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That Replicated MLM Website Is Killing Your Business


									That Replicated MLM Website Is
Killing Your Business
The Trouble With Your MLM Website

Every day I have distributors give me a link to their network marketing
company's replicated MLM web site. In case you don't know the term, a
"replicated" multi level marketing website is the company web page that
every distributor gets to personalize with his own personal contact
information. These type of MLM websites usually look superb, but contain
some serious flaws when it comes to building your business.

MLM Website Pitfall #1: Branding

Have a look at that replicated network marketing website. What is it that
you notice? Your contact info is in miniature type in the corner, although the
business and products dominate the site. Fine for a company MLM web site,
but they don't really need the branding. YOU do!

Replicated websites brand the company, which won't do anything for you. If
you don't already believe it, people join people in this business, not
companies. To take a lead that became interested in you, and take them to
a corporate site, lessens the bond that you initiated with them. They will get
to know the company, rather than you.

MLM Website Trap #2: Search Engines

Whether you prefer online or offline methods to build your network
marketing organization, no one can argue the prominence of internet
sponsoring. So it is critical that people can find you on search engines and
elsewhere on the web. If you stick with your replicated multi level marketing
website, the search engines won't ever help you much. You will never get
indexed the same way, and people will be less likely to locate you.

The superior technique is to obtain your own self-hosted domain, like It's easy, dirt-cheap, and allows you complete
flexibility. It further allows you to host your own blog. Blogging is an useful
approach, as it lets your readers learn about YOU, and is very well received
by the search engines.

MLM Website Pitfall #3: Attraction Marketing
As an addition to the Branding theory, I always touch on Attraction
Marketing. Too many networkers are still using the customary in your face
ways, pushing with their product or their compensation plan, and having to
hunt down soon-to-be team members. Attraction marketing, though, is all
about developing a brand around yourself, such that ready, targeted people
will locate you, and want to partner with you. They seek you out as they
realize you offer the answers, coaching and support that they need and
want. This is accomplished, in part, from you opening your own presence
online by using your network marketing website.

MLM Website Problem #4: Prospecting

Last, and most fundamental, no one can take your own web site away from
you. Imagine spending years growing a replicated site, only to watch the
company shut down. It has happened many times! Or you choose to change
companies? What about the opt-in leads that you've cultivated? What about

Basically, if you don't keep and manage your own information, somebody
else does. And you ultimately cannot afford to take a risk. Period.

So Get Going

Don't think that you are unable to do it. It's crucial for your organization,
and really isn't that challenging. get a hosting service and purchase your
own domain name, and start with your blog. Use a multi level marketing
system such as MLSP, which will supercharge your marketing, teach you all
that you have to know to set up your blog, coach you during the entire
procedure, and help you generate a boatload of traffic to your own personal
MLM website.

So jump in, get rolling. And never let your network marketing company's
website wipe out your business!

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