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  1. Mr. G.G. Shanbhag: He is a retired ex-banker from Canara Bank. He is presently the executive
     Director of Swagat Housing Finance Company and is also a committee member of AHWOI
  2. Mr. V. Viswanathan: He is having 16 years of experience in Housing Society matters and is the
     Hon. Secretary of AHWOI
  3. Mr. Chetan Karachiwala: He is a member of Brahmadev Finance Pvt. Ltd and he is a member of
  4. Mr. Naresh Pai: He is having 10 years experience in Housing Finance and is handling Society
     Registration, Conveyance, Stamp Duty and Registration of Documents since last 3 years. He is a
     Joint Secretary of AHWOI
  5. CA. Vijay Rao: He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is a Treasurer of AHWOI. He was
     earlier working for Reliance Industries Ltd.
  6. CA. Ramesh Shetty: He is a Joint Treasurer of AHWOI. He is a practicing CA and completed CISA.
     He is faculty member of University of Mumbai and a regular faculty of Institute of Chartered
  7. CA Anitha Viswanathan: She is a Member of AHWOI. She is a practicing Chartered Accountant
     and is a partner in Sheth, Shetty & Associates.
  8. CA. Ramesh S.Prabhu: He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is a founder Chairman of
     MSWA and President of AHWOI. He is a regular faculty of Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  9. Mrs. Sahana Prabhu: She is Director of Swagat Housing Finance Company and a Member of

     1. Justice Rajan J. Kochhar. He is a former High Court Judge and former President of State
        Consumer Commission of Diu, Daman and Nagar Haveli. He is known for the various
        landmark judgment in favour of Housing Societies registration and management.
     2. Advocate Shri. Suresh Pawar: He is a former Judge of Co-operative Court and has
        experience of 24 years. He had earlier worked as Public prosecutor, Police Prosecutors and
        presently working as Arbitrator for New India Co-operative Bank.
     3. Advocate J.K. Patil. He is a former Charity Commissioner, Judge of Criminal Court,
        Magistrate Court and presently practicing in Debt Recovery tribunal and High court and also
        as investigation officer in many matters.
     4. Advocate Mr. Umesh Yadav. He is a former Magistrate of Kolhapur Court. Presently
        practicing as a leading advocate in Co-operative matters in co-operative court and appeal
        matters before District Deputy Registrars, Joint Registrars and Ministry.
     5. Advocate Uday Wavikar. He is working President of DISHA and Joint Secretary of
        Maharashtra and Goa Consumer Advocates Association
     6. Advocate Vinod Sampat. He is President of Invertors and Tax Payers Welfare Association.
        He is also President of Co-operative Societ Residents and Users Association.
     7. Advocate Pramod Kumar. He is on the panel of MSWA and is handling Stamp Duty,
        Registration and Conveyance.
8. Advocate B. R. Bornak He is a practicing Advocate and is a faculty member for GDC&A
9. Advocate P.P. Jagtap. He is practicing Advocate and is an expert in NGO formation and Trust
10. Advocate Amit Joshi. He is practicing Advocate engaged in Civil and Housing Society
11. Advocate Rajlaxmi Poojari She is LLM and is an expert in Conveyance of Housing Societies.

1. Dr. S. Vishwanath : He has put more than 36 years of service in BMC in different positions
   and retired as Director of BMC and before that as the Chief Engineer of DP. He is a director
   with number of housing companies providing affordable housing.

2. Arch. Arvind Nanadapurkar: He is the Vice Chairman of the AHOWI Technical Advisory
    Committee. He is on panel of MMRDA, MHADA. He has developed more than 100 buildings
    of more than 20 storied buildings in Mumbai.
3. Arch. Suhas Borole: He is empanelled with various Housing Societies as a Project
    Management Consultant. He is also on panel of BMC, MSWA MHADA. He has developed
    more than 50 buildings of more than 10 storied buildings in Mumbai
4. Mr. Umesh Dhargalkar: He is B.Tech (Civil), M.Tech (Struct) from IIT, Bombay. He is
    Managing Director & CEO of Dhargalkar Technoesis (I) Pvt. Ltd He is also a Chartered
    Engineer and has been practicing for the last 23 years as a Consultant in Civil-Structural
    Engineering, Repairs and Rehabilitation, Construction Project Management and Structural
5. Mr. Tushar Upadhaya: He is a Civil Engineer who has put in nearly 35 years in developing
    number of residential and commercial projects. He is now working with M/s. Sky Build Pvt.
    Ltd a Project General Manager.
6. Mr. Sameer Samant: He is a Civil Engineer and a Structural Engineer. He has developed
    number of projects and undertaken as a project management consultants of many buildings
    and also major repairs in housing societies.
7. Architect Mr. Bhavesh Patel: He has developed many buildings as a regular architect and
    has put in nearly 20 years in this line. He is a regular advisor to MSWA clients and has
    executed many projects.
8. Mr. S.L Sankpal: He is a Structural Engineer who has done the structural audit of number
    buildings. He is a regular contractor with various banks and financial institution.
9. Mr. Sudhir Shah: He is a Civil Engineer and was earlier with BMC. He is now executing a
    number of infrastructure projects. He is advisor to many societies in the matter of
10. Arch. H.G. Samant: He is presently as a Court Commissioner and Valuer with Mumbai High

1. Shri. Vishwas Nitsure. He is a former Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, and
   presently working as a Technical director with Kurla Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. He is also on the
   administrative board member of Nanded District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd., He is the chairman of
   Finance Advisory Committee of AHWOI.
2. Mr. Rajeev Pandnis. He is a former Banker from Bank of Baroda. He is the Managing Director of
   Vetax Business Solutions Pvt Ltd and is now associated as Joint Secretary of MSWA. Presently,
   he is educating the people on conveyance and deemed conveyance in number of seminars.
3. Mr. M.V. Rane. He was formerly working with Bank of Baroda and is presently working as the
   Technical Director with Sahayadri Co-operative Bank Ltd., Chairman of Sindu Durga Co-operative
   Credit Society
4. MR. M.K. Bhat. A former banker with Canara Bank. Presently carrying out the audit of many
   banks as Senior Audit Executive with Shet Shetty & Associates, Chartered Accountants.
5. Mr. B.H. S Pai: A former bank Manager of Canara BankPresently member of Editorial Board of
   MSWA Housing Societies Review. Regular contributor of articles in leading news papers and
   magazines. Authored and edited number of books on audit, finance and society matters.
6. Mr. Ashok Kunikulla. He is former Industrial Finance Manger of Karnataka Bank Ltd. Presently
   working in the Artintel Finance and Investment Pvt Ltd and with MSWA Co-operative Credit
   Society Ltd.
7. Mr. Abhay Sawant. An MBA (Finance), commerce graduate presently working as Appraisal
   officer with Swagat Housing Finance Company Ltd.
8. Mr. Ramesh Pai. He is a Recovery Manager of Swagat Housing Finance Company Ltd. He has
   undergone many training programs on recovery of home loans conducted by National Housing

1. CS. S. Satyanaranan He is a Company Secretary and a Chairman of the AHWOI Statutory and
   Compliance Advisory Committee.
2. CA. Manish Sharma. He is practicing Chartered Accountant for the last 15 years and is an expert
   in Housing Society and Taxation matter.
3. CA. Mohan Sansgire. He is a Convenor of Andheri Oshiwara Study Circle of WIRC Of ICAI and
   also a General Secretary of Goa Saraswath Association.
4. CS. Mahendra Vyas, he isd practicing as a CS for the last 15 years and is an expert in Company
   Law matters
5. CA. Piyus Kanabar. He is a practicing Chartered Accountant for the last 15 years and is an expert
   in Housing Society matters.
1. Mr. Deepak Dingra: Chairman. He is managing Advertisement Agency and is having 25 years of
   experience in software and internet services.
2. CA. Uday Joshi: Vice Chairman. He is a practicing Chartered Accountant and worked for years in
   different Corporate Sectors. He is an expert in Systems and Procedures.
3. Mr. Hemanshu Modi: Joint Secretary. He is a software engineer having 10 years experience in
   website development and internet services.
4. Mr. Vijay Jadhav: Secretary. He is CEO of Perfect Elogics Pvt. Ltd.and 25 years experience in EDP
   Department in Corporate Sector.
5. Mr. Vimal Chitalia: Treasurer. He is hardware engineer and a partner in Creative Systems and 15
   years of experience in hardware supply and maintenance.
6. Mr. Tarak Oza: Committee Member. He is a partner in Creative Systems and has 15 years of
   experience in hardware supply and maintenance.
7. Mr. Ashroff Karmali: Committee Member. He is expert in software, web designing and internet
   services and is involved in virtual education.

1. Shri Prabhakar Churi, Chairman. He is former Chairman of Mumbai District Housing Federation.
   He is 35 years of experience in Housing Society matters and is presently working as honorary
   consultant with MSWA.
2. Mr. R. R. Maurya, Committee Member. He was a former principal of BPM High School, Khar
   (West) and is presently working as principal of Education Department.
3. Mr. Sandeep Parab, Committee Member. He is the Chief Accountant of MSWA Co-op. Credit
   Society and also a Chief Accountant of Swagat Housing Finance Ltd. and is engaged in Housing
   Society Consultancy for the last 10 years.
4. Mrs. Vandana Rane, Committee Member. He is a Course Co-ordinator for the various Seminars
   arranged by MSWA.