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									 Appendix A: Discounts from Participating Companies

 Our participating companies offer discounts and special deals for accredited landlords.
 Rugby Borough Council is grateful for the support of these companies for the Landlord
 Accreditation Scheme. As a reciprocal gesture we will advertise companies as
 'Participating Company of the Scheme'. However, Rugby Borough Council does not
 recommend these particular companies and advises landlords to shop around to get
 the right price to suit their own circumstances.

 If you are a local company and wish to offer a discount or incentive to our Accredited
 Landlords please contact the Landlord Accreditation Officer on 01788 533830.


 Category     Business          Discount Offered                           Contact Details
 Cleaning     Ovenu - Oven,     Ovenu can offer 10% discount as            Ovenu
              Hob, Extractor,   standard on their oven cleaning & oven     59 Hillary Road
              Microwave         valeting process.                          Rugby
              Valeters                                                     Warwickshire
                                Ovenu only use high quality bio-           CV22 6ET
                                degradable products, and their service
                                is ISO 9001 Accredited.                    Tel: 01788 818863 / 0800 140 9800
                                                                           Mobile: 07814 394 148
                                For information on its services to         Website: and
                                landlords and tenants see:       
                                services/oven-cleaning-for-landlords-      Contact: Dave Simmonds (Franchisee)
                                and-tenants                                Franchised area: Rugby + CV postcodes

 Decorating   Johnstone         Johnstone Leyland Paints can offer         Johnstone Leyland Paints
              Leyland Paints    15% off their paint products, when proof   110 Somers Road
                                of membership is produced.                 Rugby
                                They offer a free next day delivery        CV22 7DH
                                service. They also carry wallpaper and
                                sundries and can mix over 15000            Tel: 01788 550655
                                colours instantly.                         Fax: 01788 547764
                                Their opening hours are:
                                7.30-5.00 Mon-Fri                          Contact: Brian Tedds (Manager)
                                8.00-12.00 Sat

 Decorating   Dulux             Dulux Decorator Centres will offer         Dulux Decorator Centres
              Decorator         discounts of up to 20% across their        37 Somers Road
              Centres           range of paints, woodcare, wallpapers      Rugby
                                and accessories exclusively for holders    CV22 7DG
                                of an Accreditation Registration Card.
                                                                           Tel: 01788 547770
                                                                           Fax: 01788 570633

                                                                           Contact: Karen Smith (Store Manager)

 Electrical   Hawkesworth       Appliance testing                          Hawkesworth Appliance Testing Ltd
 services -   Appliance         £0.90p per appliance or £50 per site       Guidance House
 Portable     Testing Ltd       whichever is greater.                      York Road
 Appliance                                                                 Thirsk
 Testing                        For a one off property we would charge     YO7 3BT
 service                        £50, if you had several sites in one day
                                then the first site would be £50 and       Tel: 01845 524498
                                there after at £0.90p making a huge        Fax: 01845 526884
                                saving.                                    Website:

 3b6aba67-bc66-45c7-b3aa-27808f4f6805.doc       Neighbourhood Renewal Team              1
                                If any corrective work is required to      Contact – Katy Rose
                                prevent the appliance failing, the         01845 573724
                                following rates will apply:      

                                        Supply and fit correctly rated
                                         fuse      £0.28p
                                        High quality new insulated pin
                                         plugs     £1.35p
                                        Fitting new plugs or remaking/
                                         rewiring old appliances or
                                         plugs     £1.30p

                                Additional Services
                                Microwave radiation leakage test £10
                                3 Phase/415v Equipment £2.25p
                                All prices Exclude Vat

                                There is no extra charge for
                                accommodation or travelling. Working
                                out of hours is also at no extra cost.

Electrical   Direct Electrics   Direct Electrics are willing to offer      Direct Electrics
services                        Landlords a preferential discount of       NICEIC Approved Contractors
                                15% off their normal charges for both      80 Park Road
                                Inspection & Testing and any               Rugby
                                subsequent remedial works or               Warwickshire CV21 2QX
                                                                           Office: 01788 575 283
                                                                           Mobile: 07801 758 042


                                                                           Contact: Gordon J Ferguson

Fire         Fixfire            Fixfire will offer special discounts to    Fixfire
Protection                      accredited Landlords as follows:           Mayflower House
Services                                                                   Bodmin Road
                                 Sales of Fire Fighting Equipment         Wyken
                                  and Signs: -15%                          COVENTRY
                                 Fire Alarm/Emergency Lighting            CV2 5DB
                                  Installation: -5%
                                 Goods collected from our Trade           Tel: 024 7661 6699
                                  Counter - Fire Fighting Equipment,       Fax: 024 7662 1990
                                  Fire Alarm Equipment, Emergency          E-mail:
                                  Lighting, Fire Door Closers,             Web:
                                  Intumescent Products, Signs etc: -
                                  15%                                      Contact: D J Wheatcroft - Sales Manager
Flooring     The Carpet         The Carpet Warehouse can offer:            The Carpet Warehouse
             Warehouse                                                     329 Clifton Road
                                 10% extra discount off stock carpet      Rugby
                                  ranges.                                  CV21 3QZ
                                 Free underlay upgrade to our super       Tel: 01788 551888
                                  luxury quality, worth £2.00 m2.          Fax: 01788 565711
                                 Free delivery, saving £35.00 when        Email:
                                  compared to a major national retailer.   Web:
                                 Quality and service guarantee.
                                                                           Contact: Phil or Steve Legate
                                 The Carpet Warehouse‘s Code of
                                  Practice is approved and monitored
                                  by the Office of Fair Trading

Kitchens     Rugby Fitted       On presentation of their accreditation     Rugby Fitted Kitchens
             Kitchens           Rugby Fitted Kitchen will offer a trade    134/136 Railway Terrace, Rugby,
                                discount of 25% off RRP on all furniture   CV21 3HN
                                products.                                  Tel: 01788 547647

3b6aba67-bc66-45c7-b3aa-27808f4f6805.doc         Neighbourhood Renewal Team              2
                                Worktops & appliances will all be at         Fax: 01788 553440
                                best terms available at the time of
                                enquiry.                                     Email:

Kitchens       Magnet Trade      65% discount off Trade kitchens with       Magnet Kitchens
               (Contract          45% discount off end panels, plinths,      32 Somers Road
               Kitchen            trims, worktops, handles, sink and         Somers Road Industrial Estate
               Solutions)         taps                                       Rugby
                                 A free box of Reisser screws (worth        CV22 7DH
                                  49.98 RRP) with the 1 kitchen order
                                  over £400 net                              Tel: 01788 574 537
                                 2 tubes of silicone free with every full   Fax: 01788 541 849
                                  (units and worktops) kitchen order
                                  there after                                Contact: Colin Green (Branch Manager)

Landlord       CIA Landlord     CIA Landlord Insurance are proud to          CIA Landlord Insurance
Insurance–     Insurance        offer Rugby Accredited Landlords a           Inwoods House
Let            Specialists in   guarantee to beat any genuine landlord       Ashlawn Road
Property       Landlord/Let     insurance quote or renewal premium for       Rugby
Insurance      Property         let properties. CIA has longstanding         CV22 5QF
Specialists.   Insurance        and close working relationships with the
                                UK’s leading landlord insurers.              Tel: 01788 818670
                                CIA Landlord Insurance Cover:-
                                                                             Contact: Vicky Garside
                                 Landlord Buildings + Contents              Email:
                                 Unoccupied Property Insurance.
                                 All Tenant Types Covered.
                                 Foreign/UK Holiday Homes.
                                 Multi Let Property Insurance.
                                 Legal Expenses – Liability
                                 Rent Guarantee Insurance.
                                 Quotes in under 3 minutes.
                                 The most competitive rates in the UK

Landlord       Alan Boswell     Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd           Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd
Insurance      Insurance        would be able to provide a 5% discount       Harbour House
               Brokers Ltd      from their competitive premiums on           126 Thorpe Road
                                both buildings and contents. The             Norwich, NR1 1UL
                                landlord would just need to confirm they
                                are an accredited landlord of the Rugby      Tel: 01603 218000
                                Borough Council to obtain this.              Fax: 01603 762862
                                The underwriter normally used for this
                                scheme is Aviva (formerly Norwich            Contact: Paul Marshall
                                Union) although others can be used           Email:
                                including MMA & NIG.

                                Some of the key features from Aviva
                                     Loss of rent following damage to
                                      the property
                                     Accidental & Malicious Damage
                                      caused by tenants (£1000 excess
                                      applies to malicious damage)
                                     Property Owners Liability up to
                                     Employers Liability up to
                                     Full policy cover for up to 90 days
                                      between lets (Subject to certain

3b6aba67-bc66-45c7-b3aa-27808f4f6805.doc        Neighbourhood Renewal Team                3
                                  conditions being met)
                                 Fire, storm, lightning, flood,

                            Contact Alan Boswell Insurance
                            Brokers Ltd for further information.

Letting       Real Estate   Real Estate (Rugby) would be pleased           Real Estate (Rugby) LLP
Agency        (Rugby)       to offer a month FREE to all landlords         22 Regent Street
                            (no management fees) for every                 Rugby
                            (scheme qualifying) property they were         CV21 2PY
                            asked to let and manage on the
                            landlords behalf. They would also offer        Tel: 01788 547000
                            a reduced monthly management fee of            Website:
                            8% + VAT thereafter.
                                                                           Contact: Greg Brady

Locksmith     Secure It     Secure It can offer 10% discount on the        Secure It
                            following services:                            27 Langdale Close
                                General locksmith                         Warwickshire
                                Lock outs                                 CV21 1JY
                                Board up service
                                Replacement double glazing                Tel: 01788 331 525
                                                                           Mob: 07806 591 378
                            Additional discounts could be available        Email:
                            depending on the level of business.
                                                                           Contact: Colin Greene

Plastering    Rugby         Rugby Plastering Services is a well            Rugby Plastering Services
              Plastering    recognised business in the area, being         8 Yates Avenue
              Services      an approved contractor for Rugby               The Glebe
                            Borough Council, Orbit and Age                 Newbold-on-Avon
                            Concern as well as a member of                 Rugby
                            Constructionline.                              CV21 1DG

                            There is no set discount for members of        Tel: 01788 537544
                            the Accreditation scheme as each               Fax: 01788 570772
                            individual project will vary, but a suitable   Mobile: 07901601795
                            discount will be available on request.
                                                                           Contact: Sean Murphy

Roofing       D T Wall      D T Wall Roofing Limited undertakes all        D T Wall Roofing Limited
              Roofing       aspects of roofing ie: Slating, Tiling,        16 Cawston Lane
              Limited       Built Up Felt Roofing and EPDM                 Dunchurch
                            Firestone Rubber Membrane Roofing              Rugby
                            We would be prepared to offer a 5%             CV22 6QE
                            discount to all Landlords
                                                                           Tel: 01788 521200
                                                                           Fax: 05601 268694
                                                                           Email: or

                                                                           Contacts: Flat Roofing – Mr Stephen D Wall
                                                                           Slating & Tiling – Mr David Temperley
                                                                           Both can be contacted on the above

Other Benefits
Members of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme will have access to

         Free Advertising through Rugby Borough Council for any accredited properties

3b6aba67-bc66-45c7-b3aa-27808f4f6805.doc     Neighbourhood Renewal Team                 4
      Free access to Rugby Borough Council’s Bond Scheme
      Access to Rugby Borough Council’s housing maintenance contractors
      Accredited Landlords will be supported by the Neighbourhood Renewal Team on
       any housing issues, e.g. housing benefits

3b6aba67-bc66-45c7-b3aa-27808f4f6805.doc   Neighbourhood Renewal Team   5

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