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Art Adventure Guide Programs


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									Art Adventure Guide Programs

The Art Adventure Guide Program is focused
around     thematic tours designed for children
in grades K– . Tours include subjects such as
How People Lived, Dressed for the Occasion,
and Sources of Strength. The program was
launched in      to complement the museum’s
highly popular Art Adventure school program,
which reaches over     ,    students a year.

Art Adventure Guides
Art Adventure guides are enthusiastic, creative
volunteers who enjoy working with children,
have strong communication skills, and are
eager to learn. By becoming an Art Adventure
guide, you begin a lasting relationship with the
Minneapolis Institute of Arts and take an active
role in ful lling the vision of inspiring wonder
through the power of art.                                     Chinese, Tiger Pillow (detail), late 12th century, stoneware with black and tan glaze,
                                                              Gift of Ruth and Bruce Dayton

Commitment & Training
Art Adventure guides make a three-year commitment that coincides with the school year, September through early June.
The rst year includes a training course, held one day a week. The second and third years include Continuing Education
sessions approximately once a month.

Training consists of a six-month course in art history with an emphasis on the museum’s collection. Guides are also
taught tour techniques and teaching methods that encourage children to participate in the museum experience.
Attendance is essential and only two absences are permitted. Coursework includes reading assignments, oral
presentations, and several hours of preparation outside of class.

Though the training is free, guides are required to become a museum member and are encouraged to join the Friends
of the Institute. Financial assistance is available through the Department of Museum Guide Programs.

Upon successful completion of the training course, you will conduct a total of eight tours your rst year. Subsequently,
you will be expected to lead   tours per year for a minimum of two years. While Art Adventure tours are in demand
year-round, the busiest months are March, April, and May.

Contact Us
For more information on the Art Adventure guide program and an application, contact Museum Guide Programs:; ( )         -    .

Minneapolis Institute of Arts   2400 Third Avenue South   Minneapolis, MN 55404       Phone (612) 870-3000         Fax (612) 870-3253

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