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Bioversity International
Via dei Tre Denari, 472/a
00057 Maccarese
(Fiumicino) Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 0661181
Fax: +39 0661979661
	                                                  Welcome	to	Rome

TaBle of conTenTs

PRofile of Rome                                                 3
  Situation	                                                    3
  Area	and	Population	                                          3
  Topography	                                                   3
  Administration	                                               3
  Religion	                                                     3
  Industry	                                                     3
  EU	Status	                                                    3
  Public	Holidays	in	Italy	                                     4
  Time	Zones	                                                   4
essenTials                                                      5
  From	the	airport	to	the	city	                                 5
  Currency	                                                     5
  Tipping	                                                      5
  Climate	                                                      5
  What	to	wear	                                                 6
  Dress	code	                                                   6
  Business	Practices	                                           6
  Greetings	                                                    6
  A	word	to	the	wise	                                           6
  Shop	hours	                                                   6
  Banking	hours	                                                6
  Transportation	                                               6
  Utilities	                                                    8
  Metric	equivalents	                                           8
  Postal	services	                                              9
  Flower	Giving	                                                9
  Useful	telephone	numbers	                                     9
  Useful	websites	                                              9
emeRgencies                                                    10
  Hospitals	                                                   10
  Vaccinations	                                                10
  Doctors	&	Dentists	                                          10
  Late-Night	Pharmacies	                                       11
  Foreign	Diplomatic	Representations	                          11
Things To do in Rome                                           12
  Museums	and	Archaeological	Sites		in	Rome	                   12
  Museums	                                                     12
  Archaeological	sites	                                        13
  Characteristic	markets	                                      14
  Shops	                                                       14
  Shopping	malls	                                              14
  Department	stores	                                           14
  Supermarkets	                                                14
  Others	                                                      15
  Conversions	for	clothing	measurements	                       15

Welcome	to	Rome

accommodaTion                                       16
  Publications	                                     16
  Realtors/Estate	agents	                           16
  Hotels	                                           17
  Mini	Apartments	for	short	stays	                  17
eaTing ouT                                          18
  Breakfast,	lunch	and	dinner	times	                18
  Bars	                                             18
  Cucina	Italiana	—	Italian	cuisine	                18
  Wines	                                            18
  Pizza	                                            18
  Some	restaurants	we	have	tried	                   18
  Characteristic…	                                  19
  Pubs	                                             19
enTeRTainmenT                                       21
  Ticket	Agencies	                                  21
  Theatres	                                         21
  Dinner	Theatre	                                   21
  Music	                                            21
  Cinemas	showing	English-language	films	           21
  English	Bookshops	                                21
foReign chuRches                                    22
inTeRnaTional schools                               24
inTeRnaTional univeRsiTies                          26
faciliTies aT headquaRTeRs maccaRese (Rome)         27
  Headquarters	address	                             28
  Office	hours	                                     28
  Communications	                                   28
  Mail	                                             28
  Visitors	                                         28
  Publications	                                     28
  Library	and	information	services	                 28
  First	Aid	                                        29
  Headquarters	Holidays	                            29
  Outposted	staff	                                  29
  Emergency	Team	                                   29
  Restaurants	                                      29
  Hotels	                                           30
  Various	                                          30
  Open-air	markets	                                 31
  Bars	                                             31
  Taxis	                                            31
  Transportation	                                   31
  Nature	Parks		                                    31
  Education	                                        31
  English-speaking	doctors	in	Rome	and	Maccarese	   32
useful weBsiTes                                     33
maP of Rome                                         34
maP of gReaTeR Rome                                 35

	                                                                                          Welcome	to	Rome

PRofile of Rome
Rome,	the	capital	of	the	Italian	Republic,	is	the	seat	of	the	President	of	the	Republic,	the	government,	the	
two	houses	of	Parliament,	the	Senate	and	the	Chamber	of	Deputies.	Within	the	Rome	area	is	the	Vatican	
City	(Città	del	Vaticano),	which	is	the	smallest	state	in	the	world	(area	0.44	sq.	km	-	110	acres).		It	is	also	
the	seat	of	the	Pope,	head	of	the	Roman	Catholic	Church.

Rome	is	located	on	both	banks	of	the	Tiber	(Tevere)	River,	in	the	Lazio	region	in	central	Italy,	latitude	
41º52N,	longitude	12º30E.

area and Population
The	city	of	Rome	(Comune	di	Roma),	chief	town	of	the	province	of	the	same	name	and	the	Lazio	region,	
has	an	area	of	582	sq.	miles	(1507	sq.	km)	and	a	population	of	over	5	million.

Rome	was	built	on	seven	hills	-	the	Capitoline	(Campidoglio),	Palatine	(Palatino),	Aventine	(Aventino),	
Quirinal	(Quirinale),	Viminal	(Viminale),	Esquinal	(Esquilino)	and	Caelian	(Celio).	Two	additional	hills,	the	
Janiculum	(Gianicolo)	and	Pincian	(Pincio)	are	not	included	among	the	traditional	seven.	The	historic	
centre	of	Rome	was	bound	on	the	west	by	the	Tiber	and	on	the	east	by	the	Servian	Walls	(part	of	which	
are	still	visible),	built	in	the	4th	century	B.C.	Around	this	central	area	grew	whole	new	districts	which	the	
Emperor	Aurelius	surrounded	with	a	protective	ring	of	walls	at	the	end	of	the	3rd	century	A.D.	In	the	course	
of	centuries,	further	districts	developed,	such	as	the	Borgo	Pio	around	the	Vatican	and	Ostiense	around	
the	Basilica	of	San	Paolo		and	after	Rome	became	capital	of	a	united	Italy	in	1870,	new	neighbourhoods	
including	Prati	and	Parioli	developed.	The	suburbs	of	greater	Rome	now	extend	into	the	Alban	Hills	to	
the	east,	to	the	sea	(Ostia	and	Fiumicino)	in	the	west,	and	far	into	the	surrounding	plain,	the	Roman	
countryside,	in	the	north	and	south.

A	mayor	and	municipal	council,	the	headquarters	of	which	are	in	the	Capitol,	govern	the	Comune	di	Roma.

While	the	overwhelming	majority	of	Romans	are	Roman	Catholic,	almost	every	religion	is	represented	in	
Rome,	(for	more	information	see	section	“Rome’s Foreign Churches”	in	page	26).

Rome	has	little	industry	of	its	own	and	the	majority	of	the	working	population	is	employed	in	administration	
and	the	service	trades.	This	reflects	the	fact	that	Rome	has	never	established	an	industrial	tradition	but	
has	continued	to	acquire	increased	administrative	functions	as	well	as	being	one	of	the	great	magnets	for	
tourists.	In	recent	years,	however,	the	number	of	small	industrial	establishments	in	the	area	around	Rome	
(Pomezia)	has	increased.

eu status
Italy	is	a	founder	member	of	the	European	Union.	Italy	has	also	signed	and	ratified	the	Schengen	Treaty,	
which	governs	the	visa	policies	of	the	European	Union	countries.	

Welcome	to	Rome

Public holidays in italy
1	January
6	January	(Epiphany)
Easter	Sunday	and	Monday
25	April	(Liberation	Day)
1	May	(Labour	Day)
29	June	(Rome	only,	Saints.	Peter	&	Paul)
15	August	(Assumption	Day)
1	November	(All	Saints	Day)
8	December	(Immaculate	Conception)
25	December	(Christmas	Day)
26	December	(St.	Stephen’s	Day)

For.Bioversity.International.Headquarters	Holidays,	see	page	36.

Time Zones
Italy	is	6	hours	ahead	of	Eastern	Standard	Time,	7-9	hours	ahead	of	other	US	time	zones	and	1	hour	
ahead	of	GMT.	When	it’s	noon	in	Rome,	it’s	6:00	a.m.	in	New	York	City,	11:00	a.m.	in	London	and	21:00	in	
Sydney.	Italy	observes	Daylight	Saving	Time	from	the	last	Sunday	of	March	to	the	last	Sunday	of	October.

	                                                                                          Welcome	to	Rome


from the airport to the city
To	get	downtown	from	the	Leonardo	Da	Vinci	International	Airport	(Fiumicino)	there	are	two	choices	of	
trains.	The	non-stop	Leonardo	Express	(marked	FS)	takes	you	directly	to	Rome’s	main	train	station	called	
Termini.	It	runs	every	half	hour	and	costs	€11	each	way.	The	other	airport	train	(FM1)	is	a	local	train	and	
costs	less,	runs	from	the	airport	to	Rome	and	beyond	to	Fara	Sabina.	The	main	stops	in	Rome	are	at	
Trastevere,	Ostiense,	Tuscolana	and	Tiburtina	stations.	This	train	does	not	stop	in	Termini.

A	taxi	from	Fiumicino	airport	to	the	city	centre	starts	from	€40	and	takes	about	30-40	minutes,	depending	
on	traffic.	A	taxi	from	Ciampino	airport	to	the	city	centre	starts	from	€30	and	takes	about	20-30	minutes,	
depending	on	traffic.	At	night	there	is	also	a	surcharge	and	baggage	is	charged	per	piece.

Ciampino	airport	also	has	shuttle	buses	to	the	city	centre.	These	cost	an	average	of	€4	each	way.

The	currency	is	“Euro”’	and	the	sign	is	€.	In	Italy	the	€	became	effective	on	1	January	2002	and	the	official	
exchange	rate	of	the	former	Italian	Lira	is	1936,27/€	1,00.	

There	are	coins	of	1,	2,	5,	10,	20,	50	cents,	€	1	and	2	and	notes	of	€	5,	10,	20,	50,	100,	200	and	500.

Travellers’	cheques	issued	by	all	major	companies	are	widely	recognized.	The	principal	credit	cards	
accepted	are	American	Express,	Diner’s	Club,	Eurocard,	Mastercard	and	Visa.

Cashpoints	(ATM	machines)	are	widely	available	throughout	Rome.

Tipping	is	not	mandatory.	At	times	a	service	charge	of	15%	(servizio)	is	included	in	your	restaurant	bill.	This	
should	not	be	confused	with	the	cover	charge	(coperto),	which	is	a	charge	for	bread	and	table	setting.	If	the	
service	charge	is	included	and	you	are	pleased	with	the	service,	it’s	customary	to	leave	an	additional	5-10%;	if	
the	service	charge	is	not	included,	leave	a	10%	tip.		Tip	10-20	cents	when	you	drink	standing	up	at	a	coffee	bar.

Average	daytime	temperatures	range	from	40-55ºF	(5-13ºC).	Tendency	to	rain,	but	the	temperature	rarely	
drops	below	freezing.	Cold	at	night.

Average	daytime	temperatures	range	from	52-75ºF	(11-24ºC).	Spring	weather:	sun	and	showers.	By	the	
middle	of	May,	temperatures	are	at	the	top	of	this	bracket.	June	temperatures	can	easily	go	higher	and	the	
nights	are	cloudless	and	cool.

Average	daytime	temperatures	range	from	80-95ºF	(27-35ºC).	Lots	of	hot	sun.	In	late	September,	rainstorms	
can	last	3	days	with	vertical	curtains	of	water,	which	then	give	way	to	two	weeks	of	clear	skies	and	sunshine.

Average	daytime	temperatures	range	from	49-71ºF	(10	to	22ºC).	October	can	be	as	hot	as	September,	
but	with	slightly	more	rain.	November	and	December	have	mild	days	but	bring	warm	sweaters	and	coats	
(many	of	the	large	drafty	palaces	and	museums	have	no	heating).

Welcome	to	Rome

what to wear
Lightweight	clothing	is	essential	for	Summer,	although	a	sweater	may	be	necessary	in	the	cool	of	the	
evening.	During	Winter	bring	a	medium/heavy-weight	coat,	raincoat,	scarf,	gloves	and	umbrella.	Central	
heating	may	not	be	up	to	your	standards,	and	interiors	can	be	cold	and	damp.	Bring	sturdy	shoes	for	
Winter	and	comfortable	walking	shoes	in	any	season.	

dress code
Italians	dress	very	well	and	are	extremely	fashion	conscious;	it	is	very	rare	to	see	sloppy	and	untidy	
dressing	among	Italians.	For	visitors,	neat,	casual	attire	is	appropriate	for	everyday	situations.	Shorts,	
short	skirts,	bare	arms	and	shoulders	are	not	acceptable	in	churches.	

Business Practices
Make	it	a	practice	to	use	titles	(every	university	graduate	in	Italy	has	one).	

The	handshake	is	the	most	common	greeting	in	Italy.	Good	friends	greet	each	other	with	kisses	on	both	
cheeks.	The	informal	way	to	greet	is	“ciao”	(hi	&	bye).	The	formal	way	to	greet	is	“buon	giorno”	or	“buona	
sera”	(good	day	or	good	evening).	

a word to the wise
As	in	all	big	cities,	Rome	has	its	share	of	petty	crime.		Watch	out	for	pickpockets	on	public	transport,	
do	not	carry	too	much	cash,	carry	only	a	copy	of	your	passport.	If	the	worst	happens,	then	you	should	
head	straight	for	the	nearest	Polizia	or	Carabinieri	station	to	report	(denuncia)		the	incident.		N.B.	you	may	
encounter	some	language	difficulties.	Have	at	least	3	copies	of	your	“denuncia”	given	to	you,	one	of	which	
will	be	required	by	your	Embassy/Consulate	to	obtain	a	duplicate	of	your	passport.

shop hours
An	approximate	guide	is	that	shops	are	open	from	09:00-13:00.	Shops	reopen	at	16:00	or	16:30	and	close	
for	the	evening	at	19:30	or	20:00.	However	in	the	city	centre	shops	tend	to	be	open	all	day	long.

Banking hours
Like	shopping	hours,	banking	hours	are	subject	to	change.	Use	the	following	as	a	rule	of	thumb:	open	
daily	08:30-13:30	and	from	14:45-15:45.	Closed	Saturdays,	Sundays	and	holidays.

A	ticket	for	the	ATAC	city	buses	costs	€1.00	and	can	be	purchased	at	the	train	stations	and	at	any	bar	or	
Tabaccaio	(tobacco	shop)	displaying	an	ATAC	sign.	A	ticket	is	valid	for	75	minutes	on	any	combination	of	
buses	and	trams	and	one	entrance	to	the	Metro.	There	are	also	daily	tickets	valid	for	24	hours	(€4,00),	a	
weekly	ticket	(€16.00)	and	a	monthly	“tessera”	(subscription).	Another	valid	alternative	is	the	BIT	(Biglietto	
Turistico	Integrato),	which	costs	€11.00	and	is	valid	for	3	days.	Bus	stops	are	marked	with	a	Fermata	sign.	
Validate	your	ticket	using	the	orange	machine	at	the	back	or	front	of	the	bus.	If	you	have	a	monthly	tessera	
you	may	use	the	front	door	for	boarding,	otherwise	use	only	the	rear	door. Try	to	avoid	the	rush	hours	
(8:00-9:00,	13:00-14:30,17:00-20:00.	

For	property	lost	on	buses	or	trams,	contact	ATAC	Information,	Tel:	800.431784	or	
Bus	services	to	the	outskirts	of	Rome	are	run	by	COTRAL,	Tel:	800174	471.

	                                                                                         Welcome	to	Rome

The	subway	system,	the	Metropolitana,	has	two	lines,	A	and	B,	which	intersect	at	Termini	Station.	This	is	
the	easiest	and	fastest	way	to	get	around,	and	there	are	stops	near	most	of	the	main	tourist	attractions.	
The	Metro	opens	at	5:30,	and	the	last	trains	leave	the	farthest	station	at	23:30.	The	metro	stop	nearest	to	
FAO	is	Circo	Massimo.

For	specific	Italian	State	Railways	(FS)	information	and	schedules,	contact	the	Information	Office	at	
Stazione	Termini,	from	07:00-23:30,	or	telephone	848	888088	or	browse	their	and	www.	Some	trains	require	reservations,	some	have	only	first	class	service,	others	stop	only	
at	major	stations	and	others	charge	a	supplement	in	addition	to	the	normal	rate.

It	is	probably	easiest	to	telephone	for	a	taxi	as	there	are	few	cruising	taxis	and	fewer	taxi	stands.	Tel:		
063570,	064994,	or	0688177.	If	you	do	find	a	cruising	taxi,	make	sure	that	it	is	a	white	cab	with	a	meter.	
Radio	Taxi	Tel.	063875	accepts	major	credit	cards,	but	you	must	specify	when	calling	that	you	will	pay	
that	way.	N.B.	Sundays	and	night	service	(10.00	p.m.	to	7	a.m.)		are	charged	double	that	indicated	on	the	
meter.		Baggage	is	charged	€1	per	piece.	

You	can	rent	a	moped	or	scooter	and	mandatory	helmet	at	Scoot-a-Long	(Via	Cavour	302,	tel.		
06-6780206),	St.	Peter’s	Moto	(Via	di	Porta	Castello	43,	tel.	06-6875714),	Happy	Rent	(Piazza	Esquilino	
8/h,	tel.	06-4818185),	Scooter	For	Rent	(Piazza	Barberini,	064885485).		

Can	be	rented	in	the	city	centre.	See	for	more	information.		

Wearing	of	seat	belts	is	compulsory.		Lights	must	be	switched	on	at	all	times	when	driving	on	the	
motorways	or	major	state	or	provincial	roads.	Speed	limits	are	130	kph	(80	mph)	on	motorways	and	90	kph	
(30-40	mph)	on	state	and	provincial	roads,	unless	otherwise	marked.	If	you	are	stopped	for	speeding,	you	
will	have	to	pay	a	hefty	fine.	Fines	for	drink-driving	are	heavy,	with	the	additional	possibility	of	six	months’	
imprisonment	or	withdrawal	of	your	driving	license.

Since	July	2003,	a	bonus	of	20	“points”	has	been	granted	to	each	driver	–	“points”	are	deducted	
according	to	the	seriousness	of	the	infringement.

More	information	available	from:	Automobile	Club	d’Italia	(ACI),	Via	Marsala	8;	Tel:	0649981.	Breakdown	
Assistance,	Tel:	803.116.
For	puncture	repair,	look	for	the	sign	“riparazione	gomme”.	Mechanics	are	called	Officine.	In	case	of	
accidents,	make	sure	that	you	have	all	necessary	particulars	and	supporting	evidence	(statements	by	
witnesses,	sketches,	photographs,	etc.).

For	minor	accidents	fill	in	a	CID	(Constatazione	Amichevole	di	Incidente	Automobilistico)	form,	normally	
given	by	your	own	insurance	company	–	it	is	advisable	that	you	keep	3	or	4	of	them	in	the	car.	If	the	
accident	involves	personal	injury,	it	must	be	reported	to	the	police.	You	should	notify	your	own	insurance	
company	as	soon	as	possible.	For	police	and	ambulance,	dial	113.

Welcome	to	Rome

On foot
Pedestrians	have	the	right	of	way	at	pedestrian	crossings	and	at	traffic	lights	when	the	green	light	sign	
reads	AVANTI	(stop	when	you	see	the	red	light	reading	ALT).	Wear	comfortable	shoes	and	be	especially	
careful	on	the	old	cobblestone	streets.

The	electrical	current	in	Italy	is	generally	220	volts/60	cycles,	although	in	some	areas	dual	currents	
125/220)	still	exist.	Check	with	your	hotel.	If	you	bring	appliances	with	you,	be	sure	it	has	a	110/220	volts	
and	50/60	cycle	conversion.	In	the	case	of	large	appliances	(computers,	stereos	etc.),	a	voltage	regulator	
may	be	needed	to	protect	the	equipment	from	fluctuations	in	voltage.

metric equivalents
1cm	(centimetro)	=	0.394	inches
1	m	(metro)	=	39.37	inches	o	3.28	feet	or	1.094	yds
1	km	(chilometro)	=	0.621	miles
1	inch	=	2.54	cm
1	foot	=	30.48	cm
1	yard	=	91.4	cm
1	mile	=	1.690	km

To	convert	centimetres	into	inches,	multiply	by	.39,	to	convert	inches	into	centimetres,	multiply	by	2.54.

Liquid measures
1	litre	(litro)	=	1.760	pints	or	0.88	quarts	or	0.22	gallons;	4	litres	=	1.06	gallons.

For	a	quick	approximate	conversion,	multiply	the	number	of	gallons	by	4	to	get	litres	(litri).	Divide	the	
number	of	litres	by	4	to	get	gallons.

100	gr	-	3.5	oz	=	1	etto	(pl.	etti)	                            1	oz	=	28.35	g
1	kilo	=	2.205	lbs	                                             1	lb	=	454	g
1	metric	ton	=	1	000	kilos	=	0.984	long	tons	                   1	long	ton	=	1.016	metric	tons

Temperature (approximate)
Fahrenheit	     Centigrade
32	   	         0
40	   	         5
50	   	         10
60	   	         16
70	   	         21
80	   	         27
90	   	         32
98.4	 	         36.7	(body	temperature)
100	 	          38
212	 	          100

	                                                                                      Welcome	to	Rome

Postal services
Italian	stamps	can	be	bought	from	most	Tabaccaio	shops	and	from	all	Post	Offices	(Uffici	Postali)	and	you	
may	post	your	letters	in	the	red	mailboxes	nearby.	Vatican	stamps	can	be	bought	in	St.	Peter’s	Square	and	
must	be	mailed	in	the	Piazza	or	in	special	blue	mailboxes	located	in	souvenir	shops	near	the	Vatican.

flower giving
When	taking	flowers	as	a	gift,	do	not	give	chrysanthemums.	In	Italy,	they	are	used	strictly	by	mourners	to	
place	on	graves.

useful telephone numbers
General	information	on	Rome                06	060606
Red	Cross                                  06	5510
All	general	info	-Telecom                  892.412
Fiumicino	Airport	(Leonardo	da	Vinci)      06	65951
Flight	information                         06	65	95	36	40
Ciampino	Airport                           06	794	941
ATAC	Bus	                                  800	431784
Railway	Information                        89	20	21

useful websites
Rome	airports		                  
			(select	Fiumicino	or	Ciampino)
Public	transport		               
			(metro,	buses,	trams	and	strike	news)
Railway	information              
What's	on	in	Rome                

Welcome	to	Rome

All	emergencies                   113
Ambulances	                       118
Fire	Department                   115
Police	(Pubblica	sicurezza)       06	4686
Carabinieri                       112
Traffic	information               1518
Automobile	emergency              803116

Gemelli	                         06	30151
Salvator	Mundi	                  800	402323
Fatebenefratelli	                06	68371
San	Giacomo	                     06	36261
Santo	Spirito		                  06	68351	
San	Giovanni	                    06	77051

The	main	vaccination	centres	in	Rome	are	in:
1)	Via	S.Martino	della	Battaglia	16	–	00187,	tel.0677305582.		
				Monday	to	Friday	from	8:30	to11:30.	Saturday	from	8:30	to10:00	by	appointment	only.
2)	Leonardo	da	Vinci	International	Airport,	tel.0665953251.
				Monday	to	Friday	from	9:00	to12:00.

doctors & dentists
Call	your	Consulate	or:
Salvator	Mundi	Hospital	(tel.	06588961,	Via	delle	Mura	Gianicolensi	66)
Rome	American	Hospital	(tel.	0622551,	Via	Emilio	Longoni,	69),	GRA	exit	No.	16,	
which	have	English-speaking	staff,	for	additional	recommendations.

The	Salvator	Mundi	Clinic	has	excellent	doctors,	an	efficient	outpatient	service	and	experienced	nuns	as	
registered	nurses.

The	Rome	American	Hospital	is	a	general	intensive	care	hospital	affiliated	with	the	Hospital	Corporation	of	
America.	The	bilingual	staff	provides	both	medical	and	surgical	services	on	an	in-	and	out-patient	basis.	
Physicians	are	also	on	hand	for	total	preventive	medical	check-ups	(including	sports	medicine)	on	an	
individual	or	family	basis.

In	an	emergency,	go	to	a	hospital	that	has	a	Pronto	Soccorso	service	such	as:
Policlinico	Umberto	I,	Viale	del	Policlinico	155,	tel.	06490353.
S.Giacomo,	Via	Antonio	Canova	29,	tel.0636261
Fatebenefratelli,	Piazza	Fatebenefratelli,	tel.06837299
S.Giovanni,	Via	dell’Amba	Aradam	8,	tel.0677051
S.Camillo,	Via	Portuense	332,	tel.0658704666
Bambino	Gesù,	Piazza	S.Onofrio	4,	tel.0668591	(children	only)

Concordia	Hospital,	Via	delle	Sette	Chiese	90.	Tel.	0651600248.	This	small		hospital,	located	very	close	
to	our	former	HQ	in	Garbatella,	is	fitted	to	provide	for		general	medical	necessities	and	surgery.		It	is	
acknowledged	by	J.	Van	Breda	&	C.	Int.,	medical	insurance	brokers,	as	fully	meeting	general	medical	
standards.	Some	of	the	Doctors	speak	English	and/or	French/Spanish.

	                                                                                     Welcome	to	Rome

Other medical/laboratory centres
Aventino	Medical	Group.	Via	della	Fonte	di	Fauno	22	–	00154	Rome,	tel./fax	06	5780738/57288349.		
All	staff	are	English/French/Italian-speaking,

CD	Dentro	Diagnostico.	Via	F.A.	Pigafetta	1	–	00154	Rome,	tel.	06571071,	fax	0657107400.

Caravaggio.	Via	Accademia	degli	Agiati	65/67,	00147	Rome,	tel.06594531,	fax	659453333,,

late-night Pharmacies
You	will	find	American	and	British	products--or	their	equivalents--and	English-speaking	staff	at	Farmacia	
Internazionale	Capranica	(Piazza	Capranica	96,	tel.	06679-4680),	Farmacia	Internazionale	Barberini	(Piazza	
Barberini	49,	tel.	06482-5456),	and	Farmacia	Cola	di	Rienzo	(Via	Cola	di	Rienzo	213,	tel.	06324-3130),	
among	others.	Most	pharmacies	are	open	8:30-13:00,	16:00-20:00;	some	are	open	all	night.	Pharmacies	
take	turns	opening	on	Sunday.	A	schedule	is	posted	outside	each	pharmacy.

foreign diplomatic Representations
Almost	all	countries	have	a	diplomatic	representative	in	Rome.		Many	also	have	diplomatic	representatives	
with	the	Holy	See.		Addresses	and	telephone	numbers	are	listed	in	the	telephone	directory	under	
“Ambasciate	presso	lo	Stato	Italiano”	or	“Ambasciate	presso	la	Santa	Sede”	(Holy	See).

Welcome	to	Rome

Things To do in Rome

museums and archaeological sites in Rome
Below	is	a	list	of	the	major	museums	and	archaeological	sites	in	Rome.		In	general,	all	museums,	except	
for	the	Doria	Pamphilj	Gallery	and	Palazzo	delle	Esposizioni,	are	closed	on	Mondays.	Standard	opening	
hours	are	from	9.00	to	19.00,	other	than	the	Vatican	Museums	-	opening	hours	change	according	to	
season.	For	up-to-date	opening	hours	tel.	800991199.	Admission costs are indicative.

A	Roma	Pass	can	be	obtained	from	any	museum	or	tourist	information	centre	(PIT)	for	€23	and	is	valid	
for	3	days.	Entry	to	the	first	2	museums	is	free	and	entry	to	all	museums	thereafter	can	be	obtained	at	the	
reduced	price.

ACEA	ART	CENTER,	Viale	Ostiense	106,	the	juxtaposition	of	ancient	art	and	industrial	architecture.	
Tel.065748030.	€6.50/person

BORGHESE	GALLERY,	Piazza	Scipione	Borghese	(Villa	Borghese).	Sculptures	by	Bernini	and	Canova,	
paintings	by	Titian,	Caravaggio,	Raphael,	Correggio.	Booking	compulsory.	Tel.	06/32810.	€8.50/person

CAPITOLINE	MUSEUMS,	Piazza	del	Campidoglio,	Tel.0667103069.	€6.50/person

CASTEL	SANT’ANGELO	MUSEUM,	Lungotevere	Castello/Piazza	Adriana,	Tel	066819111.	€6.50/person.

DORIA	PAMPHILI	GALLERY,	Palazzo	Doria	Pamphilj,	Piazza	del	Collegio	Romano	1A,	tel.	066797323.	Rich	
collection	of	Italian	artists	from	1500s	and	1600s.	Thursday	closed.	€8.00/person.		

ETRUSCAN	MUSEUM,	Piazza	Valle	Giulia	9,	Tel.	063201951	National	Etruscan	collection.	€4.00/person.	

GALLERIA	COLONNA,	Via	della	Pilotta	17,	tel.	06/6784350.	Open	Saturdays	only.	Paintings	by	Palma	il	
Vecchio,	Tintoretto,	Bronzino,	Guercino,	Salvatore	Rosa,	Annibale	Carracci.	€7.00/person.

064742848.	The	city’s	permanent	collection	of	modern	and	contemporary	art.	€2.58.	

GALLERIA	DELL’ACCADEMIA	DI	S.	LUCA,	Piazza	dell’Accademia	di	S.	Luca	77,	tel.	066798850.	Works	by	
Raphael,	Jacopo	da	Bassano,	Guercino,	Rubens.	Admission	is	free,	mornings	only.	

GALLERIA	NAZIONALE	D’ARTE	MODERNA,	Viale	delle	Belle	Arti	131,	tel.	06322981.	National	collection	of	
modern	art.		€6.50/person.

GALLERIA	SPADA,	Piazza	Capodiferro	13,	tel.	066832409.	Works	by	Guido	Reni,	Titian,	Andrea	del	Sarto,	
Baciccia,	Rubens.	Ticket	includes	visit	to	Borromini	trompe	l’oeil	perspective.	€5.00/person.	

MUSEO	BARRACCO,	Corso	Vittorio	Emanuele	II	166,	tel.	0668806848	Assyrian,	Egyptian,	Greek,	Roman	
sculptures.		€3,00/person.

MUSEO	CANONICA,	Viale	P.	Canonica	2	(Villa	Borghese),	tel.	068842279	The	collection,	private	apartment	
and	studio	of	the	sculptor	and	musician	Pietro	Canonica	who	died	in	1959.	€3.00/person.

	                                                                                       Welcome	to	Rome

MUSEO	DELLA	CIVILTà	ROMANA,	Piazza	G.	Agnelli	10,	EUR,	tel.	065926135	Museum	of	Roman	
civilisation.	€6.50/person.

MUSEO	NAPOLEONICO,	Piazza	Ponte	Umberto	I,	tel.	0668806286.	€3,00/person.	

MUSEO	PREISTORICO	ED	ETNOGRAFICO	L.	PIGORINI,	Piazza	G.	Marconi	14,	EUR,	tel.	06/549521.	
Prehistoric	Italian	artefacts	and	ethnological	material	from	various	cultures.	€6.00/person.

PALAZZO	ALTEMPS,	Piazza	Sant’Apollinare	46/48,	tel.	0639967700.	Ancient	sculptures	from	the	Museo	
Nazionale	Romano,	including	the	Ludovisi	collection.	€5.00/person.	

National	art	collection	of	13th-	to	16th-century	paintings.		€6.00/person.

PALAZZO	CORSINI	GALLERIA	NAZIONALE	D’ARTE	ANTICA,	Via	della	Lungara	10,	tel.	0668802323	
                             th      th
National	art	collection	of	16 	and	17 	century	paintings.	€4.00/person.

PALAZZO	DELLE	ESPOSIZIONI,	Via	Nazionale	194,	tel.	064745903.

PALAZZO	MASSIMO	ALLE	TERME,	Largo	di	Villa	Peretti	1,	tel.	064815576	Important	Roman	paintings,	
mosaics,	sculptures,	coins	and	antiquities	from	the	Museo	Nazionale	Romano,	including	the	Kircherian	
collection.	€7.00/person.	

PALAZZO	VENEZIA,	Museum	Via	del	Plebiscito	118,	tel.	0632810	Mediaeval	to	18th-century	decorative	
arts.	€4.00/person.

VATICAN	MUSEUMS/SISTINE	CHAPEL,	Viale	del	Vaticano,	tel.	0669884947.	Not	only	the	Sistine	Chapel,	
but	also	the	Egyptian	and	Etruscan	collections,	masterpieces	by	Raphael,	Michelangelo,	Caravaggio,	etc.		
€13.00/person.		Entrance	only	until	12.45	p.m.	every	day	(last	Sunday	of	the	month	admission	is	free).

THE	PANTHEON	contains	the	tomb	of	the	great	painter	Raphael	and	of	King	Vittorio	Emanuele,	Piazza	
della	Rotonda.	Admission	free.			

archaeological sites
(For	information	and	details	of	guided	tours	Centro	Servizi	per	l’Archeologia	tel.	064815576.)
Domus	Aurea,	Viale	della	Domus	Aurea.	Reservations	obligatory.		Tel.0639967700.	
The	Colosseum,	Piazza	del	Colosseo.	
Palatine	Entrances	at	Piazza	di	S.	Maria	Nova	(near	Arch	of	Titus)	and	Via	di	S.	Gregorio	30.		
Roman	Forum	Entrances	at	Largo	Romolo	e	Remo	5-6	and	Piazza	di	S.	Maria	Nova	(near	Arch	of	Titus).	
Tel.	066990110.	Admission	free.
Keats-Shelley	Memorial	House,	Piazza	di	Spagna	26,	tel.066784235.
Goethe	House,	Via	del	Corso	18,	tel.0632650412.
H.	Christian	Andersen	House,	Via	P.S.Mancini	24,	tel.063219089.

Welcome	to	Rome

characteristic markets
Campo	dè	Fiori,	Monday-Saturday,	07:00-13:00.	Piazza	Campo	di	Fiori.	The	most	characteristic	fruit	and	
vegetable	market	in	Rome	in	an	incomparable	setting	of	medieval	houses.
Prints	and	Old	Books,	Monday-Saturday,	07:00-13:00.	Piazza	Fontanella	Borghese.	Stall	market	with	
prints,	maps,	original	art	works,	and	old	books.
San	Giovanni,	weekdays	07:00-13:00,	Saturday	noon-dusk.	Just	outside	the	walls	of	Rome	on	Via	Sannio,	
by	San	Giovanni	in	Laterano,	a	market	with	antiques	and	clothes,	towels,	suitcases,	furs	and	leathers.	
Some	excellent	bargains	can	be	found	here.
Porta	Portese,	Sunday	07:00-13:00.	Antiques,	clothes,	basketwork,	prints,	furniture,	shoes,	flowers,	
puppies	and	fruit.	A	hodgepodge	of	the	good,	the	bad	and	the	passable,	but	lots	of	fun.	The	market	stalls	
begin	at	Ponte	Suplicio.	

Unlike	many	other	cities,	there	is	no	real	shopping	area	in	Rome.	However,	Rome’s	best	known	shops	can	
be	found	in	the	series	of	little	streets	that	surround	the	Piazza	di	Spagna:
Via Condotti:	Buccellati,	Bulgari,	Burberry’s,	Gucci,	Cartier,	Armani,	Ferragamo,	Prada,	La	Perla,	Valentino,	
Max	Mara,	Brioni,	D&G,	Prada,	Hermes;
Via Frattina:	Givenchy,	Max	Mara,	Alberta	Ferretti,	Valentino;
Via Borgognona:	Fendi,	Sergio	Valente,	Zegna;
Piazza di Spagna:	Missoni,	Cavalli,	Sergio	Rossi,	Ferrè,	YSL,	Genny;
Via Bocca di Leone:	Malo,	Valentino,	Roccobarocco;
Via del Babuino: Emporio	Armani,	Missoni,	Valentino,	Pomellato;
For	trendy	(and	generally	less	expensive)	shops,	Via	del	Corso	is	your	best	bet.	Other	shopping	areas	
include	Via	Nazionale,	near	Railway	Station	Termini,	and	Via	Cola	di	Rienzo	and	Via	Ottaviano,	both	near	
the	Vatican.	The	Via	Po,	Via	Salaria,	Piazza	Fiume	and	Via	Piave	area,	the	Via	Veneto	area	and	the	Via	
Appia	Nuova	area	also	are	good	options.

shopping malls
I	Granai:	Via	Mario	Rigamonti.	130	shops.
Cinecittà	2:	Via	Palmiro	Togliatti	2.	110	shops.	Tel.067220910
La	Romanina:	Via	E.	Ferri	8.	130	shops.
Parco	Leonardo,	Via	Portuense	2000,	00054	Fiumicino,

department stores
La	Rinascente,	Coin,	Standa,	Upim,	Oviesse	are	the	most	widely	spread.

Conad/Margherita,	PAM,	Standa,	Panorama,	Coop,	GS,	SMA,	Auchan,	Todi’s,	etc.	Most	supermarkets	are	
open	Monday	to	Saturday	from	8am	to	8pm	and	on	Sundays	until	1pm.

	                                                                             Welcome	to	Rome

IKEA	(Swedish	furniture,	linens,	pots,	pans,	cutlery,	etc.)
Casamercato	&	Trony	(hi-tech		appliances,	etc.)
Castorama	(gardening	and	bricolage/d.i.y)
Leroy	Merlin	(gardening	and	bricolage/d.i.y.)

conversions for clothing measurements

Women’s Clothing - Dresses and Coats
Great	Britain     32    33    35    36    38     39
Continental       38    40    42    44    46     48
USA               10    12    14    16    18     20

Women’s Clothing - Sweaters, Blouses
Great	Britain     36    38    40    42    44     46
Continental       42    44    46    48    50     52
USA               34    36    37    40    42     44

Women’s Clothing - Shoes
Great	Britain     2     3     4     5     6      7    8
France            36    37    38    39    40     41   42
Italy             34    36    38    40    42     44
USA               4     5     6     7     8      9    10

Men’s Clothing - Suits
Great	Britain     34    35    36    37    38     39   40      42
Continental       34    36    38    40    42     44   46      48
USA               34    35    36    37    38     39   40      42

Men’s Clothing - Shoes
Great	Britain     8          9      10         10	½   11	½         12
Continental       42         43     44         45     46           47
USA               8½         9½     10½        11     12           12½

Men’s Clothing - Shirts
Great	Britain     14¼        14½    15         15½    16           16½   17
Continental       36         37     38         38     41           42    43
USA               14¼        14½    15         15½    16           16½   17

Welcome	to	Rome

There	are	a	number	of	ways	for	finding	housing	in	Rome.

A	service	is	available	for	FAO	Staff	Coop	members	for	short	and	long	term	housing	listings	on-line:

Porta	Portese	This	publication,	printed	every	Tuesday	and	Friday	and	available	at	newsstands,	contains	
up-to-date	listings	of	available	apartments	(in	Italian)	(€1).	On-line:	www.porta‑

“Wanted	in	Rome”	(	and	“The	Metropolitan”.	These	magazines,	published	for	
the	English-speaking	community	in	Rome,	come	out	every	other	week	and	are	available	at	a	number	
of	newsstands	around	town.	Both	list	apartments	for	rent	and	also	several	English-speaking	real	estate	

Realtors/estate agents
There	are	a	number	of	local	realtors,	which	have	been	used	by	Bioversity			International	staff	members	
successfully.	It	should	be	noted	that	these	usually	charge	a	commission	(standard	is	the	equivalent	of	one	
month’s	rent).	Most	have	English-speaking	staff.

Two	wonderful	English-speaking	ladies,	Sabrina	and	Katia	will	help	you	in	your	housing	hunting	quests!		
Please	refer	to	the	HR	Unit	or	the	Administration	Services,	for	further	details.
Via	G.	Bovio	15,	00195	Roma.	Tel.	0639739559,	fax	0639734855,
@HOME	International	
Via	L.	Bissolati	20,	00187	Rome.	Tel.064881800,	fax	064881808
Piazza	Monteleone	di	Spoleto	36.	00191	Roma.	Tel.	063337164,	fax	063337162,	mobile	337/747493,	
Viale	America	1.	00144	Roma.	Tel.	065919130,	tel./fax	065919125.	
Viale	Aventino	79,	int.1.	00153	Rome.	Tel.	065743170,	tel./fax	065743182.		
Via	del	Gesù	e	Maria	25,	00187	Roma,	Tel.	06/3212341,	fax	063215087,		
Tel.06483456,	tel./fax	064882386,	e-mail:

	                                                                                      Welcome	to	Rome

Piazza	S.	Anselmo	2.	
Tel:	065745174/065745231.	Fax:	065783604
Via	Capo	d’Africa	47.		
Tel:	0670450615	-	0670450616.		
Fax:	0670450640.		
E-mail:	or	
Largo	Gelsomini	2.	Tel:	5741917,		fax	0657466458
Via	Labicana	144,	tel.06770021,	fax	067005781
Via	Pomponia	Grecina	6	(Largo	delle	Sette	Chiese),	tel./fax	065139379.
Via	Assisi	53	(near	Tuscolana	station)	,	Tel	06784692,	Fax	0678469200,		
Via	Pietro	Blaserna,	101	(near	Trastevere	station).	Tel	06	5565215	

mini apartments for short stays
Dott.ssa	Franca	D’Alessandria	(for	booking),	Via	Bertoloni	19,	00197	Rome,	Tel.	068083375,	fax	
068084947,,	has	mini	apartments	in	the	following	buildings:
Residence		“Trastevere”,	Vicolo	Moroni	31,	35/36	-	00153	Rome
Residence	“Barberini”,	Via	Rasella	137	-		00187	Rome
Residence	“Campo	dè	Fiori”,	Vicolo	del	Giglio	1/a	–	00186	Rome
MP	International	House,	Via	G.	Zanardelli	6	–	00186	Rome	(Piazza	Navona	area),	tel.066892624,	Fax	
Short	Lets	Assistance,	tel./fax	0648905897,	e-mail:,

Welcome	to	Rome

eaTing ouT

Breakfast, lunch and dinner times
Bars	are	normally	open	between	6:00	a.m.	and	9:00	p.m.
Restaurants	are	usually	open	noon-15:00	for	lunch,	the	main	meal	of	the	day,	and	open	for	dinner	from	
19:00	to	23:00.	

Bars	pay	a	tax	on	tables	outside	and	prices	are	usually	double	what	they	are	standing	up	inside	the	bar.	At	
Piazza	Venezia,	Piazza	Navona,	Via	Veneto	and	similar	locations,	it	can	be	very	expensive.

cucina italiana — italian cuisine
It’s	difficult	not	to	eat	well	in	Italy.	Start	with	a	typical	appetizer	such	as	frutti	di	mare	(marinated	seafood	
and	shellfish),	bruschetta	(warm	Italian	bread	rubbed	with	garlic	and	topped	with	diced	tomatoes	and	
fresh	basil)	or	prosciutto	crudo	con	melone	or	mozzarella	or	fichi	(paper-thin	slices	of	seasoned	ham	with	
cantaloupe	wedges,	mozzarella	cheese	slices	or	figs).

Choose	a	pasta	(or	risotto)	dish	for	your	first	course,	selecting	from	such	dishes	as	penne	all’arrabiata	
(short	pasta	with		dried	chili	pepper,	bacon	and	tomato	sauce),	spaghetti	con	vongole	veraci	(spaghetti	
with	clam	sauce)	or	pasta	e	fagioli	(short	pasta	cooked	in	a	thick	bean	soup).	For	a	second	(main)	course,	
try	abbacchio	(roast	lamb),	rombo	(turbot	fish),	spigola	(sea	bass),	fiorentina	(T-bone	steak)	or	straccetti	
con	ruchetta	e	parmigiano	(thin-sliced	beef	topped	with	fresh	rocket	and	Parmesan	cheese).

If	you	wish	to	buy	Chinese,	Malaysian,	American,	Mexican,	etc.	food	items,	look	for	Castroni	-	they	have	a	
wide	variety	of	national	and	international	quality	foods.

The	most	famous	wines	of	the	Lazio	region	are	the	dry	whites	–	Vini	dei	Castelli	(Frascati,	Grottaferrata,	
Genzano,	Marino	and	Velletri).	To	accompany	meat	dishes,	choose	a	full-bodied	dry	red	from	the	regions	
of	Tuscany	or	Emilia-Romagna.	

There	is	a	wide	choice	of	pizzas	with	a	variety	of	toppings	which	you	can	also	buy	by	the	“length”	(pizza	a	

some restaurants we have tried
Piazza	Campitelli	18,	Tel:	066864604.	Near	the	Forum.	Expensive.	Closed	Wednesday	and	half	of	August.
Via	Castelfidardo	4,	Tel:	06484596.	Moderate/Expensive.	Closed	Sundays.
Via	Aurora	37	(a	street	parallel	to	Via	Veneto),	Tel:	064819467.	Moderate/expensive.	Closed	Sundays.
Via	Ripetta	14,	Tel:	063211468.	Moderate.	Piazza	del	Popolo	area.	Always	open.
Via	Marche	19,	phone	06/4821834.	Expensive.	Closed	Saturday	and	Friday	evening.

	                                                                                     Welcome	to	Rome

Via	Porta	Settimiana,	8,	Tel:	065818284.	Expensive.	Closed	Monday	and	last	3	weeks	in	August.
Vicolo	del	Mattonato	2,	Tel:	065803601.	Moderate.	No	credit	cards.	
Via	delle	Sette	Chiese,	Tel:	065135272.	Moderate/expensive.
Via	E.	Cravero	8/9/10,	Tel:	065135022.	Moderate.	Excellent	pizza.
Via	F.	Passino	19/21,	Tel:	06513	7359.	Expensive.	Closed	Mondays.
Via	Giovanni	Della	Penna	68,	Tel:	06	3610291.	Expensive.	Closed	Sundays
Piazza	Pantero	Pantera	(by	Garbatella	metro	station),Tel:	065135044.	Moderate.	Closed	Mondays.
Via	Simone	di	Saint	Bon	48.	Tel:	06	37518016	(Prati	area).	Moderate.	Closed	Mondays.
Via	Germanico	62,	Tel:	06	39723373	(Prati	area).	Moderate/expensive.	Closed	Mondays.	

Via	Capo	d’Africa,	26	a/b/c	Tel.	06	7009800.			
Ancient	Roman	cuisine	in	a	recreated	Roman	Empire	atmosphere.	Expensive.
Via	Ardeatina	164	
Tel:	06	5136741.	Closed	on	Wednesday.	
Live	music	and	dancing	in	Ancient	Roman	environment.	Expensive.
Piazza	de’	Mercanti,	30	
Roman	cuisine	accompanied	by	great	romantic	guitar	music.
Lungotevere	Flaminio	57,	Tel:0687137557	–	0687137560.		
Reservation	obligatory.	Dinner	only,	which	is	served	while	famous	Opera	“arias”,	are	sang	by	professional	

Via	dell’Olmata	43	(off	Santa	Maria	Maggiore).	Irish	Pub,	just	off	the	Piazza	Santa	Maria	Maggiore.	Open	
every	day	from	16:00-	0.30.	
Via	della	Fossa	16	(Piazza	Navona	area),	Tel.066893426,	kitsch	decorations.	

Welcome	to	Rome

The	Druid’s	Rock	and	the	Druid’s	Den,	both	show	live	football	and	rugby	matches.
Via	Nazionale	17/Via	Napoli	29/34.	Tel.064880418,	Authentic	Irish	Pub.		Music	on	Thursdays.	
Via	IV	Novembre	138b,	Tel.066794620.		Authentic	Scottish	Pub.
THE	BLACK	DUKE,	authentic	Irish	Pub
Via	della	Maddalena	29/b,	Tel.0668300381.
Via	del	Collegio	Romano	6,	Tel.	066786472.	www.trinity‑

	                                                                                       Welcome	to	Rome


Ticket agencies
Orbis	Servizi	S.r.l.	-	P.zza	Esquilino,	37	Tel.	06.4827403
Ricordi	Media	Stores	-	Viale	G.	Cesare,	88		Tel: 06.37351589

Teatro	dell’Opera	di	Roma	-	Piazza	Beniamino	Gigli	1,	Tel.	064817517
Nazionale	-	Via	del	Viminale,	51	tel.	064741102
Eliseo	-	Via	Nazionale	183/D,	064882114
Sistina	-	Via	Sistina,	129	tel.	064200171,	

dinner Theatre
Fantasie	di	Trastevere	-	Via	S.	Dorotea	6.	Tel:	065892	986/5891671
Mimo	Teatro	Movimento	-	Via	Garibaldi	30.	Tel:	065891444

Accademia	Nazionale	di	S.	Cecilia	-	Via	Vittoria	6.	Tel:	066780742/6783996	
ISSTIP-ITALIA	-	Via	del	Chiavari	6.	Tel:	066867957
Auditorium	-

cinemas showing english-language films
Metropolitan	-	Via	del	Corso,	7.	Tel.	063200933
Moderno	-	Piazza	della	Repubblica	44/45.	Tel.	06477791	
Pasquino	-	Piazza	S.Egidio	10	(Trastevere).	Tel.	0658333214
Nuovo	Sacher	(original	language	films	on	Mondays	and	Tuesdays)	-	Largo	Ascianghi	1.	Tel.	065818116
Alcazar	(Original	language	films	every	Monday	night)	-	Via	Cardinale	Merry	del	Val	14	(Trastevere).		
Tel.	065880099.

english Bookshops
The	Lion	Bookshop	and	Café	-	Via	dei	Greci	33/36	(off	Via	del	Corso),	Tel.063265400.

For	up-to-date	entertainment	information,	check	the	daily	newspaper	listings	and	“Roma	c’è”	(weekly	
bulleting	on	food,	music	&	culture	available	from	the	news-stands	and	on	the	Internet:	–	English	version	available.

Welcome	to	Rome

foReign chuRches
All	Saints’	Anglican	Church;	Via	del	Babuino	153/b.	Tel.	06/36001881.	Sunday	services	in	English:	08.30,	
Eucharist.	10.30,	Sung	Eucharist.	18.30	Evensong.
St	Paul’s	within	the	Walls.	Via	Nazionale,	corner	Via	Napoli,	Tel.	06/4883339.
Sunday	services	in	English:	08.30,	Eucharist	Rite	1.	10.30,	Sung.	Eucharist	Rite	2.

Assemblies of God
International	Christian	Fellowship,	meeting	in	St	Paul’s	Facility,	Via	Nazionale,	corner	Via	Napoli.	Tel.	
06/86890882.	Sunday	service	in	English:	15.00.

Rome	Baptist	Church.	Piazza	S.	Lorenzo	in	Lucina	35.	Tel.	06/6876652.	Sunday	service	in	English:	10.00.

Ponte	S.	Angelo	Methodist	Church.	Piazza	Ponte	S.	Angelo.	Tel.	06/6868314,	fax	06/6896981.Sunday	
service	in	English:	10.30.

St	Andrew’s	Presbyterian	Church.	Via	xx	September	7.	Tel.	06/4827627.	Sunday	service	in	English:	11.00.

Roman Catholic
S.	Clemente.	Via	Labicana	95.	Tel.	06/70451018
S.	Isidoro.	Via	degli	Artisti	41.	Tel.	06/4885359,	fax	06/4884459.	
St	Patrick’s	Church.	Via	Boncompagni	31.	Tel.	06/4203121,	06/44203121.	Sunday	Mass	in	English:	10.00.
S.	Silvestro	Church.	Piazza	S.	Silvestro	1.	Tel.	06/6797775.	Sunday	Masses	in	English:	10.00,	17.30.
S.	Susanna	Church.	Via	xx	Settembre	15.	Tel.	06/4882748,	06/4827510.	Sunday	Masses	in	English:		
09.00,	10.30.

Other denominations
Jesus	Cares	Ministries.	Via	del	Banco	di	S.	Spirito	3.	Tel.	06/6868233,	fax	06/68801378.	Sunday	service	in	
English:	18.30.

S.	Biagia	della	Pagnotta.	Via	Giulia,	63.	Tel.	06/68804891.	

S.	Giuliano	dei	Fiamminghi.	Via	del	Sudano	40.	Tel.	06/687514

S.	Girolamo.	Via	Tomacelli	132.	Tel.	06/6873811,	06/6878284.	

S.	Luigi	dei	Francesi.	Piazza	S.	Luigi	dei	Francesi.	Tel.	06/68827209.
Saint	Yves	des	Bretons.	Vicolo	della	Campana	8.	Tel.	06/6833818

	                                                                                      Welcome	to	Rome

S.	Maria	dell’Anima	(Roman	Catholic).	Via	della	Pace	24.	Tel.	06/6833729,	06/6864160.
Evangelische	Luterische	Kirche.	Via	Sicilia	66.	Tel.	06/3235493

S.	Andrea	(Greek	Orthodox	Church).	Via	Sardegna	15.	Tel.	06/4818820
S.	Anastasio	al	Babuino	(Greek	Catholic	and	Albanian).	Via	dei	Greci	46.	Tel.	06/3244903

S.	Stefano	Rotondo	al	Celio.	Via	S.	Stefano	Rotondo.	Tel.	06/70493717
S.	Teresa	d’Avila.	Corso	d’Italia	37.	Tel	06/8416583

Islamic	Centre,	Via	della	Moschea.	Tel	068082258

Jewish	Community,	Lungotevere	Sanzio	9,	tel.065811294

S.	Stanislau.	Via	delle	Botteghe	Oscure	5,	00186	Rome.	Tel.	06/6795347,	06/6787955

S.	Antonio	dei	Portoghesi.	Via	dei	Portoghesi	2.	Tel.	06/6865234.

S.	Salvatore.	Piazza	delle	Coppelle	72/b.	Tel.	06/6875796

S.	Antonio	Abate	all’Esquilino.	Via	Carlo	Alberto	2.	Tel.	06/4465609
S.	Nicola	(Russian	Orthodox).	Via	Palestro	69-71.	Tel.	06/4450729

S.	Maria	degli	Spagnoli.	Via	Giulia	151.	Tel.	06/6865861.

S.	Brigida.	Piazza	Farnese	96.	Tel.	06/6865721

SS.	Sergio	and	Bacchus.	Piazza	Madonna	dei	Monti	3.	Tel.	06/485778,	06/4744068.	
S.	Giosofat	al	Gianicolo.	Passeggiata	del	Gianicolo	4.	Tel.	06/6892935.

For	any	additional	information	visit	or	contact	the	Prefecture	of	the	Pontifical	Household	
Tel	06/69883114.	

Papal	Audiences	are	held	on	Wednesday	–	advance	booking	ensures	you	get	good	seating.

Welcome	to	Rome

inTeRnaTional schools
Ambrit	International	School              Kendale	Primary	International	School
Via	Filippo	Tajani,	50                   Via	Gradoli,	86	–	Tomba	di	Nerone		
00149	Rome,	                             (Via	Cassia	Km	10.300)
Tel:	06.5595305                          00189	Rome,	
Fax:	06.5595309                          Tel	&	Fax:	06.33267608
Email:          Email:
Web	site:	http://www.ambrit‑     Website:

American	Overseas	School	of	Rome         Institut	Saint	Dominique	
Via	Cassia,	811,                         Via	Cassia,	1173
00189	Rome,	                             00189	Rome,	
Tel:	06.334381	                          Tel :	06.30310817	
Fax:	06.33262608                         Fax :	06.30311333
Web	site:	           Lycée	Chateaubriand	
                                         Elementary:	Via	Ruffo,	31
Britannia	International	School	of	Rome   00196	Rome,	
Via	Ernesto	Parisi,	11                   Tel.	06.3203506
00134	Rome                               Secondary:	Via	di	Villa	Patrizi,	9	Rome	
Te:	06.71354252                          Tel:	06.4402752

Castelli	Kindergarten                    Marymount	International	School
Via	dei	Laghi	8.600,                     Via	di	Villa	Lauchli,	180	(Vigna	Clara)
Logetta	di	Marino	A9                     00191	Rome,	
00047	Marino                             Tel:	06.3629101
Tel &	Fax:	06.93661311                   Fax:	06.36301738
Castelli	International	School	           Website:
Via	degli	Scozzesi,	13
00046	Grottaferrata,	                    Rome	International	School	
Tel	&	Fax:	06.94315779                   Viale	Romania,	32
Web	site:          00197	Rome,	
                                         Tel:	06.84482650/1	
Core	International	School                Fax:	06.84482653
Via	Crati,	19                            Email:
00199	Rome,	
Tel	&	Fax:	06.8411137
                                         Socrate	Bilingual	School
Deutsche	Schüle	Rom                      Via	Casale	di	S.	Nicola,	150
Via	Aurelia	Antica,	397/403              00123	Rome,	
00165	Rome	                              Tel :	06.3790908	
Tel:	06.6638776	                         Fax :	06.30895502
Fax:	06.6630632
                                         Southlands	English	School
Greenwood	Garden	School	                 Via	Teleclide,	20
Via	Vito	Sinisi,	5                       Casal	Palocco,	00124	Rome	
00189	Rome,	                             Tel.	06.5053932	
Tel	&	Fax:	33266703                      Fax:	06.50917192

	                                                                                     Welcome	to	Rome

St.	Francis		International	School                       For	further	information:
Via	S.	Borgia,	85	                            
00168	Rome,	
Tel:	06.35511023	                                       or	consult:
Fax:	06.35072669
E-mail:                          The	Rome	Education	Guide,	printed	by		
Website:    “Wanted	in	Rome”

Scuola	Internazionale	Montessori	Nerina	Noe’		
(Nido,	Casa	dei	Bambini,	Scuola	elementare)
Via	Viggiano,	79-80
Via	Ardeatina-Parco	dell’Appia	Antica,	Tel.	

Scuola	Svizzera	di	Roma
Via	Marcello	Malpighi,	14
00161	Rome,	
Tel :	06.4402109	
Fax :	06.4404213

St	George’s	British	International	School	
Via	Cassia	–	La	Storta
00123	Rome,	
Tel:	06.3086001
Fax:	06.30892490

St.	George’s	British	international	school
Via	Spallanzani,	12-14
00161	Rome	
Tel:	06.44230486	
Fax:	06.4402609

St.	Stephen’s	school
Via	Aventina,	3
00153	Rome,	
Tel:	06.5750605	
Fax:	06.5741941
Email:	ststephens@ststephens‑
Website:	www.ststephens‑

The	New	School,	Rome
Via	della	Camilluccia,	669
00135	Rome,	
Tel:	06.3294269	
Fax:	06.3297546

Welcome	to	Rome

inTeRnaTional univeRsiTies
American	University	of	Rome
Via	Pietro	Roselli,	4
00153	Rome
Tel	06.58330919
Fax	0658330992

John	Cabot	University
Via	della	Lungara,	233
00165	Rome
Tel	06.6819121
Fax	066832088

Link	Campus	University	of	Malta
Via	Nomentana,	335
00162	Rome
Tel	06.35496653.

St.	John’s	University
Via	di	Santa	Maria	Mediatrice,	22-24
00165	Rome
Tel	06.393842
Fax	06636901

Temple	University
Lungotevere	Arnaldo	da	Brescia,	15
00196	Rome
Tel	06.3202808
Fax	063202583

	               Welcome	to	Rome

    facilities at
    maccarese (Rome)
Welcome	to	Rome

headquarters address
Bioversity	International’s	HQ	building	is	in		
Via	dei	Tre	Denari	472/a-b,	00057	Maccarese	(Rome),	Italy.
Tel.	+39-0661181
Fax:	+39-0661979661
Internet	address:

office hours
Bioversity’s	official	working	hours	at	HQ		are	from	08:30	to	17:00,	with	a	1-hr	lunch	break.

Staff	members	may	be	reached	through	the	switchboard	operator	or	directly	by	dialing	066118+extension	
required,	if	known.	All	telephones	have	voice-mail	features.

Bioversity	uses	both	SKYPE	and	landlines	for	calls.	
51	–	Official	calls	using	Land	line
52	–	Official	calls	using	Skype
53	–	Personal	calls	using	Land	line
54	–	Personal	calls	using	Skype	  

For	local	calls,	dial	one	of	the	above	followed	by	‘0’	and	then	the	number	you	wish	to	call.	For	Long	distance	
calls	dial	one	of	the	above	followed	by	‘00’,	the	country	code,	area	code	and	the	number	you	wish	to	call.

Outgoing	correspondence	should	be	given	to	the	Administration	Services	Section.	This	includes	
correspondence	to	be	sent	by	post	as	well	as	by	courier.

Assistance	required	by	visitors	related	to	transportation,	courier,	e-mail	and	faxes	is	provided	by	the	
Administration	Services	Section	:	send	mail	to	“Bioversity	–	Administration	Services”.

Travel	reservations	or	reconfirmations	will	be	provided	by	the	Travel	Assistant	(dial	248,	329,	376).	

Publications	on	plant	genetic	resources	and	Bioversity	International	are	available	through	the	Publications	
Office,	dial	‘269,	‘242’	or	‘233’.

library and information services
Bioversity	Library	and	Information	Services	provide	information	support	to	the	activities	of	Bioversity	
staff.	The	Library	collection	comprises	Bioversity	project	reports,	books	in	fields	related	to	plant	genetic	
resources,	publications	of	IARC	and	other	organizations,	and	a	small	serials	collection.	The	information	
needs	of	Bioversity	International	staff	are	served	through	the	provision	of	basic	services	such	as:
-	a	current	awareness	service	which	includes	a	Library	Bulletin
-	a	literature	research	service	(using	online	and	CD-ROM	databases)
-	document	supply
-	reference	services

	                                                                                      Welcome	to	Rome

first aid
Bioversity’s	HQ	is	equipped	with	a	Sick	Room,	situated	on	the	first	floor.		A	well-stocked	medicine	
cupboard	for	minor	ailments	is	available.

In	Fregene	there	is	an	Emergency	Unit	with	ambulance	service:	tel.06-56484202.

headquarters holidays
1	January	   	        New	Year’s	Day
March/April	 	        Good	Friday
March/April	 	        Easter	Monday
1	May	 	     	        Labour	Day
15	August	   	        Assumption	Day
1	November	 	         All	Saints’	Day
25	December	 	        Christmas	Day
26	December	 	        St.	Stephen’s	Day	(Boxing	Day)

outposted staff
Bioversity’s	outposted	staff	can	be	contacted	through	the	offices	listed	in	the	Staff	Directory	and	through	
the	HR4U	site	on	the	Intranet.

emergency Team
Bioversity’s	HQ	has	a	well-trained	team	of	20	members	distributed	on	all	its	floors	and	at	the	Stretto	
building.	All	members	have	attended	Fire	Extinguishing,	Evacuation	and	First	Aid	courses.	The	Team	is	
assisted	by	a	fully	qualified	physician	who	provides	advice	on	employment-related	disorders.	

S.GIORGIO,	closed	Wednesday,	Piazza	della	Pace	6,	Maccarese	Tel.	066678060,	fax	066678578.	
Expensive.	Nouvelle	cuisine/specialties	of	the	house.
PIZZERIA	DA	SESTO,	closed	Monday,	Viale	di	Porto,	Maccarese	tel.	066678551.	Moderate/expensive.	
Pizza,	fresh	fish	or	meat.	
PIZZERIA	“ERA	ORA”,	closed	Monday,	Via	della	Stazione	60,	Maccarese,Tel.	066678555.	Pizza	take-away.	
Moderate,	across	the	street	over	the	railway	station.
PIZZERIA	“PENTAGONO”,	closed	Tuesday,	Viale	di	Porto	(angolo	Via	della	Pineta),	Fregene,	
tel.066679122.	Moderate,	mixed	cuisine.	
LA	TANA	DEL	GRILLO,	closed	Wednesday,	Via	della	Muratella	1005,	Maccarese,	Tel.347	2259640.	
Moderate.	Mixed	cuisine,	meat	and	fresh	fish.
IL	FIENILE,	closed	Tuesday.	Viale	Rospigliosi,	Maccarese	Tel.06	6678764.	Moderate/expensive.	Grill,	
Danish	meat,	pork	and	lamb.	A	35%	discount	is	granted	to	Bioversity	staff	at	lunch	time	only.	Please	show	
your	ID	Card	to	the	maÎtre.
OSTERIA	MAGA	BRUMA,	Via	di	Maccarese	13,	Tel	066678661.	Expensive	but	good	cuisine.	Slow.
LE	PAGLIETE,Via	Monti	dell’Ara/Via	delle	Pagliete,	tel.0661697690.	Closed	Monday	&	lunch	time.		Situated	
in	an	ostrich	farm.	Moderate	prices.	
TRATTORIA	IL	CASTELLO,	closed	Monday,	Via	di	Torrimpietra	241,	Torrimpietra	Tel	06	61697262.	Beautiful	
setting	in	the	woods	beneath	an	old	castle.	Home-made	pasta	and	different	choices	of	meat,	veal,	pork,	
lamb,	wild	boar.	Excellent	local	wine.	20	mins	drive.	Reservation	obligatory.	Moderate.

Welcome	to	Rome

AGRITURISMO	FATTORIA	S.	STEFANO,	Via	della	Muratella	659,	00057	Fiumicino,	Roma,	Tel	0666579026.	
Bioversity	International		has	negotiated	a	30%	discount	for	lunchtime.	Please	show	your	ID	Card	to	the	maÎtre.
OSTERIA	IL	BORGHETTO,	Via	Castel	S.Giorgio	217G,	00057	Maccarese	tel.066678689,	fax	066679002.		
Good	home	cooking	at	low	cost.
LA	LUCCIOLA,	Lido	di	Maccarese,	tel.06	6671488.	Fresh	fish	dishes	and	excellent	sweets.	Prices	on	the	
upper	side.
AL	FONTANILE,	Via	Fontanile	di	Mezzaluna	401,	Testa	di	Lepre.		Good	home	fish	and	meat	dishes.	Average.
ZIO	MAURO,	Viale	Castel	S.Giorgio,	Maccarese,	tel.339	2006841.		Very	cheap	but	good	family	cuisine.

MOTEL	CORSI,	Via	Aurelia	Km	27.700,	Torrimpietra,	tel.0661697021/7443.
LA	CONCHIGLIA,	Lungomare	Ponente	4,	tel.066685385
HOTEL	CORALLO,	Via	Gioiosa	Marea,	140,	Tel.	06	66560121/222			www.hotel‑corallo‑
VILLA	FIORITA,	Via	Castellammare	86,	Fregene,	tel.0666564590,	fax	0666560301
B&B	–	NIVES	&	BRUNO,	Via	Monti	dell’Ara	262,	tel.0661697297,	cell.320/0142754
B&B	–	SESTO,	Viale	di	Porto	645/a,	Fregene,	tel.066678551-6685207,	fax	0666579668
B&B	LE	PALME	–	Via	dei	Monti	dell’Ara	24,	Maccarese,	tel.	066670487
B&B	-	PURA	VIDA,	Viale	Viareggio	1085	(Via	S.Agata	di	Militello	9),	cell.335-6114079/338-1379225,

Tobacco	shop:	Via	Corona	Australe	30/21,	tel.	066679424.
Flower	shop:	Via	Corona	Australe	14/16,	Maccarese,	tel.066678851
Autostrade	(for	highway	subscription):	Stazione	di	Torrimpietra,	tel.0661697844,	cell.	388/9473603
Hairdresser	Tino	(closed	Monday):	Via	della	Muratella	1081,	tel.066679253
Post	Office	(8.30-13.00):	Via	della	Muratella,		tel.066679234
Car	body	repairs	Marco:	Via	della	Muratella	789,	tel.066678910	(8.30-13.00	and	14.30-18.00)
Car	engine	repairs	Umberto:	Via	Muratella	Nuova	68/70,	Maccarese,	tel./fax	066678717,	email	sozzi@
Conad	Supermarket:	Via	Castel	S.Giorgio	215,	Maccarese,	tel.066678400.
Macelleria	Luciano	(closed	Thursday	afternoon):	Piazza	del	Maccarese	10/11,	Maccarese,	tel.066679201
Silvestri	(hardware	store):	Via	Corona	Australe	3/9,	tel.066679004/066678580,	fax	066678736
Pharmacy,	Piazza	del	Maccarese,	tel.06	6679220,	opening	hours	8.30-13.00	and	16.00-19.30	including	
Fregene/Maccarese	Railway	Station,	tel.066678580	(a	copy	of	the	Rome-Civitavecchia-Rome	train	time	
table	is	available	from	the	Administration	Services	Group).

	                                                                                        Welcome	to	Rome

open-air markets
Fregene:		on	Monday	mornings
Fiumicino:	on	Saturday	mornings
Ostia:	on	Wednesday	and	Saturday	mornings.

Pami	(at	Railway	Station),	tel.347/9521069
Mirò,	Via	della	Muratella	1105,	tel.066678565.

Taxi	(Ostia)	06	6645	
Massimo	Montecchi,	339/7566187
Antonio	Garofalo,	347/5863170
Giancarlo	Di	Pietro,	336/739812
Pier	Luigi	(limousine)	338/8829419
Indicative costs:
Bioversity	International	to/from	Airport	€35-40
Airport	to/from	Rome	centre	€40-60
Bioversity	International	to/from				Rome	centre	€50-60

The	prices	of	trains	vary	according	to	distance	covered.		However	a	one-way	ticket	from	Maccarese	
to	Termini	station	costs	€2,30.		A	yearly	subscription	costs	€404,00.		All	tickets,	other	than	the	yearly	
subscription,	can	be	bought	from	the	Stations	or	from	the	Bar	opposite	the	Maccarese	Station.	They	are	
all	valid	for	Metro	and	bus	transportation	in	Rome.		The	one-way	ticket	has	a	validity	of	75	minutes	but	
must	be	validated	in	the	yellow	machines	before	boarding	the	train.	More	instructions	are	written	on	the	
tickets	themselves.	The	timetable	to	trains	is	available	on	the	intranet	or	from	Administration	Service.	Blue	
buses	(COTRAL)	leave	Cornelia	Metro	Line	A	(Via	di	Boccea/Circonvallazione	Cornelia)	for	Maccarese	
Station.	Timetables	are	available	at	the	Cornelia	and	Maccarese	stations.	Local	orange	buses	–	leave	the	
Maccarese	Station	for	Maccarese	historical	center,	Fregene,	Testa	di	Lepre,	Aranova,	Passoscuro,	Focene	
and	“Bambin	Gesu”	hospital	in	Palidoro.

nature Parks
There	are	two	nature	parks	in	the	nearby	area	and	both	are	managed	by	the	WWF.
Macchiagrande	is	in	Fregene	South	and	Oasi	del	Bosco	di	Palo	is	in	Fregene	North,	close	to	Ladispoli:		
both	are	rich	in	Mediterranean	flora,	sweet	water	canals	and	fish	ponds

Only	Italian	primary	and	secondary	schools	are	available	in	the	area.	There	is,	however,	a	privately-run	
kindergarten	which	also	teaches	English:		
Wonderkids	Learning	Center,	Via	Antignano	18,	Fregene	tel.066685149.

Welcome	to	Rome

english-speaking doctors in Rome and maccarese

Kristian	Barbagallo.	Via	Cardano	68	–	00124	Rome	(Infernetto).	Tel.	0664531419.	Cellular:	0347-3761871.	
Languages:	English,	Italian	&	Swedish.	Home	visits.
Alphamed	Studio.	Dr	Haas,	Dr	Frohlich.	Via	Zanardelli,	06	68309493.		
Languages:	German,	English,	Italian.

ENT specialists (ear-nose-throat)
Dr.	Med.	Henrik	Thielen.	Via	F.	Siacci,	2c,	00197	Rome.	Tel.	0680691213.	Languages:	English,	Italian,	
German	&	French.	Specialization	in	naturopathy.
Dr.	Massimo	Gismondi,	Via	Rosa	Raimondi	Garibaldi	42,	Building	G,	Apt.3,	00145	Rome			
Tel.	065141126,	mobile	335	7473451,	

Eye specialist
Dott.ssa	Simonetta	Ferlisi,	Via	Rosa	Raimondi	Garibaldi	42,	building	G,	Apt.3,	00145	Rome,	tel.06514226,	
mobile	348	7341714

Dr.	Daniel	Nedervee,	Viale	Aventino	80,	scala	B	int.1,	Tel.06	5757851
Drs.	Peter	&	Roswitta	Althoff,	Via	Salaria,	280,	Tel.	06	8554069
Dr.	Daniele	Liscacci,	Via	Prospero	Alpino	76,	Tel.06	5757133
Dr.	Gabriele	Ricci,	Via	Rospigliosi	16,	Maccarese,	Tel.06490353
Dr.	Gian	Lorenzo	D’Amico,	Via	Marmorata	169,	Tel.06-5781970	or	065782137
Dr.	Camillo	Brescia,	Via	della	Robbia	80,	tel.065746450

Veterinarian	Studio,	Via	dei	Cappellari	93,	tel.328/7310165	–	06	6868291
Centro	Veterinario	Gregorio	VII,	Piazza	di	Villa	Carpegna	52,	tel.	06	660681	

	                                                                                      Welcome	to	Rome

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Welcome	to	Rome

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