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					                                                                                Appendix A

                              Southwold Camping and Caravan Park

                Re-configuration of Camping Pitches and Pricing Review – 2011


The camping and touring area of the park currently has 132 pitches. During busy/peak periods the
minimum distance of 6 metres between 'living accommodation', as required by Fire Regulations,
can often be difficult to achieve.

To provide an adequate camping pitch that can accommodate a large tent and reasonable usable area
the pitching plan must be reconfigured.


The proposed 2011 camping area pitching plan will accommodate 91 large (at least 8 metre x 10
metre) pitches, incorporating a tent pitch are of at least 4 metre x 8 metre. This area will allow a
large six person tunnel style tent and be sufficient for other large style tent designs for up to six

In addition to the 91 large pitches there are a minimum of seven smaller pitches that may be used
for backpackers and cyclist camping that do not require any car parking space within the pitch.
These pitches will accommodate up to a four person dome style tent.

Pricing Structure

The current pricing structure is £15.50p flat rate for the pitch throughout the whole year.
Extras per night: Gazebo/awning/pup tent - £3.80p, additional adult - £2.20p, additional child -
£1.10p, dogs – free.

If fully booked the total flat rate revenue = 132 x 15.5 = £2046.00p

The periods when the park is at capacity are late May Bank Holiday, mid July through to early
September (school summer holidays).

The proposed pricing structure will be £22.50p flat rate for the pitch during the peak periods only.
£15.50p at all other times. Extras will remain as existing plus reasonable annual uplift. An extra for
an additional car parked on-site during off peak could be considered.

Bookings during peak will have to be a minimum of three days duration if pre-booked. Payments
for all pre-bookings must be made in full prior to arrival.

If fully booked the total flat rate revenue = 91 x 22.5 = £2047.50p.

Price comparison

Referring to 2010 prices for peak periods at comparable camping and touring parks:-

Bay View Farm – Cornwall
Pitch - £23.50p, Extras: awning - £4.00p, adult - £10.00p, teen - £8.00p, child - £4.50p.
Clippesby Hall – Norfolk
Pitch - £26.50p, Extras: awning - £2.50p, adult - £5.00p, child - £2.50p, dog - £3.50p

Kessingland – Suffolk
Pitch - £27.00p, Extras: adult - £10.00p, child £2.80p

Cliff House, Dunwich – Suffolk
Pitch - £27.00p, Extras: awning - £3.30p, adult - £4.80p, child - £2.80p, dog - £2.50p

Wells-Next-the-Sea – Norfolk
Pitch - £29.00p, Extras: awning - £5.00p, dog - £3.00p, extra car - £3.00p

Burnham Deepdale – Norfolk
Pitch - £18.00p, Extras: adult - £9.00p, child - £5.00p.

All pitch prices include two persons, standard pitch (no electric hook-up). Most of the sites sampled
have a booking policy of three nights minimum pre-booked during peak periods.


The proposed camping and touring area pitch layout has larger pitches across the whole of the site.
The aisles between the pitches are all 6 metres, there are larger areas of green space at several
locations within the camping fields for use as impromptu play areas.

An overall reduction in the number of pitches by 41 will result in less demand for and upon the
facilities during peak periods.


There have already been a number of proposed bookings for the 2011 summer season, these have
been held in abeyance with the customers being kept fully informed. If the revised pitch layout,
pricing structure and booking policy is to be used it will need approval as soon as possible. This
will enable us to make 2011 bookings and plan accordingly (the revised pitch layout and ancillary
works will be undertaken during the closed season 20010-2011).

Richard Alexander
4th June 2010