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                              PPs – MM
                         FE – Manajemen
        Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

1                            Bamisha
    Situational Influences

       Temporary conditions or settings that occur
        in the environment at a specific time and

2                      Bamisha
    Types of Situations

    1.   Consumption situation
    2.   Purchase situation
    3.   Communication situation

3                      Bamisha
    Consumption situation

        The one in which consumers use the brand
        Three types of situation
        1.   The in store purchase situation
        2.   Whether the purchase situation is for a gift
             giving occasion
        3.   Whether the purchase situation is

4                          Bamisha
    In store situations

            Important in influencing consumer purchasing
             decisions, especially for unplanned purchases
            For examples:
        1.     Product availability
        2.     Shelf position
        3.     Price promotions
        4.     Free samples
        5.     Displays
        6.     Ease of shopping

5                                Bamisha
    Gift Giving Situations
            Is whether consumers buy the product as a gift or
             for themselves
            Two types of situation
        1.     Holiday occasion
        2.     Significant moment
            Three stages gift giving ritual:
        1.     Identifies a gift giving situation
        2.     Process of gift giving and possibly exchanging gifts
        3.     The gift is disposed of by being consumed, displayed,
               stored away or returned

6                               Bamisha
    Unanticipated Purchase Situation

        When the consumer can’t anticipated their

        Two types of situation:
        1.   Unexpected situations
        2.   Out of stock product

7                         Bamisha
    Communication Situation

        Is the setting in which consumers are
         exposed to information

        Three types of situation:
        1.   The exposure situation
        2.   The context of the communication
        3.   The consumers’ mood state while receiving the

8                         Bamisha
    Characteristic of Consumption and
    Purchase Situation

    1.   Physical surroundings
    2.   Social surroundings
    3.   Time
    4.   Task definition
    5.   Antecedent states

9                      Bamisha
     A Model of Situational Determinants
     of Consumer Behavior

                    Consumers       Decision   Purchasing
                                    Making     Behavior


10                        Bamisha
     Situational Influence on Consumer

     1.   On product attitudes
     2.   On product choices
     3.   On decision making

11                     Bamisha
     Use of Situational Variables in
     marketing Strategy

     1.   Market segmentation
     2.   New product development
     3.   Product positioning
     4.   Advertising
     5.   Distribution

12                    Bamisha

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