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Your guide on where to play ping pong in London by jizhen1947

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                                                  Introduction                  Games
                                                  4    Batty about ping pong?   18   How to run a knock out tournament
                                                  5    Why play?                18   Set up a round robin game
                                                  6    How to play ping pong
                                                  8    Locations map

                                                  Where to play                 19
                                                                                     Free: your first table tennis club visit
                                                  in London
                                                  10   Outdoor tables
                                                  11   Indoor tables
                                                  13   Table tennis clubs
                                                  17   Social ping pong

                   A brief history
                   of ping pong
       Ping pong originated from an after-
        dinner parlour game played in the
       1800s amongst the upper-classes in
      England. A row of books was placed
    along the centre of a table as a net, balls
    were made from champagne corks and
       hit from one end of the table to the
       other using paddles made from the
2               lids of cigar boxes.
Batty about ping pong?                                                                     Why play?

With the help of Ping! this year you might      Ping! is the creation of Sing London       Ping pong is good for you. It’s the second    3. Ping pong is not seasonal you
have dusted off your bat, sharpened             – the participatory arts organisation      most popular sport in the world, so just      can play it all year round, day or night.
up your topspin and have worked up an           which delivered last summer’s Street       what does it have to offer you?               It also doesn’t take up a huge amount
appetite to play more ping pong. To help        Piano’s project with artist Luke Jerram.                                                 of space, so you can always play at
                                                                                           1. Ping pong is good for your health –
you to play on, we’ve put together this         Ping! is delivered in partnership with                                                   home on a fold away table – or even by
                                                                                           it’s great for working up a sweat and
little booklet for you to find out where        the English Table Tennis Association                                                     putting out a net over your kitchen table.
                                                                                           getting the heart rate up. With ball speeds
you can go and play – whether it’s a            (ETTA) and funded with Sport England’s
                                                                                           reaching up to 100mph, it can be one of       4. There are players out there waiting
friendly knock-about in the park, a social      Lottery funding.
                                                                                           the fastest sports around. There’s a lot of   to meet you for a knock about in clubs,
game at night or joining your local club –
                                                Lead Partners                              stamina, strength, and agility needed         leagues and nights out. Here are some
it’s all here for you to enjoy.
                                                                                           to maintain training but it’s also gentle     opening gambits to start the ball rollling:
                                                                                           because it’s non-contact – so no need to      ‘Anyone for a game of ping pong?’
                                                                                           worry about those bashes and bruises.         or ‘Want to see my scissor chop?’
More about Ping!                                Lead Sponsor 2010

From 22nd July to 22nd August 2010 100
ping pong tables were installed across
London’s landmarks – in squares, parks,
pubs, train stations and even airports! They
were there for all Londoners to play on for
free. The project will move from city to city
in England over the next couple of years
before returning to London for the                         What is the
Olympic Games in 2012.                              difference between ping
                                                     pong and table tennis?
                                               There’s no difference in the game.
                                             The difference in the name boils down
                                             to trade marks registered with different
                                              companies at the turn of the century.
                                               The name ‘table tennis’ was trade
                                              marked by John Jacques and Son in
                                               England but the rights to the name
                                                ‘Ping Pong’ were trademarked by
                                                  the Parker brothers in the USA.

4                                                                                                                                                                                      5
How to play Ping Pong

1. Find at least one person to play with
– ping pong can be played in singles,
doubles or round the table with up to            You’ll need a bat, balls and a table to
12 people.                                       get started. The bats and balls can be
                                                 bought cheaply from the high street and
2. A match can be any odd number
                                                 you can always improvise on the table
of games but is normally the best out
                                                 by buying a roll-out net to pop over any
of 5 or 7 games.
                                                 table. For more information on where
3. Toss a coin to decide who serves first.       to buy equipment, please turn to the
                                                 resources section on page 19.
4. The ball has to bounce first on the
server’s side and then the opponent’s
side to count as a serve. Each player
serves two points in a row and then
the other player serves.

5. A point is won when the opponent
does not return the ball. A game is won
by being the first player or pair to win 11
points. If both players or pairs have won
10 points, then the first player or pair to
get a 2 point lead wins the game.

6. Strike like a viper and play like your life
depends on it. The winner is entitled to
a victory dance.
                                                         How to save a dented
For the complete Laws of Table Tennis
                                                             ping pong ball
go to:
                                                     Back hand smash so good that
                                                    you dented your ping pong ball?
                                                    Here’s how to salvage it! Boil a pot
                                                    of water, put the ball on top. Take
                                                    out when fully inflated and hang
                                                     somewhere until it cools down.

6                                                                                           7


                                                                          Barnet                                                   58
                                67                                                                                                                                                65
    68                               Harrow
                                                                                                                     Haringey                                                        63
                       66                                                                                                                               Waltham
    34                                                                                                                                                  Forest                                                                          Havering
                                                            Brent                                                                      59 6                                                                          Barking and
                                                                                             Camden                                                  Hackney
                                                                                  30                                                                                            54 52                                Dagenham
         Hillingdon        33                                                                                        Islington                                        16
                                                                                                                                       3    2
                                                                                                                                                 86     8
                                                                                             82        1                                                         49        50
             80                                                                                                                                         53                        Newham

                                                                                  31                                                            84                                              11
                                                                                            24              29                      47
                                                                                                                                                 Tower Hamlets               15
                                                                                  32         Westminister                 85
                                            Ealing                                               26                                27                                                  14 55
                                                                                                       25                      87                                                                     13
                                                                                                                         36                                 38
                                                                    Hammersmith                                               48           70                                                                                      75
                                                                                        Kensington 35
                                                                    and Fulham
                                                                                        and Chelsea 28                             Southwark                                    19         23                   78


                                                                                                                                                                                          21                                       77
                                      Richmond upon Thames                                                                    37                18
                                                                                                  71                                                                       Lewisham
                                                                                                        74           Lambeth
                                                 44                                                                                                                                                                  76
                                                          upon     79
                                                          Thames                                        42
                                                                                       72                                                                                                        Bromley
                                                                                            45                            LONDON
                                                                                             Sutton 46

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Outdoor table
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Indoor table


8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       9
Where to play
                                                                                        12. Priory Park                               21. Sutcliffe Park
                                                                                        Grangewood Street, East Ham, E6               Meadowside, SE9 5LW
                                                                                           Upton Park                                     Eltham or Kidbrooke
                                                                                        1 table (with play area)                      2 tables (on approach to running tracks)

                                                                                        13. Royal Victoria Gardens                    22. Eltham Park South
                                                                                        Pier Road, Off Albert Road                    Glenesk Road, SE9 1QT
                                                                                        Custom House, E16 2JD                             Eltham
                                                                                            King George V                             2 tables (between café and tennis courts)
What kind of play is best for you? We’ve    5. Clissold Park
                                                                                        1 table (by kiosk)
pulled together a list of different types   Greenway Close, N4 2EY                                                                    23. Charlton Park
of places to play in London; whether it’s      Arsenal                                  14. Cundy Road Open Space                     Charlton Park Road, SE7 8HX
your local outdoor table, table tennis          Stoke Newington                         Victoria Dock Road Canning Town, E16              Charlton
club, leisure centre or pub.                1 table(in front of café)                       Royal Victoria, Custom House              2 tables (near outdoor gym)
                                                                                        1 table (by play area)
                                            6. Butterfield Green
                                            Shakespeare Walk, N16 8TX
 London table
                                                                                        15. Star Park
                                               Dalston Kingsland                        Star Lane West Ham, E16                       WEST LONDON
 locations. Outdoor                         2 tables (1 in play area and
                                            1 table bandstand)
                                                                                           West Ham
                                                                                                                                      24. Paddington Recreation Ground
 tables – for freeplay
                                                                                        1 table (near school)
                                                                                                                                      Maida Vale, W9 1PD
                                            7. Whittington Park                         16. Stratford Park                               Maida Vale
                                            Holloway Road, N19 3NP
Central London
                                                                                        West Ham Lane, Stratford, E15                 2 tables (near tennis courts)
                                               Upper Holloway                              Stratford
                                            3 tables (2 near outdoor gym and            2 tables (1 by Fountain and 1 by play area)
1. Regent’s Park
                                                                                                                                       Indoor Tables. Gyms
                                            1 near play area)
Tennis Centre
Westminster, NW1 4RU
   St John’s Wood / Regent’s Park                                                       SOUTH LONDON                                   and Leisure centres.
1 table (near tennis courts)                EAST LONDON                                                                                Pay and play
                                                                                        17. Camberwell Green
                                            8. Haggerston Park                                                                         We’ve scoured London for indoor ping
                                                                                        Camberwell Road, SE5
                                            Audrey street off Goldsmith’s Row, E2 8QH
North London
                                                                                                                                       pong tables for you which are mainly
                                                                                        1 table (near play area)
                                               Dalston                                                                                 located in gyms and leisure centres.
                                                Cambridge Heath                         18. Dulwich Park                               You may be able to hire for 30 minutes
2. Rosemary Gardens
                                            1 table (near play area)                    College Road, SE21 7BQ                         to an hour or you may need to pay
Southgate Road, N1 3JP
                                                                                            North or West Dulwich                      a monthly fee to use – please call
   Angel                                    9. Central Park
                                                                                        4 tables (near the 10+ play area)              ahead and check for details.
4 tables (near tennis courts)               High Street South, East Ham, E6 6EJ
                                               East Ham                                 19. East Greenwich Pleasaunce
3. Shoreditch Park
                                            2 tables (near tennis courts)               Chevening Road, SE10
New North Road, N1 6TA
   Old Street or Hoxton                     10. New Beckton Park
                                                                                            Westcombe Park                            Central London
                                                                                        1 table by Pistachio café
2 tables (by playground)                    Savage Gardens, East Ham, E6                                                              25. Seymore Leisure Centre
                                                Beckton Park                            20. Avery Hill Park                           Seymour Place, W1H 5JT
4. Wray Crescent
                                            2 tables(with redeveloped play area)        Bexley Road, SE9                                 Oxford Circus
Turle Road N4
                                                                                            Falconwood                                Tel: 020 723 8019
   Upper Holloway                           11. Brampton Park
                                                                                        2 tables (by the café)              
1 table (in play area)                      Masterman Road, East Ham, E6
                                                Beckton Park
                                            2 tables (1 near Trim Trail and
                                            1 near play area)

10                                                                                                                                                                               11
26. Little Venice Sports Centre          33. Southall Sports Centre                39. Monks Hill Sports Centre
6A Crompton St, W2 1ND                   Beaconsfield Rd, UB1 1DP                  Farnborough Avenue, CR2 8HD              Table Tennis Clubs
   Edgware Road                              Southall                                    Gravel Hill
                                                                                                                            If you’re fairly serious about table             Tel: 020 8571 8871                        Tel: 020 8651 0984
                                                                                                                            tennis, joining a club is a great way
4 tables                       
                                                                                                                            to play in an space with dedicated
                                         sports_and_leisure/sports_and_leisure_    Monks_Hill_Sports_Centre
27. Golden Lane Leisure Centre                                                                                              facilities and other players. You don’t
Fann St, EC1Y 0SH                                                                  40. Chessington Sports Centre            have to be a pro to join and there are
   Barbican                              34. Hayes Pool and Leisure Centre         Garrison Lane, KT9 2JS                   likely to be people on hand to help you
Tel: 020 7250 1464                       Gatting Way, Uxbridge, UB8 1ES            Tel: 020 8974 2277                       improve. Clubs often organise league        Uxbridge                            matches too – which is great if you like
LGNL_Services/Leisure_and_culture/       Tel: 0845 1307324                                                                  a bit of competition.
                                                                                   41. Gypsy Tavern
                                                                                   79, Gypsy Hill, SE19 1QH
                                                                                       Gypsy Hill
28. Civil Service Recreation Centre      South london                              Tel: 07796 334 069                      Central London
1, Chadwick St, SW1P 2EP
                                         35. Chelsea Sports Centre                 42. Canons Leisure Centre               47. Finsbury TTC
    St James Park
                                         Chelsea Manor St, SW3 5PL                 Madeira Rd, Mitcham, CR4 4HD            Finsbury Leisure Centre
Tel: 020 7976 7646
                                            South Kensington                           Micham Eastfields                   Norman Street, Islington, EC1V 3PU
                                         Tel: 020 7352 6985                        Tel: 020 8640 8543                         Old Street
29. International Students House       Venue type: Sports Centre               Contact: Sanket Shah
229, Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN                                                                                        Tel: 07886 685393
                                         36. Elephant and Castle Leisure Centre    43. Tooting and Mitcham Hub
Tel: 020 7631 8300                                                                                                         E-mail:
                                         22, Elephant & Castle, SE1 6SQ            Imperial Fields, Bishopsford Rd,                                                                                       
                                            Elephant and Castle                    Morden, SM4 6BF
                                         Tel: 020 7582 5505                              Mitcham                           48. Waterloo TTC
                                        Tel: 020 8685 6193                      The Hub
West london                              Elephant_Castle_Leisure_Centre          1a Kennington Road, SE1 7QP
                                         Hire per half hour                        facilities/thehub.htm                      Lambeth North
30. Jubilee Sports Centre
                                                                                                                           Contact: Mark Jenkins
Caird St, W10 4RR                        37. Brixton Leisure Centre                44. Whitton Sports Centre
                                                                                                                           Tel: 07843 618199
    Queens Park                          27, Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8QQ           Percy Rd, Whitton TW2 6JW
Tel: 020 8960 9629                           Brixton                               Tel: 020 8898 7795      Tel: 020 7926 9779              
31. Moberly Sports Centre
Kilburn Lane, W10 4AH
                                                                                   45. Sutton Junior Tennis Centre
                                                                                                                           East London
    Queens Park, or Kensal Rise                                                    Rosehill Park, Sutton, SM1 3BS          49. Central Foundation TTC
Tel: 020 7641 4807                                                                     Sutton Common                       Central Foundation Girl’s School         38. Bacons College Sports Centre            Harley Grove, Bow, E3 2AT
leisureandculture/active/moberly/        Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe,            Tel: 020 8641 6611                         Bow Road / Mile End
4 tables                                 SE16 6AT (SE)                                                                     Contact: Gideon Ashison
                                                                                   46. Westcroft Leisure Centre
                                             Canada Water                                                                  Tel: 07776 183009
32. Kensington, Leisure Centre                                                     Westcroft Rd, Carshalton, SM5 2TG
                                         Tel: 020 450 4974                                                                 E-mail:
Walmer Rd, W11 4PQ                                                                     Carshalton
   Latimer Road                                                                    Tel: 020 8770 4800
Tel: 020 7727 9747                                                                                                    centre.asp

12                                                                                                                                                                     13
50. Eastlea Wanderers Community TTC
Eastlea Community School
                                          North London                            61. The Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
                                                                                  Willoughby Lane, Tottenham, N17 0SL
                                                                                                                             North West London
Eastlea Gym, Exning Road, Canning Town,   56. Barnet TT Centre Limited                White Hart Lane                        66. Lowlands TTC
Newham, E16 4ND                           Barnet Table Tennis Centre              Contact: Graeme Barthop                    Lowlands Club
       West Ham                           Barnet Lane, Barnet, EN5 2DN            Tel: 07939 871 511                         Lowlands Road, Eastcote,
Contact: Shu Huang                           High Barnet                          E-mail: Graeme@chelsea1956.                Middllesex, HA5 1TU
Tel: 07828 525 711                        Contact: John Carpenter                                        Eastcote
E-mail:            Tel: 07865 407 125                      Contact: Roy Hames
                                          E-mail:                                      Tel: 0208 428 4918
51. Langdon TTC
Langdon School, Sussex Road, East Ham,                                            62. Urban Progress PremierClub
Newham, E6 2PS                            57. Ellenborough TTC                    Lyonsdown Hall
   East Ham                               Kimberley Gardens, Enfield,             Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet, EN5 1JB        67. Sudbury Hill TTC
Contact: Julian Dias                      Middlesex, EN1 2SW                          New Barnet                             Hatchend High School
Tel: 0207 476 4580                            Enfield Town                        Contact: Ronald Boucher                    Tilltson Road, Hatchend, HA3 6NR
E-mail:           Contact: Ron Smith                      Tel: 020 8440 5594 / 020 8449 5594              Headstone Lane
                                          Tel: 07957 450 792                      E-mail:               Contact: Malcom Wilson
52. Lister TTC
                                          E-mail:           Tel: 07941 399 133
231 Plashet Road, Plaistow, E13 0QU
   Upton Park                                                                     63. Westdene TTC
Contact: Shiri Paul                       58. Mayfield Athletic TTC               Holy Trinity Church Hall
Tel: 07888 830179                         1 Kenmare Gardens, London, N13 5DR      Hermon Hill, South Woodford,               68. The Harefield Academy
E-mail:                 Palmers Green                       Redbridge, E18 1QQ                         Northwood Way, Harefield, Uxbridge,
                                          Contact: Mark Hanrahan                     South Woodford                          Middlesex, UB9 6ET
53. Oaklands Community TTC
                                          Tel: 020 8886 3982 / 07867 835 504      Contact: Neil McKenzie                        Northwood
Oaklands School
                                                                                  Tel: 020 8505 0061                         Contact: Eli Baraty
Old Bethnal Green Road,                   59. Mildmay Community TTC
                                                                                  E-mail:        Tel: 07900 401 144
Tower Hamlets, E2 6PR                     Mayville Community Centre
                                                                                              E-mail: eli.baraty@
   Bethnal Green / Cambridge Heath        Woodville Road, Islington, N16 8NP
Contact: Howie Shearing                      Dalston Kingsland
Tel: 07859 031 328                        Contact: John Kessie                                                               69. Wembley & Harrow TTC
E-mail:             Tel: 0207 503 7316 / 07956 931 042      North East London                          Harrow Leisure Centre
                                          E-mail:                                                     Christchurch Avenue, Wealdstone,
54. Stratford TTC                                                                 64. Havering TTC
                                                                                        Middlesex, HA3 5BD
Upton Lane, Forest Gate, E7 9PR                                                   Coopers Company & Coborn School
                                                                                                                                    Harrow & Wealdstone
   Upton Park                             60. The 3E’s TTC                        St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, RM14 3HS
                                                                                                                             Contact: David Hayman
Contact: T Zhang                          Boundary Hall                                  Upminster
                                                                                                                             Tel: 020 8866 6519
Tel: 07828 866 031                        Snells Park, Edmonton, N18 2TB          Contact: Colin Sherin
                                              White Hart Lane                     Tel: 01708 340 761
55. Beckton TTC                                                                                                              clubs/clubhome
                                          Contact: Martin May
St Marks Community Centre                                                         65. Mossford TTC
                                          Tel: 07818 054 515
Tollgate Road, Beckton, E6 5YA                                                    Bancrofts School
     Beckton                                                                      High Road, Woodgreen, Essex, IG8 0RF
                                          Through Facebook (The 3E’s TTC)
Contact: Julian Dias                                                                  Buckhurst Hill
Tel: 020 7476 4580                                                                Contact: John Spero
E-mail:                                                   Tel: 020 8550 0904                                Ball size
                                                                                  E-mail:                      Ping pong ball sizes
                                                                                           were increased from 38mm
                                                                                                                         to 40mm in the year 2000 to
                                                                                                                     increase the air resistance of the
                                                                                                                    ball, slow down the game and make
                                                                                                                          it more of a spectator sport.
14                                                                                                                                                                 15
South London                                South East London                         West London Area                          Social Ping Pong
70. Dulwich TTC                             75. Belvedere Community Centre TTC        80. Hillingdon TTC
                                                                                                                                Fancy something a bit more social?
Harris Girls Academy                        Belvedere Community Centre, Mitchell      Botwell Green Sports & Leisure Centre
                                                                                                                                A beer and a match after work?
Fusion Sports Centre,                       Close, Lower Belvedere, Kent, DA17 6AA    East Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2HW
                                                                                                                                There’s lots of stuff going on to get
Homestall Road, SE22 0NR                        Belvedere                                 Hayes & Harrington
                                                                                                                                involved with.
    Nunhead                                 Contact: Eric Jenkins                     Contact: Sue Merican
Contact: Abdul Wuraola                      Tel: 0208 303 8312                        Tel: 01895 251 724
Tel: 07584 245 552                          E-mail:            E-mail:
                                            76. Kemnal TTC
                                                                                                       Central London
                                            Kemnal Technology College, Sports Hall,   81. DHS Greenhouse Progress TTC          84. The Young Offenders’ Institute (YOI)
71. Ernest Bevin Sports College             Sevenoaks Way, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5AA     Southall Sports Centre         
Beechcroft Road, Tooting, SW17 7DF              St Mary Cray                          Beaconsfield Road, Southall,             YOI has run ‘Beer, Music, Ping Pong’
   Tooting Bec                              Contact: Len Pilfold                      Middlesex, UB1 1DP                       since 2007. They run regular monthly
    Earlsfield                              Tel: 0208 850 3910 / 07790 171 803            Southall                             nights in Brick Lane and Camden.
Contact: Mark Smith                         E-mail:              Contact: Jason Sugrue
                                                                                                                               85. The Book Club, Shoreditch
Tel: 07814 907 816                                       Tel: 07817 171 483
E-mail:                                                        E-mail:
                                            77. VCD TTC                                                                        A relaxed bar cafe in the centre                                                          
                                            VCD Athletic Club                                                                  of Shoreditch. They run a King Pong
72. Rosehill TTC                            Old Road, Crayford Kent, DA1 4DN          82. Moberly TTC                          Tournament – every Tuesday night.
Rosehill Community Association                  Crayford                              Moberly Sports & Ed Centre               It’s a £1 to enter to win £30 bar.
The Pavilion, Rosehill Recreation Ground,   Contact: John Marsh                       Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AH
                                                                                                                               86. Concrete, Shoreditch
Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3HH                     Tel: 013 2243 6250                            Kensal Rise / Kensal Green
                                                                                                                               Lower Ground Floor, Tea Building
    Sutton Common                           E-mail:         Contact: Sherwin Remata
                                                                                                                               56 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JJ
Contact: Mike Kercher                                                                 Tel: 07545 581 624
                                            78. Youngs TTC                                                                     Tel: 020 7729 1888
Tel: 020 8644 3408                                                                    E-mail:
                                            St Michaels Church Hall                                                               Shoreditch High Street
73. South Croydon TT                        Abbey Wood Road, Abbey Wood, SE2 0BP                                     
Development Centre                              Abbey Wood (London)                   83. The Twickenham Brunswick C.Y.P       events/youth-club-3
Development Centre                          Contact: John Watson                      Claredon Crescent, Twining Avenue,       Concrete run a regular night called
Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane,          Tel: 020 8311 6414                        Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5LN           Youth Club to head old back to the old
Croydon, Surrey, CR9 5BX                    E-mail:                    Fulwell                              school, filled with 80’s music, bats, balls.
    South Croydon                                                                     Contact: Dave Paulowski
                                                                                                                               87. T47@ London Bridge
Contact: Robin Faulkner                                                               Tel: 020 8894 0207 / 020 8894 2571
                                                                                                                               47 St Thomas Street London SE1 3QX
Tel: 01883 627 951
E-mail: southcroydontabletennisclub@
                                            South West London                         E-mail:
                                                                                                                                   London Bridge
                                                                                                                               Tel: 020 7036 9915                                 79. Graham Spicer TTC
                                            15 Dukes Avenue, New Malden,
74. York Gardens TTC                                                                                                           table-tennis
                                            Surrey, KT3 4HL
Fircroft Primary School                                                                                                        5 indoor table tennis tables available
                                                Raynes Park
Fircroft Road, Tooting,                                                                                                        to hire (£3 per 30 mins) as well as a variety
                                            Contact: Paul Abraham
Wandsworth, SW17 7PP                                                                                                           of events from casual tournaments.
                                            Tel: 020 8879 1945 / 07706 058 979
    Tooting Bec
                                            E-mail:                                             Word Series of Pong
Contact: Tom Draper
                                                                                              Keep an eye on this new bunch organising
Tel: 0208 874 1575
                                                                                                                               ping pong nights in London over the
                                                                                                                               coming months:

16                                                                                                                                                                            17
How to organise your                                                                                 Resources
own games

Knock out                                     You will need
                                                                                                     Where to buy                                               Jarvis Sports
                                                                                                                                                                Tel: 01553 811 391
tournament                                    Players
                                              4 minimum but an even number
                                                                                                     equipment                                                  Tees Sport
It is a single elimination tournament         of players (up to 16 or 32)                            Sports Direct                                              Tel: 08004 584 141
divided into successive rounds in which                                                     Sports/
                                              Time required (approx.)                                                                                           TTLinks
players play in a one off match to
                                              16 = 1 hour, 32 = 2 hours                              Decathalon                                                 Tel: 01329 236 418
determine a winner. A game between
two players is won when one player has                                                                                                                          Bill Thornton
won the best of five games, each game                                                                Specialist Retailers                             
will be the first to 11 points.               Round Robin                                            Bribar TableTennis
After a match is won the winner will          The round robin format is a great one for              Tel: 01227 860348
progress to the next round. Most              groups and guarantees that you’ll play                                               Other useful websites
competitors will be eliminated after          several matches, win or lose.
                                                                                                     UK Table Tennis Ltd                                        Ping!
relatively few matches.
                                              How to play                                            (Cornilleau TT authorised importer)              
Referee: Ideally a third person should        All play all, 11 up, one set or best of 3              Tel: 08452 600 780
                                                                                                                                                                English Table Tennis Association
be used to keep score. Match results must                                                  
                                              Numbers of players                                                                                      
be submitted after the match has been
                                              3, 4, 5, or 6 players per group
played to the tournament organiser.

                                              For more ideas and score and draw sheets
                                              please go to

 Knock out tournament format

     Player A
     Player A                Winner match 1

                                                                                                                                                                              s clubs
                             Winner match 2

                                                                                                                                             e te n n i
     Player C

                                                                                                                                      TA tabl
     Player D                                        Winner match 9

                                                                                                                               at E T
                                                     Winner match 10

     Player E


                                                                                                 Free se
     Player F                Winner match 3
     Player G                Winner match 4
     Player H                                                                  Winner match 13
     Player I                                                                  Winner match 14   Why not try out your local table tennis club? We’ve made it easier for you by making
     Player J
                             Winner match 5                                                      your first session free in participating venues (those listed in this booklet) – just cut out
     Player K                Winner match 6
                                                                                                 this voucher and present at your local club.
     Player L
                                                     Winner match 11                             Valid until 30th November 2010
     Player M                                        Winner match 12
     Player N                Winner match 7
     Player O                Winner match 8                                                      To club manager, please keep this voucher to one side until 30th November 2010
     Player P

18                                                                                                                                                                                                      19

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