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Credit_Card_Authorization 2010


									                                                                                      1102 Aviation Blvd.
                                                                                      Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
                                                                                      Phone (310) 318-6011
         CHILDREN'S STUDIO                                                  


Daily Art Zone Fun:                   Clay Table, Finger Painting, Spray Bottle Painting, Goop Table, Dress Up, Sand
and Water room Kitchen. Throughout the summer, we offer our favorite projects such as Magic Finger-painting, Rainbow
Stencils, Wood Collage, Heart Collages, Beading, Shrinky Dinks, Face painting, clay boxes and coil pots, etc. Most
importantly, Stefanie and Laura are looking forward to watching the kids invent their own favorite projects this summer.
We hope you can join us.

Stefanie Benz, Child Development Specialist/Managing Partner
Laura Krug, MA, Educational Psychology, Founder/Owner.                       June 25th to September 3,
June 25 to July 2                     Recycle Art: Tin Foil         August 2 to August 6                            2010
                                                                                                                Beach Art Fun
Don’t toss out your tin foil; bring your clean scraps to            This week we take our inspiration from our favorite
camp! Each day we explore a new, fun and artful way to              place to play: the beach! Beach Ball Color Collage,
use foil: Foil and Wire Collage, Acrylic Painting on Foil,          Clay Dolphins and Glitter Starfish, Under The Sea
Foil Cubes Sculpture, Foil and Plaster Abstract, and Foil           Collage, Clay Sea Cave with hidden treasure.
Pots.                                                               FRIDAY: bring a t-shirt for fish prints!
July 5 to July 9                                Wild Things         August 9 to August 13                  Art Birds
Inspired by Max and his adventures with the Wild Things, we
build a Sail Boat from clay, design Wild Masks, invent Wild         We look to nature and the beautiful patterns, shapes,
Monsters, build a Wild Forest and make Wild Capes and               and colors of birds to inspire our projects this week:
Crown for the kings and queens of all the Wild Things. Kids         “Magic Stencil” Doves, Peacock Color Portraits, Clay
perform skits and drama all week long. FRIDAY: bring a t-           Nests, Eggs and Bird Sculpture, Pop Art Bird Prints, and
shirt for monster stamping with fabric paint                        Fantasy Bird Portraits in chalk pastel.
July 12 to July 16                        Extreme Glitter I         August 16 to August 20                      Extreme Glitter II
We love all things that sparkle and shine. Each day something       Another Glitter week due to popular demand brings five new
new to glitter: Glitter Clay Dinosaurs and Fairies, Glitter Hand    fun-filled glitter projects. Each day, glitter will be at every
and Foot Print Art, Glitter Face and Body Painting, layer glitter   table. Glitter Clay Cars and Butterflies, Glitter Circle
shapes and colors to create a Glitter Collage and Glitter Photo     Abstracts, Glitter Treasure Boxes and Glitter Crowns to wear.
Frames. Enjoy more glitter fun all day long at every table.         FRIDAY: bring a t-shirt for glitter fabric painting.
July 19 to July 23                                                  August 23 to August 27            Pop Art Sweet Treats
              Famous A rtists Inspir e Creative Fun
Inspired by Abstract Expressionist Artist Lee Krasner we            Pop art is all about fun, and nothing is more fun than
create Color Paintings; Pop artist Claus Oldenberg                  drawing and sculpting our favorite sweet treats:
inspires our Clay Hamburger Sculpture; from Andy                    Cupcake Collage, Fancy Cake Still Life, Glitter Ice
Warhol’s famous endangered species silk screen                      Cream Cones, Dough Sculpture of Cookies, Cakes,
paintings, we create a Panda Portrait; and Monet’s Water            and Candy, and Water Color Wedding Cakes.
Lilies are a favorite. FRIDAY: bring a t-shirt for Matisse          FRIDAY: Bring T-Shirt toTie Dye (100% cotton
Shape Stamping Fun                                                  prewashed)
July 26 to July 30                         Color Splash             August 30 to September 3
                                                                         Fantasy Homes Inspired by World Landmarks
We€celebrate€joyful€vibrant€colorful€art€making                     Inspired by amazing architecture from around the
this€week€with:€Four€Color€Texture€Collage,                         world, kids are guided to imagine and create fantasy
Balloon€Dip€Color€Painting,€Rainbow€Zebra€Portrait                  homes and palaces for their family and friends to live.
and€Nine€Squares€of€Circles€and€Color€(inspired€by                  Imagine a home based on: The Tower Bridge (London,
the€work€of€Kandinsky).€FRIDAY: Bring T-Shirt to Tie                England), Thousand Buddah Caves (Dunhuang, China),
                                                                    Eiffel Tower (Paris, France), Taj Mahal (Agra, India), and
Dye (100% cotton prewashed)
                                                                    Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia).
                Days to Bring T-Shirt: July 9, July 23, July 30, Aug 6, Aug 20 & Aug 27
                                                                                                Fax (310) 318-6072
                                                1102 Aviation Blvd.
                                                Hermosa Beach, CA 90254                Registration Discount Deadlines
                                                Phone (310) 318-6011                         Pay by April 30 for 15% off
        CHILDREN'S STUDIO                                                                    Pay by May 31 for 10% off


            Summer 2010 Registration
Low ratios: AGES 3 - 6 will have one teacher for six kids, and                                  Choose Your Dates
                                                                                                  M   T W       T          F
             AGES 7 and up will have one teacher for each ten kids.                      June                            25
                                                                                         Jun/Jul 28, 29,      30,     1, 2

   Monday, Wednesday and Friday                   Tuesday and Thursday                           M   T        W       T      F
          (Very Flexible Schedule)                   (Very Flexible Schedule)            July     5,  6,       7,    8,     9
 9:45 Check-in and Free Play                 1:30 Check-In and Free Play                 July    12 13,       14,    15,    16
                                                                                         July    19, 20,       21,   22,    23
 10:30 First project instruction/Play        2:00 First project instruction/Play         July    26, 27,       28,   29,    30
 12:00 Lunch, Fruit and Ice Cream            3:30 Lunch, Fruit and Ice Cream
                                                                                                 M       T    W    T   F
 12:30 Shaving Cream or Poppers              4:00 Shaving Cream or Poppers               Aug     2,      3,    4, 5, 6
 1:00 Second project choices                 4:30 Second project choices                 Aug    9,     10,    11, 12, 13
                                                                                         Aug    16,    17,    18, 19, 20
  and Drama, Skits and Stories                and Drama, Skits and Stories               Aug   23,     24,    25, 26, 27
 1:50 Pick up - End of Camp at 2:00          5:20 Pick up - End of Camp at 5:30          Aug/Sep 30,    31,    1, 2, 3

              Build Your Camp Schedule
    Camp Schedule                       Register for one or more days.                             Camp Fees
                                        Pick any days on the calendar.                     DAILY              ANY 5 DAYS
    Mon / Wed / Fri
                                                                                           RATE                PREPAID*
    10:00 to 2:00        ___Register by phone (310) 318-6011 or
                         ___Mail registration with your check or                            $56*                     $249
     Tues / Thurs        ___Fax registration along with the credit card                   INCLUDES SNACK AND
     1:30 to 5:30        authorization form (see page 4)                                   LUNCH (pizza or pasta)

 Registration:               Parent Name ______________________________ Phone____________________

 Participant(s) ___________________________/(_______) Sibling        __________________________/(______)
                      Name                         age                   Name                                         age
 DATE (S)           Start time/End time          # Kids        Camp Fees
 ___________     __________/___________          ______        __________          Your reservation is not guaranteed until
 ___________     __________/___________          ______        __________
                                                                                   CAMP FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

 ___________     __________/___________          ______        __________          Dates may be transferred subject to
                                                                                   availability. Availability is not
                                                                                   guaranteed. A prepaid admin fee of $10
 ___________ __________/___________     ______       __________                    per day or $25 max is required for
 *REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 30 – 15% DISCOUNT                                          schedule changes.
                                                                                   Sick Child Make-up class: Please join
 AFTER MAY 31ST – 10% DISCOUNT FOR SIBLINGS ONLY                                   us for Open Studio (see below) if your
                                 Calculate discount $ <         >                  child misses camp due to illness. Adult
                                           Total Due $__________                   participation. Make up Expires 12/31/10

      Summer Open Studio Sessions                                        JUNE 25 to SEPT 3 , 2010
        For all ages, drop-in for art making together at the studio. Adult participation.
    Mon, Wed, Fri 3:00 to 5:00 pm & Tues, Thurs 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
                                                                     LAST NAME _______________________
                                                                           1102 Aviation Blvd
                                                                           Hermosa Beach CA 90254
          Children’s Studio                                                Phone (310) 318-6011


                         Release of Liabiltiy and Photo Release
    Participant Name __________________________ Age _________ Birthdate ______________

    Address ____________________________City/Zip ________________________________


    Moms Name ______________________________ Phone (Cell/Work/Home)______________________________

    Dad’s Name: ______________________________ Phone (Cell/Work/Home)______________________________

    Caregiver Name ___________________________ Phone (Cell/Work/Home)______________________________

    Other Emergency Contact: __________________Relationship ______________Phone ____________

    Doctor Name: ____________________________City:____________ Phone: _______________

    I hereby certify that the minor listed above is in my legal custody and has my permission to
    participate in the courses conducted by the ART ZONE. I further certify that the participant is in
    good health and has no physical or other impairment which would endanger the participant when
    engaging in such program.

    I absolve and hold harmless the ART ZONE, its employees, officers or agents from any liability
    which may result from participation in courses conducted by the ART ZONE. I understand that
    The ART ZONE has no obligation to supervise my child at the close of the above activity, and I
    release the ART ZONE, its officers, employees, and agent from any liability resulting from any
    lack of supervision of my child at the close of the activity.

    PHOTO RELEASE: Participants involved in the ART ZONE programs may be photographed
    and such photograph may be used to publicize ART ZONE programs/activities.

    Parent or Guardian Signature _________________________Date___________
    Allergies (if none, so state) ______________________________________________________

    Food Restrictions ______________________________________________________________

    Circle: Diabetes, Convulsions, Bleeder, Heart Condition, Other ___________________

    List any other condition which should be known by physician administering treatment:

    Class:                                Start Date:
                                                         1102 Aviation Blvd.
                                                         Hermosa Beach Ca, 90254
                                                         Phone (310) 318-6011
     CHILDREN'S STUDIO                         


              Charge Card Authorization – (optional)
 If you would like to pay for Art Camp or classes by credit card, please complete this form.

 Charge Card Authorization: I hereby give the Art Zone, Inc., permission to charge my
 credit card indicated below for tuition and class substitution fees (only if applicable).

 Tuition is non-refundable.

 Camp Date Changes: With at least a 48 hour notice, dates may be transferred subject to
 availability. Availability is not guaranteed. Due to the high number of schedule changes
 we process, a prepaid admin fee of $10 per day or $25 max is required for schedule
 changes. Please call us if you need to change your reservation.

 Sick Child Make-up class: Please join us for Open Studio if your child misses camp due
 to illness. Adult supervision is required for Open Studio. Open Studio is offered Mon,
 Wed, Fri from 9:30 to 12:30 and Tues, Thurs 3:00 to 5:00. Make up classes are valid until

 ______ I authorize future tuition charges to be made to my card with my verbal
 authorization for additional classes or camp registrations

 _______I DO NOT authorize future tuition charges.

 Card No. ______________________________________ MasterCard / Visa / Discover
                                                  No AMEX
 Exp. _________________ cvvc ____ ____ ____
                                                                       Please Fax to
 Tuition Amount Authorized: _________________
                                                                      (310) 318-6072
 Cardholder Name ________________________________
                                                                    Or mail to address above.
 Address: _____________________________________
                                                                 For security reasons, we do not
                                                                 recommend sending by e-mail
 City & Zipcode_________________________________

 Signature ______________________________________ Date ______________

                          A receipt will be mailed to you promptly.
                             Thank you for choosing Art Zone!

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