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PowerPoint Presentation - Las Vegas


									Las Vegas

By David Miller
 This Is one of the
   Hotels in Las Vegas
   that I don’t really like.
   The Bellagio buffet
   has no food that is
   any good. It’s all bad
   bad and very bad
   food. All the other
   parents think that it
   was the best.

 This is the hotel that
   saw the sad incident
   of Roy when he was
   attacked by a tiger.
   People thought that
   he was being saved
   but since there was
   blood all over the
   stage, I say attacked.
 I really like the Luxor
    because at night a blue
    light comes out of the
    top that you could see
    from space. Also there is
    a big arcade but I never
    got to play in it. There
    are a lot of neat things in
    it that a kid would like.
New York New York

 New York New York
  has a great roller
  coaster. You do a lot
  of spins and you go
  upside down a lot.
  Like other hotels this
  one has a theme.
  You can probably
  guess what it is.

The Stratosphere is one of the greatest
 hotels in Las Vegas in my opinion. There
 are 3 rides on the top of the building. The
 first ride takes you around the top of it
 and you feel like you are going to fall off.
 The second ride takes you up the stem of
 the Stratosphere hundreds of feet in to
 the air. The third and final ride is like a
 see-saw. You go off the top of the
 building. I have not gone on this one yet.

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