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                                                                                 New Anti-Virus
                                                                                     University where Sophos Anti-Virus is running.
                                                                                     Sophos Sweep will also identify files that
                                                                                     are corrupt in some way other than being
                                                                                     infected (for example a document may not
                                                                                     have saved correctly due to a lack of disk
                                                                                     Sophos Anti-Virus is a client/server
bITS is published                                                                    application. Updates will be downloaded
                                   ITS has licensed the Sophos Anti-
monthly by                                                                           from the Sophos web site to the server daily
                                   Virus software this year to improve
Information Technology                                                               initially, and desktop computers will poll the
                                   anti-virus measures at Lincoln
Services                                                                             server for updates every four hours. The
                                   University.                                       automation of updating virus
                                   Sophos Anti-Virus consists of two programs,       definition/signature files will greatly improve
                                   InterCheck and Sweep, which provide the           protection against viruses.
                                   following methods of detection:                   Implementation Summary
                                   Interactive checking                              1) Install on the NetWare servers (done).
To submit or request articles or   The InterCheck program detects an infection       2) Install on remaining NT computers in ITS.
to amend the mailing list,         when the file is accessed in any way – by         3) Install on computers in the student
contact the editor:                the user or system attempting to open, copy          computer laboratories and lecture theatres
                                   or move the file. This includes files from any       (before semester one).
David Hollander, extn 8036         location such as the network, local drives or     4) Communicate with divisions
Email:      floppy disk, the opening of email attachments,       (February onwards):
                                   and internet downloads. Access is granted            a) provide demonstrations of the software.
bITS is available on the Web at:   only if the file is virus-free.                      b)confirm computer MB numbers. (Sophos                                                                  Anti-Virus is not compulsory if you
                                   Scheduled scans
its/bits/default.htm                                                                       have licensed another product, and are
                                   The Sweep program can be scheduled to scan
                                                                                           keeping it up to date.)
                                   disks. A full scan of the NetWare volumes,
                                                                                     5) Remotely install on leased computers in
Information Technology Services    including your files on the network, will run
PO Box 84                          each night. Users will be notified via email
                                                                                     6) Install on Macintosh computers in
Lincoln University                 if any infected or corrupt files are found.
Canterbury                         NT computers will be configured to run a full
                                                                                     7) Configure non-leased computers putting
                                   scan each night if they are not fully shutdown.
Phone (03) 325 2811                                                                     them into the LU domain, then remotely
                                   Immediate scans                                      install Sophos Anti-Virus, starting with
Fax (03) 325 3865
                                   The Sweep program can be run by the user             Windows NT computers, then Windows
                                   at any time to check files on floppy disk,           2000/98/95. Sophos Anti-Virus will not
                                   the network, or on local drives.                     be installed on DOS and Windows 3.1
                                   Sophos Sweep will disinfect boot sectors and         computers. These computers can continue
   February 2001                   documents with macro viruses. It is Sophos           to run F-Protect this year.
                                   policy to detect but not disinfect infected       8) Did I forget documentation?
    NUMBER        11               program files, requiring new copies of the
                                   program file to be obtained. This does not
                                                                                     9) Once on-campus computers are running
                                                                                        Sophos Anti-Virus, procedures for home
                                   appear to be a problem at Canterbury                 use will be set up.
                                                                                                                       Brenda Lord
    Access to Windows 3.1 and DOS
    in Computer Laboratories                                                                   login scripts
                                                                                               If you do not know what a NetWare login script
    and Lecture Theatres                                                                       is, or have never customised your login script,
                                                                                               there is no need to read further.
    As you’ll be aware ITS is planning to phase out                                            For the past 10 years, personal login scripts
    Windows 3.1 by December 31 this year.                                                      have been stored as text files on the SYS:
    The first part of this process will be changes to the                                      volume on each server, and users have been
    computer laboratories. You will no longer be able                                          able to modify their own login script using a
    to access Windows 3.1 in the computer laboratories                                         text editor. Normal practice for current versions
    without a boot disk. If you require your students to use                                   of NetWare is to store login scripts within the
    software that is only available under Windows 3.1 then each student will require           user database (NDS), and we intend to move
    one of these disks.                                                                        them there over the next month. All
                                                                                               customisations to login scripts will be retained,
    We are holding demonstration & training sessions for lecturers and tutors during           and users will not notice any differences when
    February. These sessions include how to create and use a boot disk. Details of             they log in. However, anyone wanting to
    these sessions are available from Teaching and Learning services (ext 7616).               modify their login script in future will need
                                                                    Rebecca Schasching         to run nwadmn32.exe in the v:win32 directory.
                                                                                               Contact David (x8014) or John (x7885) if you
                                                                                               have any questions.

                                                                                                                                     John Baird

ITS farewelled Simon Quested at the end of last year. He left the university after 6½ years
service to take up the role of Field Engineer with Equant Integration Services. Our thanks
and best wishes go with him.
Like many groups at Lincoln, ITS has been unable to replace the vacancy that Simon’s
departure has created until student numbers are confirmed in February/March. Obviously            In December an e-mail was circulated
this creates extra work for remaining staff so please be patient if you require hardware          notifying all staff of the intention to
support. We’re doing the best we can.                                                             deploy Office 2000 into the computer
                                                                                                  laboratories and lecture theatres. ITS
                                                                         Rebecca Schasching
                                                                                                  asked for feedback from staff before
                                                                                                  proceeding. At the time of printing only
                                                                                                  two responses have been received and
                                                                                                  these raised no serious reasons why the

Geographic Information                                                                            upgrade should not proceed. ITS will
                                                                                                  therefore install Office 2000 in computer

Systems (GIS) at Lincoln                                                                          labs and lecture theatres.
                                                                                                  From February 19th instructions for
This may be the first time that you have been told what GIS stands for, or it may even            accessing Office 2000 documents for
be the first time that you have even heard the term. GIS has been on campus for several           those staff using Word 6.0, Excel 5.0
years now yet it remains an undiscovered treasure for some. In order to raise people’s            and PowerPoint 4.0 will be available
awareness and provide information about GIS at Lincoln I have developed a GIS web-page.           at:
A link to the GIS page is available on the ITS homepage                                 
(                                                       For those staff with new computers you
The GIS page covers a range of information:                                                       can choose to upgrade to Office 2000.
• GIS papers offered at Lincoln                                                                   To have your software upgraded please
• GIS staff contact details                                                                       log a call with the Help Desk using the
• data available at Lincoln and how to access it                                                  Pegasus Mail “IT Services Job Request
• links to related sites                                                                          Form”. Due to the pressure that the
• events and GIS news on and off campus                                                           beginning of semester brings there will
                                                                                                  be no upgrades completed between 19
Please feel free to visit this web-page and explore the GIS capabilities at Lincoln. I would      February and 16 March, 2001.
appreciate any feedback or suggestions about this resource – please email me with your
comments (                                                                                      Rebecca Schasching

                                                                              Mary Hennessy