Merrick Grows In Spite of the Economy

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Merrick Grows In Spite of the Economy
Record Year for Firm As It Posts 20% Growth in Revenue and Staff

07.15.2009 – Merrick & Company, a 500-person, $85 million engineering,
architecture, and mapping firm headquartered in Colorado, posted excellent gains            Twitter Pitc
this last year in spite of the economy. As the firm finished up its fiscal year on March    Merrick grows
                                                                                            with 20% incr
31, Merrick experienced 20% growth, both in staffing and revenue. Apparently
unaffected by the economy and 2009 market conditions, the firm hired over 100
employees in the past year and opened three new offices, one each in Tennessee,             News Facts
Texas, and Mexico. Those statistics provide Merrick with a record year in revenues            Record year
since its founding in 1955. Even with the staff expansion, the firm still has more than       increase in r
20 current and pending staff positions to fill, primarily in engineering. And, along with     500-person
its growth, Merrick continues to foster the engineering profession and currently has          offices in la

12 technical interns in their Aurora office for their 2009 summer intern program.             Firm adds 1
                                                                                              Merrick invol
                                                                                              markets incl
Merrick Involved in Multiple Leading-Edge Markets
                                                                                              life science
The firm’s diversification over six different market sectors has contributed to its
                                                                                              nuclear tech
success. The markets include renewable and alternative energy; civil infrastructure;
life sciences including high containment research facilities in agriculture, plant, and       infrastructur
health research; geospatial mapping, both nationally and internationally; nuclear
technology; and the military and government market. All of these sectors were               Resource Li
                                                                                            Merrick & C
carefully selected for long-term growth and opportunity, then financially supported by
                                                                                            Merrick & C
the firm to build its foothold in each.

“For example, Merrick is involved in the planning, design, and construction of              Merrick, rev
biomass/cellulosic feedstock-to-fuel grade ethanol in the growing energy market,”           expansion, e
according to Ralph W. Christie, PE, president and chief executive officer. “We’re           architecture
involved in new forms of biomass feedstock, such as algae, to various biofuels and          technologie

involved in clean energy projects, including nuclear. Those markets require                 facilities, nu
                                                                                            biofuels, hig
specialized expertise and we’re committed to delivering it.”

With that expertise, Merrick’s Alan Propp, PhD, PE, of the firm’s fuels & energy group,
will be making a presentation on the topic of biofuels commercialization at this
year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop Conference to be held in Denver June 14 to 18, 2009.

Merrick is also involved in high precision mapping as an industry leader in multi-
sensor data collection and data fusion. Current projects range from the coastal
mapping of Colombia, South America for the Colombian Navy, to mapping a 16,000-
square-mile area of natural habitat of the Central Flyway, the main migratory corridor
for millions of water fowl in the U.S.

Firm’s Success Also Based Upon Planning, Strategy, and Most Importantly, Solving
Clients’ Problems
Merrick’s growth hasn’t happened by chance. According to Christie, “The impetus
behind a firm’s ability to succeed in a tight economy lies in being able to look at the
big picture, yet be nimble within that view to adjust programs to meet ongoing
external and internal impacts on the business.”

“In addition, we’re determined to keep ourselves aligned with what’s happening in
our world and deliver value. We plan our strategies, solve our clients’ problems, and
stay on our toes to be successful,” says Christie. “Especially in today’s economy,
we’re continually pulsing the ever-changing needs of our client base and specific
target markets in order to acquire the latest intelligence on the market conditions
that are impacting clients. You have to know what’s happening in the market, identify
the optimum market sectors to be in, then provide top value to those sectors.”

Christie continues on the strategies that have made Merrick successful in spite of
the economy, “We clearly identify our target market sectors, then help our clients be
more competitive in their market space. Thus, our strategy focuses on allocating
both our people and financial resources to those markets that are providing the
greatest opportunities for our clients.”

As a long-standing commitment of the firm, Merrick is willing to take on clients’ tough
problems. While many firms shy away from the financial risks of complex projects,
especially in economically challenging times, Merrick continues a significant
workload in technically complex and challenging work such as the designing and
commissioning of complex laboratories that tackle significant problems such as
chronic waste disease, mad cow disease, and SARS.

Beyond diversifying into multiple markets, Merrick has diversified its geographic
locations to take advantage of and protect the firm from regional economic
fluctuations. However, offices are only opened when the resources are there to
sustain operations and add value to clients. The San Antonio, Texas; Oak Ridge,
Tennessee; and Mexico City, Mexico offices all began their start-up with new and
existing contracts that will provide continued growth for those offices over a
considerable timeframe. It’s not just growth for growth’s sake.

The business strategy has paid off and, as the economy moves towards
improvement, those strategies, put in place today, will help to position the firm for
success in the future.

Merrick & Company
Merrick’s professional services include engineering, architecture, design-build,
surveying, and geospatial solutions, with services being provided to local, regional,
national, and international clients in energy, life sciences research laboratories,
infrastructure, water resources, public works, government, and geospatial/mapping
markets. The firm maintains offices in Aurora, CO; Colorado Springs, CO;
Albuquerque, NM; Los Alamos, NM; Atlanta and Duluth, GA; Ottawa, Canada; Oak
Ridge, TN; San Antonio, TX, and Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico.

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About Merrick & Company
Merrick & Company is an employee-owned engineering, architecture, design-build,
surveying, and geospatial solutions firm serving domestic and international clients.
The firm, with eight offices in the U.S. and offices in Canada and Mexico, focuses on
the fuels and energy, life sicences, government, nuclear, geospatial technologies,
and infrastructure markets.

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