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					       Holtville Middle School

21st Century Community Learning

         Program Narrative
 The Holtville Middle School 21st CCLC is an ever evolving and changing program. As

we encounter new ideas, possibilities, and opportunities, we find ourselves growing in

ways that we never deemed possible. 2007 has brought with it the culmination of many

new things and we have watched a successful program begin to emerge. With more than

sixty percent of Holtville’s students categorized as at-risk, the 21st Century CCLC offers

children life experiences and opportunities that otherwise they never would encounter.

We believe that our program is without a doubt an invaluable service to our community

and one where our motto of “Where Learning Meets Fun” rings true.

  The HMS CCLC has many purposes, but one of the most important things that we

have seen through the implementation of this program is the positive changes in the

children themselves. Many of the students who participate in the after school program are

often introverted and insecure when they first enter into the program. But since the

program began, we have watched these children unfurl from an anti-socialization sleep

and begin to interact with others in ways that previously would not be indicative of their

normal behavior. Shy children have become outgoing, withdrawn children have become

our extroverts, and the few children we have encountered with anger issues have become

the most loving kids that we have in the whole group. We have witnessed the emergence

of real, true relationships among the participants and the budding of personalities that

have been repressed due to insecurities and low self-esteem. The students who use to sit

by the wall at P.E., and who never had the self-confidence to play a sport, are now

considering trying out for school teams. Others, who have never been exposed to art, are

now picking up paintbrushes and realizing that they had a Picasso inside them waiting to
emerge. Students who don’t even own a home computer can now navigate the internet

efficiently, produce amazing Power Point presentations, check email, and validate

URL’s, among other things. The Holtville Middle School CCLC has basically taken

“would-be” latch-key kids, and given them opportunities that otherwise never would have

existed for them. We have exposed them to life and perhaps you could even say, that we

have helped them to begin theirs.

   As a whole, our program has not had too many problems. However, just like any new

program, we ran into a few snags along the way, but nothing that could not be overcome.

One issue that did arise was that the site director changed in the middle of the semester

and our current director had to be caught up to speed on the overall program operations.

Another area that we had to learn to deal with was the reduction in our student attendance

during the ball season. This would affect some of our plans and we had to make

accommodations for these instances. We also consider ourselves luck that we are not a

program with discipline problems and when an issue does arise, our parents work closely

with us to assure that any and all problems are nipped in the bud.

 With 2008 arriving, we are anticipating many changes in our program. We are actively

seeking more services and donations from our surrounding community and looking to

bring more community members in as volunteers. We are improving the enrichment

opportunities for the children by securing the services of the “Hands-On Enrichment”

science discovery program beginning in January. We feel like this important addition to

our program will allow the students to explore yet another area that they would typically

not be exposed to. In the area of behavior, we are examining whether or not the

classroom teachers are seeing the results that we are in the 21st CCLC. We have very few
discipline issues and the ones that we do have are minor. We have seen a rise in overall

grade averages, but will be focusing on improving their performance on the SAT10 and

ARMT by at least 2%.

 Thus far, we have had excellent parental involvement and have enjoyed participating in

parent forums and family nights. We currently have two more scheduled before the end

of school to keep those levels of communication open. As far as safety goes, all students

continue to adhere to the mandated safety and security compliance set forth by Holtville

Middle School. We continue to hold monthly drills and go over safety procedures with

both the staff and students.

 In an effort to be a true learning center community, the center evaluates the community

and its available resources and puts into place available services and products so that the

students will enjoy an infusion of both academic and enrichment activities. Through

flyers and school mail-outs, we advertise our services and encourage community

members to drop by and examine potential volunteer opportunities. Our school campus

works with us in every way imaginable and allows the program access to everything that

it houses. From equipment to facilities, HMS has done everything in its power to see that

our program is successful.

 We recognize as a 21st CCLC that collaborative partnerships and support are our best

chance for sustainability. We seek the services of powerful partnerships such as that of

Alabama Power Company, which offers tutoring services to our program. We also have

at our disposal the benefits of our school being a TITLE I school. Community based

organizations such as DHR, SAYNO, and the Sunshine Center are agencies that we have

access to for instruction on healthy habits, counseling and substance abuse. Volunteers
are encouraged, and appropriately qualified volunteers are always being sought out by

our program. We have most recently had someone from the local 4-H group as well as a

local automotive repairman to instruct our students in important areas where they can

lend their expertise. As far as locally, our local support team meets quarterly to discuss

issues that arise in all of these above mentioned areas and how best to address them.

  In accordance with state priorities, we continue to hold parent meetings/forums onsite

once a quarter for collaborative efforts in improving the students in all academic and

enrichment areas. In these meetings we make sure that the parents feel that they have

voice and that everything they say is taken into consideration. We want our families to

feel like this is a partnership and not a democracy. In return, our parents uphold the

agreements and contracts that they have signed regarding not only behavior and academic

expectations, but also in the area of tuition responsibilities. Our parents know that they

are always welcome on site and we are available for conferences at any time. We keep

parents up to par with everything that is occurring in our program through newsletters,

flyers, and postings on the 21st Century Bulletin Board that is located in the main

entryway of the school. Also, in conjunction with state priorities see the above mentioned

implementation of the “Hands-On Science” program.

 In the area of monitoring, reporting and evaluation, we have been working closely with

our educational consultant and receiving support, advice, and suggestions as to how to

better improve our 21st CCLC. We have been provided with student testing and academic

records, as well as behavior and attendance data by the school, so that we can fulfill our

project goals and create portfolios on the students. The center also makes all financial
records available at all times and adheres strictly to the project guidelines for


  We feel so privileged to have access to the funding that the 21st Century program has

provided us with. We have been able to address many equipment weaknesses in our

school that benefit the 21st CCLC as well as the facility’s needs. First of all, our P.E.

department was almost totally without equipment. Now, with the scales, games, balls,

ping-pong-tables, and other equipment that the 21st CCLC uses for instruction, the P.E.

department at the school also has equal access. The scales came in handy during our

healthy habits study and also for our pre-physical for our karate classes. Perhaps one of

our largest and most exciting purchases was our mobile computer lap that we have

outfitted with 10 new laptops for the children. Most of the children had never used a

laptop before and they love when it is their day to get online via the mobile lab. Our plans

are to complete the lab by adding more computers this year. The students have also

enjoyed the camera that we purchased. They are keeping scrapbooks and after attending a

photography “workshop”, the camera has allowed them to keep photo documentation of

all their activities. The bulletin board has been a valuable service to both the 21st CCLC

and the school. Hanging in the front entryway, we are able to advertise the program with

pictures and flyers as well as important information regarding upcoming events and

deadlines for the school. The Palm Pilots have served as a way for our staff to better

manage the program overall. Used to take roll and keep up with valuable information

(especially on field trips), the Palms have succeeded in making our program more

organized and efficient. The Fender sound system has been used by our program for our

guest speakers and on art lesson day for amplification in the large cafeteria. It has also
been used by the school on nearly a daily basis. Another great new addition to our facility

and one that was much needed, was our purchased of a refrigerator. Because the program

has its own set of snacks and projects that involve foods, we are able to use the CCLC

refrigerator to store these items without violating any state laws regarding the lunchroom

and its sterility. The television has also been of great value to us. We have used it in

conjunction with our dance lessons and karaoke contests as well as for instructional

videos. Funding has also allowed us the privilege of purchasing poster frames for our

facility hallways that house motivational posters for the students. This benefits not only

our CCLC participants, but serves as a positive and encouraging reminder for the entire


 We feel that the overall quality of the HMS 21st CCLC is one that meets and exceeds

expectations. We do everything in our power to assure that our students are in an

environment where they feel nurtured, loved and self-worth is fostered. Our motto of

“Where Learning Meets Fun” is the proof that anything educational can be made into

something that all children of all learning styles can be attracted to and benefit from. We

make sure that all activities address the PTA and NAESP standards and our goals and

objectives are based on priorities that are outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act of