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GERMAN FEST by jizhen1947


									                                         GERMAN FEST

The German Fest is a traditional festival celebrated in Milwaukee, the Wisconsin. The Henry Maier
Festival Park is well known for its celebration found at the lake front of the great Michigan Lake. The
beginning of the German Fest happens when Henry Maier, the mayor dared the local German-American
residents’ community in a speech that happened on 20th May, in the year 1980, which was the 20th
Anniversary of German American National Congress which is actually known as Deutsch Amerikanischer
National Kongress (DANK) to arrange a festival for the Germans. Very soon after that, Walter Geissler,
the President of DANK at that time, organized a five member committee and was the chair person of it
which led to the foundation of the great event, German Fest. The events that have to take place in the
German Fest were first consequently written in the month January in the year 1981. After this a lot of
working was done on this and thus led to the first ever German Fest which was held in the month of
August in the year 1981. It was then named as the German’s largest event celebration in the North
American territory. It presently is celebrated during the last weekend completely in the month of July
every year.

The German Fest also denotes the celebration the culture of Germany, also including the countries like
Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, South Tyrol, and the German speaking communities all around the
earth. Many people travel from the “Vaterland” to educate and perform at this grand Fest along with
the traditional music.

One of the major attractions is the tent called as cultural tent. It is the best place where various groups
which includes both the current and the former provinces which pompously call “German” themselves
can be seen. The people range from Hessians (Hessen) and Bavarians (Bayern), to the other German
speaking countries like the ones of Austria (Österreich), and these groups relocated by WWII whose
home places are at present located at Poland (Polen) and also at the former Yugoslavia and
Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia (Jugoslawien and Tschechoslowakei).

At the central portion of the Fest grounds, a parade passes by periodically which showcases the
different German-American heritage associations, the local German fascination schools, and the others
who celebrate the German heritage of theirs. The German cuisine will also be an important feature of
the German Fest. Most of the well known restaurants of German style and the food services of that area
can be found during the happening of the great fest which also includes Bavarian and Mader’s Inn. It
also gives place to Usinger’s , which is renowned as the Milawaukee’s biggest sausage maker . Adding to
it, the Usinger's celebrated the 125th anniversary of theirs in 2005, which was along with the celebration
of the 25th anniversary of the great German fest. The 2010 was the 130th and 30th anniversary of the
Usinger’s and the great German Fest. The 2011 German Fest is planned from 28th to the 31st of July.
                           Traditional French cuisine
French cuisine is the style of cooking which originated from France. It has now developed from the
centuries of political and social change. During the Middle Age times, Guillaume Tirel (as known
as Taillevent) who was a court chef, he authored Le Viandier which belonged to the earliest recipes the
Medieval France.

The breakfast is called as Le déjeuner. It is usually a rapid meal which consists of French bread (Tartines)
with jam or jelly, pain au chocolat or croissants (pastry which is made with chocolate) with tea or coffee.
The Children usually consume hot chocolate on the bowls during their breakfasts.

Lunch is called as Le déjeuner is a one hour break. Lunches on the Sundays are usually for a long time
and they are basically taken along with their families. The restaurants usually open at 12:00 in the
afternoon for lunch and by 2:30 they close. Most of the restaurants close by Saturday and during Monday
for lunch.

In big cities, a lot of students and working people dine at a school or corporate cafeteria, which usually
serves the full meals.

The white collar workers groups are given theirfood vouchers along with the other benefits. These
vouchers are valid in most of the supermarkets, restaurants and traiteurs.

An optional also a popular one, usually among the blue-collar workers, eat a sandwich usually followed
by a dessert. Both the dishes are available ready-made in super markets and bakeries for budgeted

The dinner is called as Le dîner often is of three different courses, entrée or hors d'œuvre which has the
starters, often soup. Next comes the plat principal, the main course, finally the dessert or cheese course,
at times a salad is provided before the dessert or cheese. Sometimes cheese course is replaced by
Yogurt, while fresh fruit would be a usual everyday dessert. The meal usually goes with by wine, mineral
water and bread. The consumption of Wine has been falling recently amongst the younger generation,
whereas the consumption of Fruit juice has increased 25.6 till 31.6% between 1996 and 2002. The meat
courses usually are served along with the vegetables with either pasta or rice. The Restaurants usually
open for dinner at 7:30 PM. The orders are stopped between 10 and 11 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are
usually holidays.
The wine consumption had become a traditional culture of the French but as time passed it has reduced.
Beer has lately become popular amongst the youth. Pastis is a popular drink. It is an aniseed flavoured
beverage. It is usually diluted with cold water. The other kinds of popular alcoholic drinks are pastis, that
is a flavored drink which is diluted with cold water.

The legal age purchase age of alcohol is presently 18, where as it was previously 16, later the French
government changed it. Roselyne Bachelot, Health minister played an important part in this change
during March 2009. The Students and the young adults drink heavily at party times but the drunkenness
is usually not displayed at public places.
Cork jazz festival in Ireland
The Irish cultures are very unique and different from the other cultures throughout the world and so are
the festivals celebrated in Ireland. Some of the popular festivals that are celebrated by the Irish people
are Arran folk festival, cork jazz festival, St.Patrick’s festival, Festival of world cultures and Wexford
opera festival. Cork jazz festival is one of the top five popular festivals that are celebrated in Ireland. This
festival attracts more than 50,000 jazz lovers throughout the world. There are number of jazz bands and
musicians who perform during the arts and cultural event in Ireland. Every year during the month of
October Cork jazz festival is celebrated for four days.

The annual cork jazz festival in Ireland is considered to be the largest Jazz musical event in the world and
hence there are number of music lovers who visit Ireland just to have a glimpse of it. The festival was
initially founded by Jim Mountjoy during the month of October in 1978.In order to promote the festival
Mountjoy introduced Jazz train and Jazz boat in the United Kingdom. More than 60,000 people now visit
Ireland for this musical event.

All the musical performance are usually conducted at the cork city that is located in the southern coast
of Ireland. The cork city was a trading port initially during the olden days but has now become a city of
musicians where musical lovers travel every year to look at their favourite musicians performing in the
city. As there are a number of musicians performing every year at the cork city the musical event were
named after this city “cork Jazz festival”. Some of the popular musicians who perform during the cork
jazz festival are Peter Broderick. Dead cat bounce, Greg felton, Perfidia, Roaring forties, Skazz and Tony

There are a number of jazz concerts that are played in more than 75 venues in cork city. Hence one can
choose the venue based on the artists who perform. Some of the legends who perform at the Jazz
festival are Dizzy Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald. The 2010 cork jazz festival is celebrated from October 22nd
and October 25th.The Guinness festival club and everyman palace theatre are the most popular venues
where popular artists perform during the festival. Guinness festival club has around six stages where
number of artists performs everyday and they are most preferred by the music lovers as they can have a
glimpse of all the six performance in a day during the festival.

One can get the tickets in advance for the musical performance at the cork city at the official site online.
The price may vary depending on the musicians who play during the festival. Few of the musical
performance have free entries and hence one can make use of the opportunity during the cork jazz
festival. One can check out the list of plays that are performed at the cork city in the popular everyman
theatre and granary theatre online. You can then choose your favourite and reserve the tickets.
Oktoberfest – Beer festival in Munich
‘Oktoberfest’ is one of the most popular festivals that is celebrated in Germany ever since the
year 1810which was initially celebrated for a royal wedding with best culinary delights and horse
races. The highlight of this festival is the culinary delights were beer is considered to be the
major drink more than the ceremony and other delights in Germany. Oktoberfest is also most
popularly called as the Munich beer festival due to the major influence of beer in this festival.
The beer festival is usually celebrated once in a year that takes place in autumn season during the
month of September.

Only major events like epidemic outbreak and wars can stop people from celebrating the festival
in ‘wies’n’ in Germany. The autumn season provides the right weather with snow and chillness
during the festival. The Oktoberfest is considered to be the largest festival that is celebrated in
Munich every year and they are a number of visitors who fly down to Germany just to have a
glimpse of it. If you are a beer lover then you should definitely come down to Germany for the
Oktoberfest as you get beers cheaper than water here this festival. Usually the beer is made only
out of barley but during this festival beer is made in different flavours like banana and apple.

 Apart from beer one can also enjoy various amusements during the festival such as roller
coasters, circus, live bands and parades. There is usually a grand ceremonial opening every year
in Munich where the mayor comes in a festive coach along with a traditionally decorated horse
drawn cart. Everybody at Munich including the guests, bands and the staff will be wearing the
traditional costume for the festival.

There are various kinds of games that are played with beer during the festival. Beer pong game is
the most popular game that is played with ping pong balls along with beer on a table. The game
is played with two teams where three glasses of beer are placed on either side of the table. The
players should throw the ping pong ball on the glass that is placed in the table. The team that
throws the maximum number of balls on to the glass is considered to be the winner. This is one
of the interesting and funny games that can be played along with friends.

There are beer pong tables that are specially sold in the market for playing beer pong games.
These kind of tables are generally long and flat so that the game can be played easily. The beer
pong tables can be bought in various colors such as white, black and red. Though few people
make their own beer pong tables it is advisable to get a flexible table that can be folded and
easily moved to various places for the game. The Oktoberfest usually last for 14 to 18 days and
hence one can have fun partying and drinking every day. The festival has become huge success
with over two million visitors from all over the world.
                            French Etiquette

The French people have their own style of Etiquette and food habits. These are some of the
basic table manners that if followed will be good.

      The seating arrangement in French tables is man, woman, man, woman. This has to be
       made sure that it is first followed.
      It has also been taught there that it is not polite to place the hands on the dining table,
       though, the French say that, hands should be placed on tables generally else it will look
       impolite. Also the fact is that, keeping elbow on the table is again impolite which is the
       very important table manner of the French. If not followed, eyebrows can be raised on
      The hostess must place her napkin first on her lap after which we should place ours.
       Until then should wait. Furthermore, the hostess must give the toast and clink the
       glasses with all the guests in the table. Eye contact must be made with all the guests
       that time. Let the hostess begin her meal only after which we should start.
       Wine, Mineral water and Bread are provided at all times during the meal.
      Usually, bread is placed upon a table-napkin. At times bread plate will also be given to
       place the bread. The Bread should be broken down into small bitable pieces because
       biting whole bread would be impolite.
      Wine is provided always with any meal and is filled three-fourth of the glasses.
      The knife should be held in the right hand and the fork on the left. The remaining cutlery
       which is not used presently must be placed at 4 o’ clock and 8 o’ clock to denote that
       the meal is not complete yet.
       Eat slowly synchronized with the speed of the others in the table and making sure the
       meal finishes at the same time with the others.
       Do not cut the salads with the fork and the knife, rather it must be folded gently on the
       fork and then eaten.
      Make sure there are no left overs on the plate. Also make sure the plate is wiped clean
       of sauce, of course with bread. This is to be done if different plates are not offered at
       different courses of the meal. The wiping down of sauce with bread should be done with
       a fork to which a small piece of bread is pork. Moving the piece with fingers will look
      If more wine is needed just finish the glass and it will be served automatically. If wine is
       not needed then leave the glass almost full.
      Speaking lightly is preferred during the course of the meal. Avoid bringing up
       controversial topics like politics, religion or money.
       The French usually eat the sea foods with the help of their hands, hence there is no
       problem in picking up mussels or oysters from the shells and eat. Avoid cutting and
       eating them.
      The fork and the Knife must be placed parallel to each other at the center part of the
       plate which shows that you are satisfied with the meal. If placed in a crossed position
       denotes a conflict so avoid it.
  Dublin dance festival in Ireland
Dublin dance festival is celebrated every year during the month of May in Ireland. This is the only festival
in Ireland that solely celebrated to promote contemporary dance of Ireland throughout the world. The
Dublin dance festival originated in the year 2002 and has been very successful over the past few years as
it provides exciting and good quality programmes to the spectators. The festival includes different art
forms performed by popular artists like Alain Platel, Mark Morris and Jerome Bel. Laurie Uprichard is the
secretary of the Dublin dance festivals who ensures unique performance by talented artists every year.

The aim of the Dublin dance festival is to promote good quality contemporary dance artists and
choreography to the audience from all over the world. The festival promotes innovative dance from
artists and popularise it among the public. Dublin is the most popular place in Ireland where one can
enjoy the beauty of contemporary dance. There are number of dance shows that are performed at the
popular pubs and theatres in Dublin. The international dance festival showcases various kinds of
innovative and lovely dance shows by talented artists every year. Hence there has been an increase in
the number of visitors every year to watch the shows in Ireland.

Irish dance have become popular worldwide due to the dance festival that is being conducted every
year. Group of dancers who perform in synchronisation with the others are a beautiful scene to watch in
Ireland. The dance is accompanied by traditional Irish reels and jigs that are inspiring and rocking to
hear. Contemporary dance in Ireland dates back to more than thousand years where the ancient Irish
people performed circle dances during the popular festivals which are now performed as the traditional
ring dance these days.

Another variety of dance that is more popular than folk dance is the ceili dance where more than sixteen
dancers perform in a circle. They are the formal and completive kind of Irish dance that are performed in
popular festivals in the country. This form of dance is very popular in Ireland and there are various
venues in the city where they are performed to attract the attention of the audience. Dancing is
considered to be the major part of the tradition and culture of the Irish people and hence one can find
various energetic and inspiring movements in their performance.

Dublin is the best place of dance performance in Ireland and the Dublin dance festival has increased the
popularity of Irish dance to the people all around the globe. Most of the hotels and pubs in Ireland
employ Irish dancers to perform during major events that occur in the city. Barn is the popular place in
Dublin where one can watch the best Irish dance performance by popular singers and musicians in the
city. Irish house party is yet another unique place in Dublin where one can enjoy the show with a feel
like home ambience. I f you are a dance lover then don’t forget to visit the popular Dublin dance festival.
Experience the glitz of Cannes film festival
There are number of film festivals that are being conducted in different parts of the world to
acknowledge talented actors and inspiring movies every year. The most popular film festival is the Le
festival Cannes which is celebrated in France each year. Cannes film festival was initially founded in the
year 1946 and is still considered to be one of the most prestigious film function all over the world. The
festival usually happens during the month of May every year at the resort town in the city of Cannes.

Cannes film festival is considered to be a great platform for the European films and actors. The awards
are given to people who are talented in different sectors of the film industry. Some of the popular films
in the world are even premiered during this festival. There are various awards introduced by the Cannes
film festival committee on different aspects of film making. There are more than 30 different countries
that take part in the festival every year .There has been a huge number of films that are being screened
every year to attract the audience.

The Cannes film festival is usually categorised in various aspects in order to identify and appreciate the
talents of various artists worldwide. Cannes classic is a programme conducted during the festival that
highlights the past heritage and culture of a country. There are around 20 films that are short listed
every year in different languages and countries. They are then analyzed by the judges and the best film
receives the award every year. The other movies are screened for the people during the Cannes film
festival. There are special screening for the best short films and school presentations from all around the

While organising the film festival the committee chooses the judge for the year and gives sole
responsibility to them to choose the awards from a wide range of collections throughout the world.
Popular feature films, short films and movies are short listed and given to the juries for further
judgement.The most popular award that is given during the Cannes film festival is the golden palm
award which is provided for the best film of the year. Other awards that are provided are the jury prize,
best actor award, best actress award, best screenplay award and best director award.

The French Cannes film festival 2010 will be conducted from may 12th to 23rd.There are many new
awards and programmes that are going to be introduced this year as there has been an increase in
popularity among the public. A new award has been introduced for the best short films this year. The
committee has put Tim Burton as the head of the jury for judging the short listed films this year. Tim
Burton is a Hollywood movie maker who is well known for his exceptional work. The Cannes film festival
2010 would be a great success this year with glitz and glamour. There are many new movies that would
be premiered in May 2010 at the festival.

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