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                                                                                                       July 2010

               2010 ASCA Annual Convention & Exposition Honors the Leaders
     The 2010 ASCA Annual Convention and Exposition was a huge success with DCs and Trade Show vendors all
returning home educated and happy. Attendance was high for the Convention and Exposition in Birmingham at Ross
Bridge Resort and Spa. With over 300 doctors in attendance during the weekend and 125 attending the ASCA General
                                      Session it was a action-packed weekend! On Saturday night several members
                                     were recognized for their years of service to the profession and the association.

 Dr. Brad Russell presents Dr. Jeff
 Pasley, Millbrook, with the 2010                                                            Dr. Judy Lipka presents Dr. Ron Ivie,
 Young DC of the Year                                                                        Pleasant Grove, with the 2010
 award.                                                                                      Chiropractor of the Year award.

                                                                           Dr. Ron Ivie presents Dr. Leonard Gingles, with
                                                                           the 2010 Lifetime Achiever Award.
                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                                    ASCA
                                                                                                        Working For You
                      Dear Colleagues:                                                                   January 2010
                        I would like to thank all of you for your support of the ASCA at our
                        convention this past June. I would also like to express my gratitude to                Alabama State
                        our ASCA staff for their dedication and hard work. In the last two                Chiropractic Association
                        years the ASCA has undergone significant staff changes. We have                           President
                        been fortunate to find competent, caring people like Layne and Susie.                    Ron Ivie, DC
                        It is also our good fortune that Algie has stayed on with us to deal
                                                                                                            First Vice President
                        with legislative matters. With the help of Algie, Deborah and Senator
                                                                                                              Stan Stubbs, DC
                        Mitchell we have a formidable legislative team.
                               The ASCA has been active on several fronts. In the past year the           Second Vice President
ASCA has produced a television commercial that has been well received by our member-                         Judy Lipka, DC
ship and the public. Although ASCA funds for continued statewide distribution have been                           Secretary
exhausted, the commercial is available for use by our local societies if they chose to                       Phillip Maxwell, DC
purchase air time. Our employee marketing campaign is still underway and we have made                            Treasurer
some progress in persuading companies to expand their chiropractic coverage. Dr. Scott has                    Brad Russell, DC
done a good job of covering the state and reaching the decision makers in industry regarding                   Parliamentarian
their companies’ insurance coverage. There is every reason to except continued success with                    Justin Fogo, DC
this program and we need to see that it is well funded.
          On the legislative front, the ASCA was instrumental in defeating a bill that would
                                                                                                            Ann Dunaway, DC
have expanded the scope of Athletic Trainers (ATs) by defining virtually any bipedal                       M. Burt Anderson, DC
mammal as an athlete. This bill would have allowed ATs to work in industrial settings which                   Jerry Kirby, DC
could have opened the door for inclusion in workmen compensation coverage, a
development that could have had negative implications for our profession. On the positive                             Staff
side of the ledger, the ASCA introduced and passed legislation that will allow 25% of the                    Executive Director
annual state funded chiropractic scholarship money to be used as a stipend for Alabama                          Layne Lunn
chiropractors to pursue graduate degrees in the biological related sciences. Our original
intent was to completely change the way the scholarship money was distributed by using                               Staff
that money to help young Alabama chiropractors pay off their student loans. Because there                        Susie Ellison
has never been a mechanism to recover scholarship money from DCs who do not return to
Alabama to practice, this change would have ensured that the money was used to benefit                    Governmental Affairs
DCs practicing in Alabama. Unfortunately the Alabama Commission on Higher Education                            Algie Neill
                                                                                                     Miller Development Group, Inc.
was adamantly opposed to that provision of the legislation; as a result it was taken out of the
bill.                                                                                                           Legal Counsel
          In the coming government mandated health care paradigm, the people making                            Wendell Mitchell
policy decisions will be academics and researchers. They will not care that our patients
benefit from chiropractic care or that our patients are overwhelmingly pleased with our care.     ASCA Working For You is the official
If we cannot scientifically demonstrate the efficacy of our treatment protocols we will           publication of the Alabama State
remain the “lowest hanging fruit”, easily dismissed and relegated to the category of non          Chiropractic Association, Inc., 3 South
                                                                                                  Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.
essential alternative care. We are a profession with few stake holders other than our patients    Phone (334) 262-2228; Fax (334) 262-
and ourselves. Because few others stand to benefit from funding research or producing             3060,
scientists to do research regarding manipulation, we must do it ourselves. We must not only
produce good science, we must be capable of accurately critiquing scientific studies that         Manuscripts published in ASCA Working for
                                                                                                  You are screened by a committee of the
might impact our profession. At present, we have very few people who can produce                  Alabama State Chiropractic Association
methodologically sound research or accurately critique the research done by others. It is         (ASCA). However, neither the ASCA nor its
imperative for the future of our profession that we grow our own scientist. If we don’t, no       contractors, officers, or personnel investigate,
                                                                                                  endorse, or approve any statements of fact or
one will.                                                                                         opinion, which are solely the responsibility of
           We cannot continue to do things as we have always done them and expect our             the authors and sources of information. They
position in the health care hierarchy to change. We must look beyond our office doors and         are published on the authority of the writer(s)
                                                                                                  over whose name they appear and are not to
our bottom lines and take steps that change our profession and the public’s perception of it.     be regarded as expressing the views of the
That includes how we spend our money and how we educate our students. According to the            ASCA. Articles accepted for publication in
2005 National Board of Examiners job analysis, just 6% of U.S. DCs have master’s degrees          ASCA Working for You are subject to edit-
                                                                                                  ing. While advertisements which appear in
and 1% has doctorates. These sparse numbers are not nearly adequate to sustain the kind of        ASCA Working for You are subject to the
scientific investigation our profession needs.                                                    ASCA advertising policy and guidelines, ac-
      Another area that we must address is chiropractic education. Our schools are doing the      ceptance and publication of an advertisement
                                                                                                  does not imply endorsement or approval of
profession a grave disservice by continuing to allow students into our schools with minimal       the company, product, or services by the
prerequisites. I know many of you have heard me say this many times but I’m going to say it       ASCA or ASCA Working for You. It is rec-
one more time: We cannot attain the cultural authority we so desperately seek without             ommended that readers use due diligence
                                                                                                  and/or consult with their respective State
reforming our educational system. Even a small child knows that one must study hard, make         Board of Chiropractic Examiners for further
                                                                                                  information on the use of advertised products
                                                                            Continued on page 4   or services.
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                                                        Continued from page 2
good grades and be smart to get into medical school, at                  Integrating chiropractic education into a state
least that is the public perception, (that’s where cultural         supported public university system would go a long way
authority starts), no one thinks that about us. A person            toward changing our pubic image and it would almost
with a master’s degree in art appreciation has had to               certainly force academic reform upon the remaining
meet more rigorous academic standards than that                     private chiropractic schools. Establishing chiropractic
required by the CCE, our chiropractic school accrediting            research chairs at well known research universities such
agency. Everyone says they favor increased standards                as UAB would be another step toward mainstreaming
for the profession until someone actually tries to                  our profession. Taking these steps will be difficult and
increase the standards. We have had a recent example of             costly. Resistance will come both from within the
that in our state. It has been said by some in our state            profession as well as from our traditional antagonist,
that chiropractic colleges should be the ones to change             however we should encourage our state and national
our professional entrance requirements and that is true,            leaders to have the vision and courage to break with
however the colleges have no financial incentive to do              tradition and take our profession in a new direction.
so. Our schools will not change their requirements                      In closing I would like to thank our members for
because they are completely tuition dependant.                      allowing me to serve as ASCA president these past two
          They believe, and rightly so, that increasing             years. Thanks also to our executive committee; they do
their entrance requirements would substantially decrease            yeomen’s work, putting in three or four extra weekends
student enrollment, which could have serious financial              each year in addition to regular board meetings, to
consequences for our colleges. The president of one of              ensure the success of our programs and policy’s and we
our largest schools confirmed that attitude in a                    should all appreciate their efforts.
conservation I had with him a few years ago. Given that
our schools will not make these changes, it then
becomes incumbent upon the individual states to                                                    With Kindest Regards,
increase their licensure requirements. To do nothing is
to acquiesce to the predatory financial practices of our                                        Ron Ivie, DC, DABCO, MA
schools.                                                                                                   ASCA President

                                  18 CE HOURS—INCLUDING LAW
    AUGUST 14-15, 2010                                                           MOBILE, ALABAMA
                                  Last Chance for 2010 Hours
                         Alabama Law                                                Outcome Management for the Office 
                          presented by                                                           presented by 
          Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners                           Brad McKechnie, DC, DACAN, FICC, FIACN 
                2 Hours CE Approved in Alabama                                        2 Hours CE Approved in Alabama 
                    Cervical Spine Symposium                                         Chiropractic Care of Pain Syndromes 
                           presented by                                                          presented by 
             Brad McKechnie, DC, DACAN, FICC, FIACN                                      John Lockenour, DC, DABCO 
                 4 Hours CE Approved in Alabama                                       4 Hours CE Approved in Alabama 

          Spinal Cord Tumors / Chiropractic and Multiple                       How to Incorporate Manual Therapy into Practice 
                              Sclerosis                                                         presented by 
                           presented by                                                  John Lockenour, DC, DABCO 
             Brad McKechnie, DC, DACAN, FICC, FIACN                                    4 Hours CE Approved in Alabama 
                  2 Hours CE Approved in Alabama 

                         WWW.ASCACHIRO.ORG OR CALL 334-262-2228
                  Governmental Affairs Newsflash!
                                                  Miller Development Group
                                           Election 2010: Alabama Governor
                                   Alabama Governor: Bentley (R) 55%, Sparks (D) 35%
                                                  Rasmussen Reports

R       epublican State Representative Robert Bentley holds a
        20-point lead over Democratic nominee Ron Sparks in the
        first Rasmussen Reports survey since Bentley's primary
runoff win in Alabama’s gubernatorial contest.
                                                                        Sixty-eight percent (68%) who favor a similar immigration law in
                                                                        Alabama support Bentley, while Sparks is backed by 56% of the
                                                                        smaller group that opposes such a law.

                                                                        Fifty-eight percent (58%) in Alabama also oppose the decision of
The latest statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows            the Department of Justice to challenge the law, while 25% agree
Bentley receiving 55% support, while Sparks picks up 35% of the         with the decision. Sixty-five percent (65%) favor a welcoming
vote. Just three percent (3%) would prefer another candidate in the     immigration policy that excludes only criminals, threats to national
race, and seven percent (7%) are undecided.                             security and those coming to live off the U.S. welfare system.
                                                                        Bentley is viewed Very Favorably by 32% of voters and Very
Bentley beat Bradley Byrne, who was endorsed by Governor Bob            Unfavorably by just seven percent (7%).
Riley, by a 56% to 44% margin in the GOP primary runoff on July
13. Bentley, a retired physician, came in second to Byrne in the June Sparks is viewed Very Favorably by 19% and Very Unfavorably by
1 primary in a field of seven candidates.                             21%. At this point in a campaign, Rasmussen Reports considers the
                                                                      number of people with a strong opinion more significant than the
Sparks, the state agricultural commissioner, carried 62% of the vote total favorable/unfavorable numbers.
to win the Democratic Primary race over Congressman Artur Davis.
                                                                      Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Alabama voters approve of the job
In a survey conducted just before the runoff, Bentley held a 56% to Riley is doing as governor. Forty-two percent (42%) disapprove of
37% edge over Sparks. In the last Rasmussen Reports survey before his job performance. Riley is term-limited and can not run for
the primaries, Bentley led the Democrat 44% to 31%.                   reelection this November.

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it's in the news, it's in our      While 26% say the $787-billion economic stimulus plan has helped
polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or      the economy, 41% say it has hurt the economy. Sixty-four percent
Facebook.                                                               (64%) believe the U.S. economy is currently in a recession.

The survey of 500 Likely Voters in Alabama was conducted on July
22, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is                Kay Ivey Receives ALFA’s Farm-PAC Endorsement

+/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field
                                                                                      ay Ivey, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor
work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse                          of Alabama, received the endorsement of Farm-PAC,
Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.                                               the political action committee of the Alabama Farmers
                                                                             Federation. The endorsements were made on July 27th after
Voters in Alabama not affiliated with either major political party           candidates were given an opportunity to speak to the Farm-
favor Bentley over Sparks by a nearly three-to-one margin.                   PAC committee and answer questions from its members.

Only nine percent (9%) in Alabama rate the U.S. economy as good              “Needless to say, I am honored to receive the endorsement of
                                                                             Farm-PAC. This group of men and women from across Ala-
or excellent, but 51% rate it as poor. While 27% say economic                bama represent the core values of hard work and personal re-
conditions are getting better, 51% say they are getting worse.               sponsibility and provide jobs and economic opportunity for
                                                                             thousands of Alabamians,” Ms. Ivey said today. “Having been
Sixty percent (60%) of those who believe the economy is improving            raised in a farming family, I became aware at an early age of the
back the Democrat, while 73% of those who it's worsening support             importance of faith, family and community, and the Alabama
Bentley.                                                                     Farmers Federation is an extended family representing these
                                                                             principles,” she added.
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Alabama voters favor the passage of an
                                                                             Ms. Ivey grew up in Wilcox County in Southwest Alabama. She
Arizona-like immigration law in their state, which is higher than the        is currently the State Treasurer and won the Republican
national average. Just 18% in Alabama oppose such a law in their             nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the June 1st Primary.
               New Member Service
                 Now Available
     Beginning in April with the 3rd Quarter                                  Yearly Fees and Classifications
     2010 dues, the ASCA began accepting
                                                                      First Year Active           $150.00
     credit card payments for membership                              Second Year Active          $150.00
     dues (state and society). If you choose                          Third Year Active           $300.00
                                                                      Active                      $600.00
     this payment option, it will be for the                          Senior Active               $300.00
     entire membership year (October—                                 Semi-Retired                $100.00
     September), and will be automatically                            Retired                      $28.00
                                                                      Associate (Out-of-State DC) $100.00
     drafted the first of the month of the cho-
     sen payment cycle (see below). The                               The above fees do not include Local Society Dues

     amount charged to your credit card will
     depend on your membership status,
     society dues and payment plan chosen.                                              ASCA Membership Dues
                                                                                     Credit Card Payment Schedules

     If you would like to choose this payment option,                                QUARTERLY                    ANNUALLY
     please fill out the information below and mail it to                              October 1                   October 1
                                                                                       January 1
     the Alabama State Chiropractic Association,                                       April 1
     3 South Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.                                     July 1

     If you have any questions please feel free to contact                                            October 1
     the ASCA at 334-262-2228 or                                                  April 1

                                 MEMBERSHIP DUES PAYMENT FORM
NAME _________________________________________ADDRESS __________________________________________________

CITY/ST/ZIP__________________________________________PHONE _____________________________________________

EMAIL ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

PAYMENT PLAN:            O Annually (once a year)    O Bi-Annually (twice a year)    O Quarterly (four times a year)

PAYMENT METHOD           O VISA      O MasterCard 

Credit Card No. ________________________________________________________Exp. Date ________________

Name on Card _________________________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________

 Please Complete above form and remit to: Alabama State Chiropractic Association, 3 South Jackson, Montgomery, AL 36104
  New Membership Benefit Offers Cost Savings

          he Alabama State Chiropractic Association is pleased compare with what you are doing today and give our program
          to announce the introduction of our new Office Supply your consideration.
          Member Benefit Program. We have partnered with
          Association Benefit Group (ABG) whose platform                            FEATURES
specializes with Associations and their members providing a web
based office supply program. ABG is currently endorsed by 12        •   Access To Over 40,000 Office Supplies
other Alabama State Associations. They leverage the combined
buying power of all of the Associations and their members to
provide a targeted saving range of 2% to 50% versus the big box     •   Targeted Savings Of 2% to 40% Over The
office supply chains. We have linked their online procurement           National Big Box Office Supply Chains
website to ASCA’s Homepage for your consideration and
convenience.                                                        •   Free Shipping Directly To Your Office On
                                                                              Orders $50.00 Or More.
Our inventory of over 40,000 items is easily accessible with our
robust search engine with multiple search options for easy item
location. ABG buys directly from United Stationers, the largest          •    24 To 48 HR Delivery Depending On Time
office supply wholesale distributor in the country. For your                  Of Purchase.
convenience, ABG will take your office supply inventory that you
provide and cross reference and load into our ordering website in        •    Personalized Shopping Catalog On The
the ”My Favorites” section for your own personalized electronic               Ordering Website Called My Favorites & We
catalog.                                                                      will Cross Reference & Load Your Inventory
 If our price happens to be higher then what you are currently                for You.
paying on a particular item or items, ABG will contact our
wholesale distributor and make every attempt get the cost point          •    Robust Search Options For Convenient Item
reduced through contract pricing. (This process is not available on           Location.
copy paper) Our mission is to cut your cost.

For your product delivery, depending on the time of day an order
                                                                         •    Manufacturer Direct Compatible Toner With
is placed, it should arrive between 24 to 48 hours directly to your           Savings Ranging From 20% To 50%
office. Orders placed before 1:00 pm CST, generally receive next
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We would encourage each and every member to get with your
person who handles this responsibility for your company and

                                            Getting Started...
 To get started, simply go to Click on the "ABG Office Supplies" button on our homepage under quick
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 and a password. In the "Login Box," type in your main business area code and telephone number (numbers only, i.e.
 5555555555) and in the "Password Box" type in the word password (lower case). Then click on login. You will then be prompted
 to Update Your Password. In the "New Password Box" enter your personalized password. Then re-enter your personalized
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 At this point, your account is activated, and you are ready to start shopping. This process only has to be done one time to activate
 your account. For future orders, you will just log in with your telephone number and your personalized password. For your
 convenience, a list of frequently asked questions is located at the lower left corner of the site.

 If you have questions about our program or need any type of assistance, you can contact our program director Tommy Bone at
 (334) 322-2008 or For your convenience, he will be more than happy to build out your Office Supply
 inventory list into the “Favorites” section on our ordering website.
Doctors of Chiropractic and                                           House Passes Bill to Expand Chiroprac-

Patients Included in UnitedHealth                                     tic Care to All Major VA Medical Centers

Group Settlement                                                      The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1017, the
                                                                      ‘‘Chiropractic Care Available to All Veterans Act,’’ tonight,
More Than $350 Million Available to                                   putting America’s veterans one step closer to gaining access to
                                                                      chiropractic care at all major Department of Veterans Affairs
Affected Parties                                                      (VA) medical centers. The bill was approved 365:6.
A record-breaking settlement has been reached between the                       H.R. 1017 requires the VA to have doctors of
American Medical Association, et al. and UnitedHealth Group—          chiropractic on staff at no fewer than 75 major VA medical cen-
the nation’s largest health insurer— for 15 years of artificially     ters before the end of 2011 and for all major VA medical centers
low payments for out-of-network services. More than $350 mil-         to have a doctor of chiropractic on staff before the end of 2013.
lion has been allocated to compensate impacted providers and          There are nearly 160 VA treatment facilities nationwide. Cur-
subscribers, including doctors of chiropractic and their patients,    rently, the VA provides chiropractic care at 32 treatment facilities
according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).             across the country.
           Affected providers and subscribers should have re-                   The bill comes after a recent VA report, “Analysis of
ceived mailings from UnitedHealth Group that include an over-         VA Health Care Utilization Among Operation Enduring Free-
view of the settlement, instructions for filing a claim for payment   dom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veterans,”
and proof of claim forms. Claims for payment must be filed by         from Feb 2010 which cites “diseases of Musculoskeletal System/
Oct. 5, 2010. Anyone filing objections to the settlement or           Connective System,” such as back pain, as the number one ail-
opting out of the settlement must do so by July 27, 2010.             ment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans accessing VA treatment.
           Evidence of UnitedHealth Group’s improper business                   The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) believes
practices was confirmed after an investigation by New York            that the inclusion of chiropractic care in the VA health care
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo over allegations that a                 system would speed the recovery of many of the veterans
database operated by Ingenix, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of      returning from current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
UnitedHealth Group, intentionally skewed “usual and custom-           Chiropractic care has been proven to be a cost-effective and
ary” rates downward through faulty data collection, poor pooling      beneficial treatment option. In fact, a 2010 study published in
procedures and the lack of audits. The Attorney General found         Clinical Rehabilitation found that spinal manipulation provided
that having a health insurer determine the “usual and customary”      better short and long-term functional improvement and more
rate – a large portion of which the insurer then reimburses –         pain relief in follow-up assessments than other physiotherapy
creates an incentive for the insurer to manipulate the rate down-     interventions. Furthermore, a 2003 study published in the
ward. The creation of a new database, independently maintained        medical journal Spine found that manual manipulation provides
by a nonprofit organization, is designed to remove this conflict      better short-term relief of chronic spinal pain than a variety of
of interest.                                                          medications.
           The settlement will be finalized at the United States                House VA Committee Chairman Bob Filner (D-CA), a
Courthouse, United States District for the Southern District of       strong supporter of extending chiropractic care benefits to
New York on Sept. 13, 2010.                                           military retirees and active-duty personnel, introduced the
           For more information about this settlement, the New        legislation. Over the years, Rep. Filner has worked closely with
York State Attorney General has made background information           ACA in securing support for a number of pro-chiropractic
about the investigation and the settlement available online. In       measures. Rep. Michael Michaud (D-ME), Ranking Member
addition, Berdon Claims Administration LLC and the American           Steve Buyer (R-IN) and Rep. Jerry Moran (R-KS) also deserve
Medical Association (AMA) have answers to frequently asked            recognition for their support of this legislation.
questions, detailed “next steps” and links to more information                  Prior to congressional intervention over the past dec-
on their Web sites. Finally, AMA has developed a step-by-step         ade, no doctors of chiropractic served on the staff of any VA
guide for providers who are looking to maximize their recovery        treatment facility. The availability of chiropractic care for eligible
from the settlement.                                                  veterans was limited to VA “referrals” to doctors of chiropractic
           ACA urges anyone with legal questions about the            serving in private practice outside of the VA system. Such
settlement to consult a local attorney. ACA cannot provide legal      referrals were so rare that chiropractic care was essentially non-
advice.                                                               existent within the VA system.
                                                                                “I am especially proud that the member institutions
                                                                      that comprise the Association of Chiropractic Colleges will play a
                                                                      pivotal role in preparing the next generation of doctors of
                                                                      chiropractic to serve our military veterans throughout the United
                                                                      States and overseas,” said Frank J. Nicchi, DC, MS, President of
                                                                      the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. “This legislation will
                                                                      assist in making that possible.”
                                                                                In the U.S. Senate, a companion bill (S1204) has been
                                                                      introduced by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who is a member of
                                                                      the Senate VA Committee. This legislation would also expand
                                                                      access to chiropractic care within the VA system.
  You Can Waive the Extra Medicare Coinsurance
     Amount Due to the Recent Fee Increase

A            s you probably know by now, a new law was passed
             recently that postponed the scheduled 21.3% cut in
             Medicare reimbursement rates until November 30,
2010. In addition, this law gave providers a 2.2% increase,
                                                                    in payment rates.
                                                                    The OIG policy statement applies only if:
                                                                    •    You uniformly offer the waiver to all affected
                                                                         beneficiaries; and
retroactive to June 1, 2010. Please note that, by increasing the    •    You do not offer the waiver as part of any advertisement
fees, it also increased the patients’ portion (co-insurance).            or solicitation.
            Under Part B or “original” Medicare, patients owe       • The OIG policy statement does not apply if the waivers are
20% of the Medicare allowable and providers are required to         conditioned in any manner on the provision of items, supplies,
collect it or risk fines and penalties. However, the OIG (Office    or services.
of Inspector General of the US Department of Health and
Human Services) has released a statement stating that physi-        Again, nothing in the OIG policy statement requires you to
cians can legally waive this extra amount rather than go            waive the additional co-insurance.
through the trouble of collecting it (full OIG statement:                                   Susan McClelland, BS, FICC
Retroactive_Beneficiary_Cost-Sharing_Liability.pdf).                                McClelland Consulting LLC
            While Congress was working on the Medicare fee               
schedule issue, CMS suspended processing claims through
June 17. During the period of time between June 1 and June
17, many providers were collecting co-insurance from their
Medicare patients based on the lower rate. As of June 18,                           ASCA
Congress had not resolved the reimbursement issue and, since
the claims-hold period had expired, Medicare carriers began                     Upcoming Events
processing the suspended claims at the lower rate.
            Once the new legislation passed, CMS promised that
its contractors would reprocess any June claims paid at the
lower rate to reflect the new rate (if the charges submitted
exceeded the new fees). Unfortunately, that still left the matter
of patients possibly owing more in coinsurance than they had
paid. For many charges (including CMT), the increase was
minor (<$5).
            Most Doctors of Chiropractic will probably not want
to bill patients for this additional amount of                                        August 14-15, 2010
coinsurance, especially since it is so small. For one thing, the
cost of mailing a bill is approximately $5, which exceeds the
                                                                                    License Renewal (16 CE)
amount of additional coinsurance in most cases. In addition,                            Mobile, Alabama
receiving a second bill for such small amounts could poten-
tially annoy patients.                                                                 August 21, 2010
            The OIG directive is designed to relieve us of this                Basic RadTech Review and Exam
problem. It gives you permission to waive the                                       Montgomery, Alabama
additional coinsurance amounts that resulted from the higher
fee schedule applied retroactively (please note you are not
required to waive this amount).                                                    September 11-12, 2010
            Ordinarily, the waiver of co-insurance is prohibited.                 Committee/Board Meetings
However, you will not be subject to fines and penalties under                       Montgomery, Alabama
the following conditions:
• The OIG policy statement applies only to amounts owed for
                                                                                      November 6-7, 2010
services furnished during the Retroactive Period. Once the
new payment rates are implemented, you are expected to                              License Renewal (12 CE)
calculate and collect the patient portion based on the new                           Birmingham, Alabama
payment rates (you can find these new fees on your contrac-
tor’s web site).                                                                    November 13-14, 2010
• The OIG policy statement applies only to the increase in the                    Committee/Board Meetings
beneficiary's cost-sharing amount attributable to the increase
                                                                                    Montgomery, Alabama
             Thank You to the
      2010 ASCA Convention Exhibitors
Alabama Pain Cosultants                 Cotton States Insurance                   Medical Systems
Maurey Miller                           John Wimberly                             Support Inc.
205-871-7294                            205-215-9877                              Linda Poe
Product: Orthotics/DME                  Product: Practice Insurance               205-640-1080
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703-278-8800                            Brian Deerman                             Nutri-West South                        256-249-8009                              Mary Obersteadt
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Anabolic Laboratories                                                             Product: Nutritional Supplements
Bob Guzell                              Diagnostic Health
352-588-4333                            Brad Wideman                              Palmer College
Product: Nutrition-Pillows, Support.    205-933-8324                              Patty Langum
                                        Product: Diagnostic Imaging               563-884-5612
The Bed Boss                                                                      Product: Educational Service
Tripp Richardson                        Document Plus
205-253-6538                            Jonathan D. Lankford                      Qivana
Product: Mattresses & Pillows           770-814-2442                              Dr. David Wade
                                        Product: Documentation Software           256-237-9423
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Martha Murphy                           Electro-Medical Equipment
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Product: Low glycemic foods             1-800-235-2952                            Tammy Waddell
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BioGenesis Nutraceuticals                                                         Product: Digital, Analog,
Albania Guido                           EMSI                                      X-Ray equipment
425-487-0788                            Adrian Gaas
Product: Supplements                    813-500-0622                              Sand Mountain Imaging
                                        Product: E-Stim Units                     Kristen Fuhrmann
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama                                                 256-891-1226
Robin Littleton                         Foundation for Chiropractic Progress      Product: Imaging
205-601-4944                            Gary Cuneo
Product: BCBS Insurance                 703-868-2420                              ScrippHessco
                                        Product: Information                      John Halsey
Blue Ridge X-Ray                                                                  800-466-2307
Mary Herila                                                                       Product: Supplies &Equipment
800-727-7291                            Ideal Protein
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Capital X-Ray                           Product: Weight Loss                      205-989-6662
Damon Stiff                                                                       Product: Beds
800-239-9729                            Life University
Product: Digital X-Ray                  Kim Guest                                 Standard Process
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Central Alabama X-Ray                   Product: Educational Service              Bill Bahan
Kerri Goglen                                                                      770-713-4359
205-668-0170                            MASH Computer Care & Consulting,          Product: Supplements
Product: Imaging                        LLC/
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ChiroTouch                              Letitia Ash                               Jonathan Lankford
David Speakman, DC                      888-588-6274                              404-312-0893
805-338-9154                            Product: Software/body shaper             Product: Energy Band
Product: Practice Management Software
                                        Medica Stand Up MRI
                                        Hailey Gothard
                                        Product: MRI
         2009-2010 INSURANCE                                           doctors lead the nation on signing patients up. Other state asso-
                                                                       ciations were calling the ASCA office wanting to know what we
     COMMITTEE ANNUAL REPORT                                           were doing to get the doctors involved. We can’t stop now keep
       Dr. Phillip Maxwell, Chairman                                   signing up patients on our Voice needs to
                                                                       be heard in Washington.
First, I would like to thank the Doctors who have taken time                      In 2009 we saw an unwelcome change the loss of phy-
away from their families and practices to work on this committee       sician status with Federal BC/BS. Once again the ACA made a
and its sub-committees. I would also like to thank the ASCA            difference. Through their hard work the profession regained
staff for their invaluable support, dedication, and commitment to      physician status. This could have directly affected the way your
the ASCA and this committee, without them this organization            insurance bills were paid if these losses of status continue. Thank
would        not run.                                                  you ACA.
           This year has been a year of “Change” and no matter                    This committee is continuing its encouragement of
what side of the political arena you sit this change will affect us    doctors to start using PQRI, Physicians Quality Reporting Initia-
all. During this past year I have heard from several new and old       tive, and NCQA Back Pain Recognition Program. Ask you dele-
doctors around the state “well what the ASCA or ACA has done           gate for more information concerning both these programs or go
for me?” First and foremost is that the ACA worked very hard           the ACA website for more information.
to get “Chiropractors” included in the National Health Care                       Blue Cross and Blue Shield is always the number one
Reform Legislation. This could not have happened if not for the        concern of this committee and this year we have continued the
grassroots efforts of the ASCA and other state associations            work with the Insurance Quality Improvement Group and the
working together with out national leaders. This means YOU!            BC/BS Liaison Committee. Our goal, as always is to improve
When you and your staff signed up patients on                          and increase communication between BC/BS and the Alabama, YOU were making a difference. Because              Chiropractors through these committees.
the ASCA and its delegates got the word out on how important                      With the upcoming elections it is more important to be
this is and how it will directly effect each of our practices by the   active now more than ever. The political machine directly affects
way we bill and collect from insurance companies the Alabama           the insurance world. I strongly suggest you get involved. Know
                                                                       your candidates what they stand for and how they stand on
                                                                       Chiropractic. The ASCA works hard in Montgomery to keep the
       VOLUNTEERS WANTED                                               rights we have now. We don’t want to lose them. The only way
                                                                       we will have insurance equality and inclusion is through the
     Are You Interested in Serving on an                               legislative track. Your vote counts, WE must be active, because
                                                                       our profession depends on it.
             ASCA Committee?

                      Please notify the ASCA                                                 WANTED
                    office if you are interested                       What: Current Email Addresses on All
                     in serving your associa-                          ASCA Members
                    tion by serving on a com-
                     mittee, if so please con-                         For: Get all the latest updates on
                      tact the ASCA office at                          chiropractic in the state of Alabama from
                         334-262-2228 or                               the #1 source of information. Receive fast
             A                            facts, the newsletter along with upcoming
         list of committees can be found at
                                                                       continuing education seminars in the state
                                                                       both for doctor and staff.
                                                 2009-2010 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP REPORT
                                                         Dr. Judy Lipka, Chairperson
                                            It has been a busy year for the membership committee and I just wanted to take
                                          a moment to thank everyone who has served on the committee making this a
                                    productive and successful year. Below are updates on several programs in which we
                              have continued to work on through out the year.

                     Trial Membership Campaign
               At the beginning of 2009 Twenty-nine Doctors accepted the ASCA’s invitation to become Trial Association
         members. At the end of 2009 nine of those members became active member. This is a 32% retention rate of those
who acted on the trial membership campaign and should show the association an increase in 2010 dues revenue for the asso-
ciation of $5,400.

ASBCE Licensure Exams
The ASCA has hosted an exam luncheon for each of the four licensure exams in 2009. Member doctors meet & greet the
examinees and invite them to join the ASCA. This has afforded us our best opportunity to answer questions in a relaxed
environment and welcome new members into the ASCA. Instructions are available to assist host doctors in the process.
ASCA follows up with a personalized, membership, invitation letter to each of the new licensees.

Jurisprudence exams are held 4 times per year (February, May, August and November) on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
The exams are set at 1:00 pm. ASCA would like to continue to have a doctor available to host lunch (ASCA expense) at
about 1:00. Please contact me to reserve a future exam date that you are willing to host.

A special thank you to Dr. Drew Klein for taking time to host the exam luncheons this year.

Thank you to all who have served on the committee.
Dr. Cherie Johnson
Dr. Brian Pierce
Dr. Mike Chenoweth
Dr. Justin Fogo
Dr. Rick Jones

Dr. Mark Berry                                           2009 Membership Totals
Dr. Forrest Edwards
Dr. Stephen Edwards                         Active Members                      239
Dr. Sam Evans                               First Year Active                   9
Dr. Donavan Harper                          Second Year Active                  9
Dr. LouAnn Hedden                           Third Year Active                   27
Dr. Jarod L. Rybacki                        Senior Active                       6
Dr. Mark Smith                              Semi-Retired                        25
Dr. K. Michael Talley                       Retired                             13
Dr. Gregory Tenn                            Government                          2_
Dr. James McGuire
Dr. James Olszewski                                       TOTAL ASCA MEMBERS
Dr. Richard Apol -
Dr. Ken Bishop                                   ASCA membership is a valuable
Dr. Michael Bucknell
Dr. Toya Burton                             investment that works for us while we’re
Dr. Keith Cornelius                            taking care of our patients and our
Dr. Stephen Gravely
Dr. Amanda Holland                                          families!
Dr. Patricia Howard
Dr. Jessica Marsh-Dietrich
Dr. Tiffany Veal-Halm
2010 Convention Highlights
ASCA LEADERS HONORED — ASCA’s 2010 Annual                      tor of the Year award for outstanding contributions to the
Convention was highlighted by several special moments.         profession through the association. Dr. Jeff Pasley holds a
The association membership honored outgoing ASCA               Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University
President Dr. Ron Ivie by electing him ASCA 2010               received in 2005. Dr. Pasley has been actively involved
Chiropractor of the Year. Also during the course of the        in the ASCA, especially with his participation on the
weekend, Dr. Ivie was elected to serve a three year term as    Wellness Committee where he spends much of his time
Trustee beginning on October 1st. Dr. Ivie’s                   making presentations and speaking on nutrition and the
comprehensive vision for our profession combined with          benefits of wellness-oriented chiropractic care at
his historical wisdom and outstanding leadership skills        association events.
has proven him a true guide for the ASCA.                                Not only is Dr. Pasley an articulate, well-spoken
          Dr. Ron Ivie holds a Doctor of Chiropractic          representative of the younger generation of Alabama
degree from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport,          Chiropractors, he is also giving of himself to others in the
Iowa. After returning to Alabama to practice Dr. Ivie          community and the profession. Shortly after graduating
joined the ASCA in 1976 where he has been an active            from Life and moving to Montgomery he showed his love
member and leader. He has served in every leadership           of the profession and other people by jumping in and
role in the association as well as on the Alabama State        making sure that Dr. Jerry Kirby’s practice continued
Board of Chiropractic Examiners.                               without interruption while he was recovering for 3 months
          Dr. Ivie has encouraged each of DC to strive for     from a hunting accident. The patients all found him to be
excellence and to elevate the profession to its rightful       polite, professional and excellent while filling in during
place, and ourselves to the respected role as competent        Dr. Kirby’s time of need. He showed his tremendous work
physicians. With the best interest of the profession at        ethic continuously and kept the practice thriving for a DC
heart, Dr. Ivie stimulates critical thinking as a means of     in need.
teaching us to challenge ourselves to find the evidence in               Dr. Pasley now gives the same care to his own
support of our very core beliefs. He always finds time to      patients in Millbrook, just outside of Montgomery where
mentor and lend help and support navigating through            he lives with his wife Rebekah.
difficult clinical cases.                                                An extra special tribute was paid to Dr. Leonard
          Dr. Ivie is a knowledgeable and decisive leader,     Gingles who was named 2010 ASCA Lifetime Achiever.
never shying away from a challenge and maintaining the         Dr. Leonard Gingles holds a Doctor of Chiropractic de-
                                                               gree from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport,
willingness to entertain controversial ideas and concepts.
                                                               Iowa. He joined the ASCA in 1976 after beginning his
No one loves a thoughtful debate more than he. On more
                                                               career in Alabama. While by all reports, Dr. Gingles is a
than one occasion he has given voice to issues
                                                               wonderful chiropractor for his patients, he does not stop
conflicting with his own personal beliefs.
                                                               there. He is an active leader for the church youth group
          Dr. Ivie’s capacity for giving is far greater than
                                                               and has served on the ASCA Board of Directors for over
his means. His “stony heart” image is melted away by
                                                               twenty years. While most of us struggle through a work day
the love of one special 6-year-old little girl. We owe a
                                                               and what we have to accomplish, Dr. Gingles manages the
debt of gratitude for one who has given so much, facing
                                                               normal day to day routine and through the years, he and
judgment and adversity every step of the way. Dr. Ivie’s
                                                               his wife Carla have been foster parents to 54 children and
concern for the chiropractic profession is genuine and we
                                                               adopted and raised nine children along with his and his
are fortunate to benefit from his foresight.
                                                               wife’s daughter. They have been named the Alabama
          Also Saturday night honors also went to Dr. Jeff
                                                               Foster-Parents of the Year for the state. In the category of
Pasley who was named the 2010 ASCA Young Chiroprac-
                                                               Lifetime Achiever Award the association, state and
profession would be hard pressed to find a more deserving           featuring state of the art products and services. Over 300
candidate because Dr. Gingles has accomplished the ultimate        chiropractors and guests attended the convention which
goal in his life by not only becoming a successful chiropractor    spanned three days and offered CEs from a variety of
and person but by spending much of his time helping others         distinguished speakers; Dr. Will Evans, Dr. John Lochenour,
become a success in life through his loving and caring nature.     Dr. Robert Schlammp and Kathy Mills Chang.

NEW OFFICERS ELECTED — This year’s General
Business Session saw one of the largest crowds in several
years with over 130 members attending. While they enjoyed a
light lunch. Elections for ASCA officers and prestige awards
were held during the meeting and a formal swearing in
ceremony was conducted by friend of the profession Judge                  WE NEED TO HEAR
Rose McPhillips. Dr. Stan Stubbs of Alabaster was elected to               HOW YOU FEEL!
serve as the Association’s President. Other officers elected
were Dr. Judy Lipka (Mobile) - First Vice President; Dr.             The ASCA has created a survey which will be
                                                                     available online the first week of August 2010.
Phillip Maxwell (Decatur) – Second Vice President; Dr. Brad
Russell (Birmingham) – Secretary; Dr. Rick Jones                     The Survey will deal with changes that could
(Montgomery) – Treasurer; Dr. Justin Fogo (Chelsea) –                greatly affect your Scope of Practice!
Parliamentarian and Dr. Ron Ivie (Birmingham) – Trustee.
Dr. Ann Dunaway (Muscle Shoals) and Dr. Burt Anderson                 WHY ARE YOUR SURVEY ANSWERS
(Florence) also serve as Trustees. Dr. Stubbs and the other
officers begin their terms October 1, 2010, and will serve until
September 30, 2012.
                                                                     The ASCA is a MEMBER-BASED
                                                                     Organization and without YOUR SURVEY
AFTER HOURS — After the work was done, the Saturday                  RESPONSES, the association leaders cannot
Night Showdown was held. While enjoying the wonderful                make informed decisions on Policy.
dinner, awards were presented to those honored and then the
                                                                     BEFORE the ASCA Board of Directors take a
Showdown began in full force with Dr. Brad Russell and Ms.           position on these changes they NEED YOUR
Christy Montgomery being the lucky final two tickets in the          OPINION.
barrel. After a scavenger hunt that lead them in search of
numeral professional related items, the two finalist split the       If you do not submit your survey — your voice
                                                                     will not be heard!
award for a nice end to a wonderful evening of camaraderie. A
special thanks goes out to Dr. Brad Russell for donating his         Survey’s will be emailed and mailed the first
$500 award to the C-Pac!                                             week of August and should take less than 15
                                                                     minutes to complete.
VENDOR SUPPORT — Held at Ross Bridge Resort in
                                                                                So please take the time to….
Birmingham, the 2010 Convention attracted 35 vendors
                                                                      MAKE YOUR
                Thank you to
          Dr. Brad Russell for his
                                                                     VOICE HEARD!
        continued support of C-Pac
Dr. Russell donated his $500 prize winnings                                If you have any questions or problems
    from the scavenger hunt on Saturday                                   completing the survey please contact the
       night of convention to make a                                            ASCA office at 334-262-2228
             donation to C-Pac!

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