METIS Kick Off Meeting EGNOS OS Galileo regulated tracking tracing services for personal mobility

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					 EGNOS OS/Galileo regulated tracking &
 tracing services for personal mobility

 “EGNOS/Galileo services benefiting to regulated applications”,
 Brussels 10.06.2009

                          Telespazio France
                           Nicolas VINCENT

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Market environment
Service provision architecture
EGNOS tracing & tracking services
Market analysis outcomes
Main enablers and recommendations

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 Market environment
Persons tracking & tracing for social interests
     6-14 year-old children
     Dependent persons
     Lone workers

GPS-based solutions are penetrating this market today on pure commercial basis
In some cases, the use of GNSS is triggered by appropriate legislations
     Alzheimer illness national plans - Loi Borloo Juillet 2005 in France
     Lone Worker protection regulations (French law: INRS Specification (NS255))

Regulations can facilitate and regulate a successful penetration in this market

Sector market figures :
     47 millions 6 to 14 years old kids and 73 millions over 65 years old in Europe
     1 million of Lone workers in France

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Service provision architecture
MENTORE Solution = Terminals & Multi Service Tracking Platform interfacing with Axa
Assistance Information System and Call Center

                                                                      Use of
                                              Location                operational tools
                                              Platform                for demos from
                                                                      market actors

   End User
   Terminal                        Web Services            Call Center

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EGNOS tracing & tracking services


                                         S911 LAIPAC terminal
                                         Used for Pilot due to delay on Laipac
                                         bracelets manufacturing
                                         Activation of reception of EGNOS
                                         Open signals on Laipac device but
                                         unavailability of A-GPS feature
                                         Lack of other SUPL A-GPS terminals
                                         on the market

      Set of 3 baseline services:
           1. Location Request service : on demand by declared users (family,
                 supervisor, etc.)
           2. Exit of zone alarm : geofencing to detect automatically runaway
                 child, etc.
           3. SOS Call alarm : on demand by the holder when he is lost, etc…
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 Main results

Service set up is not complex and real life tests have been performed with a
high level of satisfaction from selected users and marker representatives

Position reliability has been considered excellent during the tests
But GPS/EGNOS alone is not sufficient:
    Time to Get position (TTFF) is too long in some cases (> 1 or 2 minutes).
    Service Coverage is highly constrained, including inside houses

No availability of the EGNOS CS-A-GPS terminal due to manufacturing issues
    Partial results as no validation of the EGNOS CS added value

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The business case: a B2B2C market

                                    Key actors are:
                                     Customers : social
                                    networks, large groups (PTI)
                                     Service provider
                                     EGNOS Provider
                                     Terminal manufacturer =
                                    ~Mobile phones but specific
                                    niche market products
                                     Telecom operator (LBS
                                     Others : Insurance,
                                    Internet, Call centers, etc…

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Results of the preliminary LWP business plan
Potential market in France ~ 1.000.000 +0,66% per year
Rapid GNSS market penetration due to regulation           Free cash flow = 118M€

                   A positive business but only after 8 years

                                                                        + 50M€ /y

                                      Break-even point = 2017
           Main drivers : Potential market (increase or back-up with sister apps
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           as prisoners tracking), Terminal cost & replacement rate, EGNOS fee
 Main enablers
In this LBS social market, the added value of EGNOS features is not evident and
EGNOS penetration will only result of a technological pushing strategy
        Eg. coverage & availability performance are lower than those of voice services
Technological difficulties for small-devices dedicated to these classes of persons
In MENTORE pilot, only EGNOS OS was considered due to problems related with
devices but the value for EGNOS CS for such regulated application users is not yet
        Definition of a Liability Scheme between service provider and actors in the value
        Business opportunities for EGNOS CS to be further analyzed (for example in
        combination with other special classes of persons, such as offenders)

“The Memphis Police Department is planning to deploy approximately 3,000 one piece GPS offender tracking
devices to Criminal Justice/Law-Enforcement agencies in six counties in three states. The proposed type of
electronic monitoring/tracking system is multi-integrated to primarily track an offender’s movements, monitor, check,
and verify that offenders remain at home or comply with a schedule during specified time periods.”

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In summary, the market is still immature and mainly confronted with 3 key obstacles :
       Psychology: reluctant to use new technologies and to learn how to use it.
       Regulation: share of responsibilities not clearly defined yet.
       Ethics: Privacy protection vs comfort and safety.

There are still some aspects to be further researched:
       Technical : Support terminal manufacturers & demos of CS added value
       Legal and Regulatory: Definition of a Service Level Agreement and Support of
       regulatory process
       Communication : EGNOS use Promotion actions

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