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					                  Information for the PEP 16 Meeting,
                     Vienna, 16-18 February 2011

Meeting venue
The meeting will take place at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna/Vienna School of
International Studies, Favoritenstrasse 15a, 1040 Vienna

We made block bookings at the following hotels for you from

Hotel               Rates for single   From the        Contact person
                    rooms (incl.       hotel to the
                    Breakfast)         venue
Hotel beim          Standard 70,- €    5 minutes       Michaela Gansfuss
Theresianum ***                        walk  
                    Business 75,- €                    Tel: +43 1 50516 06 Fax: +43
Favoritenstraße                                        1 50516 09
52, 1040 Wien
NH-Belvedere        116,- €            15 minutes      Christian Kaiser
****                                   walk or         Tel: +43 1 521 72 186
                                       streetcar +     Fax: +43 1 521 72 167
Rennweg 12a,                           10 minutes      reservation.cityvienna@nh-
1030 Wien                              walk  

The rooms are blocked until 16 January. Please kindly book the rooms by yourselves
before this date, indicating ‘PEP’ as reference. You will need to confirm the booking
with your credit card details.

If you’re looking for an alternative, or if no rooms should be available anymore at the
hotels mentioned above, here are the links to other hotels close to the venue **** (situated more or less across
the road of the venue) **** (5 minutes
walk from the venue) *** (5 minutes walk from the venue) **** (neighboring the NH-Belvedere Hotel)

From the Airport to the City Center
All hotels listed and the meeting venue are close to the city centre and easy to reach
by public transport from the airport. You may choose from several options.
1) The City Airport Train CAT (Express Shuttle) runs every 30 minutes between
the Airport and the railway station ‘Landstrasse/Wien Mitte’ where you can connect
to the Vienna Underground network. The ride takes 16 minutes.
2) Buses of the Vienna Airport Lines to/from the city center
(Morzinplatz/ Underground Station ‘Schwedenplatz’). Duration: 20 minutes; every
day from about 5:00 am to midnight; runs every 30 minutes. Vienna Airport Lines
3) City Train (Schnellbahn) S 7. Trains leave every 30 minutes . You need to buy a ticket in advance
at one of the ticket machines on the platform for 3,60 Euro (inner city zone + 1
outer zone) and have it punched before entering the train. If you’re staying at the
NH-Belvedere Hotel, get off at the station ‘Rennweg’ (20 minutes ride). The hotel is
located very close to this station

Public Transportation
To move around in Vienna it is best to use public transportation: underground,
streetcar, bus and city train. Tickets cost 1,80 € per ride. Depending on how long
you plan to stay in Vienna you may choose to get a multiple day ticket. They are
available for 24h, 48h, 72h or 1 week.

The starting rate during the day is 2,50 €; at night (11:00 pm – 6:00 am) and on
Sundays and public holidays 2,60 €, surcharge for radio taxis: 2,- €. For rides from
and to the airport: surcharge 12,- €. For special airport rates see also

Time Zone
Vienna lies within the Central European time zone (CET).

The weather in February may be quite wet or snowy and chilly with temperatures
around freezing point (average max 4 °C, average min -1 °C). Often there is a
moderate westerly wind in the city which often makes cool days even cooler. You
should bring along warm winter clothing.

The voltage in Vienna is 230 Volts (Alternating Current).

In Austria, German is the primary language. The most common foreign language is

Money / Banks, Currency & Exchange
The legal tender in Austria is the Euro. There are plenty of ATMs around. Banks are
usually open from Mon to Wed, Fri 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Thu 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

In many areas such as gastronomy, in taxis, at hairdressers, at service stations,
tipping is traditionally expected. Usually, the tip amounts to about 5 to 10 percent.