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                                                                                                                         Art Adventure
                                                                                                                         Fall 2010
                                                                                                                         Vol. 19, No. 1
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NEW Art Adventure Objects
Amazing Animals in Art and American Art Sampler are each                                COllECtiON CONNECtiONs
getting a new object this year! We are excited about these
new objects and think you will be, too.                                   Connecting Art Adventure to exciting upcoming
  The gold Lion Statuette is joining the Amazing Animals in               special exhibitions:
Art set, becoming the first object in Art Adventure from an              “Masks from the West African Dan People”
Islamic culture. This petite lion is                                      June 12–October 31
Hispano-Muslim and made of gold,                                          Gallery 261a, Free
making it extremely rare.                                                 Masks are the most important art form of the Dan people,
Standing only 4 inches tall, it is                                        who live on either side of the border between Liberia and
elaborately decorated with                                                Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).
ornate filigree and fine                                                  Art Adventure Associations: African Masks
granulation. It permanently                                              •	   How People Lived: Sande Society Mask
replaces Paul Klee’s Howling                                                  (Mende; Sierra Leone)
Dog and is on view in the round                                          •	   People and Their Environments: Kpele Kpele Mask
in Gallery 243.                                                               (Baule, Goli Society; Côte d’Ivoire)
  Cadzi Cody’s Scenes of Plains Indian Life from the                     •	   Let’s Celebrate Life: Plank Mask (Bwa; Burkina Faso)
American Art Sampler set is taking a short rest, temporarily
substituted by the Lakota Winter Count. Created by the                   “Art of the Native Americans: the thaw Collection”
Lakota and other Plains Indians, winter counts are                        October 24, 2010—January 9, 2011
pictographic calendars used as mnemonic devices to elicit                 Target Gallery
stories of their past. This Winter Count is currently on view             Ticketed exhibition (FREE for members!)
in the former place of the Cadzi Cody object in Gallery 261.              This exhibition consists of 110 outstanding works of art
                                                                          drawn from the Thaw Collection of North American Indian
                                                                          Art from the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, New
                                                                          York, and reveals the extraordinary range of art produced
                                                                          by Native American cultures.
                                                                          Art Adventure Associations: Native North American Art
                                                                         •	 American Art Sampler: Winter Count (Lakota)
                                                                         •	   Dressed for the Occasion: Transformation Mask
                                                                              (Richard Hunt [Kwakwaka’wakw]), Cape (Anishinaabe)
                                                                         •	   Let’s Celebrate Life: Dress (Lakota)
Please note: This substitution is an exception; a
                                                                         •	   People and Their Environments: Untitled
substitution for a similar object in a theme may not always
                                                                              (Ernest Whiteman [Inuna-ina])
be available when a permanent Art Adventure object goes
on loan or off view.                                                     •	   Sources of Strength: Shirt (A’aninin)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts   2400 Third Avenue South   Minneapolis, MN 55404   Phone (612) 870-6323   Fax (612) 870-3253
          COllECtiON CONNECtiONs cont.                                                       tArgEt FAMily DAy

                                                                          On the second Sunday of each month, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
“young People’s Ofrendas”
                                                                          take advantage of free monthly events for families,
October 16—November 14
                                                                          featuring hands-on art activities, music and storytelling,
Gallery 110, Free
                                                                          gallery hunts, and other fun arts-related programs.
In partnership with the MIA, students from El Colegio, a
                                                                             Upcoming target Family Days:
magnet school in Minneapolis that integrates research-
                                                                         •	 September 12: Dreamscapes
based teaching strategies with Latino culture and traditions,
                                                                         •	 October 10: Samurais & Warriors
have created ofrendas for display at the museum. Ofrenda is
                                                                         •	 November 14: Peace & Harmony
the Spanish word for offerings related to Day of the Dead
                                                                         •	 December 12: Across Native America
                                                                          For more information on upcoming Target Family Days, visit
For more information on these upcoming exhibitions and           > Calendar and Events > target Family Day.
more, visit > Exhibitions.

                vOlUNtEEr rEsOUrCEs                                         Art ADvENtUrE iNsPirEs Art iN BlOOM!

Wondering where to start with an in-class project? Did a                  Students from Jo-Anne Kirkman’s elementary and
project work so well that you want to share it with other                 intermediate classrooms at Orono took Art Adventure to a
Picture People? Please share your ideas and post your                     new level by creating and submitting a ceramic vase and
questions on This Web site is                    flower arrangement to the MIA’s 2010 Art in Bloom.
specifically for you, Picture People!                                       The school’s overall classroom theme was “A Greek
  Another great Web site for Art Adventure volunteers and                 Odyssey” representing Dale Chihuly’s Sunburst as “Apollo’s
teachers is (or ACE). Using ACE in the                  Sun”!
classroom is a great way to take Art Adventure even
further—by zooming in on details of an Art Adventure object,
or using related items to dive deeper into an artwork.

Please note: A few Art Adventure objects lacking
permissions for online reproduction will not feature an
image on ACE.

                                                           Major support of
                                                      Art Adventure is provided by

Minneapolis Institute of Arts   2400 Third Avenue South   Minneapolis, MN 55404   Phone (612) 870-6323   Fax (612) 870-3253

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