Dear Parent,
Thank you for choosing YMCA Camp Seymour for your child’s summer Resident Camp
experience. This Parent’s Guide will allow you to become familiar with Camp Seymour
and help prepare for your child’s experience. Reading through this guide with your child
is important and should answer any questions you may have.
Please hold onto this guide as it has important information for before and during your
child’s camp experience.

                                                           Scott T Jackson
                                                           Camp Director

— Review Parent Packet
— Make payment of any unpaid balances by June 1
(All online registration will automatically be set up for credit card draft on June 1 )
                                                                                          Sample Daily Schedule
— Complete forms and bring with you at check in
                                                                                          (Varies by age group)
— Help you child pack using the enclosed packing list as a guide
                                                                                          7:15 AM Good Morning!
Before Summer Visits                                                                      Dippy & German Stairs (optional)
We invite you to take the opportunity to meet staff, tour camp facilities, and talk       8:00 AM Breakfast
with the Camp Director during a Seymour Sunday (check our website for dates
and times). Part of the magic of camp is making great friends while being away            Morning Inspiration (at Chapel)
from family. We ask that there be no requests for visits to campers during                Activities as a Cabin Group
summer sessions, as we are busy and involved with activities, and campers have            Kapers (cabin and camp clean-up)
only a short time to be at camp.                                                          AM Camptivity 1
                                                                                          (4 days of a chosen activity)
Cabin Assignments
We make every effort to place campers with requested cabinmates. We have                  12:30 PM Lunch
found that placing more than three requested campers together tends to impact             PM Camptivity 2
cabin dynamics and our emphasis of making new friends. Therefore, campers may             (4 days of a chosen activity)
mutually request two ―buddies‖, within one grade of each other, on the   regis-           PM Camptivity 3
tration form.                                                                             Saska (quiet time), Snack & Mail
                                                                                          Rec. Time -Open Activities
Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds
                                                                                          (Boating, Archery, Crafts, Games, Etc.)
As indicated on the registration form, the registration deposit and limited member
fee are non-refundable. Prior to the start of the session, you may change your            6:00 PM Dinner
camp session (space permitting) without penalty. Before June 1, if you cancel             Evening Activity (Campfire, Skit night, Unit
your registration, the camp fee minus the deposit amount can be refunded. Af-             Games, All-Camp Games)
ter June 1, fees are non-refundable without:                                              8:30 PM Embers
                                                                                          (cabin discussion or story)
1). Physician's written documentation of circumstances involving serious camper
illness/injury, and/or                                                                    9:30 PM Lights Out
2). Consent of the Camp Director. Minor illness, missing home, inappropriate
camper behavior, or change in plans are not sufficient grounds for a refund.
Telephone Contact                           candy/food from home can negatively          Emergency Communication
Parents may contact Camp at any time        complicate camper relationships. We          In case of a medical or family emergency
to get a report on how their child is do-   provide campers a snack each day, and        at home, contact YMCA Camp Seymour
ing, or discuss their child’s experience,   three full meals. If you wish to send a      at 253-884-3392. After office hours,
at 253- 884-3392. Our experience is         care package, inexpensive non-food           our voicemail system will give you an
that campers’ telephone conversations       items (including books, small non-           emergency cell phone number you may
with parents tend to exacerbate or kick-    electronic toys, travel games, puzzles       use, and/or an opportunity to leave a
start missing home, so campers do not       and the like - especially ones the whole     message with the Camp Director. In the
have access to a telephone. In the          cabin can enjoy) will show your child you    event of an emergency, visits by a par-
event a child requests to make a phone      care about and are thinking of them, and     ent/guardian are allowed after contact
call, permission to do so is granted at     will not disrupt the camp environment.       with the Camp Director has occurred.
the Camp Director's discretion, after
staff make advance contact with the         Medical Care
parent/guardian to discuss the              Our Health Care Director is in residence     PAPERWORK
situation.                                  at our Health Center, and Dr. Roes, a
                                            family practitioner in Key Center, is on     Please fill all paperwork out and bring it
Mail                                        call 24 hours a day. In case of emer-        with you on the first day of camp.
To help your child make a smooth tran- gency, Mary Bridge Hospital (in Tacoma)
sition to camp, try to write them regu-     accepts our campers as patients. Emer-       Camper Release -The Camper Release
larly. You can start the letters before     gency transportation is available from       form is used to authorize specific indi-
arrival, so one can be waiting on the       the local fire department in Key Center.     viduals to pick-up and/or drop off your
first full day of camp. Mail from pets,     Should any serious accident or illness       child at camp.
siblings, relatives, and friends are great occur at camp, parents or guardians are       Camp Store Deposit - The Camp Store
ways to show your love and support for notified immediately. In case of minor            Deposit form is used to deposit money
your child. Funny cards and picture         illness, parents are informed if their       in the ―camp bank‖ for your child to use
postcards are great, too. Ask questions child remains in the Health Center for           at the camp store.
about camp, and try to avoid telling your more than 24 hours.
child how much you miss them. Short                                                      Health and Medical History - Campers
declarations of love such as, ―We’re so     We reserve the right to send a child         will not be admitted to camp without an
proud of you,‖ or ―We love you‖, or ―See home if our Health Care Director or a           accurately completed and signed health
you soon‖ are just what children want to physician so advises. If you plan to be         form. A medical exam is required only if
hear. Please address mail to your child away for any length of time during your          the camper has had surgery, serious
as follows:                                 child’s time at camp, please arrange for     illness, injury that has limited his/her
                                            a relative or friend to be able to pick up   activity, or has been hospitalized in the
Child's Name, Cabin Name                    your child should he or she become ill.      past year. Please Note: It is the respon-
YMCA Camp Seymour                           Please notify camp of this situation by      sibility of the camper's parent(s) or legal
9725 Cramer Road, KPN                       putting the name, address, and tele-         guardian to provide accident and health
Gig Harbor, WA 98329                        phone number of the relative or friend       coverage for their camper while partici-
                                            on the Camper Release Form.                  pating in activities with YMCA Camp
EMail                                       Our medical staff or team of directors       Seymour. The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap
To email your child while at camp, email will contact you (or your emergency con-        Counties does not provide any accident and include            tacts) if your child becomes ill or has      or health coverage for its participants.
your camper's name and cabin name as        any injury beyond a simple scrape or
the subject line. Emails will be printed in bruise.                                      Letter to My Leader and Letter to My
the morning (in black and white) and                                                     Child’s Leader - Provides you and your
                                            Camper Medication                            child an opportunity to communicate
distributed once daily with the mail. We
                                            All medication (including prescriptions,     with your cabin leader.
are unable to print attachments or link
                                            over-the-counter drugs, and vitamins)
to greeting cards. Campers will not have
                                            must be brought to camp in the original
computer access to reply.
                                            container (as purchased or issued).
Care Packages                               Prescription containers must detail the
Putting a small gift in a letter or sending child’s name, name of the medication,
a package is a treat your child will ap-    dosage directions, and the name of the
preciate. However, we need your help:       person ordering the medication. All
please do not send food, candy, or          medication must be noted on the Health
snacks to camp. Packages with food or Form, and will be held by the Health
candy are an invitation to ants or crit-    Care Director, who will dispense it
ters to come and get dinner. Also,          appropriately.
Be aware that camp is hard on clothing. We recommend against bringing new or expensive clothing, luggage, or other items.
All personal belongings should be plainly marked with camper’s name for identification. Each camper will care for his/her
own belongings, and storage is limited. Please bring only 2 items of luggage: a sleeping bag & one (1) suitcase/duffel bag.
Dress Code
Campers are expected to wear clothing appropriate for active days, outside, in a co-ed setting; and swim suits appropriate
for swimming and water games. Please work with your camper to select modest, athletic, durable clothing for camp. For
example, boxers and bra straps should not be visible. All shorts must cover below the fingertips of the camper when

  Please Bring:                                                      Waterproof raincoat with hood or poncho
                                                                     2 pair shoes (at least 1 pair sturdy tennis shoes)
      Sleeping bag, w/stuff sack or plastic bag                      Swim suit (& goggles recommended)
      Small pillow                                                   Pajamas
      Laundry bag/pillow case for dirty clothes
      Wash kit (w/soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)               Optional Items:
      1-2 Towels and 1 Washcloth
      Flashlight (and extra batteries)                               T-shirt to tie dye in Arts & Crafts!
      Pencil, paper, self-addressed envelopes, stamps                Travel games, cards, activity books (rest time)
      Sunscreen (minimum SPF 15)                                     Fishing pole (w/barbless hooks, artificial bait)
      Chapstick (minimum SPF 15)                                     Non-aerosol insect repellent
      6 T-shirts, 6 sets of underwear, 6 pairs of socks              "Itch & sting stick" for insect bites
      2 pairs of jeans or similar rugged pants                       Family photo (for comfort)
      3 pairs shorts                                                 Journal
      2 Sweatshirts                                                  Water bottle
      (Pioneer campers should bring 1/2 of the above                 Rain pants
      items.)                                                        Sandals
      Warm jacket                                                    Books

Prohibited Items – Please do NOT bring.
The following items (and other inappropriate/hazardous items) will be confiscated if brought to camp:
    Food, candy, or snacks. Treats in camper bags invite ants & critters into cabins. We provide a daily snack, as well as
    three full meals with a fruit or salad bar. Food from home can complicate cabin relationships. All cash should be depos-
    ited into the ―camp bank‖ at check-in.
    Live pets must stay home, but a small plush stuffed-animal is great.
    Electronic devices (toys, games, CD/MP3 players, iPods, cell/camera phones, etc.). They are a distraction from the camp
    experience & easily lost.
    Pocketknives, weapons or hazardous materials (e.g., matches, fireworks, etc.).
    Cosmetics, curling irons, hair straighteners, etc.

Adventure Camp: Please bring enough clothes to last for the two weeks. An additional piece of luggage is acceptable.
Laundry is not available, so please plan accordingly. Adventurers will participate in a three-day, out-of-camp hiking or
canoeing trip – these trip groups are decided mid-way through the session. In order to have a safe and enjoyable trip
experience, all Adventurers need to bring, in addition to the above items:

    Hiking boots/sturdy shoes                                       Sunglasses
    2 pairs wool socks                                              Hat
    Closed –toe shoes for wading:                                   Water bottle
    Old canvas shoes or ―aqua socks‖                                Mess Kit
    Sport sandals with straps are okay.                             Bowl & Plate—med-size
    (To minimize injury from rocks & barnacles)                     ―Tupperware‖ style bowl work well.
    Waterproof rain coat, w/hood & rain pants                        Cup– insulated plastic mug w/lid
    Daypack & stuff sack for sleeping bag                            Sturdy fork & spoon

Lost and Found—YMCA Camp Seymour is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Label items plainly with your
child's name, and check through your child's belongings when he/she returns home. If your child is missing an item, please
call Camp at 253-884-3392. All unclaimed items will be donated 30 days after the camp session ends.
Check-in is from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm on the first day of camp.
Please bring the forms in this packet with you to check-in for your child's session. If your child is registered for more than
one session, you only need to fill out one Health History form & Letter to Leader, but will need to complete a Camper Re-
lease / Store Deposit form for each session.
Be prepared to walk about 100-150 yards to the cabin with your camper.
Please let us know in advance if you will need mobility assistance.
There are three steps to check your child in to camp:
    1. At the parking lot: your camper will learn his/her cabin assignment. Your luggage will be tagged and shipped to the
    2. Head for the basketball courts (follow signs). You will deposit any money you wish to leave for the camp store, and
       sign and leave the Camper Release and Agreement to Participate form.
    3. At the Health Check-in: A quick health screening and lice check. You will drop off all camper medications or
        supplements, and leave your Health and Medical History form with the Health Care Director.
    4. Arrival at your cabin: Meet the Cabin Leaders, leave your Letter to Leader form with them, and help your child get
Parents are urged to leave camp shortly thereafter, so that campers can become actively involved in the camp program right
away! If you suspect your child may become homesick, don't delay your departure from camp—he or she will be in good

Check out - Parents are invited to join us for a closing campfire on the last day of camp. Units 1, 2, and Pioneers Campfire
starts at 1:00 PM. Please, arrive no earlier than 12:45 PM for the 1:00 PM Campfire. Unit 3,4, Adventurers, or TREK camp-
ers have campfire at 2:00 PM. Please arrive no earlier than 1:45 PM for the 2:00 PM Campfire. If you have kids in both
programs, feel free to join us for either or both campfire programs. Park in the upper parking lot and you will be directed to
the ―Cove bowl‖ campfire. Adherence to this schedule is greatly appreciated. Remember to bring your ―camper claim check‖
with you, if you do not have your claim check you will be required to stop and show photo ID. After campfire you’re invited to
join us for a family BBQ and gather your child(ren), proceed to the lower field area, stop in the Dining Hall to receive any un-
spent store money (to the nearest dollar) and any remaining medications. Half of the claim-check will release your child from
the cabin leader and the second half will be given to the staff at the parking lot, when you are ready to depart.

Transportation—All campers must be provided their own transportation to and from camp. Driving directions are printed on
the map to Camp Seymour below. NEW for 2011– Campers attending sessions that end on Friday can pre-register for bus
transportation to the Morgan Family YMCA, which will arrive at 5:00pm. Spaces are limited and require and additional $20.

         From Highway 16:
         Take Purdy/302 Exit. Follow 302 across the
         Purdy Bridge. Continue on this road toward
         Key Center for approximately 5.5 miles.
         Turn left at the sign for YMCA Camp Seymour
         onto 134th Avenue. Follow 134th for about
         two miles (134th will become Cramer Road)
         and turn left onto Thomas Road. The en-
         trance to camp is about 25 yards up the hill
         on the right. Please drive slowly-the speed
         limit is 5 MPH in main camp.

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