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									 July 11, 2002          Vol. 44, No. 27


                                                                                                                                VENEZUELA Y
                                                                                                                                LA AFL-CIO 12

Rallies defend civil rights
March on FBI                                                                                                                  30 cities hit
                                                              Becker is a spokesperson for ANSWER—the Act Now
                                                           to Stop War and End Racism coalition—which organized
                                                           the Washington demonstration. Activists in 30 other cities

building in D.C.                                                                                                              Bush, Ashcroft
                                                           responded to the coalition’s call and organized local ac-
                                                           tions to defend civil rights.
                                                              Close to 1,000 people turned out for this bold protest
                                                           on the very doorstep of the police agencies that have
                                                           rounded up and detained without                                    By Leslie Feinberg
By Greg Butterfield
Washington, D.C.                                           charge thousands of Arab, Muslim
                                                           and South Asian immigrants since                                      Roundups of Arab, South Asian and Muslim immi-
  Speaking to a crowd gathered outside the Justice De-     9/11. Now the government is also                                   grants in the United States and the chilling attacks on
partment and FBI headquarters, Brian Becker declared,      moving to strip the rights of U.S. cit-                            civil liberties in this reactionary political climate are
“The last thing that President Bush, Attorney General      izens it labels “enemy combatants.”                                designed to freeze domestic dissent. But in defiance of
Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller want to see is hun-         Those who came represented a                                    this new “cold war,” a resistance movement is germi-
dreds and thousands of people in the streets, saying we    wide swath of the U.S. working class                               nating.
will resist the repression against immigrants and defend   and political movement, from Mus-                                     Evidence? Between June 27 and 29, activists in more
our right to protest.”                                     lim workers brought by their                                       than 30 cities in the U.S. took part in coordinated
                                                           mosques and lesbian, gay, bi and                                   demonstrations against the trampling of civil rights by
                                                           trans activists to union members and                               Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI—includ-
                                                           the anti-war movement. Young peo-                                  ing a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the
                                                           ple marched alongside grandparents and families. Many              political police in Washington. The International
                                                           carried the flag of embattled Palestine or wore T-shirts sup-      ANSWER—Act Now to Stop War & End Racism—coali-
                        STAY                               porting political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.
                                                              Noting the crowd’s strength in diversity, and saying
                                                                                                                              tion issued the call for the wave of protests.
                        VIGILANT                           that the president speaks only for the 1 percent of the pop-       San Francisco
                        4 MUMIA!                           ulation that owns 40 percent of the wealth, Becker said,
                                                           “We are Bush’s worst nightmare.”
                                                                                                                                  In San Francisco on June 28, 400 people gathered at
                        Recent court decisions                                                                                Powell and Market streets and marched to the Federal
                                                              While the numbers were modest compared to the                   Building. The crowd included many youths and political
                        shouldn't lull the move-           100,000-strong protest in solidarity with Palestine on             and labor activists, and many who were new to demon-
                        ment. It's time to fight           April 20, organizers emphasized that June 29 represented           strations.
                        harder than ever. Workers          a rising fight-back against the widening domestic assault              The constellation of speakers gave a glimpse of the po-
                        World Party statement. 2                                                                              litical currents coalescing in an independent movement
                                                                                                Continued on page 6
                                                                                                                              that is standing up against a common enemy.
                                                                                                                                  Eyad Kishawi of the Free Palestine Alliance spoke about
WALL STREET SHOCKERS                                                                                                          the banning of the General Union of Palestinian Students
                                                                                                                              at San Francisco State University after a protest against
WorldCom, Adelphia—what does their fall                                                                                       the Israeli massacre of Palestinians. The struggle of the
mean for the people? What's happening                                                                                         Palestinian people is linked with the fight for civil liberties
to the capitalist economy?              4-5                                                                                   in the United States, Kishawi said. The thousands of Arab
                                                                                                                              men arrested by the U.S. government “were guilty of one
                                                                                                                              thing: belonging to a race, a class, that is antithetical to

SHOWDOWN ON THE DOCKS                                                                                                         everything that the empire stands for.”
                                                                                                                                  Mario Santos, of the Filipino group BAYAN Interna-
The Bush administration is talking 'national                                                                                  tional, said airport screeners in San Francisco and Oak-
security' to stop a strike by militant longshore                                                                              land are among the many people of color being deported.
workers. But the bosses may force one                                                                                         They are being denied civil liberties “because U.S. capi-
                                                                                                WW PHOTOS: DEIRDRE GRISWOLD
over job cuts.                                   7         Top, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, above, Mahdi Bray.                                                         Continued on page 6

New evidence shows the government knows
who sent the anthrax letters. He may have
helped poison 10,000 Africans as well as
postal workers here.             EDITORIAL 10

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 55 W. 17 St. NY, NY 10011 (212) 627-2994                                                                                                                               WW PHOTO: BILL HACKWELL
                                                           San Francisco march against the government's assault on civil liberties, June 28.
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Mumia needs                                                                                                                              # National
                                                                                                                                         Rallies defend civil rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

our vigilance!
                                                                                                                                         Mumia needs our vigilance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                                                                         ‘Pay reparations, free political prisoners’ . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                                                                         Safiya Bukhari interview, part 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

                                                                                                                                         Wall Street reels as WorldCom collapses. . . . . . . . . . 4
         he global crisis caused by the         during the original trial, and the taped
         Bush administration’s policy of        confession of self-described mob hit-                                                    Baltimore community group fights utility . . . . . . . . . 4
         “unending war” has placed              man Arnold Beverly, who says that he,                                                    Buffalo workers need jobs, not gimmicks . . . . . . . . . 5
tremendous burdens and responsibil-             not Abu-Jamal, killed Philadelphia                                                       Supporters of Abouassa pack Boston court . . . . . . . . 6
ities on all progressive and revolu-            Police Officer Daniel Faulkner on Dec.                                                   Showdown looms on West Coast docks . . . . . . . . . . 7
tionary organizations and activists.            9, 1981.
                                                                                                                                         Pride in San Francisco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
   But while the need to oppose the
                                                The struggle will decide                                                                 Vouchers, another scam aimed at poor . . . . . . . . . . 8
U.S. war drive, defend the Palestinian
people and resist repression against               A flurry of recent federal rulings on                                                 Church group fined for travel to Cuba . . . . . . . . . . . 8
the Arab, Muslim and South Asian                the death penalty could reinforce a                                                      Mother of civil rights martyr at Pride rally . . . . . . . . . 9
communities is paramount, the move-             false impression that Abu-Jamal’s life                                                   June Jordan: people’s poet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
ment must also remain vigilant in its           is no longer in jeopardy, or even that
defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal.                     state-sponsored executions are on the                                                    # International
   Abu-Jamal, a former Black Pan-               way out.                                                                                 Argentine police kill protesters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                                                                   Mumia Abu-Jamal!
ther, award-winning journalist and                 On July 1, U.S. 2nd District Court                                                    U.S. bombs Afghan wedding party . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
tireless revolutionary activist, was a          Judge Jed S. Rakoff ruled that federal
                                                                                            based at least partially on this prece-      # Editorials
victim of the colossal government               executions are unconstitutional, due
frame-up operation known as Coin-               to the high rate of innocent people on      dent.                                        Anthrax and Mr. Z . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
telpro and its local extension by the           death row.                                     There is now a very real danger of        # Noticias En Español
Philadelphia Police Department.                    The ruling is important insofar as it    Yohn’s ruling being reversed—espe-
   Now, in the name of “homeland se-            shows yet another crack in the ruling       cially if the U.S. capitalist establish-     Venezuela . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
curity,” federal authorities are trying         class consensus on the death penalty.       ment feels it has successfully weak-
to re-institute and reinforce the kind          And it will open up new challenges for      ened the momentum of Abu-Jamal’s
                                                                                                                                                        WW CALENDAR
of police spying and dirty tricks that          the death-penalty abolition move-
resulted in the imprisonment of Abu-            ment.                                          More than 180 days have passed             BALTIMORE.                         Fri., July 12
                                                                                            since Yohn overturned Abu-Jamal’s                                                In Bridgeview, Ill.:
Jamal and so many other Black,                     Rakoff’s ruling, which applies to                                                     Sat., July 27                       Eyewitness Palestine.
Latino and Native revolutionaries in            federal executions in New York, Con-        death sentence. Yet he remains on            “Labor for Reparations.” Rally      Featuring Richard Becker,
the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.                     necticut and Vermont, will be ap-           death row.                                   sponsored by Labor for              International Action Center;
                                                                                               In light of these developments, the       Reparations including Dr.
   Twenty years ago, on July 3, 1982,           pealed and undoubtedly accompa-                                                                                              Mahmud Ahmad, Free
                                                                                                                                         Kwame Oabayomi; Sally               Palestine Alliance; and new
Abu-Jamal was sentenced to death for            nied by a new wave of racist, pro-          movement must take seriously the             Davies, President AFSCME
                                                                                            threats by Democrat Ed Rendell to ex-                                            video “Palestine Fights for
the killing of a white Philadelphia cop.        death-penalty propaganda.                                                                District Council 92; Eric           Freedom.” 7 p.m. At the Al
The sentence followed an outrageous                Likewise, recent U.S. Supreme            ecute Abu-Jamal if he is elected Penn-       Easton, Vice President,             Aqsa School, 7361 W. 92 St.,
police frame-up and racist mockery              Court decisions regarding the death         sylvania governor this year.                 National Action Network; All-       Bridgeview. For info (773)
                                                                                               Nor can we be content with a life         Peoples Congress, ANSWER.
of a trial under “hanging judge” Al-            penalty—for example, the ban on ex-                                                                                          878-0166 or email
                                                                                                                                         3 p.m. At Unity United              billbeth@rcnchicago.com.
bert Sabo.                                      ecuting mentally disabled people—           sentence. Mumia Abu-Jamal is an in-          Methodist Church, 1433
   Since then, Abu-Jamal’s name and             have a double-edged character.              nocent man and a vital leader of the         Edmondson Ave. For info
face have become synonymous with                   On one hand, it reflects the tremen-     movement of oppressed and working            (410) 235-7040 or                    WINDSOR, CANADA.

the worldwide struggle against the              dous growth of anti-death-penalty           people for equality and social justice.      apcbaltimore@pipeline.com.          Fri.-Sun., July 26-28
racist U.S. death penalty.                      sentiment here and worldwide.               He must be freed to take his rightful                                            Cuba Labor Conference. With
                                                                                            place in the struggle.                        CHICAGO.                           leaders of the Cuban
   Since federal Judge William Yohn                On the other, it demonstrates a con-
                                                                                                                                                                             Workers Federation (CTC),
struck down Abu-Jamal’s death sen-              scious effort by the repressive arm of         Ultimately, it won’t be the courts        Thu., July 11
                                                                                                                                                                             featuring Pedro Ross Leal,
tence last December, his case has been          the capitalist state to “clean up” its      that decide Abu-Jamal’s fate but the         Eyewitness Palestine.
                                                                                                                                                                             CTC General Secretary.
                                                                                            struggle in the streets, on the cam-         Featuring Richard Becker,
confined to the legal arena. Yohn ruled         image by doing away with some of its                                                                                         Includes update on the situ-
                                                                                                                                         International Action Center;
that the jury in Abu-Jamal’s 1982 trial         most horrendous abuses in order to          puses and in the communities. The                                                ation in Cuba, role of Cuba’s
                                                                                                                                         Mahmud Ahmad, Free
                                                                                            strength of the movement, not only for                                           unions in Cuba’s recovery.
was improperly instructed on its sen-           keep the death penalty as part of its                                                    Palestine Alliance; and new
                                                                                                                                                                             Sponsored jointly by U.S.-
tencing options. He said the prosecu-           arsenal against the working class and       solidarity with Abu-Jamal, but for all       video “Palestine Fights for
                                                                                                                                                                             Canada labor unions. To reg-
tion must either seek a new sentenc-            oppressed people.                           political prisoners, against the death       Freedom.” 7 p.m. At Room
                                                                                                                                                                             ister contact: U.S.-Cuba
                                                                                            penalty, against war and racism, will        161-Schmitt Academic
ing hearing within 180 days or Abu-                A less publicized June 17 Supreme                                                                                         Labor Exchange at
                                                                                                                                         Center, DePaul University-
Jamal would be taken off death row              Court ruling could have immediate,          win his freedom.                                                                 phone/fax: (313) 561-8330
                                                                                                                                         Lincoln Park Campus. For
                                                                                               Let this be a wakeup call for all rev-                                        or laborexchange@aol.com
and automatically given a sentence of           dangerous consequences for Abu-                                                          info (773) 878-0166 or email
life in prison.                                 Jamal. It threw out a ruling made by        olutionary and progressive forces to         billbeth@rcnchicago.com.
   At the same time, Yohn ignored ev-           the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals       make Abu-Jamal’s struggle for life
idence of constitutional violations             last November and restored the death        and freedom central to our work to-          Workers World
presented by Abu-Jamal’s legal team             sentence of Pennsylvania death row          gether with all the other critical issues.   55 West 17 Street
that should have been the basis for a           inmate George Banks.                        We must be ready to act on a mo-             New York, N.Y. 10011
new trial, if not his immediate release.           The lower court had overturned           ment’s notice to mobilize broad and          Phone: (212) 627-2994 • Fax: (212) 675-7869
   Yohn also refused to admit new ev-           Banks’ sentence based on improper           massive actions to defend Mumia              E-mail: editor@workers.org
idence of Abu-Jamal’s innocence, in-            instructions to the jurors in the sen-      Abu-Jamal.                                   Web: http://www.workers.org/
cluding the testimony of eyewitnesses           tencing phase of his trial. Judge                                                        Vol. 44, No. 27 • July 11, 2002
who say they were coerced by police             Yohn’s ruling one month later was                                                        Closing date: July 2, 2002
                                                                                                                                         Editor: Deirdre Griswold;

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Drive a stake in slavery's rotten heart

'Pay reparations,
 free political prisoners'
By Monica Moorehead                            more—all rooted in the legacy of slavery.            Viola Plummer,
New York                                           Speakers included U.S. Rep. John             co-chair of Millions
                                               Conyers of Michigan, the architect of the           for Reparations,
    Two important news conferences here        first reparations bill introduced in Con-       which is organizing a
have helped bring attention to issues          gress in 1989. Roger Green, a New York            Washington, D.C.,
affecting the Black movement’s quest           State Assembly member, spoke on current             rally on Aug. 17.
for social justice.                            legislation calling for a statewide commis-
    The first took place on June 17 when       sion to determine the impact of slavery in
Black activists and elected officials met on   New York City from 1625 until 1827.
the steps of City Hall to call for repara-        City Councilperson Bill Perkins spoke
tions. The press conference focused on         about a local reparations bill entitled
three resolutions on the local, state and      the “Queen Mother Moore Resolution
national level that call for setting up com-   for Reparations.” Moore was a beloved
missions to examine the economic and po-       African American activist for more than               PVN PHOTO: SUE HARRIS
litical impact of the Trans-Atlantic African   60 years who demanded reparations
slave trade on the African American pop-       until her passing.
ulation today.                                    Other speakers included the rev-             time social activist Charles Barron                incarcerated because of the FBI’s racist
    The African slave trade greatly            erends Herbert Daughtry and Al                  called for the release of all political pris-      Cointelpro attacks.
enriched the coffers of the U.S. capitalist    Sharpton. Attorney Roger Wareham                oners. Barron brought special attention              Part of Barron’s press statement read,
economy, helping to propel the U.S. to         spoke on the historic lawsuit that has          to the cases of political prisoners Jalil          “I am introducing a resolution which
its position as the dominant imperialist       been filed in the New York and New              Muntaqim and Robert Seth Hayes, who                condemns the criminalization of politi-
country in the world. At least 4 million       Jersey courts demanding that particular         are both up for parole this month.                 cal activity and expression as a method
African people were brutally exploited         corporations that profited off the slave        Former political prisoners Safiya                  of political control, and abuses by
by not being paid one penny for all the        trade pay reparations. Viola Plummer, a         Bukhari and Herman Ferguson from                   agents of the U.S. government, includ-
great wealth they created.                     leader of the December 12th Movement,           the Jericho Movement and former                    ing law enforcement agencies which are
    The speakers at the news conference all    raised the rally in Washington, D.C.,           Black Panther leader Kathleen Cleaver              designed to stifle political beliefs. …
talked of the racist inequities that the       calling for reparations that will take          joined Barron at the news conference.              There is past precedent for support of
African American community continues to        place on Aug. 17.                                  Barron has introduced the first legis-          the cause of other political prisoners.
suffer in U.S. society, including youth in-       On June 26, also on the steps of City        lation in the history of New York City             Why can they not do the same for Black
carceration, police brutality, inadequate      Hall, City Council member and long-             bringing attention to political prisoners          political prisoners?”
education, health care, housing and much

State repression and the Black struggle
                        WW interview with Safiya Bukhari                                       the work we did organizing welfare                IH: So was the raid on the office?
                                                                                               mothers. I sold papers in my community
                                               On Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago police assassi-                                                          SB: No, on their homes. Simultaneously,
                                                                                               because papers were very important.
                                               nated Hampton while he was sleeping,                                                              all these people were arrested almost at
                                                                                               That’s how you got the information out. I
                                               along with Mark Clark. Four other Pan-                                                            the same time, during the early morning
                                                                                               taught political education classes.
                            PART 2             thers were also shot, beaten and ar-                                                              that day.
                                                                                                  And soon I was given a section. My sec-
                                               rested. Hampton had just been ap-               tion was 125th to 116th streets from 7th          IH: So this is a perfect example of
                                               pointed to the Party’s Central Committee        Avenue to 1st Avenue. That’s a big section,       Cointelpro–a systematic raid on every-
                            By Imani           as chief of staff.                              but we didn’t think that it was going to hap-     one’s home, 21 people.
                            Henry                Bobby Seale and Erica Huggins were            pen overnight. So I would spend a lot of
                                               both indicted and later acquitted of mur-                                                         SB: Actually, 1969 was a very bad year
                                                                                               time out in the community organizing. Be
In Part 1 former political prisoner            der charges in the death of a police in-                                                          for the party. 1969 was the year Fred
                                                                                               aware of what’s going on in your commu-
Safiya Bukhari said that her personal          formant.                                                                                          Hampton and Mark Clark were killed in
                                                                                               nity and make your daily reports of what
experience with police harassment, not                                                                                                           Chicago. Also during this time Panther
                                               Safiya Bukhari: I tell people straight up       you encountered. That’s how you learned
the revolutionary program, inspired                                                                                                              leaders Bobby Seale and Erica Huggins
                                               that it was the New York Police Department      about the community that you lived in and
her to join the Black Panther Party for                                                                                                          were arrested in New Haven, Conn. Huey
                                               that made me decide to join the Black Pan-      the issues that affected your community.
Self-Defense. Her appreciation for the                                                                                                           Newton was already in jail and BPP
                                               ther Party. In college I supported the war         Basicly we organized on whatever were
program would develop after she                                                                                                                  Minister of Information Elridge Cleaver
                                               in Vietnam. I was so far to the right it was    the needs of the community. I remember
joined the BPP.                                                                                                                                  was forced into exile.
                                               ridiculous. I was writing essays on “Why we     this sister had gotten raped and we went to
   This part of the interview focuses on                                                                                                            There was like a command coming from
                                               should be in Vietnam.” But by the time the      work with her and the person who attacked
the FBI’s brutal attack on the Panthers                                                                                                          somewhere in the party on what to do. So
                                               summer of 1969 was over, in November, I         said they were coming back, and so we set
under Cointelpro.                                                                                                                                even though we were doing the commu-
                                               was in the party.                               up this sting to catch the person who had
   On April 2, 1969, 21 members of the                                                                                                           nity programs, the government’s operation
                                                  That’s why I got involved. If these police   raped this sister.
Black Panthers in New York were in-                                                                                                              to destroy the party continued. Most of the
dicted on charges of conspiring to blow        are supposed to be the protectors of the        IH: How did Cointelpro impact                     time I was in the party, the issue of politi-
up five department stores, a police sta-       community and they’re violating rights,         the East Coast BPP?                               cal prisoners was the major thing because
tion, railroad tracks and the Bronx            then somebody has to stand up and speak                                                           we had Panther trials going on all over the
                                               up against it.                                  SB: Well, during this time the Panther
Botanical Gardens. Those arrested were                                                                                                           country.
                                                  We saw several attacks that came down        21 were on trial. A big part of the organ-
held on $100,000 bail each. Many Pan-                                                                                                               So if they weren’t already on trial, their
                                               so quickly with the Cointelpro program.         izing was to make sure the courtroom
ther followers and supporters consid-                                                                                                            offices were being raided and more people
                                               Everything was just geared to making sure       was filled and money was there for their
ered this a form of “ransom bail” used by                                                                                                        were going to jail. The media were televis-
                                               that we did not get a chance to work step       legal defense.
the district attorney and the court sys-                                                                                                         ing raids on Panther offices.
                                               by step through stages of political educa-         The 21 were basically the leadership of
tem to keep freedom fighters in jail                                                                                                                By 1971, the government’s dissemina-
                                               tion, to organize in the community in the       the New York chapter of the party prior
throughout the protracted trial process.                                                                                                         tion of false information played upon in-
                                               method that would have insured that the         to them getting captured. They thought
On May 13, 1971, after mass protests,                                                                                                            ternal contradictions within the organiza-
                                               masses of the people would have been in-        that by taking the leadership away they
they were acquitted of all the trumped-                                                                                                          tion that brought a split in the party and ba-
                                               volved in our movement by the time it came      would destroy the New York chapter of
up charges. The Panther 21 defendants                                                                                                            sically the disintegration of the party.
                                               to the stage of armed struggle.                 the party.
included Afeni Shakur, mother of the late                                                                                                                                       Next—Part 3.
rap artist Tupac Shakur.                       Imani Henry: What work did you

                                                                                               A VOICE from
   Fred Hampton, at the age of 20, be-         do with the Panthers?                                                                           By Osborne P. Anderson, a Black revolution-
came leader of the Chicago chapter of                                                                                                          ary who was there. With an essay on ‘The

the BPP. From his work with the free           SB: As part of my work, we did commu-                                                           Unfinished Revolution’ by Vince Copeland &
health care clinic to the free breakfast       nity self-defense, community organizing,                                                        new prefaces by Mumia Abu-Jamal and

program to organizing community con-           the breakfast programs, the liberation                                                          Monica Moorehead. 128 pp, photographs.
trol of the police, he evolved into a          schools. I did welfare rights organizing.
                                                                                                                                               $18 available at
                                               The welfare rights organization that
beloved leader of the Black community.
                                               came into existence came out of a lot of                                                        w w w.l ef t b oo ks.c o m
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Capitalist boom leads to bust

Wall Street reels as WorldCom collapses
By Milt Neidenberg                              and Exchange Commission (SEC), the                    The hope for a vigorous recovery from
                                                Federal Communications Commission                  the 2001 recession is fading, notwith-
   The fallout from the financial crisis at     and congressional oversight committees.            standing the efforts of Greenspan to spin         Are the wizards of
WorldCom, the second-largest long-dis-             All are frantically grasping for Band-          a web of damage control. Evidence is pil-
tance telephone service provider in the         Aids to dampen the growing anger over              ing up that the demise of WorldCom is just        Wall Street worried
country, is incalculable. The corporation,      this criminal activity—and, most impor-            the tip of the iceberg.                           that another 1929
which is on the edge of a Chapter 11 bank-      tantly, to allay the fears that the fallout will
ruptcy, controls over 70 percent of Internet    not be isolated but will affect the economy        The rot behind the stink                          stock market crash
traffic at some point, about 30 percent of      as a whole.                                           A wave of bankruptcies and accounting
consumer long-distance phone calls, and 50         The collapse of any individual indus-           scandals has laid bare what is going on in        is on the horizon?
percent of all corporate communications in      trial or financial institution, even one as        the giant financial and corporate institu-        Whether their fears
the U.S.                                        large as WorldCom, might have only lim-            tions. Corporate/banking heads and many
   Chief Executive Officer John Sidgemore       ited significance for the overall economy.         of their boards of directors have stacked         will be realized
announced that another 17,000 workers           On occasion, the financial markets even            the books with phony profits to rip off bil-
would be laid off immediately. Of a pre-        shrug off these developments and play up           lions of dollars in bloated salaries, stock       remains to be seen,
dominately non-union workforce that once        what is positive to calm the jittery nerves        trading, stock options and bonuses. Huge          but the danger
totaled 80,000, some 6,000 have already         of investors. Capitalist propaganda,               losses that were covered up have now come
been axed. Sidgemore assured the govern-        through the powerful and tightly con-              to light.                                         lights are flashing.
ment, which relies heavily on WorldCom          trolled media, can often do this. But this            WorldCom was just one of many corpo-
circuits, that there would be no disruptions    time it may prove more difficult, given the        rations that gave its top executives exorbi-      The capitalist
of vital communications, meaning the            crisis.                                            tant freebies while covering up $3.8 bil-         economy is on a
workloads of the remaining workers will            A Wall Street Journal front-page article        lion in losses.
increase dramatically.                          on June 27, titled “Stock Market Compli-              Corporate malfeasance is compounded            slippery slope
   Sidgemore, who dumped most of his            cates Central Bank’s Challenge to Revive           by an increasingly weak economy, a falling
shares in the company while management          U.S. Economy,” showed concern about ac-            dollar—now at its lowest level against the
was cooking the books, has stashed away         cumulating scandals—Xerox has joined               euro in 28 months—huge government and           lead agent for all three WorldCom credit
close to $90 million. But his take is much      the growing list—and wonders whether the           corporate debt, and the flight of interna-      lines; J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Fleet
higher when additional benefits are in-         gloom and doom on the market will affect           tional capital, which had been a key factor     Boston Financial, Mellon Financial, Bank
cluded. Other insiders, including former        economic growth.                                   in U.S. economic expansion. Most signifi-       One and Wells Fargo.
and current officers and board members,            “There is a risk that at some point the         cant, consumer confidence dropped to a
walked away with hundreds of millions of                                                                                                           Trillions appear to vanish
                                                cumulative impact on business, investor            four-month low, the second biggest drop
dollars.                                        and consumer confidence of declining               since Sept. 11.                                    Also in difficulty are the holders of $28
   One long-time WorldCom employee in           stock prices and the drumbeat of news of              Are the wizards of Wall Street worried       billion in WorldCom bonds, whose value
New Jersey told Workers World how the           corporate malfeasance takes a toll on              that another 1929 stock market crash is on      is now down to 13 cents on the dollar, as
layoffs were carried out: “You could hear a     growth,” warns the Journal article.                the horizon? Whether their fears and anx-       well as the shareholders, whose stock is
pin drop. Those of us who didn’t receive a         Federal Reserve Board Chair Alan                ieties will be realized remains to be seen,     currently floating at around 6 cents.
pink slip watched as cardboard boxes piled      Greenspan has challenged the analysts’             but the danger lights are flashing. The cap-    Clearly, if WorldCom petitions for bank-
up outside the buildings were handed out        concern. He would like the public to be-           italist economy is on a slippery slope, slid-   ruptcy, much of this equity will become
to our sisters and brothers. Management         lieve that the economy is improving, and           ing in that direction.                          worthless.
told them to fill up the boxes with the per-    that what goes on in the stock market does            The stock market overall has been in de-        It is estimated that over $2 trillion has
sonal belongings they had accumulated           not affect economic growth.                        cline since well before 2002. The NASDAQ        been lost in the financial markets since the
during years of service. Most controlled           Tell that to the millions of unemployed.        market has plunged 72 percent, the biggest      Enron debacle.
their emotions. They were followed by           The stock market is the heart and nerve            drop in any major market since the 1929            More and more what emerges is the out-
guards to make sure the company property        center of the capitalist system. Its health        crash. This is where the high-tech dotcoms      line of a general economic crisis. The stock
was secure.”                                    determines the entire economic and class           have been traded.                               market is an integrated element of the en-
                                                underpinning on which the market rests.               The prestigious Standard & Poor’s 500        tire financial services industry—the mul-
Capitalists’ old lament:                           Sam Marcy, the founder of Workers               is down nearly one third. The Dow Jones         titude of banks, credit unions, insurance
too much capacity                               World Party, wrote in “Wall Street Crash,          industrial average has dropped 2,000            companies, mortgage associations and,
   WorldCom’s demise, following the boom        What Does It Mean?” in 1988: “The stock            points, from 11,000 to around 9,000 in two      most important, pension funds that are the
and bust period currently affecting the         market should not be understood in the             years.                                          lifeline of senior workers who have labored
strategic telecommunications industry, has      narrow sense. It broadly encompasses the              The bursting bubble of the vast telecom-     long years for economic security.
triggered a monumental crisis. There is just    heads of the biggest banks (such as the Fed-       munications industry threatens to affect           The stock market is not just a barome-
too much capacity and competition within        eral Reserve Board), the heads of other ex-        many other Fortune 500 financial/corpo-         ter but an economic summary. It is inti-
the industry—too many sellers and not           changes and government agencies like the           rate titans.                                    mately bound up with the world econ-
enough buyers. It has drawn the attention       SEC. It is the most prominent representa-             A statistic in the New York Times June       omy—an economy dominated by U.S. im-
of the Bush administration, the Securities      tive of capitalist production itself.”             27 —one day following the WorldCom col-         perialism. It is wedded to the boom and
                                                                                                   lapse—put it in sharp perspective. Merrill      bust cycle and to the crisis of overproduc-
                                                                                                   Lynch, the country’s largest brokerage          tion that results in mass layoffs and
Victory in Baltimore                                                                               corporation, has tracked the top 20 stocks,     poverty.
                                                                                                                                                      The workers will bear the brunt of this
                                                                                                   measured by the number of accounts that

Community group
                                                                                                   each major investor held at the beginning       collapse. Since the recession began in
                                                                                                   of the year. These investors have suffered      March 2001, 1.2 million U.S. workers have
                                                                                                   a significant loss of 36.1 percent in that      been laid off, nearly 170,000 of them from

fights utility
                                                                                                   period.                                         the telecommunications industry. More
                                                                                                      Those wiped out over the last two years      will be laid off now that the bubble has
                                                                                                   are not just the average Main Street in-        burst. Few will ever be hired back. Add this
                                                                                                   vestors. These are the big boys, who invest     to the previous victims of unemployment
By Sharon Black                                 to lose their jobs.                                big-time in blue-chip corporate/banking         and poverty and a major economic catas-
Baltimore                                          All Peoples Congress organizer Renee            behemoths such as General Electric, IBM,        trophe is in the making.
                                                Washington stated, “People would have              Citigroup, Microsoft, AOL Time-Warner              The economic crisis has mushroomed
   At a press conference on June 27, the All    been ripped off, first by BGE and then by          and other illustrious giants that make up       into a political crisis, even though the Bush
Peoples Congress announced a temporary          ACE checking, which would have taken ad-           the 20 most widely held stocks.                 government and the Democratic Party
victory after Baltimore Gas & Electric Com-     vantage of people with cut-off notices who            Most significant, the roll call of the 20    have only minor quarrels. Both are march-
pany announced that its downtown offices        were desperate to have gas and electric            behemoths reveals that they, too, are not       ing in lockstep with their allies on Wall
would remain open until 2003.                   service.                                           immune from a growing economic crisis.          Street.
   The company had said two months ago             “We fought hard, held protests and              It confirms that they are subject to the de-       Since Bush initiated his “war on terror-
that it would close its last two customer       collected petitions. Both the workers              clining rate of profit. Overproduction in-      ism,” framed in a frenzy of patriotism, the
service offices on July 1, provoking protests   inside the building and the community              hibits them from expanding and investing        attacks on the workforce, their jobs, civil
from the All Peoples Congress and the Of-       were united in wanting to continue serv-           in new technology. It drives them to reduce     rights and labor rights have dramatically
fice of People’s Counsel.                       ice. We are proud of this victory but              their workforce, increase productivity and      increased. Immigrant-bashing, racism
   BGE had arranged for customers to pay        understand we must keep up the fight               aggravate the economic crisis further. All      and sexism are on the rise.
their bills at ACE checking. ACE has come       for justice.”                                      this can only speed up the class struggle.         If the labor movement is to win back a
under attack from senior advocate groups           BGE will continue with plans to close a            The WorldCom executives, whose scan-         measure of economic and political justice,
and has been sued by consumer groups for        smaller office outside the city and will re-       dalous conduct has come to light because        then as a first step, working class solidar-
fraudulent loan practices. It provides “pay     duce hours. The All Peoples Congress has           of overproduction, are linked to the most       ity and unity must take precedence over
day loans.”                                     vowed to continue fighting and has called          powerful banks in the world. The lenders        the patriotic war cries of the Bush admin-
   Workers at both locations were slated        on the community to remain vigilant.               to WorldCom include Bank of America,            istration. There is no other way.
                                                                                                                                                       www.workers.org       July 11, 2002    Page 5

Squeezed dry by big corporations

Buffalo workers need jobs, not gimmicks
By Bev Hiestand                                    “Estimates show one in four people in Buf-      any commercial products generated by                   During the 1975 bank takeover of New
Buffalo, N.Y.                                      falo are poor, but many experts believe         these and other research projects. But the          York by the Municipal Assistance
                                                   there are far more people below the poverty     partners won’t provide venture capital to           Corporation (MAC) and Emergency
   Another promise to bring new jobs and           line here and across the United States than     the center.                                         Financial Control Board (EFCB), these
the possibility of an economic turnaround          the numbers suggest.”                               That means huge amounts of hard-                two unelected Goliaths ruled the city.
to this increasingly impoverished city has            A newly published analysis of census         earned tax dollars of working people will           They controlled all city revenues and
come to an abrupt end. Adelphia Commu-             data reveals Buffalo has the sixth-highest      be used to develop new drugs that phar-             had the power to approve or reject all
nications Corp., the country’s sixth-largest       rate of child poverty in the country—nearly     maceutical companies will appropriate               city contracts—including labor con-
cable television operator, filed for Chapter       40 percent.                                     and sell at exorbitantly high prices. And           tracts. They laid off tens of thousands of
11 bankruptcy on June 25.                             This past year 300 teachers and school       most poor and oppressed people in Buf-              city employees and decreed wage
   In June 2000, Adelphia pledged to con-          administrators were laid off because of a se-   falo, who lack health insurance, will not be        freezes, increased subway fares and
struct a 15-story operations center on Buf-        vere city budget crisis. This means fewer       able to purchase them.                              tuition, and slashed city services.
falo’s waterfront and create 1,000 jobs.           teachers and larger class sizes. Further cuts       A study on the growth of U.S. biotech-             African American and Latino commu-
Since then, 800 workers have been hired            may be made this summer if more state and       nology released by the Brookings                    nities, and all the poor and unemployed,
and placed in existing downtown office             city funding is not received. This could        Institution, a Washington think tank,               bore the brunt.
space awaiting completion of the center.           mean elimination of kindergarten, coun-         cautioned that if research is successful,              The unions fought back. But the MAC
The city and state agreed to give the com-         selors, music teachers, social workers,         it will take a decade or more to bear sig-          and the EFCB–backed by the governor and
pany incentives, including $50 million of          sports programs and more.                       nificant fruit and will require a consid-           a powerful array of bankers and insurance
state money and tax breaks. City officials                                                         erable investment of time and money.                tycoons—overpowered the labor move-
and business leaders touted the Adelphia           Who profits, who pays?                          (Buffalo News, June 16)                             ment. The unions were forced to accept
center as a catalyst for development of the           Politicians, banks, business develop-            The newspaper quoted Paul Nickels,              crushing cutbacks. Only after the unions
inner city and harbor.                             ment corporations and contractors have          public affairs director for the Edison              agreed to commit millions out of their pen-
   The Buffalo area was once known for its         put forth numerous schemes over the             Biotechnology Center in Cleveland, who              sion funds to bail out the city did the
industrial might, but it has lost more than        years: constructing a new convention cen-       said, “Buffalo’s heart will get broken on           bankers relinquish their grip on New York
half its factory employment since 1958. The        ter, now proposing another one, building a      occasion. You’ll have a young company,              and the threat of bankruptcy eased.
March 6 Buffalo News reported that the             new baseball stadium, a hockey arena and        which starts growing, then it will go away.            But the labor movement and the op-
Buffalo-Niagara region had lost 4,300 jobs         a subway that only runs the length of Main      Somebody will throw money at it and lure            pressed communities never completely re-
over the preceding 12 months as employ-            Street. All these projects were pitched as      it to Maryland.”                                    covered from the 1975 financial crisis.
ment at local factories fell to the lowest level   magnets for investors, developers, shop-
in at least 44 years.                              pers, tourists and jobs.                        Big MAC hard to swallow                             Marx was right!
   Beginning in March of this year, evi-              Instead, they brought profits to the de-        “There’s a conspiracy going on to bring             Revelations of corrupt, greedy corporate
dence began to surface that Adelphia               velopers and banks and very few jobs. All       the city of Buffalo to its knees, to force the      owners are no surprise. It is evident that
founder John Rigas and other family mem-           were built with taxpayer money.                 city into bankruptcy, or a situation where          Enron, Tyco International and Adelphia
bers kept two sets of books. They greatly un-         While inner-city homes in the poor and       a state control board is called in to run City      Communications are not the exception, but
derstated company deficits and over-in-            oppressed communities are deteriorating,        Hall,” warned Common Council President              the rule.
flated subscriber numbers.                         the city is converting empty downtown           James W. Pitts, who is African American.               Karl Marx wrote that for a really high
   Adelphia later disclosed it had guaran-         buildings into luxury apartments costing           He added: “There’s a need for commu-             profit, a capitalist would commit murder;
teed $2.3 billion in loans to Rigas, his fam-      more than $1,000 a month. This is being         nity-based planning … based on the real             but for one even higher, he would risk
ily and Rigas-controlled companies. Adel-          promoted as a way to bring people back into     needs and concerns of people in the neigh-          death. Lenin, the leader of the first social-
phia has since revealed that the family bor-       the deserted downtown area. Yet thou-           borhoods. This is what we need to make              ist revolution in 1917 in Russia, added that
rowed an estimated $3.1 billion. They used         sands of poor people who live in the area       Buffalo strong. Buffalo’s future is not giv-        for a profit, a capitalist would sell the rope
company cash or assets to buy and run the          won’t be able to afford these apartments        ing money to the big, rich developers. It is        used to hang him.
Buffalo Sabres hockey team, expand their           and condominiums.                               giving money to the people who matter.”                The solution for Buffalo is not another
personal cable company holdings, acquire              Now city officials are rushing to capital-   (Buffalo News, May 30)                              greedy capitalist scheme—it lies in the anti-
timberland and invest in a golf course.            ize on the biotech industry. They are pro-         According to news reports, some local            capitalist class struggle. Here in Buffalo
(New York Times, June 23) Rigas’s daugh-           moting the development of a government-         officials are proposing a municipal assis-          there have been several recent examples.
ter reportedly used a $3.7-million com-            and industry-sponsored bio-informatics          tance corporation—like the one instituted              This spring tens of thousands of stu-
pany-backed loan to make a movie.                  complex in Buffalo. Cities around the globe     in New York City in 1975—to oversee lend-           dents, teachers, parents and local activists
   Since the disclosures, Adelphia stock           are competing for research into new drugs       ing money to Buffalo.                               organized several large rallies and school
has plummeted from $20.29 a share to               and medical therapies expected to follow           The loans, guaranteed by the federal             walkouts protesting the gutting of public
pennies.                                           the recent mapping of the human genome.         government, would hinge on Buffalo’s                education. Some suggested that the billions
                                                   (Buffalo News, June 16)                         ability to “pass major reforms.” The state          going to the Pentagon for war could be put
Blow to workers and poor
                                                      The University of Buffalo, Roswell Park      would be asked to temporarily waive some            to good use building new schools and hir-
   A June 16 Buffalo News article con-             Cancer Institute and Hauptman-Wood-             of its mandates—notably the Taylor Law,             ing more teachers.
cluded, “For more than 1,000 Adelphia              ward Medical Research Institute—with            governing public employees and contract                Workers at New Era Cap Co. in near-
workers locally, the price could be the loss       some private pharmaceutical companies           negotiations.                                       by Derby, who make major league base-
of their jobs as the company is broken up          and government sources—will open a re-             The banks, of course, want to keep that          ball caps, ratified a contract on June 27
to try to pay off its more than $14 billion        search complex here. Some $290 million of       part of the Taylor Law that prohibits work-         after an 11-month strike. The workers,
in debts.”                                         the funds to build it are from state and fed-   ers from striking. What they want to end            represented by the Communications
   Adelphia secured $1.5 billion in financ-        eral monies.                                    is the requirement that companies accept            Workers union, waged a heroic struggle
ing from J. P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup             The 11 research partners, including          arbitration rather than unilaterally impose         against sweatshop labor and unsafe
on June 21 to allow it to operate while re-        pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Bristol-       wage and benefit cuts or restraints on              working conditions. Their efforts were
organizing. (New York Times, June 24) The          Myers Squibb, hope to take advantage of         workers.                                            more powerful because of support from
money comes with conditions not revealed                                                                                                               the AFL-CIO and United Students
yet. But downsizing is often part of such re-                                                                                                          Against Sweatshops, a campus-based
structuring.                                                                                                                                           rights group. Students and activists in
   There’s the possibility the Sabres team                                                                                                             the Buffalo area mobilized picket lines
could leave town. That could cost Erie                                                                                                                 and educated the public about corporate
County and New York State taxpayers tens                                                                                                               globalization and sweatshop labor.
of millions in written-off or reduced pay-                                                                                                                On March 2, 20,000 health care union
backs on state loans that helped build the                                                                                                             workers, doctors, patients, parents and
HSBC Arena. The Buffalo News also notes                                                                                                                supporters held a rally that was the turn-
that team owners owe the city more than                                                                                                                ing point in stopping Kaleida Health Corp.
$1.5 million for stadium ground rent and                                                                                                               from closing Children’s Hospital.
roadwork outside the arena.                                                                                                                               In June, patients and families from the
   The loss of hundreds of jobs is one more                                                                                                            poorest neighborhoods in Buffalo—in-
blow to the working and oppressed people                                                                                                               cluding immigrants from many coun-
of this city. As better-paid whites and their                                                                                                          tries—joined union health care workers in
families have left the city for the suburbs,                                                                                                           rallies to demand that Kaleida not close a
the burden of poverty in this city has been                                                                                                            community health care clinic that offers
disproportionately carried by the African                                                                                   WW PHOTO: GLORIA LA RIVA   culturally-sensitive and competent care.
American, Puerto Rican and other op-               Buffalo doesn't need another capitalist 'get rich' scheme. Above, workers from                         What working and oppressed people in
pressed communities. The last U.S. census          New Era Cap Co., who just won a contract after an 11-month strike. Backed by an
                                                                                                                                                       Buffalo need most is to broaden these
declared Buffalo the eighth most segre-            AFL-CIO boycott and area students and activists, they showed that what this
                                                   impoverished region needs most is a fightback.                                                      struggles for jobs and safe working condi-
gated city in the country.                                                                                                                             tions, education and health care.
   According to the March 4 Buffalo News,
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30 cities protest
Continued from page 1
                                                   Frank Martin del Campo of the Labor
talism is undergoing a crisis,” Santos said.    Council for Latin American Advancement
   Speakers called attention to political       and Howard Wallace of Service Employ-
prisoners who were targets of Cointelpro,       ees Local 250 and the national board of
including Geronimo Ji Jaga, Leonard             Pride at Work also spoke.
Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal.                       Alicia Jrapko of the National Commit-
   “How many African American and               tee to Free the Five Cuban Political Prison-
Latino and union activists were victims of      ers in the United States noted the hypo-
setups, campaigns of lies and neutraliza-       crisy of the U.S. government, which im-
tion?” asked Gloria La Riva, president of       prisoned the five for infiltrating terrorist
the Typographical Sector of Media Work-         Cuban-American organizations in the U.S.
ers Local 39521.                                   The Rev. Ted Frazier, a leader of the
   Jack Heyman of International Long-           NAACP in San Francisco, pointed out that
shore & Warehouse Union Local 10 said           despite public exposure of Cointelpro in the
the government had tried to deport ILWU         1970s, the government has never stopped
leader Harry Bridges, who led the historic      its activities against progressive people.
1934 strike in San Francisco, and to re-           Other speakers included Maad Abu-                                                                                WW PHOTO: JOHN CATALINOTTO

move another leader, Archie Brown, from                                                        Kingston, New York
                                                Ghazalah of the American Arab Anti-Dis-
the union’s executive board. The govern-        crimination Committee-San Francisco;
ment accused both of them of being com-                                                        it’s so important that everyone is protest-     coalition, Refuse & Resist!, Illinois Greens,
                                                Zulma Oliveras, Comité ’98; Riva Enteen,
munists. “The fight is still going on,” Hey-                                                   ing here and around the country today.”         Hyde Park Coalition Against the War and
                                                National Lawyers Guild; Ayanna La-
man said. The union is in a heated con-                                                                                                        the Palestine Aid Society.
                                                bossiere, a Haitian-American high school       CHICAGO
tract struggle now. Government officials                                                                                                          Crowds cheered the chant: “Arab and
                                                student; and Judy Greenspan of California
called the union and said, “You shouldn’t                                                        A contingent organized at the initiative      Muslims are under attack. What do we do?
                                                Prison Focus.
disrupt trade,” Heyman noted.                                                                  of the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network             Rise up, fight back!” This chant was re-
                                                   Richard Becker of the International AN-
   Walter Johnson, secretary-treasurer of                                                      (CABN) raised similar issues at Chicago’s       peated with “lesbians,” “gays,” “people of
                                                SWER coalition and the International Ac-
the San Francisco Labor Council, reported                                                      annual Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Pride         color” and other victims of class society.
                                                tion Center said: “Bush and Ashcroft and
that the council had endorsed the march.                                                       march on June 29. “Stop the hate, stop the         Just before the march ended a group of
                                                those behind them are trying to intimidate
“It’s time to send a message across the na-                                                    fear, immigrants are welcome here!”             20 right-wing religious hecklers with all
                                                those opposed to the war at home and
tion that there won’t be a new Cointelpro,”                                                    boomed out of loudspeakers as several           the tenacity of a flat-earth society were
                                                abroad. If we let them intimidate us and
he stressed.                                                                                   hundred thousand people—a mirror of this        drowned out by the contingent’s chant:
                                                don’t speak out, they win. And that’s why
                                                                                               multinational and multi-gender society—         “One, two, three, four: Show the bigots to
                                                                                               marched or cheered from the sidelines. The      the door. Five, six, seven, eight: We don’t

 BOSTON.                                                                                       defense of immigrant rights was greeted
                                                                                               with applause and cheers.
                                                                                                                                               need your filthy hate.” Hundreds of peo-
                                                                                                                                               ple in the area loudly applauded the con-
                                                                                                 Other groups taking part in the contin-       tingent.

 Rally demands freedom                                                                         gent included the Chicago Coalition
                                                                                               Against War and Racism, the Chicago
                                                                                                                                                  “What a great day; what a great experi-
                                                                                                                                               ence,” one marcher told Workers World.

 for Jaoudat Abouazza
                                                                                               chapter of the International ANSWER             “Pride made us proud!”

 By Workers World
 Boston bureau
                                                ship instead of being deported. A volun-
                                                tary exit means that Abouazza would be
                                                                                               'Civil rights are under
    On June 27, 100 supporters of Jaoudat       able to return to the United States in the
 Abouazza held a militant picket line out-      future.                                        Continued from page 1                           gether. That’s what Cointelpro was about—
 side the JFK Federal Building in Boston,          Again the government objected, de-                                                          dividing us and our movement.
                                                manding that he be deported so that “if        on people’s rights.                                “We have people of many beliefs and na-
 then packed an Immigration and Natu-
                                                Abouazza ever tried to surreptitiously re-        In May, Attorney General John                tionalities here today. That’s our strength.
 ralization Service hearing inside.
                                                enter the U.S. it would be a major felony.”    Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert                There are those who said this could not be
 Abouazza, a young Palestinian activist,
                                                   Exposing their real motives, the gov-       Mueller announced a vast expansion of           done, but we are doing it today.
 participated in the hearing via videocon-
                                                ernment representatives expressed their        police powers to target groups and indi-           “We have to show our enemies that we
 ference. At the end he was able to see the
                                                frustration that despite the continuous        viduals in the name of “homeland secu-          are strong by staying united,” she con-
 courtroom gallery overflowing with sup-
                                                acts of intimidation, harassment and           rity.” This included lifting restrictions       cluded.
                                                brutality, Abouazza would not give them        that had been placed on domestic spy-              The need to build a united front against
    Abouazza was stopped by police for an
                                                detailed information on his political ac-      ing after the 1976 exposure of                  repression, racism and war was echoed by
 alleged traffic violation on May 30. He
                                                tivities or those of organizations and in-     Cointelpro.       This      FBI     Counter     many speakers. A statement from Rep.
 was detained and questioned repeatedly
                                                dividuals supporting him and the Pales-        Intelligence Program was set up to              Cynthia McKinney of Georgia said, “We
 by the FBI. At a subsequent court ap-
                                                tinian cause.                                  divide, conquer and destroy the civil           must work together to insure that our
 pearance the government cited leaflets
                                                   Judge Shapiro ruled in favor of             rights, Black Power, anti-war and other         rights are protected.”
 found in his car—for a legal and permit-
                                                Abouazza’s request for voluntary exit.         progressive movements.                             Speaking of the raids on Muslims, the
 ted pro-Palestinian protest at the June 9
                                                However, the government plans to ap-              Many workers do not yet know that they       Rev. Graylan Hagler, senior minister of
 Israel Day festival—as the justification for
                                                peal the ruling and has 30 days to do so.      will be affected by this beefing up of police   Washington’s Plymouth Congregational
 his detention.
                                                   Abouazza still faces many other legal       measures. And some in the progressive           Church, challenged the authorities, “If you
    Since then he has been beaten and
                                                challenges from the government. For ex-        movement may be fearful of taking a stand       come after them, I invite you to come after
 thrown into solitary confinement. Four
                                                ample, the Middlesex County District           in the current political climate. Organizers    me. Civil rights have always been treated as
 of his teeth were forcibly extracted with-
                                                Court listed Abouazza in default because       said they hoped this action would show          a convenience by the leaders of this coun-
 out his permission. A broken tooth was
                                                he missed a court appearance for the traf-     that it is necessary and possible to speak      try. But we can resist. We can take to the
 left in his mouth and continues to cause
                                                fic violations. A warrant was then issued      out and fight back.                             streets.”
 pain and bleeding.
                                                for his arrest. But he missed the court           “We all have a stake in defending civil         “The Bush administration is criminaliz-
    At the June 27 hearing, Abouazza’s
                                                appearance because the INS had him in          rights, and this demonstration proves that      ing dissent,” charged Mara Verheyden-
 lawyer, Nelson Brill, requested that the
                                                custody and refused to allow him to at-        people are responding,” said Mahdi Bray,        Hilliard, an attorney with the Partnership
 judge set bond for his release. Brill pre-
                                                tend, despite a court order.                   executive director of the Muslim Ameri-         for Civil Justice. “Bush, with his all-war
 sented proof of the wide community sup-
                                                   The Jaoudat Abouazza Defense Com-           can Society’s Freedom Foundation, who           all-the-time agenda, knows people will
 port for Abouazza, including a clergy
                                                mittee says the anti-war, anti-repression      co-chaired the rally. “They say it’s about      want to protest the spending of billions on
 member, labor union representatives and
                                                movement must keep up the pressure on          ‘homeland security.’ As an African Amer-        war while schools and health care are being
 Arab community leaders present in the
                                                the INS, jail authorities and the district     ican, as a Muslim, this is my home, and I       cut back.”
 courtroom. Prosecutors objected, claim-
                                                attorney to drop all the charges and re-       don’t feel more secure.”
 ing Abouazza was a “flight risk.”
                                                                                                  June 29-30 was Pride weekend in New          ‘We’ll push the FBI back’
    Immigration Judge Shapiro denied the        lease Abouazza immediately.
                                                   In addition, supporters say, it is es-      York, San Francisco, Chicago and other big        “These dangerous measures affect all of
 bond request, despite the clear and pres-
                                                sential to continue pressing for humane        cities. But many lesbian, gay, bi and trans     us,” said Larry Holmes, co-director of the
 ent danger of continuing brutalization by
                                                medical treatment, including access            activists took time out to show their soli-     International Action Center and rally co-
 the government and guards in the Bristol
                                                by Abouazza’s own physician and den-           darity here with a visible and vocal pres-      chair. “But we won’t go back,” he declared.
 County Jail.
                                                tist. For more information, call the Jaou-     ence.                                           “We’ll push the repression back. We’ll push
    Brill also argued that Abouazza, a
                                                dat Abouazza Defense Committee at                 Lesbian trans activist and author Leslie     the FBI back.”
 Canadian citizen, should be allowed a
                                                (617) 522-6626.                                Feinberg said, “Our enemies are clever.           Kathy Hoyt, executive coordinator of
 “voluntary exit” to his country of citizen-
                                                                                               They want us to think we can’t work to-         Nicaragua Network, told how she and
                                                                                                                                                 www.workers.org     July 11, 2002      Page 7

                                        WW PHOTOS: JULIE LA RIVA
                                                                                                                                                                        WW PHOTO: GLORIA VERDIEU
Los Angeles, above and right
                                                                                                                           San Diego

LOS ANGELES                                                                                                          DETROIT                        Carl Muhammad of the Peace & Free-
   For two hours on June 28 there was no                                                                               Protesters picketed in    dom Party chaired the rally. Speakers in-
business as usual in front of the downtown                                                                          front of Detroit’s McNa-     cluded Bob McCubbin from the Interna-
Los Angeles Federal Building, as 125 loud                                                                           mara Federal Building,       tional Action Center, Craig Mace from the
demonstrators protested the new repres-                                                                             headquarters for the         Free Mumia Coalition, Zola Muhammad
sive powers unilaterally seized by the FBI.                                                                         area FBI, during rush        from the Coalition to Free Imam Jamil, Tim
   John Parker of the International Action                                                                          hour on June 28. South-      Helsley from the Leonard Peltier Defense
Center likened the new measures to the                                                                              east Michigan, with its      Committee, Gloria Verdieu from ANSWER
days of J. Edgar Hoover’s Cointelpro when                                                                           large Middle Eastern         and Terry Hanks from the Committee
                                                in support.
Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton and                                                          population, has been a particular target of    Against Police Brutality.
                                                   The protest was covered on two televi-
Leonard Peltier were targeted.                  sion stations.                                    increased FBI and INS harassment.
                                                                                                                                                 KINGSTON, N.Y.
   ANSWER organizers were interviewed                                                               A number of demonstrators reported
by the Los Angeles Pacifica radio station       PROVIDENCE, R.I.                                  they had personally been victims of FBI           The Mid-Hudson National People’s
KPFK and the Front Page program on                                                                and Detroit police “Red Squad” harass-         Campaign organized a protest on June 29
                                                   Demonstrators took over the steps of the
KJLH, an African American-owned radio                                                             ment and surveillance in the 1960s and         in coordination with the International AN-
                                                Federal Building in downtown Providence
station. UPN News also covered the protest.                                                       1970s.                                         SWER protests. It was held outside an FBI
                                                June 27, in front of an attentive rush-hour
                                                                                                                                                 branch office across from a busy shopping
                                                audience of bus riders at the city’s public
BUFFALO, N.Y.                                   transportation center. Protesters chanted,        SAN DIEGO                                      mall. Close to 90 local residents took part
   Buffalo ANSWER unfurled a long ban-                                                              ANSWER initiated an action at the local      in the picket line and rally, which was co-
                                                “They say Cointelpro, we say hell no,” and
ner at the FBI building that read: “Stop the                                                      Federal Building. After an opening rally,      sponsored by several local groups includ-
                                                “Get up, stand up; stand up for your rights.”
FBI attacks on our civil rights.”                                                                 protesters marched to the Hall of Justice      ing Women in Black and the Green Party.
                                                Two local TV stations covered the protest
   Placards called for an end to racial and     on the evening news.                              and back for a final rally. The crowd was      Bev Hiestand, Bill Massey, Brenda Sand-
religious profiling. One demanded money            U.S. marshals, disturbed by the unified        very spirited, carrying signs reading “Stop    burg, Beth Semmer, Mike Shaw, Jack
for jobs, education and health care, not re-    resistance displayed by Black, Latino,            FBI abuse of our civil rights,” “Free Mumia    Smith, David Sole and Gloria Verdieu
pression and war. Unemployment, cuts in         Arab, Native and white activists on their         and Leonard Peltier” and “You will never       contributed to this article.
school budgets and the closing of health        doorstep, repeatedly threatened “prob-            suppress the power of the people.”
care facilities have been devastating the       lems” if the group didn’t move to the side-
workers and oppressed of Buffalo. Many          walk. The demonstrators refused to budge
drivers honked their car horns and waved        an inch.

attack—fight back!'
other Central America solidarity activists      security for the demonstration.
were targeted for FBI harassment during           Dr. Hani Awadallah of the Arab
the 1980s, including threats against their      American Civic Organization said:
children and other family members.              “There’s no room for national liberation
   “Yesterday they came for us. Today we        for the Palestinians in the U.S. agenda.
stand with you,” she pledged.                   But Palestinian liberation will go on no
   Other speakers testified that the latest     matter what George Bush, Ariel Sharon
government attacks aren’t abstract legal        and Condoleezza Rice say.”
matters. Marcus Jean, a Haitian-born
member of the Boston school bus drivers’        Free-speech fight on
union, told how a job grievance led to his      Washington Mall
being branded a “terrorist.”                       A highlight of the day’s activities was
   Amer Jubran, also from Boston, spoke         the march from the FBI/Justice Depart-                                                                               WW PHOTO: DEIRDRE GRISWOLD
on the case of young Palestinian activist       ment offices to Farragut Square Park.             Washington, D.C.
Jaoudat Abouazza, who was detained,                The march passed the Folk Life Festival
questioned by the FBI and tortured.             on the Mall. Thousands of festival goers

                                                                                                  Solidarity on the Oakland waterfront
Abouazza remains in jail.                       saw the demonstration. Many lined the
   Sam Jordan brought greetings from            street to watch and listen, giving it the feel-
African American political prisoners            ing of a dynamic street meeting.

                                                                                                  Longshore workers fight
Mumia Abu-Jamal and Eddie Conway,                  Organizers rapped to the crowd about
and urged support for Imam Jamil Al-            the dangers to working people of the
Amin. Teresa Gutierrez asked demonstra-         Bush/Ashcroft measures. A popular chant
tors to sign a petition in support of five
Cuban prisoners held in U.S. jails because
they infiltrated U.S.-backed anti-Cuba ter-
                                                was, “Civil rights are under attack. What
                                                do we do? Act up, fight back!”
                                                   Mounted Park Police threatened to ar-
                                                                                                  to keep the docks union
rorist groups.                                  rest demonstrators handing out leaflets to        By Bill Hackwell                                  On June 27, just days before the con-
   “We’re in the middle of the biggest cor-     bystanders. When Brian Becker protested,          Oakland, Calif.                                tract expired, hundreds rallied here in the
porate crime wave in history,” said IAC         he was also threatened with arrest.                                                              fourth-largest U.S. port. Cranes that pluck
Co-director Sara Flounders, another rally          But ANSWER pushed back this police                A big struggle is brewing between Pacific   containers from the ships formed a back-
co-chair. She listed Enron, Tyco and            attempt to quash the First Amendment.             Coast Longshore workers, backed by             drop as labor leaders from the transporta-
WorldCom as examples. “There’s no Pa-           The Partnership for Civil Justice immedi-         unions around the world, and a consortium      tion and maritime industry, both national
triot Act against these corporate looters,”     ately intervened on the leafleters’ behalf.       of shipping companies supported by the         and international, spoke of their support
she pointed out.                                   Over the march’s sound system, Becker          Bush administration. The main issue is         for the 10,500 members of the ILWU.
   Imam Abdul Alim Musa, representing           told onlookers about the police attempt to        management-backed technology changes              Negotiations between the union, repre-
Washington’s largest Black Muslim               suppress free speech, causing some on the         that would eliminate jobs. The stakes are      senting dock workers at 29 ports along the
mosque, warned the crowd against swal-          sidewalks to join the protest.                    huge. Last year $260 billion worth of cargo    West Coast, and the Pacific Maritime As-
lowing any U.S. justification for a new war.       After a concluding rally, protesters re-       passed through West Coast ports.               sociation (PMA) have ground to a halt. The
“When they want something, they set the         turned home, many saying they felt a re-             Even before the contract deadline of July   shipping bosses have demanded that the
stage to do it,” he said, citing famous pre-    newed sense of determination. They                1, Bush’s “homeland security” czar phoned      workers give back hard-won benefits and
texts like the sinking of the battleship        agreed with Larry Holmes, who said, “This         the head of the International Longshore &      accept a wage freeze. While these are the
Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin hoax. The          is the beginning of the struggle to defend        Warehouse Union to pressure the workers        immediate issues on the table, the real
Masjid al-Islam mosque also helped with         our movement.”                                    not to strike.                                                    Continued on page 11
Page 8         1,
         July 1 2002      www.workers.org

Pride in San Francisco

Marches rock to anti-capitalist beat
By Brenda Sandburg                               Stop War and End Racism—coalition to ex-
and Saul Kanowitz                                press this anti-war message. ANSWER also
San Francisco                                    had a banner in the march proclaiming,
                                                 “From Stonewall to Palestine, people fight
   Calling for an end to capitalism, war and     back. No pride in occupation—free Pales-
racism, this year’s San Francisco Dyke           tine.” The banner included the black, green,
March made a bold alliance with people           white and red Palestinian flag merging with
around the world who are under attack            the lesbian/gay/bi/trans rainbow flag.
from the U.S. government and military.              During the four-hour rally and celebra-
   As more than 10,000 women gathered            tion before the march—co-chaired by
in Dolores Park for the June 29 event, the       Zulma Oliveres of Comite ’98 and per-
organizers of the 10th annual march read         formance poet Tina D’Elia—speakers re-
a statement about its anti-war theme. “We        peatedly raised the struggle of the Pales-
march to oppose the ongoing attacks              tinian people.
against Afghanistan, the devastation of the         “I’m wondering why only a handful here
Palestinian homeland and the very likely         are standing up against the racist apartheid
future air strikes targeting Iraq, the Philip-   state of Israel,” said Palesa Bev Ditsie, a
pines, Colombia and Cuba.”                       member of Sister Rise Up from Soweto,
   The statement continued, “Tonight, we         South Africa. “Why celebrate Pride without
march for the complete and total eradica-        recognizing the brothers and sisters of
tion of capitalism, war and racism. We           Palestine?”                                                                                                            WW PHOTO: BILL HACKWELL
march for an end to the insanity of misog-          “We can’t separate our struggle from the
yny. We march for queerness and against          Iraqi people suffering from U.S. sanctions,”    rise up with my Colombian sisters, my          route. Feinberg called for the LGBT move-
assimilation.”                                   said Bintlal Thawra of the Arab Women’s         Afghani sisters, my Palestinian sisters, my    ment to put war, racism and attacks on civil
   Organizers of the march used signs from       Solidarity Association of the American          Indigenous sisters, my undocumented and        liberties on its agenda as it did after the
the International ANSWER—Act Now to              Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. “I          incarcerated sisters.”                         Stonewall Rebellion in 1969.
                                                                                                                                                   A flyer from QUIT explained why the
                                                                                                 Pride in being pro-Palestinian                 LGBT community should be concerned
Supreme Court backs school vouchers                                                                 On June 30, tens of thousands of peo-       about the Palestinian struggle: “Because
                                                                                                 ple lined Market St. from the Embarcadero      the same U.S. government that engages

Another scam
                                                                                                 to Eighth St. to watch the 32nd San Fran-      in police brutality against the LGBT
                                                                                                 cisco Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Pride         community and communities of color
                                                                                                 march. Among the 300 contingents was           engages in imperialism and racism in

aimed at the poor
                                                                                                 the “No pride in occupation” anti-war con-     other parts of the world and we must
                                                                                                 tingent that marched in solidarity with the    stand against all of these.”
                                                                                                 Palestinian people.                               Making the links between struggles
                                                                                                    Initiated by Queers Undermining Is-         around the world, the CNC banner read,
By Martha Grevatt                                Brown vs. Board of Education—the 1954           raeli Terror (QUIT) and supported by In-       “No pride in occupation or intervention.
Cleveland                                        Supreme Court decision that struck              ternational ANSWER, Workers World              U.S. out of Colombia. Israel out of
                                                 down segregated schools. This analogy           Party, Committee for a New Colombia            Palestine.”
   A Supreme Court ruling in favor of            deliberately gives the impression that          (CNC) and others, this contingent brought         Contingents protesting Bush’s impe-
school vouchers is going to hurt the very        the ruling is favorable to African              a strong message of support for the Pales-     rial war drive and attacks on civil liber-
people it claims to be helping. It will take     American students. Voucher supporters           tinian people and opposition to the U.S.-      ties and in support of Palestinian libera-
money away from the public education of          say it allows Black parents to make the         Israeli war of occupation.                     tion also were a part of Pride marches in
poor schoolchildren, especially children         same school choices as middle-class                Onlookers clapped as the contingent         Boston, New York, Chicago and Los
of color.                                        parents in the suburbs.                         passed with its multi-colored banners.         Angeles. Contingents of lesbian, gay, bi
   The June 27th decision involved a suit           In reality, it has made the public schools      Hundreds of flyers with an anti-war         and trans Muslims also planned contin-
by the Cleveland Teachers Union, but it          even more segregated by allowing more           message from transgender lesbian activist      gents in the Philadelphia, Washington
has wide ramifications throughout the            white children in Cleveland to leave them.      Leslie Feinberg were distributed along the     and New York Pride marches.
country.                                         Those students who don’t get selected by
   Several thousand Cleveland students           the private schools—and they are the vast
have received vouchers worth up to $2,250        majority—suffer from the resulting fund-        As Bush piously swears allegiance ‘under God’
towards tuition in private and parochial         ing cuts.

                                                                                                 Church group fined
schools.                                            Some leaders and elected officials in the
   The public schools have lost millions         Black community support vouchers, but
of dollars under this program. Cleveland         many do not. When the case first went to

                                                                                                 for travel to Cuba
is already one of the poorest school dis-        the Supreme Court, a huge rally against
tricts in Ohio, and has suffered finan-          vouchers was held in a church in the Black
cially from property tax abatements to           community where leading clergy from
wealthy developers.                              Cleveland and around the country spoke.
   The Cleveland Teachers Union accuses          The NAACP is opposed to school vouchers.        By Bill Massey                                 moving experience in Havana.
the court of engaging in union-busting by        After the ruling, the Cleveland Plain           Chicago                                           On the return of the church members to
funding schools where teachers are usually       Dealer’s leading Black columnist con-                                                          the United States via Toronto, U.S. officials
not unionized.                                   demned the decision.                               The Bush administration spouted fire        told them their visit had been illegal. They
   The union’s lawyers had charged that             The high court’s ruling argued that          and brimstone when a federal district court    were questioned and the officials copied
the voucher program violates the separa-         vouchers don’t violate separation of church     ruled that the pledge of allegiance is un-     their papers and identification before al-
tion of church and state. Over 95 percent        and state because parents have the option       constitutional and in violation of the sep-    lowing them back into the country.
of the students receiving vouchers from          of sending their children to secular private    aration of church and state because of the        Now, more than three years later, three
public funds are attending religious             schools. But most parents cannot afford         phrase “under God.” The same Bush ad-          of the six are targets of a “crackdown” by the
schools. One-third of them were already at-      the tuition at those schools, even with the     ministration, however, is attacking Wis-       Bush government. The crackdown is not
tending those schools before the voucher         vouchers, and many cannot transport their       consin churchgoers.                            new. It began under the Clinton regime.
program, and now take advantage of gov-          children to the outer-ring suburbs where           Three members of the Central United         During Clinton’s last year in office, 188 per-
ernment subsidies.                               the schools are located.                        Methodist Church (CUMC) of Milwaukee           sons were notified of fines for traveling to
   Right-wing supporters of vouchers                Studies show that voucher students do        are facing large fines for traveling to Cuba   Cuba.
around the country have been waiting for         no better academically than students in the     three years ago to celebrate the 100th an-        But under Bush, who called for a “crack-
the outcome of the Cleveland case. Now           struggling public schools. The voucher          niversary of their sister church in Havana.    down on excessive travel to Cuba,” 766 peo-
they have been given the green light to sub-     schools can reject any pupil as unquali-           In 1994, CUMC established an ongoing        ple were fined in his first year in office, and
sidize religious instruction at the expense      fied. There is no proof that this “faith-       relationship with a Methodist Church in        the number is still climbing.
of poor students who don’t get vouchers.         based” theft of public education benefits       Havana called La Trinidad. In 1999, La            Of the six who traveled to Cuba, two were
In Cleveland itself, voucher proponents          anyone but the Christian right wing by sub-     Trinidad sent a formal invitation to CUMC      African American men and four were
want to increase the number of voucher           sidizing its pro-Bush propaganda.               to send members to join its anniversary cel-   white—two women and two men. The two
students, increase the amount of subsidy            Like tax “reform” and welfare                ebration.                                      African American men—Theron Mills and
per student, and expand the program to in-       “reform,” this attack on public educa-             CUMC, which works with the Milwau-          William Ferguson—were each fined
clude high school students.                      tion adds up to yet another theft from          kee Coalition to Normalize Relations with      $7,500. Dollora Greene-Evans, one of the
   This decision is being called the most        the poorest workers carried out by this         Cuba, sent six parishioners to Cuba. They      white women, was fined $5,000.
significant ruling on education since            pro-big business government.                    related that they had a very positive and
                                                                                                                                                                    Continued on page 10
                                                                                                                                               www.workers.org         July 11, 2002     Page 9

Mother of civil rights martyr at Pride rally

'Living is all about taking risks'
By Leslie Feinberg                             children escaping from Franco’s Spain.
New York                                       Much of what I did was at risk in those days.
                                               That was my life,” she remembers.
   Under a blazing June sun, an 86-year-         “My son was raised in that milieu.”
old woman climbed to the stage at New
York’s Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Pride rally        Conviction and courage
June 23. Thousands cheered her, many ris-         Goodman’s voice softens as she recalls
ing to their feet to applaud. Her name is      her son Andrew. “He decided he wanted
Dr. Carolyn Goodman, a woman who has           to go South to register Black voters. It was
worked for social justice most of her life.    a time when television was in its infancy,
   The ovation also acknowledged an ex-        but we had seen the [police] dogs and the
cruciating loss in Dr. Goodman’s life. The     sheriffs and what was happening to the
Ku Klux Klan murdered her son, Andrew          civil rights workers.”
Goodman, in 1964. Andrew Goodman,                 Andrew was 20 years old at the time.
James Chaney and Michael Schwerner—            Since he was under 21, he needed parental
three civil rights workers—were shot to        permission. She says she and her husband
death on a deserted road in Neshoba            discussed the values with which they’d
County, Miss. The Klan, with the help of       raised their children: “We can’t just talk
county officials, carried out the lynchings.   about it, we have to mean what we say. We
   The deaths of these three young men—        have to give Andy our permission.”
Black and white youths struggling together        She remembers that her son later called
against Jim Crow apartheid—stunned the         and said, “Mom, I’m not going to Canton,
                                                                                                                                                                             PHOTO: FRANK MARRERO
country and the world. The movie “Mis-         I’m going to Meridian.” She says, “Canton
                                                                                                Right to left, Dr. Carolyn Goodman, performer Flotilla De Barge, and Leslie
sissippi Burning” is based on this painful     at that time in Mississippi was relatively       Feinberg backstage at Pride rally.
milestone in the civil rights movement.        safe. But we knew what was happening in
Many would argue that the outrage pro-         Meridian. My heart sank. I wasn’t happy          movement and how hard it was to be “out”       they are the future. And it’s up to us to
voked by their brutal killings helped speed    at all, but there’s no way that I wanted to      before then.                                   endow them with that knowledge and to
up winning the 1965 anti-racist Voting         convey that to Andy.                                She sees a relationship between the civil   open up their resources.”
Rights Act.                                       “Well, there he went,” she says in a qui-     rights struggle and the LGBT movement.            What would she say to someone who is
   Workers World asked Dr. Goodman             eter timbre. “And there are certain mem-         “I think there’s a strong connection—the       frightened by the murders of Andrew
where her life’s path forked into social ac-   ories I have of the moment he left, taking       kind of courage that it took to do what les-   Goodman, James Chaney and Michael
tivism.                                        his little duffel bag with him and taking lit-   bian, gay and trans people did. They were      Schwerner? Goodman doesn’t miss a beat:
   Goodman, raised in “that whole era of       tle things in case he was picked up. Mem-        asserting their rights to be people in the     “I would answer that if one is satisfied with
the Depression,” grew up in Long Island.       ories of the fact that as a musician he had      way that Andy saw that Black people were       the state of the world as it is at this moment,
“In those days it was the country—potato       taken recordings. I got all that back when       not slaves to their society—they had rights.   and you’re happy with the status quo, why
land.” She describes herself as “a very per-   they found their station wagon. I got back       And people at Stonewall were not slaves to     then don’t take the risk. But if you don’t
ceptive little kid,” who noticed economic      Andy’s duffel bag, the recordings, all           the society either. These are all civil and    cross the street from this side to that side,
inequity.                                      seared and burnt. All these memories will        human rights.”                                 you might just melt there.
   She later went to school in upstate New     never leave me.”                                    Goodman says she has seen change in            “Every time you cross the street you take
York and met her future husband, Robert           Goodman’s voice strengthens. “On the          her lifetime since the civil rights move-      a risk,” she concludes. “You’ve got to take
Goodman. “He was organizing the farmers        other hand, there’s something about              ment: “We can now not only stand up to-        a risk in order to live; that’s what living is
up there because they were being robbed        Andy’s having gone that will always help         gether, we can sit down together.”             all about. If you want to live, to breathe the
by the big farm companies in the early thir-   my spirits to soar. He was like these peo-          She adds, “As far as the gay and lesbian    air, to feel like a person, to feel like you have
ties. We were organizing there as under-       ple [at the Pride rally] who have the            and trans movement is concerned, I think       a reason to be in the world—take a risk.”
graduates and got kicked out of school for     courage of their convictions.”                   there have been changes there, too. I think
awhile. So it went.”                              Goodman says of the Pride rally, “I have      it came later, and I think it’s in process,
                                                                                                but I’m optimistic about it.”

                                                                                                                                                        June Jordan:
   Goodman continues: “Then we got into        a lot of admiration for the people there.”
the whole period of fascism and Hitlerism.     She remembers the 1969 Stonewall Re-                Goodman stresses, “I think the future
I became very active in the Joint Anti-Fas-    bellion against police repression that ig-       lies with the young people. Let’s encourage
cist Refugee Committee rescuing young          nited the modern lesbian, gay, bi and trans      them and reach them and let them know
                                                                                                                                                        people's poet
                                                                                                                                                              By Minnie Bruce Pratt

                                                                                                                                                   Poet/activist June Jordan passed
                                                                                                                                                away from breast cancer on June 14 at
                                                                                                                                                the age of 65. She was born in 1936 in
                                                                                                                                                Harlem to Jamaican-born parents
                                                                                                                                                Granville and Mildred Jordan. Her fa-
                                                                                                                                                ther was a nightshift postal worker and
                                                                                                                                                her mother a nurse.
                                                                                                                                                   Jordan was one of the most pub-
                                                                                                                                                lished African American writers ever—
                                                                                                                                                the author of 28 books, mostly poetry
                                                                                                                                                and political essays. Revered as a
                                                                                                                                                teacher and supporter of community-
                                                                                                                                                centered education, she founded the
                                                                                                                                                Poetry for the People Program at the
                                                                                                                                                University of California at Berkeley.
                                                                                                                                                   Her life-long commitment to the
                                                                                                                                                struggle for justice included youthful
                                                                                                                                                work against McCarthyism, support
                                                                                                                                                for the Nicaraguan revolution, opposi-
                                                                                                                                                tion to apartheid in South Africa, and
                                                                                                                                                speaking out against the Israeli inva-
                                                                                                                                                sion of Lebanon and for Palestinian
                                                                                                                   PHOTO: KAREN MCANINCH        rights:
  PROVIDENCE, R.I..                                                                                                                             “I was born a Black woman
                                                                                                                                                and now

Community wins civilian oversight of cops                                                                                                       I am become a Palestinian
                                                                                                                                                against the relentless laughter of evil.”
Members of DARE, a Providence, R.I.-based community group, celebrate the passage of a law setting up the Providence
External Review Authority, a civilian agency to oversee police conduct. DARE led a two-and-a-half-year campaign for the
agency after Black off-duty officer Cornell Young Jr. was killed by on-duty white cops in January 2000, touching off angry                      (From “Living Room: New Poems,”
protests.                                                                                                                                       Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1985)
                                                                                                                 —Bill Bateman
Page 10           1,
            July 1 2002       www.workers.org

                                                                                                  'Endless war' claims more civilians

                                                                                                  U.S. bombs Afghan
                         Anthrax                                                                  wedding party
                        and Mr. Z                                                                 By John Catalinotto                                   Raaz Mohammad, a spokesperson for
                                                                                                                                                     the provincial governor, said: “We have

                                                    Md., and Dugway Proving Ground in                An allegedly errant U.S. bomb killed 40         buried victims of the bombing in the village
           tremendous challenge looms for
                                                    Utah—were not systematically poly-            civilians and wounded another 70 at a wed-         of Deh Rawud. They include women and
           the postal workers and their
                                                    graphed until June.                           ding party in central Afghanistan July 1,          children.”
           unions. The government knows
                                                       This person has an extreme racist po-      according to local Afghan authorities. The            Bismullah, communications chief of
who probably sent the deadly anthrax let-
                                                    litical pedigree that is also known to        casualties included children.                      Uruzgan province, said celebrants were fir-
ters, but has done nothing about it.
                                                    Washington. Kristof says he has “claimed         Other sources from inside Afghanistan,          ing weapons in the air, a wedding custom
   This shocking assertion doesn’t come
                                                    that he participated in the white army’s      speaking on the radio show “Democracy              in rural Afghanistan, when U.S. planes at-
from us. It was first made by Dr. Barbara
                                                    much-feared Selous Scouts” in Rhode-          Now!,” said that bombs and rockets were            tacked.
Hatch Rosenberg, a prominent expert on
                                                    sia, before it became Zimbabwe. He “also      fired at Afghan civilians. Some estimate the          Some reports say that U.S. air gunships
biological weapons who reported her
                                                    claims involvement in the former South        number of deaths at up to 250.                     and a Special Forces unit were hunting Al
findings on the American Society of Sci-
                                                    African Defense Force,” which commit-            The wanton killing of civilians in              Qaeda fighters in the region and mistook
entists Web site. An article about her
                                                    ted horrendous crimes against the             Uruzgan province reminded the world                the celebratory fire for an ambush, then
views appeared in the March 18 New
                                                    African majority before apartheid was fi-     that the slaughter started by U.S. forces          called in air support from B-52s flying at
Yorker magazine.
                                                    nally dismantled.                             last October in Afghanistan continues to           30,000 feet. Other Pentagon reports say it
   Now the culpability of the government
                                                       The worst recorded outbreak of an-         this day.                                          may have been an errant 2,000-pound
has been suggested by an even weightier
                                                    thrax in history occurred in Rhodesia            It is also a reminder of just why Wash-         bomb from the B-52, which was aiming at
establishment source: the New York
                                                    from 1978 to 1980, exactly the period         ington is currently refusing to participate        another target.
Times. In an op-ed piece on July 2,
                                                    when the liberation movement was win-         in so-called peacekeeping assignments in              One of those wounded at the wedding
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist
                                                    ning the war against the Selous Scouts        Bosnia unless U.S. troops are immune from          was Haji Mohammed Anwar, who Afghans
Nicholas D. Kristof describes in detail the
                                                    and white minority rule. The disease          international war crimes charges. The Pen-         said was one of the first prominent local fig-
person responsible, identifying him only
                                                    raged in the African-owned Tribal Trust       tagon officers and the Bush administra-            ures to rise up against the former Taliban
as “Mr. Z” for obvious legal reasons.
                                                    Lands. Some 10,000 Black farmers were         tion know all too well that their forces do        regime. Anwar is reportedly a friend of
   He is not somebody from the Middle
                                                    sickened and 182 died, but the white elite    indeed commit war crimes.                          President Hamid Karzai, who was placed
East, says Kristof, but a “true-blue Amer-
                                                    of Rhodesia and their cattle were un-            The Pentagon insisted its forces were at-       in power by the U.S. occupying troops.
ican with close ties to the Defense De-
                                                    touched. There was suspicion that the dis-    tacking a legitimate, hostile target in the           According to the Reuters article, there
partment, the CIA, and the American
                                                    ease was spread by aerial spraying.           area. By the following day the U.S. Central        was widespread anger in the streets of
biodefense program.”
                                                       The FBI and the Bush administration        Command, which is responsible for U.S.             Kabul, the Afghan capital, after the U.S.
   He had access to an isolated residence
                                                    appear totally unconcerned that a person      military operations in Afghanistan, admit-         bombing. “It’s not the first time this hap-
last fall that could be a government “safe
                                                    with Mr. Z’s background has worked high       ted that one of its operations “may have re-       pened,” said Abdul Wahood. “Enough is
house.” The FBI “knows that Mr. Z gave
                                                    up in the biological weapons program of       sulted in civilian casualties.”                    enough. We want Karzai to make the Amer-
Cipro to people who visited it,” says
                                                    the U.S. and is viewed by his colleagues         The brief statement said: “Close air sup-       icans stop.”
Kristof. Cipro is the antibiotic recom-
                                                    as a prime suspect in the anthrax mur-        port from U.S. Air Force B-52 and AC-130              Wahood may have been referring to an
mended to counteract anthrax.
                                                    ders.                                         aircraft struck several ground targets, in-        earlier bombing in Uruzgan province that
   While the Bush administration pre-
                                                       But postal workers, many of whom are       cluding anti-aircraft artillery sites that were    killed 30 civilians. Or to the thousands of
tends that its strengthening of the re-
                                                    African American, must look at it differ-     engaging the aircraft.”                            Afghan civilians who have been killed by
pressive apparatus here and abroad is for
                                                    ently. There have been nine known deaths         Afghan authorities—themselves allied            U.S. bombs since the Bush administration
“fighting terror” and “homeland secu-
                                                    since the letters started to appear—the       with the U.S. occupying forces at present—         launched its criminal “war on terror” that
rity,” and has put more than a thousand
                                                    majority postal workers. All were pur-        gave a more detailed version of the U.S. at-       has terrorized Afghanistan and much of the
Muslim and Arab people behind bars, it
                                                    posely exposed to anthrax. If that’s not      tack, according to the Associated Press and        world.
has allowed the prime suspect in the do-
                                                    “terrorism,” what is?                         Reuters.
mestic anthrax attacks to use multiple
passports and identities and “travel                   Don’t they have the right to conduct an
abroad on government assignments,
even to Central Asia,” says Kristof.
                                                    independent investigation of what is
                                                    going on? Kristof ascribes a benign mo-
                                                                                                  Church group fined for travel to Cuba
   His identity appears to be an open se-           tive to the killer: he “probably had no in-
                                                                                                  Continued from page 8                              country the freedom to travel, the selective
cret in Washington. Kristof says many               tention of killing people. … My guess is
                                                                                                     More than 200,000 U.S. nationals visit          and racist manner in which people are pun-
experts are “buzzing about Mr. Z behind             that the goal was to help America by rais-
                                                                                                  Cuba every year, according to a CUMC re-           ished is totally unjust.
his back.”                                          ing preparedness against biological at-
                                                                                                  lease. The U.S. Treasury Department re-               According to the Milwaukee church, “Al-
   Kristof notes that the FBI has poly-             tacks in the future.”
                                                                                                  ports that 60,000 defied the U.S. travel re-       though our government’s 40-year eco-
graphed him, searched his home twice                   But what if the goal of this unregener-
                                                                                                  strictions last year.                              nomic blockade against Cuba contributes
and interviewed him four times. But the             ate racist was something much more sin-
                                                                                                     The government now issues licenses that         to the daily hardships of our friends and
agency has not placed Mr. Z under sur-              ister? To provide a pretext to dismantle
                                                                                                  allow some people to travel to Cuba. But           neighbors there, our members who visited
veillance or asked a handwriting expert to          civil liberties and strengthen a police
                                                                                                  they are generally reserved for journalists        Cuba a number of times in recent years
analyze any similarities between his writ-          state? And/or to wage war on countries
                                                                                                  and academics.                                     have been warmly received by the Cuban
ing and that on the letters that accompa-           U.S. imperialism wants to conquer, like
                                                                                                     The travel restrictions are imposed to          people at all levels.
nied the anthrax.                                   Iraq? And what if the cover-up is similarly
                                                                                                  keep the people of this country from see-             “Our members do not believe any fine is
   The political police also declined to ob-        motivated?
                                                                                                  ing the tremendous progress Cuba has               justified and they want to help defend the
tain comparison anthrax samples from                   The workers’ movement—particularly
                                                                                                  made since the 1959 revolution. This               right of all of us in this country to travel as
labs until March and allowed the stocks             the postal workers’ union—has the right
                                                                                                  progress has been made in spite of                 free people.”
of anthrax at Iowa State University to be           to take control of this investigation and
                                                                                                  Cuba’s past legacy of colonialism and the             For more information on the case of the
destroyed before they could be tested. Sci-         pry it open to public view, here and
                                                                                                  virtual war waged by the U.S. govern-              Milwaukee 3, contact: Central United
entists at two likely labs—Fort Detrick,            around the world.
                                                                                                  ment through its blockade, terrorism               Methodist Church, 639 N. 25th St.,
                                                                                                  and unrelenting campaign of abuse.                 Milwaukee, WI 53233; phone (414) 344-
                                                                                                     In addition to denying the people of this       1600; or email efk0937@aol.com.

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Argentine police kill protesters

As crisis deepens, so does repression
By Alicia Jrapko                                  Some 250,000 people marched
                                                            March 24 to mark the
                                                         anniversary of the 1976
   It was no coincidence. Two “piqueteros”
                                                      military coup in Argentina.
from the Coordinadora of Unemployed               School teachers, right, haven’t
Workers Aníbal Verón were brutally                          been paid in months.                                                                                                                  WW
gunned down by police in a train station in
Buenos Aires on June 26. At the same time,                      WW PHOTO: BILL HACKWELL

the Argentine minister of the economy,
Roberto Lavagna, landed in the United               This time the media is blaming
States to meet with International Mone-          the piquetero movement. In a
tary Fund Director Horst Koehler and U.S.        country of closed factories and eco-
Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill.          nomic depression, it is important
   The desperate mission of this new offi-       to point out that this new move-
cial was to beg for an emergency loan so         ment has escalated the union tac-
Argentina could continue to pay its rising       tic of the strike by cutting off high-
debt to many international financial insti-      ways and bridges to stop the trans-
tutions, including the IMF itself.               portation of goods and products.
   The Argentine peso has continued to           This growing movement has be-
slide in relation to the dollar. One dollar      come one of the most militant
now buys 3.95 pesos, the highest since Jan-      forms of organization in Ar-
uary, when the decade of pegging the peso        gentina.
to the dollar ended. International banking          The piquetero movement had
experts still believe that the Argentine gov-    called for a day of coordinated ac-
ernment has not fulfilled all the require-       tions on June 26. Activities took place in
                                                                                                many by shotguns, and more than 150 were          darity demonstrations in Buenos Aires.
ments imposed by the IMF and the World           Rosario, Misiones, Tucumán, Salta, Cór-
                                                                                                detained.                                         Participants included the National Pi-
Bank.                                            doba, Neuquén, Mar del Plata and many
                                                                                                   The state repression did not end there.        quetero Bloc and numerous leftist organi-
                                                 other cities.
                                                                                                It spilled into the locality of Avellaneda, on    zations, students and the neighborhood as-
People resist international banks                   In Buenos Aires, four organizations of
                                                                                                the other side of the Pueyrredón Bridge, in-      semblies born during the struggle last De-
   One of the main reasons the Argentine         unemployed workers—including the Co-
                                                                                                cluding inside the Fiorito Hospital, where        cember, which was the catalyst for the fall
government has been unable to implement          ordinadora of Unemployed Workers
                                                                                                many of the wounded had been taken. Po-           of then-President Fernando de la Rúa.
the neoliberal policies imposed by power-        Aníbal Verón, the Piquetero Bloc, Barrios
                                                                                                lice attacked the headquarters of the Com-           The real causes of the violence in Ar-
ful foreign financial institutions is that the   de Pie and the Movement of Retired and
                                                                                                munist Party in the same zone.                    gentina are the neoliberal policies dictated
people of this South American country            Unemployed of Raúl Castells—partici-
                                                                                                   “The ugly face of capitalism is surfac-        by the IMF and the World Bank. These poli-
have been in motion since last December.         pated in the action.
                                                                                                ing as never before. Hunger and repres-           cies of exploitation and slavery have gen-
   On June 26 the ruling class of Argentina         Their requests included salary increases
                                                                                                sion, two faces of the same coin,” said           erated a new dynamic movement in Ar-
unleashed brutal repression against them,        for employed and unemployed workers,
                                                                                                one activist with the Association of              gentina that is looking for fundamental so-
demonstrating a change in tactics on the         food for the unemployed, opening of peo-
                                                                                                Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos            lutions to the problems of the workers.
part of the unelected Duhalde regime and         ple’s and school kitchens, self-administra-
                                                                                                Aires. “The lack of response by this              While the state terror is armed to the teeth,
the sharpening of the class struggle.            tion of subsidies going to the unemployed,
                                                                                                bourgeois government to the current cri-          the workers—employed and unemployed—
   Like the corporate media in the United        health care and education for all, and an
                                                                                                sis has pushed them to show their real            and the mass organizations have responded
States, the Argentine mainstream media           end to hunger and repression.
                                                                                                monstrous, ugly and bloody face.”                 with sticks, stones and cooking pots.
has been demonizing the victims for fight-       Police shoot protesters                           Referring to the repression, she added,           President Duhalde has blood on his
ing back and ignoring the root causes of the                                                    “We are not the violent ones. Our struggle        hands, and Darío and Maximiliano are his
crisis. Most bourgeois journalists, for ex-         In Buenos Aires the protesters were bru-
                                                                                                is for life; they represent death. We will        first victims.
ample, ignore the fact that since the eco-       tally attacked by a combined force of in-
                                                                                                continue the struggle and Dario and Max-             Compañeros Darío Santillán and Maxi-
nomic crisis began, more than 100 chil-          fantry, federal and provincial police, the
                                                                                                imiliano and the 30,000 disappeared [dur-         miliano Costeki, presente!
dren have died every day in Argentina’s          naval prefecture, dogs, assault vehicles and
                                                                                                ing the military coup of 1976] will guide us
cities, or that 30 percent of the population     helicopters. As a result, two piqueteros
                                                                                                and will give us the necessary strength until     Jrapko was in Argentina in March
is unemployed, or that people in the poor-       died—Darío Santillán and Maximiliano
                                                                                                the final victory.”                               and witnessed a popular assembly of
est neighborhoods have resorted to eating        Costeki, both members of the Coordi-
                                                                                                   The following day, on June 27, thou-           the Coordinadora of Unemployed
horses, rats and frogs.                          nadora of Unemployed Workers Aníbal
                                                                                                sands of people participated in mass soli-        Workers Aníbal Verón.
                                                 Verón. Another 90 people were wounded,

Longshore workers fight to keep the docks union
 Continued from page 7                           senting a challenge to organized labor.        trucks to and from the docks would honor          outside shipping because of the ILWU’s
issue is keeping the waterfronts and all            The shipping magnates would like noth-      and join any picket line set up by the Long-      long history of militancy and unwavering
ports in the U.S. unionized.                     ing better than to weaken the ILWU. The        shore workers.                                    support for other workers’ struggles. The
   The PMA, in conjunction with a consor-        West Coast Waterfront Coalition repre-            Ken Riley, president of International          Central Labor Councils of Alameda, San
tium of companies called the West Coast          sents some of the largest shipping corpo-      Longshoremen’s Association Local 1422             Mateo and San Francisco were there, as
Waterfront Coalition, is calling for new         rations, including WalMart, The Gap,           in Charleston, S.C., said East Coast dock         were the Bay Area Rapid Transit Chapter
technology that would take shipping clerk        Nummi Auto, Nike and others. The sole          workers would support a strike by the             of Service Employees Local 790, the Sea-
jobs off site and into smaller ports around      reason they have formed this generously fi-    ILWU. Riley understands union solidar-            farers Union, the San Francisco Media
the world, in areas where unions are             nanced coalition is to break the unions. The   ity. Five members of his union were at-           Workers Union and many others.
weaker and non-union labor is allowed.           coalition is drawing up contingency plans      tacked by cops; then state officials tried to        The ILWU’s militant and progressive
This would open the door for other func-         in case of a strike to keep the docks open     railroad them on felony charges. Unions           history goes back to the 1934 general strike
tions of dock work to go the same way, pre-      and to ship goods in other ways.               around the world responded and their case         in San Francisco, which began after Long-
                                                    The other component on the owners’          was won.                                          shore workers Howard Sperry and Nick
                                                 side is the Bush administration, which has        Support from international unions is           Bordoise were killed and 109 others were
                                                 called on the workers not to strike. “Home-    coming in, including the International            injured in a police attack on the docks.
   Washington and Wall Street,
                                                 land security” czar Tom Ridge even called      Transport Workers Federation and the In-          Since that time the ILWU has represented
   this is the place to be.
                                                 ILWU President Jim Spinosa to tell him         ternational Dockworkers Council. The              the most progressive wing of the labor
  There will be plenary sessions,                this was not a “good time for a strike.”       ILWU in Vancouver, Canada, has vowed to           movement on the West Coast.
  workshops, and many opportunities                 The dock workers show no sign of being      shut down that port if there is a strike. Pres-      The union refused to unload cargo from
  to share experiences with Marxist              intimidated by these ruling class tactics.     ident Wilson Borja Diaz of the National           South Africa during the struggle to end
  thinkers and fighters of all ages.             The rally assembled a strong array of sup-     Federation of State Service Workers in            apartheid. In April 1999 the ILWU shut
  Catch the spirit of a party that has           porters who made it clear they will back       Colombia said his union would support the         down all major ports on the West Coast for
  been on the cutting edge of the                the ILWU and honor a strike if they walk       ILWU, despite the repression Colombian            a day in support of death row political pris-
  struggle against capitalism since              out.                                           trade unionists face.                             oner Mumia Abu-Jamal.
  1959. For more information and how                Spinosa’s talk responded to the pres-          London Rankin, president of the                   Gloria La Riva, president of the Typo-
  to register, call, email or write us.          sure about national security: “We demand       Panama Canal Pilots Union, got a huge             graphical Sector of the Media Workers
  Workers World Party,                           real national security, the security of our    cheer from the crowd when he said that no         Union, told the crowd that all unions and
  55 W. 17th St., 5th floor,                     jobs and health care. We demand a share        pilot would navigate any ship through the         progressive people should stand in soli-
  New York, NY 10011;                            of the wealth we produce every day.”           locks and the canal would be shut down if         darity with the ILWU. “After all the support
  (212) 255-0352; ww@workers.org                    Teamsters President James Hoffa said        there was a strike.                               they have given, it is time to reciprocate,”
                                                 that the 1.4 million Teamsters who drive          Many unionists came from industries            she said.
                                    Después del golpe fallado en Venezuela

  Sindicalistas quieren saber
 papel jugado por la AFL-CIO
Por Milt Neidenberg                            Venezuela, PVSA. Retrospectivamente,           endo el papel del CTV, la declaración sigue:    era y racista. Los líderes se han sucumbido
                                               estas actividades fueron los últimos en-       “En el medio de este asalto, la CTV dirigió     ante las decisiones de la administración
   Una controversia ha aterrizado en el        sayos por el golpe.                            un proceso impresionante de democrati-          de Bush de encender una guerra más am-
medio del territorio de la jerarquía de la       La NED auspició todos los gastos del         zación con la ayuda del Centro de Soli-         plia en el extranjero y así justificar una
AFL-CIO en Washington, D.C., involu-           evento, que incluyó varias reuniones con       daridad de la AFL-CIO”.                         campaña “anti terrorista” aquí.
crando a la agencia internacional de la fed-   varios líderes de la AFL-CIO, según Cather-                                                       Cientos de miles de millones de dólares
eración laboral —el Centro Americano por       ine Hoyt, co-coordinadora de la Red de                                                         han sido desviados de las necesidades del
la Solidaridad de Trabajo Internacional        Nicaragua. Hoyt fue una organizadora de        CTV muy cercano al líder                        pueblo al Pentágono y la “defensa de la
(ACILS por las siglas en Inglés). ¿Estuvo      un piquete de la sede de la AFL-CIO en         del atentado                                    patria.” Ambos partidos han iniciado
ACILS relacionado con las fuerzas con-         Washington para protestar la reunión del          La declaración también “inequívoca-          recortes en los programas sociales y
trarrevolucionarias que intentaron derro-      12 de febrero. La coalición ANSWER tam-        mente condena la tentativa de golpe de es-      proyectos de ley más represivos contra la
car al presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez       bién participó en ese piquete.                 tado” y trata de limpiar la participación de    beneficencia pública y más recientemente
y su gobierno elegido democráticamente?                                                       la CTV. “No existe ninguna evidencia de         el apoyo para la ALCA dando así a Bush
   John J. Sweeney fue elegido presidente      Grupo laboral depende                          que la CTV o sus líderes fueron más allá de     más poder para expandir su estrategia de
de la AFL-CIO en 1995 cuando derrotó a         en financiamiento del gobierno                 la expresión democrática de descontento”,       globalización. Para agregar a la lista de en-
una burocracia derechista encabezada              NED es una agencia gubernamental            concluyó la declaración. “La AFL-CIO con-       emigos de Sweeney, su base dentro de la
por Lane Kirkland y Thomas R. Donahue          creada y financiada por el Congreso du-        tinuará apoyando a la CTV.”                     burocracia está bajo ataque por el presi-
que se había mantenido en el poder por         rante la administración de Reagan en 1983.        Hay mucho en la declaración que es           dente del sindicato de los Teamsters,
más de 17 años. Creció el optimismo            La Agencia por el Desarrollo Internacional     deshonesto, delusorio y perturbante para        James Hoffa, quien está colaborando con
mientras que Sweeney limpió la casa de         (AID) y la NED han sido los patrocinadores     muchos de los sindicalistas progresistas        la administración de Bush. Hoffa se sentó
la “guardia antigua”, incluso la sección       principales del ACILS.                         que han estado al tanto de los eventos en       junto a Bush durante la inauguración
internacional, que había sido una fachada         La NED tiene una rica experiencia en        Venezuela. Es innegable que la CTV par-         presidencial y ha exigido más apoyo para
por los intereses de la política extranjera    subvertir a los gobiernos resistentes a las    ticipó en el atentado y que la NED estuvo       los candidatos republicanos.
del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y           demandas del imperialismo esta-                íntimamente conectada con la CTV, finan-
                                                                                              ciando sus operaciones contrarrevolu-           Es una situación muy triste
había participado en tumbar a gobiernos        dounidense, como Nicaragua en 1989, por
                                                                                              cionarias. La declaración de la AFL-CIO         a la redonda
progresistas. El nombre antiguo de esa         ejemplo. Con una asignación anual de $33
sección, el Departamento de Asuntos In-        millones y mucho más desde fuentes pri-        cubre todo esto. Y tampoco hay un co-              Sin embargo, represión crea resistencia.
ternacionales, fue descartado para elimi-      vados, conspira con el gobierno de los         mentario o ataque contra la adminis-            Movimientos contra estas políticas impe-
nar el hedor que había producido sus ac-       EE.UU. a recorrer al mundo, desde África       tración de Bush por su apoyo abierto del        rialistas, empresariales, bancarias con-
tividades.                                     a Asia a Latinoamérica y el Caribe en          intento de golpe de estado.                     tinúa creciendo. Un ejemplo es la concur-
   Ahora que el liderazgo de Sweeney está      búsqueda de aliados donde la intervención         Hasta el periódico The New York Times        rencia de 100.000 activistas el 20 de abril
siendo analizado, sindicalistas se están       directa de oficiales del gobierno de los       del 25 de abril admitió, “el líder sindical,    en Washington para oponerse a la guerra
preguntando, ¿qué sabían? y ¿qué               EE.UU. pueda ser inoportuna. Su rep-           Carlos Ortega, trabajó muy cerca con Pedro      contra los obreros, los inmigrantes y los
hicieron? durante estos días fatídicos que     utación por la subversión y sobornos es        Carmona Estanga.” Carmona, presidente           pobres de aquí, y su expansionismo en el
resultaron en ese golpe de estado de corta     ampliamente conocida.                          del grupo empresario Fedecámaras, fue es-       extranjero, particularmente contra el
vida en Venezuela.                                Mucho de esto ha salido al cono-            cogido a liderar el gobierno fascista de        pueblo palestino.
   Es indiscutible que el golpe de estado      cimiento público desde que el golpe            corta vida junto con secciones del ejército.       El desarrollo de la tecnología ha revolu-
fallado expuso las maquinaciones de la         fascista falló y Chávez volvió al poder. El    Fue responsable por el régimen de terror        cionado los medios de producción pero
administración de Bush, que había              New York Times del 25 de abril, aver-          de 48 horas contra la clase obrera y el         también ha traído una miseria sin medida
prestado ayuda y consuelo a los líderes del    gonzado por los acontecimientos, pub-          movimiento progresista, que apoyaban al         para la clase obrera, a quienes se les hace
golpe antes y durante la toma del poder        licó un titulo grande en el primer plano,      Presidente Chávez. Los trabajadores             imposible comprar las necesidades de la
de 48 horas. Washington dio alabanzas al       “Apoyo Financiero Dado por EE.UU. en           llenaron las calles en cifras de cientos de     vida mientras que los ricos y su oligarquía
golpe fascista durante sus horas tem-          la Mira por Conexiones al Intento de           miles para retornarle al poder.                 se alimentan insaciablemente del trabajo
pranas de control. Después se retiró apu-      Golpe Contra Chávez”. El artículo                 El Ministro de Educación venezolana,         de las masas trabajadoras.
radamente cuando falló, escondiéndose          reportó que “mientras que Chávez               Dr. Aristóbulo Istúriz, habiendo sido él           La lucha de clase es contagiosa. Es
detrás de una fachada de refunfuños            chocaba con varios grupos comerciales,         mismo un líder sindical del gremio de los       mundial. Y se continuará alimentando del
pseudo democráticos.                           laborales y noticieros, la NED incremen-       maestros y Vice presidente de la Asamblea       descontento y reforzará el desarrollo de la
   La administración de Bush detesta el        tó su ayuda, cuadruplicando su pre-            Constituyente, dio un relato vívido del         solidaridad internacional.
régimen de Chávez abiertamente por sus         supuesto por Venezuela hasta más de            atentado a una audiencia de sindicalistas          La promesa de la solidaridad interna-
relaciones calurosas con Cuba e Iraq, su       $877.000”.                                     progresistas reunidos en los salones del        cional se construye desde abajo. Debido al
política independiente sobre el petróleo, y       El artículo menciona que ACILS recibió      gremio AFSCME Distrito Concejal 1707            apetito insaciable de Wall Street y el es-
su oposición al Área Libre de Comercio de      $154.377 de la NED por su proyecto sobre       en la ciudad de Nueva York el 10 de mayo.       tablecimiento bancario/empresarial, la re-
las Américas, (ALCA), el plato fuerte de la    Venezuela, solamente una porción de los        El dijo que durante el atentado, “Carmona       sistencia crecerá entre los 13 mil miembros
estrategia de comercio de Washington en        $4 millones que han sido reportados que        fue a Miraflores [el palacio presidencial] y    multinacionales de miembros, hombres y
este hemisferio.                               la NED contribuya a este centro de la AFL-     reunió a toda la oligarquía que estaba en       mujeres de la AFL-CIO.
   ¿Resultaron pillados en esta telaraña de    CIO. Previsiblemente, el Times evitó men-      control de la economía, pero, interesante-         ¿Podrá la AFL-CIO encontrar su
un golpe fascista los líderes de la AFL-CIO?   cionar el papel más grande jugado por la       mente, él dejó a los líderes mafiosos en con-   camino a estas fuerzas y romper con las
El 12 de febrero, un mes antes del golpe, la   administración de Bush. La intención del       trol de los sindicatos afuera.”                 políticas pro guerra y anti obrera de los
AFL-CIO, en colaboración con el National       periódico fue simplemente exponer al NED          Los líderes de la AFL-CIO se han puesto      dos partidos capitalistas? Es mejor
Endowment for Democracy (NED) –que             y su relación con la AFL-CIO.                  en una posición inaceptable. Sus lazos a la     observar la posición actual de la AFL-
es bien conocido por proporcionar una im-         Sacudido por estas revelaciones, la AFL-    NED los han puesto del lado opuesto a la        CIO desde la perspectiva de la lucha de
agen falsa de buenas intenciones por ac-       CIO decidió publicar una declaración: “La      clase obrera en América Latina. Los             clases global que se está desarrollando.
tividades de corte de la CIA– auspició una     AFL-CIO y los Derechos Obreros en              obreros en todo el hemisferio han               En el Día de los Trabajadores, Primero
reunión cerrada para solamente los altos       Venezuela”, que se puede encontrar en su       demostrado una profunda hostilidad con-         de Mayo, un día nacido en la lucha de
rangos, destacando a representativos a la      página del Web. La idea básica de la de-       tra la intervención de los Estados Unidos.      clase, decenas de millones de obreros,
Confederación de Trabajo de Venezuela.         claración fue de atacar abusivamente al        Ellos están opuestos al papel que juegan el     socialistas, progresistas y activistas de
Los lideres de la CTV habían participado       Presidente Chávez.                             Fondo Monetario Internacional, la Banca         conciencia de clases llenaron las calles
recientemente en una cantidad de cierres          “Desde el momento que asumió el poder       Mundial y en especial la amenaza que la         en todo el mundo en contra de las
patronales y otras actividades en colusión     en 1999, Hugo Chávez dirigió un asalto         ALCA plantea sobre sus vidas.                   muchas cuestiones que enfrenta su
con Fedecámaras, la organización princi-       contra la libertad de asociación, con la in-      Desde el 11 de Septiembre, la AFL-CIO        clase. Mucho de estas protestas estaban
pal de la oligarquía de comercio vene-         tención debilitar o eliminar las institu-      ha sido debilitada por el Presidente George     dirigidas contra los propósitos de guerra
zolano, y un sector de los militares, para     ciones principales de la sociedad vene-        W. Bush, quien ha aprovechado el mo-            imperialista de los Estados Unidos. Los
cerrar a la empresa estatal petrolera de       zolana, incluso los sindicatos”. Defendi-      mento para desatar una ofensiva anti obr-       eventos fueron inspiradores y ejemplar.

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