 22nd from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM in
                                           the Timbers Restaurant. We have many different food stations to
                                           choose from including a Carving Station, Fruit & Cheese Stations and
                                           Dessert Station. Come and taste many different wines being poured
    SpECiALS                               by different wine vendors. There will also be live entertainment!
                                           This is a mingle type event with no assigned seating. Cost is $28
beverages, tax & gratuity not included.    including tax and gratuity. Please come into the restaurant and

                                                                                                                                                                                    AssociAtion nEWs
                                                                                                                          Jason Smith, Food & Beverage Director
                                                                                                                                                              Food & Beverage
                                                                                                                           774-3874 • smithj@scrca.org
                                           prepay for this event and we will add you to our list.
BrEakFast BuFFEt $4.95
                                           pasta night - We will have another Pasta Night on Wednesday,
     Monday - Saturday                     September 8th. Please call 774 3838 for reservations. The cost is
      7:00am-10:30am                       $11.95 per person. This event will sell out, so hurry and make your
 • no doggie bag • no substitutions        reservation today. No prepayment required.

                                           patio seating - Come enjoy lunch or dinner on our wonderful patio
                                           any day of the week. Just ask the hostess and we will set a table for
     2 for $22 or 1 for $11                you overlooking the golf course. As the weather gets a little cooler
     EvEry Monday night                    try out our patio and enjoy the view.
       Reservations suggested              monthly specials - Don’t forget about our specials throughout
                                           every week. Monday nights we have our 2 for $22 menu or 1 for
       Every Thursday                      $11. This is a limited 5 item menu for you to choose from. Each meal
                                           includes a soup or salad and free dessert. On Thursday nights we
     primE riB niGht
                                           have our ever popular 10 oz Prime Rib Dinner for only $10.95. This
       10oz for $10.95                     also includes a soup or salad. Monday thru Saturday we have our
                                           breakfast buffet for only $4.95. The buffet is available from 7:00
        Regular Menu                       AM to 10:30 AM. During all these meal specials the regular menu is
       always available                    available.

                                          Gold & Coins-Seller Beware!
                                                   by Jerry Carsman

Recently, a new client sold me some U.S. twenty dollar gold coins. I paid $1300.00 each for them; a fair market price at that time.
The client was “convinced” he should approach one of the “HOTEL FOR THE DAY” advertisers to compare offers. I suggested that
he give it a try with one of his twenty dollar gold coins.

Two days later he called me to report that the “Road Show” buyers offered $600.00 for his coin.

In an article published in the Sacramento Bee, dated July 24, 2010, it was reported that gold buying companies, operating out of
hotels in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, were investigated by “The Examiner,” a newspaper in Beaumont,
Texas. It was discovered that in some cases, the money offered was one-fourth or less than the actual value.

How can you, the seller, get the best offer? Here are some recommendations:
   • Do business locally. Merchants in your neighborhood usually want to please
     you. Know your dealer!
   • Shop around and compare offers.
   • On coins especially, look for a professional numismatist (coin dealer) who
      subscribes to proper ethics of doing business.
   • Code of ethics organizations that regulate the hobby/profession are:
            1. American Numismatic Association (ANA)
            2. National Silver Dollar Roundtable (NSDR)
            3. Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG)

Jerry Carsman is a Sun City Roseville resident. He can answer your questions at 916-772-4268.

 sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                      2010 September • Village Courier                                           7
                                                     W    e continue to be very busy on the golf
                                                          course completing fall aerification
                                                     and overseeding in preparation for our club
                                                                                                           some organic products, tweaks in our program,
                                                                                                           manual removal efforts and cooler weather. For
                                                                                                           some background on our challenges a short
                                                     championships and the Senior AAU Games in             summary is available from Kimberly at the
                                                     October.                                              Administration reception front desk.

                                                     Golf greens will be healed completely by the first    The Goose Patrol has been very effective and
                                                     of the month from aerification in August. We are      I again thank them for the great job they are
Turf Talk
                          & Director of Landscapes
            Jim Ferrin, Golf Course Superintendent

                                                     also again using improved ryegrass blends that        doing. These are the lowest populations of
                                                     are able to withstand heat and salts a bit better     renegade Canada geese that I have seen since I
                                                     in our fairway overseeding. This past season          have been on property.
                                                     we saw improved conditions from the better
                                                     sprinkler control, aerification, drainage and these   The front pond renovation is going well and we
                                                     overseeding varieties.                                should see a lot of progress by month’s end. Take
                                                                                                           a walk by and see the improvements evolve.
                                                     We will soon begin the process of installing
                                                     yardage plaques and painting the yardage rocks        Another exciting project, our croquet court is also
                                                     on our tee sites to meet the NCGA rating and          taking shape near the Sierra Pines Recreational
                                                     match the score cards.                                Center where there is also now expanded cart
                                                                                                           parking and a walkway from the new parking lot
                                                     We continue to work on the water quality of our       to the Recreation Center.
                                                     ponds and we are seeing success in the use of

                                                                                                               R.A.M.P. SCHEDULE
                                                     R     ecently, I co-hosted on a local radio
                                                           show called Golf Talk and was lucky
                                                     enough to interview the President of the
                                                                                                               (Resident Assisted Maintenance Program)
                                                     Shivas Irons Society, a charitable foundation
                                                     started by Michael Murphy who wrote "Golf
                                                     in the Kingdom" and founder of the Esalen
Golf Pro
                Mark GougerHead Golf Professional
                    774-3891 • gougerm@scrca.org

                                                     The members of the Shivas Irons Society
                                                     are a very interesting group of golfers. They
                                                     view golf as an artistic endeavor or a creative
                                                     outlet, rather than a result based activity.
                                                     Make no mistake, they still keep score and
                                                     recognize that scoring is the basis for the
                                                     game of golf; however, score is a result of
                                                     a creative process and not necessarily the                        Monthly schedule for
                                                     reason for playing the game.
                                                                                                                       R.A.M.P. Volunteers
                                                     The next time you hit the links, take a page
                                                     from the Shivas Iron Society and change
                                                     your prospective on playing the game;                            September, 2010:
                                                     make the score an end to the means and not
                                                     the means in itself.
                                                                                                               September 2           7:00 AM                Lakes*
                                                                                                               September 9           7:00 AM                Oaks*
                                                                                                               September 16          7:00 AM                Pines*

                                                                                                                *Please note change of Golf Courses

  8 Village Courier • September 2010                                                                                  sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                                                       CL ASSES
                                                                              Sun City Roseville Fall Wellness Series: All events are free; however,
                                                                              please RSVP in the Fitness Center or call 744-3831. Space is limited.                     BaLL cLass
                                                                              All events are approximately 1-2 hours in length.                            Saturday                          8:00 AM
                                                                              Wellness Events                                                                          cardio saLsa

                                                                              September 28th: “Best Friend’s Approach to Alzheimer’s Care” – join          Fridays                    12:00 -12:45 PM
                                                                              the professionals from Senior Care Solutions for this presentation                     chair ExErcisE
                        Elaine Lehman, Fitness Director • lehmane@scrca.org
      Monitor's Desk, 774-3831 / M-Sat 5:30am - 9pm & Sunday 6am - 9pm

                                                                              targeted for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s disease. Aspen/
                                                                                                                                                           Tues & Thurs                     11:00 AM
                                                                              Birch rooms, 2:00 PM.
                                                                                                                                                                     chiLdrEns sWim
                                                                              October 5th: Join Sutter Rehabilitation services for a two part
                                                                                                                                                           Daily                       1:00 - 3:00 PM
                                                                              presentation on “Fall Prevention and Recovery” followed by a special
                                                                              segment for caregivers entitled “Safe Transfers”. This second portion                chair With FLair
                                                                              will help you learn how to transfer your loved one without posing            Mon, Wed & Fri                   10:00 AM
                                                                              addition risk of injury to yourself or your loved one. Aspen/Birch
                                                                                                                                                                       dancE & tonE
                                                                              rooms, 1:00 PM.
                                                                                                                                                           Tues & Thurs                     10:00 AM
                                                                              October 26th: Interim Healthcare will discuss “Intimacy and Aging”
                                                                                                                                                              LoW impact aEroBics
                                                                              in an engaging presentation that will cover sexual concerns that
                                                                              arise with the aging process. Sexual health and activity remain a            Mon, Wed, Sat                     9:00 AM
                                                                              part of being human throughout our lifetime. Learn more about this                   mat/stEp aEroBics
                                                                              delicate and important topic during this presentation. Aspen/Birch
                                                                              rooms, 2:00 PM.                                                              Tues, Thurs:, Fri                 9:00 AM
                                                                                                                                                                       opEn sWim
                                                                              Brain Fitness                                                                          (indoor pooL)
                                                                              It’s time for another round of Brain Fitness. By using your brain and        Mon - Fri                    Call for Times
                                                                              challenging it in new ways with the Brain Fitness Program, you can           Sat & Sun                        All Hours
                                                                              regain up to 10 years of mental capacity. In this program, you’ll use a
                                                                              computer to complete memory and auditory tasks that will increase                            piLatEs
                                                                              in difficulty as you improve. You will complete 40 computer sessions.        FRIDAY                           11:00 AM
                                                                              The sessions will be one hour each, Monday through Friday, at 7:45                               taji
                                                                              AM, beginning on September 13 for 8 weeks. The fee is $62. If you
                                                                              complete 75% of the program sessions, you will be reimbursed $25             Monday                            2:00 PM
                                                                              by the Sun City Roseville Foundation. A membership to the computer                     tonE & strEtch
                                                                              club is also included in the fee.
F i tness

                                                                                                                                                           Mon - Fri                         8:00 AM
                                                                              Only four residents can use this program at a time. In an effort to          Mon, Wed, Fri                     1:00 PM
                                                                              extend an equal opportunity for participation to all residents, we will
                                                                                                                                                                      totaL Body
                                                                              draw names from a list of interested residents. If you’d like to put your
                                                                              name into the lottery, please call 774-3831 or sign-up in the Fitness
                                                                              Center. The lottery will close on September 7th and payment will be
                                                                              collected from those who were randomly selected to participate.              Tuesday & Thursday                7:00 AM

                                                                              Balance class                                                                   sports conditioninG

                                                                              Balance Class will incorporate exercises to increase your balance and        Tues & Thurs                 3:15 - 4:15 PM
                                                                              strength over six sessions. No experience with exercise is necessary             yoGa (Extra GEntLE)
                                                                              – you’ll even learn exercises that you can easily do at home. Two
                                                                                                                                                           Mon & Weds                       11:00 AM
                                                                              instructors will lead the sessions for plenty of personalized
                                                                              instruction. Space is limited, register in the Fitness Center with                               yoGa
                                                                              payment. Tuesdays, 12:15-1:15 PM, October 5-November 9, Fee: $74.
                                                                                                                                                           Mon & Weds                        3:00 PM
                                                                              Instructors: Gina Ponzo and Audrey Fish.
                                                                                                                                                           Free Blood pressure screenings:
                                                                              "Nobody has ever drowned in sweat" – Lou Holtz                               first Monday of each month by
                                                                                                                                                           Sun City Roseville Nurses at 9:30
                                                                                                                                                           AM in the Fitness Center.

      sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                                                                      2010 September • Village Courier           9
   Questions that i get frequently                       a Problem – Report a Problem”.
   in our office...                                      • What information do you need from a new
                                                         resident? Have them fill out the “Neighborhood
   I receive many calls asking questions that are
                                                         Watch Team Roster”.
   valuable to everyone. I select these and put them
   on the web page. To access our web page you can       • Is the Vial of Life form on the web? Yes, the “Vial
   go to Clubs & Groups and click on either Citizens     of Life” form is found on the web and can be used

                                                                                                                       Director of Citizens Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
                                                                                                                       Dick Geistert
                                                                                                                                                                          Neighborhood Watch
                                                                                                                                                                          Citizens Patrol
   Patrol or Neighborhood Watch. A second way to

                                                                                                                                                                                               AssociAtion nEWs
                                                         as your medication changes.
   reach them is to click on Sun City, then Service
   Groups. There you will find us also.                  • Plus additional items of interest listed on our web
                                                         page, all of which can be printed for you in our
   On the Citizens Patrol page you will find our         office.
   application and our current Training Manual. You
   can view the deployment roster for the next three     Remember, as residents it is up to us to watch out
   months. Here you can also send us an e-mail to        for our neighbors. When I get a call on Monday
   sign up for your desired patrol date.                 morning telling me what happened on Friday
                                                         night there is nothing I can do. The Police don’t
   Our Neighborhood Watch meeting on the 2nd             just serve the Neighborhood Watch office, they
   Monday of each month is open to ALL residents         serve the residents of Roseville. When you see
   who wish to hear the latest information. For those    something wrong, call immediately and let
   who can’t attend, the minutes of the last 3 years     the police check it out. 774-5000 is the non-
   are posted on our web page. Items that our office     emergency number. They are here and want to
   gets calls on are listed on our web page:             serve us. Let our office know also so I can include
                                                         it in our monthly crime report.
   • Who is my Team Link? Your Village and Lot # is on
   your ID card. On the web site look at “Your Team      The Director is always available to speak at your
   Link & Village Communicator LISTED HERE”.             Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.
   • What can we do for a Team function? Look for
   “Ways to Have Fun in Sun City”.

   • When should I call the Police? See the form “See

    ImporTANT phoNe Numbers
    • Emergency
    • Non-Emergency Police
                                                                             In Memoriam
                                                                          Francis T. Boren              7/16/10 Village 1
    • SCR After Hours Emergency              789-0808
                                                                          Roy Simpkin                   7/17/10 Village 2
    • Citizens Patrol North Vehicle          223-1064
      (8:00-10:30 PM)                                                     Walter (Jack) Klein           7/23/10 Village 5
    • Citizens Patrol South Vehicle          223-1065                     Bill Jameson                  8/11/10 Village 8
     (8:00-10:30 PM)
    • Neighborhood Watch Office              774-3817                      If you would like Memoriam information shared
     (8:00-12:00 PM)                                                                in the Courier, please contact:
     neighborhoodwatch@scrca.org                                                       christine pedersen
                                                                                          ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT
    • Citizens Patrol Office                 774-3853                            pedersenc@scrca.org •       774-3871

10 Village Courier • September 2010                                                      sun city roseville community association, inc.
                             The Activities Department

Committee NeWS

                                                       apple Hill

                                                     Wednesday, October 13

                      Thursday, October 14

                                                 Whiskey Dawn
                                                        Friday, October 15

                 Old Sac & the Train Museum
                        Friday, October 15

                               Fall FeSTival
                                 50'S Dance
                              with Jan & The Studebakers
                                     Saturday, October 16

                                  Sign up at the Monitor's Desk
bu l l e T I N b oA r d

                                                  Bulletin Board / Classifieds
                              French & spanish                                                      Macular Degeneration/Low vision Support Group
                            FRENCH - 3rd Tuesday, 2-4:00 PM. SPANISH - 3rd Wednesday,            Anyone with macular degeneration or other vision impairment
                            2-4:00 PM. Have fun retaining or improving your language             and their families are encouraged to attend the monthly
                           skills with videos, games and other activities. All levels welcome.   meetings and luncheon held the 4th Wednesday of each month.
                           Fluency not required, but some knowledge of the language is           The meetings are held at the Eskaton Village Lodge Learning
                           helpful. No dues. Sandy Haley, 792-2881.                              Center from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Dues are $12.00 each year
                                                                                                 ($6.00 for the remainder of 2010). For information about this
                                                                                                 new group call Bette DeCuir at 771-4987.
                              Got Books?
                                                                                                 For reservations call the Eskaton receptionist at 789-783l. The
                           Do you have extra books you would like to unload??                    menu is available from the receptionist. Lunch is $11.00 per
                           The Friends of the Roseville Library would love to have them
                           for their Used Book Sale at the Martha Riley Library in October.      If transportation is needed from Sun City Roseville, contact Irma
                           Give me a call -- I'll be happy to come by and pick them up --        Eberly at 771-5813.
                           Virginia @ 771-5846.

                                                                                                    "one hundred (100) all stars
                              Grandma’s Gorgeous Gowns
                                                                                                 "One Hundred (100) All Stars expert, Ellen Zagory, from the
                           “A Vintage Bridal Tea – The Way We Were” will be presented in         UC Davis Arboretum will be speaking at Sierra Pines, Tuesday,
                           the Timbercreek Ballroom at 11:30 AM, Friday, September 10.
                                                                                                 September 7 at 7:00 P.M. The 100 All Stars are water wise plants
                           The event features wedding gowns from the past which will be          that have proven to thrive in this area. This presentation is
                           modeled by granddaughters, scholarship students and even by           sponsored by the Sun City Garden Club. Admission is free."
                           the original owners! Dresses not being worn will be displayed
                           on screens and a photographer will be recording the show. An
                           elegant menu including tea sandwiches, cold cucumber soup                sun city Foundation
                           and quiche will be served. Wedding cake will be served during
                                                                                                 ANNUAL BALL AND SILENT AUCTION, NOVEMBER 13, 2010
                           the grand finale.
                                                                                                 The 14th Annual Foundation Ball “Music of the Night” will be
                           Sponsored by Chapter XF, P.E.O, tickets are $45 each and tables
                                                                                                 held Saturday November 13, 2010. The black tie optional event
                           for ten are available. You and your friends, daughters and
                                                                                                 includes a no host bar, a silent auction, and special gourmet
                           granddaughters are invited to attend! For tickets and more
                                                                                                 dinner. The popular John Skinner Band will be playing for your
                           information call Mary Hoag, 782-2082 or Jan Abriani, 791-7902.
                                                                                                 dancing and listening pleasure.

                                                                                                 Table registration forms and fliers will be available in the
                              introducing the intel® reader                                      lobby kiosk. Tickets will be available for purchase on Saturday,
                           Now you can read what you want, when you want.                        September 4th from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the Lodge.

                           Come by the Aspen Room on September 7th from 9:00 AM to               For more information contact Ticket Chairpersons, Ellie
                           1:00 PM to see a live demonstration of the versatile Intel Reader     Papineau @ 771-5457 or Sue Birilli @771-5797.
                           that brings a new level of independence for those who are blind
                           or visually impaired. The Intel Reader features a unique design
                                                                                                    uc Berkeley Bears reunion
                           that includes a high resolution camera to convert printed text
                           to digital text and read it aloud to you. Representatives from        The Bears are roaring back. The Blue and Gold Bears from
                           Intel will be here so you can have opportunity to get a hands-        UC Berkeley are planning their Annual Fall reunion for Friday,
                           on demonstration. For any questions, please contact Kenny             October 22 from 4-6:00 PM.
                           Bailey at (916) 356-2820.
                                                                                                 Those who have attended in the past will automatically receive

                                         “Sun City Roseville Community Association, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any work, product, information
                                                     or claims made by advertisers and/or seminar presentations held at Sun City Roseville.”

                          12 Village Courier • September 2010                                                        sun city roseville community association, inc.
an invitation. Bears new to Sun City Roseville or ready to join
                                                                                Sunshine Services
                                                                                              by Carol Hoskins
the fun, call Joan Chabrier, 771-0790 or Carol Trabert, 771-0897
to receive an invitation and details. GO BEARS!!!

                                                                       Next Meeting: Since we’ve been inactive for a few months,
   Wanted                                                              you must be ready to “reconnect” with your Sunshine Services
                                                                       friends! So plan to attend the luncheon/meeting scheduled for
BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION - Found on General Mills products               noon, Thursday, September 2 at Sierra Pines. Bring your own
we now have in our homes. A complete list of products can be           lunch or purchase one from Sierra Pines. Questions can be
found on WWW.BTFE.COM.
                                                                       referred to Jean Hedin, 771-4870, Carol Hoskins, 771-2731, or
Each coupon is worth 10 cents to our local schools. Clip them          Don Chaney, 773-0839.
take them to the Administration Office and put them in the
envelope.                                                              “A Place for Mom” is a FREE eldercare referral service that
                                                                       provides one-on-one guidance and assistance about
SHORS (Seniors Helping Our Roseville Schools)                          comprehensive resources for senior housing and eldercare
Dian Thomas 772-1998                                                   options to seniors and families in need. Families will work with
                                                                       their own personal, professional Eldercare Advisor throughout
                                                                       the entire decision-making process. Since they are the nation’s
   WantEd                                                              largest eldercare referral network, they can offer assistance for
                                                                       local or long-distance searches. For more information, contact
BUYING GOLD & SILVER COINS                                             Sandy Dahlgren, 1-866-333-6344.
Don’t get ripped off!! I always pay lots more for gold coins, silver   Dial-a-Ride curb-to-curb bus service tickets are on sale in the
coins, old silver dollars, old paper money. Some dates are worth       Lodge, Thursday, September 2, and October 7, 8:30-10:30 AM.
more! Call me for examples. Call Sun City Resident, Jerry @ 916-       A book of 10 tickets is $10. Thank you to the Foundation for
772-4268.                                                              subsidizing the regular ticket price. Call 774-5757 to schedule a
                                                                       ride with 24 hour advance notice.

                                                                       Our yellow flyer, “We’re Here to Help”, in the Lodge kiosk is a
                   Sun City Roseville’s                                list of available services, such as medical equipment loans,

       Holiday Boutique                                                care giver relief, emergency care, errands, friendly visitor, rides,
                                                                       support groups, peer counseling and more. If you’re unable to
                                                                       go to the Lodge, call Carol, 771-2731, to have one sent to you or
                 Is Coming soon!                                       download a copy from the Sun City website: www.scres.org.;
                                                                       Clubs & Groups; Service Groups.
  It’s not too early to save the date!! Saturday, November
  6, 2010 for a day of shopping fun as the Needle Arts Club            Thought for the Day: Inside some of us is a thin person struggling
  presents the annual Holiday Boutique!                                to get out, but he can usually be sedated with a few pieces of
                                                                       chocolate cake!
  Join us at the Lodge as we fill the ballroom and club rooms
  as well with holiday gifts of all sorts, home décor, fine arts,
  creative art, a bake sale, and a café. There’s a fabulous quilt
  raffle and other treasures too! So tell your friends! Stop by
  for some goodies in the café and enjoy all we have to offer!                            Message from Accounting

  That’s Saturday, November 6th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at                          assEssmEnts duE
  the Holiday Boutique! For more information contact Marie                            REMINDER: Assessments are due
  Ah Fong at 784-1942.
                                                                                            october 1, 2010
                                                                                               for $411
                                                                             Please be sure to note your village and lot number
                                                                                           clearly on your check!

                                                                                                  Thank you!

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                               2010 September • Village Courier     13
                        Gopal Kapur: Stop Killing Yourself!
                                    story by Barbara Woolman / continued from page 6

  a month. After you have done it, you’ll be surprised at how        A sample daily menu includes a breakfast of French toast with
  the benefits of reduced cost, saved time, waste reduction, will    a cup each of milk and orange juice; a lunch of a tuna sandwich
  lead to a feeling of well-being.                                   and a banana, and a dinner of vegetables, beans, and chicken
                                                                     soup, beef and vegetable stir fry, noodles with peanut butter,
  A further aspect of “Eating Green” is “Survival Eating”. This      an orange, and walnut truffles. All this costs only $5.91.
  carries Gopal’s ideas a step forward. What eating green for
  one day a month is to Americans, millions of poor people           A very important aspect of Gopal’s work is a program called
  eat this way every day of their lives. By applying the survival    “Light One Candle”. He and his wife Darlene raise funds for
  eating philosophy to our every day meals, we gain a better         the education of poor bright children in Punjab, India, and
  understanding of how the poor survive.                             they spend about six weeks in country each winter helping
                                                                     out. All of the children must have a B average or higher and
  The poor in developing countries earn about $1-$2 a day and        come from families with incomes less than $100 per month.
  consume between 1,000 -1,400 calories per day. In developed
  countries, the daily calorie intake averages about 3,600           They also are involved in the support of a girls orphanage in
  calories, but calorie intake per day in America hovers around      Punjab, India, which takes care of the education, health, and
  3,654, with spikes up to 6,000 on major holidays.                  nutrition of 35-40 girls. Poor girl babies in India often are
                                                                     discarded under bushes, in train stations, etc. Older girls are
  The rules for survival eating parallel those for eating green,     put out to work at a tender age. The orphanage takes these
  with added emphasis on behavioral actions:                         girls and cares for them.
  • Purchase locally grown seasonal foods which are less             Rotary International supports Gopal’s programs, and the
  expensive, fresh, and more nutritious                              Roseville chapter supports three or four children yearly. Sutter
                                                                     Hospital nutritionists review Gopal’s recipes to be sure they
  • Meat and dairy products are eaten infrequently and in small
                                                                     are nutritionally sound.

  • Food must be prepared and eaten at home
                                                                     Gopal and his wife live by Gandhi’s axiom, “Almost everything
  • Families should eat together and take time to discuss their
                                                                     you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you
  views about the food’s quantity, quality, ad nourishment
                                                                     do it.” Their work is making a huge difference in the lives of
  • Small serving sizes. If you feel hungry during the day do not    children in India, as well as in the lives of Americans.
  snack. Billions of people all over the world experience hunger.
  Many often only have one meal a day.

  Gopal’s site, FamilyGreenSurvival.com, gives many examples
  of the types of survival menus that people might eat in China,
  India, and Mexico, including recipes The recipes are available
  on the Internet and have certain things in common -starches
  (rice, noodles), legumes (beans and lentils), plus some
  vegetables and highly flavored condiments.

  Even in America, about 40 million people live in poverty, but
  that does not mean they can’t eat nutritiously. Education is the
  key—we must learn to shop, prepare, and eat proper foods.
  Gopal’s recipes are healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare. His
  daily means for breakfast, lunch, and dinner provides dishes
  with a cost of about $6 per person per day.

14 Village Courier • September 2010                                                     sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                              l I b r A ry N e ws
                                                                           New booKs
                                                           The following new books were added to the library
                                                                            for AUGUSt:
                                                            Beck, Glenn                 Overton Window
                                                            Burke, J.L.                 Glass Rainbow
                                                            Coughlin, Jack              Clean Kill

          Library News
             by Sherry Prisk • Library 774-3824
                                                            Cronin, Justin
                                                            Evanovich, Janet
                                                                                        The Passage
                                                                                        Sizzling 16
                                                            Frank, Dorothea             Low Country Summer
                                                            Furst, Alan                 Spies of the Balkans
The July meeting was cancelled so there is not a lot to     Gardner, Lisa               Live to Tell
report on.                                                  Gerritsen, Tess             Ice Cold
This past month there were 9 hard back books donated        Lescroat, John              Treasure Hunt
and shelved and 14 new books shelved. There were 9 soft     Reilly, Matthew             The Five Greatest Warriors
covers added to the carousels.                              Rollins, James              Alter of Eden
The September meeting will be held September 26, 2010 at    Silve, David                The Rembrandt Affair
10:00 AM. All monitors are invited to attend. We hope to    Thor, Brad                  Foreign Influence
see you there.
                                                            Payton, Sean                Home Team, Head Coach
                                                                                        of the New Orleans Saints
                                                            Roth, Geneen                Women, Food & God
                                                            Starr, Kevin                Golden Gate: the Life & Times
                                                                                        of America’s Greatest Bridge
                                                            LarGE print
                                                            Janet Evanovich             Sizzling Sixteen
                                                            Kitty Kelley                Oprah – A Biography
                                                            Jessica Fletcher            Murder She Wrote
                                                                                        Nashville Noir
                                                            Robert Dugoni               Bodily Harm
                                                            Jodi Thomas                 Welcome to Harmony
                                                            Capt. Dale Black            Flight to Heaven
   Do you wonder what to get that friend or club            Sidney Shelden              After The Darkness
   member or golf buddy? Do your children or                Robert Ludlum               The Bourne Objective
   grandchildren look for a gift you will enjoy and use?
   How about a Sun City Roseville Gift Card, which can
   be created in any amount and used in the Timbers
   Restaurant, Fitness Center, Timber Creek or Sierra                     booK reVIew
   Pines Pro Shops, and the Activities Department.          Dale Black has flown all over the world as a commercial
   Two new designs for 2009-2010 are available and          pilot - but one flight changed his life forever... At 19 he
   cards may be purchased from the Administration           survived an airplane crash that killed the other two pilots.
   Office. Stop by and one of the ladies will be happy      Sustaining insurmountable injuries, he recovered &
   to help you. Your out of town family members and         returned to fly airplanes as a professional pilot, instructor,
   friends may call (916) 774-3880 to purchase a gift       and jet flight examiner. He tells his story offering hope
   card using a credit card for payment.                    to others. Read FLIGHT TO HEAVEN, by Capt. Dale Black
                                                            –found in the Large Print section of or library.

  sun city roseville community association, inc.                                    2010 September • Village Courier     15
w e b sI T e

               Your Resident Website www.scres.org
                by Charlyn Ross, website committee

                Watch For Great Coming Attractions!                                   to want to have referrals from anyone who has had good
                                                                                      experiences, and also to find out which providers to possibly
                Our resident website www.scres.org and our public websites            avoid. The Association has maintained referral books at the
                www.suncityroseville.org are works in progress. The Website           Lobby Monitor's desk containing both positive comments and
                Committee continues to improve these features, which are              negative comments.
                such important assets to our community. Two major additions
                                                                                      Many of us have found consulting these books a great help
                that will be available in the very near future are the floor plans
                                                                                      in finding the right person for a job. A disadvantage was the
                for all of our houses and an online version of the service referral
                                                                                      need to come to the Lodge during Monitor's hours to view the
                books currently available at the Lobby Monitor's desk.
                FLOOR PLANS
                                                                                      Wouldn't it be convenient to be able to view the referral
                The Ambassador Committee has expanded its efforts to market           information on the resident website? That idea is what
                our community in Sacramento and Bay area newspapers. Those            motivated the Website Committee to take on the project to
                advertisements lead interested parties to our public website.         digitize the referral books.
                Having the floor plans of all our house models and pictures
                                                                                      When this project is completed, within the next couple of
                of the front elevations available to potential homebuyers is
                                                                                      months, you will be able to review other residents' positive
                understandably beneficial. The original Del Webb floor plans
                                                                                      and negative comments in both the manuals at the Lobby
                and elevation pictures cannot be displayed on our website due
                                                                                      monitor's desk and also on the resident website. When a
                to copyright issues. Because of this, the Website Committee
                                                                                      resident completes and submits the comment form, which
                in cooperation with the Ambassador Committee arranged to
                                                                                      is available in the Association Office, it will be posted in both
                have a new and completely original set of our floor plans and
                                                                                      places for one year before it is deleted.
                elevation pictures assembled for the public website.
                                                                                      LOOKING FOR MORE WEBSItE IDEAS
                The floor plans and elevation pictures will be available for
                viewing within a few months. They will be a tremendous                The Website Committee wants to continue to improve and
                enhancement to our public website and to projecting our               refine our websites to provide the most benefit to our residents.
                image as a premier, active adult community.                           Please share your comments and suggestions with us. You can
                                                                                      do this, (1) by using the "Feedback" screen under the "Contact"
                REFERRAL BOOKS
                                                                                      button on the resident website menu bar. In the "Send Request
                Whether you are a recent Sun City homeowner or have lived             To" box choose Sun City Roseville Web Manager – Terry Boren
                here for quite a while, there always seems to be the need to          or (2) by attending a Website Committee Meeting on the first
                repair, remodel, refurbish or improve something on ones               Wednesday of the month, 10:00 AM in the Aspen Room.
                property or to find help with a personal service. It is natural

                 From the Executive Director                            • continued from page 4
                 golfers, croquet players or residents attending meetings in the      units, a new non slip tile floor, new dishwasher, ovens, new
                 expanded meeting rooms. Also anticipated is a new walkway            stainless steel refrigeration units and preparation work table
                 from the new parking lot through a newly landscaped area.            units. We will also be repainting and replacing ceiling tiles
                 Staff has been working with the Borges Architecture Group            and wainscoting. Both our Catering Department and the
                 to design the new barbecue area behind the new Sierra Pines          Timbers Restaurant will be closed during this 15 day closure.
                 addition. Initial architect renderings portray a striking and        We will also take the time during the closure to resurface the
                 functional barbecue addition certain to please everyone.             bar; and take receipt of new tables and chairs in the Sports
                 Discussions on the project will begin this month.                    Bar area. These new units will make it easier to handle the
                                                                                      overflow from the restaurant.
                 In January 2011, after 15 years and serving 10’s of thousands
                 of meals, we will close down the kitchen at the lodge for a          Phew! Just talking about all these projects has made me
                 complete renovation. Staff has already begun discussions             both hungry and thirsty. I may not be up for the sporting
                 to review the project timeline and rework bids with outside          competition, but I am sure ready for a great meal at the
                 vendors for the many aspects of the project. Work will include       Timbers. See you there soon.
                 major renovations for the walk-in freezer and refrigeration

               16 Village Courier • September 2010                                                       sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                              collectors corner • by Shirley Sampson

    The World Collection of
                   Don & Kay Sinn

                                     Mementos from the world
                                     travels of Don and Kay Sinn
                                     will be on display the month
                                     of August and September at
                                     the Lodge. The couple moved
                                     to Sun City in 1999, the year
                                     they had married. Both were
                                     from the Eastern half of the
                                     U.S., Don from Ohio and
                                     Kay from Philadelphia. They
                                     had known each other years
                                     before as their families were
                                     friends but had gone on to
                                     raise other families. Kay had
                                     five children and Don had
                                     two and six grandchildren.

Their interests were very similar: travel, museums,
art galleries, historical sites, music, photography
and both enjoyed the creative arts and crafts and
teaching. Don received his Doctor of Education
degree at the University of California, Berkeley and
later for 21 years was Professor of Recreation and
Leisure Studies at San Jose State University. For                                     TV”. However, Kay’s most recent “feat” in March
many years he had a Consultant business in Park                                       was the surprise 90th birthday party for Don
and Recreation Planning and Management. Kay                                           she planned for 150 guests in the Timber’s
was a Management Executive for the Girl Scouts                                        ballroom
of America, commuting from New York to places
all over the United States for the agency. They                                        Music and art are two of their favorite pastimes
travelled to many countries including Europe,                                          with Kay playing the piano, and sketching. She
Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, New Zealand, all 50                                   is a soprano with the Sun City Singers. Don
States plus Canada and Mexico.                                                         plays with the Banjo club. He knows many
                                                                     other stringed instruments, harmonica and keyboard and is an
Don was in WWII for four years and Korea for 17 months and was       accomplished wood carver. Currently, he is a member of the
presented with many military awards and citations. He served in      Properties committee. Kay is especially interested in miniature
the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Corps and the Marines. His love of sports    wooden vases and bowls made
from high school through college and later years won him 6           from different woods from New
gold medals at the age of 80 at Green Mt. Games in Vermont.          Zealand and other countries. The
Kay was an active hiker/back packer and Cross-country Skier.         collection contains sculpture
                                      She is a Rod & Reel Club       from many cultures and includes
                                      award-winning      salmon      ceramic, metal, stone and woods
                                      fisherman and grows            such as rosewood and ironwood.
                                      “top quality” roses for the    Some of the carvings are made
                                      benefit of the 7th Fairway     by Don. We are very fortunate to
                                      golfers according to Don.      have this active and multi-talented
                                      He says they “both like        couple living in our community.
                                      sports participation but
                                      are slowing up a bit and
                                      leaning more toward
                                      Sunday Pro football on

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                               2010 September • Village Courier   17
                                      Photo Sig July
                                      PHOtO GAllERy
                                                        people, groups, portraits

                                                                               seCoNd plACe
           FIrsT plACe                                               Levi Blazing Through Sac-Town
       Priest of the Holy Sepulchre                                                by Quentin Miller
               by Ed Abbott

                                                                            ThIrd plACe
                                                                            Trombone Jazz
                                                                            by Mary Selfridge

                                                       View more photos at www.scradmin.org/gallery

18 Village Courier • September 2010                                   sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                 Sun City Roseville
The Computer Club Photography SIG and the SCR Community
Association will sponsor a Sun City Photography Contest in October,
2010. The contest is open to all Sun City Roseville residents and all SCR
Community Association employees.


                                                                                                    photo by Joh
                                                                                                                n Maloney
     •     Three photographic categories: Scenics, People, and Animals.

     •     A photographer may submit a maximum of three color or
           black & white photographs in any combination of the three categories. All photographs must be your own
           work and have been taken within the last three years. Photographs submitted in the Sun City Photography
           Contest in previous years cannot be resubmitted.

     •     Photograph(s) must be submitted unframed and unmounted on photographic paper. Print sizes should be
           from 5”x7” to 8 ½”x11.”

     •     Entry Forms will be available at the Kiosk in the Lodge and from the monitor in the computer room. A completed
           Entry Form must be affixed to the back of each photograph.

     •     An entry fee of $5.00 (make check out to SCRCC) for each photographer (covers one, two, or three photographs)
           will be required at the time of submission.

     •     Entries (up to three) must be submitted in a 9”x12” manila envelope with the required $5.00 entry fee (check)
           and dropped off at the Activities Office between October 1st and October 21st. Please write your name, address,
           and phone number on the front of the envelope.

                                                         A winning photograph will be picked from each of the three
                                                         categories, and one of those three will be awarded “best in show.”
                                                         the best in show winner will be awarded $50.00 and the other
                                                         two winners will be awarded $25.00.

                                                                             Winners will be announced
                                                                                November 20th
                                                           Winning photographs will be published in the December Courier.

                y Ed Ab
         photo b

sun city roseville community association, inc.                                             2010 September • Village Courier   19
                                                                  Seniors                                  by Darleen Hegerle

                                                              So many things can point toward an individual with spectacular
                                                             qualities or achievements. Not many of us know many people
                                                            that qualify for this distinctive description, but, nonetheless, there
                                                           are those who walk among us. Take for example two of golf’s oldest
                                                          competitors; 100-year-old Roger Gentilhomme of Falmouth, MA and
                                                         95-year-old Charles Young of Mc Call, ID, yet there are many more who
                                                        accomplish much in their “golden” years.

                                                       Paul Leonard Newman (January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was a well-
                                                      known American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto
                                                     racing enthusiast. He won numerous awards, including an Academy Award
                                                   for best actor for his performance in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The Color
                                                  of Money and eight other nominations, three Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA
                                                Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, an Emmy
                                               award, and many honorary awards. He also won several national championships
                                              as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing, and his race teams won several
                                             championships in open wheel IndyCar racing.

                                          Newman was a co-founder of Newman's Own, a food company from which Newman
                                         donated all post-tax profits and royalties to charity. As of October 2008, these donations
                                        had exceeded US $280 million.

                                       Newman announced that he would entirely retire from acting on May 25, 2007. He
                                      stated that he did not feel he could continue acting at the level he wanted to. "You start
                                    to lose your memory, you start to lose your confidence, you start to lose your invention. So
                                   I think that's pretty much a closed book for me." Paul Leonard Newman was 85 years old.
                                  ~ Wikipedia

                                Nothing can accurately measure the love of a grandparent, but Michael Libenson’s affection for
                               his late granddaughter Sammy Rotman is blatantly apparent by his dedication to ride his bike
                              2,400 miles. That’s how far Libenson, 72, plans to ride - from Arizona to Florida in 2011 in honor of

20 Village Courier • September 2010                                                  sun city roseville community association, inc.
Sammy, who died in 2008 at age 9 of pediatric cancer. According      to encouraging people to better
to the July 2010 AARP Bulletin, Libenson will be joined by several   themselves through exercise and
of his contemporaries from his Sun City Center, FL retirement        fitness. And as Jack says, “People
community as part of a 65-day project known as SammyRides:           don’t die of old age, they die of
Grandparents Riding for the Health of Grandchildren.                 inactivity.”

According to Dean Witherspoon, president of Health                   According to the Mayo Clinic, the
Enhancement Systems, reflecting on his thought of seniors who        key to fitness success is developing
make a difference, "I think we could roll up the whole reasoning     a healthy diet (which simply means
into just one phrase - quality of life - because the feedback we     changing the type of food we eat)
get is that people simply want to be active in their later years,    and good exercise habits. You may
and they now realize that being fit is one of the only ways to do    be thinking that you don't like
that.” Many of the problems we used to think of as being age         those words — diet and exercise.
related, we now know isn’t due to age at all. They are related to    Don't get hung up on the words.
disuse of the body, and people have finally begun to realize they    Diet just means eating healthy
can do something about that.                                         foods, and exercise means being
                                                                     more active.
Research recently published in the Journal of the American
Geriatric Society found that inactivity doubles the risk of          Our modern facilities here at Sun
mobility limitations as we age, while vigorous activity has the      City are all at your disposal to
opposite effect. In another study, published in the journal          accomplish your goal of better
Neurology, doctors found that exercise can slow cognitive            health and fitness. We can all
declines; meaning our minds can stay sharper longer.                 benefit by increasing our energy
                                                                     output along with sensible eating. A person may say, “But I just
According to Living Well Sacramento, Estelle Rees Arroyo             don’t eat that much!” Well, try this; pour out some dry breakfast
received her degree in History from California State University,     cereal in a bowl to the amount you usually eat. Then, transfer it
Sacramento and is writing, traveling and job-hunting; not            to a measuring cup and see how much you poured. The Mayo
unusual pursuits for a new college graduate, but Estelle is 92       Clinic suggests one-half cup is an adult portion (along with skim
years old!                                                           milk and fruit, etc.) for a healthy breakfast.
As Company Dance Manager and Creative Consultant at the              Do you walk (outside the home) for thirty minutes or more each
Palm Springs Follies, Leila Burgess contributes to all Follies       day? Do you use the pool and equipment at the lodge for your
production numbers and wardrobe designs, and manages the             fitness needs? If you want to be a healthier person with less
entire cast, which is no easy assignment considering the group's     aches and pains, eat as much non-processed foods possible and
"seniority." She's also on stage performing, and at 74, she is in    exercise as much as you’re able. And finally, here is another Jack
her 18th Follies season. Judy Bell has also enjoyed an impressive    LaLanne “ism”: “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them
career spanning decades of her 72 years with the Follies. And so     together and you’ve got a kingdom.” You rock, Jack!
has Glenda Guilfoyle. At 76, she is in her 15th season there. And
the list goes on.

And who could forget Jack LaLanne? He’s an American                  Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a theoretical
fitness, exercise and nutritional expert, celebrity, lecturer and    physicist, philosopher and author who is widely regarded as one
motivational speaker icon who is widely referred to as "The          of the most influential and best known scientists and intellectuals
Godfather of Fitness". LaLanne gained worldwide recognition          of all time. A German-Swiss Nobel laureate, he is often regarded
for his success as a chiropractor and bodybuilder, and for his       as the father of modern physics. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize
incredible and prodigious acts of strength and endurance.            in Physics "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially
Through his career, LaLanne has won numerous awards                  for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect".
including the Horatio Alger Award from the Association of
Distinguished Americans, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk        On April 17, 1955, Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding
of Fame.                                                             caused by the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which
                                                                     had previously been reinforced surgically by Dr. Rudolph Nissen
Jack was born September 26, 1914 in San Francisco, CA and            in 1948. He took the draft of a speech he was preparing for a
continues his active lifestyle today, but during his childhood he    television appearance commemorating the State of Israel's
was addicted to sugar and poor nutritional foods. At age 15, Jack    seventh anniversary with him to the hospital, but he did not live
heard Paul Bragg speak on health and nutrition which had such        long enough to complete it. Einstein refused surgery, saying: "I
a powerful influence, it motivated Jack to focus on his diet and     want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially.
exercise habits, and an exercise guru was born. In 1936 LaLanne      I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly."
opened his own health spa in Oakland, CA, and dedicated his life     ~Wikipedia

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                2010 September • Village Courier     21
    Wine & Dine
   September 22nd
   5:00 -8:00 PM
   $28 per person
   Timbers Restaurant

   ҿ Carving Stations

   ҿ Hors d’oeuvre Station

   ҿ Dessert Station

   ҿ Wines
              Our vendors will be pouring
              a variety of fine wines at
              NO Additional Charge.

                                       ertain ment
     L ive E
 A billowing tower of gas and dust rises
 from the stellar nursery known as the Eagle
 Nebula. This small piece of the Eagle Nebula
 is 57 trillion miles long (91.7 trillion km).

                                                 Prepay with Jason or Felicia
22 Village Courier • September 2010                                       sun city roseville community association, inc.
          FREE GOLF!
The only thing better than a day of golf
         at Sun City Roseville
     is a FREE DAY OF GOLF
        at Sun City Roseville!

         Play six rounds in a
         calendar month and
         we’ll give you the next
         round for FREE!

  Call the golf shop for details. 774-3851
    The First tEE                                     at Sun City Roseville - 2010                           • story by Bill Gould

    W      e had a terrific July “High Five” Scholarship Tournament on July 16th. The event
           raised $5500, and will be a big help to our First Tee chapter. I am delighted
    to report that your contributions will generate about six or seven scholarship
    awards next June. Many, many thanks to the residents who helped and
    participated in the event. And a special thanks to the organizations that
    provided donations that put us over the top. Please give your thank
    you to Fred and Rita Jackson of Edward Jones, our local branches
    of Union Bank and Ameriprise. They joined our SCR residents
    in helping First Tee grow better leaders for tomorrow.

    By the way, we also had terrific support from the Bill Hale
    Memorial tournament players when they went to Carson City
    in June. Thanks to the leadership of Jim and Jane Monahan
    several golf clubs donated prizes for a raffle that allowed
    them to raise $1000.

    In the tournament, everyone (kids and residents) was a
    winner and can be proud of their help. The nice part is, you
    meet the kids and realize that we residents really are “doing
    the right thing”.

    Here is a picture of Jim Iso and I with four of the six SCR award
    winners from our 2009 Tournament. Jim and I appreciated the
    opportunity to represent SCR at the award ceremony, on your behalf.
    Mark Gouger usually goes too, but was away at the time.

    Next on the agenda is the September 11th Regional Championships. I am
    sure you will remember that date - 9/11. Shotgun Tee Off is noon. No, you
    cannot play - sorry. However, as usual, we will need your help. Please volunteer
    a few hours of your time to support this important event. You will have a great
    chance to see some of the kids you played with in real competition. Who knows you may be watching one of tomorrow’s

    If you have not already heard form one of the SCR Volunteer captains please leave a note at the pro shop for Bill Gould. Let
                                                              me know if you prefer to be a spotter, drive a hole shuttle, general
                                                              helper or scorer. I will have the appropriate captain contact you.

                                                                Thank you all for the wonderful support, and see you 9-11.

                                                                    From Left to Right: Bill Gould, Jarrett Link, Ryan
                                                                    Craney, Taryn Yee, Nick Schafer, Jim Iso

                                                                    Not pictured: David Heaphy, Kevin Lucena

24 Village Courier • September 2010                                                        sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                 C lu b s
                                                   Club Contacts
BILLIARDS                                  Meetings as needed                        Bill Marcum           771-4758

                                           M-F (Oct to Mar) 1:30 pm (Sign-in) –      Brenda Spencer        773-5975
                                           2:00 pm (Play)
BOCCE                                      M-F (Apr to Sept) 6:00 pm (Sign-in) –
                                           6:30 pm (Play)
                                           Lessons:                                  Gil Lugo              774-1615

BRIDGE                                     Officers Mtg – 4th Mon. 9:30 am           Sy Karfiol            771-8384

COMPUTER                                   4th Mon. 10:00 am                         Carver Sears          771-2672

CREATIVE ARTS                              4th Thurs. (Mar-June-Sept-Dec) 10:00 am   Lois Habein           772-2484

DANCE                                      Tues. & Thurs. 12:00 pm                   Jane McNally          772-9537

FINE ARTS                                  2nd Thurs. 1:00 pm                        Dennis Carr           771-9897

GARDEN                                     1st Tues. 7:00 pm                         Jim Gruebele          773-1867

GOLDEN NINERS                              3rd Wed. (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) 12:00 pm       J.R. Moors            772-4913

HE & SHE GOLF                              1st & 3rd Mon. 7:30 am (Play)             Bill & Bobbi Dunk     771-5655

INVESTORS                                  1st Sat. 8:00 am                          Jack Ellison          771-5590

NEEDLE ARTS                                1st Wed. 2:00 pm                          Barbara Aaberg        773-1897

                                           2nd Thurs. (Jan-July-Nov) 10:00 am
RV                                         1st Sat. (Mar-May) 4:00 pm                Janet Jacob           780-2080
                                           2nd Sat. (Sept) 4:00 pm
SIERRA PINES                               Wednesdays (Play)
                                                                                     Maddi Robison         765-4675
LADIES GOLF                                Mtg. 3rd Wed. 2:00 pm

SINGERS                                    Thurs. 2:30 pm                            Kathleen Roach        772-0917

SINGLES                                    1st Wed. 6:00 pm                          Jean Hedin            771-4870

SOFTBALL                                   1st Wed. 1:30 pm                          Don Walter            771-7954

                                           Tues. & Wed. 9:00 am (Play)
TENNIS                                     Sat. 8:00 am & 9:30 am (Play)             Barbara O’Malley      774-2768
                                           Mtg. 1st Wed (Odd Months) 5:00 pm
                                           Tues. 7:30 am (Play)
TIMBER CREEK MEN’S GOLF                                                              Paul Wilmoth          771-0958
                                           Mtg. 1st Wed. 8:30 am

TIMBER CREEK WOMEN’S GOLF                  Mtg. 3rd Wed. 1:30 pm                     Karen Bell            797-2355

TRAVEL                                     4th Mon. 3:00 pm                          Bill Ah Fong          784-1941

VETERANS                                   1st Wed. 10:30 am                         Manny Hirschel        771-9918

                                           See Club Bulletin Board
WATER FITNESS                                                                        Joe Steele            773-1920
                                           outside locker room

sun city roseville community association, inc.                                           2010 September • Village Courier   25
C lu b u p dAT e s                                                      support your courier advertisers

                         Billiards                                                             Bocce

                      R    ECENT EVENTS—ANNUAL BBQ: The Billiards Club held its
                           regular meeting on August 7 followed by its annual BBQ.
                      75 members and guests attended. Invited as honorary guests
                                                                                           I  t’s been a busy summer. On July 25th we had our Summer
                                                                                              Hawaiian Party at the newly remodeled Pines. It was a blast!
                                                                                           Arlene Lizotte and her hard working committee made it a big
                      were Billie Lee and Rose Smith, in appreciation for the many         success with great food, decorations and entertainment. 158 in
                      contributions made to the club by their late husbands, Bob Lee       attendance.
                      and Carl Smith, respectively.
                                                                                           Summer mini-league ended July 30th with the final games and
                      FREE LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS AND/OR ADVANCED                           a picnic! Check the winner’s photos on the SCR website and at
                      BEGINNERS: The Billiards Club offers free instruction to any         the Club’s Photo Gallery.
                      member. Contact President Bill Marcum at 771-4758. Bill will
                      coordinate a date, time and instructor for you.                      August 2nd the Officers and Players Council hosted a
                                                                                           Newcomer’s Meet & Greet orientation at the Pines for new
                      VIDEO LEARNING TOO! Members may check out Instructional              members. We had 72 in attendance. The orientation was
                      DVDs from the Billiards Club room. Contact any officer for           followed by a Newcomer’s Tournament on August 4th with 48
                      further information.                                                 new players. Other tournaments held in August were the Sadie
                                                                                           Hawkins and 2 Men Choose 2 Ladies, August 11th and 18th.
                      WEDNESDAY NIGHT MIXED COUPLES WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS:                    Our improved lighting has made night tournaments enjoyable.
                      The month of July ended with the team of Bob and Barbara
                      Davis winning the Couples Tournament, a feat they have               On August 9th Judy Jackson headed up her annual Reno trip
                      accomplished numerous times.      Marie Levens and Ed                with a full busload of enthusiastic members.
                      Abbott ushered in August by capturing the weekly Couples
                      Tournament.                                                          Signups for fall mini-league play were held on Friday, August
                                                                                           27th with a Wine and Cheese Party following. Play begins the
                      NOTEWORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Both Ken Arena and Joe                   evening of September 3rd with sign-in at 6:30 PM and play at
                      Ban made the 9 ball on the break in last month’s Men’s 9 Ball        7:00 PM.
                      Tournament. Paul Garcia ran the table (all eight balls) in open
                      play.                                                                For details of other upcoming events see the Bocce Club
                      MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS: The team of Gary Evans and Joe
                      Ban captured the Men’s 8 Ball Tournament. In the Men’s
                      Monthly 9 Ball Singles Tournament, Ken Arena and Joe Ban tied            Bridge
                      for first place.

                      CLUB DUES: Annual club dues of $15 are payable now for the           B    EGINNING BRIDGE CLASS:

                                                                                                Willi Williams Beginning Bridge Class will start on
                      period July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. There is a lock box
                      in the Billiards Room for depositing your check for your dues or     Wednesday, January 5, 2011 and will run through Wednesday,
                      fees. If you have any questions, please contact Treasurer Marie      February 23, 2011 from 1:00-3:00 PM. Sign-up Sheet will go up
                      Levens, 773-2188.                                                    in the Card Room on November 1, 2010.

                      REMINDERS: Please use the sign-in sheets each time you use           LINCOLN HILLS EXCHANGE:
                      the Billiards Room. No one under 16 may use the Billiards Room       Kudos to Avanell and Frank Kirchman and Barbara Rothkin for
                      at any time, whether accompanied or not.                             making the arrangements and running a smooth game. There
                                                                                           were 35 tables and all players enjoyed the excellent breakfast.

                                                         8 Ball Team Champions             SAVE THE DATE:
                                                         Joe Ban and Gary Evans
                                                                                           The Christmas Holiday Bridge Luncheon will be held on Friday,
                                                                                           December 17th, 2010. Details to follow!

                        Couples Team Champions Marie
                                  Levens and Ed Abbott
                                                                                           G    ENERAL MEETING – September 27th - 4th MONDAY, 10:00
                                                                                                AM, Ballroom. A very intriguing program is planned for
                                                                                           your enjoyment and elucidation. All are welcome.

                                                                                           COUNCIL MEETING – September 20th - 3rd MONDAY, 3:00 PM,

                     26 Village Courier • September 2010                                                     sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                                C lu b u p dAT e s
                                                      support your courier advertisers

Computer Room. All members are welcome.                                 to be held at Sierra Pines. The meeting will begin at 9:30 AM with
                                                                        lunch to follow. Please call Lois at 772-2484 if you wish to attend
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIG):                                          and bring a dish to share.
GENEALOGY SIG –September 1st - 1st Wednesday, 2:00 PM at
Sierra Pines. Our guest speaker for September will be Cleo                 dance
Kocol who will be speaking about Virginia City, Nevada, and it's
role in populating the West. For more information you may
contact Pat Shook at 772-2698 or Gwen Myers at 773-7074.                U      pon coming home to Sun City from vacations hither and
                                                                               yon, we are excited to get back in the full swing of dancing.
                                                                        Fall in the air is causing a shift in energy from the dog days of
PC FORUM – September 2nd - 1st Thursday, 2:45 PM, Computer              summer to the brisk sense of falling leaves and a hint of cooler
Room. For the more advanced computer users, but all are                 climate. Celebrate autumn. Come join our happy crowd, and
welcome. For more information call Carver Sears at 771-2672.            attend our two September events.
PC SUPPORT GROUP – September 13th - 2nd Monday, 3:00 –                  BALLROOM DANCE:
5:00 PM, Computer Room. A free support group for beginner
to intermediate for the purpose of sharing knowledge and                The Dance Club invites all Sun City Residents to step into fall
helping each other.                                                     and attend our September Song Dance Party in the ballroom.
                                                                        Wesley Horn will DJ and tempt you with a variety of dances
MAC@NIGHT – September 14th - 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Aspen                including fox trot, rumba, waltz, tango, swing, and salsa. Put on
Room. For all levels of Macintosh operating system experience.          your dancing shoes and be prepared to request your favorite
PHOTO SIG – September 17th – 3rd Friday, 10:00 AM, Computer             dances.
Room. September subject: shadows or silhouettes. Members                This event will happen on Wednesday evening, September
email up to three photos to PhotoSIG916@yahoo.com by                    15th from 6:30 until 9:30 PM. Prepaid members $4, Guests and
September 13th. For information: Dennis Studer 787-1968                 members at door $5. For information call Ballroom Rep: Richard
(Dennis Studer - pompy@surewest.net) or Roger Davis 780-                Paine, 772-4747
                                                                        INTRODUCTION TO LINE DANCE:
Monday, 7:00 PM, Computer Room. Watch demonstrations on                 Never line-danced or just want to brush up? Come to Sierra
attributes of Photoshop Elements. Learn more about cameras              Pines on Saturday, September 18, 2010 for an Introduction to
and how to develop your images once they are on your                    Line Dance Class. Sign-in is at 12:45 PM. Cost is three one-dollar
computer. Call Ed Abbott 771-2307. September presenters will            bills. ($3.00)
be Cheryl Buller and Jim Ziola.
                                                                        Bill Swayne will be the instructor until 3:00 PM. Join us for a fun
                                                                        afternoon. For added information call Bill Swayne at 772-1156.
   creative arts                                                        This class is sponsored by the Sun City Dance Club.

T    he Creative Arts Club members are urged to complete
     artwork which will be donated to the annual Holiday
Boutique sale scheduled for Saturday, November 6th as soon
                                                                        The Summer/Fall Dance Club Class/Event Schedule may be
                                                                        found in the lobby kiosk.

as practicable. Fine quality art donations made by members
through one of the club classes will be accepted by any of the             Fine arts
club officers.

Those members wishing to sell their artwork must contact Jill           A    RTISTS OF TIMBER CREEK GENERAL MEETING will be Sept.
                                                                             9 at 1:00 PM in the Art Room. Anje Olmstead will show you
                                                                        step by step how to take a painting or photo by someone else
Henricks well in advance of the boutique. Jill is still looking for a
                                                                        and make it your own. Learn how to avoid copyright/original
co-chairperson to assist her with the art sale in the club room. If
                                                                        art problems when entering juried competitions.
you are able to assist, please call her at 773-2947.
                                                                        Our 3rd Saturday Art Show and Sale is more fun than ever! On
Volunteers are still needed to sell raffle tickets in the lobby on      Sept. 18 (3rd Sat) from 5:30-7:30 PM our open membership show
the first and second of October and November. Please sign up            “Season’s End” will encourage all to participate in “People’s
for a two-hour shift using the list provided on the entry table to      Choice” awards. Everyone has the opportunity to vote for his/
the club room. Members will be mailed six raffle tickets and a          her favorite piece of artwork. Results will be seen in the Courier
brief letter outlining the raffle sales procedure and a description     on a monthly basis. As always, refreshments are provided .
of the raffle items. Additional tickets can be requested by calling
Darleen Hegerle at 771-5823.                                            Art classes by our favorite teachers continue and are posted both
                                                                        in the kiosk, glass case next to the art room, or by contacting
The Thursday, September 23rd meeting will be a potluck lunch            Marian Kress, Class Coordinator.

     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                   2010 September • Village Courier     27
C lu b u p dAT e s                                                     support your courier advertisers

                         Garden                                                                 he & she Golf

                      T   he time is almost here! We are excited to be able to present
                          the renowned speaker, Ellen Zagory from UC Davis to talk
                      about “100 All-Stars as Grown by UCD Arboretum All Year!”
                                                                                             E   xcitement mounts as the committee for our fall mixer is
                                                                                                 finalizing the plans. It will be a 3:00 PM shotgun start and
                                                                                             each flight will be assigned to one of our 3 nine hole courses.
                      These All Stars (plants) require low water, minimum pruning            After your round of golf all players will join together for a social
                      and look good all year round. This event is not to be missed.          on the Sierra Pines patio beginning at 6:00 PM. Dinner will be
                      The date is Tuesday, September 7 at 7:00 PM at Sierra Pines.           a catered BBQ served in our newly remodeled Sierra Pines.
                                                                                             Serving will begin at 6:30 PM. When is this fun filled afternoon
                      We have new officers lead by Jim Gruebele, our new President.          and evening you ask? Mark your calendar for Monday,
                      We are looking forward to an exciting year with new programs           September 20th. Awards will follow the dinner. Be on the
                      for your enjoyment. If you have not been to a meeting lately           lookout for the sign up applications which will be in both Pro
                      give us a try at the new Sierra Pines this month. Come for the         Shops. All this fun and frivolity will be just $13.00 per person.
                      speaker. Stay for the dessert and decaf coffee and raffle.
                                                                                             July 4th was celebrated by the 18ers with a Red, White and Blue
                      The Garden Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at               event. All players had a turn at hitting their tee shots from each
                      Sierra Pines at 7:00 PM.                                               of the Red, White (Gold) and Blue tees. It certainly made for
                      Questions: Jim Gruebele, 773-1867                                      some very interesting comments! First flight winners were: J.
                                                                                             Sherrard with Dunk’s, C. Krause & P. Williams with Pahl’s, Steele’s
                                                                                             with Shively’s, J. Brusco & P. O’Hern with Flora’s. Second flight
                         Golden niners                                                       winners: Mathews with Tom’s, Myers with Hagopian’s, Daley’s
                                                                                             with McKee’s, Fowler’s with Hepburn’s. Third flight winners:

                      T    wo consistent golfers for the Golden Niners managed to
                           be in the money all four weeks of July play. Paul Rader was
                      one of the two and he won $23 in trade bucks. Carroll Brock was
                                                                                             J. Lavette & J. Jackson with Murray’s, S. Simpson & B. Brockoff
                                                                                             with Fish’s, Olsen’ with G. Irwin, Chittick’s with Manning’s.

                      the other, and he netted $15.                                          July 19 the 9ers played a Round Robin Tournament. Winners
                                                                                             were: 1st Place, B&B Blank, R. McKercher, J. Orovitz, 2nd Place,
                      Other top winners for July were Barry Bates, $22; Maury Luckett,       T & S Statti, B. Kemis, M. Stephens, 3rd Place, J & B Ban, H.
                      $21; Lee Hall, $21; and Earl Smith, $20.                               Henderson, J. Josselyn, 4th Place, B & P Horning, P. Madden, L.
                                                                                             Lovato, 5th Place, J & M. Aichroth, C & E. Brock, M & R Bubbico,
                      The Niners play team games every Tuesday morning with a pair           B. Davis, C. Diskin, A. Fabsits, R & D Feist, G & G Garman, B & A
                      of shot gun starts, one at 7:30 AM and the other at 10:00 AM.          Gould, J & L Habein, B Hurst, J Nold, A Reber, B & M Robison, B &
                      The golfers play their nine holes at Sierra Pines most weeks,          P Struble, S. Walstrom, F. Warfield and K & R. Warloe.
                      but on the third Tuesday, they play at Timber Creek’s Oaks or
                      Lakes. Players ante $2 to the kitty, plus green fees, and prizes are
                      awarded to the top team players. Winnings are deposited in a              investors
                      Sun City Association account. Players can use their prize dough
                      for purchases in the pro shop or the Timbers Restaurant.

                      Weekly pairings are handled by Mike Cepress and Jerry Bell.
                                                                                             R    uss Abbott is scheduled for another great seminar and
                                                                                                  workshop on Tuesday, October 5, 12 and 19. Look for
                                                                                             information on Mr. Abbott’s presentation as October draws
                      John Duffie records the scores, keeps the handicaps and                closer. The presentations will be at 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon
                      handles the webpage: www.home.surewest.net/goldenniners                each scheduled day in a room to be announced.

                                                                                             Be sure to keep December 19, 2010 on your calendar for the
                                                                                             annual Christmas dinner.
                                          Carroll Brock was in the money
                                          all four weeks in July                             Do you have an interest in investing but not sure how to do
                                                                                             it? The stock market has been pretty erratic at times but there
                                                                                             are some good buying opportunities to consider. Want to talk
                                                                                             about it? Come to the open meeting held on the first Saturday
                                                                                             of the month; it is a good time to discuss and exchange ideas.
                                                                                             The meetings are coffee klatch style and are open to any
                                                                                             resident. You’ll find us in the Club Room at the Lodge between
                         Jerry Bell, left, and Mike Cepress                                  8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.
                             schedule players and games
                                     for the Golden Niners.                                  Did you know we also share ideas with the investment group in
                                                                                             Lincoln Hills? If you have an interest in attending one of their
                                                                                             sessions give Jack Crump a call at (916) 645-8768. Lincoln Hills
                                                                                             Investors Study Group meets on the second Monday of the

                     28 Village Courier • September 2010                                                         sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                                   C lu b u p dAT e s
                                                      support your courier advertisers

month at 3:00 PM in the meeting room at Kilaga Springs, Sun           then the fun will begin. Check our RV Club website for more
City Lincoln Hills. On August 5th John O’Connell was their            details.
speaker. On September 2nd Russ Abbott, Morgan Stanley/
Smith Barney, returns to follow up on the Art of Personal             Don’t forget to come to our 2nd Thursday morning breakfasts
Investing. October 7th, Barbara Star, Ph.D. Personal Coach,           at the Timbers restaurant. They start at 9:00 AM, and you can
Trader & author will demonstrate how to use Technical analysis        order off the menu or have the buffet. This is a fine way for new
Patterns.                                                             members to get acquainted with others, and everyone can
                                                                      enjoy these informal get-togethers. September’s breakfast is
                                                                      on the 9th, and October’s will be on the 14th.
    needle arts

T    he Needle Arts Club meets the first Wednesday of each
     month at 2:00 PM in the Partial Ballroom. The September
                                                                         sierra pines Ladies Golf

program features the Pixie Ladies from Cameron Park. During
their lively presentation they will show you how to create a                                          I  t is the “Dog Days of Summer”,
                                                                                                         whatever that means. I, for
                                                                                                      one, am thrilled to anticipate the
narrative quilt, using your own special events and memories.                                          chilled mornings and quickened
                                                                                                      play of our favorite sport, along
In October, Needle Arts will once again “step outside the box”,                                       of course, with the fall fashions. Is
as Holiday Tables will fill the room. These decorated tables, from                                    that too shallow?
Halloween to New Years, will inspire you to think about your              Joan Orvitz (L) and her
own decorations for the upcoming holidays. Refreshments,                ice cream social scoopers     Club championship results will be
prizes, and other activities will add to the festivities. A special
                                                                      in the Sun Senior News as the
feature will include a demonstration by Kim Huckabay from
                                                                      Courier goes to press before
Beverly’s in Rocklin. She will demonstrate techniques that can        they are concluded. I am still
be incorporated into holiday decorating, using items from one         hoping it will be you. I mean
holiday to the next.                                                  it!! Be sure to check it out.

Another feature of our Holiday Tables Program is a Decoration         What a super ice cream social
Swap. If you have unwanted holiday items, you are invited             and sticky time was had by all,    A few of the "Beaters of the Pro",
to bring them along to be given away. Your cast off may be            thanks to Joann Orovitz and                    Ian Glass
someone else’s treasure. Or you might find a new item that            her crew of scoopers! There
                                                                      was a darling smaller version
adds to your own holiday décor.
                                                                      of our Chair enjoying the day too!!
So remember: Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of            Why is it we always love to “beat the pro”? The photo of our
each month. Guests and new members are always welcome at              ladies tells it all, although Ian doesn’t seem too upset.
our meetings.
                                                                      Tournaments will be held on September 1 and September
Please check the display window outside the sewing room for                                         15 with the change to fall tee
samples and information about our current class offerings.                                          times, 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM.
                                                                                                    Putt for Points will be played
                                                                                                    on the second Wednesday of
                                                                                                    the month and don’t forget the
    rv                                                                                              Eclectic games, which will end
                                                                                                    in October. (Hope you aren’t
I f you love RV-ing, then the SCR RV Club is for you! Dues are
  $6 per person per year, and we really do have a great time
together. We “party hearty” both here at home and on the
                                                                       Thelma Rapson and Ann Carter
                                                                       Club Championship Co-Chairs
                                                                                                    getting worse, my problem).
                                                                                                    Get set for the Lakes on
                                                                                                    September 22. If you have any
road. Join us for one of our trips, and enjoy our parties.                                          friends left after you win the
                                                                      club championship, make them play with you on September
Our September trip from the 9th to the 16th is up to Crescent         29, when you choose your own foursome.
City, a beautiful location. All sorts of activities and meals have
been planned, which allows people to go with us or do their           There is to be an 18 hole mixer with the Timber Creek Women’s
own thing. If you get the urge to sign up at the last minute,         Club on September 24, which should be great fun. The Council
give a call to Barbara Woolman (771-8830) or Shirley Calton           will meet on September 8 at 2:00 PM at the Pines, after we Putt
(774-9971). We might be able to make a spot for you.                  our brains out for Points. Our new officers are to be approved
                                                                      at the General Meeting on September 15 at 2:00 PM, also at the
Our next party will be on Saturday, October 2nd at 4:30 PM at         Pines, so attend or we will hunt you down.
the Bocce Courts, co-chaired by the Floras and the Hegerles.
                                                                      Happy Labor Day: don’t do any!!!
There will be a very brief meeting before the party starts, and

     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                  2010 September • Village Courier         29
C lu b u p dAT e s                                                       support your courier advertisers

                          singers                                                                Bring your check for $21 (three entrée choices) to the Sept. 1
                                                                                                 membership meeting. After that date, call Audrey, 783-3084, or

                      I  t’s September and unlike the Roman Calendar which dubbed
                         it the seventh month, it’s the ninth month and “the hours
                      creep on apace” (Gilbert and Sullivan). Odd how time rushes
                                                                                                 Ruth Ricciuti, 772-8447, for reservations. Final date to reserve or
                                                                                                 cancel is Sept. 12.

                      by during this last third of the year…from “Indian Summer” to              Sharpen your pencils and get out your inkwells because it’s
                      “Winter Wonderland” in the blink of an eye.                                “Back to School” at September’s Saturday Night Social, set for
                                                                                                 6:00 PM, Sept. 18 at Sierra Pines. Sign up at the Sept. 1 meeting
                      While the SINGERS were having vacation, all sorts of plans were            to bring a main dish, salad or dessert or pay $8 (guests pay $10).
                      magically underway. When we came back in August there were                 BYOB – no hard liquor. Reserve no later than Thursday, Sept. 16,
                      five new Holiday songs to rehearse and 19 old ones under                   by calling Virginia Thompson, 772-2896, or Virginia Keil, 773-
                      consideration. Besides the “Stand Pat” Officers, President,                2939.
                      Kathleen Roach, now has an almost complete list of jobs filled:
                                                                                                 We play bingo from 2:00 to 4:00 PM every second and fourth
                      Performance - Lois Habein                                                  Sunday in the Lodge Card Room. Everyone is welcome. Groups
                      Music - Carolyn Winter                                                     are formed from the membership to play Bridge, Canasta, Hand
                      Hospitality - Dorothy Marks, Arjeanne McDaniel,                            and Foot and Mexican Train dominoes. (Playing instruction
                      Georgia Vournas                                                            given when needed.)
                      Membership - Nancy Cafferty                                                Anyone living single in Sun City Roseville is eligible to join the
                      Newsletter - Pat Wilkerson                                                 club. More information is available on the website or at the
                      Web Site - Dave Willis and Joe Hepburn                                     General Meeting held at 6:00 PM on the first Wednesday of
                                                                                                 each month in the ballroom. Dues are $8 annually, renewing
                      Sunshine - Jeri Wemyss
                                                                                                 each July 1.
                      Performance and Hospitality Committees will need lots of
                                                                                                 For information, contact Membership Chairperson Bobby
                      helpers. Lois Habein says that Tickets and Publicity are needed
                                                                                                 Cassidy-Riker, 771-5612; or any club officer – Pres. Jean Hedin,
                      yesterday! First meeting will be in October.
                                                                                                 771-4870; V.P. Joanne DeSantis, 773-1210; Sec. Dorothy
                      Dorothy and Arjeanne announce that OCTOBER BOCCE                           Woodbury, 773-9653; Treas. Janet Vogelgesang, 772-2116.
                      MADNESS is underway! The date is Sunday, October 10th at 4:30
                      PM . The location is of course our wonderful Bocce Ball Court.
                      This year it will be a Potluck affair. It is still in the planning stage

                      but the gals will definitely need helper bees. Sign up today!                   y the time you read this our league action will be over
                                                                                                      for the year 2010. We hope that many of you attended
                      Georgia Vournas will be Chair of our Christmas Party, which
                                                                                                 our exciting league ending playoff action at Mahany Park.
                      takes place in the Ballroom on Sunday, December 12. She too
                                                                                                 Comments on those games and our league championships,
                      will need help. Don’t be shy!
                                                                                                 will be in the October Courier.
                      While you’re at the calendar, ink in our Holiday Concert, which
                                                                                                 At press time for this month’s Courier, we know the 2010 league
                      happens on Monday, December 6, at 7:00 PM. And there goes
                                                                                                 champion is Eskaton Village with Squier Real Estate in 2nd
                      that blink of an eye---the whole year shot to heck!
                                                                                                 place. However, with one more day of league play on August
                      For any Newcomers the mantra goes Sun City Singers need                    16th there could be some changes in the standings of the other
                      you! Join us on Thursdays at 2:30 PM in the Aspen/Birch/Cedar              four teams.
                      rooms. Music, the answer to every problem!
                                                                                                 On July 30th we held our annual game against the
                                                                                                 Administration team which is always an entertaining and
                          singles                                                                competitive struggle. The record for the previous 3 games was
                                                                                                 2-1 in our favor and the Admin team was ready to get revenge

                      F    ire-blackened trees eerily aglow under psychedelic black
                           light. That’s the scene that beckons Singles Club members
                      to the Art & Music trip set for Friday, Sept. 10. At his downtown
                                                                                                 on their last year’s loss and even things up. And even things
                                                                                                 up they did, with 25 hits, an excellent defense and a 17-7 win.
                                                                                                 The big hitters were Ian Glass 4-4 with 2 acrobatic catches in
                      Sacramento gallery, artist Gong Yuebin uses trees charred in               the outfield. Manager, Mark Gouger, Jason Smith, Jim Ferrin
                      the 2007 Angora fire to emphasize the safeguarding of nature.              and Ron Roberts were all 3-4. Amanda Roberts and Jose Diaz
                      Cost is $8 per person, plus lunch. For reservations, call Joyce            were 2-3 with Jose contributing a double and a triple. Our guys
                      Wade, 771-5174.                                                            forgot to bring their hitting skills for this game, producing only
                                                                                                 11 hits. Manager, Jim Bisenius lead the pack with a 3-3 effort.
                      Dinner-on-the-Town kicks off a new season on Thursday, Sept.               The enthusiastic fans were treated to hot dogs and soda pop
                      16, at Roseville’s Sierra View Country Club. No-host happy                 and seemed to enjoy the action. We hope to improve our team
                      hour starts at 5:00 PM with a three-course dinner to follow.

                     30 Village Courier • September 2010                                                            sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                                   C lu b u p dAT e s
                                                        support your courier advertisers

for next years game and get back in the win column.

Our photo this month, by league photographer Lorraine                                                        Lawrence Spencer, John Tribby,
Eveland, is of the winning Administration team.                                                              Roy Stearns, Jack Murphy

We always have room for
new players and umpires, so
if you’re interested please
call Bob Venturi, 789-7711                                                         "Friday AM Tennis" with
(players) or Tom Watwood,                                                Doris Berkovec, Bobbe Angelbeck,
                                                                          Sue Conradi, and Joyce Mattison
797-1281 (umpires).

   tennis                                                                  timber creek men’s Golf
                                                                        If you were waiting to read this to find out when the next
H     ere we are in September
      already with memories
of a summer filled with lots
                                                                        meeting is scheduled, you probably missed the meeting; it’s
                                                                        happening on September 1st at 8:30 AM. Doors open at 8:00
                                                                        AM and pastries and coffee will be available, hope you are
of good weather, good
                                                                        there! 74 brave souls showed up for the August meeting out of
tennis, and some memorable
                                                                        a total membership of 334, we can do better!
Club events: an evening at
the Capitols play-offs, an                                              Our next tournament will be the Autumn Leaves on the 14th
overnight trip to Northstar,                                            headed up by Ernie and Martin Wolf; pick your partner, two
several fun tournaments, a            L-R: Ada Groblekis, Ella Bosse,
                                         Ardie Gould, Joan Eskin        person team, low net and low gross payouts to the teams. Sign-
July picnic supper, and plenty                                          ups are happening now. That will be followed by the Member/
of social tennis.                                                       Guest scheduled for the 24th. Cost will be approximately
                                                                        $100.00 per team ($65.00 with guest pass). It will include lunch
The Barnetts and the Tribbeys report that those attending the
                                                                        and guest green fees, tee prizes, raffle prizes and putting
Capitols playoffs match had an enjoyable evening. Some of
                                                                        contest. Check the bulletin board for all the details. It is being
that group met before the match for dinner at California Pizza
                                                                        co-chaired by Bill Whitney and Martin Wolf and sign-ups have
                                                                        just begun, so be certain you get in on it. Ernie will also be
At this writing the Northstar trip and the NET (Nice Easy Tennis)       running his Net tournament on the 28th and he’s looking for a
Tournament, hosted by the Barnetts and Ray Squire, have yet             few good men to get in on the action.
to take place, so details will be included in next month's article.
                                                                        Ed Daley had a hole-in-one on number 6 on July 7th that, due
Our Club members are encouraged to participate in the                   to deadlines, did not make the August Courier. That happened
National AAU Senior Tennis Championships to be hosted by                to be Ed’s third on number 6!!!!!!
Sun City Roseville on October 14th and 15th. Anyone interested
                                                                        Apparently we are getting sloppy in filling out the scorecards
in playing in this first-time event can contact a promotional
                                                                        again! Little things such as adding up some single-digit
committee member - Diane or Ray Barnett, Sharyn Bowen,
                                                                        numbers, getting the names correctly, and being sure that at
Joe Lopez, Barbara O'Malley, or Ray Squier - who will assist
                                                                        least the guy listed is actually in town at
participants in finding a partner and arrange practice sessions.
                                                                        the time of play!!
Non-players are also encouraged to join in by volunteering
their help with tennis activities. Let's help make this first Senior    Keep in mind that we have a great course
Games a success!                                                        to play on, let’s all keep it that way by
                                                                        joining RAMP, raking bunkers, filling
Recycle those used tennis balls. Jane Monahan is collecting
                                                                        divots and repairing at least two ball
them for school teachers who use them on the bottom of
                                                                        marks whenever you play.
classroom chairs to help them slide more easily.
                                                                                     Ed Daley receives his hole-in-one
Be sure to attend our General Meeting on Wednesday,                                 flag from President Paul Wilmoth
September 1st when nominations of officers for 2010/2011 will
take place. Following the meeting, members will be treated to
an Oktoberfest hosted by Linda Gordon and members of the                   timber creek Womens Golf
Social Committee. Lederhosen and Dirndls are encouraged!
                                                                        The BIG event for July was the two day handicap tournament.
See you there!                                                          Congratulations to champion Olga Widnes! Closest to the hole
                                                                        were B Hepburn, MA Chittick, K Bell and P Higgins. Winners

     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                    2010 September • Village Courier       31
C lu b u p dAT e s                                                   support your courier advertisers

                      were Flight 1 – S Pahl, J Meyers; Flight 2 – Sampson, P O’Hern,      your quest of exploration! Waited Listed only. Contact Bill Ah
                      D McKee, R Shroyer; Flight 3 – K Bell, W Barr, N Shull, E McHugh;    Fong 784-1941.
                      Flight 4 – P Purdy, C Tovey, J Anderson, L Smith; Flight 5 – MA
                      Chittick, G Myers, J Fish, C Myhre; Flight 6 – R Daley, T Johnson,   • South America – March 22 to April 5, 2011. Santiago, Puerto
                      E Ingram.                                                            Montt, Puero Varas, (Chile), Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls
                                                                                           (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Contact Marie Ah Fong, 784-
                      The O.N.E.S. tourney had the following winners: Flt 1 – D McKee;     1941.
                      S Sampson, RT Taylor, S William; Flt 2 – B Haaland, B Gibson, N
                      Shull, O Widnes; Flt 3 – D Manning, C Brown, Jo Ann Smith, G         Members are invited to attend and participate in the Trip
                      Myers; Flt 4 – S Lee, K Gallagher, MA Chittick, J Myers; Flt 5 – K   Planning Committee meetings held each month on the 3rd
                      Halligan, C Tom, J Vandiver, B Brockoff.                             Thursday at 3:00 PM in the Card Room. The members of the
                                                                                           Committee would appreciate your suggestions for possible
                      The “Alternate Shot Partners” winners were: Flt 1 – Stearns/         Travel Club destinations.
                      Haaland, McKee/Shively; Flt 2 J Smith/J Smith, Purdy/Hood;
                      Flt 3 – Roach/Dunk, Murray/Jackson; Flt 4 – Tovey/Barta, Fish/
                      Armbrust; Flt 5 – Gray/Deehr, Brockhoff/Daley.                          veterans
                      The always popular (?) 3 Clubs and Putter saw the following          Our meeting on August 4 featured another of our Sun City
                      winners: Flt 1- D McKee; D Gray, R Shroyer; Flt 2 – K Bell; B        residents, Ray Ille. Ray was a pilot of the C-124, one of the largest
                      Gibson, M Dorsey, flt 3 C Brown, J Jackson, J Nakao; Flt 4 – Jo      capacity transport aircraft built. Ray described in detail some
                      Ann Smith; D Defenbaugh; D Manning; Flt 5 – L Knight, M Irwin,       of the fantastic loads he carried during the period he flew “Old
                      B Engles Flt 6 – P DeCroix, M Deehr, E Ingram.                       Shirley”. Over 125 people were in attendance.

                      Correction: The 36 Hole Better Ball champions were Barbara           Our speaker for our next meeting Wednesday, September 1 will
                      Stearns and Cindy Johnson. Congratulations to both of you!           be Ted Robinson, known for the rescue operation which resulted
                                                                                           in the safe return of JFK after his PT Boat 109 was broadsided by
                      Membership is open at any time to residents interested in            a Japanese destroyer. Ted will describe the details of the rescue
                      joining our club. For further information, contact Jahna             and the bonding he developed with JFK.
                      Holmes, Membership Chair, at 773-8455. Or check our website
                      at timbercreekwgc.com                                                Don’t forget to register for our annual Wine and Cheese Social
                                                                                           on Sunday, September 19, 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM at Sierra Pines.
                                                                                           Cost is only $7.00 pp and reservation flyers are available in the
                         travel                                                            Kiosk at the Lodge.

                      At our August meeting, Jay Fehan presented a wonderful slide         At this writing, some seats are still left for the bus trip to Beale
                      presentation of the South America trip, which we all enjoyed.        AFB on October 8. Cost is $35.00 and includes a lunch on the
                      Now that you have made the decision to go on this trip, the          base. Reservation flyers and details are also available in the
                      next question is, “How do I pack for this fifteen day trip?” Here    Kiosk.
                      are some suggestions:

                      • Make a PACKING LIST of all items you absolutely must carry;           Water Fitness
                      not what you would like to carry along. We have a tendency to
                      play the “what if” game when deciding what to pack. The trick        Buy your tickets for the Water Fitness Social on Friday, September
                      is to pack right, and pack light.                                    24 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Tickets on sale in the Fitness Center
                                                                                           lobby September 8, 9, 13 and 14 or see an officer.
                      • You should choose clothing that can be mixed and matched:
                      colors which coordinate and layers which can be varied for look      MEET PATTI NEGRETE:
                      and comfort.
                                                                                           Patti teaches the Tuesday, Thursday 11
                      • To minimize the amount of clothing needed, you should plan         and noon classes. Here are excerpts
                      to wash your clothing during any trip which is longer than a few     from an interview with Patti: “I began
                      days.                                                                my Group Fitness Instructor career
                                                                                           teaching dance aerobics at Jack
                      Our upcoming trips include:                                          LaLanne’s in Sacramento in 1985 and
                                                                                           it is still my favorite teaching format. I
                      • New England Back Roads – October 4-11. Boston, Southern            loved that so much that water fitness
                      Vermont,   New     Hampshire,     Maine,  Kennebunkport,             teaching came next. In addition to those, I currently teach
                      Massachusetts. Contact Rudy, 774-9729.                               hatha yoga and meditation, country line dancing, sculpting
                                                                                           and seated exercise. I am also a Personal Trainer and mat Pilates
                      • The MYSTERY TRIP – October 26-28, 2010. The bus leaves the
                      lodge at 7:15 a.m. Remember to bring a wrap, casual attire and

                     32 Village Courier • September 2010                                                       sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                             C lu b u p dAT e s
                                                     support your courier advertisers

Patti began her education in nursing. She also became a massage therapist, a personal trainer as well as owning a bicycle shop with
her husband. In 1995 she was offered the position of the first Fitness Director here at SCR and began in November, 1995. She thinks
it was one of the best decisions she ever made with plenty of opportunities, great people and good times. Before the fitness center
was completed they rented a room and held exercise classes at a gym in old town Roseville and water classes at the Woodcreek
Oaks High pool. After being at SCR for 4 years, she transferred to start up the fitness program at SC Lincoln Hills. That job required
management work only and Patti says, “that’s one way to starve a fitness instructor, stick ’em in an office.” So after 1½ years she
resigned and returned to being a Fitness Instructor. She has been with SCR for 13 years.

Want to try out water fitness? Pick up a flyer in Fitness Center lobby for details. You get 3 free classes for non members.

                                                                       The Ambassador Committee meets the third Wednesday of each
   by Kathleen Quigley
                                                                       month. The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 15, at
The Ambassador Committee welcomed five new members at its              2:00 PM in the Poker Room. Residents are welcome to attend.
August 18 meeting: Jean Montgomery; Jennifer Martinez; Ray
Aguilera; Peggy Grenz; and Sally Graham. Kathleen Quigley’s
name was recommended to the Board as the 2010/2011 Chair.
Dave Axthelm accepted the appointment to the Vice Chair
position for the 2010/2011 year. Continuing members include:
                                                                       Governmental Affairs
Dee Franz, Betty Mann, Sandi Viele, Allene Grandey, Celia Burd,           by Carolyn Lindberg
Joan Burke, Virginia Edlund, and Ralph Nave.
                                                                       The Governmental Affairs Committee is planning two meetings
Farewell and thanks for a job well done were extended to               to provide information needed to help voters for the November
outgoing Chair, Jean Sandford. In addition, we thanked Janet           Election.
Pence, John Pennington, and Bob Salentine for their fine service
                                                                       The first is a City Council Candidates Forum that will occur on
during their membership terms. We also acknowledged the
                                                                       September 13 at 1:30 PM in the Ballroom. All six candidates for
hard work and commitment to the Ambassador Committee of
                                                                       the two vacancies in the Council will explain their platforms and
Bonnie Schoesser, Committee Secretary, Dodie Robeck, Staff
                                                                       answer your questions. The Governmental Affairs Committee is
Advisor, and De Emory, Board Liaison.
                                                                       assisting Activities in the presentation. Light refreshments will
The Ambassador Committee hosted a New Resident Wine                    be served.
and Cheese Reception on Saturday, August 28 at Sierra Pines.
                                                                       Second, on October 5 at 7:00 PM the Placer County League of
Along with greeting and welcoming new residents to our
                                                                       Women Voters will present the pros and cons regarding the
wonderful community, the gathering provided new residents an
                                                                       ballot propositions. That meeting will take place in Sierra Pines.
opportunity to learn more about the many activities and events
that take place in Sun City Roseville.                                 There are a few vacancies on the GAC. If you have an interest
                                                                       in monitoring federal, state, county, or city activities that could
The Committee strives (a) to encourage use of Sun City’s public
                                                                       impact our community, it’s not too late to file an application for
facilities by residents of the surrounding areas, and (b) to attract
                                                                       committee membership.
new residents to SCR by promoting and conveying the positive
image of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle within our 55+ active adult
community. The purpose is to let people know how wonderful
life is here in SCR. Hopefully some of these people will be
attracted to move here.

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                 2010 September • Village Courier    33
             The Activities Department


                                      apple Hill

                                    Wednesday, October 13

     Thursday, October 14

                                Whiskey Dawn
                                       Friday, October 15

Old Sac & the Train Museum
       Friday, October 15

              Fall FeSTival
                50'S Dance
             with Jan & The Studebakers
                    Saturday, October 16

                 Sign up at the Monitor's Desk
G rou p u p dAT e s

                                                                       Group Contacts
                      ASIAN AMERICANS                 3rd Fri. (Odd Months) 5:00 pm                    Sharyn Bowen           771-5970
                      BANJO                           Thurs. 3:00 pm                                   Dale Applegate         773-2098
                      BASKETBALL                      Mtg. Annually                                    Jim Bisenius           773-8182
                      BRITISH ISLES                   4th Wed. (Odd Months) 7:00 pm                    Cynthia Sindrey        773-5151
                      BULLS & BEARS                   4th Tues. 7:00 pm                                Ken Place              772-1224
                      BUNCO                           2nd & 4th Mon. 8:30 am (Play)                    Carol Delsarto         774-1564
                                                                                                       Nancy Gibson           783-6651
                      CAN DO                          3rd Tues. 1:30 pm                                Karen Schwab           772-1970
                      CINEMA                          3rd Fri. 1:30 pm                                 Charlee Swartz         771-4860
                      CRIBBAGE                        Fri. 1:00 pm, 1st Friday - Tournaments           Don Phillips           771-4877
                      CROQUET                         Mon. – Sat. 8:00 am & Thurs. 4:15 pm             Jim Miller             771-3125
                      CYCLING                         3rd Mon. 8:00 am                                 Bill Burger            771-7920
                      HARMONICOOTS                    Tues. 12:00 pm                                   Bud Gardner            781-2830
                      HEARTLAND                       Sat. 6:00 pm (Jan-Apr-July-Oct)                  Joe & Pat Flores       580-3787
                      HUMANISTS                       1st Sun. 1:00 pm                                 Cleo or Hank Kocol     771-5231
                      JEWISH FELLOWSHIP               1st Fri. 7:30 pm, 3rd Sun. 6:00 pm               Manny Hirschel         771-9918
                      LADIES POKER                    Tues. 12:30 pm & Thurs. 6:30 pm                  Terry Halstead         771-4166
                      LIVE STOCK                      3rd Tues. 7:00 pm                                Dorothy Maurer         771-8260
                      MAH JONGG                       Mon. 12:30 pm (Play), Fri. 9:00 am (Play)        Dolores Kavrell        772-2706
                      MASONIC BREAKFAST               1st Monday 9:00 am                               Jack Ellison           771-5590
                      MEN’S POKER                     Mon. 12:00 pm, Tues. 6:00 pm, Wed. 4:00 pm,      Danny Pitifer          788-0253
                                                      Thurs. 11:45 am
                      MUSIC                           Guitar: Wed. & Thurs. 10:00 am                   Don Sinn               771-8115
                                                      Keyboard: 4th Fri. 3:00 pm (Jan-Mar-June-Sept)   JoAnn Gasquoine        771-0461
                                                      Ukulele: Tues. 9:00 am                           Ethel Nihei            774-0389
                      MUSIC AND LAUGHTER              2nd Wed. 7:00 pm                                 Jane Bohn              771-8101
                      PICKLE-BALL                     Tues., Thurs., Sat. 8:30 am                      Clifford Gee           773-3829
                      PINOCHLE                        Tues. 5:30 pm (Warmup), 6:00 pm (Play)           Kathy Lehman           782-1980
                      POSTAGE STAMP                   2nd & 4th Thurs. 7:00 pm                         Al Capparelli          771-8288
                      PEGS AND JOKERS                 2nd Thurs. 6:30 pm                               Frankie Saumure        771-5614
                      REGISTERED NURSES               2nd Mon. 12:00 pm Solarium                       Terry Halstead         771-4166
                                                                                                       Lil Howington          771-4362
                      ROD & REEL                      1st Fri. 1:00 pm                                 John Sanchez           771-3489
                      SCR BOOSTERS                    3rd Wed. (Odd Months) 4:00 pm                    Bob Antrim             952-0004
                      SCR DEMOCRATS                   4th Tues. 9:00 am                                Eileen Moodie          772-6393
                      SCR REPUBLICANS                 2nd Mon. 6:30 pm                                 Carole Vaillancourt    781-2468
                      SHORS (Seniors Helping          2nd Tues. 3:00 pm (Feb-May-Aug-Nov)              Herb Kristal           771-5853
                      Our Roseville Schools)
                      SUNSHIP MARINERS                2nd Tues. 7:15 pm                                Fred Barrie            771-7522
                      TAI-JI                          Mon. & Wed. 2:00 pm                              Setsuko Lugauer        771-5409
                      TABLE TENNIS                    Play - Tues. & Thurs. 2:30 pm, Sat. 9:00 am      Sandy Horvath          772-8135
                      TEA PARTY PATRIOTS –            2nd Sun. 1:00 pm                                 Bob & Gwen Myers       773-7074
                      SOUTH PLACER
                      TRAILS                          2nd Mon. 6:00 pm (Jan-Mar-June-Sept)             Lee Schaefer           774-6820
                      UPPER MIDWEST                                                                    Dan &                  771-6981
                                                                                                       Norma Dougherty
                      VOLLEYBALL                      2nd Fri. 5:00 pm (Mar-June-Sept)                 Audrey Gardetto        771-7403
                      WEBBERS                         4th Thurs. 7:00 pm                               Jack Ellison           771-5590
                      WIZARDS                         2nd Tues. 10:00 am                               Dottie Ferguson        773-1298

                      sun city roseville community association, inc.                                       2010 September • Village Courier   35
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  asian americans                                                     For further information on the class or banjos, phone 773-2098
                                                                      or e-mail: dfapplegate@yahoo.com
We will be having our next social on
September 17, 2010 at Sierra Pines. It will
be an Asian Pot Luck, bring your favorite                               British isles
Asian dish of beef, chicken, pork, seafood,
veggies, noodles, rice, etc. Bring enough                             ah, september is here with cooler nights and more comfortable
for 8-10 people.                                                      days, although this summer has been cooler than normal.

Dessert, water, tea will be provided. Bring                           Our afternoon tea was a smashing success, the foods delicious
your own beer and wine. Wear Asian                                    and the company really great. The new Sierra Pines is wonderful,
attire if you so desire. There will be a                              much more useable and decorated lovely, and a really big clock
presentation by CATS (Community Asian Theatre of the Sierras).        that can be seen from anywhere in the room.
Also, there will be a demonstration by Robinson's Taekwondo
                                                                      Our September social will be on the 22nd in Sierra Pines. We
                                                                      will be playing "CHARADES"; you remember that old pastime of
                          Members free, Guests $5.00, make            acting out a film or song, a well know event or such. Just bring
                          checks to Asian American Club. RSVP         your imagination and a strong sense of humor and be prepared
                          to Marianne Fuji - 773-1254, 373 Cope       to have a great time. Please bring your own drinks & snacks;
                          Ridge Ct., Roseville CA, 95747. Hosted      coffee and tea will be available. You should receive a phone call
                          by Bowen, Fuji, Koong, Huenger,             with more information in the near future.
                                                                      There will be NO meeting in November; however, we will be
                          photos taken at the July Social             enjoying a lovely Christmas Dinner on December 1st. What a
                                                                      wonderful way to start the Holiday Social scene.

  Banjo                                                               Hope to see all of you around and about.

you must understand that "banjo music" is not loved by
everyone in our community. Some people think of banjo                   Bunco
music as "just noise". One must feel sorry for these poor simple
                                                                      Winners for july 12:
folks. Where else can you get the emotional stirrings of the old
Mississippi River, the paddleboats, the New Orleans rhythm and        • Most Bunco’s - Yvonne Hanson
occasional syncopation?                                               • Most Games -
                                                                        Edna Jordan / Amelia Balian
Remember in last month's column when we explained to the              • Booby - Mary Bacigalupi
banjo newcomers how easy it was to play 3 chords and strum
away to hundred's of songs? Well, we did forget just one
simple thing: rhythm, people! Rhythm is what makes a band                                         july 27:
stick together. It's the beat. It is very normal for a new player
                                                                                                  • Most Bunco’s - Helen Rodriguez
to slowly pick up speed as he or she is playing a song. If you
happen to look up from your music sheet, and notice a fishy-                                      • Most Games - Nora Bork
eyed stare from all the other members, that means you've been                                     • Booby - Katy Naegle/ Sonia Lillo
speeding up.
                                                                                                   It’s close to that time again for our
Here is how you correct this bad habit. Just tap on your leg with                                  ”Night Time Open Bunco”. It will be
the palm of your hand and say softly "boom", "chuck", "boom",         Friday, October 22nd at the Sierra Pines. I know it’s early, but
"chuck", boom", "chuck" with no breaks or pauses in your routine.     somehow we seem to put things off until the last minute. So,
You can even do this while driving your car. If the guy in the car    mark your calendars. Sign in at 6:30 PM, play starts at 7: 00 PM.
next to you looks at you kinda funny-like, just ignore him and        Flyers will be available at the Kiosk in the Lodge lobby. More to
keep tapping. What happens is that you are training your brain        follow next month. Contact Carol Del Sarto, 774-1564 or Nancy
to a steady, steady, musical rhythm of two "boom", "chucks" to        Gibson, 782-6651 with any questions. Bye for now.
a measure, or 4 beats. After a while, you will graduate to a little
variation called the "bum", "ditty", but that is another story.
Now, wasn't that easy? You are now ready to play with the Back
Bay Banjo Band, and maybe do a couple of private gigs on the          our flavor of the month is russia!
side. Come on by on Thursday a little after 3:00 PM, Sierra Pines
"B" and see what is going on.                                         Get a double-dip of entertainment viewing the great Greta Garbo
                                                                      as a grim Bolshevik agent who succumbs to Paris, champagne,

36 Village Courier • September 2010                                                       sun city roseville community association, inc.
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                      and love in the romantic comedy "NINOTCHKA."                          ride with a delicious breakfast prepared by the Bakery and Café
                                                                                            colleagues at Raley’s Supermarket and served outdoors on the
                      Then, hear our guest speaker, prize-winning artist MARIAN             store’s front patio. Then, riders toured behind the scenes of
                      FAGAN BATTEN recount her interesting years of experience              the store. "We've enjoyed hosting a breakfast for the Sun City
                      teaching art at the Anglo-American School in Moscow.                  Cycling Club throughout the years," said Lowell Baker, Raley’s
                                                                                            Roseville Store Director. "It's great to see customers in the club
                      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2010, 1:30 PM - SIERRA PINES Room A
                                                                                            come through the store and visit with neighbors over breakfast."
                      For information call Charlee Swartz, 771-4860.
                                                                                            “The presentation by Raley's was outstanding. The food was
                                                                                            plentiful and very fresh and the raffle brought everything
                        cribbage                                                            together,” added Bill Burger. Our thanks to Roseville Raley's for
                                                                                            your hospitality and setting a great example for community
                      the cribbage Group meets every                                        involvement in Roseville.
                      Friday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in
                      the beautiful setting of the Fine Arts                                Past deadline events will be reported in October issue.
                      room. In addition to some lively and                                  AUGUST EVENTS:
                      close games of Crib, we’re treated to
                      an ever changing wall of local artists’                               • August 3 - Fletchers Ride to Original Pancake House. About 30
                      paintings. The first Friday of the                                    people rode from Sun City to the Original Pancake House where
                      month is “tournament day”. Entry                                      they were served breakfast on the patio. Steve and Linda Smith,
                      fee is one dollar with all the collected money returned to First      owners of OPH, really enhanced the adventure.
                      and Second place winners with one dollar for consolation prize.
                      The winners for August 6, 2010 were Dick Gibson, first place;         • August 13 - Big Friday Ride to Pleasant Grove. Nick Ford & Jim
                      Betty Will, second place; Jim Sharp, consolation prize.               Viele led 20 riders to breakfast at the Country Store

                      “Come on down, cut the cards, low card deals.”                        • August 27 - San Francisco Ride. Dave Axthelm led the annual
                                                                                            ferry ride/bike ride to San Francisco.

                        croquet                                                             SEPTEMBER EVENTS:

                      the club was so pleased to have Jim Ferrin attend our August          • September 7 – Breakfast @ Boudin’s @ the Fountains led by
                      meeting and social luncheon. He gave us an update on the              John Maloney. 3rd Annual Event! Meet @ the TC and John will
                      plans for the new croquet court that is to be built. Construction     lead us on a great ride to Boudin’s.
                      will hopefully start this month and the facility should be a very
                                                                                            • September 10 – Ride to Granite Bay, Leader: Nancy Tendy to
                      nice asset to our community. The temporary court has certainly
                                                                                            her daughter’s house. Ride 30 miles round trip
                      created a lot of interest in our club and the sport of croquet.
                      Could it be that as we age we're all looking for a new fun and        • September 14 – Peddle Pusher ride along the Truckee River
                      competitive sport that will be a bit less demanding to the "old
                      body"?                                                                • September 20 - Monthly Club Meeting at Sierra Pines, 8:00 AM

                      A big thank you to Jean Cotter and her committee for planning         AS ALWAYS, RIDE SAFELY & HAVE FUN!!
                      the August quarterly luncheon and meeting. Our next quarterly
                      meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 14th, 4:00 to 8:00
                      PM. However, during the construction it's quite possible that                                             Raley’s Breakfast Ride
                      we will not have any court for play, so to keep all of us in touch
                      during this time, Helen Cox has reserved the Solarium for a
                      breakfast get-together on Monday, Oct 18. The $10.00 price
                      includes breakfast, coffee, tax and gratuity, so send your checks
                      to Helen for your reservation. Be sure to mark your calendars for
                      these events.

                      Always a good idea to check your e-mail for update and changes.
                      Until Jim returns, call Art, 771-6935 if you have any questions.

                                                                                                           Fletcher’s ride to
                        cycling                                                                             Pancake House

                      july 23 Breakfast @ raley’s led by John Maloney - for the third
                      year in a row, Sun City Roseville cyclists capped off their Tuesday

                          sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                  2010 September • Village Courier   37
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  harmonicoots                                                       We are looking forward to the Halloween party on Saturday,
                                                                     October 30 at Sierra Pines at 6:00 PM. It will be potluck; wine
coots are back in full swing in their new meeting venue: Room        and coffee will be provided by the club. There will prizes for
B at Sierra Pines. Here is our schedule from noon to 5:00 PM each    costumes as well as games. The best part of it is that we all get
Tuesday:                                                             to spend a fun evening with our neighbors. Hope you will mark
                                                                     it on your calendars.
• 12:00 Noon to 12:45 PM -- Board Meetings, Lessons, Speakers
                                                                     If you would like to help out, no matter how much or little, it
• 1:00 - 2:45 PM -- Regular Meeting to Learn Songs and Enjoy the     would be welcomed. Many of you have organizational talents
Open Mic                                                             from your “other” life that would beneficial in maintaining the
• 3:00 - 4:45 PM -- Ensemble Practice for Upcoming Gigs              club.

A great big THANKS goes to Carver Sears for leading the Summer       Give Joe Flores (President) a call at 580-3787 if you notice we are
JamCamp sessions during the Coots' hiatus. The Coots now have        missing your email address or with any other questions you may
a locker in Room B to store their sheet music, library of books,     have.
CDs, and cassettes to be loaned out--and the Jamboree DVDs           The Heartland Club meets quarterly on the fourth Saturday of
on sale at $10 each. The Coots' 6th Jamboree was the best ever.      the month at Sierra Pines at 6:00 PM. The dues are a nominal $3
These DVDs make wonderful gifts for family and friends. To           per person yearly payable in July.
purchase them, see Don Rogers at the Coots' meetings on any
Tuesday at 1:00 PM or give him a call at 771-7961.
                                                                       jewish Fellowship
This DVD--along with the Coots' Band of 42 performers--
features guest musician Bud Boblink, a member of the current         the shabbat service this month will be at 7:30 PM on Friday,
Harmonicats' Trio, who entertained the audience with his             Sept 3 at Sierra Pines. Enid Malkin will lead the services. Galila
30-minute comedy act, playing a variety of harmonicas. Then,         and Robert Whitmarsh will be the hosts of the Oneg Shabbat.
Bruce Turley appeared as Elvis Presley with a wig, sun shades,       After the Oneg Shabbat a stimulating discussion group will take
and guitar and drew screams and raves from the audience when         place. Please join us.
he sang "Blue Suede Shoes." Watch for Elvis to make another
appearance in the Coots' 7th Jamboree on Tuesday evening,            We will be holding the third annual “Break The Fast” at 7:00 PM
May 10, 2011.                                                        on Saturday September 18 at Sierra Pines. There will be a $5.00
                                                                     charge for people who attend. Please respond to Diane Parlin at
Five Coots' delegates returned from the 47th SPAH International      749-3497.
Harmonica Convention, held at Bloomington, MN, brimming
over with new ideas and techniques for the Coots' Band to
explore.                                                               Ladies poker
Mary Ann Chittick, Vice Coot and Music Committee Chair, has          Looking for players. Wild card games are fun and keep your
been meeting with the Music Committee to select songs for            mind active. Play on Tuesdays, 12:30-4:30 PM or Thursday
the 7th Jamboree. The Coots have purchased two software              evenings, 6:30-9:30 PM.
programs--Smart Score and Band-in-a-Box (BIAB) 2010.5
upgrade--to help learn new songs and to create CDs. Enio             Information: Terry Halstead, 771-4166
Câmara and Henry Koong are experts on these programs.
                                                                       mah jongg
                                                                     now that summer is almost over, the grandkids are back in
the heartland Group‘s Barbecue was a big success in July.            school and vacations have been taken, let's get back to playing
There was a lot of help that made it a very enjoyable event.         Mah Jongg. Friday morning Mah Jongg is starting to see
We are particularly grateful to the family of Ray and Dot Ille for   some familiar faces return and Monday afternoon Mah Jongg
manning the barbecue for us.                                         is hopping. We have the regular Tuesday players and some
                                                                     returning Monday players with four to five newbie’s learning
We are trying to keep in contact with members in between our         the game. So whether you are a Friday or a Monday Mah Jongg
quarterly events. We hope you enjoyed the email newsletter           player, come on down and have some fun and fellowship. We are
update, “Heartland Notes over the Back Fence.” If you did not        always glad to see you.
receive it, we do not have an email address for you. Each month
we will try to feature one individual/couple as our Featured         Remember: All Mah Jongg functions are fragrance free!
Member of the Month. This month we are pleased to honor Ray
and Dot Ille.

38 Village Courier • September 2010                                                      sun city roseville community association, inc.
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                        masonic Breakfast                                                  Don Anderson, “500 Miles” and Gary Sloan, “ Creative Song”.

                      our next brunch will be september 4, 2010 at 9:00 AM in              GC players and guest artists are practicing their favorite songs
                      the Solarium at Sun City Roseville Timber Lodge. This is the         diligently for Guitar CLASS’ 4th Annual Guitar Class Funfest
                      concluding part of the article regarding Benjamin Franklin’s book    & Sing-Along at Sierra Pines Friday, November 12 at 7:00 PM.
                      he printed, “The Constitutions of the Free Mason”. (Continued        Show Co-Directors, Carolyn Winter & Gene Ballard are working
                      from August).                                                        with MC, Ed Burger in creating our finest musical program ever,
                                                                                           with new songs and new artists including guest artist, Rhythm
                      *“A Mason is a peaceable subject to the civil powers, wherever       & Blues Guitarist virtuoso Jimmie Chandler. Tickets ($5) will be
                      he resides or works, and is never to be concerned in plots or        on sale by GC members and in the Timber Lodge Lobby. Limited
                      conspiracies against the peace and welfare of the nation, nor to     seating; buy tickets early.
                      behave himself undutiful to inferior magistrates; for as Masonry
                      hath been always injured by war, bloodshed, and confusion,
                      so ancient kings and princes have been much disposed to                registered nurses
                      encourage the craftsmen, because of their peaceableness and
                      loyalty, whereby they practically answered the cavils of their       patricia jednorozec, a registered Dental Hygienist will be our
                      adversaries, and promoted the honor of the fraternity, whoever       speaker on Sept. 13. Meet at noon in the Solarium. Remember, to
                      flourished in times of peace. So that if a brother should be         cancel contact Barbara Driggs at 872-4272.
                      a rebel against the state, he is not to be countenanced in his
                                                                                           Information: Lil Howington, 771-4362
                      rebellion, however he may be pitied as an unhappy man; and
                      if convicted of no other crime, though the loyal brotherhood
                      must and ought to disown his rebellion, and give no umbrage            rod & reel
                      or ground of political jealousy to the government for the time
                      being; they cannot expel him from the lodge, and his relations       ok, mates, “now hear this!" We have important stuff coming
                      to it remains indefeasible.”                                         up. First of all, this Friday, September 3 we’ll have a speaker from
                                                                                           the Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead organization.
                      *spelling modernized                                                 That’s in addition to LeRoy’s hors d’oeuvres with beer, wine and
                                                                                           soda. Then, on Friday, October 1, we will have our "Surprise
                                                                                           Oktoberfest" (See! I can spell). I don’t have any details about the
                        music - Guitar                                                     menu, but everything up ‘til now has been great, so why worry.
                      the 8 Week special summer sessions ending July 28 at                 The price is $7 and no, Izzy you don't get a discount for quantity.
                      Sierra Pines were moderately successful. Each Session was
                                                                                           I just got word about that Alaskan fishing trip from our great
                      coordinated by an Advance Class member, giving the instructors
                                                                                           fishermen: Joe Patania, Dick Johnson, David Hess and Dave
                      some vacation from teaching. The final session was highlighted
                                                                                           Okasaki. They fished for four days in Sitka and caught 34 Salmon,
                      by Coordinator, Joan Thomas playing piano and leading songs.
                                                                                           9 Halibut and 59 Rock fish, including 4 large ‘Yellow Eye’. The
                      Beginning the fall season classes on a rousing note, special         Salmon catch included 11 Kings and 23 Silvers and on top of that,
                      entertainment was planned for a festive mood to start lessons        two of the Halibut weighed in excess of 100 pounds (127 and
                      August 11 & 12.                                                      115 pounds). After cleaning, cutting fish into eating portions and
                                                                                           vacuum packing, each of our hero’s put over 100 pounds of fish
                      Guest artists opening the program, were Pearl Nicolino, 4-string     in their freezers. Sounds pretty good, huh!
                      banjo virtuoso, accompanied by GC member Paul Smith, also
                      on 4-string; Pearl sang and played “Some Day You’ll Want Me to       One last thing before I fade away (and at my age, I am fading), you
                      Want You”; “Crazy”, and “Avalon”. Pearl’s long musical career was    may know that this month our nominating committee will be set
                      clearly demonstrated in her well-received performance.               to "shanghai" some new officers (we used to call it nominate, but
                                                                                           that’s not what really happens). Then, in November, we'll vote the
                      Next was Carver Sears, Sun City violinist, soloing “fiddle tunes”:   rascals into "the barrel" and begin to hassle some new people.
                      “Flop-eared Mule”, “Flying Cloud Cotillion”, “Jerusalem Ridge”,      Remember, without Officers there is no Rod & Reel Group. So,
                      “Carolan’s Concerto”, “Cattle in the Cane,” and the Civil War        if you enjoy the companion-ship, the feeds, the wine, beer, soda
                      ballad Ashokan Farewell, plus encore Danny Boy. Vocalist Annie       and everything else, consider any call to volunteer very seriously,
                      Lindsay, Carver’s excellent guitarist accompaniment, singing “I      especially if you enjoy eating.
                      Fall to Pieces.”
                                                                                           By the way, did you know that our Harmonicoots decided not to
                      Guitar Class “soloed-out” the program: Ken Roberts, “Ghost           accept Izzy into their group? They decided that they didn’t need
                      Riders in the Sky” & “Autumn Leaves”, Gene Hentzel, “I’m             a kazoo player.
                      Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”, Joan Thomas,
                      “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place”, Ginny Thompson “Deep
                      Purple, Don Sinn, harmonica, “Over the Waves”, “Merry Widow
                      Waltz”, “Tennessee Waltz,”; Sandy Chandler, “Midnight Special”,

                          sun city roseville community association, inc.                                               2010 September • Village Courier     39
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  scr democrats                                                      Coyote Ridge Elementary students learned the rules and
                                                                     techniques of Bocce play thanks to SHORS member Leo Tarantino,
Our mid-summer meeting celebrated the service of two outgoing        who also recruited volunteers from SCR Bocce Club. Leo has been
board members, Hank Kocol and Barbara Blank, with a festive          teaching Bocce for four years at the school. Over 200 students
and delicious sheet cake. We were brought up to date during          participated in the May 2010 month-long tournament play.
an informative hour with Rob Haswell, who is a fifth generation
Californian as well as Regional Director of Region 1.                Leo and his wife Adele have been Sun City residents for eight
                                                                     years. Leo was a teacher for 30 years in Millbrae. He currently
At the September 28th meeting we will hear from all the              volunteers three hours a week tutoring 4th graders in math at
candidates for Roseville's City Council election. We hope to have    Coyote Ridge. He teaches Bocce for 4th and 5th graders at the
newly elected County Supervisor, Jack Duran to introduce the         end of each school year. He is working to expand Bocce to
slate.                                                               Junction Elementary School.
Meeting time is 9:00 AM in Sierra Pines on Tuesday, Sept. 28. All    “I enjoy seeing kids learn new things and having fun activities,
residents are invited.                                               like Bocce, which all kids can play. It is a great feeling seeing the
                                                                     joy in their faces. It is very rewarding working in the classroom
                                                                     helping kids with math. I highly recommend volunteering. I
  scr republicans                                                    sincerely believe a student who enjoys school is more likely to
monday, september 13th - 6:45 PM at the Timbers Ballroom.
Candidates to fill the term of the late Dave Cox, State Senator      Thinking about volunteering? Please contact: Herb Kristal,
First District, will be our speakers. Roger Niello and Ted Gaines    President, 771-5853, email herbkristal@gmail.com
have both filed papers to represent portions of Nevada, Placer
and Sacramento Counties and the entire Counties of Alpine,
Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Lassen, Modoc, Mono, Plumas              table tennis
and Sierra. Dave Cox served us well and was a loyal attendee and
speaker at our many Republican Meetings and Dinners. We all          in july, we had our summer social
knew him and shall miss him.                                         lunch and it was very successful with
                                                                     "Master of Ceremonies", Harvey Lee
In October we will be hosting the Republican candidates for our      who came up with new games and
local Roseville City Council seats. Please note that the Meeting     lots of laughs.
date has been moved forward from October 11 to Monday,
October 4th.                                                         In late July, Kathy Koong, Henry Koong
                                                                     and Stephen Liu were in Washington
For further information call Carole at 781-2468.                     State to play in the Senior Table Tennis
                                                                     tournament. They all came out winning gold medals:

  shors (seniors helping our roseville schools)                      • Kathy won 3 Gold in women's doubles, mixed doubles and
the new school year has begun, and volunteers are
desperately needed. Can you spare an hour (or more if you wish)      • Stephen won 3 Gold in men's doubles, mixed doubles and
a week? Volunteering in the Roseville elementary schools is a        singles
tremendously rewarding experience.
                                                                     • Henry won Gold in men's doubles, silver in mixed doubles and
EVENTS:                                                              bronze in singles

SHORs August meeting featured speaker Linda Marchus, an              That's quite an achievement and our club and Sun City Roseville
author/illustrator of children’s books. Her presentation was         should be very proud of them.
informative and well-received.
                                                                     We have just recently ordered 3 new tables, nets, etc. After receipt
SHORs conducted an orientation/training session for volunteers       of these new tables, we will then have four (4) professional
on August 17. The session covered developing a comfort               quality tables. Also, please remember when the winter weather
zone at the elementary school; remembering students’ names;          comes to Roseville, we will not have to give up Table Tennis since
relationship with staff; rewards of being a SHORS volunteer.         this activity is always an all year round sport. Rain, wind, heat or
Member Mike Codon conducted the course.                              cold will not affect playing.

Next SHORS meeting will be November                                  Please remember to reserve Dec 10, for the winter Holiday Party.
9, 2010 at 3:00 PM—find details in the                               Details will be forthcoming later.
October publication.

portrait of a volunteer - Leo tarantino:

40 Village Courier • September 2010                                                       sun city roseville community association, inc.
G rou p u p dAT e s                                                        support your courier advertisers

                        tea party patriots                                                  • 9/16 - 3 Lakes, Boreal Ridge, Hwy 80 Difficulty: 3.5, Easy/Mod, 5
                                                                                            miles. Elevation gain: 350 ft. Single track Clockwise loop. Lunch
                      tEa party patriots - South Placer County SCR Chapter                  at Lake Angela Leader: Dori Zuchold
                      presented another successful meeting in July with yet another
                      record number of attendees! Thank you to Sun City residents and       • 9/23 - Andesite Peak Loop. Boreal Ridge, I-80. Difficulty 6
                      their friends for their support. And thanks to our guest speakers     Mod./Diff. Miles: 7. Elevation gain: 1200 ft. Single Track, great
                      for the valuable information they imparted. Mary Ann Chittick         views. Lunch at Peter Grubb Hut. Leader: Ray Moore
                      provided insight into the “Fair Tax” and Eric Eisenhammer was
                      able to clarify many Propositions that will appear on the next        • 9/30 - Frog Lake Overlook, Boreal Ridge I-80. Difficulty 6.5,
                      ballot . We are fortunate to have gained a new awareness on           Strenuous. 7 miles. Elevation gain 1450 ft. Road and Single track,
                      these subjects from two more of our knowledgeable resources.          partial shade. Lunch at the Overlook. Leader: Don Stoye. Castle
                                                                                            Valley Loop, Boreal Ridge I-80, Difficulty 3.5, Easy/Moderate, 6
                      On September 12th there will be a rally, “United To The Finish”,      miles. Elevation gain 300 ft. Single track, generally shady. Lunch
                      at McClellan Park in Sacramento sponsored by NorCal TPP.              along the trail. Leader: Ann Wahlenmeier
                      Information on gathering transportation will be on our website
                      for those interested in attending this “sure to be defining” event.   Meet at the Tennis Courts on Thursdays
                                                                                            at 7:45 AM. Hiking boots strongly
                      Let our voices be heard!
                                                                                            recommended. Bring lunch and
                      We also invite all interested Sun City Residents and their guests     plenty of water. Carpooling: $7 to $10
                      to attend our next meeting scheduled for Sunday, September            depending on length of drive.
                      29th from 1:00-3:00 PM at the Sierra Pines. We will PREVIEW THE
                                                                                            Check our website at:
                      FORTHCOMING ABSENTEE BALLOT, gaining vital information
                      about many of the significant offerings therein including an
                      overview of local candidates, State propositions and local bond       Happy Trails!                                     Don and Audrey at
                      measures. The second half of the meeting will be a “mix and                                                               Winnemucca
                      mingle” and will include opportunities for you to query, one-on-
                      one, some of the attending local candidates. This meeting could         upper midwest Group
                      be the most important and educational meeting to attend all
                      year. Invite any interested friends and neighbors to join us and      (Former residents of Minnesota-Dakotas-Wisconsin-Nebraska-Iowa-Illinois)
                                                                                            2010 harvest Gathering - Sunday - September 26 - Sierra
                      For information please contact Bob and Gwen Myers at 773-             Pines Room A (Patio entrance)
                      7074. Visit our website at http://www.suncityroseville.org/ (click    • 3:00 PM - Golf (see below)
                      on resident login to access clubs) and view calendar of upcoming
                                                                                            • 5:30 PM - Social Hour (beer, wine, soda & nibbles)
                      meetings and events.
                                                                                            • 6:30 PM - Dinner (spaghetti & meat balls, salad, French bread,
                      We are not affiliated with any political party.                       dessert & coffee)
                                                                                            • 7:30 PM - Easy Line Dancing with Bill Swayne
                                                                                            • Cost - $12
                                                                                            Bill Swayne is the popular line dance instructor who teaches the
                      Five hikes this month. Penner Lake, while there is a climb at         largest dance class in Sun City Roseville. Bill will choose easy
                      the end, the view makes it worthwhile. The Rubicon Trail, also        dances that all beginners can do. And the music is beautiful.
                      provides an awesome view and lunch at Sunnyside Restaurant.           You’ll love dancing to the Last Cheater’s Waltz!
                      3 Lakes, snowed out in July, offers another gorgeous view at
                      Lake Angela. Andesite Peak Loop has several pretty view spots.        If you are among the fortunate people who have ever lived in
                      Frog Lake Overlook and Castle Valley Loop, a much easier hike         Minnesota, North/South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa or
                                                                                            Illinois, you won’t want to miss the fun and fellowship at our 2010
                      along the same trail finish the month of fantastic views.
                                                                                            Fall Harvest held in Sun City’s newly enlarged and renovated
                      September 2010 Hikes:         Rated from 1 (easiest) to 10 (very      Sierra Pines. To put your name on our mailing list, send your
                                                                                            email address to Arnie Lasher at alasher5@gmail.com.
                                                                                            Reservations for dinner must be received by Friday, September
                      • 9/2 - Penner Lake/ Culberton Lake Overlook, Hwy #20 -180            24. Make the check payable to Dan Dougherty. Then deliver
                      Lake Bowman Rd. Difficulty 4, Moderate, 6 miles. Elevation gain       your check to Dan Dougherty, 5266 Green Grove Lane, 771-
                      525 ft. Single track, partial shade. Lunch edge of Penner Lake or     6981or Joy Schumann, 309 Wagonmaster Ct, 786-2116
                      Culberton Lake. Leader: Don Stoye
                                                                                            Golf: To sign up for golf, call Gordon Bjonerud at 771-4744.
                      • 9/9 - Rubicon Trail, Lake Tahoe, Bliss State Park, Difficulty 4,    Please call Gordon by September 20th.
                      Easy/Mod, 5.5 miles. Elevation gain: 450 ft. Mostly single track,
                      partial shade. Snack along lake. Lunch at Sunnyside Restaurant.       Make your reservation today! For information contact Ole, Sven
                      Leader: Ann Wahlenmeier                                               or Dan Dougherty at 771-6981, danorma@surewest.net.

                          sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                   2010 September • Village Courier
                                                                                                                  sun city roseville community association, inc. 41
                                   Important InformatIon

      rEsErvations: Reservations for all events listed must be made at the Activities Monitor Desk,
      using the 3-part registration form. refunds are given only if an activity is cancelled.

      rsvp datEs: Each event indicates an RSVP date and in some cases may be as much as three
      weeks prior to the actual event, should tickets need to be purchased. The popularity of any trip
      means it may fill long before the RSVP date, so please plan accordingly.

      dEparturE timEs: We load the bus for day trips 10 minutes prior to departure times stated in
      each trip description. We do leave on time, so please plan your arrival time at the Lodge accordingly.
      Overnight trip departure times are stated on individual trip flyers.

      BoardinG ordEr: We load buses in order of purchase. If you purchase from being on the wait
      list, you go to the bottom of the list, not in the place of residents from whom you purchased. This
      is the procedure which has been followed from our very first bus trip.

      scEnts: Many residents have allergies which are exacerbated by strong scents, so we ask that
      you refrain from wearing perfume, cologne and scented bath & body products when attending
      concerts or participating in day or overnight trips. Your consideration to this request is appreciated.

42 Village Courier • September 2010
   sun city roseville community association, inc.                                    2010 September • Village Courier
                                                                            sun city roseville community association, inc. 42
AC T I V I T I e s

               Activities                                        september / october 2010           •    774-3888

                                                                                         other month, 2nd Thursday, 8:30 – 10:00 AM. Please note that
                       SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES                                              costs may vary at their location.

                                                                        greek Festival
                                                                                                                               Columbia State Park
                                                         FRIDAY, SEPtEMBER 3                                       SAtURDAY, SEPtEMBER 11
                                            The 47th Greek Festival, sponsored                                The Gold Rush to Columbia began
                                            by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox                                on March 27, 1850 by a small party of
                     Church of Sacramento, features authentic Greek cuisine, live        prospectors. News of the discovery spread and they were
                     music, choral presentations, dancing performances, an awe-          soon joined by a flood of miners. Unlike many settlements that
                     inspiring cultural display, a Greek Marketplace and a Taverna.      have changed with the times, Columbia seems to be frozen
                     (Be sure to try the Ouzo!) Held at the Sacramento Convention        in the 1800’s. Today, Columbia State Historic Park is the best
                     Center, this year’s festival themed “The Antiquities” also will     preserved of California’s gold rush towns, offering a unique
                     have the addition of a new band, a world renowned artist            blend of museums, displays, town tours, shops, restaurants and
                     signing posters, and for you young-at-heart, a children’s           attractions. September 11th the town will celebrate California
                     play area. Join us and sample some of the delicious food            joining the Union (actual date 9/9/1850) with special events,
                     offerings (mousaka, loukaniko, spanakopita, tiropita, fasolakia     more towns folk in period costume and plenty of flag waving.
                     andhoriatiki salata to name a few) while enjoying the lively        Join the fun as you wander through town, meet the residents,
                     Greek music. Dinner is included and you may choose to eat           have lunch on your own, enjoy a beer at the local saloon and
                     upon arrival in a reserved seating area or eat later with open      soak up the history of Columbia. We will serve coffee, juice
                     seating.                                                            and pastries on the way out of town. Please note Highway
                     depart: 3:30 PM from the Lodge / return: 8:30 PM                    49 is a winding road, so if you are prone to motion sickness,
                     rsvp: 8/30 / cost: $32 per person which include                     please plan accordingly. Lots of walking involved, but plenty
                     transportation, driver gratuity, admission and dinner.              of places to sit and relax. Comfortable, casual clothing and
                                                                                         footwear. A minimum of 35 participants.
                     Entrée selections (please include on your registration form):
                     1) Lamb, fasolakia and rice; 2) Shrimp Santorini with rice and      depart: 7:00 AM / return: 5:00 PM / rsvp: 9/7 / cost: $35 per
                     beans, and one dolma; or 3) Chicken, rice and beans and one         person which includes transportation, driver/escort gratuities
                     dolma.                                                              & onboard refreshments.

                                                                                reno         hearing Screening • MONDAY, SEPtEMBER 13
                                                      tUESDAY, SEPtEMBER 7               Whisper Hearing Center will check your ears for wax or other
                                           Enjoy a pleasant ride through the Sierras     problems and a licensed audiologist will determine if you
                                           on your way to Reno, while having a cup       have a hearing loss or have a need for additional testing or
                     of coffee, pastry and juice. Hostess Trudi Fury will also serve     treatment. 8:30-11:00 AM in the Poker Room. Free of charge,
                     bloody marys and screw drivers and play a few games of              but sign up for an “appointment” time at the Monitor’s Desk.
                     bingo. You will receive $10 cash and a $5 food credit from the      rsvp by 9/8.
                     Silver Legacy, then spend six hours as you wish. Please note
                     price increase. A minimum of 35 participants.
                                                                                         “Community Connections” – roseville City Council Candidates
                     depart: 8:00 AM / return: 6:30 PM / RSVP: 9/4 / cost: $35 per       Forum • MONDAY, SEPtEMBER 13
                     person which includes transportation, driver/escort gratuities
                     & onboard refreshments.                                             This is your opportunity to meet the candidates for Roseville
                                                                                         City Council, hear their views on important issues facing
                                                                                         the City and participate in a Q&A session. Members of
                     document Shredding • tHURSDAY, SEPtEMBER 9                          the Governmental Affairs Committee will moderate the
                                                                                         presentation. Refreshments will be served. The forum is
                     From 8:30 – 10:00 AM, Confidential Document Control                 scheduled to begin at 1:30 PM in the Partial Ballroom. No RSVP
                     Company will be in the lower (west) parking lot to shred those      required; open to all Sun City Roseville residents.
                     boxes of documents you may have at your home or in your
                     office. The cost is a minimal $10 for a “bankers” box, (25 to 30
                     pounds) and you can watch as they shred your documents.
                     Look for the big white truck as you enter the parking lot.                                                     day at the races
                     FYI…..Confidential Document Control Company has a facility                                    tHURSDAY, SEPtEMBER 16
                     at 710 Vernon Street, open Monday thru Friday, 10:00 AM –
                                                                                                        Step into the Turf Club and step into the
                     6:00 PM, for those of you who may need shredding services
                                                                                                        history and excitement of Thoroughbred
                     prior to the scheduled times here at Sun City which is every

                       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                             2010 September • Village Courier   43
                                                                                                                                          AC T I V I T I e s
                                    september / october 2010               •   774-3888       Activities
Horse Racing. Designed theater style with a wall of glass                                                aarP Safe driving Class
facing the race course and lake turf course, the Turf Club is                                           MONDAY & tUESDAY
situated at the highest point at Golden Gate Fields, affording                                           SEPtEMBER 27 & 28
a completely unobstructed, panoramic view of the action as
well as the Berkeley hills. Along with private viewing screens                            Class refines existing driving skills,
at every table, the Turf Club boasts over 80 flat screen, jumbo      develops safe, defensive techniques. Attendance is required
screen, and regular monitors broadcasting simulcast racing
                                                                     at both sessions to receive a three-year certificate necessary to
from around the world, as well as a close up view of the live
action as it happens. Enjoy a buffet lunch with salads, pastas,      reduce your auto insurance. 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the Lodge.
a carving station and yummy desserts. Track staff members            Please note fee changes: $12 for AARP members; $14 for non-
will take your no-host drink orders. Spend the day with us in        members. Make check payable to AARP. If you are an AARP
the action packed, fun environment of Golden Gates Fields. All       member, you will be asked to show your ID card at class start.
guests are requested to dress in a smart, casual style (including    rsvp by 9/22.
tennis shoes); however no sweat suits, t-shirts, baseball hats,
thong style shoes, shorts or sleeveless tops.

depart: 9:30 AM / return: 6:30 PM (approx.) / rsvp: 9/10                                                       “Burn the Floor”
cost: $59 per person which includes transportation, driver                                                Broadway Sacramento
gratuity, track admission and buffet lunch. (No onboard                                      WEDNESDAY, SEPtEMBER 29
                                                                                     With the international dance sensation “Burn
                                                                                     the Floor”, you will feel, live on stage, all the
                                                                                     passion, the drama and sizzling excitement of
                               Play your Keyboard in a day           20 gorgeous champion dancers in a performance with a grace
                                                tHURSDAY             and athleticism that the New York Times calls “Dazzling!” “Burn
                                             SEPtEMBER 23            the Floor” takes audiences on a journey through the passionate
                       Presented by Music Exchange (Newcastle),      drama of dance. The elegance of the Viennese Waltz, the
this is an innovative, time-tested method that they guarantee.       exuberance of the Jive, the intensity of the Paso Doble – as
They will teach you what you need to know to play your               well as the Tango, Samba, Mambo, Quickstep and Swing. The
keyboard instrument (piano, organ, digital piano, etc.)……..          8:00 PM show is at the Sacramento Community Center.
learn to read notes, play chords and play music in two hours!        depart: 7:00 PM / return: 11:00 PM (approx.) / rsvp: 9/24
You will be sitting at a keyboard instrument provided by Music       cost: $86 per person for ticket, transportation and driver
Exchange. The class is limited to 8 people, so sign up early.        gratuity.
Cost is $40 per person and includes all materials. 9:00 – 11:00
AM in the Aspen Room at the Lodge. rsvp by 9/18.

                                    radio disney Presents a               OC TOBER AC TIVITIES
                                    day with the grandkids
                            SAtURDAY, SEPtEMBER 25                                                                  Lodi Street Fair
                                                                                                         SUNDAY, OCtOBER 3
It’s a “Grand” time to make memories with your grandchildren
as you spend a magical morning together. Radio Disney AM                           Board the bus and enjoy coffee, juice and
1470 is the host for this fun event with cool music, fun games                     pastries on the ride to Lodi. Sponsored by the
and prizes galore! Each child will receive a “passport” to travel                  Lodi Chamber of Commerce, the Lodi Street Fair
to the many fun, interactive stations with their grandparents,                     takes up a 10-square block area and features arts
offering crafts and fun activities. For the “grown ups”, Ships and   & crafts, antiques and commercial items. Not to mention the
Trips Travel and Disney Destinations will be onsite to showcase      many food vendors selling hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, ice
memory-making Disney vacations that families can share. Each         cream, soft drinks and much, much more. What a lovely way
child will receive a special goodie bag, cookies and lemonade        to enjoy Lodi. The folks who went last year really enjoyed this
will be available and grandparents are admitted FREE!                one. Plenty of walking, but plenty of places to sit and relax.

time: 9:00 – 11:00 AM / place: Timber Creek Ballroom /               Depart: 8:00 AM / Return: 4:00 PM / RSVP: 9/30
rsvp: 9/20 / cost: $10 per child and includes all activities,        Cost: $28 per person (transportation, driver/escort gratuities,
light refreshments, a goodie bag and a morning filled with fun,      onboard refreshments)
laughter and Disney magic.

44 Village Courier • September 2010                                                      sun city roseville community association, inc.
AC T I V I T I e s

               Activities                                        september / october 2010            •    774-3888

                                                           “Suds” – Cosmo Cabaret         Depart: 8:30 AM / Return: 4:00 PM / RSVP: 10/8
                                                         tUESDAY, OCtOBER 5               Cost: $10 per person (onboard refreshments outbound
                                                                                          only), transportation and driver gratuity.
                                      Loaded with good clean fun, bubbling energy,
                                      and some of the 60’s greatest pop hits, “Suds” is
                                      the delightful story of a young woman and her                                  reno
                     three guardian angels who come to teach her about finding                           tHURSDAY, OCtOBER 14
                     true love (in a Laundromat). Including over 50 favorite songs
                     from the 60’s like “Where the Boys Are,” “These Boots are Made       Enjoy a pleasant ride through the Sierras on your way to
                     for Walkin’,”“Respect,”“I Feel Good” and “Do You Want to Know a      Reno, while having a cup of coffee, pastry and orange juice.
                     Secret.” The 8:00 PM show (of approximately 2 hours duration)        Hostess Trudi Fury will also serve bloody marys and screw
                     is at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret on K Street in Sacramento.            drivers and play a few games of bingo. You will receive
                                                                                          $10 cash and a $5 food credit from the Silver Legacy, then
                     Depart: 7:00 PM Return: 11:00 PM (approx.) / RSVP: 9/30              spend six hours as you wish.
                     Cost: $49 per person (transportation, show ticket, driver
                     gratuity)                                                            Depart: 8:00 AM / Return: 6:30 PM / RSVP: 9/4
                                                                                          Cost: $35 per person which includes transportation, driver/
                                                                                          escort gratuities & onboard refreshments – both ways.

                                                                  hearing Screening
                                                        MONDAY, OCtOBER 11
                                                                                              California train Museum & old Sacramento
                                  Whisper Hearing Center will check your ears for                         FRIDAY, OCtOBER 15
                                  wax or other problems and a licensed audiologist
                     will determine if you have a hearing loss or have a need for         The California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento
                     additional testing or treatment. 8:30-11:00 AM in the Poker          is the world-class tribute to the role of the “iron horse”
                     Room. RSVP by 10/6.                                                  in connecting California to the rest of the nation. The
                                                                                          museum features 21 lavishly restored locomotives and cars,
                                                                                          some dating back to 1862. There is a full-scale diorama of

                                Fall Festival Specials                                    an 1860’s construction site high in the Sierra Nevada as well
                                                                                          as a bridge elevated 24 feet above the museum floor. Our
                                                                                          10:00 AM docent led tour will take us through the lower
                                                apple hill                                level of the museum only; after which you may explore the
                                  WEDNESDAY, OCtOBER 13                                   upper level on your own (accessible by ramp or elevator.)
                                                                                          Then you are on your own to explore Old Sacramento at
                      A day spent at Apple Hill ranches conjures up memories              your own pace……check out the unique shops, enjoy
                      of simpler times. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes             lunch on your own at one of the many restaurants, take a
                      are around every corner………try an apple donut at Boa                 short boat ride on the Sacramento River or spend additional
                      Vista; enjoy a no-host lunch at High Hill and browse their          time at the Railroad Museum. Wooden sidewalks, uneven,
                      extensive apple barn and craft areas; a short walk from             cobblestoned walkways and streets dictate the need for
                      High Hill is Madrona Vineyards where you can do a little            sturdy, comfortable walking shoes. Plenty of places to sit
                      wine tasting; walk through the museum at Larsen’s, then             and relax.
                      purchase one of their delicious turnovers for the ride
                      home. We’ll get you started with an apple fritter and a cup         Depart: 9:00 AM / Return: 4:00 PM / RSVP: 9/30/10
                      of coffee as we leave the Lodge. This is a wonderful day            Cost: $34 (transportation, museum admission, driver/
                      in the Camino area above Placerville. Lots of walking, and          escort gratuities)
                      most walk ways are uneven, dirt or gravel paths and roads.
                      Sturdy, comfortable shoes are a must. Average temperature
                      during October is 74 degrees; however, it has been known                                 Whiskey dawn
                      to be much cooler, so a jacket is recommended. Pies, jams/                          FRIDAY, OCtOBER 15
                      jellies, crafts, pumpkins and candies may be purchased at
                      each stop….we have plenty of storage in the luggage bins.           Whiskey Dawn is California’s hottest country band, known
                      Another suggestion, bring a tote bag with your name on              for their inspiring original music, tight, high-energy
                      it to keep all your goodies together. All West Coachlines is        performances, and passionate vocals. They have performed
                      offering a wonderful bargain on transportation so cost per          with several Nashville acts, most recently with Faith Hill
                      person will have this trip filling up quickly…….don’t miss          at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys. Precision harmonies,
                      out on this very enjoyable day.

                       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                              2010 September • Village Courier   45
                                                                                                                                       AC T I V I T I e s
                                  september / october 2010              •   774-3888      Activities
 dynamic instrumentation and a passion for music, the                                             “Community Connections”
 Whiskey Dawn performance is the place to be on October                                                 Sun City roseville’s
 15th. Seating will begin at 6:30 PM on the Lodge Patio                                               Placer County history
 and you must show your armband “ticket” for admission.                                           tUESDAY, OCtOBER 19
 The boys will kick into action at 7:00 PM. Tickets must be
 purchased separately and are not part of dinner at Timbers.      Placer Treasurers, a look at the legacies that made Placer
 Tickets are $15 per person at the Activities Monitors desk       County what it is today, will begin in October and continue
 in the Lodge lobby.                                              on a quarterly basis. Each presentation will include at least
                                                                  an hour of photographs and supporting material that will
                                                                  cover a specific area and time in our local history. The first
                                                                  presentation will include a slide show of early Roseville and
                 Fall Festival 50’s dance                         the town’s history from the beginning. After the presentation,
              SAtURDAY, OCtOBER 16                                local historians will be on hand to answer questions from the
 Remember saddle shoes and poodle skirts? Elvis, Chuck            audience. Other presentations scheduled for January 18,
 Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis? How about “The Twist” and             April 19 and July 19 will include the Fiddyment family history,
 doing the “Stroll” to “Blueberry Hill? Relive the music with     information about the Fiddyment family ranch and plans for
 Jan & The Studebakers……..a tight and well-rehearsed              the development of the old ranch site as a future West Roseville
 oldies band, ideal for going back in time and dancing to the     Community Center, as well as information about neighboring
 classics! 7:00- 10:00 PM in the Lodge Ballroom (doors open       cities Rocklin and Auburn. Join us at 9:00 AM at Sierra Pines.
 at 6:30 PM). Tickets are $8 per person at the Monitors desk      RSVP by 10/15.
 OR if you have dinner in Timbers before the dance, show us
 your receipt for $8 per person (less tax and beverages) and
 we will let you dance for free! Come join the fun.                                                      “Speak out, Sun City”
                                                                                             WEDNESDAY, OCtOBER 20
                                                                                         Resident Peter Lorenzo continues his
                              impressionist Masterpieces          presentations on topics of interests……..this quarter “Mexico,
                                         at the de young          Our Troubled Neighbor – how concerned should we be?”
                               tUESDAY, OCtOBER 19                Starting at 9:00 AM, Peter will provide information during
                                                                  the first hour and open up the second hour for questions,
                               Following on the heels of the      opinions and comments from those in attendance. Open to
remarkable exhibition “Birth of Impressionism” is yet another     all residents. No charge, but RSVP by 10/17.
exhibition from the permanent collection of the Musee
d’Orsay – more than 100 paintings from the most recognized
Post-Impressionist masters. The de Young is the only museum                                                              Flu Shots
in the world to host both of the Masterpieces from the Musee                                 WEDNESDAY, OCtOBER 20
d’Orsay exhibitions, and this particular combination of
paintings will never travel again. Eight signature paintings by                       Flu shots and/or pneumonia immunizations
Cezanne; extraordinary works by Van Gogh; and representative                          will be provided by Maxim Health Systems
works by Gauguin are only part of the works included. Among                           between 8:00 and 11:00 AM in the partial
other notable paintings is Toulouse-Lautrec’s “The Lady Clown     ballroom. Maxim will bill Medicare Part B or participating
Cha-U-Kao.” Leave from the Lodge and enjoy coffee, juice          health plans for residents having valid coverage and providing
and pastries on your ride into San Francisco. The scheduled       proper documentation of proof of such coverage. If you do
tour time is at 10:00 AM and includes an audio wand so you        not have the required coverage, you will be responsible for
may enjoy the exhibition at your own pace. You will depart        the cost of the immunizations requested (influenza - $30;
the de Young at around 12:30 and spend a couple of hours at       pneumonia $45) at the time of service. No sign up required,
Westfield Mall for lunch on your own, shopping or relaxing in     just come by the Ballroom. Another clinic has also been
the beautiful atrium. Refreshments will be served on the ride     scheduled for November 18.
back to Sun City.

Depart: 7:30 AM / Return: 5:00 PM / RSVP: 10/14                                               Feather river Fish hatchery &
                                                                                                       Feather Falls Casino
Cost: $61 (includes transportation, museum admission, driver/                                   tHURSDAY, OCtOBER 21
escort gratuities and onboard refreshments served both ways).
                                                                                    The pleasant drive to Oroville provides
                                                                  enough time to serve coffee, juice and pastries, so enjoy the

46 Village Courier • September 2010                                                   sun city roseville community association, inc.
AC T I V I T I e s

                     Activities                                      september / october 2010                •     774-3888

                     ride in anticipation of our first stop at the Feather River Fish                                                 aarP Safe driving Class
                     Hatchery. Operated by the Department of Fish and Game                                                            MONDAY & tUESDAY
                     with funding by the Department of Water Resources and the                                                          OCtOBER 25 & 26
                     State Water Contractors, The Feather River Fish Hatchery is a
                     successful and modern fish rearing facility. An estimated 20% of                             Class refines existing driving skills, develops
                     the ocean sport and commercial catch comes from fish (salmon             safe, defensive techniques. Attendance is required at both
                     and steelhead) reared at the hatchery. Although not all areas of         sessions to receive a three-year certificate necessary to reduce
                     the hatchery are available to visit, we will have a docent led tour      your auto insurance. 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the Lodge. Please
                     which covers much of the operation. Following our tour, we will          note fee changes: $12 for AARP members; $14 for non-members.
                     take a short drive to the Kelly Ridge Visitors Center. Overlooking       Make check payable to AARP. If you are an AARP member, you
                     Lake Oroville just east of the Oroville Dam, the Center features         will be asked to show your ID card at class start. RSVP by 10/20.
                     exhibits about the construction and operation of the dam as
                     well as the culture of the local Native American groups. You
                     will have time to watch a 10-minute video about the dam and                                                              redhawk Casino
                     enjoy the spectacular view of the lake from a 46-foot, telescope-                                             tUESDAY, OCtOBER 26
                     equipped observation tower. Then it’s back on the bus for the
                     short drive to Feather Falls Casino where you will have 4 hours to                          Redhawk offers a new class of excitement and
                     play and enjoy lunch on your own. Bonus package includes $12                                gaming action in California with 2100 slots,
                     cash and a $3 food coupon.                                                                  75 table games, a non-smoking lower level
                                                                                                                 and a variety of menus from fine dining to
                     Depart: 7:30 AM / Return: 4:30 PM / RSVP: 10/16                                             casual restaurants to the classic buffet. Leave
                     Cost: $20 per person (transportation, hatchery & visitor center          the Lodge at 9:00 AM, and plan to spend 5 hours enjoying the
                     donations, driver/escort gratuities, onboard refreshments –              fun of Redhawk. You will receive $15 in free slot play. Please
                     outbound only)                                                           include either your players card number or birthdate on your
                                                                                              registration form.

                                                                                              Depart: 9:00 AM / Return: 4:00 PM / RSVP: 10/21
                                                                                              Cost: $18 per person (transportation and driver gratuity)

                                                                     Activities Overnight trips
                        Details for overnight trips are available on flyers located in the kiosk, from the Activities Monitor or on the resident website
                        (www.scres.org). Please note first date to sign up, as they are different for each trip. Also, last date to sign up is typically 30 to
                        45 days prior to trip departure. No refunds after last date to sign up.

                          triP naME                               datES                    LEd By       FirSt day to Sign UP          LaSt day to Sign UP
                           MySTERy TRIP                            SEPT. 27-30, ’10      TRuDI & DODIE           5/20/10                8/13/10

                           FILM FESTIVAL & FALL COLORS            OCT. 7-11, ’10         DOBAR                   6/18/10                8/30/10

                           “SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS”                  DEC. 8-10, ’10         DODIE & TRuDI           9/9/10                10/30/10

                           LAuGHLIN                               JAN. 10-14, 11         TRuDI & DODIE           10/7/10               11/30/10

                           SNOW TRAIN                             FEB. 21-23, ’11        TRuDI & DODIE           10/28/10              12/20/10

                           ASHLAND                                MAY 15-19, ’11         TRUDI & CHRISTINE                  PENDING

                           SO. CALIFORNIA (SOLVANG, L.A. & SAN DIEGO)                 JUNE 15-25, ’11      DOBAR            PENDING

                           MONTEREY GOLF, ETC                    OCTOBER 3-6, '11        DODIE & MARK                       PENDING

                         sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                      2010 September • Village Courier   47

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