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Union welcomes funding announcement for community workers


									Wednesday 6 July 2011

    Union welcomes funding announcement for community workers

The Australian Services Union has welcomed today's announcement by the Federal
Government to commit extra funding for the pay increases that are expected to be
awarded in the union's Equal Pay Case for community and disability workers.

"This is fantastic news. The Federal Government has stepped up to the plate to support
fair rates of pay for community workers. In doing this, they join various state and territory
governments that have already made clear commitments to the workers in this sector.

“Only the NSW and Victorian Coalition Governments have yet to come to the party.
Without doing so they cannot have any credibility on the issue of Equal Pay or with the
community sector," said Linda White Assistant National Secretary.

"The Government should be congratulated. Today they have taken low paid community
workers one step closer to equal pay.

“This is a very significant announcement as the Federal Government is by far the largest
funder of the community sector, and what they say on this issue makes a big difference as
there will be less chance of parties opposed to our case threatening job losses or service
cuts should pay rises be awarded."

The ASU also welcomed the Government's commitment to participate in conciliation
before Fair Work Australia, to help it determine what pay increases are appropriate.

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that the Fair Work Act is about parties sitting down
and having mature discussions to resolve issues. The ASU intends to do this and we look
forward to having these discussions.

“Fair Work Australia accepts that community workers are undervalued, their work is
comparable to public sector workers and that the undervaluation can be attributed to

“We want to see this situation rectified and for our members to win the pay rates they
deserve, as did community workers in Queensland when they won their Equal Pay case
two years ago,” Ms White said.


Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary: 0419 507 809 or

For more on the ASU campaign for equal pay go to

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