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									                                                Letter Writing
                  Q6. a.) Letter Writing                                    04Marks

                   A. Lay out of the job applications.

                                                              Sender’s address _____________
                                                              Date: ……………………               …
                           Receiver’s address

                           Reference:           ________________________________________
                           Subject-Line:        ________________________________________

                           Salutation                            Body

                                                                  Complimentary close,

Letter Writing


                 A: Letter of Application for a post:

                          An Application should contain the following points.

                   i.) Mention the post or Job you are applying for and name the newspaper with
                 date from which you got the information.

                  ii.) You can state your age.

                  iii.) You can mention only the qualification required for the post.

                  iv.) You can mention the relevant experience you may have.

                  v.) You can ask for further details of the job if you wish to. (But not necessary)

                   1. Now read the following advertisement and prepare a letter of application.
                 (Do not give your Bio-data.)

                     Situation vacant: Wanted English Teacher to teach for 9th and 10th standards.
                 Candidate must have passed B.A., B.Ed. Must be ready to work in villages. Write
                 giving details to: The Chairman, Modern Education Society, Nagpur – 25.


                                                                                         05, Shreegan,

                                                                                        Gajanan Colony,

                                                                                   Wardha– 4442 001

                                                                                     March 20, 2003

Letter Writing

                     The Chairman,

                     Modern Education Society,

                     Nagpur – 25.
                           Reference: Your advertisement in Daily „Lokmat‟, dated 10 March 2003.

                           Subject: Application for the post of „English Teacher‟.

                      Respected Sir,

                                    With reference to the above mentioned subject, I, the
                 undersigned very humbly and respectfully beg to state that there is a vacancy of
                 English Teacher in your school under your kind control.

                      I am 25 years old and have secured first class in my B.A. examination from
                 Nagpur University, Nagpur. I have also passed B.Ed. I have four years experience
                 as an „Asst. Teacher‟ in M. G. School, Wardha.

                      Sir, I am very obliged to you, if your judicious selection should fall upon me,
                 I shall leave no stone unturned to work for the entire satisfaction of my superiors.

                                               Thanking You,

                                                                                Yours faithfully,



                         1. Xerox-copy of Degree Certificates.

                         2. Xerox-copy of other certificates.

                         3. Bio-Data.
Letter Writing

                  2. Now suppose you are answering an advertisement for the post of Accountant;
                 then here is a specimen of a cover letter.

                                                                                      21, Shreegan,

                                                                                     22nd Oct. 2003

                     Good-Day Pvt. Ltd.

                     01, G.M.C.,

                     Wilson Road,


                                  Sub: Application for the post of „Accountant‟.

                      Dear Sir,

                           With reference to your advertisement in Daily “Loksatta” dated 15th Oct.
                 2003, I would like to apply for the post of Accountant in your company.

                      I am 24 years of age and I have secured first class in my M.Com Examination
                 of the Nagpur University, Nagpur. My subjects included Company Accounts and
                 Secretarial Practice. I have three years experience as a Jr. Accountant in the
                 reputed firm, but wish to change now to improve my prospects.

                      I shall be happy to come for an interview at any time convenient to you.

                                     Thanking you,
                                                                                   yours faithfully.

                                                                                    Nitin Mohan.
Letter Writing

                      You can begin the covering letter with any one of the following sentences:

                   1. With reference to your advertisement in -------- dated ------- , I wish to apply
                 for the post of ------ in your company/ institution/ college/ school/ Corporation etc.

                  2. I should like to apply for the post of ------ which you advertised in Sunday‟s /
                 Lokmat/Loksatta/ Hitvada etc.

                  3. I am looking for a job as a ----- in a business firm, and would be grateful if you
                 would consider me for such a post in your organization.

                  4. I am interested in the post of ----- which you advertised in yesterdays ------.

                  5. I understand there is a vacancy in your office/college etc., and I wish to send
                 my application for the post of -------.

                   6. I learn that there is a vacancy for the post of ------ in your well known
                 company/ institution etc, and I am interested in applying for the post.

                   7. I wish to apply for the post of a ---- in your company/institute etc, in response
                 to your advertisement in the Indian Express of the --- April/My 200..

                   8. I am writing in response to your advertisement in The Times of India of -----
                 July/Aug. inviting applications for the post of ----- and wish to apply for one of

                      You can choose any one of the above sentences to begin your letter of
                 application which you consider for the occasion.

                     You can end your letter of application with anyone of the most suitable
                 sentences given below.

                   1. I request you kindly to consider my application favourably and call me for an

                  2. I hope to receive a fovourable reply from you.

                   3. I hope the bio-data enclosed will prompt you to call me for an interview as
Letter Writing

                 soon as possible.

                  4. I assure you that I come for an interview at anytime convenient to you.

                  5. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

                  6. I sincerely hope you will be able to call me for an interview at an early date.

                    More Examples for Students:

                 1. Read the following advertisement and prepare an application with full

                      Wanted a smart, educatedgirl         Wanted:      Accounts-clerk-cum-
                      for DTP work for an English          typist, experience in accounting
                      author. Write with full              good knowledge of       English.
                      particular to Crosswords             Graduates will be preferred.
                      Publisher, 75,Burade lay-out,        Apply with full details and
                      Nr.Arvi Naka,Wardha,                 photograph to:

                                                                   Pankaj Wadyalkar,

                                                           75, Burade lay-out, Nr. Arvi-

                   2. Ram Raje, 121, Ramnagar, Nagpur wants to respond to the following
                 advertisement. Prepare a letter of application for him. (Do not give your Bio-Data)

                           Wanted: Steno-typist cum secretary              Situation Wanted: Two years
                      well versed in English correspondence and        experienced typist seeks a job of a
                      office routine. 3-4 years of experience in       data entry operator on computer.
                      reputed firm. Minimum shorthand speed 100        Typing speed 60 wpm.
                      wpm. Typing speed 50 wpm. Apply in your          Qualification Std. 12 passed in
                      own handwriting, giving the expected salary      second class. Certificate in data
                      to: The Maharashtra Electronics Company,         entry operation. Age 20. Ready to
                      1360, M.G. Road, Nagpur-440 005                  work in shifts.

                                                                            Reply: Box. No. 555, “The
Letter Writing

                                                                       Indian Express”, Nagpur-440 001.

                 B. Interview Letters:

                  1. Write a short letter inviting a data entry operator to attend an interview in
                 response to the following advertisement.

                         Situation Wanted: Two years experienced typist seeks a job of a

                         data entry operator on computer. Typing speed 60 wpm.

                         Qualification Std. 12 passed in second class. Certificate in data

                         entry operation. Age 20. Ready to work in shifts.

                         Reply: Box. No. 122, “The Times of India ”, Nagpur-440 001.


                     The Advertiser,

                     Box No. 122,

                     The Times of India,

                     Nagpur – 440 001

                 Reference: Your application in response of our advertisement in The Times of
                 India dates 22ndFebruary 2003

                            Subject: An interview for the post of data entry operator.
Letter Writing


                      In response to your application, as mentioned above, you are requested to
                 attend an interview at 10:30 a.m. on 16.3.2003 at the address mentioned above.

                      Ours is a developing computer institute having 18 employees. We are looking
                 for an experienced data entry operator with good knowledge of computers. We are
                 satisfied with your qualification mentioned in the advertisement. We offer you Rs.
                 3200 /- per month.

                      You are requested to kindly bring all the relevant certificates in original for
                 our perusal.

                                                                                    Yours faithfully,

                                                                                      Pankaj Jain


                  2. Write a short letter inviting a Refrigeration/ Air conditioner mechanic to attend
                 an interview in response to the following advertisement.

                         Situation Wanted: 3 years experienced Refrigeration/ Air conditioner
                     mechanic working for a reputed company earning about 3,500 Rs. per
                     month seeks a suitable job in India or abroad. Qualification B.Sc.
                     Certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning. Age 30.

                          Reply: Box. No. 680-5 TOI, Mumbai- 400 001.
Letter Writing

                  C. Lay out of the letters to the editor/ concerned authorities.

                                                                      _______ -- Sender‟s
                                                     _________________________ Address.
                                                    __________________________ ----Date

                    __________________________ ------- > Receiver‟s Address
                               Subject: ________________________

                    State the problem                                               Paragraph 1
                    Explain the problem and why it is a problem.                    Paragraph2
                    Suggest possible solutions                                      Paragraph 3
                    Ask for help                                                    Paragraph 4

                                                                           Complimentary Close,

                  C. Letter to the Editor/Concerned Authorities:

                 1. Write a Letter to The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, complaining
                 of the insanitary condition of the locality in which you live and asking him to
                 take the necessary steps in the matter.

                                                                                      56, B Ward,
                                                                                     Sneh Nagar,
Letter Writing

                                                                                     Dec. 22nd, 2003
                     The Commissioner,
                     Municipal Corporation,
                      Dear Sir,
                          I wish to bring to your notice the insanitary condition of the locality
                 known as Sneh Nagar. There is a narrow lane called Patil Galli behind the well
                 known Hanuman Temple in which many unhappy lots has to live for many
                 months. It is inhabited mainly by middle class people, an its condition is very dirty.
                 It appears that no sanitary inspector has ever visited it.
                      The surprising thing is that it is very difficult to tell where the Galli begins
                 and where does it end. There are very few drains here and those that exist are not
                 regularly cleaned and flushed with water. The awful smell coming from this matter
                 and flies buzzing about and therefore it is impossible for the residents to live

                      I hope you will realize the fact. I request you to take the necessary steps
                 immediately and would suggest that you should come and see the conditions in

                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

                   2. Imagine that your college is situated a few kilometers away from the town
                 without sufficient facilities to enable students to attend the college. Write a
                 letter to the Editor of Newspaper about it. Suggest necessary steps to
                 overcome the problem.

                                                                                     “Three Brothers”
                                                                                           Sai Nagar,
                                                                                       Oct. 22nd 2003
Letter Writing

                     The Editor,
                     Daily „Lokmat‟,
                      Dear Sir,
                              I am a student of Saraswati Senior College. It is situated in a lonely
                 locality, five kilometers away from the town. The road is bad and there is no bus
                 service. The students, particularly girls, find it difficult to reach the college. In the
                 rainy season it becomes almost difficult to attend the college. Rickshawallas also
                 refuse to take the passengers sometimes. And you can imagine how difficult to
                 walk three kilometers everyday.

                      I appeal to the concerned Municipal authority to improve the condition of the
                 road immediately. I also appeal to the transport authority to introduce bus service
                 from the town to the college.

                                                Thanking you,

                                                                                     Yours faithfully,


                   3. Write a letter to the editor of a local news paper focusing the problem of
                 shortage in water supply in your locality.

                                                                                     Teacher‟s Colony,
                                                                                    Karla Road,Wardha.
                                                                                     20th Nov. 2003
                     The Editor,
                      Lokmat Bhavan,
Letter Writing

                     Dear Sir,
                            The residents of Teacher‟s Colony localities have been facing shortage
                 in water supply for a month. As summer season is drawing nearer the problem is
                 becoming more acute day by day. The residents in the localities do not get enough
                 supply to meet their needs. They fetch water from wells and public hand pumps in
                 nearby areas.

                     The municipal Authorities should look into the matter and ensure adequate
                 supply of water regularly. A hand pump is needed to be installed at Teacher‟s
                 Colony square in addition to supply of water by tankers.

                      May I hope that the Municipal authorities would take immediate steps to
                 tackle the problem and relieve the people of hardships?

                                              Thanking you,
                                                                            Yours faithfully,


                   4. You are living in the adjoining part of your city area where you face some
                 problems such as i. no street lights. ii. Scarcity of pure drinking water. Write
                 to The Chief Executive Officer, Nagar Parishad of your area, requesting a
                 change in it. You should suggest what change could be.

                                                                                Gajanan Colony,
                                                                                Oct.26, 2003
                     The Chief Executive Officer,
                     Nagar Parishad,
                                 Sub: Common Problems of Gajanan Nagar, Wardha.
Letter Writing

                     Dear Sir,

                            We are living in a Gajanan Nagar area. This area is rapidly developing
                 with its problems. There are nearly more than 60 cooperative housing societies.

                 But there are no proper roads. There are no street lights. There are heaps of
                 garbage and waste material. Moreover, the drainages are not being cleaned
                 regularly. The result is that there is a lot of breeding of mosquitoes. Drinking water
                 shortage is the another serious problem of our area.

                     I, therefore, on behalf of the Gajanan Nagar Citizens Forum request you to
                 look into the matter immediately and take steps to solve the problems.

                                                     Thanking you,

                                                                                     Yours faithfully,


                    5. Specially Important: Your village is 15 kms away from the town. Write a
                 letter to the S.T. Depot Manager requesting for regular bus service.

                                                                                 Vijay-Gopal Village,
                                                                                        Taluka: Deoli,
                                                                                      Dist.: Wardha
                                                                                  Date: 25th July 2003

                     The Depot Manager,
                     State Transport Divisional Office,

                     Dear Sir,

                            I humbly bring to your notice that S.T. Bus service seems to be partial
                 towards villagers. My village is 15 Kms. away from main town Deoli. The
Letter Writing

                 approach road to my village is not in good condition. In rainy season the small
                 streams overflow and the road becomes muddy. Naturally, the bus service is not in
                 operation in monsoon. As a result, people find it difficult to reach the town. School
                 and college-going students can not attend the classes regularly. Sick people can not
                 be reaches to the hospital in the town. Working of Post and Banks usually
                 disturbed in rainy days. To overcome these difficulties regular bus service is

                      Will you, please, see that the road and a few bridges are developed so that bus
                 service would be regular and reliable?

                                                Thanking you,

                                                                                     Yours faithfully,


                      For Practice:

                 Q1. Write a complaint letter to the editor of local paper describing a sorry state of
                 the main roads in your city.

                   2. Write a complaint letter to the Superintendent of Police in connection with
                 frequent burglaries.

                   3. Write a letter of complaint to Municipal Corporation regarding removal of

                 Letters for Admission, Concession, Order and Leave:

                  1. Write a letter to the Principal of S.S.College,Nagpur requesting him to
                 give admission in Std.11.

                                                                                  Shree Pawar
                                                                               14Oct. 2007
Letter Writing

                      The Principal,

                                          Sub.: Application for admission.
                      Respected Sir,

                          With reference to the above mention subject, I apply for seeking admission
                 in your esteemed college. I have secured 87% in S.S.C. examination and aspired to
                 take admission in science stream by selecting a group of Physics, Chemistry and
                 Math. I may assure you that I will prove to be one of the best students in studies,
                 sports and other activities of the school. I request to consider my plea very kindly
                 for the admission in 11th std. I enclosed herewith the essential documents.

                      I shall be obliged if you will give me admission in your college.

                            Thanking you,

                                                                                    Yours faithfully,

                                                                                    Avinash Jadhav

                    2. Write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting him for fee

                                                                                      Nov.24, 2007

                      The Principal,
                      A.B.C. school,
                                  Sub: Request for fee concession.
                      Respected Sir,

                              Most humbly, I may submit that I am a student of 12A of this school.
Letter Writing

                      My mother has recently undergone a heart operation and is still under
                 treatment. It was quite an expensive operation and the medicines are also very
                 costly. My father works in a private company and his monthly income is only Rs.

                 5000. Under the present family circumstances my father is unable to afford my
                 school fees. He is thinking of shifting me to some other school. I fear this change
                 at this stage will have an adverse effect on my result in the Board Examination.

                      I have always been at the top of my class in studies. I was also a member of
                 our school Quiz team which won the first prize in inter-school quiz competitions.

                      Therefore, I request you to kindly grant me full fee concession and oblige.

                                             Thanking you,

                                                                                   Yours obediently,

                                                                                 Rakesh Chandurkar

                   3. Write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting him for the
                 remission of fine.

                                                                              Oct 15, 2007
                      The Principal,
                      A.B.C. school,
                                  Sub: Request for remission of fine.
                      Respected Sir,

                                With due respect I beg to bring to your kind notice that I was fined
                 for absenting myself yesterday. I may hereby point out that I had no intention to
                 absent myself, but on the other hand I sent an application through a friend of mine,
                 as I was lying ill and hence remained confined to bed. I was under the medical
Letter Writing

                     I wonder how the application did not reach you. That is no fault of mine.

                     Hence I request you to very kindly remit the fine, for which act of kindness I
                 shall feel much obliged to you.

                                           I beg to remain, Sir

                                                                                      Yours faithful,

                                                                                      Snehal Ranade

                  4. Write a letter to a Depot Manager, S.T. Depot of the town requesting him
                 to give student’s concession.

                                                                                    26, Radhanagar
                                                                                     Oct 15, 2007
                      The Depot Manager,
                         S.T. Depot,
                                 Sub: Request to give student‟s concession.
                      Dear Sir,

                        I am a secretary of student‟s council of our college. Our exams are over and
                 the students of our class are interested to go for the educational tour to Nagpur. As
                 a student I want to take the advantage of the student‟s concession scheme. I hereby
                 request you to kindly do the needful and allow us to travel in concession rate.
                 Necessary documents are enclosed with an application. I earnestly request you to
                 give us the facility of concession.

                                                  Thanking you,

                                                                                      Yours faithful,

                                                                                    Snehal Ranade

                   5. You are unable to attend your college classes for a week due to the cosine
Letter Writing

                 sister marriage. Write a letter to your class teacher requesting him to grand
                 leave of a week.

                                                                                       Rajiv Pande

                                                                                Oct.23, 2007
                       The Principal,
                       R.K. school,
                       Respected Sir,
                           I herewith beg to state that the marriage ceremony of my cousin sister is
                 scheduled to take place in Baroda on Monday 22nd of the coming month. Sir,I am
                 unable to attend my college periods from 19th to25th oct. 2007. I shall be grateful
                 to you if you kindly grant me the leave of above mentioned week. I hope that you
                 will kindly sanction my leave. I assured you that I will complete my study with the
                 help of my friends.

                                               Thank you.

                                                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                                                   Rajiv Pande

                 6. Write a letter to a manger of an institute making inquiries about the
                 details of a course you wish to join.

                                                                                     203 Road,
                                                                                Dec.23, 2007
Letter Writing

                 The Manager,
                 Bright Institute,
                     I read your advertisement in „Times of India‟ dated 12 th October 2007. I should
                 like to join your correspondent course in Radio and TV Repair and assembling.

                 I am graduate. Am I eligible to join this course? What is the duration of the course?
                 I would also like to know what is the fee for the whole course. Do you arrange any
                 personal contact programme? Does this course lead to a diploma or a certificate? Is
                 this course approved by any TV or Radio manufacturing company for employment
                 in their firm?

                 I shall be grateful if you provide me the above details.

                                                                                  Yours faithfully,


                      E. Letters to the relatives/ friends:

                   1. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him not to spend much of
                 his time in watching television.

                                                                                    15, Indira Market


                                                                                  Nov. 25th, 2003

                     My dear Shantanu,

                                I got a letter from mother. I felt pain to know that you are spending
Letter Writing

                 most of your time after school in watching television. She says that you have
                 become a TV addict and you are not at all bothered about your studies. This has
                 shocked me.

                      You must know that by becoming a television addict, you will be losing on all
                 sides. You will not be able to maintain your position in the class. You have been
                 standing first in the class. If you spend more time on television, you will be left
                 with less time for studies. Most television programs are shown late at night. You
                 will have to keep awake. This will have bad effect on your health.

                      It is not that I am preaching to you. I want you to realize that most television
                 programs are useless. It does not mean that I want to put a ban on your watching of
                 television. You may spend an hour or so for entertainment and information. But
                 you should not become an addict. Pay my respect to dear mother.

                                                                               Yours affectionately,


                   2. A friend of yours is afraid of the examination and wants to drop. Write a
                 letter to him saying and showing that he is really well prepared, and
                 persuading him to appear in the examination.

                                                                                     94, Ram Nagar,


                                                                                      Oct. 14th, 2003

                     Dear Uday,

                      I was surprised to learn from your brother‟s letter that you intend to drop the
                 papers. He said that you are afraid of the examination. I do not know what has
                 gone wrong with you. You have been writing to me that you hoped to stand first in
                 your college. It seems your over preparation has confused you. Your brother has
                 written that you fell that you are not fully prepared for the examination.
Letter Writing

                      You are in the wrong when you think that you are not well-prepared. You are
                 better prepared for the examination than you‟re any other friends. I know you are a
                 hard working student. You have always been toping the list of the successful

                 candidates of your class. I am unable to understand how you think of dropping the

                      So, take courage and start preparing for the examination. There is yet a month
                 at your disposal. If you drop, you will lose one precious year of your life. You will
                 lose nothing by appearing in the examination. I am sure you will get through in the
                 First division. What you need is a simple revision of your notes which you have
                 prepared with great labour. May I, therefore, hope that you will start preparing for
                 the examination? I hope to be informed that you are going to appear in the

                         Wishing you the best of luck,

                                                                                    Yours sincerely,


                    3. Your friend is lying ill; Write a few words of cheer to him.

                                                                                    10,Mount Road,


                                                                               22nd June, 2007.

                      My dear,

                         I have come to know from Mr.Ashish that you have been hospitalized
                 with high fever. I am very sorry to learn about it.

                      Though I want to visit you and help you in your treatment in every in every
                 possible way, I am unable to do so. It is very difficult to get leave from my office
Letter Writing

                 at this time of the year I hope you will understand my position.

                     The doctor must have diagnosed your illness and started proper treatment. I
                 hope you are feeling better now. However, I would like to remind you that regular
                 medicine, proper diet and a lot of rests are the secret of speedy recovery from any
                 illness. I hope you will adhere to the doctors in advice and the hospital discipline.
                 A strong will power also helps to do speedy recovery.

                     I hope you will write to me as soon as you have regained your health.

                                With best wishes.

                                                                              Yours sincerely,


                   4. Write a letter to a friend congratulating him on his brilliant success in the
                 high school examination.

                                                                                  Hislop Road,


                                                                                 8th June, 2007

                      My dear Aniket,

                            I am glad to learn from your uncle that you have passed the high school
                 examination held this March with flying colours. You have made us all proud. All
                 of us are really proud of your magnificent achievement and congratulate you on
                 this happy occasion.

                      May we ask as to when you are going to arrange a tea party?

                      Please convey my compliments to your parents.

                      Felicitating you once more.

                                                                                    Sincerely yours,

Letter Writing

                   5. You have won hockey championship as a captain; you have received
                 precious gifts from the principal of your college. Write a letter to express

                                                                                   College Hostel
                                                                                 2nd September, 2007
                      The Principal,
                      R.K. College,
                      Respected Sir,
                       How jubilant I was when I received some sports material as a gift from your
                 side. The victory is not mine. It is mostly due to your able guidance. The credit
                 goes to the college. We are part and parcel of the college. Individually I figure
                 nowhere except towards a sense of devotion to the institution.
                      I express my sense of deepest gratitude to you for having encouraged me.

                     I fell more enthused to serve the institution. The victory of our team is a
                 matter of pride for us all.

                                             With kindest regards.

                                                                           Your most obedient pupil,

                                                                                   Uday Chavhan
Letter Writing

                   6. Write a letter to your father requesting him to increase your monthly
                 allowance on account of high cost of living.

                                                                                     22 Center Road,


                                                                                       2nd May 2007

                     My dear father,

                                 I have received the monthly allowance and your letter in which
                 you have advised me to take care of my health. I have been working very hard for
                 the last two months and have secured above 80% in every subject in the school

                       I hope you will not mind if I draw your attention to my financial difficulties. I
                 have to buy certain important help books from time to time. The pocket allowance
                 I get from you does not last till the end of the month. Furthermore, the hostel
                 expenses have increased considerably. I am fully aware of your growing
                 expenditure, but it is a matter of a couple of months.

                     I hope you will increase my monthly allowance, in case it does not cause you
                 much inconvenience.

                                                                                Yours affectionately,


                  7. Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow you to join an
                 Educational Tour.

                                                                                     24 Boys Hostel,


                                                                                     July 21, 2007

                     My dear father,
Letter Writing

                                 The tour of our school students is leaving next week for some
                 prominent historical cities such as Agra, Mathura, Delhi, etc. It will be a thirty
                 student tour for about ten days and will be lead by Mr. Rane, our history teacher

                 who is a renowned scholar. He will explain to us every significant thing which has
                 some historical and educational value.

                     The tour will cost Rs. 1000/- per student including boarding, lodging, transport
                 and other expense.

                      Kindly allow me to join this tour and send me Rs. 1000/- at the earliest.

                                                                                Yours affectionately,

Letter Writing


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