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					                       SPRING RAP SHEET 2011

                               Rustic Canyon Recreation Center

 Councilmember Parks at EXPO                                        Westwood Recreation

                                       EXPO Center

  Rustic Canyon Recreation                                       MLK Recreation Center Center

EXPO Center                          Lake Street Park                     MLK Recreation Center
Founded in 1998, the Dodgers Dream Foundation (DDF) was created to provide educational, athletic,
and recreational opportunities for the youth of the Greater Los Angeles community. The Foundation
places special emphasis on helping traditionally under-served youth. The City of Los Angeles Department
of Recreation and Parks has partnered with DDF since inception in 1998.

Currently, the Department of Recreation and Parks has eight Dodgers Dream Fields. The DDF has com-
mitted to renovate an additional eight Dream Fields at the following Los Angeles facilities: Harbor City,
Lemon Grove, Martin Luther King Jr., Northridge, Pan Pacific, Pecan, Ritchie Valens, and Valley Plaza.
The Department of Recreation and Parks is pleased to join the DDF in a continuing effort to provide rec-
reational opportunities to youth throughout the City. Funding has also been provided by the LA 84 Foun-

The investment in the eight fields include: upgrades to the backstops, the addition of roofs over the
dugouts, bleacher and bench upgrades, irrigation improvements, regrading to ensure smooth and consis-
tent playing surfaces and renovation of field turf or, where necessary, installation of new sod. A new fea-
ture of the Dreamfields will be a solar-powered scoreboard, with the tagline "Think Blue, Act Green."

“I am very pleased that even in this difficult financial time, through the efforts of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Dream Foundation, the LA84 Foundation, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and
Parks, we will be able to install a total of eight new Dodgers Dreamfields in parks throughout the City of
Los Angeles. Through this partnership we will re-build and renovate these fields to give them a myriad of
upgrades, as well as a whole new look, and better playability. The Department of Recreation and Parks
has a long history of working together with both business and non-profit partners to bring improved ser-
vices to the communities and residents of Los Angeles. We will do whatever it takes to continue our
steadfast commitment to promoting youth sports and active lifestyles through athletic activities. The re-
building of these eight fields is a big step forward in achieving our collective goal of providing youth a safe
and clean place to play. We are sincerely thankful to both the Dodgers Dream Foundation and LA84 for
their generous donations." said, Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager, Department of Recreation and

     Commission President Barry A. Sanders              Frank McCourt, Councilmember Smith, and
     with Fernando Valenzuela                           General Manager Jon Kirk Mukri
The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and Shane’s Inspiration have developed a
strong and effective partnership over the last 12 years beginning in 1998 with the development of the sig-
nature playground, Shane’s Inspiration, in Griffith Park.

This powerful public/private partnership has yielded the following:

Created national/international education sessions on the power of public-private partnerships as they per-
tain to Universally Accessible Playground projects; (UAP)

This powerful advocacy went on to yield over $25 million in mission generated revenue, of which $9.5 mil-
lion was secured in 2002 through Prop 40 (AB 716) sponsored by then Assembly member Tony Cardenas,
now a Los Angeles Councilmember. The last UAP under Prop 40 funding was completed and opened at
Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreation Center on March 14, 2011;

Through this powerful relationship, 18 UAPs have opened to date in the City of Los Angeles with an addi-
tional 4 projects to open over the next year. Making Los Angeles the most playable City in the world;

Los Angeles City Council not only provided partial funding for the first two playgrounds but also deepened
their support by providing bus transportation for impact programming at UAP’s throughout the City;

Three programs have been developed that utilize the playground as an outdoor classroom. One of the pro-
grams, “Together, We Are Able™” has been developed to full curriculum meeting CA State standards.
These programs have been delivered to over 125 schools throughout the City, serving thousands of chil-
dren of all abilities;

The City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department also embraced the
need to design playgrounds beyond a simple ramping system since approximately only 1.5 percent of chil-
dren with disabilities utilize a wheelchair. This has allowed Shane’s Inspiration to develop unique, sensory
rich equipment that serves the needs of children with cerebral palsy, autism, blindness and down syn-
drome, as well as those children with specific sensory disorders. This greatly expands the play value ex-
perience for a wide spectrum of children;

Now over a decade later, the alliance between the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and
Shane’s Inspiration has successfully revolutionized the way playgrounds are designed and utilized. The
unique and innovative designs, coupled with the impact from the educational programming, have garnered
the City Los Angeles wide acclaim and created a truly inclusive play environment for all children.
    Learn About the Department of Recreation and Parks’ Newest Commission Member
                                      LYNN ALVAREZ

                            Lynn Alvarez is a consultant to foundations, providing training,
                            program development, planning, evaluation, and grantmaking
                            services. She draws on her over two decades of experience
                            as a program officer at several major California foundations,
                            as faculty of The Grantmaking School, as a public interest
                            lawyer, as a leader in the nonprofit sector, and as a law pro-

                              In her former role as senior program officer at The California
                              Endowment, Lynn led the development of a new grantmaking
                              program, the implementation of a customer satisfaction sur-
                              vey, and the refinement of grantmaking procedures. She con-
                              tributed to programmatic and process improvements through-
                              out the foundation, including a comprehensive program officer
                              training program. One of her grantmaking programs involved
                              managing a $30 million grant portfolio that encompassed two
strategic initiatives: Native American health and a health grantmaking partnership involv-
ing 25 community foundations. The development of these major initiatives, and other pro-
jects at the foundation, involved convening key stakeholders, managing evaluation plans,
disseminating findings, and developing funding criteria and objectives.

Lynn’s foundation experience also includes working at the California Community Founda-
tion and the Peninsula Community Foundation. As a program officer at those founda-
tions, she worked extensively in the areas of child development, education, human ser-
vices, affordable housing and the arts. She managed several grantmaking programs and
donor advised funds.

For the past eight years, Lynn has been working as a consultant to dozens of foundations
in the Los Angeles area and nationally. Through this work she has had the opportunity to
work with communities throughout the Los Angeles region on critical issues such as
youth violence prevention, foster youth, education reform and building the organizational
effectiveness of area nonprofits.

Lynn earned her Juris Doctor degree from the Boalt Hall School of Law (Berkeley Law) at
the University of California, Berkeley. The focus of her work as an attorney was on
immigrant and refugee issues. She was the legal director of a community based
organization representing Central American refugees and also worked on a national level
in major class-action law suits representing the rights of immigrants. As a professor at
UCLA, she taught courses on immigration law and professional ethics. Lynn is fluent in
three languages - English, Spanish and French.

She has served on the boards of Para Los Niños, Human Rights Watch and the Central
American Refugee Center. She was also appointed to the California State Bar’s Immigra-
tion and Nationality Law Advisory Commission, and has chaired the Committee on Legal
Services to the Poor for the State Bar. Lynn is currently on the board of the Los Angeles
Education Partnership and is active on the parent boards of the LAUSD schools where
her children attend.
                          FOUR new Skate Parks
                                                       Lincoln Park Skate Plaza

  Andres & Maria Cardenas Skate Spot                         Opened in March
                      Opened in April

Westchester Skate Plaza Opening in June

                                                Jackie Tatum Harvard Recreation
                                              Center Skate Plaza Opening in August

                   NEW FITNESS EQUIPMENT
     Councilmember Huizar tries out the new equipment at Eagle Rock Recreation Center

  Mar Vista Recreation Center                                      Norman O. Houston
                           Lafayette Park Recreation Center Opening
The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), and the
Everychild Foundation together, opened the $9.8 million dollar Lafayette Park Recreation Center. The
15,000-square-foot eco-friendly facility, designed by the award-winning firm Kanner Architects, features
brand new multipurpose classroom spaces, a technology lab and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

“The Department of Recreation and Parks and Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), have formed an innovative
partnership between a public agency and a non-profit organization both dedicated to supporting local com-
munity needs. This partnership not only provides educational, cultural, athletic, and arts programming for
numerous local residents, but allows for the successful fundraising effort to renovate, and expand the La-
fayette Recreation Center,” said Jon Mukri, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of
Recreation and Parks. “This newly renovated, state-of-the-art, LEED recreation center will house joint
Recreation and Parks and HOLA programs covering a myriad of actives benefiting the children throughout
the community. I am very proud of this partnership and the many things we have accomplished together.”

                                  Potrero Canyon Grandbreaking
The California Coastal Commission voted January 2011 to allow the sale of six of the remaining 20 City
owned canyon rim lots on De Pauw Street, providing an estimated $6 to $7 million to help complete the
final phases of the Potrero Canyon Park Restoration project.

The city acquired 22 residential lots along the rim of the canyon while settling a series of lawsuits filed
against the city in the 1960s and 1970s for damage caused by several landslides, which resulted in the
loss of 20 homes and the endangerment of other homes.

Since then, through ongoing starts and stops, the city has slowly been working towards completing an
Infill project, which involved buttressing the canyon's sides, importing three million cubic yards of fill
Extending up to the level of the existing lots on the canyon rims, and eventually creating a public park and
a hiking trail down to Pacific Coast Highway.

The Potrero Canyon Citizen Advisory Board meet monthly to work with the Palisades community on plans
for the park. A special thank you to the board.

George Wolfberg, President, John F. Anderson, Stephanie Wilson Blanc, David Card, Judith Collas, Gil
Dembo, Dennis Hackbarth, Bob Harter, Leonard Horn, Carl Mellinger, Stuart Muller, Susan Nash, Maria
Rosetti, Norma Spak, Chris Spitz, and Rob Weber
                         City of Los Angeles
                   Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Mayor
         Department of Recreation and Parks
          Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners
                   Barry A. Sanders, President
Lynn Alvarez, W. Jerome Stanley, Jill T. Werner, Johnathan Williams
                  Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager
                  Regina Adams, Executive Officer
               Vicki Israel, Assistant General Manager
            Kevin W. Regan, Assistant General Manager