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									                           POSTCARD KIOSK
    One ttouch tto make a greettiing posttcard wiitth your own phottos
    One ouch o make a gree ng pos card w h your own pho os


• With our Postcard Kiosk you can turn your own photos into postcards and mail to
   friends, family and co-workers.
• Support external image, recognize various camera cards, phone cards, U disk, Bluetooth,
CD and etc.
• 5 million pixel camera, allows you to take pictures on site, free image zoom shooting.
• Personalized message article function helps you to get back the feeling of writing.
• Ten different themes of background, such as birthday greeting, wedding, Christmas,
tourism, graduation, etc.
• Batch processing function, to facilitate rapid high-volume shooting and design.
• Unique voice and logo operation prompt.
• Two printers in the machine, which can work at the same time.
• Castors allow for easy movement.
• The majority of our customers that have this style kiosk recovered their initial
   investment in less than one year of operation.
• Dimension (mm): 628(L)*540(W)*1690(H)
• Gross Weight (KG): 115

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Three points to note: digital, automatic and self-working
     Have you ever thought, your funny comedy scene and warm group photo will no longer only stay
in the computer and photo album?

     Our DIY postcard kiosk helps you to turn them into postcards. As long as you want, any pictures
in hand can be turned into postcards, and be mailed to your friends and family to convey your special

     Our postcard kiosk is well digitally equipped, and can be connected to various camera cards,
phone cards, U disk, Bluetooth. After one has dumped his pictures into the machine, he can edit them
in the form of a postcard by following step by step the instructions on a touching screen. The card
editing is quite simple: numbers of designs are previously installed in the machine and one needs
only to pick the card style he prefers to go with his photos. As long as all the operation is done, it does
not take more than ten seconds to get the postcard printed with a great quality picture.
Product show

Birthday greeting

                Valentine’s day

You are always in my heart

We are from five different countries……

We are good friends……
Paper-cut is the traditional Chinese culture. It’s created by the working people to meet their spiritual
needs, which later become an art style.
It’s survived in the working life of deep soil, free from the constraint of utilitarian thoughts and values,
embodies the most basic of human artistic aesthetic and spiritual quality,
If you like Chinese paper-cut art and want to share such with your friends, choose our postcard kiosk
and you can send such beautiful art together with your best wishes to friends.



We are looking for distributors all over the world, if you are interested in our postcard kiosk; please do
not hesitate to call us or send email to us.

We would like to promote our postcard kiosk in following locations and any other places you would

Flagship store
Campus or schools
Tourists attractions
Supermarket, shopping center, Post Office Business Halls
Religious sites, such as Church or Temple

We are definitely sure this will be Win-win cooperation between us.

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