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									Top 10 Benefits of the Tablet PC
      Simply the best mobile PC ever
      The Tablet PC's compact, convertible design allows you to comfortably use your computer in small
      spaces—even while standing up. Tablet PCs also include wireless Internet support and a long
      battery life.

      Interact with people, not your PC
      Due to its convertible design, you can sit across the table from someone and take notes without
      having your PC act as a dividing wall. It's perfect for situations where you don't want technology to
      interfere with the personal dynamic.

      Take notes easily
      Whether you're in class or in a meeting, you can quickly jot down notes—from mathematical
      formulas to flow charts. Because they're electronic, you can reorganize your notes and search
      them later, and leave the paper behind. With Microsoft Office OneNote you can synchronize your
      notes with audio recordings and presentations to create binders of multimedia information.

      A truly personal computer
      Express yourself with your own handwriting. Personalize messages to friends, family, and co-
      workers—even if they don't have a Tablet PC. With Microsoft Office Outlook, you can send
      handwritten notes, drawings, and even add your handwritten signature to the end of your e-mails.

      Make comments quickly and naturally
      With Microsoft Office System, you can mark up Word documents and PowerPoint presentations—
      and share them with those who don't have a Tablet PC. Emphasize your point in presentations,
      lectures, and slideshows using the pen to draw right on the screen.

      Easily convert handwriting to typed text
      The Tablet PC Input Panel (TIP) makes it quick and easy to convert your handwriting to text. TIP
      launches wherever you want to write, and dynamically recognizes characters so you can easily
      make corrections before inserting text. Tablet PC's context awareness recognizes familiar formats,
      so it won't change the @ sign of an email address to "a".

       …or don't bother to convert handwriting to text
       Tablet PC can still easily reorganize and search handwritten text, even if you don't convert it.
       Tablet PC understands words and phrases in either format.

      Rely on all the benefits of Windows XP
      It includes advanced security tools, deployment technologies and policies, making it easy to
      deploy and manage throughout your business. Tablet PC has the power of a connected PC, with
      the freedom and simplicity of pen and paper.

      Take advantage of Tablet PC-enabled software
      Check out the Tablet PC Software Showcase for hundreds of third-party software applications that
      help business users within specific industries or roles, as well as students, gamers and home

      Use the Tablet PC in Multiple Languages
      With the free multilingual user interface pack, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is
      available in 20 languages in addition to English.

Adapted from a Microsoft resource document

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