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America Is Ready For Ron Paul                                                                                                                                           Americans Turn to Paul

                                                    NOT FINALIZED FOR
                                                                                                                                                                        for Solutions to Economic,
                                                                                                                                                                        Job, And Housing Losses
By Alan Smith                                                                                                                                                           By Niamh Marnell / Pam Farley
RNC 2008 National Delegate                                                                                                                                              The Grassroots Press

   Congressman         Ron        Paul                                                                                                                                    Widely known as "Dr. No"
announced his bid for the GOP                                                                                                                                           for his record of being the lone
presidential nomination on May 13,                                                                                                                                      conservative “no” vote in
2011 and is confident in his chances                                                                                                                                    congress on too many
this time around.                                                                                                                                                       occasions to recall, Dr. Ron
   “Mainstream is moving in the                                                                                                                                         Paul is now becoming widely
direction that I’ve been in for a long                                                                                                                                  known for being the lone voice
time,” Paul said. “The whole country                                                                                                                                    on something else.
is moving.”                                                                                                                                                               As bumper stickers reading
   When Republican Texas Rep. Ron                                                                                                                                       “Don’t blame me, I supported
Paul ran for president in 2008, some                                                                                                                                    Ron Paul” and “Ron Paul was
of his stances were less understood.                                                                                                                                    Right” are showing up on cars
“You know, they mocked me for my                                                                                                                                        across the nation, Ron Paul is
foreign policy and they laughed at                                                                                                                                      gaining increasing recognition
my monetary policy. No more,” the                                                                                                                                       for also being the lone
Texas Congressman said recently on                                                                                                                                      politician to predict the
CNN.                                                                                                                                                                    current economic crisis.
   As Republicans try to identify who
can ultimately beat Barack Obama                                                                                                                                        Dr. No Told Us So
amongst a wide field of GOP                                                                                                                                                A burgeoning online
candidates, they are looking to three                                                                                                                                   movement of videos that
polls: an April Rasmussen poll, a                                                                                                                                       highlight Ron Paul’s accurate
CNN poll conducted in May and a                                                                                                                                         predictions, met by the
June poll by Fox News. All three                                                                                                                                        resounding negative response
polls show that, in a hypothetical                                                                                                                                      of the media and his peers, are
one-on-one match-up against                                                                                                                                             popping up all the time. To
Obama, Ron Paul comes out as the                                                                                                                                        witness these starkly prophetic
Republican candidate most likely to                                                                                                                                     statements, Google “Ron Paul
foil a second term for Obama.                                                                                                                                           was right.”
                                          An estimated 15,000 people streamed into the Washington DC Capitol from Ron Paul's 2008 Revolution March to attend
   The Tea Party energized 2010           the day long liberty rally and hear the Congressman speak. / Photo By: Niamh Marnell                                          Who Wants to Keep
House elections for Republicans
and could also help shape up the   spoke about his ideas of small,                with the Des Moines Register, said in      agrees with Paul’s stance of bringing      THIS Change?
2012 GOP presidential nomination   responsible government and                     his coverage of Paul’s visit, “Several     U.S. troops home from Afghanistan,            In his first address to
fight. Many have called Ron Paul   individual liberties.                          people who attended Paul’s talk            Iraq, and elsewhere.                       Congress on February 24,
the “intellectual grandfather of the  "Why shouldn't it be mainstream             here gave the congressman glowing             “I'm sick and tired of wars around      2009, President Obama said of
Tea Party", for inspiring the      to have balanced budgets and                   marks afterward.”                          the world,” Grote said. “He’s really       his economic plan "This plan
grassroots movement calling for    sound money and limited                          Lisa Yunek listened to Paul's            the only guy actually pushing to get       will save or create 3.5 million
limited government. His son, Sen.  government, personal liberty, keep             speech and loved what she heard.           us out of there. All of the rest of        jobs. More than 90 percent of
                                   the federal government out of the
Rand Paul (R-Ky.), is also a tea party                                              “I thought he was right on,” Yunek       them are just double-talking,”             these jobs will be in the private
favorite.                          business of the state government               said. “I like everything that he says         Ron Paul received more                  sector, jobs rebuilding our
Iowa Gets the Message              here in Iowa?" Paul asked the crowd.           about strengthening the economy            contributions from military service        roads        and         bridges,
                                   "That, to me, seems to be                      and getting the dollar strong.”            members than all other presidential        constructing wind turbines
  Ron Paul addressed a crowd of mainstream."                                        Eric Grote, retired Air Force            candidates combined in 2008.               and solar panels, laying
Iowans, May 31, in Mason, where he   William Petroski, senior reporter            captain from Hampton, Iowa said he          See Ready For Ron Paul on Page 2          broadband and expanding
                                                                                                                                                                        mass transit."
          August 1 3, 201 1 - Ames, Iowa Straw Poll                               Economic Crisis, Courtesy of the Fed                                                     But data from the Bureau of
                                                                                   By Chris Brown                            The Fed, Not So                            Labor Statistics depicts a
   • What is the Iowa Straw Poll?                                                  The Grassroots Press                                                                 much different scenario,
    The Iowa Straw Poll – perhaps the most prominent in the nation – is a                                                    Federal After All                          showing a loss of 2.4 million
    poll held by the Republican Party of Iowa during an all day political             In the knock-down, drag-out               Conception of the Fed took place        private sector jobs between
    event in election years without a decided Republican nominee for               fight of the U.S. dollar versus the       in November of 1910 on Jekyll
    President. This year the event will take place in Ames, Iowa on                                                                                                     January 2009 and March 2011.
                                                                                   Federal Reserve, it is nearing the        Island off the coast of Georgia.           Without jobs, many Americans
    Saturday, August 1 3th.                                                        final round and the US dollar is cut,     Seven men representing the
    The day features speeches, events, and entertainment provided by a                                                                                                  struggle to meet their families’
                                                                                   bleeding and on the ropes.                financial interests of powerful Wall       most basic needs. According
    number of Republican Presidential candidates, most importantly the                                                       Street banks and European banking
    champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul!                                           Since the creation of the Federal                                                 to newly released numbers
                                                                                   Reserve in 1913 to “stabilize the         dynasties such as the Morgan               from the United States
   • Who Can Vote In The Straw Poll?                                               economy,” the dollar has lost nearly      Group and Rothschild family met            Department of Agriculture, 44
    According to the guidelines of the Republican Party of Iowa, to be             95 percent of its value, according to     in secret to plan what would               million Americans now
    eligible to vote you must:                                                     the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In     become the Federal Reserve
    - Be 1 8 years old on or before November 6th, 201 2                                                                                                                 receive food stamps – a record
                                                                                   its existence, the Fed has presided       System.                                    high, up 13.1 percent from just
    - Have a valid Iowa driver's license or a valid student ID from an Iowa                                                     G. Edward Griffin, film producer,
    university/college                                                             over stock market crashes,                                                           one year ago.
                                                                                   recessions, and the Black Monday          author, political lecturer and one of         Following its crash in 2007
   • What Does It Cost?                                                            of 1987. Critics of the Fed argue that    the Fed’s most outspoken critics,          the housing market still faces
    Only $1 0, while supplies last! The Ron Paul 201 2 Presidential                not only has it failed to meet its        reveals the nature of the                  decline, despite Obama’s
    Campaign has put together a special deal for Iowa residents and                stated objectives, but that it will       organization in his book “The              highly vaunted housing rescue
    college students attending an Iowa university/college. For only $1 0 you       ultimately destroy the dollar and         Creature from Jekyll Island.” Griffin
    will receive a full access ticket to the straw poll, meals, transportation                                                                                          plan. RealtyTrac, a web-based
    and lots more. This deal is only available to Iowa residents or students       leave the country in economic ruin.       portrays the Fed’s primary                 firm that tracks and markets
    who attend an Iowa university/college. Everyone must have a valid ID.          Even current Fed Chairman Ben             objectives as seeking to reduce            foreclosed homes, tabulated a
    This will be checked and will be necessary to board the buses and to           Bernanke admitted, in his speech at       competition and obtaining the              whopping        2.82      million
    vote.                                                                          the 2002 Conference to Honor              ability to print money for lending         foreclosure filings in 2009
   Your ticket to the Iowa Straw Poll is only $1 0 and includes:                   Milton Friedman on his 90th               while sticking the taxpayer with           followed by 2.9 million in
    ► A full ticket to the event AND the ability to vote for Ron Paul in the       birthday, that the Fed caused the         bank losses.                               2010.
    Presidential Straw Poll!                                                       Great Depression.                            “It’s a group of very large and         Avoidable Economic
    ► Food, drinks, literature, music and games at the Ron Paul 201 2                 “Let me end my talk by abusing         powerful banking interests who
    tent!                                                                          slightly my status as an official         have gotten together in a cartel           Hardship
    ► Bus transportation with your fellow Ron Paul supporters directly             representative of the Federal             arrangement,” said Griffin in his            Predicting the housing
    from your county the morning of the Ames Straw Poll and back again             Reserve,” Bernanke said. “I would         film, “The Federal Reserve: A              bubble and crash well ahead
    to your county that evening.                                                                                                                                        of time, in 2002 U.S.
    ► Official Ron Paul 201 2 Campaign Merchandise                                 like to say to [free market               Discourse by G. Edward Griffin.”
                                                                                   economists] Milton [Freidman] and         “And they brought the federal              Representative Ron Paul
       For more information and to purchase tickets, visit                         Anna [Schwartz]: Regarding the            government into it as a partner in         introduced the Free Housing
                                          Great Depression. You're right, we        order to use the force of law to           Market Enhancement Act in
           Or Contact Steve Bierfeldt, Iowa Executive Director                     did it. We're very sorry. But thanks      enforce the cartel agreement.”             Congress. In an attempt to
              for the Ron Paul Campaign, at 51 5-822-5483                          to you, we won't do it again.”               See Economic Crisis on Page 2           See Turning To Paul on Page 2

                                   The Toll Of War In Humans And Dollars
By Susan Cameron                                    deserve a proper accounting of the spiraling     A Cost Too Dear                                    percent and still be well ahead of the pack.
The Grassroots Press                                costs of our endless wars, beginning with a         Combing through the statistics kept by             A January 27, 2011 poll by Rasmussen of
  The U.S. Pentagon officially admits               far more precise casualty count and a critical   such sources as the U.S. Department of             likely voters found that 25 percent believe
approximately 5,500 troops have been killed         look at the affordability of our interven-       Veterans Affairs, New England Journal of           the United States should always spend at
and 38,000 wounded – amounting to 43,500            tionist foreign policy.                          Medicine, and U.S. Navy turns up more than         least three times as much on defense as any
total casualties of our wars overseas. Military        Despite the amount of casualties admitted     an astonishing 500,000 casualties left out of      other nation, 40 percent do not think the
members suffering these combat injuries             by the Pentagon, since 2001, it has              the official count: over 200,000 cases of          country needs to spend this much, and 35
deserve recognition; and, Americans                 minimized the publicity of U.S. Military         serious mental health problems, over               percent are not sure.
                                                    losses through the creative redefining of        170,000 cases of hearing damage, and over             Based on data from the Stockholm
                                                    combat-related casualties. The Pentagon          130,000 cases of mild traumatic brain              International Peace Research Institute, in
                                                    uses Department of Defense Instruction           injuries.                                          order to spend only three times that of
                                                    1300.18, which counts casualties only as            Even the above figures do not include           China’s second-place spending ($114 billion
                                                    deaths, injuries, or illnesses in which death    suicides, roadside accidents involving             in 2010), the United States would need to
                                                    occurs within 120 days – only inside or en       reactionary forces headed to ambush                scale back its military spending ($681 billion
                                                    route to or from defined combat zones. This      locations outside defined combat zones,            in 2010) by 51 percent.
                                                    culls “friendly fire” incidents from the         spinal injuries due to unnecessarily heavy
                                                    casualty count, as well as other acute and       body armor, parasitic disease, respiratory              Gov't Accounting Is Not Rocket Science
                                                    chronic conditions such as mental health         disease, or disorders due to depleted                   According to Steve Anderson, retired
                                                    problems, hearing impairment, traumatic          uranium exposure.                                       brigadier general, the Pentagon incurs
                                                    brain injury, and a smorgasbord of diseases                                                              $20 billion debt annually to air condition
U.S Soldiers with the 563rd Military Police         military personnel suffer by being in Iraq or    Military Consumerism                                    tents and temporary housing in Iraq and
Company transport a manikin during a training       Afghanistan. Regardless of how debilitating        Polls show that Americans do not have an              Afghanistan – more than NASA's $1 9
exercise / DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Vernon           these issues are, rather than being counted                                                              billion total annual budget.
Young Jr., U.S. Air Force; Note: Use of this                                                         accurate understanding of U.S. military
photo by The Grassroots Press is neither to         as war-related they are either lumped into       spending. While Americans are willing to
state nor to imply that DoD endorses any            the “non-hostile wounded” category – or          pay for best military in the world, they don’t          In fact, at six times the spending of China,
particular political candidate or cause.            simply not counted.                              realize that we could cut our spending by 75                     See Toll Of War on Page 6

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