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									The Body of Christopher

     Carol Plum-Ucci
    Harcourt, May 2000
Carol Plum-Ucci
• Her roots are in
  Brigantine, NJ
  (South Jersey),
  which inspired the
  “Pine Barrens”
  setting of this novel.
• She is a young adult
  novelist, freelance
  writer, ghost writer,
  critic, speech writer
  and an essayist.
• This is a story about mysterious
  disappearance of a high school
• Christopher Creed is the boy no
  one likes.
• He is popular for bullies to tease.
• He never seems to fit in high
  school cliques.
• When he disappears, he captures
  the attention the entire town of
  Steepleton and upsets the lives of
  those who tormented him.
OVERVIEW (continued)

• Torey Adams – Steepleton’s high
  school football star is profoundly
  effected by this disappearance and
  he makes it his mission to discover
  what happened to his classmate.
  In this process, he discovers
  important truths about the impact
  that his actions have on the lives
  of others.
         Torey Adams
• For sixteen-year-old Torey Adams,
  Creed's disappearance becomes a
  major turning point in his privileged
  and sheltered life.
• The only apparent clue- a cryptic e-
  mail message written twenty-four
  hours before Chris turned up missing,
  which draws Torey into the mystery
  and sets him on a path filled with
  terror and pain.
• In his search for the truth, Torey
  slowly discovers that some mysteries
  are not meant to be solved - they are
  simply meant to overcome.
    Christopher Creed
• Chris Creed grew up as the class
  freak… the bullies' punching bag.
  After he vanished, the weirdness
  that had once surrounded him
  began spreading. It
  as as if a darkness reached out of
  his void to grab at the most
  normal, happy people-like some
  twisted joke or demented form of
  justice. It tore the town apart.
     Who is a potential
• You might become an outcast if:
 – You look different (short, tall, etc.)
 – You are from a different culture
 – You dress differently from others
 – You have a disability
 – You are socially awkward (maybe
 – You are quiet and reserved
Social Outcast
   Character Descriptions
• Torey Adams - He is an only child from the
  rich part of town who has been given every
  advantage his parents could afford.
• Ali McDermott - This character is one of the
  Steepleton elite, a member of Torey's clique
  and is a cheerleader and an honor student.
• Bo Richardson - This character is a boon, a
  large boy who has a reputation for violence.
  This character once pushed Creed off the
  bleachers and broke his ankle.
  Character Descriptions
• Christopher Creed - This character is a
  misfit who wants to be liked so
  desperately that he comes on too
  intensely for most of the people around
• Mrs. Creed - This character grew up in
  the boondocks where the character's
  own father severely abused and
  humiliated her until she was old enough
  to run away and join the military.
• Bob Haines - This character was the
  father of Digger.
   Character Descriptions
• Digger Haines - This character was a star
  football player when Mrs. Adams was in
  elementary school and was planning a
  military career after high school, but after a
  motorbike accident, he lost his leg.
• Renee Bowen - This character is the
  daughter of the chief of police and a friend in
  Torey's circle.
• Mrs. Adams - This character is Torey's
  mother and a lawyer with the district
  attorney's office in Steepleton.
• The Indian - When Torey was a small child,
  he saw an this character in the woods near
  the Lenape burial site.
      Object Descriptions
• This segment provides students with a
  short description of all the major objects
  described in this book.
      Object Descriptions
• Creed's Note - This is the suicide/runaway
  item Christopher Creed sent to the principal
  the day he disappeared.
• Creed's Diary - This is the item that Bo
  Richardson attempts to steal from the Creed
  home that contains Chris's imaginary account
  of his relationship with Isabella.
• Library Computer - Christopher Creed's
  mother unplugged his home computer, so
  Creed used this to send his e-mailed note to
  the principal.
      Object Descriptions
• Computer Disk - This item onto which Ali and
  Bo transferred the note becomes a major part
  of the evidence against Bo in the murder of
  Christopher Creed.
• Creed's Treasure Map - This is a guide
  Christopher Creed created so that he would
  not forget where he had buried treasure in the
  woods when he was young.
• Creed.doc - This is the document Torey
  writes and sends out to individuals using
  anagrams and variations of his and the boys'
  names from Creed's note.
      Object Descriptions
• Creed's Bedroom - Ali is able to see
  through her bedroom window into this
  space's window.
• Torey's Guitar - Torey is a musician and
  owns this instrument.
• Three Rock Grave Marker - In the Lenape
  burial site, there is a grave marker composed
  on these and is where Torey finds the body of
  Bob Haines.
• Psychic Vision - This is how Torey and Ali
  learn that Torey will find a body while alone
  in the Lenape burial site at a grave marked
  by three large rocks.
     Object Descriptions
• Boon - This is the name of the local
  kids who live in the part of town called
  the boondocks.
• Wawa - This is the name of a local
  convenience store where Bo, Torey and
  many of his friends hang out.
• Lenape Indian Burial Grounds - This
  is behind Torey's house and is believed
  to have been created by a tribe of
  Lenape Indians when they lived in the
     Chapter Abstracts
• Chapter abstracts are short
  descriptions of events that occur
  in each chapter.

• They highlight major plot events
  and detail the important
  relationships and characteristics
  of characters and objects.
    Chapter 1 Abstract
• The novel is about a young boy, Torey
  Adams, and how his world is
  shattered when an unpopular boy in
  his school disappears.

• Torey Adams moves to a boarding
  school for his senior year of high
  school due to troubles after Chris
  Creed disappears.

• Torey explains that it is better at his
  new school because no one stares at
  him, and he can act like a regular kid.
    Chapter 1 Abstract
• Torey emails someone named
  Alex Healy asks him if the name
  Chris Creed means anything and
  if it does to read the attachment.

• The document is regarding Chris
  Creed's disappearance two years
     Chapter 2 Abstract
• Torey wrote this document at the
  request of his doctor with the hopes it
  would provide him with some healing.

• He has not read it since he wrote it
  but sends it out to anonymous

• The e-mail goes on to explain what
  the disappearance of Chris Creed did
  to the town of Steepleton.
    Chapter 2 Abstract
• Torey provides the names of
  three people who can vouch for
  the veracity of every word in the
  attached document.

• Torey knows now that he is
  ready to read the document and
  that he has sympathy for the
  person he was two years ago.
     Chapter 3 Abstract
• Torey is in church one Sunday with his
  friends when Mr. and Mrs. Creed are
  allowed to make an impassioned
  speech to the congregation.

• The Creeds explain about their son's
  disappearance the Thursday before and
  ask that if anyone has any information.

• Torey knew there was a search for
  Chris the day before and that an e-mail
  was sent to the principal that was
  supposedly from Chris.
     Chapter 3 Abstract
• Torey also got the impression that
  the Creeds were holding on to the
  idea of Chris running away and not
  kidnapped by criminals.

• Torey listens to the Creeds talk
  about their son and wonders how
  they can be so wrong about him.
      Chapter 4 Abstract

• The Creeds talk about Chris as
  though he were a happy, well-
  adjusted kid. Torey knows that is
  the opposite of what Chris was.

• Chris was awkward, annoying and
  obnoxious. Chris was the constant
  butt of jokes and the target of
     Chapter 4 Abstract

• Even though Torey and his friends did
  not beat on Chris in over a year, there
  was a group of kids that had.

• The boons, kids from the poor side of
  town or the boondocks, were often
  picking on kids like Chris.
     Chapter 5 Abstract
• Alex and Ryan go back to Torey's
  basement with him to await the rest
  of their band so they can get in some
  practice time.

• Ryan suggests that Creed drowned
  himself in the woods and that they
  will find his body in a few weeks.

• Torey remembers a time when he hit
  Chris Creed in sixth grade and asks
  the others if they ever hit him.
     Chapter 6 Abstract
• The conversation turns to the note
  Creed sent to the principal from the
  library computer.

• Alex says that he could probably
  crack into the school network and find
  a copy. Alex does just that. But there
  is no copy of the note.

• Alex breaks into the principal's inbox
  for his e-mails and finds a copy there,
  which Alex prints out.
     Chapter 6 Abstract
• The note explains how he is tired of
  being an outcast and living under the
  strict control of his parents.

• Chris mentions the names of several
  of his classmates whom he admired
  and wanted to be like, including
  Torey. This upsets Torey.
    Chapter 7 Abstract
• Torey runs into a friend, Ali
  McDermott. Ali and Torey have known
  each other since they were small.

• Torey wants to talk to Ali about Chris
  Creed because she lives across the
  street from the Creeds.

• Ali takes Torey out a side door where
  the fire alarm has been disabled. Ali
  immediately lights up a cigarette.
    Chapter 7 Abstract
• Torey thinks of how different she
  has become since her parents'
  separation. Now she has a bad
  reputation and does not seem to

• Ali tells Torey about Creed, of
  conversations the two of them
  had and about how strict Creed's
  mother appeared to be.
    Chapter 8 Abstract
• Torey and Ali agree that Mrs.
  Creed's behavior toward Chris
  and her denial of any personal
  blame in his disappearance is

• Ali also tells Torey about a diary
  that she saw Chris write in and
  then hide behind a painting.
    Chapter 8 Abstract
• Torey is worried about Ali. Ali
  seems very different from the
  girl Torey used to know,
  depressed and closed off.

• When Ali suggests that Torey
  come over after dinner the next
  night, Torey jumps at the chance.
    Chapter 9 Abstract
• Torey enters the cafeteria
  and finds his friends as well
  as his girlfriend, Leandra, and
  her best friend Renee.

• Torey explains that Ali was
  having a problem and that is
  where he has been. Renee
  has unkind things to say
  about Ali.
     Chapter 9 Abstract
• Torey is annoyed by Renee's
  comments and is also disturbed to see
  that Alex and Renee appear to be
  getting together in a romantic sense.

• Torey puts Creed's note on the table
  so that everyone can read it. Right
  away, Leandra and Renee get in on
  the speculation as to what it all
     Chapter 10 Abstract
• Both girls think the note implies that Chris
  has decided to commit suicide.

• However, Leandra suggests that perhaps
  Chris did not even write the note.

• What if someone else wrote it to make it
  look like Chris had run off or committed
  suicide when he was really murdered?
    Chapter 10 Abstract
• All eyes turn to the boons then,
  especially Bo Richardson. They
  discuss how dirty some of the boons

• Torey immediately feels
  uncomfortable with the conversation
  and wishes he had stayed outside
  with Ali.
    Chapter 11 Abstract
• Alex and Ryan do not show up for
  band practice that night, which upsets
  Torey. Torey sits in the basement and
  works on writing a song.

• Suddenly, Torey feels like he is not
  alone, as if someone is watching him.
  Torey becomes convinced that
  someone is in the game closet.
    Chapter 11 Abstract
• Torey imagines that someone is in
  there watching him; Chris is in there
  hanging from a rope.

• Torey walks calmly to the door and
  pulls it open only to find it empty.

• Torey's pager goes off a second later,
  giving him a second scare. It is
  Leandra. She's railing against Ali who
  caused practice to go longer.
    Chapter 12 Abstract
• Torey becomes irritated by this
  conversation and tells Leandra he
  thinks she should stop gossiping
  about things she does not

• Torey thinks about Creed, about how
  it is really possible that he did commit
  suicide, with all the times he was hurt
  by the people around him.
    Chapter 12 Abstract
• Torey imagines that one day Creed
  woke up and for the first time saw
  himself the way other people saw

• Torey also marvels at how everyone
  would rather think that Creed was
  murdered than to believe that their
  own behavior had anything to do with
  Creed's disappearance.
    Chapter 13 Abstract
• The next morning Torey confronts
  Alex about not showing up to band
  practice. He was with Renee, though
  he tried to lie initially.

• Then Alex tells Torey about another
  time when he hit Creed. Alex had
  been about twelve.
    Chapter 13 Abstract
• Mrs. Creed came down to the Wawa, a
  local convenience store, to make all
  the local kids who did not help with
  the search on Saturday feel guilty.

• Creed talked to Mrs. Kyle and told her
  that she wanted to believe that Chris
  ran away, but that she had been
  watching his bank account. Chris had
  not taken a penny.
     Chapter 14 Abstract
• She was beginning to think that one of the
  boons killed her son and wrote the suicide
  note to throw everyone off track.

• Mrs. Creed's number one suspect was Bo
  Richardson because last year he pushed
  Chris off the bleachers and broke his ankle.
  Torey is the only other person who sent
  Chris to the emergency room, in sixth grade
  when he hit him for touching his guitar, and
  no one was saying Torey had killed Chris.
     Chapter 15 Abstract
• When Torey arrives at Ali's house, Ali takes
  him directly to her bedroom. She shows him
  Chris's house and they watch the family.

• Mrs. Creed comes into Chris's room and
  looks for something. Ali says she thinks
  she's looking for Chris's diary.

• Bo Richardson, who is Ali's boyfriend shows
  up and tells Ali's mother to quit making so
  much noise during sex with her boyfriend.
    Chapter 15 Abstract
• When Bo, Ali and Torey are alone
  again, the conversation turns
  back to Chris Creed.

• Bo decides that they have to
  steal the diary before Mrs. Creed
  can find it. Bo takes off his boots
  and charges out of the house.
     Chapter 16 Abstract
• Torey chases Bo out into the street and asks
  if he has a plan. Bo says no, but he has
  broken into houses before.

• Torey then wants to know why Bo wants to
  do this, since he will probably get caught.

• The police interviewed Bo and wanted an
  alibi for when Chris went missing. He
  figured it was only a matter of time before
  they charged him.
     Chapter 16 Abstract
• Torey says he will call the Creeds
  and lure them out of the house
  while Bo breaks in and takes the

• He demands money from Mrs.
  Creed then tells her to meet him
  at the ball field. Something she
  said bothered him, but he didn't
  know what.
    Chapter 17 Abstract
• The police have detained Torey and
  Bo because they found Bo leaving the
  Creed's house and a neighbor saw
  Torey talking to Bo.

• Torey tries to convince his mother
  that Bo is innocent of everything
  related to the Chris Creed case.

• Mrs. Adams doesn't want to help Bo,
  but Torey's pleas and Ali's constant
  sobbing change her mind.
    Chapter 17 Abstract
• Mrs. Adams goes into the interrogation room
  where Bo is being questioned and demands
  the chief let him go if he is not being

• The chief asks some leading questions,
  clearly hoping Torey and Ali will pin the
  phone call Torey made to the Creeds on Bo.

• The police hold Bo with juvenile delinquency
  for giving the police a hard time. Mrs. Adams
  seems to be impressed with Bo's
  considerate behavior.
   Chapter 18 Abstract
• Torey and Ali tell Mrs. Adams
  everything that has happened thus
  far, including how Ali got her copy of
  the note and where the disk is now.

• Ali also tells Mrs. Adams her theory
  that Mrs. Creed hurt Chris herself,
  based on what Ali has observed over
  the years from her bedroom window.
    Chapter 18 Abstract
• Mrs. Adams wants to know if Bo broke
  into the Creed house. Ali says she
  does not know. She saw that he
  couldn't get in Chris's window.

• Mrs. Adams assures Ali that the police
  will not charge Bo with murder until a
  body is found, and she is certain one
  will never be found.
    Chapter 19 Abstract
• Torey has trouble sleeping that night,
  so he goes into the guest bedroom
  with Ali to read Chris's diary.

• Already Ali has discovered that Chris
  had a girlfriend in a bordering town
  where he worked in his uncle's coffee
   Chapter 19 Abstract
• On the final page is a list Chris made
  of all the things that are good about
  him. He seemed to want to give
  himself good self-esteem.

• Torey stands to go to bed. Ali again
  theorizes that Mrs. Creed killed Chris.

• Torey does not agree, however, after
  remembering Mrs. Creed's reaction to
  the phone call.
   Chapter 20 Abstract
• The next morning Torey's friends
  want to know why Ali is with him, but
  they also want to know if they were
  arrested with Bo Richardson.

• In homeroom, Torey falls asleep on
  his desk. Alex wakes him and
  chastises him for turning on his

• Somehow Torey's friends seem
  shallow to him now. Torey leaves the
  classroom to go to the restroom and
  finds Ali in the hallway.
   Chapter 20 Abstract
• Ali tells him that she read more
  of the diary where Chris talks
  about going to a psychic with

• The psychic told Chris that she
  saw him dead in the woods. Bo
  shows up at school due to Mrs.
  Adams getting him out.

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