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									NOTE: Use this letter to ask the credit bureau to report the correct credit card limit on
your credit report. 30% of the credit score is impacted by the balance to limit ratio on
your revolving accounts, and if the balance on your credit card statement is over 30% of
your limit, you are losing important credit score points. That is why it is crucial to make
sure that your credit card limits are being reported accurately across all three major
credit bureaus. Send a copy of your credit statement (highlight the limit and account
number), include proof of current address, proof of social security number, and send all
correspondence via certified mail. It is also very effective if you attach a letter to your
creditor asking that they also take the necessary steps to make sure that your credit
items are being reported 100% accurately.


[[Credit Bureau Name]]
[[City, State, Zip]]

Dear [[Credit Bureau Name]]:

I pulled a copy of my credit report on-line and found that you are reporting the wrong
limit nam luctus, odio vitae sodales rutrum, magna odio accumsan leo, ut fermentum
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elementum sem, at porta nibh condimentum et! Mauris faucibus condimentum urna quis
vehicula. Cras tristique, mauris et consequat dictum; nisl dui porta magna, eget porttitor
justo odio posuere diam. In sollicitudin tincidunt ante.

Fusce quis ligula id elit dapibus rhoncus a et eros! Proin consequat ultrices convallis.
Suspendisse feugiat euismod convallis? Nulla nisl sem, porta eu venenatis quis,
dignissim a diam.


[[Your Name]]
[[Your Address]]
[[Your SS#]]
[[Your DOB]]

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