; Wall City Council Meeting
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Wall City Council Meeting


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									                                Wall City Council Meeting
                                  April 8, 2010 6:30pm

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Police report

3. Visitors: Jay Larson w/Midwest Assistance Program – funding for the water main/street
   project; Carol Hoffman or Charon Geigle – update on the Country Cupboard Food Pantry;
   National Honor Society representatives – April 24th/5k run

4. Building permits: Dakota Mill – reconstruction of office and bins; Golf Course – removing
   and replacing concrete walks

5. Sign Permits: Cactus Café – remove awning and replace with new sign

6. Review Banner Permit: Forest Service – Census Bureau; banner

7. Review Building Permits: Merlin Doyle – extension on driveway; Curt Willuweit – replace
   roof on house; Kitterman’s Rental – deck on trailer/put tin on roof and exterior of garage

8. Approve recommendation from Planning and Zoning on replatting Andrews property

9. Approve cemetery maintenance position applicant and wages

10. Approve the hire and wages for lifeguards
    Jesse Willis - $7.25            Autumn Schulz - $7.25            Ryder Wilson - $7.25
    Kianna Knutson - $7.25          Randi Moore - $7.50              Kelsey Richter - $7.50
    Kyle Harris - $7.50             Shelby Crown - $8.50

11. Approve Resolution 10-1; Capital Outlay for Airport Improvements

12. Approve 2nd reading of Ordinance 10-3; unaccepted streets

13. Approve 2nd reading of Ordinance 10-4; amend water service system

14. Approve 2nd reading of Ordinance 10-5; diagonal parking

15. Approve advertising for Hay bids (omit the golf course from lease agreement)

16. Approve sand at golf course for all season

17. Approval on swimming pool equipment – new vacuum, umbrellas

18. Approval on selling Well #2 generator (Jim will have the specifics)

19. Approve agreement on Transfer Station sprinkler system

20. Review estimate on heat meter for the Library

21. Approve Library board recommended appointment of Arla Olson w/ Rita Byerly as alternate

22. Approve Library employees 2% pay increase effective for May payroll
    Diane - $10.35        Terry - $7.40

23. Approve minutes from March 8th and March 15th meetings
24. Approve City of Wall bills -
       a. Fire Department -
       b. Ambulance -
       c. Library -
       d. Cemetery -

25. Community Center report, Compensatory report, Wall Health Service report, Golf Course

26. Reminder to everyone to check your voter registration since there hasn’t been an election for
    the last 10 years there has been some relocating since then

27. Next City Council meeting will be Thursday, May 6th at 6:30pm

28. Meeting Adjourned

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