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									Welcome Tech Forum
    January Meeting
• Results from last meeting
• Learning the Tech Forum Site
• This meetings focus topic
  – Operational tools
Votes       Subject                 Projected
                                    Presentation Date
7 votes     Operations support      January
5 Votes     Open Source             March
            Options Solution
4 votes     Thin Client,            May and July
            ECommerce, Staff
            Communication, PC
            Reservation, RFID
3 Votes     VOIP, RSS,              August and October
2 or less   Techtools, content      December
            Bandwidth, Virtual
            Ref, wireless,
            filtering, self check
Tech Forum Site

   •   Best if we all contribute
   •   Please give - 15 minutes a month
   •   Overview Site Layout
   •   How to…..
       –   Add documents
       –   Add links
       –   Post questions
       –   Setting up alerts
       –   Announcements and surveys to be managed by
Focus Topic
   Operational Tools
Collaboration Sites
Vendor            Many options, example here is Sharepointspace

Cost              $19.95/month and up, no contract cancel any time

Setup time        1 hour

What it’s for      Hosted services can offload having to setup a server,
                  install and manage software yourself. For Sharepoint it's a
                  forum where people can share files, ideas, surveys lines
                  and more. Good for working with cross organizational
                  groups or the public.

Related links

Good For          Any size organization.

Lessons Learned   Setting up a site with basics takes less than an hour. However,
                  learning ALL the many features will take time. Just depends on
                  how advanced you want to get with the application.
Contact Center                             (featured COOL item!!)
Vendor            Liver Person, Powered by Support

Cost              Liverperson is $150/month/agent while poweredbysupport is
                  $15/month. No contract cancel anytime for either.

Setup time        1 hour

What it’s for     With Liveperson you can activate and manage all call interactions,
                  web chat and email with the public. You can proactively engage
                  with people visiting your web site. Providesupport offers chat for
                  the public off your website.

Related links and

Good For          Powered by support for smaller organizations due to cost, while
                  live person is more for mid to large sized organziations.
                  Liverpeson used by companies like homedepot.
Lessons Learned   Nothing to share yet, in the process of setting up demos.
Tele and Web Conferencing
Vendor                OPAL via CLIC, goto meeting/webinar, QWEST

Cost                  OPAL is free, go to meeting starts at $19.95 a month no contract,
                      cancel anytime. Qwest is no contract, pay as you go service but
                      more on the expensive side (per minute/per attendee).
Setup time/learning   15 minutes for Goto meeting
curve                 ? For OPAL
                      Qwest really has no learning curve for the teleconference (web is
                      fairly complicated, takes 1 hour to figure out how to use)
What it’s for         Used for teleconferencing and web conferencing. This can be used
                      for staff working at multiple locations or for use with your board, or
                      public training and meetings. Many applications for this type of
                      service. Today we are using goto webinar.

Related links and or

Good For              Although the best fit solution will vary based on organization size,
                      tele and webconferencing services are applicable to any
Lessons Learned       Recording a session seems to be a bit tricky, getting the video easy
                      but not able to often capture voice unless full IP solution. Just be
Online Surveys
Vendor            Many options, example here is

Cost              $19.95/month for up to 1000 responses no contract, cancel any
                  time (free options are available as well for small surveys)

Setup time        15 minutes

What it’s for     electronic means for internal or public surveys, accessible from
                  anywhere with internet access. Response are immediately visible
                  and tallied. Can also be used as a feedback mechanism (i.e.
                  how do you like our site, library, etc). Simple interface to build
                  fairly complex questionnaires.

Related links (example survey is at

Good For          Any size organization

Lessons Learned   Can’t autogen emails to let you know when surveys are completed,
                  you have to manually check
Video Training
Vendor            May be more but favorite is a product from CBTclips

Cost              Pricing is very reasonable with up to 90% off for educational and
                  government groups. Great vendor to work with.

Setup time        No time needed, immediately accessible.

What it’s for     Use for staff training or purchase subscription to provide to your
                  patrons (while onsite). These are quick clips (2-5 minutes in
                  length) covering most Microsoft products. Also available are
                  custom clips. Weld has used to create informational videos about
                  our website (and are near complete on videos on using the
                  databases, searching the catalog and more)

Related links an example custom video is viewable at

Good For          Any size organization

Lessons Learned   For videos used for internal training only you might want to use snagit or for
                  more advanced videos Camtasia studio. This will be the cost effective but
                  DOES take time. For the public, we opted for a more porfessional
                  presentation that we didn’t hav ethe staf ftime or skills to create.
Program Options
Vendor            E*vanced solutions

Cost              Annual payment at about $2400/service so for both a summer
                  reader and events calendar the cost is $5k/year

Setup time        Vendor can have ready for you in a few days. No equipment
                  needed at your site. Estimate 4-6 hours on the customer side to
                  learn and start entering data.
What it’s for     Enables online registration/cancellation/confirmation and
                  attendance tracking for programs. Creates a web based calendar
                  of all your events. For the summer Ereader application gives each
                  summer reader their own web page, manages prizes and more.

Related links on the vendor site they have
                  lists of libraries currently using their product, Pikes Peak are you
                  using? , can see at

Good For          Mid/larger library organizations

Lessons Learned   This is a library specific software solution and it becomes apparent that the
                  standard software interface development guidelines may not have
                  followed…result is interface is workable but a bit klugy for those having to
                  manage the data entry and configuration. Still in the learning process.
Web Site (create and manage)
Vendor            Plinkit (via the State Library), websitepros

Cost              Plinkit is free for small public libraries, website pros is $80/month
                  (offer specials where this cost includes the site design)

Setup time        varies

What it’s for     Have a website built for you using website pros or built it yourself
                  using the plinkit service. Both solutions are hosted meaning you
                  will not need any hardware/software.

Related links     Visit for information on Plinkit. Visit
         and their customer sites are viewable at

Good For          Small libraries

Lessons Learned
Your Favorites!

Snagit                        Used for screen capture and video. Cost is $49.95 available at

Swapmousebuttons              FREE - swaps the mouse buttons from a desktop icon rather than digging through the
                              control panel. Good for public computers and staff computers.

Irfanview                     FREE - I use Irfanview for changing format of pictures for email, printing etc. It's a stand-
                              alone free software that has helped many times when patrons bring in a picture from say
                              Corel Draw and my computer doesn't recognize the format.
Social bookmarking            FREE - "I love the way I can tag sites according to what I would remember them by, and
(                 then easily search to find bookmarks via tags." Allows you access to your bookmarks
                              from anywhere on the internet

Google Mail (GMAIL)           FREE - "I use gmail for all my listserv messages. It "threads" conversations so I can
                              easily skip multiple positions on the same subject.

Cutepdf                       FREE - writer that enables you to save any file in pdf format. Check it out at
Microsoft Resource Kits and   The Microsoft Resource Kit's for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003
Microsoft Technet             server are very important in my day to day job. I do quite a bit of scripting, specifically in
                              PERL, and the resource kit's utilities allow me to generate information that I may need for
                              reporting or to initiate specific commands. I use previous operating system resource kits
                              because some of them contain tools that are not available in current resource kit's such
                              as the VI editor for Windows.

Language Line Services        Real time translation for up to nearly 200 languages approx $100/month (unlimited
                              locations). Good for large libraries with a diverse population.
Farr Out
• New user interface (imagine the possibilities)
Meeting Close
• Go to the site and give feedback on the
  meeting (what worked, what didn’t)
• Next Meeting
  – Thursday, March 29 @ 1p (will be posted
    on the site and you will receive an invite)
  – Focus topic: Open source/thin client
  – We will be contacting team members to
    help lead the presentation

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