Refinance and Purchase Loan Process by jizhen1947


									Loan Submission Form
       Loan Amt. Needed: $
        Value Of Property: $
 Existing Loan Balance(s): $
            Property Type:
         Transaction Type:
               Looking for:
             Property City:
            Property State:
              Property Zip:
                  Borrower/Broker Contact Info:
               First Name:
         Last Name Name:
              Time to Call:
              Credit Grade
      Borrower or Broker?

Email this form along with additional info listed below to:
Tom Vox                                         (917) 440-4923.        

                 **Obviously not all of this will apply to every deal but
                          get what you can from this list**

□ Complete up-to-date Executive Summary for all aspects of the development. Outline
all of the salient points of the project including but not limited to information on:
           total loan request
           time frame of loan
           the location
           the overall merits of the proposal
           a general description of the property
           an overview of the financial merits
           important deadlines that need to be met
□ Business Plan if a project
□ Loan Application
□ Detailed Use of Funds report
□ Projected income and expenses on property for 5-yr. Period.
□ Draw Schedule broken down as much as possible to be on a monthly schedule

□ Any third party reports available:
           Appraisals (an “as-is” value and/or a completed project value) or
           geological assay reports
           Environmental Reports
           Market Feasibility Study

□ Title reports if available
□ History of company, resumes of each principal with management background. Please
list all projects either completed or in the process over the last 24 months.

□ General contractor’s Construction Budget with contractors resume.

□ Contract of Purchase Agreement with all addendums.

□ Developers Corporate Documents
              Articles of Incorporation
              By-Laws
              Partnership Agreement
              LLC Documents

□ Fee Agreement and NCND is to be signed after file is submitted to underwriting.

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Tom Vox                                         (917) 440-4923.        

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