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									On The Spot

Setting the table for increased sales and profits at restaurants

                                               March 9, 2007
                                               Steve McRae
                                               Sr. Dir. Managed Services
What's “On The Spot?”

    • Payment where your customers want it:
        – TablePay
            • Every table throughout the restaurant (inside and
              outside) the payment solution comes to the customer     Market Focus
                 – Speed of Service, Security, Convenience and
                    Cost Savings
                                                                    Market Leadership
        – CurbsidePay
                                                                       Selling into
            • Speed pickup service by brining payment to the car
              with the food                                           new verticals

        – DeliveryPay
            • Same great features and functions in the restaurant
              are available now at the customers door
            • Total integration at the point of service

   • First Course: Market Opportunity Report
      – What’s driving the demand for the solution
      – Where to get the cream (market focus)

   • Second Course: The Right Market Fit Solution
      – What’s on the table and what’s in the background

   • Desert: Selling and Making Money
      – How to order prix fix meal or al la carte
      – What tools do we have to help you sell
First Course:
The Market Drivers
for On The Spot

                 Market size
        Type of restaurants to target
         Customer driving factors
Hospitality Market Opportunity

 900,000   Number of restaurant locations in the U.S.

    47%    Share of typical consumer food dollar spent in restaurants

    75%    Percentage of QSRs that franchised (versus corporate)

    17%    Share of family-and-casual dining restaurants that offer delivery

     6%    Share of fine-dining restaurants that offer delivery

    64%    Percentage of adults said they would use a delivery option if offered by
           their favorite restaurant

  ~30%     Portion of restaurant owners planning on an increased technology budget
           in the next year

                                                     *Source: NRA Restaurant Industry 2005 Forecast
  Target Market Example – US TablePAY


  I        50,000 Locations        Top 200              350,000+ Devices
                                                            (7 per location)
                                 (60+ Locations)

                               Top 201 - 1000                  140,000+ Devices
II    20,000 Locations
                                   Chains                              (7 per location)
                               (10 – 59 Locations)

      ~300,000 +/-              Small Chains                                     1,500,000 +
III   Locations               And Independents                                   Devices
                                                                                 (5 per location)
                              (Fewer than 10 Locations)

                                                   Sources: 2005 NRA, Chain store Age
Merchants and
Consumers Need:
Advanced Card
            What's the threat
      What consumers say they want
      What merchants need to supply
The Threat

    “Credit card fraud (28%) was the most common form of
    reported identity theft….” 2004 Federal Trade Commission

    “It’s safer to transmit your credit card over the Internet than to
                    Identity Theft
    give it to a waiter at a restaurant or read it aloud over the
    phone.” Washington Post
              Unfortunately, stories like this
              are becoming more common.
              Consumers want to keep their
              cards in-sight at all times.
Server Entrepreneurship
 Skimming is common knowledge among larger chains, and many
 independent restaurants

 Tip Adjustment with existing systems is inconvenient
 and ripe for fraud.
Consumer Perceptions

60% of Consumers are concerned about card security in Table Service
               Concerns about Security of Transaction

                5. Very
                Concerned                      25%



                1. Not At All                   9%
                Concerned                       8%
                                      Current Process
                                 * A Study of Acceptance and Perceptions of a New Concept in Tableside
                                Payment Technology at Casual Restaurants Moore & Symons, Inc. - 2006
Merchants and
Consumers Want:
Speed of Service

            Less trips to the till
             More table turns
        Saving time = saving money
Core Benefits

 Consumers are conditioned to use quick payment solutions

                          • QSR followed payment advances at:
                             – Grocery / Drug / Wholesale clubs
                             – Specialty Retail
                             – Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
                          • Enjoying faster and better service!

                          • Control pace of payment

                                - Full Service Restaurants -
                           Advanced Payments Systems Benefit
                                 Operators and Guests
Current Model – Efficiency?

                                                                    POS Station

       1. Customer                        2. Server walks to
          requests check                     POS Station,
                                             prints check

           3. Server walks to
              table to drop check

              4. Server walks to table         5. Server walks to
                 to pick up card                  POS to process
                     6. Server walks to the
                        table with check                   8. Server or
                                                              manager adjusts
               7. Customer calculates tips,                   ticket for tip
                  adds up new total and                       amount
                  leaves receipts for server
                  to pick up
Payments Evolution – The New Model

Bringing payment to the point of
                                   With Wireless:
service simplifies table service
payment from 8 steps to…           1. Server prints the receipt as

                                      it’s requested and provides
                                      payment device to the


                                   2. Customer performs
                                      • User Interface is designed for
                                        intuitive operation by guests

                                   3. Server returns to table to
                                      pick up signed receipt and
                                      payment device
Finally, Solution for Car Side Payment

                               “1 of 3 consumers have
                                used curbside takeout.”

                                                 – NRA, 2006

    2     steps
        1. Server brings food, check and terminal to car
        2. Consumer swipes card and waits for receipt
A Faster and Better Solution

76% feel a pay-at-the-table solution would be faster*
                       Time Savings of the New Process

       5. Great Time

                                                                     Mean: 4.07


       1. No Time                                              3%
       Savings                       21%                        1%

                               * A Study of Acceptance and Perceptions of a New Concept in Tableside
                              Payment Technology at Casual Restaurants Moore & Symons, Inc. - 2006
Merchants and
Consumers Want:
Convenience &
Cost Savings
       DeliveryPAY means convenience
      You already know the ROI on debit
DeliveryPAY: Makes Sense

    • 78% of US households use
      some form of food takeout or
    • Consumers tend to spend
      more if they can use their
    • 64% of adults said they would
      use a delivery option if
      offered by their favorite
    • Merchants take more orders
      instead of credit cards over
      the phone

                         *Source: NRA
PIN Debit is a visible ROI contributor

Debit has become preferred worldwide, now including families in the U.S.
       Processor                                                   Transaction Fee
       MasterCard Credit                                                 $.90-.91
       Visa Credit                                                       $.87-.88
       MC/Visa Signature Debit                                           $.68-.69
       Interlink PIN Debit                                                   $.50
       Pulse/NYCE/Star PIN Debit                                         $.41-.43
                     Debit outpaced credit in number of transactions
                     - 2.9 billion to 1.7 billion - Visa: Q1 2006 Results
                     - 152.9B v. $152.4B, up 40% - Visa: Q2 2006 Results
                     - MC Debit volume up 37% - MasterCard Q2 2006 Results

         PIN debit preferred by consumers, and growing faster
         than Signature debit - 38% to 18% - Mercator: 2005 figures

        PIN Debit benefit can be as great as $.25-.50 per transaction!

                     Federal Reserve of Kansas City, Nov. 2005 U.S. Interchange Fee for a $50 transaction
Demand for Using Debit Card

67% expect to be able to use their debit card at the table*
             Importance of Accepting Debit Cards

            5. Very



            1. Not at All                       8%
            Important                           4%
                             * A Study of Acceptance and Perceptions of a New Concept in Tableside
                            Payment Technology at Casual Restaurants Moore & Symons, Inc. - 2006
Second Course:
The Solution

  What’s on the table and what’s in the background
On The Table: The Vx670

   Hardware has exclusive features appropriate for the restaurant environment

Moisture-resistant                                            Bottom loading
display & keypad                                                      printer

 Ergonomic handgrip                                     Moisture-resistant
 design                                          magnetic stripe enclosure
                                                               (Patent Pending)
Flexible Charging Base Station

                Drop and go                 Spare battery
                 simplicity                   charging

 • Charging base station offers drop-and-go charging; no cords
   to attach or buttons to push
 • Deluxe base station charges the device and a spare battery,
   plus USB ports for connection to supported USB peripherals,
   and dial back up
     – Modular design accepts optional communication modules
 • Both base options offer desk or wall mount options
On The Vx670

           The ServPOS payment application is

            purposed-designed for consumer

        interactive environments enabling fast and

        secure payments at the point of purchase.
VeriFone ServPOSTM software


                 e Screen
                                                Configurable for
                  Server                           restaurant
                  Login                        workflow and user
                Table/Ticket   Customer           preferences
                Ticket(s ) /   Confirm Amt

                                Split Pmt

                                Add Tip

                                 Print       End Of Txn
ServPOS Functionality

        ServPOS App                  Admin / Reports App

       • Merchant Interface             • Comms setup
            • Login                     • Terminal reports
            • Table / Ticket Input
                                        • Management Tools
       • Customer User Interface
            • Suggested Tip Option
            • Payment Confirmation
What’s in the background

            Managed Services Bundles:
             Managed Services Portal
       VeriFone CONNECT Wireless Services
      VeriFone CONNECT Broadband Services
Managed Services Bundles

                                 GPRS                                           SUPPORT
                 PORTAL          SERVICE                                         SERVICES

    Standard              WiFi
    Bundle                         WiFi    Site Survey    WiFi                  SUPPORT
                 PORTAL              A/P   Installation   HotSpot                SERVICES

    Enterprise            WiFi
                                   WiFi    Site Survey    WiFi       DSL        SUPPORT
                                     A/P   Installation   HotSpot   Broadband    SERVICES
Solution Bundle: Enterprise WiFi

                                                                          Professional in Store WiFi
                                                                          Site Survey and Network
             WiFi                                       Site Survey        Installation and Testing

                           WiFi       WiFi
                            A/P      HotSpot

                          Business Grade and
                          Highly Secured WiFi
                        Access Point and Router
                         with Hot-Spot Option


              VeriFone Help Desk
 SUPPORT         Toll Free 24x7
  SERVICES                                                    Processing Hosts

                Turnkey package or ala carte
Solution Bundle: Standard GPRS

                                     Multi-Carrier Wireless Service
                                     - Seamless roaming between multiple
                                       carriers including AT&T (Cingular), T-
                                       Mobile, Alltel, suntel, other regional
                                     - One Single Account / One SIM chip


              VeriFone Help Desk
 SUPPORT         Toll Free 24x7
  SERVICES                             Processing Hosts
The Managed Services Portal for OTS

                                       Management Features
                                            Search Txns

                                            Open Tickets

                                             Tip Adjust


          • Search full transactionTickets
            Presents all for batch, or
            Quick report open tickets unadjusted for tip.
            Manually settle Open database
          • Various search filters
            Provides Invoice, Ticket, interface for tip
            Pre-configure auto-settle time
            Virtual terminal provides and Account
          • Information
            Email updates for settlement completion
ON THE SPOT Managed Architecture

         • Payment consolidation & reporting aggregates
          payment transactions from multiple devices for
          historical reporting purposes and ease of management.

         • Terminal mgmt features allow merchants/resellers to disable enable
          terminals and modify terminal receipts via portal interface

         • Automated settlement via the portal eliminates need to batch out
          each device at end of day.

         • PCI DSS Compliant portal extends security compliance to merchant
          since no transaction data is stored on the terminal.

         • Multi-processor support allows resellers to funnel transactions through
          most cost effective route without impact to solution.
 Details: Professional Site Survey and Installation

Site Survey
               • Professional Site Survey and Network Installation
                   – Determine the best location for WiFi access point(s) for optimal
                     coverage of area where Payment solution is going to be used.
                   – Includes 100ft of inside wiring
                   – Complete solution installation and testing
                   – Customer acceptance required before installation can be marked

               • We are where you are
                   – Over 2500 localized, professional installers
                   – Primarily focus in Retail and Enterprise
                   – Networking infrastructure and WiFi specialty

               • Bonded and insured
Details: Payment Terminals


       • The Value of Worldwide Certifications
          – One of the most certified and adopted
            payment solutions worldwide
              • Certified by every major bank and processor
                in more than 100 countries

          – The VeriFone systems are the first card
            acceptance devices to achieve Interac
            chip card certification in Canada
          – Rolled out to many of the major US processors
            with Class A certifications
          – Over 500,000 shipped during first year of availability
Details: Payment Terminals
Compatibility Broadens Your Offering

         • Consistency across form factors offers complete
           line of solutions for all market segments and
           customer needs
              – Single function  multi-application
              – Fixed  transportable  portable
              – Customer facing  clerk facing

         • Platform-wide compatibility of devices, software and
           programs make selling, installing, supporting, and
           expanding simpler
              – Application porting done in hours, not months

  “Compatibility with the existing Omni 3700 family ensures a smooth
   migration path for merchants eager to take advantage of higher
   performance.”                Thomas Konz, RBS Lynk Senior Vice President of Marketing
Details: Payment Terminals
Modular Connectivity and Mobility

        For Maximum Flexibility
       • Secure Enhanced Communications deliver a
         breadth of connectivity and mobility options
         for high-speed, IP-based authorizations
       • Modularity protects investments and makes
         upgrading and adopting new technology
           – Configure solutions to meet today’s needs and add
             additional capabilities at any time

  “We have a lot of small business merchants in very rural areas where
   wireless technology is not always a priority to the larger companies in
   charge of developing it. We have better coverage with the terminal than
   we do with our cell phones.”
                                              Nick Wood, Northeast Merchant Services
Details: Payment Terminals
Designed for Usage & Security

WiFi   • New usage scenarios and vertical markets
         require a new design approach
       • Innovative architecture for top performance
           – Industry leading ARM9 micro-processor
           – Advanced memory architecture
           – Proven multi-application
           – Dial, Ethernet, GPRS, CDMA, USB options

       • Security
           – PED/PCI PED approval
           – VeriShield file authentication
           – Advanced hardware tamper evidence, active detection and response
           – VeriFone Secure Scripts (VSS)
           – 128-bit SSL encryption
Details: Access Point

       The Netopia Wi-Fi Access Point is the secure choice for
 A/P    POS
       Key Access Point benefits include:
       Secure business-class router and Access Point proven in the Retail and
         Hospitality environments.
            3D reach – Superior Wi-Fi coverage area offering double the
             power, 100mW (Miliwatts), over retail products
            IntraCell Blocking – Closes the security loopholes present in low-
             end wi-fi equipment
            VPN – Virtual Private Networks, Keeps sensitive business and
             POS data secure through use of VPN tunnels
            Stateful Firewall for added security
Details: VeriFone CONNECT Hotspot

          Leverage the secure Netopia Wi-Fi Access Point to enable
          your own Hot Spot!
WiFi      • Complete Turnkey Solution
                   •   Includes everything you need for your Hot Spot
          • Meter Hot Spot Access
                   •   Open or metered access, charge or issue access for free
                   •   Issue access to your Hot Spot through your VeriFone Terminal

                        • Limit Access to 30 Min., 60 Min. or 24 hours
          • Customized Merchandising
                   •   Branding and control for merchants
                        • Custom splash page available to greet your patrons
                   •   Advertise your specials
          • Family Friendly Surfing
                   •   Blocks access to non-family friendly websites while in your

    Yet another way for you and your merchant to make more money!
Details: Broadband Service

            • New Edge Networks is an award winning network
Broadband     service provider of high speed, always-on networks for
              carriers and business customers. We design,
              provision, and manage single site DSL services,
              Internet access, and complex private networks. Our         High
              services are used for various applications including     Internet
              Wi-Fi, ERP, Point of Sale (POS), payment processing,       over
              voice over IP, video monitoring & training, financial      xDSL
              services applications, and more.
            • New Edge is our partner in providing business grade
              national broadband service to your door.
            • Standard offering is business grade xDSL 1.5mb up
              and down stream where available. Alternative
              broadband available as needed.
Details: Wireless Services

          • Greater Coverage
SERVICE       – One Subscriber Identity Module (SIM CHIP) using multiple carriers’ network
                towers for service means seamless roaming between carriers at the price of
                one networks service.
              – Take advantage of Cingular, T-Mobile and other (soon to include Suntel,
                Alltell, and ) native network GPRS coverage with one account and one point
                of service.
              – Use over 91% of available GPRS towers in the United States

          • More Robust Coverage
              – Where the networks overlap you have a great breadth of service
              – If one networks tower is busy your device will automatically switch to
                another networks tower

          • Best Diagnostic Tools Available
              – With real time connectivity reporting and session tracking our live,
                professional help desk staff can provide the best in diagnostics and problem
Details: Multi-Carrier Expanded Coverage
                                                    ONE SIM


                        Multi-Network Expanded Coverage
                            92% POP’s, 277M POP’s
Details: Helpdesk and Training Services

            • Providing professional outsourced customer service for Fortune 100
SUPPORT       enterprises
                 –   Serving clients since 1987 equating to over 15 years specific experience
                     with Point of Sale support
                 –   Preferred provider supporting over 10 million VeriFone devices and over
                     1000 enterprise clients in Financial, Retail, Government Healthcare, and
                     Petroleum markets
                 –   Deploy over 200,000 + VeriFone systems annually
                 –   Field 700,000 + help desk calls annually
                 –   Over 200 employees dedicated to Client Services
                 –   Headquartered in Clearwater Florida, with locations in Louisville,
                     KY and Lincoln, CA

            • Toll Free 24 hours a day by 365 days per year: 800-349-0851
            • live professional support from experts trained in total value chain
            • Trouble tick tracking with exceptional ticket closure rates.
            • Self Service Support and Authenticated Account Control - Coming
Solution Bundles

    • Small
       – One or Two Vx670 GPRS
       – IP Charge
       – Monthly GPRS Services and Support
    • Standard
       – Three or More Vx670 WiFi with Buyer Protection
       – Netopia Access Point Configured with terminals
       – Professional Site Survey and Installation
    • Essentials
       – Three or More Vx670 WiFi with Buyer Protection
    • The Max
       –   Three or More Vx670 WiFi with Buyer Protection
       –   Netopia Access Point Configured with terminals
       –   Professional Site Survey and Installation
       –   Business Grade Broadband (aDSL, where available)
Selling and Making

       What tools are available to you
         How to get started today!
Complete Restaurant Solutions

                • Complete solution offerings
                for all payment areas in a
                restaurant: Table, Counter,
                Delivery and Carside
OTS Managed Flyer

* Customizable with customer logo
In-Restaurant Materials

• The following tools were created to help customers better understand
  ON THE SPOT and how to use it

       Window Decal            Folio Inserts         Table Tents
VMS Portal Co-branding Opportunities


                                      Your Logo Here

Logo and URL
Demo Kits

 Vx 670 ON THE SPOT Managed Solution Demo Kit to include:
    – Vx 670 GPRS unit: includes 1 year FREE Wireless
      VeriFone Connect services
    – Charging Base
    – Extra Paper Roll
    – ON THE SPOT Managed Solution Flyers               A $1,200
    – VeriFone Connect Brochures
    – ON THE SPOT Restaurant Promo Materials
                                                        Offered for
        • Window decal
        • Table tent                                    only $499!
        • Folio insert
    – VeriFone Pen
    – Mag-Stripe Test Card
    – All in a convenient padded demo bag
Business Model

        How we price it to you
         What the promotion
Solution Pricing for GPRS

                                           GPRS                              SUPPORT
                  PORTAL                   SERVICE                            SERVICES

                 Setup           $685.00   $35.00
                  Fee                                For every GPRS device you will
                                                     have GPRS monthly service but
                                                     you will only have 1 Managed
                $13.49                     $17.99
                                                     services portal fee per merchant
                Monthly                    Monthly   location
                 Fee                        Fee
                 (200 Trxns)

               (Over 200 Txns)
Solution Pricing for WiFi

    Enterprise                     WiFi
                                             WiFi     Site Survey     WiFi       DSL         SUPPORT
                                              A/P     Installation   HotSpot    Broadband     SERVICES

                   Setup           $585.00   $250.00 $699.00                     $99.00

                  $13.49                     $75.00                  $40.00  $99.00          $40.00
                  Monthly                    Config                  Monthly Monthly         Monthly
                   Fee                        Fee                     Fee     Fee             Fee
                   (200 Trxns)

                                                                     optional                 optional
                 (Over 200 Txns)

Managed Service Portal Pricing

                              Terminal Gateway Bundles                                     Discounts

                                                                       Overage   Tier 3      Tier 2    Tier 1
                                                              List         Per
         Service Fees         Frequency   Txns     MSRP        Price      Txn    (2-9)       (10-99)   (100+)

                 Set-up Fee    One-time    N/A     $100.00   $85.00      N/A     $75.00       $70.00    $65.00


    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          1     Monthly     0      $12.99    $10.99     $0.05      $9.99       $9.34     $8.79

    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          2     Monthly    200     $17.99    $14.99     $0.05    $13.49       $12.74    $11.99

    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          3     Monthly    500     $27.99    $22.99     $0.03    $20.69       $19.54    $18.39

    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          4     Monthly    1000    $36.99    $30.99     $0.02    $27.89       $26.34    $24.79

    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          5     Monthly    2000    $48.99    $40.99     $0.02    $36.89       $34.84    $32.79

    Terminal Gateway Bundle
                          6     Monthly    5000    $83.99    $70.99     $0.01    $63.89       $60.34    $56.79
Location Promotion

    • For every terminal sold into the following cities you will get a $50
      discount on the price of the Vx670

    •   New York City
    •   Boston
    •   Miami                                 LIMITED TIME
    •   Los Angeles
                                              Good until 5/1/07
    •   San Francisco
    •   Chicago
    •   South: Atlanta, GA                 LIMITED QUANTITY
    •   Orlando, FL                            3,000 unit limit
    •   Tampa, FL
    •   Kansas City, KS
    •   Maryville, TN
Order Process
Pre Order / Setup Process

    • Managed Service Reseller Agreement
        – Faxed to Portal Support Team
        – Team to setup reseller
        – Email sent to reseller contact (Username/Password)
    • Managed Services Reseller Portal
        – Setup Pricing
        – Setup Agents (Email generated)
        – Training and Admin Support by IP Charge Support Team:Alice and
    • Additional Technical Solution Training
        – TSA Support
    • Additional Sales Support Training
        – Internal Sales Trainers
Order Logistics

    • Follow IP Charge Merchant Boarding Process at Processor
    • Managed Service Portal Merchant Setup
    • VeriFoneCONNECT.COM Order Form
       –   VFI SLS Rep enters order
       –   Email to ISO/Reseller for Authorization
       –   Login and Auth order
       –   Order sent to SSR for entry to Oracle
       –   Order to LCN for shipment
       –   LCN Pick, Load, Test, Ship
    • Merchants Portal Terminal Setup
       – Terminal Setup
       – Receipt Setup
Merchant Terminal Setup Logistics

    • Merchant Portal Setup
       –   Merchant User Logins
       –   License Agreement
       –   Users Management
       –   Terminal Management
       –   Receipt Management
       –   Reports

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