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              PENINSULA CAMPUS
•   Monash University is located on McMahons Rd, Frankston. Frankston Central is located
    about 5 kms from the Campus. Public transport is available, and there is a bike track for
    interested riders. Other smaller local shopping centres are located within a 10 to 15 minute
    walk from the accommodation and the beach is a mere 5 minute drive.
•   The Peninsula campus was originally a teachers college at Frankston. The college gained
    independence from the Education Department in 1973 and became known as the State
    College at Frankston.
•   Following initial talks with Caulfield Institute of Technology in the early 1980s, the college
    became the Frankston campus of the newly-formed Chisholm Institute of Technology in
    1982. On 1 July 1990, both the Peninsula and Caulfield campuses of the Chisholm Institute
    amalgamated with Monash University.
•   Since that time, Monash University has developed the campus into a thriving institution with
    a range of courses being offered including courses from its historic roots with Early
    childhood and Primary Education being the main stay.
•   The original and historic building, Struan House, remains a feature at the campus and is
    currently occupied by the campus's Postgraduate Studies Centre and Business Lounge.
• Monash University Peninsula campus facilitates the
  education of 3305 students and there are currently 2353
  equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) students at the
• The Academic Faculties at the Peninsula Campus are:
   –   Business and Economics
   –   Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice
   –   Education
   –   Health Science
   –   Health Science/Social Work
   –   Nursing and Midwifery
   –   Occupational Therapy
   –   Physiotherapy
   –   Sport and Outdoor Recreation
• At Monash University Peninsula Campus, a plethora of facilities and
  services are available to the student population including:
   – Accommodation
   – Hockey Pavillion and Pitch
   – Student Lounge
   – Upperdeck Café
   – Seahorse Tavern
   – Health Centre (including both counseling and medical services
     that are bulk billed)
   – Childcare
   – Women’s Room
   – Monash Sport (Including the tennis court and netball court for
   – 24 hour computer lab
   – The MONSU BBQ area
• The Monash University Student Union (MONSU)
  Peninsula is a service based student
  organisation which provides a myriad of event
  and activities to enrich the student’s Monash
• MONSU Peninsula is the student representative
  body that represents the interests of all students
  on the Peninsula campus of Monash University.
  We represent postgraduate and undergraduate
  students, local and international students, part-
  time and full-time students, school leaver and
  mature age students.
• Services provided by MONSU Peninsula
  – Service Desk
  – Activities
  – Clubs
  – Overseas Student Services (OSS)
  – Minority Group representation, including the
    Women’s, Postgraduate and Queer portfolios
  – Student Advocacy, including the Education,
    Community and Welfare portfolio and Student Affairs
    and Assistance
•   Service Desk
•   The Service Desk provides the latest information on events on campus, bus and train
    timetables, campus maps and a whole range of other services (including the
    cheapest photocopying on campus!) including:

     –   Bookings for student assistance
     –   Binding
     –   Faxing
     –   Laminating
     –   Locker hire
     –   Lost and Found
     –   Metcards
     –   Overhead Transparencies
     –   Overseas postage
     –   Postcards
     –   Photo ID
     –   Phonecards
     –   Photocopying
     –   Student Diaries
     –   Stamps and Express Post
 Activities & Events
            MONSU Peninsula
•  Week 0- Orientation & HOST Scheme
•  Week 0- BEACH DAY
•  Week 1- O-Week
•  Week 4- Student Survival Week
•  Week 7- Mid Semester Party
•  Week 11/12- Stress less day
•  June 25- AXP 1.
                                              SEMESTER TWO
                               •   Week 1- Disorientation Week
                              •    Week 5 – Multi Cultural Week
                          •     Week 7- Sexual Awareness Week
                                •   Week 11/12- Stress less day
                                            •    Nov 19- AXP 2
        • National Campus Band Competition
                    • Future DJ
               • Victorian ART Prize
                 • ‘U’ Film Festival
                  • Comedy Comp

Through memberships in TREV & AACA, these
competitions can be run at a campus level then at
regional, state and national levels. It’s a perfect way for
activities staff and student representatives to gain
invaluable experience with students events with support
from other activities staff.
            A Little Bit About…
• Orientation & HOST Scheme-
Held in week 0, MONSU conducts campus tours in
    conjunction with University Orientation program for all
    new Monash Peninsula students.
Relying on student volunteers and a HOST Scheme
    student Coordinator, MONSU offers training, leadership
    opportunities, networking and a valuable service during
    week one.
It’s a great way for current Monash students to pass on
    valuable information and experience to new Monash
    students which some faculty staff may not posses.
                        Beach Day
Held Friday February 22nd 2008, at Mordialloc foreshore,
  Beach Day is notorious for ‘fun in the sun’.
500 MONSU Students from Peninsula and Caulfield are
  transported to the foreshore for a action packed day of
  beach activities, ‘get to know you’ games, swimming,
  free lunches, DJ, giveaways and most importantly
  getting to know fellow students helping to form
    friendships that last throughout their time at Monash.
Beach Day goes out with a bang! With an
after party held in Melbourne’s CBD with
great DJ’s and summery drink specials to
           MONSU’S O-Week
Held in Week 1, MONSU kicks off the week filled with-
• bbq’s,
• free stuff,
• stalls, sponsors giveaways,
• entertainment,
• music,
• clubs stalls and info
• finally a ‘super Thursday party’.
   O-Week aims to welcome new and returning Monash
         students in 2008, creating new friendships and
                experiences they will not forget.
              Student Survival
• Student Survival Week is aimed at those
  students who may have found the transition into
  University more difficult than usual. MONSU
  promote services that may be of use to these
  students such as-
  –   Health Wellbeing and Development services
  –   Centre link
  –   Student Assistance/ Student Rights
  –   Cultural Clubs
  –   Many more……
• Dis O-Week, in week one, semester two is
  made up of a program with information
  sessions, tours and events designed to
  help the students to get to know Monash
  in general and the Peninsula campus
  specifically. We have organised activities
  to get new and current students
  acquainted with the fun side of uni.
        Multi Cultural Week
• OSS are responsible for MWeek in week
  5. MWeek offers a unified way for students
  to celebrate their unique cultural
  backgrounds. The week will include dance
  and music performances and free food.
  The week is capped off with a massive
• Sex it up Week is a week of celebration of
  sexuality and human relationships. The aim of
  this week is to help students with issues to do
  with sex, sexual relationships, sexuality,
  relationships, romance and choices. There will
  also be plenty of activities, information sessions
  and the Big Sex-it-Up Party on Thursday held in
  week 7.
             Other Events
• Mid Semester Party held in semester one
  week 7, to enure the social needs of
  students are being met.
• AXP- After Exam Party’s are held in the
  last week of the exam period to ensure
  students celebrate with one another to
  help relax and unwind after the stressful
  time of exams.
        MONSU & MONASH
• Open Day in August allows MONSU to
  hold a bbq and offer a festive like
  environment, with entertainment and
  music for all Open Day visitors & staff.
  Run purely by MONSU Representatives,
  it’s a great opportunity for visitors to see
  the other side of university life..
  2008 Activities Reps & Staff
• Victoria Harn- Activities Chair
• Krista- Ann Renshaw

Rachel Cusworth- Events Manager
                 Active Clubs:
• Alive Campus Christian Fellowship (10)
• Campus Christian Movement (9)
• Society of Occupational Therapy (60)
• Paramedics Society (110)
• Graduate Diploma of Education Society (80)
• Physiotherapy Society (130)
• WILDFIRE Rural Health Student Society (?)
           Non- Active Clubs:
• Nurses Society
• Network Computing
• Residents Society
 Some Examples of 2007 Club Activities and
• Formal Ball (SOOT & Physiotherapy)
• Weekly meetings (CCM and Alive CCF)
• Trivia Night (SOOT + Paramedics)
• Parma Pajama Party (SOOT)
• Grad Dip Ed had 2 breakfasts,1 morning tea, 2
dinners and an end of year cocktail party.

OTHERS: Career information sessions, guest
speakers on various topics
• Overseas Student Services (OSS)
  – The OSS is an elected student body operating as an
    arm of the Student Union. Basically, they exist to
    serve and represent all international students
    studying at Peninsula.
  – The OSS supports and facilitates cultural exchange
    between international students and local students
    through fun and informational activities.
  – Ultimately, the OSS operates to address the
    educational, social, welfare, cultural and leisure as
    well as entertainment needs of international students.
    Monash Sport
    Kris McCarthy
Friday 23 rd November

  Monash Sport Peninsula
Discover Victoria – Day Trips

             • Great Ocean Road
             • Grampians
             • Tulip Festival
             • Healesville
             • Penguin parade
             • Wilson’s Prom
             • Winery tour
Adventure Activities
         •Learn to surf
         •Horse riding
         •White water rafting
         •Rock Climbing
Ski Trips – Monash University
         Alpine Lodge
              •Day Trips
              •Weekend Snow tours
              •Monash Lodge
              •Mt Buller – Great skiing,
              snowboarding, snow play
Discover Australia Tours

         •Sydney 4 day tour
         •$365 Monash Students
         •Thursday 6 September
         •Sydney Harbour, The
         Rocks, Blue Mountains,
         •STA travel for more info
         •Details and bookings out soon on
         Monash Sport website
Healesville Sanctuary

       •Animals and plants of south east
       •Get close and cuddly with
       Australia’s animals – koala,
       kangaroo, platypus, wombats, emus
       •Amazing Birds of Prey Exhibition
       •Only $75
       •Bookings Monash Sport website or
       Service Desk
Great Ocean Road Weekend

         •12 Apostles
         •Surf museum and clothing outlet
         •Coastal townships – Apollo Bay,
         Lorne, Torquay
         •National Park
         •Bookings Monash Sport website or
         Service Desk
         •Be quick!
Sports Clubs

   •Wide Range of Clubs
   •Mid week, weekends, day,
Campus Sport
    •Netball (mixed)
    •Table Tennis
Fitness Centre
       •Cardio Equipment
       •Personal training

       •Group Fitness
   •Table Tennis
Jubilee Park Swimming Pool
             •2 heated indoor pools
             •Spa, sauna
             •Swimming club
             •Membership available
             through Monash Sport
Australian University Games

           • Gold Coast 2007
           • 480 Monash
           • 28 Different Sports
           • Monash beat Melb
           • Monash to Host
Events – TeamMONASHTM
         •Community Fitness Events
         •Portsea Swim Classic
         •Malay Mail Big Walk (Kuala Lumpar)
         •Mothers Day Classic fun run/walk
         •Walk The Talk Fun Run (Johannesburg)
         •Australian University Games (Gold Coast)
         •Melbourne Marathon
         •Around The Bay bike ride
         •Singapore Marathon

Fun, Fitness, Friends
                    MONASH PENINSULA
•   Monash University Peninsula campus,
    as aforementioned is positioned on the
    edge on Metropolitan Melbourne and
    thus has the capability of providing a
    range of on-campus and off-campus
    accommodation facilities.
•   109 Peninsula students call the
    following home:
     –   Student village (5 x 6 bedroom houses)
     –   Lardner Road (1 x 6 bedroom house
         and 1 x 3 bedroom house)
     –   Bloom Street (12 x 4 bedroom units)
     –   Samada Street (2 x 1 bedroom units
         and 10 x 2 bedroom units)

      Monash Residential Services at
       Peninsula campus ensures that
       residents are provided with support and
       a range of activities including cross
       campus sport, resident dinners held at
       the Upperdeck café and extended
       hours for use of the Student Lounge
               TOP 10 WISH LIST
1.    The permission to advertise for potential tenants to occupy the
      food and beverage facilities at U Building
2.    Ensuring that all faculties adhere to week 13 policy, and should
      this policy not be adhered to, that students are dually notified
3.    More seating at BBQ facilities
4.    More doctors and counsellors available at the Health Centre
5.    More bike storage/lock up areas on campus
6.    The quality of lecturers i.e. language barriers
7.    Shuttle bus available to Frankston station i.e. extension of current
      route (This is of particular interest to the residential students)
8.    Library opening hours particularly around exam times (for
      example, more appropriate for university student study habits).
9.    Shade cloth provided for BBQ and seating areas
10.   Healthier options available in the vending machines
• Monash University Peninsula Campus offers a unique
  experience to its students, given the size relative to other
  campuses, composite of faculties and courses offered,
  and the demands placed on students in relation to the
  completion of their respective degrees, for example,
  placement requirements.
• There are better opportunities for stronger rapport to be
  built between staff and students at the Peninsula
  campus, due to the size of Peninsula.
• The Peninsula student experience is not comparable to
  that of Clayton and Caulfield, and therefore decisions
  must be made on an individual campus basis. However
  this by no means discounts the value of the Peninsula
  experience to its’ students.

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