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					       How the Casey Anthony Released.
  Read Here Daily for                                                        Day 113 Since Caylee
  the Latest!                                                                           last seen.

                                                           behavior has been that she seems not to care about
Hello, readers. I have noticed a need for a daily news     her daughter’s whereabouts.         She’s shown no
recap as it’s related to the Caylee Anthony case. I will   emotion since the media began paying attention to
be providing that service through docstoc, and I hope      this case.        She certainly seemed completely
you will bookmark my account profile and check in          unconcerned with Caylee’s location while she was out
every evening to catch up on the day’s news as             partying it up at Fusian Ultra Lounge during the month
related to this case. I cannot promise you that I will     between the child going missing and when Caylee’s
always present an objective version of the Casey           “abduction” was reported.
Anthony news. My views on this case will often color
the way I present the news on this case. If you can        Baez is trying to create reasonable doubt in the minds
forgive me that, and give me a little editorial leeway,    of potential jurors with such manipulations as asking
I’ll do my best to bring you everything you need to        the judge for Casey to be allowed to travel to look for
know to stay up to date on this case.                      Caylee. If Casey were truly concerned about her
                                                           daughter, she would have looked for her 113 days
I will also provide links to important resources as they   ago.
become available each day. And, on Fridays, I’ll
include a Readers Sound Off column, providing you          TEXAS EQUUSEARCH RETURNS
space to express yourself about this case, or to ask
me questions that are related to Caylee’s                  TO ORLANDO, EVALUATES WHEN
disappearance. If you would like to participate in
Readers Sound Off, be sure to email me by the
                                                           SEARCHES WILL RESUME
Thursday preceding the Friday column.                      Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch will be returning to
                                                           Orlando as soon as this week to evaluate ground
All questions and comments should be emailed to:           conditions, in hopes of soon resuming the search for          Your       personal      Caylee Anthony.
information will always remain confidential, and will
never be printed in the Daily News. All I ask is that      The media have incorrectly reported that Miller is
you include your first name and city/state or              returning to resume the search. Instead, he is
residence. That’s how we’ll identify you in the            returning to look at possible search areas, to see if
Readers Sound Off column.                                  those locations will be safe for volunteers to enter.

So here we go…first issue of the Daily news….              BAEZ SAYS THAT PHOTOS EXIST
                                                           SHOWING CASEY, CAYLEE, AND
CASEY ASKS TO TRAVEL,                              TO
                                                           ZENAIDA TOGETHER AT PARK
Casey’s attorney will go before the court on Friday to     Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez claims to have
ask that his client be allowed to leave her house to       located a man who has a photo of Casey, Caylee,
travel to “places of interest” to look for Caylee.         and Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales, together at a park.

No doubt that attorney Jose Baez is aware that the         Baez claims to have sent private investigators out of
public does not have a favorable opinion of Casey          state to interview the person who has the photo in his
Anthony. One of the common criticisms about her            possession.

                                                           It is unclear at press time whether or not this photo
                                                           ~~ Page 2~~

ORANGE COUNTY INSTALLS                                        THE DAILY VICTIM:
SURVEILLANCE CAMERA IN                                        AMY HUIZENGA
ANTHONY NEIGHBORHOOD                                          This will be a daily feature in the newspaper. Casey
                                                              Anthony has left a trail of victims in her wake.
The Orange County Sheriffs office told neighbors
                                                              Today’s Daily Victim is Amy Huizenga.
Tuesday they installed a surveillance camera on
Hopespring Drive. It’s on a light pole and gives a
bird’s eye view of the Anthony home. The
                                                              Amy seems like a good kid. She likes to party with
homeowners association president said he was told
                                                              her friends, like most kids her age do. But she is also
it will allow deputies to record activities in front of       one of the most responsible people in Casey’s circle
the Anthonys’ home if there are any more                      of friends, working two jobs to pay her bills.
problems. It will also let them know if and when
they need to dispatch deputies to Hopespring Drive.           How Casey victimized Amy: Casey stole money and
                                                              checks from Amy. One night in early July, while Amy
The home has been the site of several                         was sleeping, Casey stole $400 cash, and later told
confrontations between protestors, residents and              Amy that she must have hidden the money from
the Anthony family. The homeowners association                herself while sleepwalking. Casey also stole checks
has tried unsuccessfully to get a court order                 from Amy’s car, which Amy let Casey use while Amy
banning people from the street outside the home.              was in Puerto Rico in early July.
And County government is studying several ways to
keep the peace while not infringing on protestors             How Cindy victimized Amy: Cindy told investigators
rights.                                                       that she suspected that Amy might be to whom Casey
                                                              was referring, when she talked of “Zenaida.” Cindy
UNRELEASED CINDY ANTHONY                                      also told Amy that she could forget ever being paid
                                                              back by Casey, that “that money is gone.” Yet when
INTERVIEW HITS THE INTERNET                                   Cindy retrieved Casey’s belongings from Tony
A previously unreleased recording of Cindy Anthony            Lazzaro’s home on the evening of July 16, she found
being interviewed by Orange County investigators has          $200 in Casey’s wallet. Did she give it to Amy?
hit the internet.                                             Nooooo…she pocketed it herself. Really honorable
                                                              people, these Anthonys.
In the audio recording, Cindy vacillates between
attacking investigators for not following up on leads
and baby-talking them, telling them that they just don’t
                                                              THE DAILY PHOTO
understand what she’s going through.                          This is my favorite photo of Caylee. It was uploaded
                                                              to Casey’s Facebook account in August 2007. Caylee
The most ridiculous part of the interview is the end.         is wearing a Spiderman tee shirt.         She loved
Cindy, when asked to swear that her statements are            Spiderman. Caylee is America’s angel. We won’t
true, says that she didn’t realize that she was giving        forget her and we will continue to press for justice,
the interview under oath.                                     and for her body to be retrieved and buried with
If you would like to listen to this interview, visit the
Calyee Anthony forum at my website, located at

The interview is linked there, along with other
documents and resources related to this case.

Various news outlets claim that more documents and
videos related to Casey Anthony’s case will be made
public tomorrow. The documents are said to be
related to the fraud charges against Casey.

Within the next document dump will be videos of
Casey Anthony shopping at Target and other stores,
using checks stolen from Amy Huizenga. If and when
those documents become available, check my
docstoc profile for updates and links.

You can also check the Caylee forum at my website,
where members post updates throughout the day.
We are chomping at the bit to download these
documents and videos and pick them apart.

All news About casey Anthony.

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