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       Attend all meetings.
       Skills in computer graphics and/or PR helpful, but not required
       File a final report of committees activities after Post Prom

Committee members:

       Responsible for posting all Post Prom events/activities thru
        newspapers, posters, radio, FSB sign, church newsletters, etc.
       Help Post Prom chairperson to prepare & mail out Parent Letters
       Making and distributing the posters advertising Post Prom events
        to the students.
       Making any coupons, event sign up sheets.
       Set up phone/email chains if needed

List of media to use:

         Cedar Valley Times/Vinton Eagle
         Livewire
         Farmers Savings Bank Sign
         Church bulletins
         Posters distributed to local businesses
         Flyers for cars
         Any others you can think of!


       Keep track of all incoming & outgoing funds
       Keep accurate records of all monetary donations by categories
       Record & keep list of Parent donations
       Report back to Donations committee who has paid the $25
        donation fee
       Record all monies raised by each event
       Report back to Committee at monthly meetings
       Keep an updated record of all expenditures
       Keep a list of individual committee expenses & disbursements
       Oversee requests for checks & payments
       Will need to balance checkbook at the end
                         (new for 2010-2011!)

CHAIRPERSON – Kristi Storey

     Attend all meetings (Co Chairperson for 2010-2011)
     Take notes at general meetings
     Distribute notes via email & website in a timely fashion
     Help Post Prom chair and committee chairs to oversee the flow of
      accurate information to committee members, volunteers, students,
      staff & general public.
     Work with Post Prom Chairperson in keeping accurate lists of
      committee members, volunteers and events.
     Create and distribute a Student Survey for games/activities they
      would like at Post Prom. (Done by January 1, 2011)
     Help Publicity Committee distribute information


     Responsible for sending out business letters for donations (mail by
      February 1st) See notebook for example letters.
     Parent donation letters – Start early for this one! Start in January
      to have time for follow up. To save postage costs, email those that
      have email & then follow up with USPS mailed letter if necessary.
     Starting in March follow up with businesses with a face to face
      contact asking for donations. (Take a donation letter with you!)
     Create “Thank you for donating to the VS Post Prom” sign to give
      to businesses when asking for/picking up donations.
     Accurately compile & record ALL donations given. Give this
      report to Information/Data Liason & Post Prom Chair
     Supply reports to General Committee monthly meetings
     Look into/request possible grants from organizations such as
      MADD, SADD, ASAC, etc.
     This committee works on monetary & prize donations only. Food
      committee works on food donations.
     Remember to ask large corporations early! A lot of the larger
      corporations require at least a month to get donations approved.
      They also have a donation budget so GO EARLY!!! (ie:
          o Walmart – needs at least 30 days notice & donation letter
          o Olive Garden -- ?? if will donate
          o Applebee’s – they are very generous!
          o Carlos O’Kelly’s – very generous!
          o McDonald’s (local) – needs at least 30 days notice & letter
          o Wendy’s
          o Texas Roadhouse
          o Planet X
          o Lindale Mall
          o Quaker Oats
          o Cargill
          o CRST
          o Clickstop – Tim Guenther
          o Starbucks


     Work with Post Prom chair to decide type of gifts & prizes to
      purchase with monetary donations.
     Help with purchase of gifts/prizes (start in March!)
     Purchase most from Vinton-Shellsburg businesses first – however,
      find the best deals for the money also
     Decide the giveaways at Post Prom with donated items
     Compile list of prizes/gifts
     Compile expenditure list – give to Information/Data Liason
     Figure out the logistics of the prize & gift giveaways to ensure the
      right prize/gift goes home w/the correct student!
     Set up prize area the night of Post Prom .. Make it fun & exciting!
     Must work the night of Post Prom
     Separate individual meetings will be necessary to complete
                 FUNDRAISING EVENTS


     Attend all meetings
     Give reports at General Committee meetings
     Start immediately working with Post Prom Chair to decide what
      fundraising events we will have.
     Need some “new” fundraising ideas!
     Work w/Prom Chair to get approval for fundraising events from
      Kirk Johnson & Jim Struve.
     Accurately record all donations & expenditures and submit to
      Information / Data Liason
     Organize Soup Supper (see previous Post Prom notes)
     Organize Pie Sales (held week of Thanksgiving.. last home game
      that is on schedule)
     Organize “Theme Basket” raffle/giveaway – usually held night of
      Soup Supper
     Work w/Post Prom Chair for T-shirt sales (usually in
      February/March) Tharp’s designs the shirts
     Work with Volunteer committee to find workers for fundraising


       Attend all General meetings.
       Will have to schedule individual meetings closer to Prom
       Work with Post Prom Chair to decide games to have at Post Prom
       Compile a list of games to put on Student Survey (this will help
        determine what games the students would like to have)
       Have to order games EARLY for best selection (by Oct 1)
       Decide on a budget for the Games/Activities
       Help decide what Hypnotist to hire
       Help hire Caricature Artist
       Help find & hire the Inflatable games
       Brainstorm for new ideas!
       Figure out what each activity/game will need to operate
       Work with Volunteer Committee to find workers for

    Survey results from current Seniors after last years Prom (2010):

            Still want hypnotist.. but want a different one (same one for
             last 5 or 6 years)
            Airbrush tattoos, not rub on ones
            More big games to play
            More activities
            Want “Minute to Win It” games
            Want more “competitive” type games
            Liked Family Fued
            Liked Cash Cab
            Liked the 4-way jousting & Boxing ring
            More “money” games
            More big prizes.. less door prizes
            Money as prizes (larger denomination gift cards)
            Liked breakfast, but wanted more food throughout the night
                       (GATE KEEPERS)


       Monitor doors at Post Prom whole night
       Check students in at door
       Explain Post Prom procedures about leaving/re-entering
       Ensure that every student follows rules about leaving/re-entering
       Require each student/guest to sign “Thank you”
       Sign in students at check in desk
       Work in 2 hour shifts
       4 people required for 1st shift
       2 people required for subsequent shifts
       Escorts required for students going out to cars
       Find volunteers to work shifts
       Accurately record/check off students entering/leaving early
       Write a summary of the job and any suggestions for next year
       White shirt/black pants suggested 

    **See previous year’s notes**
                          GRAND MARCH


     Responsible for decorating stage for Grand March presentation &
      running night of Prom.
     Budget usually $150-$200
     Set up the night before Post Prom
     Need someone to run sound system/lights (Eric Upmeyer knows
      ins/outs of sound board)
     IMPORTANT: No kids or food/drink allowed in Sound/Light
      booth! Do not touch sound/light board unless know how to run.
     Create & print up Student Questionnaires (distribute approx 2
      weeks before Prom at school)
     Find two MC’s to introduce students
     Need workers to get keep things moving
     Set up Valet Parking
     Used a tent/awning over sidewalk in case of rain/shade
     This committee needs to be energetic, creative and make it fun for
      the kids!
                     VALET PARKING

Chairperson(s): Gerald & Marcy Horst

     Responsible for Valet Parking at the Prom dance
     Need 4 people to park cars
     Need 2 people to organize kids to wait for their keys or use
      keyboard – located under the Grand Stands at football field.
     Set up orange cones (borrowed from Parks & Rec or Streets Dept)
      by the tent to prevent kids parking early and in the way of valet
      drive thru
     Line up tents from Phillips Funeral Home
     Block off main entrance to Skate Center … use side entrance
     Make & set up signs directing to Valet Parking
                    FOOD COMMITTEE


     Attend General meetings
     Will need to have separate committee meetings after Jan 1st
     Responsible for Food set-up, serving, take down, clean-up during
      Post Prom
     Responsible for soliciting Food donations for Post Prom (take
      Donation letter & Thank you w/you!)
     Will need to make a personal contact to businesses donating items.
     Help Fundraising committee with food donations for Soup Supper
      & any other food related donations needed
     Work with Post Prom Chair
     Work with Volunteer Committee to organize workers for Post
     Record & compile list of all donated food items
     Keep accurate records & receipts for food purchases
     Coordinate payments w/Treasurer & Post Prom Chair
     Make sure Thank you’s are sent out to all donating businesses
     Majority of work will begin in January
     Busy the week of Post Prom picking up donations … get several
      people to help with this!
     Workers should be set up in shifts .. this will help get more people
      to volunteer if whole night not committed
     Must submit final summary of committee after Post Prom to Post
      Prom Chair.

    Food suggestions from Current Seniors (2010-2011):
      The students wanted more food during the night…
          Taco Bar
             o Carlos OKellys donated chips
             o John’s Quik Stop donated the meat
             o Fareway donated the taco shells
          Ice Cream Sundaes – Leons donated mix
          Shake Machine – Diary Producers
          Pizza – John’s Quick Stop, Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch, Casey’s
          Coffee Bar
          Fruit Kabobs
          Maidrites
          Chili and/or Cheese Fries
                 (new for 2010-2011)

      Compile list of Junior parents & other community volunteers
      Call, email or contact each Junior parent/family
      Get each parent/family to volunteer for which
       committee/event/game/etc. they would like to help with. (Each Jr.
       parent/family needs to volunteer for at least one event/activity!)
      Gather names, phone numbers & email addresses (if applicable) of
      Give list w/contact information to Information/Data Liason, Post
       Prom Chair and Committee Chairpersons
      Update lists as making contacts. Forward info
      Work directly with Fundraising Committee to organize volunteers
       for Soup Supper.
      Work directly with Food Committee to organize volunteers for
       Post Prom
      Work directly with Grand March & Valet Parking Committees to
       organize volunteers.
      Submit report at end of Post Prom w/what worked, what didn’t
       work & suggestions for the future Post Proms.

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