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					RJM Company

 The Duracable® Difference
      Duracable® manufactures each machine to exacting              The rubber feet have anti vibration pads that prevent
 standards using the most durable materials and design         the machine from moving on counter tops or vinyl floors.
 available. Duracable® brand drain cleaning machines           The rubber feet also prevent marring of surfaces.
 are designed to handle any drain problem. Made with
 top-grade materials, they are tough, powerful, long-               Bore through the tough jobs with DuraFlex® hollow
 lasting, and engineered to handle the challenges of the       core or inner core cables and Duracable’s® unique oil
 trade.                                                        tempered cables. Made using our own proprietary hard-
      Lightweight aluminum alloy frames provide                drawn, high-tensile-strength wire, our cable comes in
 strength and maneuverability. Machines have a thicker         sizes from 1/4” to 3/4” with all types of end fittings.
 wall dimension enabling better weld penetration and                The forward/reverse power switch allows the
 stronger joints. Long, continuous welds and triple-tube       operator to keep both hands on the cable while operating
 construction make the frame virtually indestructible.         the machine instead of having to hold the switch.
      Double tube frame design allows the wiring
 harness to be run through the upper frame, preventing            Duracable® machines have pneumatic tires which
 the harness from being damaged and lower frame                means there are no treads to track dirt.
 wear through. Duracable® machines have a two-year
 warranty against defects in materials and workmanship              Duracable® blades are custom-made to match
 of manufactured parts.                                        every possible combination of machine, cable size and
                                                               job. These hard working blades are made from high-
      High impact-resistant polymer motor and drive            carbon spring steel that is heat-treated and rust-proofed
 covers resist the daily abuse every machine endures.          to provide exceptional durability and results.
 Industrial Fractional Horse Power motors have a heavier
 case and more windings which allows the motor to run               The family of ProClean® drain care products can add
 cooler. Long-life, UL approved industrial motor provide       a new dimension to your service operation. ProClean®
 powerful, quiet operation. All motors, switches and           uses the same biological technology used to clean up oil
 electrical components are UL, CSA and CE approved.            spills, contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for the
 There is a two-year warranty on the motor.                    environment. ProClean® also deodorizes as it cleans.

      Polyethylene enclosed reel eliminates splashing for           A telescoping transport handle allows for less effort
 quicker cleanup. Spring-loaded revolving arm for quick        going up and down stairs and the compact design takes
 reel change. V-belt drive - greater delivery of torque from   up less room in your vehicle.
 the motor to the reel.

      Stubbed GFCI cord is standard on all machines which
 protects against shock hazards by instantly shutting off
 the electricity.

      Air foot switches provide safe start-up of electrical
 devices from remote locations and are reliable in
 temperature extremes of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180
 degrees Fahrenheit.They have 100,000+ life cycles under
 full mechanical, electrical and thermal loads. The switch
 allows two-handed operation of the cable for greater
 control.The foot pedal has full metal enclosure for added
 durability and has reinforced tubing connectors.

MACHINES                                                                                                        RJM Company

The King and His Court
  THE KING (DM55)                 THE KNIGHT (DM30)             THE BARON (DM10)            MARQUISE (JMAXX®)           MINIMAX® (DM5)

  3/4 HP Motor                    1/2 HP Motor                  1/3 HP Motor                1/3 HP Motor                1/4 HP Motor

  175 rpm                         200 rpm                       195 rpm                     200 rpm                     230 rpm

  10:1 Gear Box                   Belt Drive                    Belt Drive                  Belt Drive                  Belt Drive

  26” Reel                        21” Reel                      16” Reel                    19” Reel                    8” Reel

  11/16” x 150’ Cable             5/8” x 100’ Cable             3/8” x 75’ Cable            1/2” x 75’ Cable            1/4” x 37’ Cable

  PCFR                            PCFR                          PCFR (optional)             None                        None

  3-Year Warranty                 2-Year Warranty               2-Year Warranty             2-Year Warranty             2-Year Warranty

  Telescoping Handle              Telescoping Handle            Telescoping Handle          Detachable “T” Handle       Frame Mounted Handle

  Continuous Weld                 Continuous Weld               Continuous Weld             Uni-body Frame              Uni-body Frame
  Frame Construction              Frame Construction            Frame Construction

  USES:                           USES:                         USES:                       USES:                       USES:
  2” to 10” lines                 2” to 6” lines,               1” to 4” lines,             1” to 4” lines              1” to 3” lines
  Main lines,                     Residential,                  Residential,                Residential,                Residential,
  Commercial,                     Roof Vents ,                  Roof vents ,                Roof Vents,                 Sinks,
  Residential,                    Light Commercial              Sinks,                      Sinks                       Bath tubs,
  Industrial,                                                   Bath tubs,                                              Shower drains
  Grease,                                                       Shower drains,
  Roots                                                         Laundry drains

                             The King (DM55)
                                                                                                       The King (DM55)
             with 26PRO, 26” Enclosed Polyethylene Jumbo Reel
                                                                                             with D1K, 26” Open Metal Spoke Reel

            NWK10                                          WWK10 (left) and NWK10 (right)                                   WWK10
Narrow Wheels (10” dia. x 2-1/4” w)                                                                              Narrow Wheels (10” dia. x 3-1/2” w)

RJM Company

                      The Knight (DM30)                          The Knight (DM30)
          with D1J1E, 21” Enclosed Metal Spoke Reel     with D1J1, 21” Open Metal Spoke Reel

                      The Baron (DM10)                            The Baron (DM10)
          with D1S1E, 19” Enclosed Metal Spoke Reel      with D1S1, 19” Open Metal Spoke Reel

                  The Marquise (JMaxx®)                        The Marquise (JMaxx®)
          with D1SE, 16” Enclosed Metal Spoke Reel       with D1S, 16” Open Metal Spoke Reel

                       MiniMax® (DM5)                               MiniMax® (DM5)
         with14SR, 14” Two Piece Aluminum Spun Reel   with 8SR, 8” Two Piece Aluminum Spun Reel

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