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					                                                 The Ballet Garden
                                                      (where little dancers grow)
                                         103 S. Marble St. Rockmart, GA 30153 678-918-6132
                                Website: Email:

                                  Information for Spring Dance Session 2011

REGISTRATION –Registration is Tuesday, January 4th from 5:00-7:00pm & Thursday, January 6th from 6:00-
8:00pm. Spring classes will begin January 10th. A non-refundable registration fee of $20.00 for all students is
paid at the time of registration to hold your child's place in her class. (If you are a returning dancer from the
fall session, the registration fee will be waived).

DANCE ATTIRE - Each class is required to wear leotard (with or without skirt) and tights. Ages 1st graders
& up are allowed to wear a shorts &/or t-shirts over leotard. NO PANTS & NO CAPRIS PANTS are allowed
for any age. Dance shoes and dance attire will be available for purchase at our Registration. We will offer a
new dancer package which includes a dance outfit, tights and shoes & dance bag. These packages range from
$65 & up depending on age.

SHOES- Pink Ballet Shoes for all ballet students (Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes required for ages 6 and up.)
Black Patient Tap Shoes are required for all tap students. Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes - required for
Elementary class. Tan Split Sole Jazz Shoes are required for Apprentice, Juniors & Seniors. Pink Pointe shoes
are required for Juniors & Seniors. Be sure to write your child’s name in their shoes & dance bag. We are not
responsible for lost or stolen shoes, bags, etc.

SESSION – Our spring session will run from January 10th - May. The Ballet Garden will follow the 2010-2011
Polk School District School Calendar. When Polk school district is out of school, we will not have dance classes
on that day(s). If school is called off due to weather, we will not have dance classes on those days. Check your
email frequently, check our Facebook and read month newsletters for updates & dates we will not have class.
The Ballet Garden is not responsible for reminding you when we do and don’t have class.

TUITION - Fall tuition is paid by the month. Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of every month and is late by
the 5th. A late fee of $10.00 will apply for all payments received after the 5th of the month. All payments must
be in an envelope with dancer’s name, dancer’s class name, total amount enclosed, what amount is for, and
either cash enclosed or check number enclosed. Envelopes will be provided on the table with the payment box.
Payments will not be accepted if payment isn’t received in envelope with requested information and placed in
the payment box. Payment box is located next to the studio door on the table. Please see the TUITION
RATES below. Families will receive a discount of 20% off of tuition fees only. There is a $30.00 fee for all
returned checks. The tuition pays for the entire session much like college tuition. It is not based on the
number of classes per month, but on our entire session. Tuition fees will not change due to absences, sickness,
or vacation of the dancer.
                                            TUITION MONTHLY RATES
                                  45 Minute Class- $40               2 Hour Class- $65
                              1 Hour Class- $45                  2 ½ Hours of Dance- $70
                               1 ½ Hour Class- $55                3 Hours of Dance- $75
DISCOUNT OFFERED- A Discount is given to any dancer(s) that pays in full for the entire fall term ($25 off
the total. Families can receive this $25 discount as well as the family 20% off). If you are interested in paying
  the total tuition, you must pay $50 as a deposit, by the first class (January 10th- 14th) and the total tuition
                                    balance must be paid by January 27th.
COSTUME FEE - Each dance student must purchase the costume(s) required for the Spring Dance Recital.
Costume fees will be posted at a later date. Costume fees vary in price but usually are between $50-75 per
costume, depending on age of your dancer. Juniors & Seniors will have multiple costumes. All other classes will
only have one costume. Professional portraits will be taken in May.

RECITAL FEE- There is a recital fee due for each term. The fee will be $40. This fee is mandatory. The fee
will be due the month of April 2011 (the specific will be posted at a later date). Each dancer will receive a
recital t-shirt, and an award for all their hard work they have put forth during the spring session. The recital
will be free admission to all family, friends and to the public. If recital fee isn’t paid, your child will not be
allowed to perform in the recital and your child will not receive his/her t-shirt or award.

DANCE ACCOUNT- In the event your child’s account isn’t current and up to date when costume fees & recital
fees are due, that paid amount for the costume fee &/or recital fee will be put towards account balance.
Account balance must be taken care of before the recital or your dancer will not be allowed to perform in the

REFUNDS-In the event your child does not like the class, you have until January 27th to notify the instructor
& your costume fee(s) will be refunded. After January 27th, no fees will be refunded. In the event your child
quits within January 27th-May, the costume will become property of The Ballet Garden. We will give you a
certificate for a credit of that amount to put towards another future session of dance. Cash refunds will not
be given if your child quits mid-session. Dancing is a group sport much like soccer or football. Without a team
mate, it’s difficult to complete the routine(s). The dances are choreographed for a certain number of dances.
When a dancer quit, there is a hole and the timing and routine is off. Therefore we highly encourage all
dancers to finish out the session.

ANNOUNCEMENTS- A newsletter will be sent out monthly with important information via email, on our
website, and paper copies (located on the desk in the lobby). There is also a bulletin board outside the studio
door where all current information will be posted. There may be cases where I have to update information
between classes. It is your responsibility to check your email, our website &/or Facebook regularly to receive
the most updated information. The Ballet Garden isn’t responsible for missed information. If you don’t have
email, please have a friend contact you or check our voice mail with any updated information. The Ballet
Garden will try to inform you of changes during class, however emergencies do happen.

STUDIO ETIQUETTE- Please leave toys and jewelry (earrings are permitted) at home. Parents may remain
in the waiting area or leave while your child is in dance class. If assistance is needed, the student will be
brought to the waiting room or the instructor will call you if there is an emergency. Please make sure if you
leave, that the teacher has an emergency number you can be reached at all times. Parents are not allowed to
stay and watch because the children are more interested in watching you (parents/ guardians) than the
teacher, so it is for the benefit of your child that you remain outside the dance room during class time. Please
no food or drinks into the studio, water is allowed in a water bottle only. NO CHEWING GUM!! Children should
be taken to the restroom BEFORE class begins, they will only be allowed to go to the restroom if it is
an emergency. Leaving during class is a distraction to the teacher and the other students and takes up class
                                             DANCE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS
RHYTHM & RHYMES( ages 3-4) - This is the class for our youngest dancers - the 3 year olds. This class consists of basic
coordination skills, singing and creative movement all incorporated with pre-ballet and pre-tap skills to music in a very fun
atmosphere. Acrobatics is also incorporated into this class the last 5-10 minutes of each class. Very little ballet and tap
skills are taught at this age because the young dancer's body is not yet developed for strict training. (45 minute class)

PRE-KINDERS & KINDERGARTEN TAP & BALLET - (ages 4-5 & 5-6) Many coordination, rhythm and balance skills are
taught which give a great foundation for a future technical dance education. We introduce pre-ballet and pre-tap skills in
a very fun atmosphere. All of our pre-schoolers enjoy many exercise games, fun songs & a acrobatic session that help
produce a love of dance. (1 hour class)

ELEMENTARY BALLET, TAP & JAZZ - (1st & 2nd grades) Parents really begin to see the reasons for preschool classes at
this age. Our dancer makes a big transition from pre-school "baby work" to a more advanced level of ballet & tap. This
class also includes jazz. Jazz is fun dancing to a more up-beat music while learning the basics of jazz. No student is
allowed to take jazz alone because we feel that each form of dance greatly enhances the other areas of dance. With this
program our dancers receive an excellent background in each area of dance. (1 ½ hr. class)

HIP HOP - (3rd grade & up only) A high impact class combining fun and energetic moves mixed with up-tempo music! This
class will challenge and satisfy all dancers. Hip hop class consists of freestyle dance movement as well as quick
choreography that will keep you dancing to the beat! (1 hr. class)

APPRENICE, JUNIOR & SENIOR: These dancers work through more advanced levels of ballet, tap & jazz. They will learn
the foundations of all dance forms: Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved
through barre and center floor work in their ballet class. The students begin working on their leaps, turns as well as
lengthy and complex combinations. In tap, they will learn rhythm patterns for the feet including, standard time steps,
percussive styles and rhythms through the more complicated steps of the Tap repertoire. In jazz, we challenge our
students with many different forms of jazz, all high energy but with different styles. As an added benefit the dancers
receive cardiovascular exercise due to the high level of energy exerted. Jazz class is a fun and fast paced mixture of
various techniques. Pre-Pointe is for Juniors only. This class provides barre and foot stretches that prepare the students
for pointe shoes and pointe class. Students will need to purchase pointe shoes. Throughout the term the students will
learn the correct technique of pointe. They will perform a pointe dance in the recital, with minimal steps on pointe. Pointe
is for Seniors only. This class provides barre work, floor exercises, & technique of pointe. Pointe dancers will perform a
pointe dance in the recital. Dancers must take the pre-pointe class at least two years, before they are allowed to be in
the pointe class.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU – Our policy is to place each child in the best class suited for her age, dance experience, and ability. We will
be glad to discuss our individual dance programs or teaching methods as well as your child’s progress at any time. We consider it a
privilege to have your child in our dance program and will give each child quality dance instruction in a caring atmosphere during this
dance year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to get the opportunity to teach
and watch your “little dancer grow”.
                              New Dancer Package
                        * for ages 3-4, pre-kinder & kindergarten classes only

                     Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoes, Dance Outfit,
               2 Pair of Tights, and a Dance Bag (retail price $89)

                              New Dancer Package
                                    * for 1st & 2nd grade class only

 Split Sole Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes, Split Sole Jazz Shoes, Dance Outfit,
            2 Pair of Tights, and a Dance Bag (retail price $110)

                              New Dancer Package
 *Apprentice, Juniors & Seniors only (Juniors & Seniors- Pointe shoes are not included in the package)

Split Sole Ballet Shoes, Oxford Tap Shoes, Split Sole Jazz Shoes, Leotard,
           1 pair of Body Tights & a Dance Bag. (retail price $140)

                              New Dancer Package
                                        * for hip hop class only
       Hip hop dancers can wear t-shirt and cotton shorts but must wear tights.

      Tee, Cotton Shorts, Jazz Sneakers, 2 pair of tights & Dance Bag
                            (retail price $101)

                                                  The Ballet Garden
                                                    (where little dancers grow)
                                                         103 S. Marble St.
                                                       Rockmart, GA 30153

                                       2011 FALL REGISTRATION FORM

Child’s Name: _____________________________ Name Called By:_______________________
Home Address: _________________________________ City: _________________ Zip:__________
EMAIL ADDRESS (for updates & newsletters): (please print) ________________________________________
Parents/Guardian’s Names: ____________________________________________________________
Home: _________________________                    Cell Phone: __________________________
Child’s Birthdate: ______________ Age: _____ Grade and School: _______________ (as of August 31, 2010)
Child’s T-shirt Size for the Recital T-shirt (please circle one): XSC         SC       MC          LC   SA   MA   LA     XLA

**I hand out candy at the end of each class. It ranges from chocolate to suckers. If your child is allergic to
anything, please list it below. List any food allergies: __________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name & Number (other than parent): _______________________________________
Previous Dance Experience (where and when): _______________________________________________

 RELEASE: I hereby accept full financial responsibility for injury to my child that may occur at or near THE BALLET
 GARDEN before, during, or after dance classes including functions held away from the dance studio building. In case
 of accident when I cannot be reached I hereby give my permission for DANIELLE COLEY or my child’s dance teacher
 to seek medical aid in any emergencies. In addition, I give my permission for THE BALLET GARDEN to video tape my
 child during the school performances, and I authorize the use of my child’s pictures or videos for advertising purposes.
 I agree to pay registration fee of $20 (fall 2010 dancers waive reg. fee), monthly tuition of $____, costume fee(s), &
 recital fee(s) of $_____. I understand there is a $10 late fee for all payments received after the due date.

 Parent’s Signature: _____________________________ Date: ___________ $20 Registration Fee Enclosed: ______

                                     CLASS CHOICE (see above for descriptions)
                                     *Junior & Seniors must take both classes (Monday & Tuesday)

           Mondays                              Tuesdays                                        Wednesdays
___ 5:00-6:30 Apprentice            ___   5:00-5:45 ages 3-4                       ___ 5:00-6:30 Elementary B/T/J
___ 6:30-7:30 Juniors               ___   5:45-6:45 Kindergarteners
___ 7:30-8:30 Seniors               ___   6:45-7:45 Juniors                                    Thursdays
                                    ___   7:45-8:45 Seniors                      ___ 5:00-6:00 Pre-Kinders
                                                                                 ___ 6:00-7:30 Elementary B/T/J
                                                                                 ___ 7:30-8:30 Hip Hop ages (3rd grade & up)

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