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					End Time Current Events: 6-6-10
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Table of Contents:

   •   Close-Up Footage of Muslim "Free Gaza" Flotilla/Mavi Marmara Passengers
       Attacking IDF Soldiers
   •   IDF Navy Politely Warns Flotilla
   •   Flotilla Members Attacking Israeli Boarding Party
   •   Gaza aid flotilla an 'ambush for Israeli soldiers'
   •   Flotilla Using Children as Human Shields
   •   Hamas Uses Children, UN, Press As Human Shields In Gaza
   •   Gaza Flotilla Action
   •   Gaza flotilla participants created war atmosphere before confronting Israel
   •   IDF: Global Jihad links on flotilla
   •   Recipe for a new blood libel
   •   'ware the spider's web
   •   New aid ship heads to Gaza, Israel vows to stop it
   •   Israel intercepts new Gaza aid ship
   •   Islamic Propaganda Machine Says: Israel is world's most despicable
   •   More Islamic Lies: 'Israel nears end after raid on aid ships'
   •   The Islamic Propensity for Lying taught in their "holy books"
   •   Islamic Resurrection dependent on Muslims killing Jews
   •   Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If You Persist In
       Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!
   •   BP Oil Leak May Last Until
   •   BP's Previous Unbelievable Logo From the 1990's
   •   Illuminati Plan--BP Oil Spread Simulation Map
   •   BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
   •   Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America
   •   LOST at Sea: Oil Spill Set to Enrich World Bankers
   •   North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon
   •   A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport with
   •   Advocacy Group Protests Comedy Central's New 'Anti-Christian' Series
   •   With Obama's blessings, LGBT month kicks off
   •   'Gay day' at Disney Kicking off this Weekend
   •   Acharya S is Censoring 'Aquarius: The Age of Evil'
   •   AQUARIUS: The Age Of Evil (1/14) SPREAD THIS Before its Pulled!!

Ephesians 5:11, 13-16: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of
darkness, but rather reprove them. But all things that are reproved are made
manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he
saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give
thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."
The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary defines:
Reprove: To blame, to convince of a fault, or to make it manifest, to excite a
sense of guilt.
Circumspectly: Cautiously; with watchfulness every way; with attention to guard
against surprise or danger.
Matthew 24:24: "...if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."
II Corinthians 2:11: "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not
ignorant of his devices."
II Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble
themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then
will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
I John 4:18: "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because
fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."
Heb 13:6: "So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear
what man shall do unto me."
II Timothy 1:7: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of
love, and of a sound mind."
Close-Up Footage of Muslim "Free Gaza" Flotilla/Mavi Marmara Passengers
Attacking IDF Soldiers
idfnadesk — May 31, 2010 — Video taken by IDF naval boat shows the
passengers of the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships in the 'Free Gaza' Flotilla,
violently attacking IDF soldiers who were trying to board the ship after having
sent repeated requests for the boat to change course.
Large groups of passengers surrounded soldiers and beat them with metal poles
and chairs, and threw one soldier over the side of the ship. Some passengers
grabbed pistols from the IDF soldiers and opened fire. As a result of the attacks,
seven IDF soldiers were injured, and nine of the passengers were killed.The 'Free
Gaza' Flotilla had publicly insisted on their non-violent intentions, however their
violent attack on the IDF soldiers was clearly premeditated. They had knives,
metal rods, firebombs and other items ready to use that wee confiscated and
photographed after the attack.
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYjkLUcbJWo

IDF Navy Politely Warns Flotilla (31 May 2010)
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6jDIQr59Sk&feature=related

Flotilla Members Attacking Israeli Boarding Party - 31May10
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzGiSpXmnQ0&feature=channel

Gaza aid flotilla an 'ambush for Israeli soldiers'
Monday, May 31, 2010 Israel Today Staff --At least a dozen people were killed and
many more wounded early Monday morning when Israeli soldiers sent to board six
blockade-busting international "aid" ships approaching the Gaza Strip were met with
violent resistance.
The aid ships set off from Turkey during the weekend, insisting that their cargo was
desperately needed by the residents of Gaza, despite the fact that Gaza receiving many
times more humanitarian aid each week via Israel. The ships were also carrying many
items Israel is trying to keep out of Gaza because they have been used in the past by
Hamas to built rockets and bunkers.
The flotilla's organizers originally said that they would not use violence if confronted by
the Israeli navy.
But an Israeli army spokesman said that the first soldier over the side of the main flotilla
ship after it ignored radio calls to halt was immediately stabbed in the chest. The
spokesman said that in addition to many activists wielding knives and metal bars, at
least two were armed with guns, forcing the Israeli troops to use deadly force to seize
control of the ship.
In addition to the dozen or so fatalities among the activists, some 50 were wounded and
transferred to Israeli hospitals for treatment. At least 10 Israeli soldiers were also
wounded, two seriously.
"This was not a peace missions, it was an act of terror," said IDF spokesman Col. Avi
In an address to the press later in the morning, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon
called the incident a "premeditated and outrageous provocation." He said Israeli troops
had found many weapons prepared beforehand for use against Israeli forces aboard the
ships. "It was an ambush for Israeli soldiers."
Ayalon said the presence of weapons aboard the ships only further demonstrated that
the flotilla's purpose was not humanitarian.
For weeks leading up to the launch of the flotilla, Israel told its organizers in the Free
Gaza Movement that many tons of humanitarian aid were entering Gaza every day, and
that Israel would gladly add the permitted goods they had collected to the aid truck
But Ayalon said Israel was repeatedly informed that the Free Gaza Movement first and
foremost intended to break the Israeli maritime blockade on Gaza and its Hamas rulers.

Flotilla Using Children as Human Shields
5/31/10--Organizers of the flotilla intended to break Israel's naval blockade of Gaza are
using children as human shields to keep Israel from attacking the boats. Chairman
Bulent Yildirim (of the 'The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation', known by its
Turkish initials IHH) said so during an interview on the group's website, in which he was
seen holding a baby that was on board the boat Mavi Marmara. Organizers have
expressed a wish that any confrontation between the boats and the Israeli navy take
place during the day, for better media coverage. They expected the confrontation to
take place during daylight hours Monday morning, but the Israeli navy intercepted the
lead ship late Sunday night.

Hamas Uses Children, UN, Press As Human Shields In
Gaza                                                                           1-15-09--In
order to avoid civilian casualties, Israel sends warning messages before attacking
terrorist targets advising civilians to leave. Israel prefers to attack empty buildings used
to manufacture rockets, even taking into consideration that the terrorists too will be
warned and their lives spared.

Hamas, on the other hand, calls on civilians to come and to protect with their bodies the
precise locations they expect Israel to attack. Since they know that Israel will usually
strike from the air, they send the children to the roofs to prevent the air force from
targeting that building.

Four U.N. officials were killed in Lebanon by an apparent Israel airstrike. Within hours of
the event, former U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan announced his belief that Israel had
deliberately targeted the U.N. personnel. Annan demanded that “any further attack on
U.N. positions and personnel must stop.”

Yesterday, strong evidence came to light suggesting that Hizbollah was effectively using
the U.N. position as a shield, conducting attacks against Israel, knowing that any Israeli
response was likely to hit the U.N. post. The New York Sun reports that one of the U.N.
officials killed in the attack had earlier sent e-mails saying that Hizbollah was “all over”
his position. The recipient of those e-mails, a former major-general in the Canadian
military named Lewis MacKenzie, described their contents:

“What he was telling us was Hezbollah fighters were all over his (The U.N.) position and
the IDF were targeting them, and that’s a favorite trick by people who don’t have
representation in the U.N. They use the U.N. as shields knowing that they cannot be
punished for it.” To Hizbollah, civilians and U.N. positions are strategic assets. The
terrorist group routinely launches attacks from residential areas and near U.N. posts.
Hizbollah knows that this puts Israel in a bind: if Israel decides to respond, that
response will provide a tear-jerking scene for the evening news where the headline will
be “Israeli Bomb Kills Civilians,” or “U.N. Officials Killed in Israeli Airstrike.” But if Israel
backs down out of a fear of how the media will report the story, then Hizbollah gets a
safe haven where they can launch attacks with impunity. Hizbollah wins either way, with
a propaganda victory or a military one.

Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, Permanent Representative of Israel recently told the UN:
"For eight years the citizens of southern Israel have suffered the trauma of almost daily
missile attacks from Gaza. For eight years more than 8,000 rockets and mortar shells
have targeted Israeli towns and villages. For eight years the residents of these towns
have had a bare 15 seconds to hurry, with their children and their elderly, to find cover
before rockets and missiles land on their houses and schools. No State would permit
such attacks on its citizens. Nor should it."

"Hamas has no interest in making peace with the enemy; for Hamas peace is the
enemy. Its only interest is in establishing a regime of tyranny for Gazans and of terror
for Israelis.

So now lets look at some quotes from the Islamic Koran.

Allah has cursed the unbelievers and proposed for them a blazing hell. - Sura

Unbelievers are enemies of Allah and they will roast in hell. - Sura 41:14

Muhammad is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the
unbelievers.... Through them, Allah seeks to enrage the unbelievers. - Sura 48:29

Sura 9:123: Believers! Make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them
find harshness in you. (another source reads: ) Ye who believe! Murder those of
the disbelievers....

The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn forever
in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of all creatures. - Sura 98:51People of the
Book (Arabic: ‫لهأ‬       ′Ahl al-Kitāb) is a term used to designate non-Muslim adherents
    to faiths which have a book of prayer.[1] The two faiths that are mentioned in the Qur'an
    as people of the book are Judaism and Christianity

    TAKE ACTION: Contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and ask that
    they strongly support the efforts by Israel to protect themselves from Islamic terrorist
    activity in the Gaza Strip.

                             The Jerusalem Connection International

                                       Visit TJCI's website for
                                         The truth about the
                                             Gaza flotilla
Gaza Flotilla Action
By Victor Sharpe

Here is more information about the so-called humanitarian flotilla, which like so many groups who
hide behind titles such as, “humanitarian” and “peace and justice,” are violent and hateful in their
premeditated acts.

The pictures are hard to watch, the emotions they create are understandable BUT let us realize
this is exactly what the Turkish Humanitarian organization wanted to create with this flotilla. This
was NOT a peaceful humanitarian group, they came armed and ready for violence, even with
children as human shields.

Please use the facts below whenever you talk or are engaged on this subject.

1. A state of armed conflict exists between Israel and the Hamas regime controlling Gaza. The
Hamas terrorists have launched over 12,000 rockets against Israeli civilians, and are presently
smuggling in Iranian arms and military supplies into Gaza, by land and sea, in order to fortify its
positions and continue its attacks.

2. Under international law, Israel has the right to protect the lives of its civilians from Hamas
attacks, and, consequently, has undertaken measures to defend itself, including the imposition of
a maritime blockade to curb Hamas rearmament. Under international maritime law, when a
maritime blockade is in effect, no vessels can enter the blockaded area.

3. In line with Israel's obligations under international law, the ships participating in the protest
flotilla were warned repeatedly that a maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza and
were given due notice of its exact coordinates.

4. Israel repeatedly offered the flotilla organizers permission to land in the port of Ashdod, and to
transfer their aid to Gaza through the existing overland crossings, in accordance with established
procedures. Thousands of tons of humanitarian supplies are regularly allowed in by Israel
through the land crossings. The flotilla organizers rejected this offer, stating clearly that "this
mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it's about breaking Israel's siege." (Greta
Berlin, AFP, 27May10).

5. While the organizers claim to have humanitarian concern for the residents of Gaza they did not
have similar concerns for the fate of the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and when asked,
refused to even make a public call to allow him to be visited by the Red Cross. Shalit has
languished in a Gazan dungeon for over three years.

6. When it became clear that the protest flotilla intended to violate the blockade despite repeated
warnings, Israeli Naval personnel boarded the vessels of the flotilla, and redirected them to
Ashdod. (Read first hand account)

7. Given the large number of vessels participating in the flotilla, there was an operational need to
undertake measures to enforce the blockade a certain distance from the area of the blockade.

8. The intention of the flotilla participants to resist Israeli Naval personnel was made clear in
numerous television interviews on 30 May given by the head of the IHH, Bulent Yildirim on board
the Mavi Marmara (as he held a year-old infant in his arms, in what he called a "message" to any
Israelis planning to act against the flotilla) What cowardice!!

9. The Israeli Navy was met with violent opposition, two pistols were found in the hands of
protesters, and over a dozen Israeli personnel were hospitalized, some in critical condition. One
militant snatched a gun from an Israeli commando and opened fire. The Navy described being
met by a “lynching” party. (Watch Video)

10. In Ashdod, the flotilla's cargo will be off-loaded and the humanitarian items will be transferred
overland to Gaza in accordance with standard operating procedures. The participants of the
flotilla will be subjected to immigration procedures applicable in cases of attempted illegal entry.

11. Few reports have focused on the two organizations involved in the flotilla. They are the IHH
(Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief [Insani Yardim Vakfi]),
billed as a "charity" group from Turkey and Free Gaza, an organization of leftist radicals who
wish to foment violence against Israel.

The IHH is a front group with a history of supplying weapons to Islamic terrorist groups in the
region. Even the French recognize this group as a front for terrorists.

Free Gaza was founded in 2008 to provoke Isreal for Islamists in the Gaza Strip. Involved in the
founding of this were former Weather Underground domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife
Bernardine Dorhn, and Jodie Evans, a founder of Code Pink , an anti-military and anti-American
organization. Code Pink barges into congressional hearings, and does whatever it can to
subvert our efforts against Islamic terrorism around the world.

President Obama began his political career in the living room of Ayers and Dohrn . Ayers had
been involved in the bombing of the Pentagon and a New York City police department in the
1970s during the Vietnam War. Both had gone underground for years to avoid capture for their
terrorist activities.

Summing up:

Inevitably Israel will be portrayed as brutal and unconcerned for the human rights of the victims
of the conflict. Hamas and the many other Islamic terror organizations play the Western world, its
press and governments, masterfully.

The end result is that Israel, as so often, is caught in a "No-Win" situation and must ultimately
use force to stop the aggression and depredations of the Hamas terror organization. Whether
Hamas and the Islamists unleash incessant rocket fire into Israeli civilian towns, kidnap Israeli
soldiers, inflict terror attacks, or bring a flotilla of so-called "peace activists" to Gaza, Israel is
brought to a position that it must act. Not to do so is ultimately to commit national suicide. Sadly,
the mainstream press consistently refuses to accept or understand how they are being
relentlessly manipulated by Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Islamists and Jihadists.
                            The Jerusalem Connection International
                           P.O. Box 20295- Washington, DC- 20041
                 Phone: 703-707-0014- Fax-703-707-9514 Email: info@tjci.org

    Gaza flotilla participants created war atmosphere before confronting Israel
    Participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews and called for
    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik--On the day before the Gaza flotilla
    confronted the Israeli navy, Al-Jazeera TV documented the pre-battle atmosphere
    created by men on board the flotilla, who chanted a well-known Islamic battle cry
    invoking the killing and defeat of Jews in battle:
    "[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!"

    Khaibar is the name of the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad's army in 628.
    Many Jews were killed in that battle, which marked the end of Jewish presence in
    Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor to future wars against Jews. At
    gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to
    expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims.

    Al-Jazeera also interviewed a woman who said that the flotilla participants' goal was
    "one of two happy endings: either Martyrdom or reaching Gaza."

    Click here to view Islamic battle cry on Gaza flotilla--[Al-Jazeera TV, May 29, 2010]
     Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV chose to glorify flotilla participants who shouted the Islamic battle
          cry by broadcasting an interview with a university lecturer who referred to them as
                                                                    "those with faith and will."
    Dr. Abd Al-Fatah Shayyeq Naaman, lecturer in Shari'ah law at a university in Sanaa:
  "Yesterday I followed the news agencies and they conveyed Zionist threats to stop the
    convoy and prevent it from entering Gaza; on the other side, those with faith and will
       once again call out upon hearing the reports of the threats: '[Remember] Khaibar,
                                Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!'"

Al-Jazeera also reports that before the confrontation, flotilla participants announced that
they would use "resistance" against Israel. Mukawama (resistance) is the Arabic term
used by Palestinians to refer to all violence against Israel, including suicide terror.

"The flotilla includes hundreds of Arab and foreign solidarity activists from more than 40
countries ... They have announced their determination to use resistance to any attempt
at piracy by the Israeli occupation."
                                                       [Al-Jazeera website, May 29, 2010


Dr. Scott Johnson - Muslim Islamic Religion Hypocrisy Exposed 1/14
Dr. Scott Johnson - The Double Face Of Islam 1/14
Dr. Scott Johnson - Obama To Abandon Israel While Embracing The Islamic
Nations 1/5

IDF: Global Jihad links on flotilla
By YAAKOV KATZ--01/06/2010
Dozens of passengers who were aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship are suspected of h
with global jihad-affiliated terrorist organizations, defense officials said on Tuesday, amid growing conc
warships would accompany a future flotilla to the Gaza Strip.

According to the defense officials, the IDF has identified about 50 passengers on the ship who could h
connections with global jihad-affiliated groups.

During its searches of the Mavi Marmara on Tuesday, the military also discovered a cache of bulletpro
vision goggles, as well as gas masks (Comment: No wonder the terroist Muslims fought the IDF so har
board their ship)
The group of over 50 passengers with possible terror connections have refused to identify themselves
carrying passports (Comment: So in other words they never had any intention on entering Isreal legall
Many of them were carrying envelopes packed with thousands of dollars in cash (Comment: No doubt
in the Gaza strip).

“This initiative is not going to stop,” she said from the group’s base in Cyprus. “We think eventually Isra
of common sense. They’re going to have to stop the blockade of Gaza, and one of the ways to do this
to send the boats.”

Recipe for a new blood libel
Monday 31 May 2010--I love watching Israel being exonerated. It has happened time
and again over the years: Israel’s enemies falsely level blood libels against the Jews,
the reflexively anti-Israel news media snatches and runs – exhilarated – with the story,
spreading the perverted version of events far and wide. Sooner or later their “reporting”
is shown to be inaccurate if not downright false, and Israel is absolved.

Not that this makes much difference to those who hate Isreal – of course. But it is music
to the ears and eyes of those who love Israel.

...This was Israel’s response: Naval ships intercepted the flotilla and Israeli
commandoes, armed with paintball rifles (!) and wearing side arms strictly for self-
defense, slid to the deck of the largest ship – the Mavi Marmara. Their purpose: to tell
the protestors one last time that they would not be allowed into Gaza.

A few minutes later a reporter for Turkish television was heard screaming into his
camera: “These savages are killing people here, please help!”

The news flashed around the globe. That is to say, an uninformed and misinformed
version of what was happening flew from network to network.
The headlines and reporting, condemnations and outrage voiced on the morning of May
31, 2010 were predictable.

Israel had attacked a sailing flotilla of peace activists who were simply seeking to take
humanitarian aid to the “suffering” people of the Gaza Strip.

IDF soldiers had opened fire indiscriminately on the unresisting protestors, killing up to
19 of them.

The Israelis had “dropped from a helicopter onto the deck of a Turkish ship [and]
immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians.”

Israel had deliberately “targeted innocent civilians,” claimed troublemaking Turkey’s
foreign ministry, warning of “irreparable consequences” to the two countries’ relations.

Israel had committed “a massacre,” cried PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas, while his
mouthpiece, Sa’eb Erekat, pronounced Israel guilty of “another war crime.” For good
measure the PA/PLO immediately declared three days of mourning for those killed.

Screamed the BBC: “Death as Israel storms aid ship.”

CNN: “Israeli commandos killed at least 10 people in pre-dawn raids on a flotilla of six
ships carrying aid for the Palestinian territory of Gaza…”
The network also gave a platform to Gaza-based Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri
who said: “The Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla is an ugly crime and against
international law and this reflects the nature of the criminal Israeli occupation.”

Deceived (willingly?) by these hysterical headlines, officials like Catherine Ashton, the
European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, and senior UN figures Robert
Serry and Filippo Grandi laid the blame for the whole affair at Israel’s door and
demanded Israel immediately lift the blockade of Gaza.

The new British Foreign minister John Haig also called on Israel to open all the
crossings for free flow of aid into Gaza.

Deputy United Nations chief Oscar Fernandez-Taranco said the deaths could have
been avoided if only Israel had lifted its blockade. Needless to say, the fact that the
deaths could have been avoided if the “activists” had kept their noses out of Israel’s
affairs never entered the man’s head.

What really happened? Israel has plenty of footage revealing the truth.

You can view the sickening scenes here , and here, and here.

The “peace-loving” protestors tried to lynch the Israeli soldiers. As each paintball-armed
soldier reached the deck he was leaped upon by iron-bar wielding, chair-smashing,
knife-stabbing and even gun-firing “activists.”

Some soldiers were beaten senseless. One was dropped headfirst onto a lower deck,
sustaining serious injuries. Another was stabbed, his pistol was grabbed from him and
used to fire at the Israelis. Stun grenades and firebombs were thrown at the soldiers.

When they eventually opened fire, it was only to defend themselves, and we still do not
know how many of those killed were killed by the soldiers or by the terrorists (because
that’s what they were) who were trying to shoot the IDF men.

This is the real story. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the currently convening
emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to find in Israel’s favor.

When it comes to the state of the hated Jews, the truth rarely finds traction in the court
of international opinion. Thanks largely to the media, many millions of people are primed
and ready to believe the worst about the actions of Israel’s Jews. For them it’s a case
of: why let the facts get in the way of a convenient and expedient story that further feeds
their prejudices and satisfies their twisted desires.


'ware the spider's web
31 May 2010--The eruption of violence that occurred on the high seas in the early hours
of May 31, when criminals and terrorists masquerading as peace activists attacked and
tried to kill Israeli soldiers had at least one positive outcome: It caused Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his visit to the White House, which had been set for
Tuesday after President Barack Obama extended an invitation to the Israeli leader last

Few observers were fooled by the “friendly” request. Obama, who has unabashedly
realigned his country away from its traditionally pro-Israel stance, had come under
withering fire from many quarters – including some in his own corner – after treating
Netanyahu like dirt during his last visit to Washington. With a virtually 0 percent
approval rating among Israelis, the American leader had clearly been forced to accept
the fact that he would not be able to cajole the people of the world’s only Jewish state
into embracing his vision for a new Middle East.

New aid ship heads to Gaza, Israel vows to stop
it                                                                    Menelaos Hadjicostis
and David Rising - Associated Press Writers - An aid ship trying to break the blockade
of Gaza could reach Israel's 20-mile (32-kilometer) exclusion zone late Friday, an
activist said, but Israel's prime minister has vowed the ship will not reach land. Greta
Berlin, a spokesman for the Free Gaza group, said in Nicosia the 1,200-ton Rachel
Corrie is heading directly to Gaza and will not stop in any port on the way. It is trying to
deliver hundreds of tons of aid, including wheelchairs, medical supplies and concrete.
By Friday afternoon, the ship was 150 miles (240 kilometers) from the coast of Gaza in
international waters, the group said on its website. Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Mairead McGuire and the former head of the U.N. Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, Denis
Halliday, were among the 11 passengers on board. The Irish vessel is named after an
American college student crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer while protesting
house demolitions in Gaza.Israel will not allow the aid ship to reach Gaza, Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told senior Cabinet ministers late Thursday. According to
a participant in the meeting, he said Israel made several offers to direct the ship to an
Israeli port, where the aid supplies would be unloaded, inspected and transferred to
Gaza by land, but the offers were rejected. Netanyahu has hotly rejected calls to lift the
blockade on Gaza, insisting that it prevents missile attacks on Israel. The Rachel
Corrie's cargo of concrete is also a problem, because Israel considers that to have
military uses. http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=10822545

Israel intercepts new Gaza aid
                      05 Jun 2010 The Israeli Navy has intercepted a new Gaza-bound
aid ship Rachel Corrie following its earlier attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, pro-
Palestinian activists say. "They are being followed," Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza group
told Reuters on Saturday. Berlin said earlier that the Rachel Corrie was some 55 km (35
miles) west of Gaza in the Mediterranean.
Islamic Propaganda Machine Says: Israel is world's most despicable country

Ali Waked

05.31.10 / Israel News

Hundreds of Palestinians on Monday joined a line of protests against the Israeli military
operation against the Gaza aid flotilla and called for an end to negotiations with
Israel. A number of Fatah officials and senior sources from other organizations were at
the protest, including Palestinian Parliament member, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. Speaking
from the scene of the demonstration, Barghouti told Ynet that Israel has proven on
Monday "that it is the most despicable state in the world if it expects anyone to believe
its pathetic lies, according to which the peace activists on the flotilla were carrying
weapons, as the Israeli spokespeople have claimed."

Barghouti wondered, "Does Israel expect anyone to believe it when it claims that the
adults on the ships were carrying weapons? Comment: I guess this devil didn't see
the video of all their weapons in the above reference video. Israel has committed a
serious crime, an act of criminal piracy. It has made a fatal mistake."

According to the Fatah officials, Israel has put itself at a delicate crossroads, and will be
forced to deal not only with the Palestinian state, but also with 40 European and Arab
states. Comment: Sounds like a WWIII threat

"Israel violated Turkish, Greek and Irish sovereignty by attacking ships that carried their
flags, and it will be forced to face a much more extensive boycott and official sanctions,"
Barghouti said. He added, "The world will stop accepting Israel as a country that
conducts itself as if it is above the law, and will start to address it as it addressed the
Apartheid Regime in South Africa."


More Islamic Lies: 'Israel nears end after raid on aid
ships'                                                                          Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid
convoy marks the beginning of the end for the regime.
Israel is facing international condemnation over the Flotilla incident. Several European
states have summoned Israeli ambassadors over the assault. Ahmadinejad condemned
the move on Monday, saying the attack on the Freedom Flotilla was a sign of Israel's
weakness. "A select few (Israel) think that such actions are a sign of power, whereas
they should be aware this will lead to their end," "Someone asked me why I no longer
say Israel must be torn down. I said because there is no (no longer a)need to say Israel
must be demolished -- as this regime will self destruct," he added. The Iranian president
also called on Tel Aviv's allies to stop supporting a regime that acts like a "professional
"The time is ripe for the international community and the conscientious to take a
resolute stance against the recurring crimes of this occupier and belligerent regime,"
Ahmadinejad said. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=128479&sectionid=351020101

The Islamic Propensity for Lying taught in their "holy
books"                                                                     Muslims will do
and say anything in order to advance Allah's Agenda.Qur'an (3:54) - "...Allah schemed
against them (the unbelievers): and Allah is the best of schemers." The Arabic word
used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit. If Allah is
deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are
allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21) From another Muslim "holy" writing
"The Hadith" we read: Bukhari (52:269) - "The Prophet said, 'War is deceit.'" The
Muslims have procliamed Jihad or 'holy War' against the Jews and America. A
major part of this war is deceit. They are liars and admit to this in there own
writings and 'holy books'! Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to
defeat them. The two forms are:                                                     1)
Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true.
2)Kitman - Lying by omission.
Yasser Arafat quotes (Palestinian President of the Palestinian Authority from 1996.
“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will
make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . .
We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”
The bottom line is these Muslims should not be there but let me ask you a question is it
is OK for Muslims to have fired off over 12,000 rockets from Gaza and other areas in
Israel at the Jews within the last decade? & why does this happen, see: "Israel will exist
and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others
before it" - Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood

If Hamas terrorists in Mexico and Canada started to fire rockets and missiles at US
cities, how would the US respond, how would any nation respond in defending their

Israel is a Jewish nation 1/19th the size of California, and is one of the smallest nations
on the face of the earth. With only about 8,000 sq. miles of land mass it is roughly two
times the size of Rhode Island. The nation of Israel is surrounded by twenty-two hostile
Arab/Islamic dictatorships that are 640 times her size and 60 times her population. Arab
propagandists call Israel "expansionist." There is NO truth to this statement as Israel,
occupies one-sixth of one percent of the lands called Arab.

Islamic Resurrection dependent on Muslims killing Jews
Hamas spokesman, Dr. Ismail Radwan: "'The Hour [of Resurrection] will not take
place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the rock and the
tree will say: 'Oh, Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!' We must
remind our Arab and Muslim nation - its leaders and people, its scholars and students -
remind them that Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque will not be liberated through
summits nor by international resolutions; rather, it will be liberated through the rifle."
Watch: http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=676&fld_id=676&doc_id=1736

                      Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If
                      You Persist In Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!

                      But, the God of Israel, the Almighty God, has predicted both this
                      current obsession with Israel/Jerusalem and the ultimate outcome.
                      We can only shout a warning against all enemies of Israel:

                     God is watching every Palestinian, every Muslim & every
                     person with hate in their heart toward Israel; He is taking note
                     of every terrorist attempt and every successful terrorist
attack, like the one above. As God promised in

Many Christians believe that the Last Judgment will be held in the Valley of
Jehoshaphat, interpreting the passage in: Joel 3:1-2: "For, behold, in those days,
and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I
will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of
Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage
Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

This seems to fit hand in glove with the passage in Matthew 25: 31 When the Son
of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit
upon the throne of his glory: 32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and
he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from
the goats: 33

Therefore, when Muslims murder Jews indiscriminately, and try to accomplish
the task of total annihilation that Hitler failed to accomplish, they are embarking
on an impossible mission, and they are setting themselves up for the greatest of
God's prophetic annihilations.

Since 1948, Arabs have collectively tried to snuff out the life of tiny Israel, attacking her
in six major wars, and in countless acts of terrorism. You cannot succeed, because God
has set His face against you, and is protecting Israel by the Almighty Power of His
Hand! You might consider my article today to be an open warning to all Arab leaders
that they had best stop attacking God's people, the Jews. They have no concept that
they are opposing Almighty God. As we stated in last Part 1 of this series, God had
repeatedly stated, in both Old and New Testaments, that He was going to restore Israel
back to her land in the 'latter days', and would restore His betrothal to her.
Tiny Israel, smaller than the state of New Jersey, is surrounded by a sea of hostile
Arabs that want to see Israel annihilated and cast into the sea. Never in modern history
have so few dominated so many so thoroughly. The Jews are outnumbered 52 to 1, and
they still dominate and defeat the Arabs. How humiliating it must be for the Arabs not to
be able to defeat such an outnumbered foe! Furthermore, it has not mattered that the
Arabs succeeded in bringing the U.S.S.R. into the conflict on their side. Even though the
Arabs have been trained and equipped by the Russians since World War II, they have
not been able to defeat Israel.

Does anyone here sense the Presence of Almighty God?

Surely, no one who carefully considers this matter can reach no other conclusion. It
would seem to me that, if the Arabs simply lined up 200 million people, armed with
anything, they could overwhelm Israel with their sheer numbers. Yet, they do not, and
God's protection is the only reason the Arabs cannot win.

Today, the Arabs are trying to win at the bargaining table what they could never win at
the battlefield. And, when Arabs are not "negotiating", they are either murdering
innocent Jewish men, women, children, and babies, or they are using oil monies to buy
Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to annihilate 6.6 million Jews.

God has much to say about how He will treat Israel after He restored her to her land, in
the "Latter Days". Generally, God will be protecting Israel as He did in the Old
Testament, before she began to so terribly sin against His Commandments.

But, God is also going to remarkably demonstrate His Power and Glory in the "Latter
Days", by deliberately stirring up the peoples around Israel to attack her, only so He can
miraculously deliver her. The centerpiece of God's love and concern for Israel is
Jerusalem. Listen to God's Plan for Jerusalem in these "Latter Days".

"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round
about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that
burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth
be gathered together against it." (Zechariah 12:2-3)

Now, I appeal to everyone to carefully understand what God is foretelling in this
remarkable prophecy, made almost 2,500 years ago! After He brings Israel back to her
land, God is going to deliberately create the following situation to develop:

Little tiny Jerusalem is going to be the center of attention and agitation, for all the
peoples who are living around it. These peoples, the Arabs living around Jerusalem, are
going to be mightily agitated over Israeli control of Jerusalem.
The Arab peoples surrounding Jerusalem are going to come against it in such a way
that the situation will appear as though they have Jerusalem surrounded, as in a siege.
They will come in wave after wave against Jerusalem. As one wave is annihilated,
another one will take its place. God will annihilate them all.

Later, in the Great Tribulation, we know that this is going to literally happen, i.e., an
overwhelming enemy force is going to lay siege to Jerusalem, and will have begun to
enter the city, when Messiah comes from Heaven to destroy them by speaking one
Word. This annihilation is foretold in Revelation 16:16, and is called the Battle of

Certainly, today's newspapers tell a story that exactly corresponds to this prophetic
picture, above. The Arabs have Israel, and Jerusalem, completely surrounded in such
an overwhelming manner that the average Israeli citizen must feel as though he is in a
siege. And, the Arabs have succeeded in manipulating the Palestinians so that they are
creating an Arab state within the tiny nation of Israel, a sharp dagger seemingly poised
just inches away from the Jewish heart. In fact, when the "Peace Process" is completely
carried out, Israel will be nearly cut off, North from the South, with only a narrow strip of
land a few miles wide, joining the two segments. One does not have to be a military
genius to understand that, at that point, Israel will be in dire peril, militarily. If an attack
came from within the newly created Arab state, Arab forces will have little difficulty
cutting off the Northern segment of Israel from her Southern segment. Arab forces might
be able to defeat Israel before her armed forces could be fully mobilized [it takes 72
hours to mobilize Israel's reserves].

Arafat has made it quite plain that he looked to the Koran for his current strategy in
dealing with Israel. In the Koran, the Prophet Mohammed states that, if the Arabs face
an enemy so strong they cannot defeat them, they are to feign that they want peace.
Once peace gets underway, the Arabs are to secretly build up their forces, while
simultaneously trying to lull their strong enemy to a false sense of security. Then, when
the time is right, the Arab forces will spring into military action, totally defeating their
enemy. This was Arafat's ruse, and he has been caught on tape explaining this ruse to
other Arabs!

Daniel 12:1 gives an interesting picture of how God's protection might be carried out.
Speaking of the time of the End of the Age, God foretold that Israel was going to face
such a threat of annihilation that the great angelic princely angel, Michael, is going to
have to stand up from his throne to deliver Israel.

All Arab leaders who are currently plotting against Israel (and they all are) should take
these warnings to heart. Of course they won't, because they despise the God of Israel,
the Almighty Creator. They are literally fighting against God. This is why they have
never been able to defeat Israel since she came back into the land God put her in, and
why they never will in the future. All their plotting and scheming will not only result in
defeat, it will result in total annihilation of their nation!!

Consider Obadiah. NEWS2095:
Verse 15 abruptly shifts the emphasis to the "Day of the Lord", which is the End of the
Age. The entire book is written to the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, who had so
thoroughly afflicted Israel all throughout history. In verse 15, God foretells that He will
bring judgments upon Edom and the entire house of Esau (these are the Arabs
immediately surrounding Israel). God is telling that His physical judgment will begin to
fall upon these Arabs for the way in which they have consistently mistreated Israel in the
past [and, it would seem, in the present].

But, God uses extremely strong language here. He says, in verse 16, that these Arabs
will be forced to completely drink from God's cup of Judgment, and they will be
destroyed "as though they had not been". Wow! Does that mean that every Edomite
man, woman, and child will be killed? We deal with this somber subject in NEWS2095,
and encourage you to read it clearly and carefully, for we believe its literal fulfillment is
very close, and that the presence of the fences and barriers and controlled roads
around Palestinian cities and towns is evidence that Israel is about to annihilate the
Palestinians in literal fulfillment of this passage in Obadiah!

                      In verse 17. God states that, on Mount Zion, which is in Jerusalem,
                      the people shall be delivered, shall be holy once again, and that
                      the house of Jacob shall possess its own former possessions.

                    Now, that is quite a statement! what could it possibly mean that, on
                    Mount Zion, it shall be holy once again? I think it probably means
                    that the Jews will be able to rebuild their Temple on the Temple
                    Mount, which is Mount Zion. And, it also probably means that the
                    Arabic Dome of the Rock will be torn down. Interestingly, the Plan
                    of the New World Order calls for such a destruction of the Dome of
                    the Rock, on page 233, of an incredible book entitled, "The
Armageddon Script", by Peter Lemesurier!

The New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, states plainly that such a destruction
would allow the Jews to rebuild their Temple, thus enhancing the "Messianic initiative".
This means that such destruction may take place after the New World Order Christ has
appeared, and has convinced the Jews that he is their long-awaited Messiah. This is
just another exciting instance where New World Order Plans parallel Biblical prophecy.

Now, let us return to Obadiah, verse 18, states that a "fire" will be in the house of Jacob
and a "flame" in the house of Joseph, which of course, speaks of the entire nation,
Israel. This flaming fire evidently explodes out of the nation of Israel, absolutely
engulfing the "House of Esau", burning them to stubble, consuming them so completely
that there shall be no survivor of the House of Esau.

Suddenly, all of Israel's immediate Arab enemies shall be totally gone, annihilated, by
some kind of fire coming out of Israel. Before we study the possibility of what this "fire"
may be, we need to look closely at the result of such devastation of the House of Esau.
Verses 19-21 foretell that the Israelites will immediately possess all the land that was
formerly inhabited by the House of Esau. This land corresponds to the following current
Arab nations in the Middle East:

Now, let us speak of this "fire" exploding out of Israel and consuming the House of
Esau. Several years ago, I read an editorial in the Boston Jewish Advocate. The Jewish
author was most adamant in describing the deadly threat that would exist if the Arab
nations ever possessed tactical nuclear weapons. While they are working on an
antimissile weapons, they would have no ability to prevent nuclear artillery shells. Even
an antimissile weapon could be expected to be easily overwhelmed by sheer numbers.
This author stated that Israeli military leaders expected that this scenario would occur
by the end of this decade, at the earliest. The opinion of these military leaders was that
Israel had to carry out a preemptive strike before the Arabs could possess tactical
nuclear weapons.

And, this meant total annihilation of the Arab nations, not just "winning" another war
against them. Every war Israel has fought, since returning to her land, has only set the
stage for the next war. In the case with nuclear weapons, Israel must totally annihilate
her Arab enemy, for he otherwise would respond quickly with nuclear weapons.

Israel has already decided to go to nuclear weapons if an Arab threat were deemed to
be overwhelming. During the 1990-1991 Gulf War, the Israeli Government warned King
Hussein of Iraq that, if he launched any weapons of biological or chemical nature, they
would respond with nuclear annihilation. So, the decision has already been made; it is
just awaiting the precise timing and place of the use.

Now, we need to return to our discussion of the "Peace Process" now under way
between tiny Israel and her Arab neighbors. The proposed "Land for Peace" process
makes no military sense, as every military man in the world knows fully. Yet Isreal
has went along with just such a suicidal plan. Why?

I think, and this is purely personal opinion, that Israel and her generals have sprung a
trap for the Arabs to fall into, aiming directly at the instructions in the Koran of trying to
use the "Peace Process" as a ruse to annihilate your enemy at the proper time, when
he has let his guard down. I believe it possible that Israel decided to give the
appearance to the Arabs that she is giving in to their insistent demands for a Palestinian
state within the heart of Israel, knowing full well they will use this state as the means
with which to destroy Israel. With the entire world witnessing the complicity of the Arabs,
in preparing to attack, Israel will strike preemptively. Wherever possible, away from the
land of Israel, Jewish generals will use their Scalar Weaponry to totally annihilate
Jordan, possibly Egypt, perhaps Syria, and parts of Iraq.

In Scripture, God foretells "Latter Day" judgments on these nations:
* Isaiah 13, a mournful judgment against Babylon of old, which today is Iraq (Read
* Isaiah 15-16, a mournful judgment against Moab, which is East of the Jordan River,
and one of Jordan's provinces today.
* Isaiah 17, a mournful judgment against Damascus, capital of Syria. Damascus is
known today as the "world's most continuously occupied city". Since it was established,
Damascus has never been totally destroyed; she has continuously been inhabited. Yet,
God's prediction is that she will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins (17:1)
* Isaiah 19, a mournful judgment against Egypt, for destruction.

Each of these verses begin with God's standard phrase of judgment. And, they have
never been fulfilled. In contrast, the similar predictions of judgments found in Isaiah 21
through 23 have been historically fulfilled.

I find it very interesting, also, that these nations, listed above, are not listed in the
nations who are going to be marching with Russia, from the south and the north of
Israel, as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39!

We can only wait and watch to see if my theory is correct. But, understand this: in these
last days of the age, Israel will be constantly attacked, and her defeat will seem
imminent. Initially, the Arab coordinated attack will make it seem as though Israel will be
annihilated as the barrage of missiles rain down upon Israel.

But, God has promised that He will fight for her, annihilating her long time Arab
enemies. How and when that "fire" and "flame" come exploding out of Israel will be a
matter of conjecture until it actually happens.

But, this one thing I know: all Arab leaders plotting Israel's destruction are engaged in
"Mission Impossible". Their efforts will only result in their own destruction.

I wish Bill Lambert, the occultic leader of the House of Theosophy, to have the last
word. In his seminar, "Possible and Probable Events In the Future", held in the
Boston Headquarters of the House of Theosophy, on August 18, 1991, Lambert stated
that the Middle East was a key as far as producing the New World Order anti-Christ. He

"The impetus toward this type of settlement is made possible only because of a general
fear of war. This fear of war must be maintained until the desired political and religious
changes have been instituted."

Watch Israel, one of God's keys to determining the imminency of the New World Order.
Truly, the End of the Age is upon us. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you
adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable
you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to
warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can
also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved
person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus
Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls
for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

BP Oil Leak May Last Until
Christmas                                                                           02
Jun 2010--BP Plc’s failure since April to plug a Gulf of Mexico oil leak has prompted
forecasts the crude may continue gushing into December in what President Barack
Obama has called the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history... The ultimate
worst-case scenario is that the well is never successfully plugged, said Fred
Aminzadeh, a research professor at the University of Southern California’s Center for
Integrated Smart Oil Fields who previously worked for Unocal Corp. That would leave
the well to flow for probably more than a decade, he said in a telephone interview.

BP's Previous Unbelievable Logo From the 1990's
link to i.imgur.com

Illuminati Plan--BP Oil Spread Simulation Map


As you can see by comparing the original oil spill plan from the Illuminati Card Game
with the Supercomputer Oil Spill Simulation, the oil spread is occurring according to the
Plan! Is this the reason B.P.'s repeated efforts have been so spectacularly
unsuccessful? The oil will continue until enough crude is in the ocean that it can spread
to multiple oceans just as the card, above, shows!

And, when a Category 5 hurricane starts churning the slick, the oil will really spread all

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill
By John Byrne--Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010--GS stock sale was nearly twice as large
as any other institution; it represented 44 percent of total BP investment. The brokerage
firm that's faced the most scrutiny from regulators in the past year over the shorting of
mortgage related securities seems to have had good timing when it came to something
else: the stock of British oil giant BP.

According to regulatory filings, RawStory.com has found that Goldman Sachs sold
4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman's sales were the largest of
any firm during that time. Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million
if their holdings were sold at the average price of BP's stock during the quarter.
If Goldman had sold these shares today, their investment would have lost 36 percent its
value, or $96 million. The share sales represented 44 percent of Goldman's holdings --
meaning that Goldman's remaining holdings have still lost tens of millions in value.

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
05 Jun 2010--The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel
giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill gusher. Tony Hayward cashed in
about a third of his holding in the company one month before a well on the Deepwater
Horizon rig burst, causing an environmental disaster. Mr Hayward, whose pay package
is £4 million a year, then paid off the mortgage on his family’s mansion in Kent, which is
estimated to be valued at more than £1.2 million. His decision means he avoided losing
more than £423,000 when BP’s share price plunged after the oil spill began six weeks

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

The European Union Times - Posted by Europe on May 24, 2010--A dire report
prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning
today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to
become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the
entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction”.

Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use
of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is
being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico
waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full,
and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

The dispersal agent Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now
manufactured by the Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, Illinois that is four times
more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), whereas Corexit 9500 is
toxicat only 2.61ppm. In a report written for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, titled “Acute
Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview” Corexit 9500 was found
to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed. Even worse, according to
this report, with higher water temperatures, like those now occurring in the Gulf of
Mexico, its toxicity grows.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in discovering BP’s use of
this dangerous dispersal agent ordered BP to stop using it, but BP refused stating that
their only alternative to Corexit 9500 was an even more dangerous dispersal agent
known as Sea Brat 4.

The main differences between Corexit 9500 and Sea Brat 4 lie in how long these
dangerous chemicals take to degrade into their constituent organic compounds, which
for Corexit 9500 is 28 days. Sea Brat 4, on the other hand, degrades into an organic
chemical called Nonylphenol that is toxic to aquatic life and can persist in the
environment for years.

A greater danger involving Corexit 9500, and as outlined by Russian scientists in this
report, is that with its 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when combined with the heating Gulf
of Mexico waters, its molecules will be able to “phase transition” from their present liquid
to a gaseous state allowing them to be absorbed into clouds and allowing their release
as “toxic rain” upon all of Eastern North America.

Even worse, should a Katrina like tropical hurricane form in the Gulf of Mexico while
tens of millions of gallons of Corexit 9500 are sitting on, or near, its surface the resulting
“toxic rain” falling upon the North American continent could “theoretically” destroy all
microbial life to any depth it reaches resulting in an “unimaginable environmental
catastrophe” destroying all life forms.

              More Gulf Oil Spill Updates--Date: 06-03-10 Host: Hawk

Standard Player

LOST at Sea: Oil Spill Set to Enrich World Bankers
Michael Wayne--Infowars.com--June 4, 2010--The latest revelations in the British
Petroleum gulf drilling disaster indicate that international banking firm Goldman Sachs
sold over 4.68 million shares of British Petroleum stock just two days prior to the
explosion of the British Petroleum drilling platform. This sell-off of petroleum stock is
now recognized as the largest single liquidation of petroleum stocks in the history of
modern markets. With this liquidation taking place just 48 hours prior to the gulf
explosion which now looms as America’s worst ever ecological disaster, any intelligent
mind must ask these questions, “Was this sell-off an act of insider trading? Did
someone at Goldman Sachs have foreknowledge of this disaster? Could the disaster
have been man-made? If so, who would be the ultimate beneficiary of this event?”

Noticing that President Barak Obama’s administration is now calling for new petroleum
taxes to cover the colossal expenses of potential future drilling disasters, it becomes
obvious that those within and behind the environmental movement and the global
warming movement stand to profit from new taxes on an enormous scale.

But ultimately the true beneficiaries of this disaster will be the international banking
corporations which have controlling interests in the World Bank (WB), Bank for
International Settlements (BIS), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is this
banking triad and its controlling interests, with their neck-deep involvement in the Law of
the Sea Treaty (LOST), which stand to collect many trillions of dollars over the coming

LOST is a United Nations treaty that went into effect in 1994. It defines the rights and
responsibilities of nations in their use of the world’s oceans, establishing guidelines for
businesses, the environment, and the management of marine resources. Whereas the
Interstate Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution has become the king’s X for the
United States Federal Government to govern and override all activities of the fifty states,
LOST stands to become the mechanism by which the United Nations will govern and
override all activities of the 300 nations of the world.

It is through LOST that all nations will “lose” their sovereignty to a One World
Government. LOST is set to become a substanitial funding instrument behind the
arising New World Order. This recognition brings our attention to a statement recorded
in the Bible’s book of Revelation. In this passage a worldwide governmental system is
prophetically pictured as a beast “rising out of the sea.” That was written around 90 A.D.
And now, some 1900 years after it was written we see the efforts by international
banking elites to finance a one world government by collecting carbon taxes through the
regulations of a Law of the Sea Treaty. Their government is arising out of the sea.

The environmental cap and trade taxes that are being promoted by the U.N.’s IPCC are
taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. The U.N. is pushing for these taxes to be collected
by the WB, IMF, and BIS through regulations established under LOST. Incidentally, the
regulations of LOST do not stop at a nation’s shorelines. Any navigable rivers, like the
Mississippi, are equally governed. The U.N. has already established plans for the
banking triad of the WB, IMF, and BIS to collect cap and trade taxes from 300 nations of
the world. These banks will then funnel these funds to the U.N. for dispersement as it
chooses, but only after the banks have collected their commissions and fees.

This brings us back to the issue at hand– the looming ecological disaster created by the
explosion of the British Petroleum drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, and our
question of who stands to benefit. It is the international banking triad of the WB, IMF,
and BIS that will collect trillions of dollars in taxes levied under the auspices of LOST.
Any ecological disaster that occurs on the open seas expands the perception that there
is a need for a massive regulatory mechanism to prevent such disasters from occurring.
That mechanism is LOST.

And the greater the perceived magnitude of any such sea-based ecological disaster, the
greater will be the perceived need for that regulatory mechanism. It thereby becomes
obvious that the entities which stand to gain under the auspices of LOST would want to
magnify the public perception of immense destruction caused by any sea-based

North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon
By Stephanie Nebehay Stephanie Nebehay--Jun 3, 2010--GENEVA (Reuters) – A North
Korean envoy said on Thursday that war could erupt at any time on the divided Korean
peninsula because of tension with Seoul over the sinking of a South Korean warship in
"The present situation of the Korean peninsula is so grave that a war may break out any
moment," Ri Jang Gon, North Korea's deputy ambassador in Geneva, told the United
Nations-sponsored Conference on Disarmament.

North Korea's troops were on "full alert and readiness to promptly react to any
retaliation," including the scenario of all-out war, he told the forum.

A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport with
Video                                      A crew is installing a seven-ton, 26-foot-tall
concrete sculpture of an Egyptian god at the Denver International Airport. Anubis, a
statue with a jackal-head, will be built south of the Jeppesen Terminal. He's the
Egyptian god of death and the afterlife. It's being put in to preview the Denver Art
Museum's King Tut exhibit.The exhibit runs June 29 through Jan. 9, 2011, and Anubis
will be standing guard during that time.
Listen to Steve Quayle interview at about the 8:00 minute mark: Standard
Player                                                                    Denver Airport
Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary Watch:
Anubis (Ancient Greek: Ἄνουβις) is the Greek name[2] for a jackal-headed god
associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology. He was usually
portrayed as a half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form wearing a ribbon and holding
a flail in the crook of its arm.[6] The jackal was strongly associated with cemeteries in
ancient Egypt, since it was a scavenger which threatened to uncover human bodies and
eat their flesh.[7] The distinctive black color of Anubis "did not have to do with the jackal
[per se] but with the color of rotting flesh and with the black soil of the Nile valley,
symbolizing rebirth."[7] ...illustrations from the Book of the Dead often show a priest
wearing the jackal mask supporting the upright mummy.

Advocacy Group Protests Comedy Central's New 'Anti-Christian' Series

LOS ANGELES--Just weeks after Comedy Central executives censored a program due
to its controversial portrayal of Muhammad, the network has many up in arms with the
announcement of a new in-development series about God and Jesus Christ.

Just weeks after comedy Central executives censored a program due to its
controversial portrayal of Muhammad, the network has many viewers up in arms with
the announcement of a new in-development series entitled “JC,” a situation comedy
about God and Jesus Christ.

According to Comedy Central’s thumbnail sketch, the potential series will present "JC"
as a regular guy who moves to New York to “escape his father’s enormous shadow,”
while God is characterized as an apathetic man who would rather play video games
than listen to his son open up about his Big Apple life.
In response to the announcement, distraught leaders at the new Citizens Against
Religious Bigotry (CARB), which includes representatives from organizations such as
the Media Research Center, Parents Television Council, and The American Alliance of
Jews and Christians, are holding a news conference this Thursday to “denounce the
project and the concept of glorifying religious bigotry,” as they believe Comedy Central
openly mocks and disparages God and Christianity while taking strict measures not to
ridicule Islam. The joint coalition also intends to release the names of those companies
who both do and don’t buy advertising spots on “JC.”

“After we reveal the vile and offensive nature of Comedy Central’s previous
characterizations of Jesus Christ and God the Father, we expect these advertisers to
agree wholeheartedly to end their advertising on Comedy Central and discontinue their
support for unabashed, anti-Christian discrimination,” said Media Research Center
President, Brent Bozell. “Why should they be supporting a business that makes a habit
of attacking Christianity and yet has a formal policy to censor anything considered
offensive to followers of Islam? This double standard is pure bigotry, one from which
advertisers should quickly shy away."

Click to View a “Teaser Mash” of some of Comedy Central’s Past Portrayals of Jesus

And as of Thursday, others who are outraged by the concept of “JC” will be able to sign
an online grassroots petition condemning the in-development cartoon series and its
parent company Viacom, as well as stand up to what CARB is calling an “egregious
double standard” in the way Hollywood and popular culture treats Christianity.


Here is a list of all of Viacom's Brands:

The phone number for Mr. Philip Dauman (Viacom's President and CEO) is (212)
258-6000 and just simply ask for him by name. You will most likely get his
personal secretary to whom you can leave a message.
Viacom Inc.
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

With Obama's blessings, LGBT month kicks off

Jody Brown - OneNewsNow - 6/1/2010 - The day after the House and a Senate

committee voted to repeal the U.S. military's ban on homosexuals serving openly in the

military, President Barack Obama ushered in another month-long celebration of the
homosexual lifestyle.As he did last year -- and as President Bill Clinton did for the first

time in 2000 -- Obama proclaimed the month of June as "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and

Transgender Pride Month." Obama's proclamation on Friday touts how his

administration has "advanced our journey" in what he describes as a "movement for

fairness and equality" for the LGBT community. He cites specifically the signing into law

of the controversial "hate crimes" legislation and the elimination of the HIV entry ban

into the U.S. The proclamation also delineates the president's intentions to repeal the

federal Defense of Marriage Act, to secure adoption rights for LGBT "families," and to
bring the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy to an end.

'Gay day' at Disney Kicking off this Weekend

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 6/4/2010 - Disney is about to host its annual "gay day" at

its facility in Orlando. "This Saturday, June 5, there will be approximately 15,000 -

20,000 reveling homosexual, lesbian, [and] transgender people in the Magic Kingdom in

Orlando," reports David Caton, founder of the Florida Family Association (FFA). "I want

to encourage people who have any plans of attending the Magic Kingdom on that date

to avoid it. It is a very distasteful event," he adds.Saturday's observance falls in the

midst of Orlando's annual weeklong "Gay Days" celebration that boasts of attracting

more than 150,000 "gay and lesbian travelers." Websites report that homosexuals wear

red that day at Walt Disney World to identify themselves to others. Caton says that over

the years, he has witnessed 2,000 to 3,000 people who have left the park after learning

it was packed that day with homosexuals. The event is always staged on the first

Saturday of June (about the same time that school breaks for summer), and he explains

that activists have a reason for that as there are anywhere between 50 [thousand] and

70,000 children in the theme park on that day, and we believe the reason they're doing

this is because they want to have a captive audience of children. The FFA founder says
that is part of a homosexual indoctrination process for the children. As he has monitored

the park during the annual homosexual fest at Disney, Caton notes that there have

been many reports of obvious debauchery involving homosexuals. The major corporate

sponsor of this year's "Gay Days" observance at Disney World is Anheuser-Busch.
Other sponsors include the Blue Man Group and the Florida Department of Health.

Dr. Scott Johnson - Disney Exposed! 1/46

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address
then click the "Submit Email(s)" button.

Please click here to send your email to Robert Iger, Disney CEO and other Disney
officials regarding Gay Day.

Contact Infomation:

robert.a.iger@disney.com Robert A. (Bob) Iger, President, CEO

Tom.Staggs@disney.com Thomas O. (Tom) Staggs, SEVP and CFO
marsha.reed@disney.com Marsha Reed, VP

The Walt Disney Company

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521-9722

Phone: 818-560-1000
Fax: 818-560-1930

Acharya S is Censoring 'Aquarius: The Age of Evil'
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km8u1DtCIAI

AQUARIUS: The Age Of Evil (1/14) SPREAD THIS Before its Pulled!!
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU0JW7sDnJA
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'Aquarius: The Age of Evil' examines the history of the new world order. It demonstrates
that the new world order is New Age oriented. The Zeitgeist films and movement are
exposed and shown to have ties to the New Age, Theosophy, Freemasonry and the
new world order movements. It covers Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, 2012 and the utopian
New Age coadjutors who have infiltrated the patriot-movement. It also shows how the
Bible predicts the coming new world order dystopia. Interviews with Constance
Cumbey, Dr. Scott Johnson, and Chris White. Researched by Keith Thompson and Eric

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